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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 29, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> when >> fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> ahead on kron 4 news at a police in san francisco had their work cut out for them over the weekend. 2 shootings, one homicide several sideshows are also hearing from oakland city leaders who are mourning the loss of kron 4 security guard. kevin nishita and covid-19 has mutated again. what local doctors are saying about on the kron. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. san francisco police are busy investigating after a crime filled weekend.
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police say there were 3 shootings, one of the victims died from his injuries are also. >> 2 sideshow. bob force amanda hari has the details on what happened and how officials are responding tonight. >> the san francisco city supervisor that i spoke with. >> describe the weekend of multiple shootings. one, a homicide and sideshows as disturbing. he says it needs to end and we have to protect our streets here in san francisco. san francisco police were busy this past weekend. officers say there were 3 shootings in less than 4 hours. >> san francisco hsus off. i e says crime isn't at its worst. historically. but it is increasing. definitely some of the violent activity involving guns has ticked up. >> over the previous year. this is citizen app video of the first shooting on friday e-street in the bayview neighborhood. >> sfpd says it happened around one 30 sunday morning. detectives say they found a man at the scene with a non-life-threatening injury.
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this is video of that second shooting that was about 90 minutes later at turk and taylor streets. police say a man was injured. worst form. it. >> you know, ends up with the loss of life. police say the 3rd shooting is being investigated as a homicide that happened around 5 sunday morning in the mission district officers found a man shot at the scene. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. this is video of a sideshow in the west portal area. >> officers responded at 1240 sunday morning. 10 minutes later they responded to another sideshow. your and 29th avenue. only the organizers of this. i knew that there was a lot of. >> attention and focus on the organized retail there's a lot of deployment in other parts of the city. and they chose a very quiet commercial corridor. police say there have been no arrests in the sideshow, but supervisors often ian says there's still maybe we will follow up.
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>> and there has been significant success in seizing the vehicle. police say the 3 shootings aren't connected. >> and no arrests have been made in those crimes either in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news in oakland. investigators are working to solve the city's 100 27th homicide of the year. police say the most recent victim was a man who. >> was shot and killed while trying to be a good samaritan at lake merritt on sunday afternoon. the victim, according to police, tried to stop and all hope for a win. it was shot by a passenger in the suspect vehicle that car a black toyota rav 4 got away. this is just the latest incident and what city leaders are calling a public health crisis on gun violence in oakland. and now some officials want to reverse course on previous decisions. they say there is an urgent need to take immediate action. >> it will not only police department over 678 officers.
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but in fact, maintai those middle staffing >> oakland's current budget freezes an additional 50 positions in the police department. mayor chef says the city will be making the case to reverse police budget cuts and hiring freezes which are scheduled to start in 8 months. schaff also says a hiring plan for new officers will be brought in front of the council by friday today, oakland city leaders honor the kron 4 security guard who was tragically shot and killed while on assignment last wednesday and tonight police are still looking for the gunman responsible. a 32,000, $500 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the person who shot and killed kevin nishita over the come police released this picture of what's believed to be the suspect's vehicle it's a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl. >> and as for doors in a sunroof. it does not have a front license plate. oakland police say the gunman shot the
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sheet while trying to steal our reporter's news camera. she did died on saturday morning from his injuries. >> today. open city leaders came together to honor she to kron four's. haaziq madyun has that part of our coverage. >> so your reflections about the tragic shooting death of you. >> and we just extend our grief. to the friends, the family, the huge community that we know and benefited from the service of kevin shida. >> oakland. mayor libby chef and council shade lauren taylor reburied share their reactions to the shooting death of kevin nishita, a security guard who was gunned down last week while guarding kron 4 news crew working on a story in and again, this is a gun epidemic. so we must tackle the gun epidemic and this. >> mic is doesn't have city boundaries. and so we have to
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come together call for regional action. >> i had the opportunity meet. kevin on several occasions and always, a warm inviting sort of smile. company have. my heart broke when i initially learned of his passing. he deserves to be calm. >> and to have been. working with a sense of protection in the city and not showing up for work. with any fear or trepidation. losing his life no one should. and then has he come in. you and i know you know him personally. >> and again, our heart goes out to you and everyone at com. >> how is it that cried for 2. a fund has been set up for shooter's family donations to his family can be made to the kevin to shoot a trust. >> that's at metropolitan bank in oakland donations can be made in person or by mail and the information you see there on your screen is also available on our website at kron 4 dot com.
