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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 28, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> thanks so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. we start tonight with more violence on the streets of oakland tonight. police say that a man was shot and killed while trying to stop a car break-in that shooting happened this afternoon around lake merritt investigators say the man who was the victim of a car break-in himself was trying to stop another one from happening when he was shot. he later died at the hospital. the shooter fled the scene. the city or the death is now the city's 100 the 27th
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homicide of 2021 a $10,000 reward is now being offered for information in this case. meanwhile, before this latest murder, oakland, police announced plans to beef up staffing because of the rise in violent crimes. officials say that several tactical teams will now support officers on the streets who respond to armed caravans illegal sideshows and other violent crimes. police leaders say those teams are highly skilled in de escalating situations. oakland police, meanwhile, are also searching for answers in the murder of kron. 4 news security guard kevin nishita. the shooter was shot while on assignment with one of our reporters last wednesday in oakland. he died from his injuries yesterday at highland hospital kron four's amanda hari life in the studio tonight talking with a number of oakland officials about the tragic event and how we are still mourning his loss. amanda, good evening. good evening. i was told. >> he was one of the best. and
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i experienced that firsthand the few times i had the opportunity to work with him. leaders. tell me this situation is gut wrenching now, even some people that never had the opportunity to meet him say they're mourning his death. >> and it's so obvious that we lost head and someone very special. and we're definitely worse off see oakland city council member and mayor oreo candy chang tao never met. kevin. does she >> but she says she's feeling his loss. it's heart-wrenching. it surely is the shooter was shot on wednesday while protecting a kron 4 reporter at 14th and webster streets in oakland. the city of oakland is where shooter got his start in law enforcement as an officer with the oakland housing authority. i in. >> and his first day of law enforcement. and boy, if if i can describe it any way be like the energizer bunny carol du plessis.
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>> is the oakland housing authority chief of police. he knew she to for 27 just so energetic and and so willing to to do things he says new fee to always kept in contact even after he left the housing authority. he then went on to work for hayward police san jose police and the coma. police department before joining star protection agency. this is video of the coma. police department escorted his body out of highland hospital where he died saturday morning. >> from his injuries. no family should have to suffer as result of some bodies. >> misconduct, a reward of $32,500 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest there's an obligation of society that some that whoever has information. >> they need to speak up. they need to come for. we need to put this to rest. >> she leaves behind a wife 2 children and 3 grandchildren. the council member. i spoke to
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wants to make sure people know that the oakland city council is having a joint meeting with the public safety and service violence prevention oversight commission. it's a special meeting on december 7th. anyone can attend it. it's on zoom and there will be an opportunity for the public to comment jonathan, back to you. amanda. thank you. we also want to let folks know that right now. oakland police are indeed looking for a car connected to kevin issued his death. >> it is a 2004 to 2008 white acura tl four-door car. there's also been a fund to set up for his family. you can find information on both of those right now on our website, kron 4 dot com. meanwhile, the violence not just in oakland tonight, san francisco police searching for clues in 3 separate shootings that happened in less than 4 hours overnight. the first happened just after one 30 this morning on for dell street in the bayview neighborhood. detectives say they found a man at the scene with a non-life-threatening injury with this is video of that scene from the citizens
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app. meanwhile, just hours later that second shooting happened about 90 minutes later around 00:00am in the morning at turk in taylor this is also citizen app video of that scene. a man injured in this shooting right now. there's no word on the extent of his injuries. meanwhile, the 3rd shooting happened 2 hours later around 5 this morning on per taro and cesar chavez in the mission district officers say they found a man at that scene also shot medics rushed him to the hospital where he later died. so far detectives have not released his name. police say all 3 shootings are not connected and so far there's no word on if any arrests have been made. still kron 4 news for updates as they become available. this is the scene last night for folks living in san francisco's west portal neighborhood as they were listening to it last night we received these videos from kai sparring is he says he's lived there for 20 years and it used
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to be a quiet neighborhood. but last night a few 100 folks got together for this sideshow. he said that the video was taken around one this morning. and this is the aftermath. plenty of tire tracks and everything else left behind. this in that area. so far we have reached out to san francisco police. but so far have not heard back. tonight. police have now cleared a shelter-in-place order that was issued earlier this evening because of the search for the suspect. we first told you about this tonight on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock folks living in the area of late ville highway excuse this the people living in the area of jefferson in vallejo streets were asked to stay at home just an hour ago. that order was canceled. but police say the suspect is still at large. he's described as an african-american male with a shaved head anyone with information now urged to call 911.
