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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 25, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at 6. >> and hello, everybody. we begin today at 6 o'clock. we're just hours away from the doors, opening for black friday. but just how safe are shoppers in the bay area right now. a recent uptick in smash-and-grab robberies is keeping a lot of people at home this year. good evening and happy thanksgiving to you. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. and i'm dan thorn can has the holiday off. these recent retail robberies of heightened black friday
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security concerns. >> kron four's, rob nesbitt joining us live in studio with more on how this increase in crime is affecting retail. rob hammond and its retail crimes like these that have people questioning just how safe they are. this black friday. you have them in concord. you've got then and san francisco hayward and, you know, black friday normally means long lines of people rushing to stores. but smash and grabs are changing people's black friday plans. >> and as i was going back, i heard glass being broken. >> what was supposed to be a nice day at crissy field wednesday for stephen w turned into witnessing the smash and grab parked car. it saw him a distinctly take 2 bags of luggage out of the back of the smashed up vehicle. >> increase of smash and grabs outside cars and inside stores makes him question just how busy black friday will be, but area mayors including concord mayor, 10 medallion. >> say that shopping safety should not be a concern. i mean, there's a lot of eyes on. >> on our shopping district
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right now and they're usually are during the holidays anyway. so we just encourage people still coming out. please patronize our business is a sense of security that people seem to be trusting with an increase in crime. you know, deter you from going out to do your shopping. necessarily kaling says that she always has to be aware of her surroundings in san francisco. >> unsettled by the videos of smash and grabs at retail stores during business hours. don't think targeting people perhaps. >> guess that would be a scary situation to be in the store when it happens. locals. i spoke to one thanksgiving feel safe knowing where to go and where to avoid. it's tourists. they worry about embarrassed by what has become an unsettling norm and it was something like this happens in the middle of dates. even more shocking. some people stop yesterday night. is this normal. i guess this is this is what we do. >> most of the people i spoke to today say they plan on avoiding shopping in stores altogether, not just during black friday choosing to most of their holiday shopping online this year. >> live in studio. i'm rob
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nesbitt kron 4 news. all right, rob, thanks a lot of 5 people who were arrested in connection to a crime spree at san francisco's union square made their first appearance in court yesterday and they are all charged with multiple felonies for their alleged involvement in a smash-and-grab robbery at the louis store last friday night. all of those suspects entered not guilty. pleas. judge set bail for 2 of the suspects. it $5,000. there were 3 others who were denied bail. >> new tonight at 6, making sure that nobody goes hungry this thanksgiving is the goal for homeless advocates in the south bay kron four's. rob fladeboe goes behind the scenes to share a few stories of those who make all of those holiday meals possible. >> hard at work since 02:00am leading the kitchen crew here at san jose city team ministry's is executive chef reynolds stuart, i'm giving back to others from lifting them up. >> i'm able to do that because all the people around me, our help really do that. working alongside stuart in cooking 60
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turkeys and all the sides are volunteers like james knows what it's like to be homeless and hungry on thanksgiving when we show up, i mean, we show him the love. >> know we care know that in san jose community cares about them and, you know, try to give them some i was raised, you know. in a way by my family to give back whatever you can, your main across town. meanwhile, here at saint james park. but he sealed windy. it showed up with 200 homemade chili their tea and turkey just trying to help these people. they're hungry. yes. >> is anybody need these you know. >> everybody nearby. tom lee and his crew from k the noodle. we're back for the 8th straight year we 14 and we see that something lot of people than not fortunate, you know, to have food every day. sleeping on the cold hard ground last night and grateful for the hot meals. a very hungry richard off the lot. it's it's it's special with
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special day. >> with thanksgiving just like christmas. 2 special. we think. everybody that you know, and it supports homeless. >> back at city teen reynolds stewart and company were getting ready to serve dinner to some 300 people and they'll be back at it again tomorrow. >> when they say thank you, when they tell them. and thank you. that's the big win. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> continuing our thanksgiving coverage tonight volunteers, a glide memorial church in san francisco served meals to those less fortunate and they also delivered meals to homeless encampments across the city. kron four's. gayle ong has this report. >> it's about thanksgiving. thanksgiving is about giving and this is where we get most joy just seeing the smile seeing everyone cheerful joyful and food brings people together jasen and john ross have been volunteering at live memorial church for the last