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>> a big story we're following tonight the world health organization is warning that the all variant represents a very high risk to the global community saying that it could lead to covid surges with severe consequences here in the bay area infectious disease experts say they, too are concerned, but their level of concern remains in a holding pattern until some key questions are answered about the virus or grant lotus is here in the studio. what we know about this new variant, not a lot. and that's part of the scary part. just kind of hoping for the best that this point aaiting for the data to come in. >> and that should be within a week, maybe 2. but we should know soon. the specifics health officials now are saying that there's so much to learn about this on kron variant and we don't know if this variant spreads the same, if if symptoms are different or more severe than delta. what we do know and we're also not certain if the vaccines that we have are effective against it. that's probably the biggest factor. so far no
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cases have been recorded in the u.s. most doctors, though, say it's just a matter of if not when a crime is discovered here. or i should say it's it is when it is discovered it that it's here. they they think we just haven't seen it yet. definitively in a case, other details, though, could be cause for concern. they had to mean red flags. that make me pretty concerned that is a rate of increase. >> that happened really overnight inside africa from going to from you. know, a few 100 cases. so few 1000 cases. and that, of course, is driven by the predominance of this very and whether or not it was the cause of it was is being associated with it remains to be seen. the second red flag for me was just a vast amount of mutations. and this new variant. doctor chin-hong noted the increase of cases in south africa. >> has been significant with the reported 81% of the country's new covid cases in
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the last 10 days turning out to be that on the kron variant of covid so far south african doctors are reporting a crime is resulting in mostly mild symptoms for patients with most describing flulike symptoms. dry coughs, fever night sweats. a lot of body pains and aches. the california department of public health says some of the mutations in this variant are concerning because they are very different from other variants previously detected. some are similar. so what can we do to protect ourselves. right. doctors have pretty much the same advice we've been hearing for almost 2 years now. keep your distance wear a mask if you're indoors in a crowd that spot stay home. if you are sick, get tested. if you think you've been exposed, most importantly, get vaccinated when eligible if you have been vaccinated and are eligible. get your booster. pam, we'll keep you posted. back to you. all right. grant, thank you. bay area public health
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officials are speaking up about the new variant and what it could mean as we. >> continue to deal with this pandemic. kron four's terisa stasio talks with 3 leading health officers about their proficiency professional opinions on on the kron and she has this report. >> but obviously concerned that this is that this is a variant that has taken over very rapidly when it comes a really look at 3 things to determine what impact it might have. the doctor. matt willis marin county's public health officer on how counties are concerned and cautious as work continues to better understand this latest variant of sars covid too. >> the virus that causes covid-19 clear that it's it's likely to be as infectious or more infectious. the delta variant, the other 2 things we look at our are perhaps even more important. what is the severity of illness that causes. >> i would say as we wait to get additional information. i think that we are we have very important things in place that will just give you 2 examples. doctor sara cody santa clara's
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public health officer says genetically sequencing cases allows them to detect the variant faster. >> an act quicker. the other is that we have a very robust vaccination infrastructure and pretty high vaccination rate. both here and in this region. and i think that's going to keep us. well, protected. its people are recognizing the value. >> and the protection. the vaccine offers and choosing together, which is great. i think we're in a way better spot. i'm i'm cautiously optimistic but obviously it's still waiting for the on the new variant and and we'll know more in a few weeks and that from contra, costa county's health officer. and while the doctor says more data is needed to stay ahead. >> he says doctors agree so far vaccines work and social distancing masks and testing are vital in this latest fight against the pandemic no matter the variant, theresa kron 4 news. >> and if you would like to learn more about this new
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variant just scan this qr code on your screen. it will take you to our special coronavirus page on our website. kron 4 dot com. there you can read all about on the kron as well as find vaccine information around the bay area efforts to clean up a homeless camp now being criticized. coming up on the news at 8. >> why community after get say a san jose solution is causing more harm than good. >> and a busy week ahead at the u.s. capitol from avoiding a government shutdown to a big decision on reproductive rights. the big items on the agenda. that's after the break. >> sunshine and above normal temperatures. now some fog beginning to move in when might we see some rain. we'll talk about it coming up next.
