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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 27, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock friends colleagues and complete strangers are remembering a bay area. security guard who died after being shot while protecting one of kron four's a very on reporters. that is where we start to saturday here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off like so many folks across the bay area. tonight we here at kron 4 are mourning the loss of our friend and our security guard. kevin, the this morning we learned the heartbreaking news that kevin died from his injuries just days after he was shot while protecting one of our reporters as those who knew him or his last tonight. police are still searching for
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his killer tonight. oakland police released this picture of a car believed to be connected to his murder. it's a white four-door 2004 to 2008 acura tl anyone with information is now urged to call oakland homicide detectives or oakland crime stoppers. the reward for information on that car or anything else that can lead opd to make an arrest in the case has now jumped to nearly $33,000 reward money right now sitting at 32,000 500. meanwhile, kevin worked as a security guard for star protection agency. but before then he also worked as a police officer in hayward san jose and coma before retiring from the force kron four's. gayle ong talked with those who knew him best. >> this smile would light up a room for sure. kevin ishida was known for his smile and generosity come in was such he would give his shirt the back to anybody that needed it. he was always there for anyone
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for anything any time. sergeant don marchetti with the coma. police department work with michigan and law enforcement for several years. first in san jose then in coma, i came here follow him. money. yeah, is is nice because here we've got to work more closely together. and just got to really. know him and the person that he that genuine caring person that he was officer kim trask also followed initiated tacoma from another agency. he is described as a mentor to many. i about trying to go to agency. but. >> you just reminded me that you can do the job. you're going to be good. he put in a good word for me. so i honestly do believe because of kevin is one of the reasons why i got hired coma. >> and he was also there for her first case, a fraud call even though he had other cases he was working on. he actually came out to the scene and health mean and pretty much.
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kind of took over the investigation and then walk me through it. the shooter was a retired police officer who served at the oakland housing authority. hayward san jose and the coma. police departments. >> he later worked as a private security guard for star protection agency on wednesday around 1220 in the afternoon. he was shot in an attempted robbery while on assignment in oakland protecting a kron 4 reporter. the shooting happened near the intersection of 14th in harrison. he was rushed to highland hospital where he died saturday morning from his injuries, law enforcement from across the bay area are sending their condolences remembering him as someone who was hardworking kind and served and protected his communities. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> meanwhile today, vice president and general manager of kron 4 news. jim rose issued a statement on our behalf. it reads in part, quote, the news is devastating and our deepest sympathy goes to his family as well as his friends and colleagues. you can read that full statement
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online on our website right now at kron 4 dot com. meanwhile, oakland city council member dan called also issued a statement today saying, quote, i'm so deeply saddened about the tragic loss of kevin ishida. my deepest condolences to his family and to the kron family. he was a man of honor with a career to be proud of. california. congressman eric swalwell also offering his condolences today on twitter calling his loss heartbreaking. the congressman also went on to thank kevin for his years of service and also asked for his killers to be brought to justice. also, a fund has been set up for the family of kevin ishida. we have details on how you can help right now to kron 4 dot com. while you're there. you can also get a better look at the car that investigators are looking for right now and complete coverage of the ongoing investigation. the switch gears now to talk about our 4 zone forecast. the saturday night for meteorologists rebecca strong in tonight for debris. some with a look at what's on the way from the start of your
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sunday. >> well, we're going to see a chilly overnight temperatures, of course, waking up to those and then we're going to really see some warm conditions into the afternoon. very similar to what we saw today. so the 2nd half your weekend going to be just as beautiful as the 1st half live camera network outside showing us a nice clear shot of the east bay. you can see a san francisco because it's so clear you can see all the way across the bay. and we're going to see those clear conditions for the most part as we get tomorrow as well. so sunshine gorgeous tomorrow with the highs in the upper 60's to low 70's and it looks this week is going to be pretty much the same. lots of 70's that we're going to be seeing for the average highs in the afternoon and lots of sunshine. of course, into the weekend. we're going to see dry conditions. no rain. unfortunately, the forecast. but it looks for the next 7 days or so. we're going to see some really nice weather. well above average for this time of year. but those low temperatures i was talking about during the overnight hours. not as chilly as what we saw earlier in the week
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with 30's on the board. we're seeing mostly 40's and 50's. so still very cold. so bundle up. if you are going to out about 46 in santa rosa tonight. 46 also in napa, 51 degrees right here for the overnight low in san francisco, 50 degrees in downtown oakland and 47 for the overnight low in downtown san jose. so high pressure continues control the bay area. that's what's bringing us the warm temperatures the dry conditions and the sunshine and we're going to be seeing a high-pressure continue like i was mentioning your work week as well. also some light winds will start picking up tonight and then overnight it's going to calm just a bit and then start to pick up once again as we get into tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. so just keep that in mind a little bit breezy, probably in your neighborhood. but still we're going to see some gorgeous weather. so ahead outside. if you can make some plans because again, upper 60's to low 70's. we're expecting tomorrow and i will break it down. what the temperature will be in your neighborhood. coming up a little bit later.
