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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 30, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> and thanks for joining us on a tuesday. i'm sorry a full. and i'm james fletcher and i ran into a little bit of fog on my way and i'm curious about you coming in from the north i have no idea. i did not know. i i i i'm pretty sure look, i'm looking at the goal to don't check. don't cheat. it was clear it was killer. talking about some spotty fog know didn't hit me i was in the bubble. it's just james's levels coming through. the only one i didn't see it either. so but there definitely are patches out there just to confirm what james is saying. it's just patches and only for some of us and mostly for those inland areas. a couple spots right along the bay are certainly in the midst of the fog as well, though the golden gate bridge is not one of those spots. absolutely. a clear start to the morning. now, chp has issued a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. so do watch for maybe a couple of areas around the morning headlines that are looking at that. but the bridge itself is good. hayward mountain view san jose and santa rosa each
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looking at visibility at least being affected in pockets. this isn't super widespread. it's that patchy kind of fog. so you may be leaving the house just fine. and then 5 minutes later be driving right into one of those lower visibility spots now skies are otherwise going to remain dry and most current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. so of course you want the jackets ready to go. that is an assumption that you should just be making from this point forward. during our morning hours. now, as far as our bridges go, we are looking at a very easy drive into work. i've done checking of the chp logs and we still don't really have any issues out there of course you're going to start to see traffic picking up now. but overall, we're good to go the metering lights are not yet on at the bay bridge. so from the maze to fremont street. it's only 7 picking up a little bit on the san mateo bridge from a 81 to one. that's a 12 minute commute and the golden gate bridge as daria confirmed is free of fog. >> over the sea and there's no and just the back to you guys.
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>> we will not only police department over 678 officers. but in fact, maintain. >> those middle staffing. look that, as you know, is oakland mayor libby schaff and there she is promising to make changes. >> to combat the violent crime that we have seen in oakland and in effect by ourselves. here comes and we're also going to be hearing from a local police chief leronne armstrong to about the recent murders. >> that we've seen there in oakland and the staff concerns with opd. there's a lot of issues after trying juggle to fix the for sarah stinson is live in the newsroom with the details. sarah, what are they going to do differently. >> well, local police department there not only facing this increased violence but also seeing minimal staffing. so this morning the oakland police chief will be holding that press conference to discuss the staffing issues and all the recent homicides that we have seen in this was an ounce hours after mayor libby schaff, as you just heard, says she plans to
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propose hiring more police officers in front of council this week. the city saw its 127 shooting death this year on sunday right after additional tactical teams were put into place to support patrol officers responding to this uptick in violent crimes. within last week. 3 lives have been lost. one of our own to violence. there's also been 44 instances of gunfire and 35 robberies. officers have recovered nearly 1000, 100 guns within the last year. the department says the city must come together to stop this from continuing police did insist the additional tactical teams helped reduce crime over the holiday weekend. but that's something we need to ask more about at today's press conference will be clarity on that city leaders say the increased gun violence is a public health crisis. i talked with karl chan with the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce explains what can be done to stop repeat offenders. >> they feel very.
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>> a cent. afraid. and that's on a good feeling so many people committing crimes. consequences. time what we call hatch and knees. we're just not going to help. the bail system not working as well because, you know, basically giving me anything to signal cash bail and they just i would be nice. >> yesterday. mayor libby schaaf. she also mentioned the city's bail policies saying the that she plans to look closer at it and the amount of time it takes cases to go to trial as well as the ability of holding people accountable accountable to the fullest extent the mayor also says she will make a case to council on friday. 2 rivers police budget cuts and hiring freezes that are currently scheduled to start in 8 months from now, a major topic of today's press conference with mayor with chief armstrong will be staffing shortages. so we
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really look forward to learning more because yesterday we were trying to get some of these answers for you and today we plan on getting them for now reporting live in the newsroom. sarah stinson, back to you. all right. thank you, sarah. >> so happening right now, let's continue with the oakland where oakland police are asking for the public's help to help find the car that might be connected to the killing. a crop poor security guard. kevin, the he was shot and killed while on assignment last wednesday we have a picture of the car that police are looking for. here. it is. it's a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl four-door sunroof. as you can see, it doesn't have a front license plate. police say the gunman shot the shooter while trying to steal our reporter's camera now that she passed away on saturday morning from his injuries and as the investigation goes on, city leaders in oakland are coming together now to honor him. >> he deserves to be caught. >> and to have been. working with a sense of protection in the city and not shown up for
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work. with any fear or trepidation losing his life. no one have the opportunity meet. >> kevin on several occasions and always, a warm inviting sort of smile. company have. my heart broke when i initially learned of his passing. >> 32,000, $500 reward now being offered for any information leading to an arrest if you think you know where that white car is who owns it or who might be behind the shooting. let police know by the way, a fund has been set up for kevin's family cash or check donation can be made to the kevin the she to trust at metropolitan bank at that location in person or you can mail it to the address that you see on your screen and this information is also on our website, kron 4 dot com so you can access it later. but if you can donate, please do something. miss him. we're not going to give up. we're not going to give up trying to
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solve the problems in oakland and it sounds like neither are the police and. >> now there's little chef. everybody just wants to make the whole bay area safer for everybody. let's stay in the east bay. there's a disturbing trend in young teenagers involved in crimes. a 12 year-old in a 30 to 13 year-old. >> were recently arrested in connection for 2 separate car. jackings 1213 years old. this happened friday night in san leandro, a pizza delivery driver was robbed and carjacked at gunpoint. a 13 year-old boy was arrested for that. the second car jacking and with a crash early sunday morning. we told you about that. a 13 year-old boy who had a gun is accused of taking a car in oakland leading police on a chase through antioch before it ended in oakley. the teen and a 12 year-old were arrested. one local organization believes that more needs to be done to keep kids away from a life of crime. i continue to be heartbroken. >> by by seeing this. it is
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it's not far removed from any of us. what else can we do while we even have them in our presence. it's not ok, here's the key. you do some time. and that's it. what rehabilitation can happen. well, we have their attention. we have them. >> here. people like an odd are going to make a difference. people. it's going to take everybody because this is continuing to happen. last month. police arrested an 11 year-old and some other kids in connection with a crime spree in berkeley. we don't their names, of course, because their children. but this is all part of the same problem and everybody's looking for different solutions. then there's seniors that are being targeted there being worn be careful while they're wearing jewelry outside 2 thefts happened in san ramon over the holidays and many more throughout the bay area. 2 seniors were robbed in plain daylight. one near bowes. a park in the other along cinnamon ridge road and boost
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that both cases the seniors were just out walking. but alone and wearing jewelry. the seas started to chat with them first from the car. then they got out of their car and then they took the jewelry. nobody was injured, but seniors are being warned about this and told to be careful. >> well, new this morning, the over coronavirus continues to spread around the world. the netherlands, france, japan. they've all confirmed their first cases. meanwhile, here in the bay area. health officials are also speaking out about this latest strain of covid-19 kron four's terisa stasio has the latest. >> but obviously concerned that this is that this is a variant that has taken over very rapidly when it comes a variance. we really look at 3 things to determine what impact it might have. the doctor. matt willis marin county's public health officer on how counties are concerned and cautious as work continues to better understand this latest variant of sars covid too.