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16 years. they are 2 of almost 100 volunteers who put together thanksgiving feast for those in need. just happy to have you know, like they they're needing and where we're helping people like diana buell. >> i'm very thankful for this mail like the stuff. a survey that part of the thanksgiving dinner fallen tears spent the early morning hours preparing meals for an outdoor breakfast and brunch volunteers also offered covid live near london breed help prepare meals to go for the homeless encampments across the city are back that are going out to people. >> you know, the port the holiday cheer. and hopefully pollen >> this is what thanksgiving is about. it is about giving things. it's about giving back and it's about being with the community that we serve. >> and light is always looking for volunteers, especially after the holidays. the church
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just reopened its volunteer program. you can find out more details on our website on kron. 4 dot com reporting from san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> happening now. the chp is out in full force this weekend looking for dangerous drivers. the agency kicking off its holiday maximum enforcement period yesterday. all available chp officers will be on patrol until sunday at midnight. >> a gunman is still on the loose tonight. that's after a private security guard who was on an assignment with kron 4 was shot in oakland yesterday. a $25,000 reward is now available for any information leading to an arrest in this case, police say the incident was an attempted armed robbery to steal news camera equipment. this is video from the citizen app showing the scene the guard is now recovering in the hospital. he underwent surgery for his injuries at last check. he was in critical but stable
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condition. the shooting happened near the intersection of 14th in harrison just before 1230 yesterday afternoon as near the 12 street bart station. police say at least 5 shots were fired in the incident. officers later found an additional victim involved in this case a berkeley man who was also transported to highland hospital for treatment. that man was hit by bullet shrapnel. according to police found 4 can confirm he has since been released from the hospital. our reporter was not physically injured in recent years, though it has become a common practice for bay area television stations, including here at kron 4 news to send our reporters and photographers out with private security guards while covering stories. >> all right. we're taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. we're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. still some traffic out there on the bridge. people, maybe coming back. we're going to some other thanksgiving stop. what a beautiful shot of the bridge on this thanksgiving night. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with.
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>> what's ahead tonight and tomorrow and boy. a nice day today, right. i mean, just a gorgeous day lots of sunshine, california sunshine here in the bay area enjoying the beautiful weather courtesy of those offshore winds tonight. beautiful night out there. nice evening. the hangout indoors get a little chilly in spots out there now. and so enjoy turkey dinner. yeah. how fun is boy getting a little cool in spots already. 49 now in livermore, 48 petaluma 52 in the bottle out of school in san francisco. 57, of course, along the coastline. that's temperatures. 10 run a little bit warmer, but all in all, not bad weather out there, dry as can be. that's the only concern we've had very dry most of november. right now. i'm still looks like it's going to stay that way. the offshore winds still in place right now. you see the winds coming from the east making their way back toward the coastline. that will continue a little bit overnight. least inland. i think along the coastline we may begin to see a little bit on shore breeze. so if you head outside, you can walk out some of that
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turkey tonight you're going to see a couple high clouds outside of that looking good. the temperatures going to be in the 40's and the 50's so grab a jacket. if you're stepping outside. i think overnight lows. yeah. that will be chilly in spots down the mid 30's in a place like santa rosa about 38 in the napa valley. 38 in livermore, 39 in concord. lot of 40's inside the bay cool start the day again. but hey, this black friday, lot of folks going to be out there shopping. those temperatures running up in the 60's. even a couple low 70's with mostly sunny skies. lawrence, thank you. coming up tonight, can some of the oldest trees in the world. stand up to fires climate change and other threats we go deep into the fars to show you their current condition and the amazing trees, natural protection. >> plus a look back at 95 years of the macy's thanksgiving day parade who started it and the only times it's ever been canceled and then a kron 4 news exclusive. our vicki liviakis talks with hillary clinton during a stop in the bay area this week. but clinton had to say about women
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happy holidays from mercedes-benz.
