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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 29, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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ible and skin tone looks more even. the new revitalift pressed cream by l'oreal paris >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> we will fight this variance with scientific and and knowledgeable actions and speed, not chaos and confusion. >> now at 3 no cases of the new omicron variant have been detected in the u.s. but the president says america is ready to fight it. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm catherine heenan. the president talking about how the country is responding to the new variant and that includes travel restrictions and other planning. our washington, dc correspondent alexandra limon
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joins us live with the details. alexandra. >> hi there. good evening. what president joe biden said that us health officials do not believe that a new vaccine will be necessary to deal with this new variant. but he says still the country is preparing for that possibility just in case. >> this variant is a cause for concern. not a cause for panic as the world learns more about a new covid-19 variant on the kron president joe biden says we already know the best way for people to protect themselves, getting fully vaccinated. and getting a booster shot because a portion of the population remains unvaccinated the virus continues. spreading and mutating into new variants health officials say the current vaccines and boosters offer some protection from the new variant, but plans are already under way in case that protection isn't enough. >> my team is already working with officials at pfizer and moderna and johnson and
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johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if needed even though the variant has also been detected in other parts of the world. white house press secretary jen psaki says right now the u.s. is only banning travel from 8 countries in southern africa. it is a much larger spread in south africa. >> than it is at this point in europe and other countries. we will continue to assess if there are additional restrictions. >> that need to be put in place. >> now. those new travel restrictions do not apply to us citizens or permanent residents were returning to the u.s.. >> from that part of the world. >> yeah, alexander just going to clarify. us citizens. residents. they'll be able to travel freely from that part of the world. >> well, technically they can. all they need is a negative covid-19 test. just like americans traveling back from any other country around the world. the problem for some, have been widespread flight e h-
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cancellations because of these travel restrictions as though some americans are still becoming stranded abroad. >> all right. alexandra limon reporting for us in dc thank you, alex. it is not clear whether the new variant is in the u.s. officials don't think so. but it is in north america. canadian health officials say there are too confirmed cases in the capital city of ottawa and there are at least 4 other possible cases as for how the new variant is affecting air travel in and out of the bay area. let's check in with kron charles clifford. he's that charles. >> yeah. well, right now along the departures curb here upper deck at the international terminal at sfo these travel restrictions haven't had any biz abul impact on travel has been very busy to it today here, in fact, was going to take a look at some video here from inside now, there aren't a lot of direct flights from a southern africa that part of the world right here to sfo
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lot of those travelers would go through. he through jfk connect and then to come here and of the planes themselves are not being stopped from coming. it's the passengers on board. us citizens can still travel non us citizens are the ones that are being kept from coming to this country. now this comes at a really unfortunate time because people are just starting to travel like they were before the pandemic. we've got the holidays coming up. did talk to a few people today who say that the news about this new variant of coronavirus is troubling. >> now it's become very scary. the fly because now that the book about the new. you've had on to covid-19. it's become to be scary. the job and especially in the afternoon. yeah. because like, you know, it's was a we don't know. okay to divide us know. let's commit escape. >> yeah. back live now as we are, we're talking about a moment ago there's no indication at this point that
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the federal government will expand the travel restrictions beyond those 8 countries in southern africa unless this variant of coronavirus becomes a real problem than that could happen. but for now at sfo, charles clifford kron 4 >> the search continues for the gunman who shot and killed kevin, the the shooter was working as a security guard for one of our kron 4 colleagues in oakland. this was last wednesday when he was shot. he died from his injuries saturday morning before working as a security guard he was a longtime police officer in the bay area working for the oakland housing authority, the hayward departments and say police and coma police departments over the weekend. oakland police released a picture of what is believed to be the suspect's car white 2004 to 2008 acura tl ford or sunroof. it does not have a front license plate. police say the gunman shot the shooter while trying to steal our reporter's news
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camera. a reward of $32,500 being offered for information leading to an arrest. oakland. city leaders came together today to talk about the violence in that city and honor kevin, the she does work in their city. kron four's haaziq has that part of our coverage. >> so your reflections about the tragic shooting death of kevin issue. >> kevin. she does someone who dedicated his life to keeping others safe as well as to supporting the free press, which is a cornerstone to a healthy democracy. >> oakland mayor libby chef and council members shade lauren taylor and treat to read share their reactions to the shooting death of kevin ishida, a security guard who was gunned down last week while guarding kron 4 news crew working on a story in downtown oakland to see that he was, you know, they're in in his capacity to just help