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jonathan, back to you. rebecca, thank you so much. meanwhile tonight, a walnut creek family is wondering why someone would vandalize their home. >> 3 times in one week. they say that someone threw toilet, paper eggs and even saran wrap their bushes kron four's amanda hari learned that even homophobic slurs were left on their property. >> the family tells me they've spent more than 4 hours this week cleaning up their yard after these incidents. and that's with multiple people working to get it all done. i'm standing next to the garage. and you can see there is still some residual staining here from eggs being thrown at the garage. and despite their best effort that they can't get it off. >> we're starting to scratch your heads. why are they doing it again. at first, melissa steven says she thought this vandalism of her home near castle hill road in walnut creek was just a prank the trees have been tp. the bushes have been severe and wrapped. it was pretty it was pretty like, you know, jokester, she
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says it first happened monday night. then it happened again tuesday. she says it was escalating there was more tp. there was. >> they took it to next step in the sense that they started throwing in our driveway took a bag of rubber bands broke it open and through it all over driveway. they choke a loaf of bread loves, you know, the place is a rat all over on the 3rd night. the messages became hateful. >> and destructive. >> they rode out. some pretty offensive messages using the tp on street side. she says she doesn't know why they would write a homophobic slur in front of her home. >> now everything is pretty much cleaned up outside. but if you look closely, you can still find some debris left behind. steven says on the first night they were out the dogs at 11:00pm one of her sons came home at 12:30am,
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hour and a half later some time in between the vandals hit the home. >> that could be a really feeling and that maybe they were watching the house looking to see when we were coming or stevens tells me she did file a report with police. >> and walnut creek. police told her they would be patrolling this neighborhood more often in walnut creek amanda hari kron 4 so much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. >> including new concerns over the latest covid-19 variant spreading rapidly across africa. the new steps being taken here at home to prevent it from happening here. workers in california, prisons will no longer have to be vaccinated against covid-19 at least for now. the decision made by federal courts and the next steps with kron 4 news at 10 o'clock continues.
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>> kron 4 monitoring a developing story from the south bay tonight where san jose police searching for answers in a shooting that happened outside of of high school football game in in in campbell that injured 2 men. it happened in the parking lot of on high school police say both men suffered non-life-threatening injuries tonight, detectives are searching for a motive and a shooter. the game between sarah and saint france's for the ccs division. 1, 8 football championship was stopped for a short time. but later rezoned. police say they
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need your help in the murder of a sacramento man. detectives say that someone shot into a car wednesday night on monterey street in leslie road killing him. the victims drove a short distance before calling 911, that man died at the scene. medics took the second victim to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries so far investigators have not released any other details about a suspect or a motive at this time. a terrifying scene. a terrifying scene for shoppers friday at a north carolina mall outside of raleigh. police say 3 people were injured and shot during that shooting inside the mall. one of those victims is in critical condition tonight. officers say they found 3 people had been shot after an incident between 2 groups of people among the victims, a 10 year-old child who was hit by a ricochet bullet. incredible video from arizona today. that's where the national guard there executed this landing to save an injured