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>> we got here 2 hours early for her flight. he just made it on time. >> millions of americans expected to return home today from the thanksgiving day holiday today expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year, both on the roads and in the skies kron four's gayle ong live at sfo talking to travelers skill where they stand. >> a lot of people jonathan and a lot of people thankful to be able to see their families this year since as we know last year, a lot of restrictions on traveling. >> with the thanksgiving holiday weekend coming to an end. many are heading back home dropping off their loved ones all the way to the security line saying goodbye to my daughter she's going back to call. it a county where good time with her for the week. but she was here. i'm just waiting for my brother to board his flight so my parents are just watching him brooklyn. but sarah arrive. 2 hours before her flight to san diego. my mom is always super early with stuff. so she's thinking like
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completely ahead. >> about the whole holiday thing. mom. that's even sarah knows all about the holiday travel rush when they came in on thursday or wednesday. it was it was so much traffic 4 hours to get home from san francisco to this sunday after thanksgiving is usually one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> on the roads and air aaa predicted more than 4 million people will have traveled by hpplane over the last week. san francisco international airport is starting to see prepandemic crowds about 50,000 passengers have been departing a day over the holiday week. the security lines were manageable for the most part. as for returning to the bay area. it was very crowded. >> all but you know, overall, i'd airports were pretty efficient. and it was safe. >> so it was good. it wasn't too bad. actually coming in. i thought it would be way worse. to pick us up was quite busy.
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>> and it remains quite busy here. curbside. it has been like that all day long. and travelers seem to be heeding the advice which is to get here early, which is about 2 hours before your domestic flight 3 hours before international and until the next holiday travel rush, which is expected to be christmas and new year's. we're live from sfo gayle ong kron. 4 news. gayle, thank you. >> so about our 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look outside at sfo folks are going to be coming in is going mention the weather is not going to be bad if they return home as well. kron 4 meteorologists rebecca strong in tonight abry. so with a look at what's on tap. as we start our new workweek kids back to school. folks headed back to work. yeah. i mean, it's going to be really nice. we're ending november starting to summer on wednesday. jonathan, we're going to see 70's around the bay area. so it is going to be quite warm. >> warmer than normal for this time of year. it looks like our bay bridge camera approach just froze. but nonetheless, yes, a lot of folks coming in
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at sfo and also using of the roadways to get into san francisco as we wrap up the thanksgiving holiday weekend. here's what you need to know, though, as far as a planning ahead, we're going to see mostly clear skies tonight. lows, though, in the 40's and 50's. so it is going to get quite chilly overnight. so it's going to be cool evenings and cool mornings and then the afternoon. so really nice. the entire week. we're going to see the afternoon highs holding pretty steady. upper 60's to low 70's across the entire week and then into the weekend dry and mild the rain in the forecast. unfortunately, we do need it. but hey, is a good opportunity to maybe make some plans outside and those 70's near 70 degrees will be a holding steady as well as we get into saturday and sunday. so some very good news there. temperatures outside right now, mostly in the 50's. a couple of 60's on the board. the 59 degrees in downtown san jose right now. 59 also in oakland, right here in san francisco currently at 61. i'll let you know how warm it will be in your neighborhood tomorrow afternoon. coming up
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in just a bit. jonathan, back to you. rebecca, thank you so much. tonight, new cases of mccrone variant are creeping closer to the united states. >> just days after first being detected in south africa today. canadian health officials confirmed its first 2 cases of the variant. officials say those patients had recently traveled to nigeria. it's actually the first cases detected in north america today. new cases were also confirmed in the netherlands denmark and australia. meanwhile, in just a few hours, the united states will enact a travel ban from 7 african countries because of that variant threat. drug maker. moderna says it now has plans to tackle the only kron variant the company says it has been testing higher doses of the current covid-19 vaccine to determine its effectiveness company. officials also say it's working on vaccines to target the new variant moderna's chief medical officer says if needed a completely new vaccine could be available sometime early in 2022 pfizer
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and johnson and johnson. both say they're also developing vaccines for the on the kron variant and less than 30 minutes. we'll talk live with the experts about the variant, including what you need to know about it again. what scientists are now concerned about. plus, it is the first night of hanukkah. a look at the celebrations here at home and. >> how the vice president and second gentleman are celebrating. then have you seen mirlande the search under way to fund this french bulldogs stolen at gunpoint. we talk one-on-one with the owner about what happened.