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with reporting. >> i think that that's something that we need to really take focus on and plan to see how we're going to address this rise in violent crimes, violent gun crimes. >> i had the opportunity meet. kevin on several occasions and always, a warm inviting sort of smile. company have. my heart broke when i initially learned of his passing. the pain and the sense of loss. gets even more pronounced. the more i learned about him. his life, its service. 2 bay area residents in terms of keeping keeping us safe. he deserves to be calm. >> and to have been. working with a sense of protection in the city and not showing up for work. with any fear or trepidation losing his life. no one and so that it's heartbreaking to process
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showing a serving working alongside, you know, partners here, his life was ended in our city. has it that cried for 2. >> and fund has been set up for kevin's family donations can be made to the kevin. the she trusted oakland's metropolitan bank either in person or by mail. and we have details on our website. kron 4 dot com. oakland. police continue to say they are taking steps to deal with a spike in violent crime. they say that several tactical teams will support patrol officers who have to deal with problems, including illegal sideshows and armed caravans of thieves. they say the teams are skilled and de escalating incidents. the violence has been relentless includes the shooting death of mushy to the former officer shot last week. again while protecting our news crew happened just hours after the police department
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announced that the new tactical teams would be happening. there have been no arrests. another deadly shooting happened at lake merritt sunday. police say a man was shot and killed while trying to stop somebody from breaking into his car on grand avenue. the shooter drove away has not been found at $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the east bay antioch police are looking for 4 people who robbed a walgreens store saturday night. it happened at the store and deer valley road. police say 3 men and a woman ransacked the cosmetics department using hammers to smash the glass cases. police say the group took about $24,000 worth of products. if you have information call antioch police in southern california. police have arrested 4 people in connection to a flash mob smash-and-grab happened friday at a home depot. this was in the city of lakewood. police say 8 or 9 young man stole hammers and wrenches and other
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tools got away in waiting cars. a few hours later, police in beverly hills spotted the suspect's car and they found the tools inside all 4 people in the car were arrested. 2 of them are teenagers. the search continues for the other suspects. a chp officer is recovering after his patrol car was hit sunday near the bay bridge toll plaza. authorities say a flatbed truck barreled through the toll gates going the wrong way pushing a chp car out of the way. the driver has been arrested and is facing felony charges. the chp says the truck collided with 2 other cars before this was all over. the officer and the suspect were treated for minor injuries. twitter has a new ceo the company's founder and the original ceo jack dorsey. it's a stepping down doors. he made that announcement today. he says the company's chief technology officer will take
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over dorsey will remain on the board until may of next year to help with the transition. he has led the company for 16 years and we will talk about this at 3.45 with our tech expert from seen it. all right. time for a look at the forecast on this beautiful monday as we're looking live over the golden gate bridge and dave spahr as here. dave, it's been it's been lovely out. it has been and you can see from that shot a little bit of that fog is trying to sneak on in saying, hey, don't forget about me and all of this going on. it's sunny going on today. and you can expect more of that. >> for the week ahead. live shot coming to the east bay shoreline, as you can see, there are blue skies, blue bay upstream, maybe a package of some high clouds late tonight, tomorrow morning. that's about the only thing that happens. everything else pretty much stays much the same. we're looking for upper 60's lower 70's like this. this is the current look at temperatures now, 68 antioch also livermore in concord, east bay shoreline mid 60's to upper 60's as well. 72 santa rosa, by the way, 67 san francisco, one
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note the winds real quickly with this passing system briefly because what we will get from all of this is some kind of variable winds a little bit tomorrow afternoon. not a major deal, but to add to a kind of almost like a spring breeze, if you will, going on even though it is autumn tonight, 47 san francisco 48 for oakland 47 against san jose will call that a little chilly for the south bay. it's all the factors working in play. clear skies dry air to not much the way of winds working too ultimate low's going on here for the middle to upper 40's ultimately by tomorrow morning, little chilly up there. santa rosa 41. it's not impossible, though, for some upper 30's to we see later on during this week. coming up a little bit here. we'll take a look at what you can expect for this week ahead. not much changes, but we'll try to get in the weeds just a little bit to watch the weeks cover. all right. thank you very much. >> coming up, a french bulldog that was stolen at gunpoint happened in the east bay. we're going to hear from the
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very distressed owner. also an east bay home was vandalized repeatedly. why that family is concerned. it was more than a prank and why san jose officials are being criticized after efforts to clean up a after efforts to clean up a homeless camp. ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ for rob, it took years to find out why his constipation with belly pain just wouldn't go away. despite all he did to manage his symptoms... day after day. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating, awful feelings he tried not showing. finally with the help of his doctor it came to be, that his symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why he said yess to adding linzess.