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hiker despite high winds. the pilot of that helicopter was able to land on the mountain with just 2 wheels. this all happened just east of phoenix, a hiker, we're told, had an injured back in could make it back down. the. guardsmen were successful unloading that hiker and getting them to safety when asked about the situation. the pilots said those difficult rescues are exactly what they live for. meanwhile, here at home. we're living for some good weather. this weekend as we wrap up. things tomorrow as well as we get ready for a new week. kron 4 meteorologists. rebecca strong in tonight from a recent look at what's on tap for the start of your sunday. >> now it's going to be gorgeous jonathan, a very similar to today. sunday. we're going to see sunshine and temperatures in the 70's. if you liked today, you're going to love tomorrow so maybe head outside make some plans go to the park to the dog for a walk. it is going to be a perfect day to do so. a clear night tonight the golden gate bridge a perfect shot of that. here with our sutro
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tower camera and to no fog in your way as of yet. no cloud cover that we're seeing so far, most of our cameras around the bay area highs tomorrow. find your neighborhood. the marina district. he'll be at a high of 67 tomorrow. 68 right here for downtown san francisco. the mission district 69 degrees. if you're going to be heading towards the coast. the beaches are going to be gorgeous specially half moon bay. look at that sunshine and 70 degrees and we're wrapping up month of november. and we're definitely doing it on a warm note, 69 in millbrae tomorrow. 71 in burlingame. more 70's as we head across the peninsula. 72 in san carlos in redwood city. 72 also in mountain view, they're going to be in the south bay. this is what it looks like for you. 74 in campbell tomorrow. los gatos downtown san jose a high of 73 degrees in those low 70's continue and our tri valley area dublin, plelsanton sunol all at 70 degrees tomorrow along the east bay shoreline 71 for hayward and into union city fremont, you'll be at a high of 72
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tomorrow downtown oakland, a high of 70 sammy under 72 orinda him around a little bit cooler by a few degrees upper 60's expected there 69 if you're going to want a creek, 70 degrees in danville and san ramon tomorrow and things are looking good throughout vacaville and fairfield because we're going to see those upper 60's continue similar to what we saw today. 70 degrees in napa and beyond. bill tomorrow and the sunshine and warm temperatures continue across our north, a santa rosa high of 70 petaluma. 70 degrees and some of 69 stinson beach, a little bit cooler there at 62 degrees center fell coming in at 69 degrees next couple of days. look at this. we're going to be continuing starting off your work week with those nice warm temperatures. it's all thanks to that high pressure. that's i've been talking about. it's not going to go anywhere any time soon. so inland temperatures 70's upper 60's around the bay and then gets a little bit cooler as we get into tuesday at the coast. we're looking at a low 60's as we get closer to that tuesday and then we're going to be
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seeing how long these the temperatures are in. have i 70 around bay forecast coming up in a bit. i think a lot of folks going to be jealous some for the next few days. rebecca, thank you. >> he in the small business saturday and many folks are kicking off the start of the holiday shopping season. it's a huge help for many california businesses hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic. clara benitez has more details on how local shops are doing in southern california. >> they were one of the hardest hit during the pandemic could have staff for a while. we had to close for several everything had to be turned on lexi about owns art alexia and north park providing the community with unique next items you won't find anywhere else. everything has a story behind it. i mean, it's not just items that are mass produced especially this. and yet we bring from mexico. generations of being passed
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down with these items. she is just one of the many small business owners that learned how to adapt to keep her business afloat over 1000 businesses in san diego receiving grants of $5,000. we know that. that's not to make up for everything that's happened over the last 2 years. but we know that it helps keep number of folks afloat as we work to get the economy back on track. and let's send back to work. we pretty much have a little bit of everything i'm tammie ratliff. owner of louis fay in mission hills. >> opened her doors 3 months before the pandemic. i think people forget how easy it is to order online and what that does to. >> a small shop and all these small stores because we all expect the stores to be there when we need them. but at the same time we don't support them on a daily shop. small is just one way we can at least gear up to serve the community and the community comes out support us. so this holiday shopping season. think about your local small businesses notepads and pens and car fresheners with, you know,