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welcome back, everyone. have you seen mirlande oakland. police say that someone stole this purebred french bulldog at gunpoint friday night. >> marlins owners says that her friend was walking with him near valdez and 24th streets when 2 men pointed a gun at her kron 4 s taylor picks up the story. >> really should be he should. he should. he should have with this change right now. >> hannah nelson is on the verge of tears talking about her nearly 2 year-old frenchie merlin who she says was stolen at gunpoint on friday. nelson says she was visiting friends in atlanta for thanksgiving when she got a call from her friend marie cobain's who was watching merlin at the time at one of them come in front of pointed a gun in my said give
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me the dog. >> and basically the other one already gone to go grab early. and bain says she was walking rolling when it happened around 06:00pm at valdez and 24th streets in oakland. she says the 2 men then jumped in a car and sped off going the wrong way down a one-way street towards whole foods very couldn't get anything out of could say anything but also with a gun in your face. you know, what are you supposed to say after hearing what happened. nelson says she jumped on a flight the next morning to head home so she could make fires and work with police. >> french bulldogs have been a popular target for robbers, especially in the bay area because they go for higher prices. nelson says the last few days have been emotional without it's hard. i can't even. >> understand why someone would want to do this. but. i mean, even coming home not running to the door to greet me. >> or hearing him run around in the background. nelson's
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family set up a reward website for merlin who's 26 pounds with a few unique spots, including a large black spot on his left shoulder. he has a white belly and chest as well. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> new at 10 o'clock. we have an update to a story that we first told you about tonight on kron 4 news at 6, a chp officer recovering after his patrol car was hit at the bay bridge toll plaza chp telling kron 00:00am tonight that officer was responding to a call of a driver who they say was uncooperative inside of a tow truck at some point that suspect took off in the wrong direction headed back toward oakland on i 5.80 the suspect then turned back around rammed into the officer's car, then tried to hit another chp officer's car before crashing into a 3rd car that suspect it will be taken into custody once he's released from the hospital. the driver who was hit that 3rd car driver, we're told was not hurt. the trial of actor jussie smollett is set to get underway tomorrow
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in chicago. smollett is accused of staging a hate crime when he reported that 2 masked men attacked him in chicago back in 2019 detectives were unable to find surveillance video of that attack. he was later charged with lying to police. key witnesses in the trial are a pair of brothers who they say smollett paid them to stage that attack. this week. the supreme court is set to hear arguments in yet another abortion rights case on wednesday, the court will hear arguments over a new abortion law from mississippi that did that law would ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy up until now the court has never allowed states to ban abortions before roughly 24 weeks. that's the point at which a fetus can survive outside the activists on both sides of the debate say depending on the court's ruling. it could effectively in roe v wade and remove the constitutional right to an abortion. congress is set to get back to work this week after the thanksgiving break.
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a looming item for the senate trying to get a deal done on the president's one 0.7 trillion dollar build back better social spending bill today on abc's this week. minnesota senator amy klobuchar said that she was confident that the bill will be finished before the christmas holiday. >> when i look at this drama in the next month. i break it down into a mini series and the first part is the defense bill and a bridge to the budget. second thing, the debt ceiling, the 3rd, as i mentioned, voting rights fundamental. and finally, what we just talked about the build back better a little less talk and a lot more action. >> the senate is expected to take up a social spending bill that passed the house earlier this month, democrats will likely tweak the original version of the bill that was passed by the house today is the start of the jewish holiday hanukkah, also known as the festival of lights. the holiday kicking off at sundown and will last for 8 nights. it's held to commemorate the rebuilding and the rededication of the jewish
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temple that came after could be in victory over syria today, vp kamala harris in the second gentleman doug emhoff celebrating the holiday. he posted this tweet with the caption that said, quote, from our family to yours. happy hanukkah. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight as we start the first night of hanukkah. a live look at san francisco from the sutro tower camera. things. absolutely warm over the last few days in this weekend. much not going to change a whole lot as we get ready for the new week. kron 4 meteorologists rebecca strom. and tonight former with a look at just how warm things will get starting monday. >> yeah, it's going to be very similar how this weekend wrapped up. so if you enjoyed saturday and sunday, it's going to be gorgeous as we get your workweek, your back to work. the kids are back to school and we're going to some nice warm weather with temperatures. well above average for this time of year for the afternoon highs. and a clear conditions outside right now or sit, you're tower.