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for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. limited availability in select areas. ongoing effort to clear the city is the biggest homeless camps that so making some progress. >> but some advocates for the homeless are pushing back on the strategy as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, they
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argue that some newly installed barriers are creating new problems. >> what was easily the largest homeless camp in san jose is now surrounded by concrete k rail barriers. many of the 150 to 200 an ounce people living in the camp every located next door. just east of spring street near columbus park. the barriers are a temporary solution designed to keep on house people from returning to their previous campsites. nosed advocates like pastor scott wagers says the barriers are making it those trying to bring food and other services into the area. >> we've had trouble thanksgiving. we distribute it may be 500 meals and we had to get back up on spring street to get into the camp. we had to go down the trail with a truck and distribute the meals where if we have access from the roadway. it's just so much easier. the barriers went up just before thanksgiving after the faa gave the city an ultimatum to clear the camp or risk losing millions of dollars in federal funding.
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>> in a statement, the airport said in part this closure creates a long dead end street that still allows run house residents and service providers to access the area helps decrease through traffic to increase safety and help prevent illegal dumping wagers and other critics of the plan say the barriers have resulted in overcrowding in the neighboring camp and will hinder access for firefighters and other emergency crews. if there's a fire right here. there's your escape route for these vehicles and there's a lot of vehicles in their wager says the illegal dumping is occurring in any way. but for now, it looks as if the barriers will remain until the june deadline for the entire 40 acre site. to be clear by june as per the faa ultimatum in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> in the south bay a day care center workers in custody. suspected of sexually abusing a child over a period of several years. san jose police say 62 year-old julio carrasco diaz assault of a child
3:18 pm
between 2011 2019 while working at residential day care facility on mcginnis avenue. police believe there could be more victims. anybody with information is asked to call san jose police in the east bay oakland. police are looking for the thieves who stole a french bulldog at gunpoint. that happened friday night. the dog's owner says friend was walking. the dog named merlin near valdez and 24th 2 men approached the woman pointed a gun at her demanding that she hand over the dog. the man sped away in a car. french bulldogs have been a popular target for thieves because they can be sold for high prices. the dog's owner says the last few days have been very emotional. >> it's hard. i can't even. understand why someone would want to do this. i mean, even coming home not running to the door to greet me. or hearing him run around in the background really should be he
3:19 pm
should. he should. he should have the what is changing right now. >> she is offering a reward. you see some of the details there are moral and weighs 26 pounds. she says some unique markings, including a large black spot on his left shoulder quite belly and chest. san francisco police are looking for clues and 3 separate shootings. >> they happened in less than 4 hours. the first shooting was just after one 30 sunday morning on friedel street in the bayview neighborhood. you're looking at video from the citizens app. detectives say they found a man who'd been shot. he is expected to survive. the second shooting was 90 minutes later at turk and taylor also citizen app video of the scene here. a man was injured in that shooting. no word yet on his condition and the 3rd shooting was 2 hours later on patrol and cesar chavez in the mission district police found a 31 year-old man who'd been shot. he later died at the hospital.
3:20 pm
his name has not yet been publicly released. police do not think the shootings are connected. no word yet of any arrests. this is looking a very familiar this was the same saturday night in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. a 20 year resident of the neighborhood shared this video saying about 200 people gathered for this particular side show. it was at a loss street and clairmount boulevard. police have not commented yet on this incident. all right. time for another look at the forecast. let's look live over the park and arrow. it's been a beautiful day, but no rain in the forecast at this point. they've spars back. >> catherine, here's a look at the san jose says crane is back, but it gives you an idea of the nice blue skies that we're seeing down in the south bay as well. now, i did mention the fact we didn't see a lot of fog in the forecast, but there's a little bit
3:21 pm
that's going make its way around the perimeter of the bay. so the but the other issue is a couple scattered clouds. high level clouds, it will get for tonight, early tomorrow morning. outside of that by 09:00am. it is going to really notice it 66 going on for 04:00pm 7. we're talking 5651 at 10 o'clock essentially clear skies on balance. here's the fog that i mentioned earlier, it's going to make it around the bowl of the bay little bit around the perimeter. just a touch drifting on a little bit to the south bay. as you can see just a touch there. but an hour or so after sunrise. most of that will be retired as far as lows expected for tonight. most of the region will be in the 40's. we don't see a lot of 30's going on here. we might see some in some in line inland valleys just a little bit. 51 will go for san francisco. 52 for half moon bay. and you can expect more of that to come. coming up a bit. we'll take a look at the longer range forecast. a look at the forecast models for you to because if we look far enough, there's the possibility of some rain as we get into next week all right, david, we'll take even the possibility sounds good.
