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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6 oakland police are searching for yet another shooter in the city's latest act of violence video posted to the citizen app shows the same where it happened this afternoon. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. i'm ken wayne. gun violence has touched so many lives and families here in the bay area over the years. but especially recently and tonight it has touched us the kron 4 family, a security guard company. one of our reporters. >> was shot while out on
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assignment this afternoon. kron four's jonathan mccall joins us from the newsroom tonight with what we know so far about this incident. jonathan, him kinda just goes to show as we cover the stories in our communities. we ourselves in the media are not immune to the violence that we're seeing on the streets. oakland police tell us the shooting likely an attempted robbery to still our reporters camera equipment. a guard assigned to that reporter while out covering that story earlier today was shot in the lower abdomen earlier tonight. we've learned that the guard is out of surgery and is in stable. but critical condition at oakland's highland hospital. our reporter was not hurt in that shooting. this all went down just before 1230 this afternoon near the intersection of 14th and harrison streets. that's near the 12th street bart station along with lake merritt. this is video of that scene shot by that same reporter after witnessing that horrific scene doing what she has done for a number of years and has gone with back shot video of the scene as it was still
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unfolding. a very large police response to that shooting. you can see officers searching the neighborhood looking for information to our reporter who we are not naming was in oakland covering a recent smash-and-grab break in at a business in the area when this all went down this afternoon. now we do want to emphasize that it is common practice for bay area. television stations, including us here at kron. 4 news to send our crews out with security guards while reporters and photographers are out covering their stories. that's exactly what our reporter was doing this afternoon when the shooting happened. we also want to emphasize that in the past bay area news stations have been targeted for their camera equipment so far there's no word on a suspect description from oakland police. we are staying in contact with them to learn more details about this. we also know that i $7500 reward is now on the table for information leading to an arrest in this incident. but once again, our reporter not hurt the security guard
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that was with her assigned to that story is now in stable. but critical condition at highland hospital developments continuing on kron 4 dot com throughout the evening. ken, pam, back to you. and we wish him a speedy and full recovery. johnson. thank you for that. it is no secret that crime has been an ongoing problem in oakland. so far there have been a 124 homicides in oakland this year. even more shootings. >> here's a look at the latest crime numbers from opd. you can see in general violent crimes have increased 11% from last year. homicides have increased 22% armed assaults have increased 28%. robberies are up 16% in carjackings have increased a whopping 85%. police chief leronne armstrong spoke to reporters just the other day after a violent weekend. he asked for more help from city leaders regardless of their jobs. the chief says his department needs help fighting crime and he's called on the city council to hold an emergency meeting on the matter council member lauren taylor says a special meeting is planned for
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early december. both the chief and taylor do not believe the national guard needs to be called in to help this weekend. chief armstrong said police will be using tactical teams to try to address c roving gangs are expected to come into the city and he says he will be increasing staffing to address the violence in general merrily shaft released a statement reads in part, quote, in oakland, our police department increased staffing throughout this busy shopping weekend. also at the next city council meeting our administration will propose adding an additional police academy to continue our effort to property staff. the oakland police department oakland is currently at 680 officers. the lowest in a decade. our residents and local business deserve safety properly staffed police department to respond to emergency calls and to brent burglaries before they occur. >> another big story tonight, south bay officials announcing a united front and addressing the retail thefts threatening to disrupt holiday shopping at
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the same time, police have arrested 2 men in connection with 2 more shopping mall thefts there. well, off, that double has the latest from san jose. >> private security in san jose police making themselves visible here at oak ridge and other shopping malls in san jose at the same time, officials pledging a strong response to the rash of retail theft plaguing the bay area. >> investigators from all over the bay area and all over the state have already begun to uncover much of who is behind these crimes how they're operating and how to arrest them. >> the extra security comes amid 2 more thefts at the macy's stores at both oak ridge and valley fair in san jose 19 year-old boy in huntly and hayward and 22 year-old raheem lewis of antioch are accused of stealing $4,000 worth of perfume and cologne mall. security suspects. the pair were part of the crew whose plot to rob valley. fair was foiled on sunday. >> this behavior, these activities are not welcome in our city. we will continue to