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>> there is no easing back from the holiday on capitol hill. congress is kicking off a legislative sprint before the end of the year. lawmakers have some tough decisions and some tough deadlines in the days ahead for us. catherine heenan is here to explain it all catherine. yeah. congress is kicking off a legislative sprint. there are several crucial deadlines before the end of the year. government funding again. remember set to run out friday. lawmakers are weighing a short term solution to avoid a shutdown and they are racing to raise the debt limit. the treasury secretary janet yellen believes the federal government can pay its bills through december 15th. but it's not sure if it's got enough money to do so after
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that date, some republicans, meantime, are arguing that democrats should go ahead and lift the debt limit on their own. the debt limit in the past has been the result of bipartisan negotiations. >> bipartisan both about the spending bipartisan both about the debt limit. if you haven't noticed republicans have not been invited in at all to discuss this. >> meanwhile, democrats moving ahead with the build back better bill and the senate is expected to make some changes to the social spending and climate package. the senate also needs to address the national defense authorization act. that's an annual defense policy bill after lawmakers failed to reach a deal before thanksgiving break and it is not only congress facing some really big decisions. the supreme court is getting ready to hear a major abortion case. this is out of mississippi. wednesday. the court will hear arguments over a new abortion law. it would ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy
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activists on both sides of the debate say depending on how the court rules. this could effectively and roe versus wade and rupa remove a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. and of course we will be monitoring all of these big decisions closely will bring you and the updates reporting in studio. catherine heenan kron 4 news. catherine, thank you. the post office has put out its deadlines for shipping packages so that they arrive on time for christmas. >> first class mail needs to be in the mailbox by december 17th priority mail packages need to be out by the 18th. if you need your shipments to travel as fast to santa overnight and today express service items are due by the 23rd of december shipping companies are hiring thousands of temporary workers. a season as they get ready for more packages than last year. >> in southern california. a naval base is being tapped to help alleviate congestion and storage problems at los angeles county for its in time for the holiday shopping
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period. the ventura county star is reporting the port of y me, me has an agreement with naval base. ventura county to use a war 2 buildings and land inside the base. the extra land will make it easier to process more cargo while keeping congestion down the joint use agreement dates back to 2002. but this is the first time in more than a decade that it has been activated. meantime in southern california, a naval base is being tapped, as we said, to help in that effort, too deal with congestion. and we'll keep an eye on that as we watch port developments as well here in the oakland bay area. >> meantime, the biden administration says stores will be fully stocks in time for the holidays. the president hosted ceos of several major retailers at the white house today in an effort to calm american concerns about product shortages. the event aims to tackle global supply chain bottleneck bottlenecks, rather and inflation to the holiday
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shopping season on transportation a transportation expert says the president is too temporarily loosened truck driver our regulations and let younger drivers enter the system. >> well, the halls are decked at the white house today for president biden's first white house christmas. this year's decorating decorations are honoring frontline workers, and teachers and grocery workers were among those celebrated in this year's gingerbread white house volunteers decorated more than 40 christmas trees hung 6,000 feet of ribbon and place more than 10,000 ornaments. nearly 80,000 brightening the halls this holiday season. let's check on our 4 zone forecast as we celebrate the holiday season here to this is a live look outside along the embarcadero with the bay bridge in the install those
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lights on the bay bridge. it's like every night is certainly feels that way. but the weather not cooperating these temperatures almost summer like in some parts of the bay area and. >> well, we've actually got that fog. that is now moving back on shore right now. kind of a thick fog. settling right near the surface. but it looks beautiful. coming through the golden gate bridge. look at the shot right now. you can see it coming down beneath the towers there. so squashed right down near the surface and are big dome of high pressure. if you're on the golden gate bridge right now. yeah, it's pretty great coming across. look at that headed through. we've got some of that fog out there, some true ground fog right now along the coastline we saw this week on shore about the middle of the day. it's kind of hanging around now that on shore breeze continues. but there's a sense you can are seeing here in the north bay a little bit of a northerly wind beginning develop. that's that offshore breeze probably in the clear our skies as we head to the day tomorrow. but the overall trend, you've got a huge dome of high pressure in control and that ridge does not want to break down what you get a system like this
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setting itself up just takes a long time for these ridges breakdown. so we stay dry and it looks like that will continue for tomorrow. the temperatures outside right now cooling off. you're in the 40's. now low 50's in the dublin, 54 degrees and lael 50 degrees insanely at 53 in san anselmo the trend. now you see the jet stream. well, to the north and boy, those storms lined up out there again, going to pummel the pacific northwest. get up into canada, get vancouver very heavy rainfall coming their way. we're left with sunshine and hazy conditions and high pressure kind of just reestablished itself. we get these fronts are over the top of that ridge. occasionally we'll see a.couple high clouds after that comes that sunshine again tomorrow. no exception will be back in the 70's around a good part of the bay area. the valleys 73 in concord 71 the napa valley about 72 degrees in san jose. i know some 60's, maybe a couple of patches of fog lingering near the coastline next couple of days. more sunshine coming your way may be cooling down into friday and saturday and then lot of part of the weekend. i think
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sunday into monday, at least a hint of a cold front coming through, maybe bring some showers in northern california right now that may open the door to some more rain for us next week. okay. thank you. lord jesus christ vaccine makers are scrambling to respond to the new variants when you can expect to see some. >> covid-19 shots. it are aimed at stopping across that. still ahead, plus, prices at the pump may be starting to settle down the cost of gasoline going down across the nation. how the bay area compare after the break.