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>> still ahead, if you've been surfing the web, a lot of hunting for the perfect gift. we've got some advice on how to protect yourself and this cyber monday and after the break, the home in walnut creek. that's been vandalized repeatedly bu
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the east bay. a family in walnut creek trying to figure out why they have been targeted. >> after their home was vandalized. several times. we
3:25 pm
have video of the vandalism that happened monday and tuesday night, somebody throwing toilet paper and eggs wrapping the bushes and saran wrap. the homeowners thought it was a nasty prank. but then the home was hit a 3rd time with a homophobic slur written in front of the home and they're upset about that. >> a road out. >> some pretty offensive messages using the tp on street side. but there was more tp. there was. >> they took it to next step in the sense that they started throwing in our driveway. >> again, they're trying to figure out why the family has filed a report with the walnut creek. police department. police say they will be patrolling that neighborhood more often. >> next 3.30, congress running out of time to avoid a government shutdown. what it could mean to millions of federal workers and the president has met with major retailers. they're talking about supply chain problems. what it could mean to american
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shoppers and we continue to monitor developments with the new covid variant of the state of california is braced to fight it if it does surface here. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price.
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linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements, and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than two. it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain. especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling. could your story also be about ibs-c? talk to your doctor and say yess to linzess. learn how abbvie and ironwood could help you save on linzess. >> for your money. president biden has met with the ceos of some major retailers. >> they talked about supply chain problems, inflation. washington correspondent basil john has details.
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>> we've got represent lot american shoppers. president joe biden in ceos of several major retailers are looking for ways to tackle global supply chain issues and inflation. we retail industry leaders association supply chain, vice president just dan kurt says plans are in place to prepare for a strong holiday season. they know where the products are and they know you know how to best get them to the end point, whether that's the store shelf or to the consumer's doorstep. but dan kurtz says there are still there's always going to be something that you need to navigate and that's where that, you know, the response of supply chains. >> really do come in handy increasing the immediate supply of goods can help but experts say retailers should look into both short-term and long-term solutions companies have. >> their own interest in making this approach and work because otherwise they got nothing to say mit center for transportation and logistics director. you'll see sheffey
3:30 pm
says the administration can help by temporarily loosening truck driver our regulations or allowing younger drivers to enter the system. the only thing that the government, ken, do. >> she increased flexibility, especially the short term chef. he says as long as americans shop early, they shouldn't be affected. but those who wait should expect delays and higher prices reporting in washington. i'm basil job. >> post office workers will be beginning the rounds earlier in the bay area during the holiday season. they're dealing with the usual extra load of mail and packages, especially over christmas. some of the carriers will begin as early as 06:00am. the season runs from thanksgiving to new year's day. the postal service expects to deliver in process. 12 billion letters cards and packages. for your money. some california workers will see more money in the new year. the state's minimum wage going up by a dollar as of
3:31 pm
january first companies with more than 25 workers. we'll have to pay a minimum of $15 an hour smaller companies, at least $14. california's minimum wage has been going up every year since 2017, the last scheduled increase is set for 2023. now for coronavirus coverage no cases of the new covid variant have been detected in california. but state health officials say they are on alert. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the states latest response. >> california health leaders say they're closely monitoring the on the kron variant, the new covid-19 variant first found in south africa is not yet on the list of 10 variants. actively being tracked in california with no cases detected here yet or in the united states overall. but state health officials say it's only a matter of time. california has a public private sector partnership to analyze genomic sequencing called covid net that officials say will help detect on the kron variant early in
3:32 pm
the state. meanwhile at airports across california. state officials say they're preparing to increase covid-19 testing from legal residents returning from some african countries. health leaders say they're also doubling down on covid-19 vaccine and booster shot efforts. while the omicron variant has yet to be found in any california cases. covid-19 numbers are slightly increasing following the holiday weekend with the now 3% positivity rate statewide. the state is averaging about 4,100 new covid cases per day. the latest data showing the other variant of concern, the delta variant accounts for 99% of cases sequenced state leaders have warned of a potential winter surge that coupled with the new variant of concern prompting governor newsom's tweet while on vacation saying in part, we will continue to be guided by data and science. right now. the best way we know to protect yourself is to get vaccinated and get your booster go today. don't wait. meanwhile, the california department of public health says it's in communication with federal health officials to continue gathering information on the new variant in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news.
