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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 29, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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state health officials say it's only a matter of time. california has a public private sector partnership to analyze genomic sequencing called covid net that officials say will help detect on the kron variant early in the state. meanwhile at airports across california. state officials say they're preparing to increase covid-19 testing from legal residents returning from some african countries. health leaders say they're also doubling down on covid-19 vaccine and booster shot efforts. while the omicron variant has yet to be found in any california cases. covid-19 numbers are slightly increasing following the holiday weekend with the now 3% positivity rate statewide. the state is averaging about 4,100 new covid cases per day. the latest data showing the other variant of concern, the delta variant accounts for 99% of cases sequenced state leaders have warned of a potential winter surge that coupled with the new variant of concern prompting governor newsom's tweet while on vacation saying in part, we will continue to be guided by data and science right now. the best way we know to protect yourself is to get vaccinated and get your
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booster go today. don't wait. meanwhile, the california department of public health tpsays it's in communication with federal health officials to continue gathering information on the new variant in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and well, we don't know if the new variant is here in the u.s. it is already in north america. canada's health officials say there are now 2 confirmed cases of mccrone variant in that country's capital city of ottawa. health officials are also looking into for possible cases. the new variant is affecting air travel plans for people all around the world. our kron four's charles clifford. he was at that as a foe today to see how it's impacting flights in and out of the bay area. >> well, here at sfo on monday. it was a very busy travel day despite the new travel restrictions put in place because of mccrone coronavirus variant starting on monday, non us citizens are banned from traveling to the u.s. from south africa botswana, zimbabwe and 5 other
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southern africa nations here at sfo. there are very few, if any direct flights from that part of the world most flights will connect through heathrow or jfk or another large airport. the emergence of this new coronavirus variant is very concerning because travelers are just now getting back to traveling the way they were before the pandemic. i talked to a couple of people here at sfo on monday who say they are concerned now it's become very scary. >> the fly because now that the book about the new. new of i don't. if covid-19 it's become to be scary. the job and especially in the afternoon. yeah. because of people like, you know, it's was a seat. don't know. indicated that is that's become a now, so far the travel restrictions only apply to those 8 countries from the southern portion. >> of africa. there are no indications that the travel ban or restrictions could be broadened to include other countries, although that is a possibility. if they find this variant coronavirus, there's a
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real danger. but for now at sfo, charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> now to the east bay and this group of parents and students protesting a vaccine mandate today. the demonstration took place this morning outside the west contra costa county unified school district building in richmond back in september. the district voted to require all eligible students to get vaccinated against covid. the district also approved separate mandates requiring all volunteers staff members, vendors and contractors to the vaccinated in order to be allowed on campuses for the latest covid developments scan the qr code there on your screen. we're posting up to date info on the on the kron variant as well as info on vaccines testing travel restrictions. the qr code there. we'll take you straight to the coronavirus page on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> twitter has a new ceo co-founder jack dorsey announced his resignation this morning. he released a statement saying that the company is ready to move on from its founder dorsey will
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remain a member of the board until his term expires next year. he was his handpicked to prague on the twitter's chief technology officer to replace him. twitter stock jumped 3% after the announcement was made. all right. now we're 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside on this. >> monday night. the view here from sutro tower overlooking san francisco. pretty clear night. yeah. >> looking very closely carefully trying to find some rain clouds out there somewhere off in the distance. meteorologist lawrence karnow anything you have to look all the way of 7 north west. nothing coming our way just yet. but there's a sign of the patterns going start to switch gears. i think as we get in the next week. right now, though, enjoy that beautiful weather. while we have a things going to stay mostly clear tonight. we are seeing a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. and you're seeing some of that creeping near sfo right now. so that's some pretty dense fog. no delays reported there or oakland or san jose for tonight. so here we go. temperatures. yeah. they were impressive today. how about 68
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degrees downtown san francisco 68 also in oakland, 70 degrees in san jose 68 in livermore, 70 in concord and 72 degrees in santa rosa. all these numbers running above the average and we could be looking at more the same as we head toward the next few days may be rounding out this week. high pressure overhead that is sending the jet stream well to the north. so these storms approach the coastline. they just can't get here, occasionally we're seeing some high clouds say we saw a wind switch. we started to see some fog moving along the coastline and then return those offshore winds developing that clears out your skies again, overnight lows tonight will be chilly in spots. low 40's in the north bay 40's in the east bay and you've got a mixed bag of 40's and 50's inside the bay along the coastline temperatures tomorrow going to be nicer looking a lot of sunshine coming your way 60's along the coastline, mild temperatures out toward the beaches. 70 degrees in millbrae 71 in burlingame. you're looking about 73 degrees in woodside temperatures. well, in the 70's and haze in the south
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bay. you can see this repeat over the next few days. more sunshine on the way enjoy it while you cam looks like the better could return to a little bit. wet weather. i think as we get into next week. guys, back to you. >> working at the had my that is not a tiger shark and it got closer and closer. just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger i was like, that is for sure. 100 1% a great white. >> oh boy. diver had an unexpected close encounter with a great white shark in hawaii. this is video from underwater photographer deron verbeck. he captured this video of a 1415 foot. great white shark on thanksgiving says he didn't think the shark was behaving in a threatening way. so we decided to get some video until it suddenly disappeared out of sight. >> the shop as much as i could as he went he just disappeared back up the drop that i was like shaking it's 1000 say.
