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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 26, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome back
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to the kron 4 morning news it time for you now. and here on this friday, the day after thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for like the weekend and the weather that is already on the way. good morning, john. >> for some people, some of you already were on the
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weekend yesterday in which case i hope you got your feeling of good food in hopefully time with loved ones as well. today's going to be a day to maybe fill the shopping carts. i don't know if it's still black friday, do people still do that. >> of do they still feel the shopping guard online shopping that, you know, this is all you need the finger in the clip. field shot a car field. so got to do this. i'm jeremy you heard from rain and you can keep watching kron maybe you get those deals right now. we're looking outside of conditions that are pretty clear. you've got a nice clear skies over the east bay. berkeley hills looks great. >> not a lot to be noted. we do have some cloud cover moving overhead that has resulted in a couple of sprinkles. i pull out across this region just really up north of sacramento up north chico but aside from that, this weak frontal boundary not doing anything for us again. so we do remain dry for yet another day. good for any sort of travels are shopping. you may be doing 40's to 50's for our current temperatures. san francisco at 54 oakland, 48
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degrees alameda at 53. now looking ahead towards the afternoon. daytime highs will be in the 60's mild and sunny sounds pretty familiar. we've been there pretty much all week and we're going to stay that way. through the weekend. found thanks for that. right. so unfortunately we do have a fatality out there. this is. >> northbound want to one just south on street in san francisco. and so at one point all the lanes are blocked in the northbound side and they were diverting traffic off at cesar chavez. it looks like they were able to open up one lane. they're on the northbound side. so the other lanes are still blocked and they're still trying to candle that incident there. so again, we're going to keep a close eye on that. remember northbound one. oh, one, just south of vermont street traveling from the east bay into the see no major delays and even see any slow spots along other highways and bridges. san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula a little under 15 minutes. we'll have more on your traffic and
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weather coming up for now, let's talk about the total the damages to our california giant sequoia trees from the recent wildfires that stall being calculated. all as efforts are underway to try and say the giant trees from the next wildfire but is enough being done. chip yost has that story. >> when a fire stab wishes self and lowered read we can and we knew we had a problem from his perch on an observation deck above the red wood canyon grow. the largest grove of giant sequoias in the world. sequoia and kings canyon national parks fire management officer john ziegler notes. some of the giant trees below were killed in the camp. he complex fire. but he also knows another truth, although we don't. >> we really don't like destructive you know, sometimes there's a silver lining. the silver lining in this case is that some of this
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land was in desperate need of a prescribed burn that is a fire intentionally set by firefighters to get rid of smaller trees and brush buildup. >> that when left unchecked can turn a small or moderate fire into one big enough to burn swathes of giant sequoias, something that just 10 years ago was unheard of the good news in the knp complex fire. is that part of it went through just like a smaller prescribed burn would have this part of the fire actually treated about 70%. >> of the unit. we have a plan to burn anyway. all the stumps. you can see where they cut. this is the ones we're telling you guys about another part of protecting sequoias involves mechanical been more physically cutting in moving some of the trees in clearing brush around them. something that seemed to help in the nearby windy fire right now we're on the trail of a 100 giants. and as you can see, there is destruction all