3:33 pm
>> a group of parents and students and richmond are protesting the state's vaccine mandate. there was a demonstration today. this was outside the west contra costa unified school district offices in septtmber. the district voted to require all students, all eligible students to be vaccinated and it requires that volunteers and staffers and vendors also be vaccinated. we're posting the latest information on the variant on our website. kron 4 dot com. you can scan that qr code. it will take you straight to our website. congress has returned to work its top priority at the moment anyway, is avoiding a government shutdown. congress passed a short-term funding bill in october. but it expires friday if the government does shut down hundreds of thousands of federal workers could be furloughed. essential workers like tsa and other federal law enforcement workers would be forced to work, but they would not get a paycheck. the last
3:34 pm
government shutdown you might remember was in 2019. it lasted 35 days. all right. let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look over sfo and tell us more about the weekend. the days ahead. >> catherine looks pretty good. lots of sunshine to some high cloudiness. that will kind of pass a little bit for tonight. those temperatures, more of the same that we've already experienced live shot of the east bay shoreline. as you can see, 66 goes to 56 by 7. that's some drier air work is these are inland numbers 55 by 10 o'clock fairly dry going on inland, of course, now. so for lows basically the lower to middle 40's will cover most of the real estate, maybe dipping to some upper 30's. it will be a possibility for the week ahead want to run through future cast for real quickly, just for formality here. there we have it. some scattered high cloudiness with a probably notice really is. but of the ways some windy conditions breezy and someone prone areas. that's about it. here's the lowdown. we have
3:35 pm
mostly clear tonight lows in the 40's approaching about 50 or so for this week highs holding steady. that means near about 70. we have going on here. and then as we head into the weekend dry and mild. there's a little bit of a slip that one temperatures maybe mid 60's or so small, small deviations in these numbers. now for tomorrow. you can expect about 68 1 on san francisco 69 for oakland 72. meanwhile, for san jose mostly sunny mild will continue as the persistence forecast continues as well. highs across the board. a lot of lower 70's off to the east bay antioch about 68 up to the north bay will pop some lower 70's as we will see also around the perimeter of the bay. now we're talking about as we get into next week, they'll be some changes there. what we hope not real promising. but there's something to be noted as we get into early, the following week. we'll cover some of that coming up in just a bit. catherine. all right, dave, thanks very much. >> the golf community is mourning the loss of trailblazing golfer lee elder elder died sunday morning in
3:36 pm
escondido. he was 87 is best known as the first black golfer to play the masters. he's noted for breaking racial barriers that paved the way for players like tiger woods, other black athletes. he'd been in poor health for wiley was seen wearing an oxygen tube money attended the masters in april. he is survived by his wife. >> couldn't pay gas prices at least starting to stabilize a little bit. we'll look at current prices and some safety advice. if you're putting up christmas decorations, how to avoid a trip to the emergency room and on the cyber monday advice from the better business bureau on are staying
3:37 pm
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introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. business bureau reminding everybody to be aware of scams on the cyber monday, including text messages which appear to be from well-known stores. some of them offer discounts or gift cards for doing a survey. if you click on the link, though. often it will just head you a phone or computer into maui where avoid any survey they say that asks for personal information including your full name, address and email with the holiday season here. the consumer product safety commission is warning people about decorating hazards, its basic advice. but remembering things like making sure your christmas lights don't include any frayed or exposed wires getting somebody to spot you. if you're using a ladder to hang them up and keeping your
3:40 pm
christmas tree. well, watered to reduce the risk of fire. gas prices have stabilized at least a little bit nationwide. and in the bay area. almost 8 prices continue to inch upwards. aaa says prices in the bay area have gone up or down but only a fraction of a cent in most areas. recent fluctuations in the price of crude oil have helped a bit. as for prices in the bay area. napa san francisco in sandra fell have the highest prices followed by oakland and san jose. and this sounds like the start of a joke. 60 people walked into a bar. they didn't leave until 3 days later, the guests and staff and members of a band. they finally have been freed today. they spent 3 nights stuck in a pub in northern england. they were stranded at the tan hill inn in north yorkshire when heavy snow boxed the guests in. but
3:41 pm
they kept themselves a busy. they enjoyed karaoke. they had quiz, nights and movies and actually sounds kind of fun. still ahead, a big shakeup at twitter. we're going to talk live with the scene at ed