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scene in that we can and go support them. this isn't just candles. this not just greeting cards is a ton of stuff here. but i think we'll serve you well, as you do your holiday shopping reporting in north park. lot of any does. >> meanwhile, vice president kamala harris and the second gentleman. doug emhoff. he and jump on their christmas shopping while also supporting small business saturday in dc today. the pair and doing their part to do that. harris has promoted and referred to small businesses as the backbone of the american economy. she's also called on americans to support businesses during the holiday season now that we are in the heart of the holiday shopping season. president biden's administration views the pandemic as the root cause of both the country's inflation and the ongoing worker shortage. the biden administration sees getting more people vaccinated. and finally controlling covid-19 as the key to reviving the american economy. but the covid-19 pandemic has proved to be a challenge. the economy is actually improving. but there are still there are
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signs that covid-19 will leave its cars. still to come tonight here kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock countries around the world are rushing to stop the spread of the newest covid-19 variant. >> we'll show you how the u.s. is responding to a possible new wave of infections. plus, new wave of infections. plus, quite a story to tell this off the plane. the surprise delivery mid-flight. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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crews in southern california rescued an injured horse that spent 2 days trapped on the side of a steep hillside in riverside county. >> crews airlifted that horse yesterday. officials say the horse and its owner suffering injuries wednesday when the horse tossed its owner off of it. authorities say they had to wait until friday to rescue the pair because of dangerous conditions tonight, both the rider and horse are recovering a north carolina woman has quite a story to tell after she went into labor on a flight home from mexico. look at that. a nurse. they just happen to be on board to help mom get through 3 hours of labor. well, the plan finally landed in atlanta. paramedics rushed on board to deliver the baby girl tonight. mom and baby doing just fine. >> of a kiss from him from a rodriguez temperatures. we're definitely seeing warming for the next 7 days. but what about the on that i have my 1010 coming up after the break. stay with us.
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock and one, it is been a absolutely devastating day for us here at kron 4 news, a bay area security guard shot while protecting one of our very own has now died. kevin, she to the longtime law enforcement officer died from his injuries this morning. the shooter was
10:27 pm
shot wednesday while on assignment in oakland with the kron 4 news reporter. he was shot in the abdomen. according to police during an attempt to rob our reporter of her camera equipment medics rushed him to highland hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. unfortunately, he died from his injuries this morning. meanwhile, there are new developments in the search for his killer. police tonight. still looking for the shooter or shooters involved. but today police released this picture of a car believed to be connected to his murder. it is a white four-door acura tl the model year is from 2004 to 2008. kevin also worked at the oakland housing authority. in a statement, the agency said today, quote, our hearts and prayers go out to kevin's family. friends, colleagues and all those he touched through his years of devoted service and his work to help keep our neighborhoods safe. he will be missed. also, a fund has been set up for the family of kevin ishida. we have details on how you can help right now at kron 4 dot
10:28 pm
com. also you can get a better look at the car investigators are looking for right now along with complete coverage of the investigation right now at kron 4 dot com. police have arrested a man on suspicion of possessing meth in a gun in san carlos. authorities say they found 60 year-old on last night in a car in the home depot parking lot on old county road during a check. they say they found he had several outstanding warrants for his arrest during the search. the car. they found a loaded gun along with meth and drug paraphernalia. it's now behind bars at the mateo county jail. talk about our 4 forecast tonight. a live look at the golden gate bridge where we're not seeing any fog or any clouds on the saturday night. a reversal to what we would normally see in tonight. former enjoying some time off. if she's not enjoying the nice weather shame on her. >> that's right. i hope she gets out there tomorrow because today was gorgeous.