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>> wow, yeah, he admits to being a little nervous as the shark was close to him. but he says he never really felt he was in danger. >> coming up, some much needed that really for the pump could be coming. guess prices starting to stabilize will get a look at the current prices and some safety advice. if you're putting up christmas decorations how to avoid a trip to the er. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage
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♪give my regards to old broadway♪ tonight. the bettrr business bureau is reminding everybody to be aware of scams on the cyber monday. >> include text messages which appear to be from. well known stores. some offering discounts or gift cards for completing a survey. but if you click on the link, it will often download malware onto your phone or computer avoid any survey. they say that asks for personal info, including your full name, address and email and with the holiday season here, the consumer products safety commission is warning folks about decorating hazards. their advice. it's pretty basic. things like making sure your christmas lights don't have any afraid or exposed wires also getting somebody the spot. you if you're up there on a ladder trying to hang the lights. also keep your christmas tree. well, watered they remind folks, too, reduce the risk of fire.
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>> gas prices are stabilizing somewhat nationwide. and here the bay area, although state prices continue to inch upwards. aaa says gas prices in the bay area have gone up or down only a fraction of a cent in most areas. recent fluctuations in the price of crude oil have helped out as for gas prices napa san francisco, sandra fell. those are the highest followed by oakland and san jose still ahead tonight, the case that could overturn roe v wade gets its day in court this week. >> what women's rights activists are saying ahead of the supreme court case.
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>> the u.s. supreme court is gearing up to hear the biggest abortion case in a generation wednesday. it centers on a mississippi law that bans the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy supporters of the measure are asking the justices to end the constitutional right to abortion and opponents worry that this could be the case and the court to do just that. washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us now with a preview. >> the government cannot force her to child against her will attorneys representing mississippi's lone abortion clinic say that's what's at stake when the nation's highest court takes up the state's 15 week abortion ban on wednesday. a woman has the right. >> she whether to carry her pregnancy to term. rob mcduff with the mississippi center for justice argues the u.s.
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supreme court has already decided and reaffirmed that states cannot ban abortions prior to a fetus is viability. >> which is around 24 weeks. you shouldn't be able to go back and over turned settles. lights. >> simply because the composition of the supreme court is change. but that's exactly what anti-abortion advocates want. >> and expect the court's new 6, 3 conservative majority to overturn roe v wade. we have an opportunity say millions and millions of lives in the future. if this is to be ruled favorably. mississippi governor tate reeves shepherded the law in question through the state legislature and fellow republican governors like south dakota's kristi noem support it. we actually got to go out and take actions that offend lives and save lives. the justices are not expected to rule until next summer. >> but if they overturn roe many states, including mississippi and south dakota already have measures in place that would automatically ban abortion in washington. i'm jessi tenure. a jury has been
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selected in the trafficking trial of ghislane maxwell. this was the scene earlier this morning outside the new york city courtroom where her trial is underway. >> prosecutors say maxwell is a former employee and romantic partner of the late financier and convicted offender jeffrey epstein. she is accused of recruiting and grooming underage girls for epstein 12 jurors and 6 alternates have been selected the trial is expected to last about 6 weeks. and jury selection is under way now in the trial of actor jussie smollett who is accused of making a false report to authorities that he was the victim of a hate crime more than 2 years ago. smollett told authorities he was attacked by 2 men who are yelling racial and homophobic slurs and that the suspewts put a noose around his neck about a month later, 2 brothers who are extras on smollett's show empire confessed to taking part in a plot that was apparently master minded by the actor. that's what prosecutors say. they say smollett paid the 2
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brothers 3500 bucks to stage the attack. smollett is facing 6 counts of disorderly conduct. if convicted, he could be sentenced to probation or up to 3 years in prison. he has pleaded not guilty. >> all right. taking a live look outside 4 zone forecast that golden gate bridge kind of socked in out there. a lot of moisture in the air. not a lot of rain. it rains so much. but that was so long ago this turn it now. it's not dries both now here we sit yeah. under high pressure. all that rain is headed well to the north. so. >> the drive for a while. so want to give you an idea of where we stand now, of course, get that on shore breeze. that's a big change. the pattern for today and with the fog is really thick and moving to the golden gate. but here we are now san francisco, almost a half inches of rainfall. that's for the season so far. so we're still sitting at 231% of normal san jose over 2 inches of rainfall. that is a 123% of normal oakland over 6 inches of rainfall. so the so far
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this season. that's 2 and a 19% of normal santa rosa over 13 inches of rain. that's 271% normalcy get the idea even though things have dried out. we've come a long way here. so life get back in the rain. but we're doing ok so far. we are looking at the fall rolling back on shore. bit of a sea breeze kicking in today really change the weather. co side dropping those temperatures big time from the 70's down into the 60's and within an hour and later on in the day all the way down the 50's. so change the weather pattern. the got weak system that continue work across this ridge. you've got another one setting up the coastline right here. most the rain, though, all that energy headed up in the pacific northwest right now. we just can't really buy raindrop in california. that's way it's going to stay. that ridge going to build in again. you can see those winds turning off shore. you see that more of that north easterly component that is going to clear out your skies and dry things out again, it looks like more hazy conditions by tomorrow afternoon and warm temperatures go along with that around the state. we've got 60's and 70's in the