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>> new tonight at 6, the tsa screened, a total of 2.3 million passengers yesterday as travelers headed out to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday with loved ones. the agency says that is about 88% of the travelers who were screened on the same day back in 2019 last year the tsa
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screened just one 0.1 million passengers a day before thanksgiving. the latest figures bring the total number of passengers screen since monday to more than 6.6 million. that's compared to just over 2.9 million in 2020 and over 7.3 million in 2019. >> well, speaking of travel, if you went to new york city. the macy's thanksgiving day parade was back in full force with marchers, the floats, the balloons and of course, thousands of spectators and today mark, the 95th annual tradition last year's print parade was significantly scaled back because of covid. but that wasn't the case this year and parade goers were truly thankful and it's easy to really forget how it all started or just how much is involved over the past years. john mueller takes us back in time to show us some of the very first thanksgiving day parade. it's. >> it seems as much of a thanksgiving tradition as the turkey dinner itself. the colorful sights and sounds of
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the macy's thanksgiving day parade and the lighting new yorkers and the entire country for generations. the parade has certainly evolved over the years. it started way back in the roaring 20's 1924 to be exact. the iconic department store celebrating the expansion of their flagship store in manhattan. here's a fun fact. 97 years ago it was billed as a christmas parade, one for thanksgiving. the parade route was originally 6 miles long from harlem to herald square besides santa claus. the star attractions back then were actually animals on long from the central park zoo. but the animals were overwhelmed by the huge crowd. too often tired on the long march to animals lost their star billing in just a few years. in 1927 the parade would never be the same. the first giant helium-filled balloons rose above the captivated crowd characters that were once super recognizable come and
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gone of all of them felix the cat, the most enduring balloon. but new additions continue really cracked the parade lineup reflecting the changing times and pop culture of the day. today we take for granted the macy's thanksgiving day parade can be watched by millions of americans coast to coast. but for the first 2 decades you only saw if you went in person. in fact, the first broadcast of the macy's thanksgiving day parade wasn't even on television. >> was on the radio in maybe you could watch it on the radio, but he sure could hears the first national broadcast on television took it to a whole new level. 1946 soon. the entire nation getting to see the parade right from their living rooms while prepping for turkey dinner along the way. the show has always had challenges and always indoor. high winds remain the most pressing issue on parade day. moment coming
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in 1997 a 40 mile an hour wind gusts caused the balloon to knock over a lamppost on central park west. it injured 4 people. >> the parade was actually canceled 3 times back in 1940 to 1943 1944 due to world war 2. >> twenty-twenty saw the macy's thanksgiving day parade confront a worldwide pandemic. but the tradition carried on. instead of thousands of parade watchers jammed shoulder to shoulder on city sidewalks. there were no crowds macy's produce the parade for a television audience using a closed set. of course, this year. the macy's thanksgiving day parade is back in a big way. great has seen and march so much history and its years this year will add to that as americans celebrate a holiday much closer to normal with an iconic american tradition continuing to herald in the holiday season. >> well, that was a john miller reporting for us
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tonight. i love this little much every thanksgiving i get up to watch the parade. yeah. it's a tradition to do it. i know. at just one thing that really want to do when i was a kid growing up in detroit. my dad used to take us to the parade but i would come home and finish watching this. all right. and it's just part of my tradition. i just love you know, aren't been there i was their second, 3rd grade summer around the time it gets really cold. you've got to get out there really eyes were filled up in these big balloons. yeah. our favorite characters and of course, santa claus comes, that's when everybody gets really excited when it brings out the child in all of get a hot chocolate warm to survive all temperatures out there, right. cold that part of the around the bay area. we have to deal with a little patchy frost this morning. so not as cool but. >> little cold out there tonight and you're going to see those clear skies those offshore winds again. and that means really that dry air. and so the temperatures are going to fall off again around the bay area highs today turned
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out to be a very, very nice day. 62 degrees. slightly above the average in san francisco, 64 in oakland, a warm 69 in san jose 63 degrees and a little more 61 in concord and 64 degrees in santa rosa high pressure just holding on. you can see that front out there just kind of help in a row that ridge just a little bit. but that ridge just too strong. in fact, that front's going to kind of roll into that start to fall apart and that ridge is going to start to build back in again for tomorrow. and the weekend. so it looks like at some nice weather head winds still a bit offshore in spots. so calm in sonoma light. offshore winds now in the napa valley and in the san francisco throughout the night tonight. i think we're going to see those offshore winds continuing as we head through the night so they can keep your skies mostly clear with the exception of a few high clouds. that will be interesting. i think by tomorrow afternoon we may begin to see a little switch you see right there. you're start to turn a little bit of a sea breeze. developing late today. so that will probably knock down the temperatures, maybe a degree or 2. not much. it's still going to be a gorgeous day out there with
