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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 27, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> no 1 o'clock a devastating day for us here at kron. 4 news, a big area. security guard shot while protecting one of our very own has now died tonight, a look at how kevin the sheet is being remembered and the new clues being released in the search for his killer. that is where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. it is indeed a very sad day for us here at kron 4 news as we mourn the loss of kevin. is she to the longtime law enforcement officer died from his injuries this morning. officials say that the shooter was shot wednesday while on assignment in oakland with the kron 4 news reporter oakland police say he was shot during an attempt to rob our reporter of her camera equipment medics rushed him to highland hospital where he underwent surgery. the shooter died from his injuries this morning. meanwhile, tonight there are new developments in the search for his killer. police are still looking for the shooter or shooters involved today,
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oakland police released this picture of a car believed to be connected to his murder. it is a white four-door acura tl the model years from 2004 to 2008. meanwhile, the reward for unrest in the she does murder continuing to grow tonight nearly $33,000 now officially on the table for information leading to an arrest in the case. anyone with details now urged to call oakland homicide detectives for oakland crime stoppers. kevin worked as a private security guard with star protection agency. but before that, he also worked as a police officer in hayward san jose in coma before retiring from the force kron four's, gayle ong. talk to those who knew him best. >> this smile would light up a room for sure. kevin ishida was known for his smile and generosity come in was such he would give his shirt the back to anybody that needed it. he was always there for anyone for anything any time. sergeant don marchetti with
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the coma. police department work with michigan and law enforcement for several years. first in san jose then in coma, i came here follow him. money. yeah, is is nice because here we've got to work more closely together. and just got to really. know him and the person that he was you and caring person that he was officer kim trask also followed initiated tacoma from another agency. he is described as a mentor to many. i about trying to go to agency. but. you just reminded me that you can do the job. you're going to be good. he put a good word for me. >> so i honestly do believe because of kevin is one of the reasons why i got hired coma. >> and he was also there for her first case, a fraud call even though he had other cases he was working on. he actually came out to the scene and health mean and pretty much. kind of took over the investigation and then walk me
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through it. the shooter was a retired police officer who served at the oakland housing authority. hayward san jose and the coma. police departments. >> he later worked as a private security guard for star protection agency on wednesday around 1220 in the afternoon. he was shot in an attempted robbery while on assignment in oakland protecting a kron 4 reporter. the shooting happened near the intersection of 14th in harrison. he was rushed to highland hospital where he died saturday morning from his injuries, law enforcement from across the bay area are sending their condolences remembering him as someone who was hardworking kind and served and protected his communities. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> today. kron 4 vice president and general manager jim rose issued a statement on behalf of the station saying in part, quote, the news is devastating and our deepest sympathy goes to his family as well as his friends and colleagues. you can read the full statement right now to kron 4 dot com. meanwhile, california congressman eric swalwell offering his condolences today on twitter
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calling kevin's last heartbreaking and going on to thank kevin for his years of service and calling for his killer to be brought to justice. a fund has also been set up to help the family of kevin ishida. we have details on how you can help right now available on our website at kron 4 dot com. there. you can also get a better look at the car. police are looking for right now along with complete coverage of the ongoing investigation sec about our 4 zone forecast a saturday night. a live look at downtown san francisco from the sutro tower camera. a gorgeous day across these part. you really couldn't ask for better weather. so what can we expect for the start of our sunday for meteorologists rebecca strom into 9 bree so with a look at what's on the way. >> and jonathan, if you like today, tomorrow is going to be much of the same. so enjoy it may be had outside get some outdoor plans for you because we're going to wrap up tonight under pretty good conditions because it's so clear around the bay area. nice clear shot of our east bay's own looking
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across the bay and into san francisco right now. and looking ahead yet the rest, the weekend, sunny and beautiful upper 60's to low 70's that we're expecting tomorrow and then the weekend looks like a 70's are going to hold steady all the way into friday for the average highs with a whole lot of sunshine and next weekend we're going to look dry and mild and the temperatures are going to get near that 70 degree mark the taper off, though, by a couple of degrees but still the weather is going to be gorgeous for the next 7 days. right now. still slowly dropping 50's. a lot more 50's on the board that we're seeing right now. 57 in hayward, 53 in fremont already 49 degrees in san anselmo. petaluma. you're currently at 50 as well as nevado. so chilly overnight but not as cold as what we've been seeing are earlier in the week. and then, yes, the afternoon set to be warm and sunny, it's all thanks to this high pressure system. that's not going anywhere anytime soon, though we do need the rain and of course of the snowfall in the sierra. but so we will hope for that to maybe the following week. for now,