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tomorrow is going to be much of the same. so if you weren't able to get outside you still have a chance as we get into a the next half of your weekend. sunday is going to be gorgeous outside right now we're seeing clear skies here. this is bay bridge toll plaza approach camera and a lot of folks still haven't into the city and of these the temperatures that you're going to feeling during the overnight hours. hopefully you won't be. you'll be warm inside indoors in your cars with the car heaters on 40's and 50's across the bay area, not as cold as what we saw earlier in the week, but still very cold for the bay area. of course, 40's across of the north bay tonight, 46 in santa rosa napa. 47 in novato overnight low right here in san francisco. 51 degrees, half moon bay at the coast. 49 and the low 50's along the east bay shoreline 50 degrees in downtown oakland 50 also in hayward tonight. and then the upper 40's continue across our south bay zone at 47 for san jose in mountain view a chilly 48. well, our long-range
10:30 pm
unfortunately is pretty dry. the wet weather sticking to the far north of us. it's all thanks to high pressure. the continues to really dominate the bay area. and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. it's going to be keeping a temperatures. nice and warm into the afternoon and the sunshine here and it's going to be keeping those chillier temperatures just during the overnight hours that we do need the rain. we're not going to see any of that this week so far visibility is going to be pretty not until tomorrow. the right before lunchtime. we're going to see a little bit of patchy fog rolled through, especially along our coastal spots and threw out part of our north bay zone. so keep that in mind. but like i was mentioning as we get into tomorrow morning, a closer to noon time. our thing should be clearing out quite nicely and it's going to open up to a lot of sunshine and those warmer temperatures like what we saw today and the high pressure is going to continue and we're really tracking its of for the next week or so. so take advantage of this warm weather and head outside maybe have your lunch outside as you hit the workweek on monday. so
10:31 pm
we're looking at a breakdown of your afternoon highs tomorrow. here's what you can expect. 68 and sunny in san francisco. 70 degrees in downtown oakland. 73 expected in san jose. i 1010. here we go. those 70's continuing through friday almost near 70 on friday dropping by just a few degrees into the weekend and then it looks like a temperatures are going to get back to normal for this time of year as we get into the following week and it still looks pretty dry as we keep rom thanksgiving now and then every day it looks like that rain that we were hoping to get keeps getting smaller and smaller. the looks like in the next 10 days should be dry around the bay area just cold on the overnight hours. so keep that in mind. jonathap, back to you. rebecca, thank you. tonight, global health leaders are racing to contain a potentially dangerous new covid-19 variant. >> that appears to be spreading rapidly in south africa. the world health organization has classified
10:32 pm
the variant on the kron as a highly transmissible virus of concern, which is the same category as the delta variant dozens of cases have been detected in south africa botswana, israel, hong kong and belgium. you know, fort brings us more. >> served as a troubling new covid variant surges abroad sending governments and financial markets reeling. we don't know. >> a lot about the rapidly, the variant dumped on the crime was first detected in south africa. >> it's good health experts worried because data shows it carries a number of genetic mutations that may allow it to spread quickly, even among the vaccinated, a crime cases already appearing elsewhere infections popping up israel. hong kong and belgium setting off a global scramble to contain the new strain. the u.s. joining a growing list of countries rolling out new restrictions banning travel to several south african
10:33 pm
countries. that the emergence of this new variant taking global markets. the dow taking its worst single-day drop of the year. plummeting 900 points questions lingering over how much longer the pandemic will last the world health organizatioe called an emergency meeting friday as scientists race to learn more early analysis showed that this right is a large number of mutations. >> that require and book and the goal for the study. it will take a few weeks for us to understand what impact this ryan has the threat of another covid surge sparking a renewed effort to get people vaccinated. >> every american. back.
10:34 pm
>> the travel restrictions will go into effect monday. they won't apply to us citizens or permanent residents who will both still need a negative covid-19 test to enter the country. >> juneau for reporting tonight. meanwhile, travelers in south africa are rushing to leave the country as more of the countries as more countries impose flight bans on the region. the world health organization has since labeled it a quote, variant of concern. yesterday the united states joined several other countries in restricting travel from countries in southern africa starting on monday. >> my family live in australia and i'm going back to see them before the kuz country shuts i don't know when i'll be able to to leave my job behind and getting on a plane today. >> officials say they're still a lot we don't know about on the kron yet explaining the decision to limit travel comes out of an abundance of caution. meanwhile, thousands of protesters hit cities all
10:35 pm
across australia today to rally against vaccine mandates. those protests were carried out and 30 cities and towns across the country. protesters could be heard calling for the removal of victoria premier. dan andrews, a police spokeswoman said approximately 9,000 people attended the sydney protest which authorities had approved after receiving an application from organizers. no arrests were made during this protest. a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the mandate that would have required all california prison workers to be vaccinated. >> that decision made by the court on friday. the original mandate was set to take effect sometime in january. but it's now been halted until at least march. that's when a hearing will be held to discuss the issue further according to the state, more than 50,000 california prisoners have contracted covid-19, which is more than half of the current population at least 242 prisoners have died. right now. kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date with the very