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around. >> from the windy fire. but the fire was not as devastating here as elsewhere. just look at this tree right here. yes, there is black on the bottom. but as you look up, there's still a lot of green on the branch is one reason fire officials say this part of the park did a lot better than others is because of all the prep work that was done ahead of time unfortunately for the rest of the forest decades of fire suppression. >> have left a lot more work to be done. >> for mixed conifer overall. our fire ecologists has told me we need to burn 30,000 acres a year. we burn 1000 in a good year and a prescribed fire. last year. the state of california and the u.s. forest service signed an agreement in which each made commitments to increase a chopper, a shuns and take other actions. >> to address as they put it, the overly dense ai ing forests that dominate the landscape today. we need to
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get on that. we need to increase the pace and skill. >> wildfires burn fast. they don't wait for us to fill out a million forms. and you know, so we need to increase the pace and scale of our treatments on the western slopes of california sierra nevada mountain range. i'm chip yost. >> well, and other national news ahmaud arbery's mother speaking out just days after the 3 men shot and killed her son were convicted. she says she's thankful justice was served wanda cooper-jones gather with family and friends in georgia. she says while she's thankful for that verdict. the murder convictions are not going to bring that person cooper jones also says the loss of her son leaves a huge hole in her family. not only does she lose a son but her children lost a sibling and our grandchildren lost an uncle. >> thank hope. it passes it. the first thanksgiving, they will happen. saying that we haleigh and justice for but again, i mean, heart still having that thanksgiving my
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babies. thank you. >> the man convicted burries death all face a mandatory sentence of life in prison. the judge will decide whether their sentences are served with without the possibility of parole. and amazing outpour of support for a man who was exonerated after being wrongfully convicted of murder serving 43 years in prison. a go fund me campaign for 62 year-old kevin strickland has raced just under 1 million dollars to help the newly free man start his new life more than 14,000 people have donated to the go fund me campaign. black friday is here. but you already knew that. and one big different shoppers may notice fewer discounts because of inflation and supply chain crisis experts say online sales are already up by 20% with toys and video games seen the biggest spike in sales so far. another difference major retailers, a close well, grocery stores and drug store chains are going to be operating on limited hours. and the u.s. postal service
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says it's ready for the surge this holiday season after taking steps to prevent the problems that experience last year. the postal service expects 25 billion letters cards packages to pass through its system from now through new year's day covid created unprecedented issues for the postal service last year. the lead to major delivery delays. >> not only covid which created on increased online ordering. and it also created employee impacts with the employee availability. we competitors who. have the luxury of saying no, taking more and center through the post office. instead, we don't do that. we're here for you, whatever you give us. we're going to we're going to deliver when got home. >> in fact, the postal service's says that it is possible it is over repair. that's because low product inventories port distributions as supply chain issues are creating uncertainty and uncertainty that holiday
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shoppers. we'll be able to get what they want. >> movies in the theaters this holiday weekend. dean richards has a preview for us. >> i'm going show my life. it is an empire. you can have the family which is excites and everybody knows it currently stuck to my main suite. our main. >> sweet face. >> the story of one of the best known names in fashion plays out on the big screen this week in house of gucci. it's a true story of colossal wealth and excess in power. the twists and turns like the lifestyles of the super rich reality show with one character. more over the top and interesting than the next. i think that's what i'd liked about house of gucci. it's a nighttime drama of the highest order only it really happened. lady gaga is back on the big screen in it playing a middle class social climber. it's a nerdy law student. adam driver
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who just happens to be the heir to the gucci fortune who wants nothing to do with his family's business a series of events and his very aggressive new girlfriend soon to be wife has other ideas. and here is where all the fun and tragedy began the plot thickens as more of the gucci's are introduced each with their own agendas and wild personalities. thanks to a fantastic supporting cast of al pacino's jared leto, some hiking. jeremy irons it's and sometimes messy and reminded me of watching the antics of britain's royal family or america's super rich. the story is a little long at just over 2 and a half hours. but it's interesting. stylish beautifully performed by dean's list. b plus only in for the family. there's the latest from the disney animation factory and condo. it's a magical story of a family that possess magical powers all except young mirabal believes her family's powers are waning. so she goes on a quest to find them in
