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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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work. it's really amazing. happy hanukkah. we'll see you next time. so long. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> from >> the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> it is unbelievably tragic to see that he lost his life in the performance of those duties and those ideals. >> remembering kevin today oakland city leaders honored the kron 4 security guard who was tragically shot and killed. well on assignment last wednesday and tonight police are still looking for the killer. thanks for joining us tonight at 5 everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus $32,500 reward is being offered for any information
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that leads to the arrest of the person who shot and killed kevin nishita over the weekend. oakland police released this picture of what is believed to be the suspect's car. a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl with 4 doors and a sunroof. it does not have a front license plate. oakland police say the gunman shot in a sheet of while trying to steal our reporter's news camera. this is certainly a tragic story. another senseless killing here in the bay area. but as you can understand, this touches the crowd for family in an especially profound way. kevin issued often protected our reporters when they were out on assignment, he passed away on saturday morning from his injuries and today oakland city leaders came together to honor the kron four's haaziq madyun has that part of our coverage. >> you know, i reflections about the tragic shooting death of you. >> kevin. she does someone who dedicated his life to keeping others safe as well as to supporting the free press,
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which is a cornerstone to a healthy democracy. >> oakland mayor libby schaff and council members shade lauren taylor and treat to read share their reactions to the shooting death of kevin ishida, a security guard who was gunned down last week while guarding kron 4 news crew working on a story in to see that he was, you know, they're in in his capacity to just help with reporting. >> i think that that's something that we need to really take focus on and planned to see how we're going to address this rise in violent crimes. violent gun crimes had the opportunity meet. >> kevin on several occasions and always, a warm inviting sort of smile. company have. my heart broke when i initially learned of his passing the pain and the sense of loss. it gets even more pronounced them or learn about
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him. his life, its service. 2 bay area residents in terms of keeping keeping us safe. he deserves to be calm. >> and to have been. working with a sense of protection in the city and not shown up for work with any fear or trepidation. losing his life no one should. and then has he come in. you and i know you know him personally. >> and again, our heart goes out to you and everyone at prom. >> how is it that cried for 2. >> but certainly our hearts go out to kevin to shoot his family. we are in touch with them and a fund has been set up for his family. we're supporting the initiative family, as are many other people who did know kevin, here in the bay area donations to his family can be made to the kevin nishita trust that sit metropolitan bank in oakland donations can be made in person or by mail the information here on your
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screen is also on our website kron 4 dot com. and there you can also read about the many ways he has helped and touched the bay area community. oakland mayor libby schaff and city council members also addressed that city's police shortage today and they gave us an idea of what will be done. >> in the coming months to address an increase in crime kron four's rob nesbitt now tells us how city leaders will be reversing police budget cuts. oakland's current budget freezes, an additional 50 positions from the police department. mayor schaff says she plans on proposing a reversal of that as well as stopping any more cuts from the city's police force. >> a public health crisis. that's what oakland city leaders say they are dealing with when it comes to gun violence. >> our businesses, our community are grappling to understand how they would get through as we come in these remaining days of the years. police say the most recent victim was a man who was shot and killed while trying to be a good samaritan at lake merritt sunday afternoon. the
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victim in a wreck, did auto robbery in progress. >> and was shot by the passenger in the suspect vehicle. the suspect drove away in a black toyota rav 4. according to police who are offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest while investigators work to solve the city's 100 27th homicide of the year. mayor schaff says steps are being done to prevent another senseless death will not only police department over 678 officers. but in fact, maintain. >> those middle staffing mayor schaff says the city will be making the case to reversed police budget cuts and hiring freezes their scheduled to start in 8 months. she plans on taking a closer look at the city's bail policy. >> the amount of time it takes for cases to go to trial as well as the ability to use the city's cease-fire policy to its full extent which include the threat of punishment. if services and compliance with the message of peace and freedom are not taken up mayor
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schaff says a hiring plan for new officers will be brought before council by friday. >> i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news developing news tonight, the world health organization is warning mccrone variant represents very high risk to the global community. >> saying it could lead to surges with severe consequences and here in the bay area, infectious disease experts say that they, too are concerned. but their level of concern remains in a holding pattern until some key questions are answered kron four's. dan kerman reports. >> we didn't want to hear this news right now. none of the state. it's it's really terribly. disappointing. >> very infectious disease specialist speaking about the latest covid-19 threat. kron variant had to mean red flags that make me pretty concerned that is a rate of increase. >> that happened really overnight inside africa from going to from, you know, a few 100 cases. so few 1000 cases. and that, of course, is driven