10:36 pm
latest. covid-19 headlines, including where you can get vaccines for your children along with booster. shots, just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to our website. kron 4 dot com tonight. there's renewed push for the department of justice to reopen the tamir rice investigation. it has been 7 years since the 12 year-old boy was shot and killed by a cleveland officer while playing with an airsoft pellet gun by blake talked with rice's mom and has details on that folks. now leading the new calls to reopen the case. >> it's been 7 years yet flowers and signs of support remain at the site where then 12 year-old tamir rice was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer while holding an airsoft pellet gun means a lot to be me that people have not forgotten people. >> was see this family have justice now. cleveland mayor elect justin big adding his support to the a tweet. >> calling on the department of justice to reopen the
10:37 pm
investigation. its vocal supports dimaria rice and her attorneys say they have not received in the past from mayor frank jackson now there was no support from mayor tax. if anything, it seemed to be that, you know, while there were some. >> occasionally healing words uttered for the most that would seem to be a a eneral sense of hostility to the rice family projected by the prior administration. i mean, for example, that the mayor never requested actually speak with miss rice never spoke with her. the department of justice closed their investigation in late 2020 citing insufficient evidence to support federal criminal charges against the 2 officers involved. the rice family lawyer says he deserves another look and called the original investigation. questionable is a recognition that the rice family was cheated of any sort of fair process by the county prosecutor for example, the county prosecutor gave the officers who are supposed to
10:38 pm
be target of criminal investigation. special treatment that no other target of criminal investigation is ever afforded anywhere that is they were allowed to go before the grand jury. take the oath and then read pre written statements without undergoing any cross examination whatsoever to moore's mother sent a letter to the doj earlier this year calling for the investigation to be reopened. she's hopeful this new support from the incoming mayor could one day lead to charges in the shooting death of her son. it's never too late for justice. and now i'll be. >> fighting prodding to the last breath in my body just because i'm tamir's voice and my son needs just as he does >> maya belay reporting for us tonight. still to come here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. >> as the holiday shopping season heats up. you may want to rethink how you're spending your money this year. tips from the experts to help keep you from breaking your bank. >> and make some plans to go outside as we wrap up the
10:39 pm
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>> for your money tonight.
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folks are looking forward to making up. and for missing out on the holidays last year. but it is important to make sure that your budget. keep in mind, so you don't regret any of the purchases later. jones talk to a financial expert and has some basic tips to keep your budget in the black. >> when it comes to holiday shopping. you need a budget before buying the first gift. tim hour with try and financial advisors recommend setting your limit by looking at other financial responsibilities. first you need to start with a big number question, which is how much can my family responsibly dedicate the holiday gift giving this year and then once you've gotten to that number, then you can begin to break it down by each of the individuals or organizations that you plan to give to. he says you should get because you want to not because you have to and you shouldn't go into debt to do it. you want to give 10 day. you want to give in, say the month of november or december and then know that that expense is gone when it comes to using our
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says plastic does offer some perks, but it's important to keep track of what you're spending. we tend to get even better deals, more points being awarded at this time of year to entice us to put money on that credit card and it's totally fine to do that. as long as you have the ability to pay it off by the end of the month. so you don't end up having to pay an extra dollar in interest charges. many online retailers now offer the ability to prolong our says that's the wrong approach. if you can't afford that gift today. if you have to pay over 2, 3, 4, 7, installments. you probably can't afford that get brad jones, fox 8 news. your next can of craft beer could be a lot more expensive the next time. >> ball corporation. one of the world's largest suppliers of a little cans says the demand continues to outstrip supply of so it's now requiring non contract companies including smaller breweries to order a minimum of 5 truckloads of kansas.
10:44 pm
that's a more than a million cans. ball also says its price per can will jump by nearly 50% for non contract clients industry. insiders say the move would force many small breweries to drastically raise prices rethink their entire business plans or even force them to close their doors. >> let me. and 2 tone. you. >> stephen sondheim, the songwriter who reshaped american musical theater has died. sondheim's legendary musical accomplishments include gypsy west side story a little night music in sweeney, todd as a young composer. he was mentored by the legendary oscar hammerstein in new york city. sondheim ruled the broadway scene turning out hit after hit from 1970 to 1995 winning 8 tony awards. those who were close with him say he worked up right until his death sondheim died at his home in connecticut at the age of 91.