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>> we might tonight, gas prices have stabilized somewhat nationwide. and here in the bay area, although california prices are still inching upward just a little bit. aaa says gas prices in the bay area gone up or down only a fraction of a cent in most areas. recent fluctuations in the price of crude oil have helped. as for the gas prices here in the bay area. napa has the highest prices in almost $5 a gallon. you can see san francisco for 88 center fell 4887 for 80 in oakland has the lowest prices at 4.79 a gallon. >> in the south bay san jose's ongoing effort to clear the city's largest homeless camps is making some progress. however, some of the advocates for people who are homeless are pushing back on the strategy. the city's largest homeless camp is now surrounded by concrete k rail barriers. it is a temporary
8:26 pm
solution designed to keep people without homes. from returning to their previous campsite. yet many of the unhoused people living in the camp have relocated next door just east of spring street near columbus park advocates for those with at how without say the barriers and doing more harm than good by making it difficult on those trying to bring food and other services into the area. we've had trouble thanksgiving. we distributed maybe 500 meals. >> and we had to get back up on spring street to get into the camp. we had to go down the trail with a truck and distribute the meals where if we have access from the roadway. it's just so much easier. >> the barriers went up just before thanksgiving and the faa gave the city an ultimatum ultimatum to clear the camp or risk losing millions of dollars in federal money. in a statement, the airport said in part this closure creates a long dead in street that still
8:27 pm
allows for unhoused residents and service providers to access the area helps decrease through traffic to increase safety and helps prevent illegal dumping the barriers are to stay in place until the june deadline for the entire 40 acre site. to be clear as per the faa ultimatum. >> coming up next. tonight on kron, 4 news at a keeping an eye out for the latest variant. how state health officials. keeping tabs on what strains of covid are still circulating in california and that on the kron variant is already causing some problems for travelers. the new travel bans are taking effect and out expected to affect bay area airports. plus cyber monday coming to a close. we're. 2 and a half hours away where you can still find some good deals before time runs out. those stories and more after the break. was it 3 and a
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>> no cases of on the kron. the new covid variant have yet been detected in california but state officials they are keeping an eye out for the new covid-19 variant first found in south africa's not yet on the list of 10 variants actively being tracked here in california with no cases detected here yet or even in the united states overall. but most experts say it's only a matter of time. if the variant does arrive, it won't take long to find it. california has a partnership with the private sector called covid net officials say this genome sequencing process will help detect the on the kron variant
8:31 pm
early right now. the data still show a previous variants of concern still has its grips in california's that is the course. the delta variant that accounts for 99% of cases sequenced by covid net covid numbers are increasing slightly following the holiday weekend. with a now a 3% positivity rate statewide. >> california is averaging about 4,100 new covid cases every day. state leaders have warned of a potential winter surge that coupled with all mccraw on the new variant of concern. all of that prompting governor newsom's tweet while he was on vacation saying in part, we will continue to be guided by data and science. right now. the best way we know to protect yourself is to get vaccinated and get your booster. go today. don't wait. tonight at 8, a booster shot may soon be available for some teenagers pfizer is reportedly asking the fda to authorize a 3rd dose. >> for 1617 year-olds
8:32 pm
according to the washington post's request for authorization is expected to be filed sometime this week when that happens, the post says regulators are expected to quickly sign off on the extra shots currently booster shots are only authorized for those 18 years and older have been fully vaccinated for at least 6 months. this as the cdc now recommends all us adults get their booster shot previously needs to be over the age of 65 or be at an increased risk of the virus to qualify for that booster. you are now eligible for the booster. as pam just mention, if you are at least 18 years old and it's been at least 6 months past your last dose of pfizer or moderna or 2 months past year, j and j vaccine. california had already expanded access to boosters for all adults president biden says the country is working on a plan to deal with the new variant. he's expected to outline that plan on thursday meantime, vaccine manufacturing companies are
8:33 pm