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by the predominance of this very and whether or not it was the cause of it was is being associated with it. i remains to be seen. the second red flag for me was just a vast amount of mutations. and this new variant still infectious disease. experts say we still don't have enough data. >> to answer a key series of questions. >> transmissible a t how will it responds unity and how they're doing is that house. it would make us. these are the 3 big questions and frankly our feet are planted pretty much in the air on all 3 of the answers to those. but they are real. doctors say this is just another reason to get the jab with this new variant looming out there. >> you want to offer yourself the greatest protection you can get in the way to do that is to get fully vaccinated quickly as possible. and if you are fully vaccinated but haven't received your booster yet. get the booster. so you have really a good robust immune response. if this virus
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does take off here in the united states. and doctors also point out should it turn out on the kron can over take the vaccine. >> that does not necessarily mean it will cause severe disease and death. even nobody's getting hits on t cells and other arms of the immune system will still be intact to get the enemy out of the body. infectious disease. experts say like everything else with covid-19. this is developing in real time. >> so we'll have to wait about 10 to 14 days to get those critical questions about on the kron answered in the meantime, take those extra steps to protect yourself. dan kerman kron 4 news today. president biden addressed how the country is responding to the new variant that includes travel restrictions. >> and planning in case other steps or policy changes are deemed necessary. our washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us now live with all the details. alex. >> hi there. good evening. well, today president biden said that health officials don't yet believe that a new
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version of the vaccine will be necessary to deal with this new variant. but he says the country is still preparing for that possibility just in case. >> this variant is a cause for concern. not a cause for panic as the world learns more about a new covid-19 variant on the kron president joe biden says we already know the best way for people to protect themselves, getting fully vaccinated. and getting a booster shot because a portion of the population remains unvaccinated the virus continues. spreading and mutating into new variants health officials say the current vaccines and boosters offer some protection from the new variant, but plavs are already under way in case that protection isn't enough. >> my team is already working with officials at pfizer and moderna and johnson and johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if needed even though the variant has also been detected in other parts of the world.
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white house press secretary jen psaki says right now the u.s. is only banning travel from 8 countries in southern africa. it is a much larger spread in south africa. >> than it is at this point in europe and other countries. we will continue to assess if there are additional restrictions that need to be put in place. >> now, this travel ban does not apply to us citizens or permanent residents who are making their way back to the u.s. from that region. all they technically need is a negative covid-19 test to get back. however, some americans have found it difficult to make their way back because of flight cancellations that happened after those new restrictions took effect grant vicki, we'll send it back to you. all right. thank you, alex. and here in california. no cases of the new variant have been detected not yet. >> but state officials do say they're on alert. coming up at 5.30. we're going to hear. >> how they're responding. temps switch gears now get it a peek outside on this monday
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after thanksgiving, people getting back to work in school. >> just a warm fall day with warm fall day out there as we whether beautiful, gorgeous, temperatures popping up in the 70's again outside. so. >> yeah, looking for some rain drops that we may see some changing as we get to next week. right now we're just right smack dab in the middle of these temperatures running warm out there this evening. what a gorgeous night out there. beautiful a fall colors in the atmosphere. you've got a lot of the yellows, the oranges and some haze out there as well. and that's where you get some of that color from some of the pollutants get trapped near the ground. all right. now high pressure overhead that ridge just been dominating and we've had a series of these storms rolling over the top. occasionally says my clouds. but of that staying dry. one interesting thing, though, that happened today, kind of need the temperatures jumped up into the 70's right along the coastline. all of a sudden the seabreeze kick in the temperatures drop over 10 degrees within an hour and yeah, you can see some of that patchy fog right along the coast. now and some of that is
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very, very thick out toward the beaches. so little bit of a sea breeze kicking in. but i think that offshore wind likely to kicking in overnight tonight. so temperatures out the door mainly in the 60's right now and fairly mild out there, especially for this time of year. if you're stepping outside tonight. yeah, pretty comfortable out there 15 some 60's cooling off a little bit clear skies through 7 or about 7 or 8 o'clock. but late tonight likely going to see a little more patchy fog. thank you, lord. it's still to come, a french bulldogs stolen at gunpoint. >> in the east bay. we'll hear from the distressed owner and learn about unique markings on the >> and it may be a difficult holiday shopping season is the goal global supply chain issues continue. but what experts are saying you should do to make sure that those holiday presents get there on time. >> and why san jose officials are being criticized after efforts to clean up a homeless encampment.