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though, this week is set to be dry and well above average for this time of year. we're going to see some light winds to calm down during the overnight hours a bit and then start to pick back up as we get into tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours. so just be aware of that. i'll be back the afternoon highs that were going to be expecting and i'll break it down, neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in a couple minutes shot in the back to you. rebecca, thank you to 91 wall creek. walnut creek family is cleaning up and looking for the people who they say vandalized their home l 3 times this week alone. >> family says someone covered their home and told the paper eggs and even saran wrap their bushes kron four's amanda hari live tonight in walnut creek and found that even homophobic slurs were left on their property. the mend. >> the family tells me this is a lot to deal with and they've spent more than 4 hours cleaning up after these multiple incidents is and that's with multiple people working at a time and next, the garage here and this was hit by eggs. you can see
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there's still some residual standing here from those eggs despite their best effort to get everything cleaned up. >> this is where it just really kind of blew out into something brand new and hurtful. >> and angry. at first, melissa steven says she thought this vandalism of her home near castle hill road in walnut creek. was just a prank the trees have been tp. the bushes have been severe and wrapped. it was pretty it was pretty like, you know, jokester. she says it first happened monday night. >> then it happened again tuesday. she says it was escalating. >> there was more tp. there was. >> they took it to next step in the sense that >> they started throwing in our driveway took a bag of rubber bands broke it open and through it all over driveway. they a loaf of bread and
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through you know, the place is a rat all over on the 3rd night. the messages became hateful. >> and destructive. >> they rode out some pretty offensive messages using the tp on the street side. she says she doesn't know why they would write a homophobic slur in front of her home. >> now everything is pretty much cleaned up outside. but if you look closely, you can still find some debris left behind. steven says on the first night they were out the dogs at 11:00pm one of her sons came home at 12:30am, hour and a half later some time in between the vandals hit the home. >> was talking with my neighbor. we've been here 7 years he's been here for 30. and he shared with me. he's never seen anything like this in this neighborhood. amber. >> stevens tells me that she did file report with the police department and walnut creek. police officers say they will be patrolling this neighborhood more often just to keep an eye out live in
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walnut creek amanda hari kron 4 news. so many of these acts of vandalism have obviously cost the family their time. but is it also impacting them. >> financially. has to cause something to be able to clean this up time after time again. >> cleaning up does cost money. but what also is going to cost them some money is they say that these vandals broke some lights. they were lawn lights to small one. but small ones, but they ripped them out of the ground. and because of that, they're going to have to have those lights were placed and all the wiring for those lights are placed and they estimate that's going to cost them about a $1000. so hopefully that once again, they won't have to do this the 4th time amanda hari live in walnut creek. amanda, thank you. >> kron 4 staying on top of a developing story tonight from the south bay where san jose police are searching for answers in a shooting that happened outside the high school football game in campbell last night that injured 2 men. it happened in the parking lot of on high
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school police say both men suffering non-life-threatening injuries detectives, meanwhile, are searching for a motive and a shooter. the game between sarah and the saint francis for the c c s division. one, a football championship was stopped for a short time. but then resolved police tonight say they need your help, trying to solve the murder of a sacramento man. detectives say that someone shot into a car wednesday night on murray street in leslie road killing the man the victims drove a short distance before calling 911, the man died at the scene. medics took the second victim to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. so far no other information about the victims or suspects have been released by police at this time. on the peninsula tonight, police have arrested a 60 year-old man on on suspicion of possessing meth and a gun in san carlos police say they found a suspicious car last night in the home depot parking lot on old county road when officers owns record. they found that he also had several outstanding