rushing to update their formulas for the on the kron variant pfizer and moderna both say that they will be able to roll out an updated vaccine to fight the new variant of covid by early next year. >> a number of european nations have started to restrict travel after the new variant was detected in south africa last week. the variant has also been detected in countries, including the netherlands in canada, germany and the u k doctor anthony fauci says he would not be surprised if the new variant is already in the united states travel bans are now in place for non us citizens coming from 8 different countries, including south africa. here's a look at those countries. so white house first announced the restrictions last week. >> in an effort to try to contain the spread of the new covid strain on the kron today president biden acknowledged while the travel restrictions cannot prevent the spread of the variant. they can slow the spread. >> it gives us time gives us time to take more actions to
8:34 pm
move quicker make sure people understand you have to get your vaccine. you have to get the shot. you have to get get the booster. if you. >> as for how the new variant is affecting air travel in and out of the bay area. most flies are not expected to be affected at sfo. there are very few direct flights from that part of the world travelers would connect through heathrow or jfk or another large airport. >> still, though, passing through those passing through say that a crime variant is raising some concerns now it's become very scary. the fly because now that the book about the new. new of i don't. if a covid-19 it's become k. the job and especially in the afternoon. yeah. because like, you know, it's was a don't know. okay to divide us know. that's become a >> so far those restrictions only apply to those 8
8:35 pm
countries from the southern portion of africa. there is no indication at this point that the ban will be widened, although that of course, is a possibility. if the variant of coronavirus becomes a major problem. meantime, several other countries are also taking measures to prevent this variant from spreading further. japan has announced that it is closing its borders to all foreign travelers. the restriction starts tomorrow and will last for one month. japanese citizens returning from 14 countries including great britain and germany will also be subject to more strict quarantine requirements. israel is banning foreign nationals for 14 days and is also expanding a mandatory quarantine for vaccinated israelis arriving from abroad. >> air travel is almost back to prepandemic levels, at least when it comes to holiday goings and cummings. tsa says it screened 2.4, 5 million, almost 2 and a half million people yesterday. that is the busiest day since the pandemic
8:36 pm
began and 85% of the volume seen on the same day back in 2019. it's also double the number of people who passed through airports on that day last year over the entire thanksgiving holiday weekend. the tsa says it screened 20.9 million passengers. the total number of air travelers for the weekend was 89% prepandemic levels. and speaking of their travel. that's a look. said sfo would give you a live picture of san francisco airport. >> lowers the standing by to tell have tried to figure out long range forecast long and i said they like, oh, you're talking about i know. but hey, you know, it's that rain back in the bay area. looks like it's going to take some time to get things going to get a big dome of high pressure overhead like this. hard to break through. but out there tonight, you see some of that dense fog around sfo. you see the lights of san bruno mountain up above the fog down below. so far no delays. >> they reported any local some good news as far as a
8:37 pm
long-range is concerned, here we go. we'll put this into motion here. you can see as we head through time that ridge just dominated the weather. so you see a couple cold fronts drop over the top of the ridge, occasionally we'll get a couple of passing clouds. but then that ridge starts to build in again. now there's a hint of a change as we get into early next week and here comes the following monday computer model does want to bring a chance of rain least in the far northern california. unfortunately, it's running right into that ridge of high pressure. watch what happens and moved to the bay area. there goes long gone. so but the maybe the more important thing. it may just open the door kind of breakdown that ridge and allow a series of storms, possibly the 2nd half of the month. so the model started paying a little more rain coming our direction. alright temperature wise tomorrow plan. lots 60's out there in the san francisco pena some numbers cooler along the coastline. mainly in the 60's there you'll find some 70's inside the bay. in fact, looking nice as you work your way into the south bay. by tomorrow afternoon. maybe some mid 70's just a bit on the hazy side. so right now we're going to keep things dry and
8:38 pm
looks like temperatures are going to be slowly cooling down into friday and saturday. more clouds come monday. but right now we'll keep things mostly dry. >> thank you lauren. still ahead tonight, the weekend shopping spree coming to a close where you can find the best cyber monday deals before time runs out. plus staying safe while getting into the holiday spirit, the hazards. you can avoid while decorating your home. but first, another report of an unruly passenger why a flight crew says they had no option but to tied down one woman on a flight fr