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>> san jose's ongoing effort to clear the city's largest progress. but some advocates for the homeless are pushing back on the strategy as kron four's rob fladeboe reports. now they say newly installed barriers blocking access to the camp. >> are creating new problems. >> what was easily the largest homeless camp in san jose is now surrounded by concrete k
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rail barriers. many of the 150 to 200 an ounce people living in the camp every located next door. just east of spring street near columbus park. the barriers are a temporary solution designed to keep on house people from returning to their previous campsites. but a nosedive tickets like pastor scott wagers says the barriers are making it those trying to bring food and other services into the area. >> we've had trouble thanksgiving. we distribute it may be 500 meals and we had to get back up on spring street to get into the camp. we had to go down the trail with a truck and distribute the meals where if we have access from the roadway. it's just so much easier. the barriers went up just before thanksgiving after the faa gave the city an ultimatum to clear the camp or risk losing millions of dollars in federal funding. >> in a statement, the airport said in part this closure creates a long dead end street that still allows are unhoused residents and service providers to access the area helps decrease through traffic
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to increase safety and help prevent illegal dumping it's a recipe for disaster right now. cam president scott largest says the barriers that resulted in overcrowding and will hinder access for firefighters and other emergency crews the way that the motor homes are stacked together out in that field. there's no distance between them and they're starting to do this to make areas for the roadways to go through. >> i think there's going to be fires and i think they're just going to be more conflict down if we're really going to move people out here in the next several months. then let's have a strategy. let's have a plan and let's work together. >> and let's be mindful that everybody's needs. the barriers are to remain until the june deadline for the entire 40 acre site to be cleared as per the faa ultimatum in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> in walnut creek, a family there. want some answers after their home was vandalized. several times. here are some pictures now, the vandalism that happened last monday and tuesday night. you can see
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there. so we threw toilet, paper, eggs and even wrap the bush's with saran wrap. now, the owners thought it was just a prank. but then the home was hit a 3rd time. this time with a homophobic slur written in the front of the home. >> they rode out. >> some pretty offensive messages using the tp on street side. but there was more tp. there was. >> they took it to next step in the sense that >> they started throwing in our driveway. >> the family has filed a report with walnut creek. police department and police say they will be patrolling that neighborhood a lot more often. now. >> oakland police are looking for the thieves who stole a french bulldog at gunpoint happened friday night. the dog's owner says a friend was walking the dog named merlin near valdez and 24th streets. 2 guys approached the woman pointed a gun at her demanding she hand over the dog. the men took the dog put it in a car sped away. francesa become a
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popular target for thieves in part because they can be sold for higher prices than many other breeds. the dog's owner says the last few days have been very emotional. >> it's hard. i can't even. understand why someone would want to do this. i mean, even coming home not running to the door to greet me. or hearing him run around in the background really should be he should he should. he should have. the outlook is changing right now. >> so said merlin should be home. the dog's offering a reward for maryland right now. it's just over $4,000. the reward money. waste. 26 pounds has a few unique including a large black spot on his left shoulder. he has a white belly and chest. got to find maryland. got to find maryland. >> all right. let's going take a live look outside right now. san francisco's embarcadero
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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow back with us and that storm door has been. >> shots slam shut for a while. not there what was incredible start to the season, we're still because of the great start. we're still running about 244% of average as far as rainfall. but we'd love to get things going again. right now. you see that fog that dense fog making its way right in toward the golden gate bridge that sea breeze kicking in along the coastline dropping those temperatures have some warm weather see a little low swirl off the coast of fortunately just not much energy to that. but look at the pacific northwest. they continue to get storm after storm after storm. they've got some major flooding concerns and not going to any time too soon. mostly clear and cool for tonight a couple patches of fog tomorrow, mostly sunny and hazy but dry. and then i think this week really more sunshine and that dry weather pattern will likely continue throughout the week. but there are some hope now on some models that we may see a change in the next week. right now you've couple storm system