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warrants after searching the car. officers say they found a loaded gun as well as substances. that could be meth on is now behind bars at the san mateo county jail. much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9, including the very latest covid-19 variants spreading rapidly across africa. >> the new steps underway here at home to try and stop it from reaching the united states. plus, a new look at security measures in place around union square, how they're making shoppers fee even
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recent smash-and-grabs along with covid-19 pandemic's making headlines. >> this weekend. shoppers are flocking to san francisco's union square the start of the holiday shopping season is also seeing a bigger police presence to the area. shoppers. tell kron four's, dan thorn. they're happy to see more officers on the streets. >> among the thousands of black friday shoppers making their way through union square cops could be found on nearly every corner. if you're a criminal, you don't want to come. san francisco police are out in full force as the sidewalks in stores have been taken over by people eager to score a deal. the police presence comes after smash-and-grabs have terrorized bay area shopping centers. the visibility of police has been comforting. it makes you feel safer walking around. what's going on in this world today. yeah. a lot safer. this is the biggest police presence i've ever seen. the pandemic took a lot of the air out of last year's black friday excitement. many
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stores decided to close on thanksgiving day and capacity was very limited inside to allow for physical distancing this year. it was much different. there's a lot more people out right now. it's hopefully mask. that we're all out here trying to get the same deals, get the shopping done early peek at the big crowds might make it challenging for everyone to get what they're looking for. but the experience of once again getting out and about in the heart of the city's shopping district is worth it for many. this is what i miss after the last year. i love it. reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. vice president kamala harris in the second gentleman. doug emhoff getting a jump on their christmas shopping today during an. >> outdoor event to support small business saturday. harris has referred to small businesses as the backbone of america's economy. she's also calling on americans to support the businesses during the holiday season and while it is important to support local businesses. it's also important to make sure to keep
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your budget in mind so you don't regret any of those purchases later. brad jones has some basic advice to help keep your budget in the black. >> when it comes to holiday shopping. you need a budget before buying the first gift. tim hour with try and financial advisors recommend setting your limit by looking at other financial responsibilities. first you need to start with a big number question, which is how much can my family responsibly dedicate the holiday gift giving this year and then once you've gotten to that number, then you can begin to break it down by each of the individuals or organizations that you plan to give to. he says you should get because you want to not because you have to and you shouldn't go into debt to do it. you want to give 10 day. you want to give in, say the month of november or december and then know that that expense is gone when it comes to using our says plastic does offer some perks, but it's important to keep track of what you're spending. we tend to get even
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better deals, more points being awarded at this time of year to entice us to put money on that credit card and it's totally fine to do that as long as you have the ability to pay it off by the end of the month. so you don't end up having to pay an extra dollar in interest charges. many online retailers now offer the ability to prolong our says that's the wrong approach. if you can't afford that gift today. if you have to pay over 2, 3, 4, 7, installments. you probably can't afford that gift. that was brad jones reporting for us tonight. >> talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at the city courtesy. the mount tam cam on this saturday night. let's get you ready for the start of your sunday. lot of folks on the roads and the skies headed back to the bay area from their thanksgiving holidays for meteorologists rebecca strongmen tonight, former breece up with a look at the warm weather that sticking and look at those skies that we're seeing a really clear and
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>> mount tam shot. so we're seeing a no clouds. maybe some just a couple high clouds that we could be seeing as we get into tomorrow, patchy fog overnight, but really mostly clear conditions that's what we're really seeing around the entire bay area, including right here speaking on the skies, san francisco international airport. a lot of flights expected come in and out of the airport tomorrow. and if you're going to hit the roads. the roads are going to be dry. it's going to be a great day to come back home from your travels, from your holiday weekend and look at these temperatures, this what you're going to come back to and it's going to be really nice if you want to make some plans to go outside. we're looking at upper 60's and downtown san francisco tomorrow. the mission district 69 for the high. there at the coast 60 foreman tara. but look at that half moon bay coming in and i 70 degree we are going to see a little bit of cloud cover there. but a lot of it should be burning off into the afternoon 66 in san bruno, tomorrow. 71 if you're going to be burlingame and look at all the 70's here and dry conditions and carla 72 as well as redwood city mountain view low 70's as well.