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central valley about 76 degrees. los angeles. 70 degrees. the monterey bay and you get the idea some nice weather out there. but certainly like to get back to some rain right now, though, the temperatures mother going to be looking very warm. how about 72 degrees in san jose 71 in fremont, tomorrow's highs. 73 degrees in caulk or 73 possibly in livermore. we'll see. 60's back toward the coastline. the one exception tomorrow. we'll get that offshore wind, but we may see a couple of patches of fog of move back in along the coastline. again, that's low level fog. some dense fog moving in along the immediate coast. othetwise you have a lot of sunshine coming your way next few days. next, 7 days. we've got more sun on the way beginning december is on wednesday. thursday, more sunshine on the way. this next weekend, though, some clouds begin creep in late sunday night into monday, maybe next week we start talking about rain again. looks promising thanks, lawrence. coming up, the new. >> beatles docu series that debuted over the holiday weekend. what fans can expect when you're watching the never before seen footage of the fab 4.
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>> the new beatles documentary get back is making headlines tonight. ford's revelations about what some call the fab 4, the be all entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier going to break it down for us. kevin. >> you know, vicki and grant peter jackson's new beatles documentary is like the
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forty-niners season. >> head scratching yet exhilarating at the same time at 468 minutes. it is loaded with gems. but you have to earn every single moment. and i'm here now to give you the best of the best. let's start with george harrison quitting the band. >> now, but now. >> it's footage like this. george nonchalantly exiting biggest band in the world that has fans losing their minds. of course, george eventually returned and we see it all thanks to peter sorting through over 60 hours of film and 150 hours of audio for the dock. now streaming on disney. plus. >> so much overwhelming the amount it for means taking us for years to it to be anything but that long. >> how did you convince someone to give you that exclusive access to this. i mean, is treasure. i knew that they had shot this footage and 69 and i took my child to the fan like you to them about
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they want. >> did you just have outtakes from debate. the nation strange. you mentioned that because we thinking that maybe we should look at those outtakes. that's where peter found this hall casually creating the iconic guitar riff for the song. get back. >> just you know them writing their songs and just scraps of paper in working it out and that was so cool. if you win it. that's one of the things about amaze me. they were the biggest group in the world, but they were still least peaceful kids is not a single moment of them being prima dollars. hey, make sure you tune in to e t tonight for royal bombshell, which family member make comments about harry and meghan's son archie skin tone. >> the author of a controversial new book tells us all. it's a neat. he exclusive for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier ike and we're still tote happen here because the live music just they did get. beatles, a legendary. and you know, he compared to the 40 cnn apropos
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head scratcher got it. got to get a dial they did good. this is a yeah. and the beatles docks going to do well. yeah. it's no doubt the beatles. >> that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. but we have a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 06:00pm or ken wayne are here. we saw you kind of rocking out as well. greatest band in the world, although rolling stones fans will argue that i was going to say, you know, there's a beatles, the rolling stones that was always go by. hits. got to go to >> thank you, very you guys. coming up tonight at 6 o'clock, a new covid variant causing concern all around the a kron is prompting more travel restrictions and an urgent push to get more americans vaccinated. the efforts underway to stop it from spreading oakland. city leaders are announcing new crime prevention measures. this after this kron 4 security guard shot and killed while on assignment. >> and a good samaritan was killed while trying to prevent a car break-in. we have team coverage on what the mayor is doing to try to stop the
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violence. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the news is 6 is next.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> being on high alert as appropriate. the concern is appropriate panicking is certainly not appropriate. >> our top story tonight at 6 are growing concerns about the highly transmissible the kron covid-19 variants bay area infectious disease expert call
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this new variant, a cause for concern but not a cause for panic. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the world health organization is warning that the omicron variant. >> represents a very high risk to the global community bay area health experts say their level of concern remains in a holding pattern and they want some key questions answered. force and kermit reports. >> we know very little about this. this variant at this point they are doctors weighing in on the latest covid-19 threat. the variant, which is beginning its spread across the globe. we have evidence that it may be more transmissible. we certainly know structurally it has some changes both mutations and deletions. >> that. are worrisome in terms of how well it would respond to the immunity we have from vaccines or previous infections of the early indication is that may be more transmissible. more data is needed. >> and doctors also say we still do


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