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camera showing us a nice cool shot of the golden gate bridge little but we can see some of the cars on the screen there. and yes, no fog in your way. no cloud cover. right now. so that is a some nice news as far as it had been clear out there tomorrow. look at the highs very similar to what we've seen upper 60's for downtown san francisco tomorrow. the mission district golden gate park an isis 65 degrees with lots of sunshine to look forward to up the coast. maybe be heading out towards a grin on her half moon bay mid to upper 60's as we get into at the afternoon. tomorrow. 70 degrees in burlingame, bayside along the peninsula millbrae 68 south san francisco, upper 60's. and look at all the low 70's here through foster city, san carlos redwood city all coming in with a high of 71 your south bay zone. we're looking at a low to almost mid 70's 72 in milpitas tomorrow. 74 in campbell morgan hill, a high of 73 along the east bay shoreline. low 70's hayward union city fremont. all those
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70's there and into dublin, pleasanton livermore. all of those areas. we'll be at a high of 71 tomorrow. the sunshine continues. if you're going to be in berkeley 70 there 68 in a random and then we're looking at walnut creek and danville both in the low 70's 70 degrees for brent. one tomorrow. little more mild in the vacaville and fairfield area looks like and dipped to just by a degree or 2 versus what we saw ovgr the weekend, but still going to be beautiful. 70 degrees holding strong 68 in valais home tomorrow and then you're north bay zone. we're going to see 70 degrees once again in petaluma low 70's through nevado and a 70 degrees in fairfield are santa fall rather. and then of course at the coast, we're going to see a low 60's at stinson beach. all right. no nothing that no one can complain about at for a few days. >> no one can complain about nice for the rain. that we could always use rain. but sir, know, until then, soak in the sun should soak in the right thank you so much. more to come tonight here on kron.
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4 news at 8 o'clock. a happy ending for a coyote. >> founded nearly drowning in san francisco bay. the latest on that update from fire crews. a shootout between police and a suspect ends with the suspect on the run. how authorities were finally able to catch up with. and spending
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the night behind bars after sacramento. police say he fired at them early this morning. >> police say they responded to a call when they got the sack south sacramento neighborhood. the man started firing at them. officers returned fire. that man then took off triggering an hours long search officers later found him in the neighborhood. several callers. >> the reported there was a man was armed outside and that he was in possession of a firearm when i go to work, i said i'm like, whoa. although nor lie said all the door now don't let everyone going even though they not been or don't open it. >> officers did a short time in that neighborhood and no one was hurt in this incident, which is now under investigation. >> a coyote rescued from san francisco. bay is back in the wild tonight after getting some much needed tlc. >> the san francisco fire department posted video of the rescue yesterday. crews attached a rope around its neck to keep the coyote above water before lifting it to safety officials say it likely
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ran to marina green before ending up in the chilly waters after drying out and getting some warmth. cruz released it back into the wild today. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8. the on the kron corona virus. variant has been found in south africa. tonight. we'll talk live with an infectious disease expert about what we can do to protect ourselves this holiday season. including whether or not cases will pop up here in the united states.
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>> cases of the new covid-19 variant continuing to pop up in countries all across the globe. so far no cases have been detected here at home in the united states. but as we said earlier in the newscast to 2 cases have now been confirmed in canada today. so exactly what do we know about this variant and what are the best ways that we can protect ourselves. joining us live to talk about it is infectious disease expert doctor monica gandhi with ucsf doctor gandhi, thanks so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock the sunday night. always appreciate the time. thank you so what do we know on kron what are what are officials doing right now to kind of protect themselves and their countries from.