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downtown sun in san jose 73 degrees los you'll be at a high of 74 and then low 70's along the east bay shoreline through hayward into union city and free months. the tri valley area dublin and pleasanton both coming in with a high of 70 degrees. 69 in walnut creek tomorrow. brentwood discovery, bay. we're looking at upper 60's and are in the 67. if you're going to be in vacaville fairfield upper 60's were expecting their napa. 70 degrees. youngsville 70 as well and more sunshine continues across the north bay upper 60's to low 70's as we get into santa rosa petaluma and abbado san and 69 degrees, of course, of the coast a little bit cooler there stinson beach, a 62 point rays. we're going to be a high of 69. so jonathan, we saw 70's today. we're going to see it tomorrow. how long are they going to last pretty long. actually. i have that. my seven-day around of a forecast enough time to keep your shorts out. for while pretty
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>> fire crews. meanwhile, in southern california rescued an injured horse that spent 2 days trapped on the side of a steep hillside. >> and riverside county crews had to airlift. that officials see the horse and its owner suffering injuries wednesday when the horse tossed its owner off of it. authorities say they were forced to wait until friday to rescue the pair because of dangerous conditions tonight, both the rider and the horse are recovering. a north carolina woman has quite a story to tell tonight. listen to this. she went into labor on a flight home from mexico. a nurse that just happened to be on board that flight on get through the 3 hours of labor involved when the plane finally landed in atlanta. paramedics rushed on board to deliver the baby tonight, mom and baby girl are doing pretty good. still ahead tonight, green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers back under the microscope tonight and having to clarify yet another statement he said about himself ond covid-19. but first. an underwater
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. in select areas. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. island has plenty to be thankful for this weekend after a very close encounter with a great white shark. bryce moore has the story. underwater photographer darren vrbpac tells me he was diving this morning off of carefully point when he thought he saw school of the lewa.
9:24 pm
>> but something was off and the size and shape made him think of a tiger shark. >> kept looking at the head mike, that is not a tiger shark and it got closer and closer. just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. and i was like, that is for sure. 100 1% a great white. >> the beast which for back says was over 15 feet wasn't behaving in a threatening way. so he stuck around. i just shot as much as i could as he went >> he just disappeared back up the drop that i was like shaking it's 1000 say. doctor carl meyer with the hawaii institute for marine biology says great whites may be in the area because of humpback whales who breed in hawaiian waters from november through april. >> but the behavior of her back saws fairly normal for great whites. >> typical. ap of these big shocks is one of wariness around people. and so even though they might be curious. they're also wary. and so the army. that you see aggressive
9:25 pm
behavior is typically when they're not to be foreign to. >> rebeck says he was unnerved and overwhelmed by the experience but never felt in danger. if she wanted to take me. she was she would have taken me her demeanor was just curiosity. he just came out to look to see what i was i imagine you're you're not pofficially right haha. >> bryce moore. >> and i'm rebecca strom informer breeze around. is tracking a whole lot of sunshine and upper 60's and 70's as we get into tomorrow afternoon. my complete forecast coming up after the break. stay with us.
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>> now, a covid-19 coverage. the saturday night where a new variant of covid-19 now has scientists across the globe in here at home in the united states on high alert. there are concerns the all mccrum variant could spread rapidly and could be resistant to vaccines. you know, ford has the story. >> tonight growing concerns as a troubling new covid variant surges abroad, sending governments and financial markets reeling. we don't know. >> a lot about the rapidly, the variant dumped on the crime was first detected in south africa. >> it's good health experts worried because data shows it carries a number of genetic mutations that may allow it to spread quickly, even among the
9:29 pm
vaccinated, a crime cases already appearing elsewhere infections popping up in israel. hong kong and belgium setting off a global scramble to contain the new strain. the u.s. joining a growing list of countries rolling out new restrictions banning travel to several south african countries the emergence of this new variant taking global markets. the dow taking its worst single-day drop of the year. plummeting 900 points questions lingering over how much longer the pandemic will last the world health organization called an emergency meeting friday as scientists race to learn more early analysis showed that this right is a large number of mutations. >> that require and book on the goal for the study. it will take a few weeks for us to understand what impact this ryan has the threat of another covid surge sparking a renewed effort to get people vaccinated.