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of the coastline. pretty strong. there of the gulf of alaska. unfortunately, these ridges to the south, the just too strong and you see you see these systems run over the top of it. then the weekend slightly and then only return again as the storms go by. here you go long range forecast model. you see all that rain old this pacific northwest heavy rainfall there. california remaining dry that ridge dominating through the better part of the workweek. then we get the weekend. looks like a dry weekend to but things begin to shift gears in the atmosphere. and there you go. by next monday. that's our first hint that we may see a change of though not put any rain in the forecast just yet. that may usher in a least a better chance some rain later on next week. guys, back to you. >> all right. lauren, still ahead on kron 4 news, the founder and ceo of twitter making a surprise announcement earlier today. what it means for the future of twitter. >> and his global supply chain issues continue what experts are saying. the biden administration needs to do to make sure people are getting their holiday shopping done on time.
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limited availability in select areas. the ceos of different grocers in major retailers today to discuss the supply chain and inflation issues during the holiday shopping season our washington correspondent basil john reports on what this could mean for americans as we head into the biggest shopping seasons of the year.
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>> got represent cross walk there president joe biden in ceos of several major retailers are looking for ways to tackle global supply chain issues inflation. we retail industry leaders association supply chain, vice president just dan kurt says plans are in place to prepare for a strong holiday season. they know where the products are and they know you know how to best get them to the end point, whether that's the store shelf the consumer's doorstep. but dan kurtz says there are still there's always going to be something that you need to navigate and that's where that, you know, the response of supply chains. >> really do come in handy increasing the immediate supply of goods can help but experts say retailers should look into both the short-term and long-term solutions companies have. >> their own interest in making this and work because otherwise they got nothing to set mit center for transportation and logistics director. you'll see sheffey
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says the administration can help by temporarily loosening truck driver our regulations or allowing younger drivers to enter the system. the only thing that the government, ken, do. >> she's say. increased flexibility, especially the short term chef. he says as long as americans shop early, they shouldn't be affected. but those who wait should expect delays and higher prices reporting in washington. i'm basil job. >> next with the photographer did when he said we had a close encounter with a 14 foot. great white shark. also, experts reminding consumers how to avoid being scammed on this cyber monday and how california leaders are preparing to battle that all across area and how it's affecting air travel already. we're in the bay. keep it
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>> big story we're following tonight at 5.30, no cases of the new covid variant have been detected in the u.s. or california. but state health officials here say they are keeping a close eye on across various kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the state's latest response to this development in the pandemic. >> california health leaders say they're closely monitoring the omicron variant. the new covid-19 variant first found in south africa is not yet on the list of 10 variance. actively being tracked in california with no cases detected here yet or in the united states overall. but
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state health officials say it's only a matter of time. california has a public private sector partnership to analyze genomic sequencing called covid net that officials say will help detect on the kron variant early in the state. meanwhile at airports across california. state officials say they're preparing to increase covid-19 testing from legal residents returning from some african countries. health leaders say they're also doubling down on covid-19 vaccine and booster shot efforts. while the omicron variant has yet to be found in any california cases. covid-19 numbers are slightly increasing following the holiday weekend with the now 3% positivity rate statewide. the state is averaging about 4,100 new covid cases per day. the latest data showing the other variant of concern, the delta variant accounts for 99% of cases sequenced state leaders have warned of a potential winter surge that coupled with the new variant of concern prompting governor newsom's tweet while on vacation saying in part, we will continue to be guided by data and science right now. the best way we know to protect yourself is to get


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