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be at the malls. we will continue to be watching and we will respond to any of this type of activity calling on the city council to fund a crime fighting strategies like license plate, reading technology. >> was mayor sam liccardo. we know. that would technology. our officers are able to do more. >> are able apprehend many who. have been involved in these organized criminal effort and we want to ensure they have the resources they need. >> despite some evidence that some of the lawbreakers may be armed. officials said it still safe to go shopping. >> my family and i will be shopping this weekend because i know that our police departments are ready. the store security at our malls are ready and our joint investigations in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> also in the east bay, felony charges have been filed in connection with the weekend to retail theft in walnut creek. >> police say about 90 people
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stormed the department stores and broadway plaza stole up to $200,000 in merchandise. officers arrested 3 people, 30 year-old dana dawson, 32 year-old joshua underwood and 19 year-old rodney robinson. they're all set to be arraigned on monday. >> new tonight at 6 shoplifters hit a store in the roseville galleria twice in less than 24 hours, the manager of the hallmark store says those responsible have not been arrested. reporter melanie townsend explains what they took. >> for hallmark store manager lou winds, though it's also the season for catching shoplifters in the act, not just once but twice in 24 hours, the first happening on monday when a stranger walked to the back of the store. one of our employees was at lunch and she came in through our back door and found in coming out of pharr. >> background. she said what are you doing back carries to go. i was using your bathroom and she says our bathroom is
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here not over there in less than 4 minutes. the man stole 2 employees wallets. he was professional. he had watched us obviously before. so i said, you know what, i need another camera the next day. winds, though installed another camera overlooking the store inter dismay captured 2 young women stuffing dozens of key chains and a music box into their jackets by walked around the corner. she pulled it out immediately. said can i help you with that. and no, i'm gonna put it back in and they took off. i walked back to get my drink. and when i did, i looked at the display that i had just fill the night before. >> and it was in d. >> winds, though, believes that women still $1000 worth of key chains who have caught could face felony charges. it's like this is what i can see. but what did i not see shoppers say while it's unfortunate to see a rising number of these brazen thieves this year. it's not surprising. >> i think work. despite
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losing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from her story and witnessing other stores deal with shoplifters winds, though, is still confident in the ramped up security here at westfield galleria since i made them aware. i had issues. they are they're always popping their head and everything, ok. >> the security people always, you know, check and see if we're doing okay. >> that was melanie townsend reporting tonight. hallmarks manager says most retail stores really don't know how bad they've been hit by shoplifters until the spring when they do their inventory checks. >> in national news tonight all 3 men charged in the death of ahmad arbery have been convicted of murder. the commission's of the 3 men came after jurors deliberated for just about 10 hours. the men face minimum sentences of life in prison. kron 4 correspondent evan lambert joins us now live from brunswick, georgia, tonight with the very latest heaven.
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>> ken and pam that jury deliberating in today's over 10 days to reach that 11 or so hours before they returned a verdict. this afternoon. guilty. all 3 of those defendants on at least one murder charge. and here in georgia, a murder charge carries a minimum sentence of life in prison. each of the defendants facing 9 total felony counts. travis mcmichael, the younger mcmichael and the shooter in that video seen around the world showing the death of ahmad arbery was convicted on all 9 of those counts at the time that the judge was reading of this verdict. there was an audible gasp in the courtroom from the mother of ahmad arbery wanda cooper jones, the family later saying that this is justice for them it is unclear when those 3 defendants will be a sentence. we saw them being walked out of the courthouse several hours ago in handcuffs. stone faced they are also facing a
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federal hate crimes charge trial that is set to begin in february to you. evan, thank you for that. report. federal authorities have also charged 3 men with federal civil rights and hate crime violations. they are expected to head to court in february to face those charges. our law expert defense attorney paula canny explains that the men might not receive their full sentencing until after the hate crimes trial is completed. >> i'm not sure if they'll be tried in the federal case before their sentence in this case or afterwards, but they have a whole other trial to look forward to for these federal hate crimes and civil rights violations. i'm sure they'll get conviction. of of those crimes. obviously based on what this jury did hear it. >> at the time of arbery's death. georgia did not have a hate crime statute but arbery's death has since let