9:30 pm
>> every american. back. >> the travel restrictions will go into effect monday. they won't apply to us citizens or permanent residents who will both still need a negative covid-19 test to enter the country. >> geno ford reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, 2 on the kron cases have been detected this weekend in the united kingdom. health officials there say that the 2 cases are linked and that both people are currently in isolation. also contract. tracing is currently underway right now. it's unknown if both people have traveled to africa. new york governor kathy hochul says that she has declared a state of emergency for the empire state because of across variant hochul says that she
9:31 pm
made the decision because of the variance high transmission rate adding that she's worried that covid-19 cases will overwhelm hospitals in the state again, health care facilities across new york state. we are currently seeing more than 300 new covid-19 cases a day. the emergency declaration also helps the state get supplies more quickly. a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the mandate that would have required all california prison workers to be vaccinated. the mandate was originally set to take effect in january but has now been stopped until at least march at that time a hearing will be held to discuss the issue further state numbers currently show that more than 50,000 california state prisoners have contracted covid-19, which is more than half of the population. at least 242 prisoners have died. some lawmakers say their caregivers were denied access to loved ones in long-term care facilities during the covid-19 pandemic and some of those loved ones died in isolation as a result. now democrats and
9:32 pm
republicans are working together to push congress to pass a new bill that would make sure that wouldn't happen again in the future. the essential caregivers act would allow residents to designate essential caregivers who could continue to provide support even during a public health emergency sponsors of the bill say it puts caregivers concerns front and center. >> we are thinking towards the future in the event of another emergency. it's about learning from what happened in the past. recognizing that we do not want to ever see a repeat, a the circumstances of 2020 for so many reasons. >> the bill would make sure that caregivers would have access to loved ones while also maintaining facility, safety standards and protocols. lawmakers say they hope the bill will be ready for a vote by some time at the end of next year as the nfl continues to struggle to get a handle on the covid-19 pandemic within the league green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers is once again on the hot seat over more potentially misleading
9:33 pm
comments and the league's new covid testing and mask mandates are down in effect sydney killing each brings us more. >> i've never before and no lesions on my feet. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers attempting to set the record straight saying he does not have covid toe rather a toe fracture. the story was reported after rogers received a positive covid-19 test and clip roger seen aired on pat so good. and just a few and didn't have any lingering other than the covid. so rodgers also made headlines when he was asked in august, 26 media session, whether he had been vaccinated. >> it turns out rogers was unvaccinated. however, sought alternative treatments. rogers claims he's allergic to an ingredient in the moderna and pfizer vaccines and was concerned about reports of adverse effects from the johnson and johnson vaccine.
9:34 pm
he later apologized for being misleading party. you vaccinated what your >> yeah. i'm immunized. the nfl fined the green bay packers $300,000 in 2 of the team's players, including rogers nearly $15,000 for violating protocols. >> a handful of household names have also tested positive in recent weeks, including steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger and chargers defensive end joey bosa. the league is now urging clubs to offer drive-thru testing for players and staff members, family and friends visiting for thanksgiving, noting that all players coaches, trainers and others associated with team operations must be tested the monday and wednesday following the holiday. >> sydney. kaylee reporting for us tonight right now on kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date with the very latest. covid-19 headlines, including where you and your children can get covid-19 vaccines. just get the qr code on your screen with your mobile devices. and you'll be
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directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the golden gate bridge. no fog, no clouds. a very nice night here in the bay area. we really are blessed. let's get ready for the start of your sunday. here's kron 4 meteorologists. rebecca strom and tonight former bree so with a look at what's on tap. >> you know, jonathan, lots of warm conditions. that's what's on tap for tomorrow afternoon. if you liked today, you're going to really enjoy tomorrow. so if you weren't able to head outside today try to make some outdoor plans as we head into your sunday afternoon because it is going to be another gorgeous day around the bay area. and yes, right now we're looking at clear skies pretty much all of our live cameras around the bay area, including this one. the bay bridge toll plaza folks are heading into san francisco overnight lows, though bundle up. it is going to get a little bit chilly not as cold, not dropping into 30's like we saw earlier in the week. but 40's and 50's still very chilly for 47 in nevado 46 for the overnight
9:36 pm
low in napa. 48 in valais hope 50 degrees along the east bay shoreline for downtown oakland and hayward 47. if you're going to be in downtown san jose. during the overnight hours hopefully will be indoors and nice and bundled up this high-pressure system isn't going anywhere. in fact, we're going to be seeing it throughout tomorrow and through the rest of the week as we head out of november and then begin december, we're going to start seeing of this high pressure just sticking with us and bringing us the warm afternoon temperatures and lots of sunshine. visibility should be pretty good during the overnight hours. we'll see a little bit of patchy fog in some spots, especially in the north and along the coast for the peninsula. but as we get closer to your lunch time hour tomorrow things should burn off for the most part and open up nothing but sunshine around the bay area, our long range of forecasts to no rain. unfortunately. i know we need it, but it looks like things are going to remain dry over the next couple of days. and it looks like that way for the remaining. rest of your week all the way into friday and
9:37 pm
into the weekend it's all again because of the high pressure keeping all the wet weather to the far north of us and leaving us with above average temperatures and take a peek. these are what we're talking about as we get into tomorrow, 60's and 70's downtown san francisco, upper 60's tomorrow. 70 degrees in oakland 71 for hayward. if you're going to be in the south bay. we're looking at so lower. 70's mountain view 70 to downtown san jose 73 as well as morgan hill. how long are these temperatures going to last to let you know my seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. jonathan. >> rebecca, thank you. shot and killed an intruder trying to breach security at the marine corps base in san diego on friday. officials say the suspect armed with a knife approached the gate checkpoint after repeated warnings to stop officials say the guards fired killing the person tonight that shooting is under investigation by military officials. a manhunt is underway tonight in near seattle after a shooting injured. one person at a mall.