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>> another incident was an alleged unruly passenger this weekend. a spirit airlines passenger was restrained with zip ties after allegedly attacking flight attendants. the flight was heading to nashville from fort lauderdale, florida on saturday. the flight crew sent a 42 year-old woman started punching and pulling flight attendants hair. another passenger restrained, the passenger that was involved in all of this with zip ties until the plane landed nashville. police arrested her once the plane was on the ground. the incident is under investigation. the passenger was charged with public intoxication. >> one week after the waukesha christmas parade tragedy. people came together at a vigil to remember the lives lost and pray for those who are still recovering. you see some of them here. 6 people died. dozens of others were injured last sunday when a man plowed through a crowd of people trying to enjoy the
8:42 pm
holiday festivities. >> i know someone in the hospital she go so anxious and and i'm just here support the community and just come together. >> children's wisconsin hospital says 7 children are still in the hospital's care. 3 are still in serious condition. darrell brooks, a man accused in this tragedy is facing 6 homicide charges. >> coming up next in sports klay thompson was in santa cruz today working out with the warriors, g league team will show you how he looked sports. director
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twitter co-founder jack dorsey is stepping down as ceo dorsey says company's chief technology officer will take over. >> dorsey will remain on the board until may of next year to help with the transition. he's led the company for 16 years earlier we asked seen at at it or large ensure about the change in leadership and what that could mean for twitter's future. >> well, if you look at other companies out there who now have not been found or ceos by having these people who have deep experience with the companies, but also have kind of fresh take on things you have examples where microsoft turned around a lot of their culture and started working together in ways that they had under the previous leadership. you have google trying to kind of find its next big thing after search and even when you
8:46 pm
think about where all these other companies are going apple went from being already a large company to being one of the largest tech companies in history and that was all under 10 cook. so for twitter. a lot of this opportunity is saying, ok, well, maybe we reconsider the way we handle stuff like harassment maybe we start reconsidering the way we handle how we build community and what we look at community, what we think of as a good community on twitter. >> dorsey co-founded twitter in 2006. he served as ceo until 2008 before being pushed out of the role he returned to lead the social media giant again in 2015 after former ceo costolo stepped down twitter. shares have jumped 85% since dorsey took over as ceo 6 years ago. >> foia money experts are predicting nearly 63 million shoppers are expected to take advantage of cyber monday deals. well, it's not too late for you to still take part.
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rich demuro has some tips on how to tackle one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >> cyber monday is one of the best days of the year to shop because pretty much every retailer is offering some sort of bargain here are the tips to help make sure you are getting a deal. when the receipts are tallied. cyber monday expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. cyber monday is the time to buy. according to adobe analytics consumers expected to spend over 11 billion dollars. a new record. what you want to use cyber monday 4 is your opportunity to things that you want. >> if they are in stock. bethany our is a shopping reporter at mashable the website developed a scarcity score to help shoppers know which items will be tough to get this year. we consulted a panel of supply chain experts. we gave them a list of the most in demand text of the season. we asked them to give it a ranking. we average all there's force together and we came up with the scarcity is for the easiest to get kitchen and home tech, you'll have no
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problem. buying air fryers drones vr headsets and robot vacuums. the toughest gaming console and pc gaming components like graphics cards, apple products fall somewhere in the middle. so if you see in stocks added to the car hit by because otherwise you might be wrapping a picture and said a present on christmas morning your strategy start with a list of the gifts you want to buy and visit websites to see cyber monday offers and don't be afraid to go direct. sometimes product manufacturers have extra savings. if you sign up for emails or texts. browser extensions can help fill in coupon codes. try retail me not honey and simply codes. finally for price checks camel camel camel shows a product's amazon price history having a sense of what you're looking for is definitely a good strategy because otherwise things can get very overwhelming very quickly, ok, so once you're done shopping for gifts, don't forget about any yearly subscriptions that you might have cyber monday is
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typically a great day to lock in a discount on those as well. alright falling to any of the shopping tools. i mentioned that got them on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. >> i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the niners won their 3rd straight game on sunday when they took down the vikings. but it did not come without cost deebo samuel and fred warner have already been ruled out for next week's divisional matchup with the seahawks who just lost. by the way, through the washington football team for deebo it's a strained groin and he will be out one to 2 weeks. warner. he's dealing with a hamstring kyle shanahan. about who will have to step up for diva. >> it's been a big part of our offense. but i think we're in a spot right now that we overcome came in yesterday made a huge play. i use 7 up