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condo is uplifting fun and full of great messages. and even though it mostly doesn't break any new ground it does feature 8 original songs from hamilton creator lin-manuel miranda that adds to the positive vibes. it's a dean's list. b plus, only in theaters. and that screen is the origin story of the resident evil franchise in resident evil. welcome to raccoon city. a once thriving city is abandoned by its main employer. a giant pharmaceutical company when zombie evil is unleashed from below the surface. hope you have a great holiday weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> all right. a lot of great movies to see will be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at time. few. now, 04:45am here on this friday, the day after thanksgivgng still a lot to give thanks for if you and your family are going to be out today. we have a check of your forecast on has been tracking that john sunshine still as cool as it was yesterday just as nice as yesterday was keeping the sunshine around. >> how change that in this forecast. but that's good news for travelers. good news for your shopping today too. i know it's going to be another busy day. it's been a busy week for a lot of us and mother nature's really made things quite easy for anything you needed to get done outside golden gate bridge. it's crystal clear. i don't see too
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many cars out there and that's honestly not a surprise this early the day after thanksgiving. if you're joining us this early, we'll hopefully you're having at least relaxing early morning. we are seeing a few clouds passing overhead, couple of sprinkles north of 80 up there in the sierra nevada. but really looking at much this morning, which okay if you do have plans on venturing outside dry weather continues as this high pressure ridge isn't going anywhere anytime soon in fact, this weekend things are only about to be getting warmer today. we've got lots of sunshine bit more cloud cover during the evening hours tonight, tomorrow about to be a warmer day with highs climbing even further into the 70's. we'll stay that way on into sunday to close out the weekend. now as for today's daytime highs, it's back to the 60's. we go for san francisco as well as right along the coastline, 60 solidly. so for the bayside burlingame 67 saying carlos redwood city as well as woodside all at 68 today. one 70 on the map. that's for you in campbell. the warm spot at
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70 degrees fremont up to hayward all in the upper 60's oakland, a really nice but cool 67 north bay temps mid to upper 60's as well. i'm not a huge change from where we were for your thanksgiving yesterday, nor will we really change much for the rest of the forecast highs remain in the upper 60's to low 70's. some of our warmest of days by just a degree or 2 or this weekend and all the way into the start of december, which is on wednesday of next week. we've got clear and dry skies. reyna. tom, thank you for that. a few things to tell you about like in san francisco, north down one on one, just south of amman street. >> we had an early-morning fatality there. unfortunately, they have several lanes blocked on the northbound site and they're diverting traffic off at cesar chavez. we also in the south bay, if you're traveling 80 southbound, just south of montague expressway. there is a report of a fire looks like a tree may be on fire and smoke is blowing over across the lanes. so that's
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slowing us down just a little bit in san jose. let's also get a look at your travel into the city right now. a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays. a little under 13 as you're making your commute richmond center fell bridge a little under 9 out of richmond and the golden gate about 20 minutes from the north bay as you're heading into the city. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. for now, let's get back some of our top sports story has a strict new nfl covid protocol is now in effect. every person must wear masks inside team facilities until december first, regardless of their vaccination status on top of that all players, coaches and support staff must get tested during this time period. also unvaccinated players must wait for their results before entering a team facility. the oakland raiders beat that or will now the las vegas raiders. unfortunately. well, they beat the dallas cowboys on thanksgiving in kron. 4 sports director jason dumas says the highlights for us.