9:38 pm
the shooting happened during black friday shopping last night. one shooting victim reportedly in serious conditions. officials say it may have started with an argument. so far no suspects have been arrested. but police say there's no longer a threat at the mall. this weekend. the illinois community is remembering 2 friends killed at the astroworld music festival in houston. in franco patino were honored by their high school over this weekend. community waited to have the memorial until their their friends and family could be home for from college for thanksgiving. >> we're proud of the men. you are you will for ever be in our hearts. may the road rise to meet. you. may the wind always be at your back. that starts with. >> family and friends and then it just moves out throughout the community. where you realize how many lives they touched. this is really help us the pastoral. these are but we really appreciated that big you all love mice on. and and.
9:39 pm
thank you for being here. >> both families have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against rapper travis scott and event organizers accusing them of not doing what they should have done to prevent the chaos of the crowds. lawmakers are set to get back to work next week on capitol hill after the thanksgiving break. when they return. they'll have 2 big items to deal with on their plate. a good a looming government shutdown on december 3rd and a default on the federal debt. evan lambert shows us how both could impact you. >> congress did not do anything about this before their thanksgiving break. now they have just a few days to come up with a deal, possibly a stopgap. at least one of those to avoid a government shutdown. let's take a step back and tell people how we got here. congress passed a short-term funding measure in october. but that runs out on december 3rd, they could come together and agree on a long-term spending bill or pass another stopgap, nothing happens by friday, the
9:40 pm
government could shut down and this has happened several times before the last one stretching 35 days ending in january 2019. if the government shuts down hundreds of thousands of federal workers, not just here in dc but all across the country could face furloughs, essential workers, though. like tsa officers and other federal law enforcement. they'd still have to work. they just wouldn't get paid. also national parks and monuments could close. there will also be disruptions to many operations at the fda and cdc, although covid response would likely remain the same on a totally separate note. this fiscal debt ceiling limit is looming as well. the treasury department saying that if nothing happens by december 15th on that. then the government could default on its loan. so we have those 2 things hanging above congress this week. back to you. >> take a look at this members
9:41 pm
of the arizona national guard executing this landing to rescue an injured hiker today despite the high winds. the pilot was able to land on the side of a mountain with just 2 wheels. the scene unfolding just east of phoenix. the hiker hurting their back could make it down the. stanford tries to avoid its 6th straight loss, but they would have to beat 6th ranked notre dame to do it kind mills. has the highlights on the way.