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state lawmakers to pass a new hate crime law in georgia. >> coming up, the holiday may slow down what's happening in lawmakers can take a long ean g- vacation. we're going to get to some of the items, both sides of the aisle. w 'll be taking up next week. >> california is getting ready to hit the road hop on a plane catch a train for holiday vacations. ahead. we'll take a look at live traffic conditions and hear from some excited travelers about the upcoming plans. >> and how about that weather outside gorgeous conditions here, maybe a little dangerous in southern california for thanksgiving. we will explain thanksgiving. we will explain your forecast coming up next. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways. i was injured in a car crash. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son,
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and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. >> let's take a look at the live traffic conditions around the bay area right now, bay bridge toll plaza looks pretty good. going gate. bridge looks good. center, fell richmond bridge looks good. san mateo bridge as the only one that looks like there's some heavy traffic. and now those headlights are heading from the peninsula to the east bay. that is the commute direction. if you're getting ready to travel today for the holiday. you are not alone. millions of people will be flying or driving today through sunday and that means the roads, of course, going to be busy. so that's the situation in the bay area right now. according to triple a the average price for regular gas per gallon in california has about $4.70 and driving is what most people are expected to be doing this year kron four's. rob nesbitt joining us live from the bay bridge toll plaza tonight
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without traffic is looking at this hour so far looks to be zooming right by you behind you there. >> yeah. it's pretty sporadic right now. it's slow moving. you can see one of those lanes at a standstill. >> so according to travel experts today, not the best day to make it to your holiday destination on time. >> we all want to avoid this view. a backup brake lights. it's why luke willis and his partner justin chose to fly for thanksgiving sfo to burbank with no long lines or delays. half of the flights still. >> still feels like i haven't had to sit directly next to a new one. yet and that makes me feel a lot more comfortable and safe. his partner's parents drove from san francisco to l a wednesday morning the entire family taking at home. covid tests on arrival as a precaution after experiencing a health scare last year. i got covid over thanksgiving of 2020. which was not fun.
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>> and i definitely think this year feels. >> somewhat safer. willis and his family have all been vaccinated. and according to triple a that's what is causing more people to travel this year, although vasquez with aaa of northern california says driving is the preferred form of transportation. >> in california when to submit about 7 million people traveling in of over 6 million of those are going to be packed into their cars and hitting the road. he says airports are also experiencing a rush with air travel seeing the highest one-year increase on record. a labor shortage at airports combined with holiday travel is the perfect storm for flight cancellations and delays. according to vasquez and know their rights as a passenger, you know, under federal law you are entitled to a full refund. if flight gets canceled or delayed reminding travelers to always check their flight status before walking out the door and plan on heading to the airport at least 2 hours before boarding. >> of course, all of these holiday travelers will be making their way back to the
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bay area at some point that's kuz says sunday will be the next busiest travel day on the r roads and in the sky reporting live in oakland. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 thank you for that. well, a heads up now, if you are still planning to go to sfo. you may have trouble finding parking the airport tweeted this parking message today saying tomorrow is already up for tomorrow saying is already quo pretty full in terms of parking there. if you have not already made parking reservations. officials are asking you to consider some sort of public transportation such as bart sam trance, a taxi or rideshare or ask somebody to drop you off suggesting that parking at the airport is going to be very difficult in southern california. thanksgiving dinner could be ruined. some edison customers are being warned that their plans could be affected by possible power shut offs. the giant utility is considering preemptive polished off says those santa ana winds are set to sweep
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across southern california over the next 2 days. increasing the risk of fire there. in fact, in order to prepare for a quick response. the la county fire department has a ploy. strike teams to known high risk corridors for fire. so for more on how the gusty winds are expected to be in southern california as well as what's coming on for us. let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, our party and really came to an end october when those 2 have a spirit river vents, but southern california was not fortunate to get enough rain in. here we go. >> some very strong gusty winds developing across the southland as we head through the night tonight. you'll see it. the red flag warnings going up across the area. but we could see some very strong gusts coming down from the gusts coming down from the santa santa monica mountain moving offshore. look at that down. even a place like 1000 oaks and also los angeles. we could be gusting 30, maybe 50 mile an hour gust specially over some of the higher terrain. so blustery conditions are expected in that area red flag warnings