3:42 pm
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or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. side effects may not appear for several weeks. common side effects include sleepiness and stomach issues. movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. you are greater than your bipolar i. leader, co-founder and former ceo jack dorsey announcing his resignation today. he's handing off the baton to twitter's chief technology officer. this is happening as
3:44 pm
twitter along with facebook are facing a lot of questions on how much social media platforms should be responsible for misinformation and violent rhetoric. see notes editor at large insurers. joining us to talk about this i welcome what does this mean for twitter where users notice any changes. you know. >> most of us, it's going to feel like just another monday and tuesday is going to be that much different. the real change is in the opportunity for twitter. their new ceo who has been there for almost a decade is going to offer this opportunity to kind of have a reset right. and the reason i raise this is that even though jack dorsey has been the head of the twitter now for 6 or what some odd years and also he was the founding ceo. he's been there really since the beginning of one form or him decide to leave. and by the way, leaving completely by may issue is what he said really
3:45 pm
offers an opportunity for the company to try and see if there are changes they need to make if their ideas that they want to try. i would love to see an edit personally. but hey, that's just me. but i think it's it's a good opportunity for them. so >> what kind of reset. you mentioned the end but not a bad idea. but what are some other examples of a reset that you think would make sense. >> well, if you look at other companies out there who now have not been found or ceos, right book at apple with tim cook. you have microsoft's satya nadella. you you you've got all these other examples out there and trying to remember all google so what's what's important to keep in mind here, right. is that by having these people who have deep experience with the companies, but also have kind of fresh take on things you have examples where microsoft
3:46 pm
turned around a lot of their culture and started working together in ways that they had under the previous leadership. you have google trying to kind of find its next big thing after search and even when you think about where all these other companies are going. apple went from being already a large company to being one of the largest tech companies in history. and that was all under tim cook. so for twitter, a lot of this opportunity is saying ok, well, maybe we reconsider the way we handle stuff like harassment. maybe we start reconsidering the way we handle how we build community and what we look at community what we think of as a good community on twitter because clearly if you listen to people who are advocates for victims who are harassed and attacked on that platform every day. they don't feel as though the company's doing enough, even today. >> dorsey says the company is ready to move on from its founders. you but has he had it. i mean, obviously he's
3:47 pm
been under lots of pressure from investors from lawmakers. it's been fairly in temps. it has been intense and you can't ignore what happened on january 6th. >> when after the attacks of the capital by a group that was whipped up by president donald trump. he was then kicked off of twitter and we had this really weird moment where we all sitting there and it and kind of dealing with the fact that the man with the access to the nuclear codes was somehow determined to be too dangerous to be on twitter. and i think that what's important here is that with all of this scrutiny. twitter has been under jack dorsey is saying, look, there is a founder issue inside of socom valley. there is very clearly a trend where the founders need to leave at some point which by the way, i interpret it is kind of a little bit of an elbow to mark zuckerberg over at facebook. so be curious to see how that all adds up. but it's very clear that he realizes fresh
3:48 pm
blood needs to come in. even if its people have been there for a long time and someone else needs to make decisions twitter has been under fire facebook has been under fire. you mention zuckerberg. >> maybe this is a big question puts hard to answer quickly, but have either of those companies made any significant noticeable changes to address the criticism. they have tried without question. and you you can see in those stories we've seeing that in their testimony on capitol hill. >> they are trying to respond to a lot of this. but the other thing we've learned, particularly when it comes to facebook. we don't know as much about twitter's inner workings. is that the company is also aware of a lot of the damage is it does to our society and hasn't acted enough even internally from their own perspective. so there's a lot more work that clearly needs to be done. >> alright ensure from seeing that you're always a pleasure to talk to. thank you very much. and. thank you for having me. all right. let's
3:49 pm