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>> so we know i think 3 we know that has more mutations spike routine and the other variants of them seen before and spiked her team is rare is what we call the vaccines work of work. you know, that's essentially code for the spike protein by getting a vaccine. we want to make sure that vaccines work against them. however, it doesn't look like vaccines don't work against them. that was just a report from israel in the last half an hour that their key says in israel. if you're vaccinated or very mild or they don't are asymptomatic. that's a good sign. same is true in south africa. but the key says that they're seeing of disease are among the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated half accident. so hopefully and i'm i think most likely back seat to work against variant. second is a more transmissible. this is what still needs to be determined. it seems like it is that
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actually it's very easy to detect this because it requires very easy pcr test. and so the more you look, the more you may find and now we're doing major general with surveillance all over the world. so still can't say that definitively next. and then the final thing one very want. interesting. the south africa. health minister said that the key says see more mild in the unvaccinated been the solid previous variants, but they said it and they don't want to act. they want to say that, but they don't want to get people you know, riled up about that right reporting more mild so they first discovered this strain in thursday in south africa. according according to reported, they've seen 2300 new cases. >> in just the last few days of on the kron and they're saying that they're in the past week. the test positivity rate has increased. >> tripled from 9% to 2%. are those numbers alarming and if so. you know, i guess it's not
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a matter of if, but a matter of only win this this the string gets here to united states. are those numbers that should alarm people and that that should have us on our on our toes right now. >> well it so that it certainly looks like it's very transmissible in that which has a low vaccination rate. so let's remember some public has a 23% vaccination rate and the more that we look to find. yes, i think it's probably going to get to the united states. if it hasn't already. the question is if it's more transmissible than what will it do. united states population. it will do the same thing that delta did in the summer which it will go after the non vaccinated and so can we do is stay highly vaccinated like we are in the bay area and anyone else that is not highly vaccines like michigan, a 54%. for example,
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please get our vaccinations not. this is the mainstay of protecting against variants. that's why it happened with global vaccine inequity in south africa is protecting us all by vaccination. so that's what we do. i mean, it doesn't mean that i don't think we should be as frankly as people seem to be getting into reno some more about it. too, is it's very but right now the major protection is being vaccinated and getting boosted actually. >> so right now what we're doing just what people are have been doing is what we know so far is are the best ways to protect ourselves of contracting this. if we do at least early on. it's showing that people who are vaccinated have very mild cases of it. >> that's exactly right. so far that we've seen both in south africa in israel being literally just think, you know, release to a point that if you're vaccinated, you're not seeing severe disease. they think they're hiring vaccinating enough and israel, but they're not toing to see it come from this off at all
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from then on the kron variant, places with low vaccination like south africa. 23%. yes, we're going see a problem which means frankly the the thing that we all need to remember is global vaccine equity could not be any more important in a hand today. doctor anthony fauci or this weekend. doctor fauci said that potential 5th wave not completely off the table as result of this. >> is that a likely possibility of that happening. >> if this happens in the united states. it will happen in areas of low vaccination. so what is happening in areas that have 75% or higher vaccination. 2 things are staying stable. and by the way, on the kron is probably in multiple other places because once you look at find. but in places of high vaccination hospitalizations of state. well, now 16 san francisco, and with covid in the hospital out of 896,000 person city at the vaccination
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rate of 80%. that's when vaccinations is doing so where could that her a 5th wave. it can occur and places a lower vaccination it's occurring in michigan right now. even with the delta variant because you don't have high enough rate of vaccination and ontario there this far apart. one 75% vaccinated stay low with hospitalizations. michigan. 54% vaccination. i'm going high with hospitalizations start back to front right next to each other. it's all about getting about 75% vaccination. we should be okay in the bay >> all right. well, let's hope we don't move to the next alphabet on the greek alphabet scale. yes, i go back equities. those. what we're hoping for. doctor monica gandhi with us. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news here. clark, appreciate it. now to our 4 zone forecast the sunday night. a live look outside at the san francisco embarcadero as we wrap up yet another weekend one more we can closer the last weekend of november
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crazy, right. hard to believe, but wrapping up november with the last week in november with temperatures in the 70's folks in the upper midwest are digging themselves us know god bless who'd have i mean, we're seeing 70's as we're november starting off december in the 70's have a lot to complain pretty well. that's right. yes, it's going to be really nice to go pretty much all week this we're going to be temperatures. >> once again, very similar to what we if you'd like to this weekend, it's going to be a pretty the same with a whole lot of sunshine and it's all thanks to high pressure. that continues keep the colder temperatures during the day out of the bay area and also the rain and giving us dry conditions and clear conditions as well. it's pretty calm out there. wind wise send a very clear, no fun, no cloud cover. at this point. it's a nice shot of the east bay that we can see all the way across it into san francisco. so yes, tonight mostly clear as lows dropping into the 40's in the 50's. so it's still going to be very