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>> talk about our 4 zone forecast. the saturday night. a live look at coit tower here in san francisco and it is. >> and absolutely warm weekend considering the fact we're getting ready to roll into december. we're tracking temperatures in the 70's come from meteorologists rebecca strong here tonight. so the heat are you'll need the ac for a few more yeah. especially into the afternoon, jonathan, because we are some summer like temperatures in some spots, especially right here in san francisco. >> though it is fall. we're going into december. we're trying to wrap up the month of november. and yeah, we're going to wrap it up on pretty much a warm note for the afternoon. >> and clear skies gorgeous night around the bay area right now. a clear here at the golden gate bridge. phones rolling through we sox in the bridge that can't really make out the north or the south towers. but not tonight. a nice clear shot of the golden gate. we're going to see some light winds that develop the overnight hours. things will start to calm. but then they're going to start to pick back up as we get into
9:45 pm
tomorrow morning and then it should roll through the afternoon as well. so just keep that in mind a little bit breezy and most neighborhoods around the bay area and then tomorrow night thing. should that calmed down quite a bit. well afternoon highs. look at this very similar to what we felt today. upper 60's in downtown san francisco 69 in the mission district. you're going to be heading to golden gate park. i suggest that because it's going to be just gorgeous to go outside, go to any park. it's going to be beautiful, 64 degrees for the high. there and the sunshine continues along the coast. 70 degrees that we're expecting in half moon bay tomorrow afternoon. pacifica a high of 66 and then we're going to see more 70's pop up as we get into south san francisco burlingame. a high of 71 upper 60's millbrae tomorrow and nothing but low 70's here through foster city into san carlos redwood city all at 72 tomorrow with a lot of sun. and of course dry conditions, you're south his own. we're looking at the low 70's remaining here in campbell and las canas. but that 74 morgan hill, a high of 73 east bay
9:46 pm
shoreline 71 for hayward and union city 70 degrees. it's going to be unpleasant 10 or seminole. that will be a nice area to head out and get out into the outdoors tomorrow. lots of sunshine and some will tomorrow that we're expecting walnut creek, upper 60's, danville and san ramon both at 70 downtown oakland, a high of a 70 degrees here. 72 in san leandro castor valley. a high of 73 degrees. upper 60's in fairfield and vacaville and then those upper 60's continue. if you're going to be in tomorrow, wine country. nothing but sunny and 70 degrees for a napa and sonoma tomorrow. and you're north bay zo e, 70 degrees in santa rosa in petaluma, 62 at stinson beach will be a little bit cooler there. of course, cnn a high of 69. you're 70 around the bay forecast. look at this. the 70's. we're going to be seeing as like i said, we're wrapping up november kicking off the day of december and it's going to be a high of 71. so i'm not too bad. take advantage of it. and
9:47 pm
the 70's continue all the way through friday. we're going to see just a slight dip in temperatures as we get into next weekend. but i mean, 60's not too bad. not too bad. i think a lot of folks you're going to be real popular person this week. >> a lot of folks happy to see 70's. so, yeah, because i have so much to thank you. >> meanwhile, a georgia man is proving that age is nothing but a number 65 he has earned himself the nickname of world's strongest granddad. >> going to different federations and setting records in over 60 division. got know what 30 or 40 with 50. not as you put over 60. >> so t skinny man myers has won 28 world championships in power lifting he's already said numerous world records and says he has plans to send even more. he is also in the power lifting hall of fame after dead, lifting 650 pounds. he's been doing this for more than 40 years says he has no plans on stopping and even encouraging others. his age to do the same to keep themselves in shape.
9:48 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the seventh-ranked stanford women's basketball team having some fun in the sun today in the bahamas. the cardinals face second-ranked, maryland. the ladies looking to bounce back after a tough loss to south florida yesterday, a bounce-back. all right. and ben, some guard. hannah jump came out on fire hitting. >> this 3 pointer to beat the first-quarter buzzer, the cardinal led 20 to 15 after one 2nd quarter. fran belibi. >> gets the hoop inside and sanford has doubled of maryland. 3417 believe he had 15 points. 3rd quarter haley jones converts the tough and one in the reverse layup jones had 15 points and 13 rebounds and of the 3rd jumped a nice reload and it's another 3 she had 7 of them for 21 points to cardinal run away from maryland 8667. it is the largest margin of victory over a top 2 team in program.