take another look at the forecast as we're looking now live at this bridge is kind of this pretty busy traffic for this time of day. dave, can you believe it's almost december. >> yeah. the sun is getting lower and short of states. not here yet, though, catherine, that gets although we walk into the meat a logical winner on wednesday. so set your calendar according to we'll check out forecast in about that for non variety. sunshine continues temperatures in the upper 50's. a little bit of minor melting. hopefully, though, next week. we can add to something there with the new system due to get here. so before we get there, all the storm track goes up in around us here. so we continue on with the trend that we explored the last few days. here's the breakdown for you heading into the evening sun setting early. so clear skies and temperatures falling about 51 going on by 10 o'clock. tonight, the lows lower 40's to middle 40's as expected through most of the region, 51 or so san francisco 52 for half moon bay. so let's going to walk through this in terms
3:50 pm
of that long-range forecast model. you can see pretty much protected, if you will, for most the storm systems. over the weekend we saw a little bit of package of moisture trying to come up here, doesn't look like it's coming together. okay. by tuesday. you see the system drop south not really to be that exciting. but the hope is this might improve over later model runs there. dropping south of us next tuesday. little bit of leftover moisture with us. hope of the mountains can scrounge up some snow showers from all of that as well. let's get your longer range. forecast models. and oh yeah, it's 70's all week long. as a slight drop-off and temperatures as we head on into the weekend. we get some upper 60's their lows maintain in the 40's might be some upper 30's while we're at it, too as well. and at the coast we're going to hold off into the 40's. it may not help you for holiday shopping. but i guess it's all mental anyways. so ever. >> yeah. it is thank you, dave spahr, a man from hawaii's big island has a lot to be thankful for after a very close encounter with a great white shark reporter bryce
3:51 pm
moore has that story. >> underwater photographer deron verbeck tells me he was diving this morning off of carefully point when he thought he saw school of the lewa. but something was off and the size and shape made him think of a tiger shark. >> kept looking at the head mike, that is not a tiger shark and it got closer and closer. just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. and i was like, that is for sure. 100 1% a great white. >> the beast which for back says was over 15 feet wasn't behaving in a threatening way. so he stuck around. i just shot as much as i could as he went >> he just disappeared back up the drop that i was like shaking it's 1000 say. doctor carl meyer with the hawaii institute for marine biology says great whites may be in the area because of humpback whales who breed in hawaiian waters from november through april. >> but the behavior verbeck saws fairly normal for great whites. >> typical. ap of these big
3:52 pm
shocks is one of wariness around people. and so even though they might be curious. they're also wary. and so the army. that you see aggressive behavior is typically when they're not to be foreign to. >> rebeck says he was unnerved and overwhelmed by the experience but never felt in danger. if she wanted to take me. she was she would have taken me her demeanor was just curiosity. he just came out to look to see what i was i imagine you're you're not officially right haha. >> bryce moore. >> coming up next, the merriam-webster people they announced their word of the year.
3:53 pm
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dictionary has decided its word of the year is vaccine pretty good choice of says the word represents to stores the remarkable speed in which the covid vaccines were developed. also the policy debate surrounding the vaccines. meantime, the oxford dictionary says its word of the year is vax people have been looking up the word vaccine by the way, a 1000% more frequently than in 2019 the runner-up for this year's word of the year insurrection.
3:56 pm
the white house for president biden's first white house christmas as president. this year's decorations honor frontline workers, including teachers, people who work in grocery stores. volunteers decorated more than 40 christmas trees. they hung 6,000 feet of ribbon. they put up more than 10,000 christmas ornaments. happening tonight, a tree lighting ceremony set for 06:00pm and san francisco at the bank of america plaza in the castro neighborhood. you're looking at video of last year. beautiful tree, mayor london breed and the city's police chief will be there and there will be a separate tree lighting ceremony. 05:30am, tonight at huntington park in. hill. all right. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. the emergence of the omicron variant as we wait to learn more about the mutation media outlets on both sides. quite predictably jump
3:57 pm
to the extremes. a little bit of common sense could help americans navigate the now here's morning with a look at news nation prime. >> thanks, dan. newsnation. prime has shared stories of america's missing for weeks now. a stunning development after missing for nearly 2 months. a young girl is back home. all because of tips from a newsnation viewer. we talk with the girl's mom tonight on news nation prime. >> and that's it for kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. i'm kathryn heyman. thank you for joining us. have a good
3:58 pm
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