10:45 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. >> after their big win in the big game. the cal bears are looking to become bowl eligible with a win tonight ucl a and when next saturday in berkeley against usc. but first things first to the rose bowl in pasadena. justin wilcox and company trying to get a crucial win to stay in contention for a bowl game after ucl a took a 10. nothing lead. the bears come roaring back. chase garbers in from a yard out 1410 stairs right before the half the end of the half brother. >> kazmir allen. takes it in for the bruins there goes over the line. you see la does get the score 1714. they take the lead second-half all quarterback dorian thompson robinson one of his 3 touchdown passes. he aired it out there. this one to greg lewis itch from 29 yards out right now you still running away with it. this game still going on 40 to 14 late in the
10:46 pm
4th quarter. stanford hosting number 6, notre dame honoree. captain andrew luck posing with john lynch a couple of cardinal law comes on senior night. >> but this came was all irish. jack coan finds tight end george tech that tax cuts for the 2 yard score. 14 zip notre dame was 24 nothing at the half 3rd quarter stanford finally showing signs of life running back austin jones battling. powers it in from 5 yards out. 24 7. that was about it for stanford, though. notre dame's backup qb tyler buckner on the read option breaks free on the right side. 33 yards to the house irish cheerleaders and fans doing push-ups as the points pile up. notre dame roles. 4514, the 6th straight loss for stanford the longest losing streak in 15 years for the cardinal the seventh-ranked stanford women's basketball team having some fun in the sun today in the bahamas. the
10:47 pm
cardinal face second-ranked, maryland. the ladies looking to bounce back after a close loss to south florida yesterday. >> they bounce back and then some guard. hannah jump came out on fire hitting this 3 pointer just before the 1st quarter bus or the cardinal lead 20 to 15 after one 2nd quarter. fran believe he catch the hoop inside stanford has doubled up maryland 3417 believe he had 15 points. 3rd quarter haley jones converts the tough and one on the reverse layup jones had 15 points and 13 boards and of the 3rd nice reload. it's another trey she had 7 of them for 21 points. the cardinal run away from maryland 8667. that is the largest margin of victory over a top 2 team in program. history. stanford heads back home with a break until their next game. they take on pacific on december 12th. callum and taking a mississippi in the championship round of the raising the bar invitational. they hosted this weekend. all
10:48 pm
4 teams. the tournament are coached by black women. how cool is that? jay to curry the fabulous freshman hits the 3 unfortunately was the only one she made. she went one of 10 from beyond the arc. ole miss was heading from the tip. it's not a collins with the trade there to end the 1st half rebels up 12 at the break. 4th quarter. madison scott puts it on ice with this and one inside she had 12 points and 11 rebounds. cal takes its first loss of the season. 6445 the bears fall to 5, 1, they host fresno state on thursday. and jonathan. did you do your homework or not. no, i did not. >> and i'm sorry, start. so we've got everyone a little bit. if you're watching, i made a couple on trash references in my sports cast early on in the night. jonmthan is never seen on trash. please send an e-mail barrage. him given the hard times. it's a fantastic so i have homework to do tonight. yes, you warmer tonight
10:49 pm
because a shows isn't enough. i'm sending you home with home work, though, it's fun. thank you. i appreciate it. more or on the plate. yes, yes. piling anything else you want to throw in there. i'm sure think of something get back to you. just minute, we'll give you a commercial break to figure it out. great. thank haha. >> all right. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. get out of the way in this clause. saint nick has a new partner. the new tv commercial revealing sent new
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> for your money tonight. proctor and gamble is recalling old spice and secret aerosol spray products because of the potentially cancer causing chemical benzene. the company says that the precautionary recall includes all secret and old spice aerosol spray antiperspirants as well as old spice below deck. aerosol spring benzene can being held or even absorbed through the skin. it can cause leukemia and lung cancer of the marrow and life-threatening blood disorders. the company says so far it has not received any reports of any adverse effects. your favorite cereal soon cost you even more money in the new year. that's because general mills says it plans to hike up prices on hundreds of items in 2022 including cheerios lucky charms, yo play and pillsbury the company is among the latest to announce big hikes to their products. prices on consumer goods are up by more than 5% from this time last
10:53 pm