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some nice weather. so mostly clear tonight, couple patches of frost real possibility. well, inland specially in the north bay. then tomorrow here comes that sunshine again in a few high clouds and then it will remain dry. looks like that will continue in the weekend here's the pattern. high pressure sitting off the coastline that rtdge just too strong. that front coming through and just fall apart. so we're going to stay dry now. it looks like for the foreseeable future. at least maybe the next 7, maybe 10 days or so as high pressure just going go through a series of kind of rebuilding after weakening after some of these fronts come through. so you see a lot of temperatures like this plan on highs again tomorrow in the 60's and low 70's all around the bay area. >> lawrence, thanks a lot. san francisco spca is window is back on display at macy's in union square instead of the dogs and cats actually being there, though. you can see here it switched to videos of the animals this year. it is, of course, an improvement from last year when they weren't on display at all because the pandemic. >> coming up, female leaders in the bay sitting down with
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with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. when you open a jar of better than bouillon you open-up dinner time to great flavor. mix it into a stir fry. better! sauté it into some veggies. better! or brush it onto a steak. way better with better than bouillon the possibilities are endless. make your everything better with better than bouillon. make your everything better secretary of state senator and presidential candidate hillary clinton was in san francisco over the weekend. >> in a story you will only see here on pound for our vicki liviakis met up with hillary clinton and her
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>> billed as a conversation with hillary and in the audience, a who's who of female politicians 3 has inspired all of ua. and that's came to hear from icahn hillary clinton as well as her longtime staffer whom aberdeen both out with border has climb up the ladder as i know, very pleasant weather bureau. >> it's not stepping on the fingers of the women. and it was a love is really change lowest wrong closer and closer i hope when one of their biggest take nice try to share that story. former secretary of state pending the fictional
6:25 pm
state of terror about facing down a terrorist attack. >> aberdeen surviving her husband sexting scandal and baring her soul in her book both and. >> hillary clinton's message really important story right now. >> we need more love and we more courage. >> in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron >> coming up in the next half hour of kron 4 news at 6 organizations all across the bay area working to give back to people this thanksgiving will of course, them all the details. plus, how to prevent food poisoning. this holiday season. what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to your thanksgiving meal and right after the break. in and around sequoia national forest in central california. experts are studying the changing relationship between sequoia trees
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>> happy thanksgiving again, everybody. welcome back. now at 6.30, sequoyah trees. they are known for being one of the most resilient organisms on earth and they are also one of the largest. well, experts say just one tree can weigh more than 100 elephants combined. but as chip yotes reports. >> the future of these giants of the forest has been threatened in a way once thought unthinkable. this is just a giant sequoia tree and the black mountain grove. >> this all burned in the pier fire in 2017 in and around sequoia national forest in
6:29 pm
central california. experts are studying the changing relationship between sequoia trees and wild fires. the only place in the world where sequoias grow naturally is on the western slopes of the sierra nevada mountain range with most of them located and then narrow 60 mile stretch of forest. >> just east of fresno. the sequoia trees, you'll find there. we're considered the largest trees on earth. many are thousands of years old and have survived countless fires during their lifetimes. but recently their fire survival rate has taken a hit. >> it is getting scary, especially to see one of the most fired apted organisms on earth being burned up in fire. that's a very scary change. christy brigham is the chief of resources management and science. >> for sequoia and kings canyon national parks. she says the change was especially
6:30 pm
noticed during last year's castle fire in the castle fire. we lost between 7,510 1600. >> sequoias over 4 feet in diameter. that's a lot that's 10 to 14% of the entire population. the change in the trees ability to survive a surprising since the sequoia is built to coexist with fire. >> that sounds hollow. >> in part due to its thick bark that insulates it from the fire and in part due to its size since in most cases for a fire to kill a sequoia. it would have to get all the way up into the canopy. a tall task indeed. >> they're adapted to fire. look how far off the ground. the branches are. >> in addition sequoias need fire to reproduce and seeing the base of a tree blackened by fire can actually be a good thing since it means the sds


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