8:38 pm
chilly in the evenings and in the mornings the once we get into the afternoons, that's when it's going to be just gorgeous to maybe head outdoors. enjoy lunch time outside if you can. we're going to see it pretty much all week this the same as what we saw over the weekend and then into next weekend, the dry conditions continue and also the mild to even warm temperatures depending upon where your neighborhood is and we're going to see those temperatures upper 60's to possibly some low 70's once again, any rain in the forecast. any chances of that let you know. coming up. jonathan, back to you. rebecca. thank you. still to come tonight, california upping its minimum wage. >> the new pay raise. that's >> the new pay raise. that's all the way in 2022. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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but our here, we are just getting started. money tonight. california workers set to see more money in the new year. that's because the golden state's minimum wage will increase by a buck. >> starting in 2022 companies with more than 25 workers. we'll have to pay minimum of $15 an hour. smaller companies will have to pay their workers. at least $14 an hour. california's minimum wage has increased every year since 2017, the last scheduled increase is set for 2023. while black friday foot traffic was down compared to prepandemic levels. it was actually up from last year, possibly signaling some brick and mortar nostalgia after
8:42 pm
nearly 2 years of shopping online online sales actually fell for the first time on friday. but a big test comes tomorrow in order to break the cyber monday record set in 2019. consumers will have to spend more than 9.4 billion dollars. the national retail federation expects that holiday sales from november to december to increase by 8 and a half to 10 and a half percent over 843 billion dollars that too, and also setting record for year-over-year growth. sports is up next. the niners have a showdown at levi's stadium against the vikings and what a game it was. >> sports director jason dumas has the highlights. plus we had the socal as the warriors take on the clippers.
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>> let's talk weather right now. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge is folks are heading home after the long thanksgiving holiday. let's get you ready to head out the door for the start of your monday morning. his call for meteorologists rebecca strong in tonight for the 3. so with a look at what's on tap. >> well, he warm conditions. what's on tap for you is going to be really nice. and to your liking, we're going to see sunshine throughout to pretty much the entire work week as the kids are getting back to school. you're going back to work, wrapping up this holiday weekend. tonight we're seeing mostly clear skies. here's a san francisco international airport. a really nice shot. normally we're seeing a lot of fog and cloud cover this time of year. but to all thanks to high pressure all of that out
8:46 pm
of your way and bringing us those warm afternoon temperatures with a lot of sunshine and also keeping the rain out of the bay area. our range forecast. we're looking at said dry conditions through pretty much the entire week. but we are seeing a system, though, as we get into the following week, it could be promising and it could bring us some rain chances to the bay area maybe next monday. so we will definitely hold on to hope for that. but still enjoyed the warm conditions as we get through this weekend and hopefully will get rain during the next week. well, speaking of those warm temperatures, 60's and 70's tomorrow find your neighborhood. 68 in san francisco tomorrow 69 in downtown oakland. a high of 73 for the afternoon in downtown san jose livermore, you'll be at a high of 71 the north bay covered in the low 70's as we get tomorrow. so it's going to be beautiful once again, spend a little bit of time outside, if you can, by around the bay forecast. yes, we're wrapping up the month of november on a
8:47 pm
warm note and kicking off december on a warm note as well. look at that 70's holding pretty strong throughout the entire week. we'll get into some 60's friday, saturday and sunday but still well above average for this time of year. overnight lows 40's and 50's for the most part. but then as we keep going over the next couple days. we could see some 30's squeeze in and things get a little bit chillier overnight. so make sure that you put on the jackets in the morning in the evenings and the short sleeves. we really handy during the afternoon hours. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> with essentially a playoff game at levi's stadium. 2 teams identical records fighting for one of the final nfc playoff spot. yes, i know they're still a lot of football to be played. but you get the sense that the niners and the vikings will be battling it out until the end. kyle shanahan looking to make it a season-high three-game
8:48 pm
win streak. >> barr is not that high. 3rd quarter. 40 niners up 7 elijah mitchell with the workforce. the niners need it today. >> 27 carries a 133 yards and a touchdown on the day later on the kickoff. the vikings not bombs to. we like to call this folks a house call. can't let that happen. 99 yards just a five-point game. we have a good one. let's go to 4th quarter 2 minute mark robbie gold looking to put this one away and. he shanks it right. kyle shanahan cannot believe it. give the viking some life under a minute ago going for it on 4th in a play. good thing. kirk cousins and the vikings quagterback he overthrows justin jefferson that'll do forty-niners hang on to win 34 to 26. let's hear from kyle shanahan after the game, he agree with me. playoff atmosphere.