9:49 pm
history stanford heads back home with a break until their next game. they take on pacific on december 12th, the cal women taking on mississippi in the championship round of the raising the bar invitation ul. they hosted this weekend. all 4 teams. the tournament are coached by black women che to curry the fabulous freshman hits. the trey unfortunately was the only one she made. she went one of 10 from beyond the arc ole miss was hitting from tip. collins with the trade and the 1st half rebels up 12 at the break. 4th quarter. madison scott puts it on ice with this and one inside she had 12 points and 11 forwards cow takes its first loss of the season. 6445 the bears fall to 5, 1, they host fresno state on thursday. stanford hosting number 6, notre dame honoree captain andrew luck posing with john lynch just a couple of stanford alum on senior night. but this game was all irish jack coan finds tight end george takacs for
9:50 pm
the 2 yard score. 4 teams. if notre dame was 24 nothing at the half 3rd quarter stanford finally showing some signs of life running back austin jones powers it in from 5 yards out. gets across the line 24 7. the score. that was about it. for stanford, though. notre dame's backup qb tyler boston the read option here breaks free takes it. 33 yards to the house a house call irish cheerleaders and fans doing push-ups as the points piled up stanford role or rather notre dame role stanford 4514. the score 6 straight loss for stanford the longest losing streak in 15 years for the cardinal. viking quest is on tomorrow. no, i'm not talking about the sci-fi show starring johnny drama. i'm talking about the forty-niners quest to take down the minnesota vikings and solidified their nfc playoff position. that was an entourage reference. by the way, feel like i should have
9:51 pm
to say that. but some people like jonathan ever seen the show. all right. well, the niners sosa 5 in 5 viking storm warning in a crucial game for both teams minnesota's defense is the 5th worst in the nfl in total yards and rushing yards allowed per game. san francisco head coach kyle shanahan said he wants his offense to dominate on the ground like they have in their last 2 games. shanahan said he believes that in general, the run game is the key to success. i think is when you can dictate it. >> you know. and that's the best way to dictate a game is to run the ball. you know that. and to do it, it's it's not just the running back. it's not line and it's not just the offense. i feel like when you can dominate a game through the run game. yeah. you got to have all that with the offense. but it's the whole team and teams that do that and not just once in a while, but team second when a lot of games doing that are usually teams that are extremely hard to be in any situation, a new condition and any type of game. >> i'm shaking my head. i told jonathan to do some homework between 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock hour because you've
9:52 pm
nothing else to do, right. like you're not anchoring sportscaster anything. he's never seen entourage. i mean, i've heard the showcase their watch you gotta look it up. you've got to look up the johnny drama reference. he's hilarious. such a good character. okay. by 10 o'clock right. >> if i'm not doing but not doing anything else but reading every encouraged the new solo for like 4 hours that's all we'll see we can do all right. all right. cuyler, thank you. stay with us. we'll be right back with more.
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>> tomorrow at this time will kick off the first night of hanukkah. the 8 day jewish holiday starts tomorrow at sunset. and we'll come earlier than usual this year. typically the holiday is celebrated in the month of december closer to christmas during the holiday jewish families will light. the menorah and kids will open presents often one for each of the 8 nights. this will actually be the first hanukkah to be officially celebrated in the vice president's office. that's because second gentleman, doug emhoff is jewish and has tweeted that hanukkah has long been his extended families favorite holiday. the 90th annual california state capitol tree lighting ceremony is set for this coming thursday. governor gavin newsom and first partner jennifer will host a celebration which kicks off at 5.30. the oakland interfaith gospel choir along with the san francisco men's chorus among this year's performers six-year-old the d a from dublin was selected to like
9:56 pm
the capitol tree with the governor and first the christmas tree and san francisco's geared early square was lit up for shoppers getting in the christmas spirit. the tree lighting part of the holiday marketplace and christmas tree stroll shops were open and artists showing off their work for folks to buy just in time for the holidays, folks that we talked to tell kron 4 that feel good for things and for folks to get together this feels like we're part of the community like the greater bay area community. and i think that's really important, especially as go through these difficult times and i like it. so festive right now i feel like with covid. we haven't had a chance smell the trees. right. look at the line for this is just a really great time to kind of. >> you warm and >> santa. also on hand to make sure folks can take pictures at the tree in the upper plaza. santa also getting an
9:57 pm
early jump literally today when he took to the skies when he made the skydiving trip into southern california for black friday saint nick performing a perfect landing to reunite with misses claus who was waiting down below the jump. a longstanding tradition for folks as a fun way to kick off the holiday shopping season in ventura county. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock, thanks so much for spending time with us. don't go anywhere, though, kron 4 news at 10 o'clock coming your way in just moments.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock friends colleagues and complete strangers are remembering a bay area. security guard who died after being shot while protecting one of kron four's a very on reporters. that is where we start to saturday here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off like so many folks across the bay area. tonight we here at kron 4 are mourning the loss of our friend and our security guard. kevin, the this morning we learned the heartbreaking news that kevin died from his injuries just days after he was shot while protecting one of our reporters as those who knew him or his last tonight. police are still searching for


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