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continuing up right through the holiday and into friday. so you can imagine trying to cook your turkey and all of a sudden they're shutting off your power. that is going to make for some uncomfortable evenings may be a long night of conversation around the flam family fireplace. but the here in the bay area. we're looking at some winds to most that offshore wind will develop overnight tonight. but mainly over the mountain tops. so yeah, it will be blustery at times for us. but down below. not going to see much in the way of that wind, in fact, is going to calm down and we're talking about some pretty cold temperatures. but if you're planning to get away now about this into the monterey bay. boy. look at those temperatures 60's and 70's by tomorrow afternoon, beautiful weather on a thanksgiving day almost 70 degrees in carmel. that is a gorgeous day. red flag warnings are up in southern california. the temperatures there in the 70's and also the low 80's in the high country. if you're headed up toward that area. good news is. don't have to worry about much in the way of fog. sometimes the central valley some of that fall. you have to drive through and really kind of treacherous driving up there. but with the offshore winds
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and the dry weather conditions. i think that will be mostly clear. you're looking good in the high country plan on these temperatures generally in the 50's. and if you plan on sticking around making a long holiday weather is looking great not seen the that's going to affect the over the next 3 days. in fact, right through the weekend, those going to be running. well into the 50's through saturday and probably sunday, too. thank you, lawrence in national news, members of congress may want to relax count their blessings this week because. >> right after tha ksgiving, they're going to be getting back to work. yeah. and there's a lot of work for them to do. they have some tough decisions and some deadlines coming up that they've got to deal with kron four's catherine heenan is here to explain it all for us. catherine. yeah. boy, they've got a lot on their plates. congress has no votes this week. >> that is despite the fact the government runs out of money. next friday. >> and could hit its debt ceiling soon afterwards. democrats have been celebrating the bipartisan infrastructure deal. the house passed social spending bill,
6:22 pm
but there are big challenges ahead. congress has until december 3rd to pass a government spending bill. and until mid december to raise the nation's debt limit that would that will avoid disruptions to key government services like paying servicemembers, social security checks, although not everybody is ready to automatically raise the limit. i'm concerned about something like. >> raising the debt ceiling for anything that looks like the build back better plan. so the debt ceiling is going to have to be raised. >> but the democrats are going to have to raise that they're going find a way to get raised. >> meantime, the president's social spending bill build back better. that will be before the senate and some big changes could be made there hoping to get this done by christmas. the bill is not expected to get republican support in the senate, pam and can. >> thank you, catherine. coming up, a few brands of spray deodorants are facing a recall for cancer causing
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proctor and gamble has issued a voluntary recall for specific old spice and secret. a secret brand aerosol spray deodorants. >> over benzene concerns. that's a carcinogen that can cause cancer. the products have an expiration date through september 2023 procter pand gamble says the company
6:26 pm
has not received any reports of harm caused by these products. but ip you purchased any of these, you can get a refund. g's has already notified retailers to remove those affected products from store shelves. we have more details at kron, 4 dot com recalled powdered drink mixes is being expanded to several flavors of kool aid and country time. 2 flavors of tank as well. as arizona pre mixed arnold palmer drink are also now part of the recall. kraft heinz says her maybe metal or glass in the products. the problem was discovered during in internal review of the plants that makes the mix is it originally started with just one flavor of kool-aid and country time the companies working with retailers to remove the products from circulation next on kron. 4 news at 6, one bay area food bank working overtime every day to help keep our communities plus all adults can now get a booster shot. but what if you're not feeling well, when you're a point that rolls around. we're
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> now at the growing number of food in secured. lee's is magnified during the holidays. but for some non-profit solving the problem is a daily mission. kron four's the lead to reports from mountain dew tonight where one group never takes a day off. >> every day during the
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pandemic breakfast and lunch are served at the day worker center in mountain view and the home cooked meals made from scratch or free and good times. they workers going to view. it is more on mound for the meals unfortunately. now they are able to do it and we are so happy be able to support a ban murray. i'm not is the executive director of the nonprofit, a lifeline for the day labor community which is struggling to make ends meet. the past 20 months off thing. we have people even in cars will for a bit break launch with their home. finally is heartbreaking. but what lifting its the gratitude extended by those who stopped by his for owners that if i am. i have like last year the non-profit provided more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served lives nearby on the streets or in there are fees. >> worry about a says food insecurity is a year-round problem, not just during the holidays. i no


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