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>> football and thanksgiving goes together like peanut butter and jelly bacon to make salt pepper catch-up in fried onions on a cheese steak. all right. up probably lost everyone. they're that the philly thing. let's head to jerry's world. the raiders. they were taken on the dallas cowboys. trying to help the raiders snap a four-game losing streak end. this should help. 3rd play of the game for the raiders. could the sean jackson. and we've seen that before, especially in jerry world, 56 yard, touchdown catch. he's still fast. all righty. then josh jacobs, he gets the touchdown 3rd quarter we go raiders up 17 13. look at marcus mariota get some runs. he scores on the keeper. the raiders looking good. but on the ensuing kickoff. you just can't lit this happened. tony pollard, 100 yard. >> house call. >> 2719 after the missed pa
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right to the 4th quarter. we go, this is when things got good prescott fines don't shots. now. the great looking ball 32 yard touchdown were tied at 30 after a successful two-point conversion after raiders field goal that the cowboys. they tied up right here and they forced overtime and guess what, we have extra football in ot. after a cowboys 3 and out 1318 for the raiders and the quarterback never turned his head as a jones gets it, that leads to that overtime field goal. guess what? the raiders. they when darrell carlson walk-off, they snap a three-game skid. they going to jerry'r world. they beat the cowboys on thanksgiving. let's head out to the dea. lions hosting the bears lousy teams if we're being honest coming straight to the 3rd jared goff, the marine catholic kid finds tj
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hockenson for the 17 yard. grab i'm getting a scowl by pam right now. home hometown of pam their teacher. no no. i know a bunch of hit the field goal right there. i know you're from detroit tampa, 1614 bears. they win this one. all righty. we all have our thanksgiving traditions and everyone is different. so who am i to judge. you for eating your green bean casserole. anyway, let's hear from some of the forty-niners and find out their favorite thanksgiving dishes. >> favorite thanksgiving. this would be. the macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes growing up. my mom always made this noodles to show is really good. and my wife thinks it's really good. green bean casserole stuffing guy personally stuffing cranberry sauce go to >> underrated. i'd say green bean casserole. because you're not going anywhere else something is good. sweet potato pie. >> like fried turkey.
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>> 2 wins in them and years. but i'll take a few out take up, take some takes on. >> shetland arden key. he went to louisiana state university chitlins man and i've never had to green bean casserole kind of take pride in that all right. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back 4.54 on this friday after thanksgiving. if you've got some big plans today. maybe it's with the fam more. maybe trying to get some deals out there. whatever you're doing mother nature making it easy all over again. like been seeing every day this week. so not a whole lot going on. this forecast is still sitting under some high pressure and we know what that means. not a lot to be talking about for the bay. we do have a few clouds moving overhead this morning. you can see some of those evidence in your berkeley hills camera visibility is a-ok and a really nice afternoon at the coast. some low 60's for your highs. that's about the same as we're going to be in our inland valleys. just a couple of degrees. different. we only got one 70 on the map that's down in the south bay for saratoga. aside from that. it's 6 teens across the board for daytime highs. really comfortable way to be rounding out the holidays for a lot of people, at least this holiday
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and good weather this weekend to be doing your travels back home from your destinations. reyna. >> thank you for that. john. if you are looking for something to do today. that doesn't involve shopping the east bay regional park district is hosting what it calls green friday free per day. all district fees are going to be way for parkinson's isn't activities, including parking. and nasa's curiosity rover celebrating a decade of exploration on mars with the picture. postcard of the red planet's landscape. 2 black and white images taken from the side of mount sharp, where combine in color eyes. to create the where comp a composite image. nasa says the rover took the image exactly 10 years after its launch to mars on november. 26 2000, 11 that is so cool. look, if you have a 1 million, 300 million dollars laying let this may be the christmas story for you. it's called the super yacht for the skies and the designer concept for that plane has all
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the luxuries of a 5 star hotel. the plane can carry up to 12 people and includes a glass ceiling and a balcony. there's also a conference room at a nightclub if you feel like dan said, well, because it was officially unveiled at the recent dubai. airshow. the company is taking orders. so, you know, john, let's just get out 300 mil together we can get that. yeah. in between the 2 of us we've got these even death coming up in the next hour, people all across the bay area are looking for those. >> black friday deals with it. tell you why this year's shopping might be a little different in a live report. and what's being done to protect the giant sequoias from wildfires. we take a closer look at the efforts underway to keep them safe. well, scientists have detected a new covid variant. what your going to need to know about that when we get back.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning far. >> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. on a friday the day after thanksgiving. it's 05:00am i'm james fletcher. and i'm reyna harvey in for daryn fulsome. and we made it to the week. we did. and now we've got the shopping weekend ahead for many is part of their thanksgiving tradition. it looks like the weather's going to be nice for it is good. john has been telling me all morning. a lot of sunshine on the


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