8:49 pm
>> i'm wrong. we don't have a site. i'm sorry. anyway. let's move on to the dubs trying to make it a league best 18 2 on the season. first game of a two-game road trip starting at staples center with the clippers just under a month left before staples renamed to go dot com centers going to but whatever. let's go right to the 3rd quarter. steph curry pulling out all the behind the back to dream on 50 to 44 warriors. all right. check this out. jordan poole gets his shot blocked by have or steam crazy to like and you start talking bench players talking like starters, i hate it. paul response. 3 threes make a full 4 threes in a row that one off the glass to end the period whole had 17 dogs up 7. how about this, steph curry checked. >> and the refs wallowed, the whistle steph lets them know how he felt about that one. he
8:50 pm
got heat up is rare. you see steph kids at guess what, he gets in his bag. after that stepback that was his 3rd 3 in 90 seconds. he had 33 points fired up warriors win. one o 5 to 90 18 into best record in the league. they take on the suns on tuesday for the second best team with a 17 to 3 record. the giants had a pretty productive roster from top to bottom last season. it was definitely a team effort getting to a 107 wins, but it was also clear that their top 2 starters were head and shoulders above the rest of the staff and the lose one of them. this offseason. kevin guys, man has signed a 5 year a 110 million dollar deal with the toronto blue jays gosh minutes coming off his best season of his career. he had his first all-star selections report 14 6 2.8 one and 227 strikeouts with the giant way. maybe have a great career north of the border. the
8:51 pm
sharks in chicago taking on the blackhawks second period. no score. rudolph police or rifles. it. it skipped him by timo meier the shark strike. first. it's one nothing under 2 to go into 3rd meyer. empty netter to ice this one shark shut out the blackhawks 2 to nothing will take on the devils and so, yeah, had a great year for the giants. but 5 years. a 115 million. they just weren't paying that to have to cash in on that. good good for him here. and yeah. >> we'll lose some of it in those canadian taxes. yeah, jason, thank you. still to come a community will be safe for at the swimming pool. that is all thanks to a dog. >> name oakley. her story coming up. all right. so we've
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
done it. but exactly why do we get so much, joy and tracking packages we order online. >> according to psychotherapist, they say even the smallest positive future events can have a profound impact on our mood, especially for filling them. they say it's not the items themselves that generate the most happiness. it's something about the anticipation of waiting that excites those in need of a change in their
8:55 pm
lives. she's not your average lifeguard but one community in pennsylvania swimming a whole lot safer. thanks to man's best friend. her name is oakley and she is a certified water rescue dog. she's a 4 year-old lance ear newfoundland, which means that swimming is in her blood. her owners say that her job takes a lot more effort than a game of fetch police been some inspiring that other folks in the community have now started training their own dogs to get certified for water rescue. holiday decorations starting to pop up outside of more folks homes a welcome sight after many changes and cancellations last year. but one neighborhood is going all out this holiday season. they're decking the halls with candy. this is gingerbread lane. a candy community of 700 edible homes. this neighborhood popped up at the long island children's museum in new york. staff say they're excited to welcome kids and adults back for this hands-on experience that makes this exhibit famous. its manager
8:56 pm
says that it spends all year long. creating this delicious display from scratch at his home. >> icing and candy, and that's how we we're going to the world records do that anymore. but we are the reigning world record holder. this is the biggest in the world is in this. we just kind of make them all real. >> the village will be on display until january. the families, though, are encouraged to take home a gingerbread house to start their own collection. that does it for us here tonight on kron 4 news at o'clock, thanks so much for spending time with us. don't go anywhere, though. our top headlines and more coming your way in just a few moments on kron. 4 news.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known.
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>> thanks so much for joining us tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. we start this sunday night with more violence on the streets of oakland in just the last few hours, oakland police tell kron 4 news that a man was shot and killed in the city's latest homicide while simply trying to stop a car from bring broken into opd says the shooting happened around 3.30 this afternoon at lake merritt. investigators say that man who was the victim of a car break-in himself was trying to stop yet another one from happening when he was shot that man later died at the hospital. the shooter fled the scene. the death now the city's 127th homicide of 2021 tonight at $10,000 reward is being offered for information in the case. oakland police, meanwhile, are also searching for answers in the murder of kron. 4 news security guard kevin the shooter was shot while on assignment with one of our reporters on wednesday. he died from his injuries yesterday morning, kron four's an


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