year. the company says inflation as well as higher cost for labor and transportation are to blame. if you love pancakes waffles or even french toast. all great items for sunday breakfast. get this. canada says they are going through a maple syrup shortage. 70% of the world's maple syrup supply is made of north of the border to offset that shortage. canada says they now have to tap into their maple syrup emergency stockpile and withdraw about 50 million pounds of it. a warmer and shorter than expected spring led to a 24% drop in syrup production. this year. the 90th annual california state capitol tree lighting ceremony set for this coming thursday. governor gavin newsome and first partner jennifer will host a celebration that kicks off at 5.30, in the evening. oakland interfaith gospel choir and the san francisco men's chorus among this year's performers 6 d a from dublin
10:54 pm
has been selected to like the capitol tree with the governor and the first partner. santa claus gets a boyfriend in a new christmas commercial by norway's postal service. the ad capturing a love story between saint nick and a man named harry as they meet up in harry's living room. it's christmas eve. it's a twist on the classic carol. i saw mommy kissing santa claus and celebrates 50 years since the country decriminalize same relationships. the video has garnered worldwide attention with more than a million views since it was released on monday. the very first day of hanukkah set to kick off tomorrow evening. the eight-day jewish holiday will start tomorrow at sunset and comes earlier than usual this year. typically the holiday celebrated in the month of december closer to christmas during the holiday jewish families will light. the menorah and kids will open presents often one for each of the 8 nights this will be the first hanukkah to be officially celebrated in the vice president's office.
10:55 pm
second gentleman, doug emhoff tweeted that hanukkah has long been his extended families favorite holiday. let's get a final check of your 4 zone forecast tonight before you head off to bed. if you really enjoy today's whether you are in for a treat for tomorrow as we wrap up the weekend for meteorologists rebecca strong in tonight, former bree so with a look. >> and some really good news, if you like sunshine and temperatures in the 70's for the end of november. it's going to be a perfect sunday for you. so it's a great way to wrap up your holiday weekend outside right now. nice and clear clear here at san francisco international airport. all of our live cameras actually much of the bay area showing us and not a cloud the sky and no fog either. so it is been very nice. chilly overnight lows, though 40's and 50's that we're going to be seeing 48 degrees in fremont. 47 in san jose 50 degrees for the overnight low in downtown oakland and 51 degrees in san francisco and much of the north bay under those 40's not
10:56 pm
as chilly as what we saw earlier in the week with the 30's. but 40's and 50's. so very cold for the overnight high pressure, though, continues to control the bay area. that's why we saw all those 70's today and the sunshine, it's going to get into tomorrow. and even further into the workweek as well. so we're in for a real treat. we do need the rain. we do need the snow, but to take advantage of this because we have it now. and who knows me get to the first rain chance keeps diminishing and diminishing as the days progressed tomorrow, though. here's a breakdown of your temperatures afternoon. looks great. so head outside 68 in san francisco. a high of 70 degrees in oakland 67 in concord. we're looking at 68 in the livermore valley 72 in redwood city and 73 for downtown san jose. my seven-day around the bay forecast. look at all the 70's pretty much all the way through the rest of the we're going to end on a very warm know. look at that. december. 1st and we're going to see low 70's for the average high 40's
10:57 pm
and 50's said that we're going to be seeing for the overnight lows. and jonathan, we might have some 30 sprinkle. then once we get through midweek, but so far it looks like a pretty much the overnight lows 40's and 50's. the afternoon highs are 70's. we'll just stick with the 70's for now. baskin that at least for the next week or so. >> thank you so much. and thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. >> make sure you start your day with noelle bellow and dave spahr first thing in the morning on the kron 00:00am morning news starting bright and early at 7 o'clock. we'll see tomorrow. midnight starting here at 6 o'clock. so tough.
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>> straight win. and just like that. this team is back in the postseason conversation. our backs are going up against the wall and we kind of lee week's every week trying make it one o one and o, you know, so i think it's great. san francisco looks to keep the great times going for 3rd straight week. the red and gold are back at levi stadium for a date with the minnesota vikings have been battling back to the season just like we have. >> 2 teams are probably playing better ball the year right now that better ball includes improvements on both offense and defense for the forty-niners once again looked dominant skies just the fundamentals guys doing their job coverage is tight guys ld


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