8:50 pm
each week doing better. yes, each coming along. but to give all travelers been more opportunities anyways have beat out there and it will get a healthier better each weekend. i'm going do a little too. >> day by day, brick by brick. that's been klay thompson's attitude as he works toward a return to the court for the first time in over 2 and a half years. >> and man, it is getting so close. i can just feel it today. the santa cruz warriors released a video showing clay scrimmaging. and as you can see, it's like riding a bike for someone as skilled at play. look at that picture. perfect jump shot. but i caution you. you have to be patient. i'd be irresponsible if i didn't remind everyone at home. just how tough it is, what clay is doing. coming back from those 2 traumatic injuries. santa cruz coach seth cooper shared his thoughts on clay practicing today. he was cleared for full
8:51 pm
go. >> everything we did was full of 100%. he was going there was no holding them back in u.s. live stream of live today in practice. he was totally lives. so there was no point back goes, it was just really what im going. but in experience playing all out and he did that. and he looked really good at doing that. >> you know, lose that jump shot overnight. a's fans. they've been nervous that there would be a roster fire sale. this offseason and for good reason. they've already lost manager bob melvin starling marte a mark hanna. but today the organization resign, chad pender and tony kemp, 2 good players for them. so hey, all is not lost a fan just to have those guys. golf icon. lee elder has died at the age of 87 elder with the first black offer to play in the masters at augusta national.
8:52 pm
>> he paved the way for golfers like tiger woods who went on to be one of the best ever. and it's in a sport that frankly still has a huge diversity problem. may he rest in peace earlier this year. he was honored at augusta national before the with jack nicholas and it was a a really, really emotional day for him and for golfers and especially golfers of color because, you know. not super long ago. there are a lot of courses around this country where we weren't even allowed to be playing on. so he's definitely going to be missing. he's a trailblazer in the sport have salute lee. thank you, jason. >> coming up tonight. you may want to start making room in your wallet? like gift cards could be a more popular presents this holiday season.
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>> for your money. shoppers hit the stores black friday. but not yet at the same number seeing before the pandemic brick and mortar shopping was down about 28% compared to 2019. but according to data from sensor ramik solutions, in-store shopping jumped by 48% compared to last year when most shoppers stay home for the first time ever online shopping on black friday dropped by about 100 million dollars analysts say that this likely indicates consumers are prioritizing in-store shopping
8:56 pm
this year. >> in order to avoid shipping delays or they will buy online and then pick up at the store. if you can't find the gifts on your list because of supply chain issues. gift cards might be your best option. this year in a new poll, 3 quarters of people say they've been affected by the supply chain problems. the data show people may be opting for giving gift cards instead this year and if you don't want to send one or ship without gift cards are also an option. with the holiday season here. the consumer product safety commission is warning people about decorating hazards. the agency's advice is pretty basic. >> things such as making sure your christmas lights to not include any frayed or exposed wires. also getting somebody to spot you. if you're using a letter to hang them up. also keep your christmas tree. well water so you can reduce the risk of fire might be an awkward conversation to have with somebody. can you spot letter who's going to do that when you're really close to
8:57 pm
him. that's true. that does it for us at 8 o'clock. and vicki and grant are here to tell us what's coming up at 9? yeah. we want to catch the person. knew that right. but letter right to stabilize yes, a 1. one on speed. dial ready to about it. have you know, they should thanks for the tips coming up next on kron, 4 news at night. a highway patrol officer. the crazy. >> story here. maybe you've seen the video hospitalized after a truck driver. they were trying to arrest a tow truck driver rammed the chp vehicle right near the bay bridge toll plaza. what we're learning about that story tonight and a business owner in oakland is debating whether keeping the shop open is worth dealing with the constant break. ins seen a few minutes.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news the hard part for a lot of small business owners in talking to several. >> is that we really don't know what the city is doing. this violence new at 9, another small business burglarized in oakland. the latest to be victimized. >> is a shop called renegade running it on grand avenue near broadway. good evening, everybody. welcome to it. kron 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus surveillance cameras captured


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