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>> the virus that causes covid-19 clear that it's it's likely to be as infectious or more infectious. the delta variant, the other 2 things we look at our are perhaps even more important. what is the severity of illness that causes. >> i would say as we wait to get additional information. i think that we are we have very important things in place that will just give you 2 examples. doctor sara cody santa clara's public health officer says genetically sequencing cases allows them to detect the variant faster. >> an act quicker. the other is that we have a very robust vaccination infrastructure and pretty high vaccination rate. both here and in this region. and i think that's going to keep us. well, protected. its people are recognizing the value. >> and the protection. the vaccine offers and choosing to get it, which is great. i think we're in way better spot. i'm i'm cautiously optimistic but obviously still waiting for the on the new
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variant and and we'll know more in a few weeks and that from contra, costa county's health officer. and while the doctor says more data is needed to stay ahead. >> he says doctors agree so far vaccines work and social distancing masks and testing are vital in this latest fight against the pandemic no matter the variant, theresa kron 4 news. >> well, pfizer is expected to seek authorization now for a covid vaccine booster for teenagers, 1617 years old right now it's only authorized for adults. so that's 18 and up, but adults can get an extra dough 6 months after their second shot of pfizer or moderna or 2 months after their single dose of j j's vaccine. the fda could approve the request from pfizer's early as next week. we'll let you know if that happens. >> it's 5.11 right now. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and east bay business targeted by fees. and now the owner is considering whether they need to close shop. and after the break,
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i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> 5.14 right now. and i followed up on what we talked about yesterday. our first of all, that's why menorah and this is the stuff that country. i've had their there is this is what's so we to because was like that. it small but yeah, so so we talked about this yesterday
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and will john have a habit behind you so you can measure it and see how tall says an accurate a size comparison. hold on. i don't know if we have in the there. set your about 6 feet. -7 also one like 6, 3 are you. oh, well, my tree will tone. so at that i decided i had my daughter hold up a tape measure. we said how tall is good. she held it up and then she said i think i want a guy about that talk. but that was a so, yeah, i went with a fake tree and there's a little you can't tell there's a little bit of the snowy got to tell you. all right. that i know that that's night not kosher. we don't use that word. it's not that's not a thing. like a lot of people like that does get all to deal with it, ok. it's fake. i miss the snow yeah. we're not having any snow for god knows how long method site at all. you tell me at least a week and a at least so how about
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after that? i mean, i mean, i hope things look at long-term forecasts are showing good chance of dry weather got out and a lot of like the 3 3 months forecast who are showing better chance of dry weather specially to our south. we're right on the cusp here. >> and that's a super typical la nina pattern. again, a coin toss. exactly. exactly for the bay. it's a coin toss for southern california it's likely to be the sad thing is like british columbia washington, oregon there. flooding like very of seattle saying we've got to set up some sort of pipeline if we can build an oil pipeline from the gul . why can't we build a water pipeline from the seattle area down here. but all those smarts to all the drought. and i don't know what more can do. thank just bring the atmospheric river down here with. so only saying all this because we've got all the talk about yours like sunny nice gorgeous again. yeah, right. that's it all over again. and for the foreseeable
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future use the yeah. it's in this way today. the changes we do have some patchy fog. that is actually been an issue for some of our inland valleys as well as out towards half moon bay right along the coastline skies. otherwise will be clear today. there's your continued rainfall for washington for western candidate, these areas as we mentioned, have seen. well, too much of it high pressure. ridge is keeping us dry and also keeping us a bit hazy. this creates a cap across the bay. so a lot of those pollutants that we put up making our commutes in and out of work, just stays with us. and that is making for moderate air quality yet again, if you have respiratory conditions, you may have noticed that view and also that feel of it yesterday. now futurecast shows clear skies today. more of that tomorrow. december 1st starting off the month and a really dry and mild note. sure. this weather is very enjoyable. but we just need that rainfall at this point we were so hopeful in october. november has not brought it and it looks like the start of december is not going to either 60's for your
5:18 am
highs south and some 70's even right along the coastline, maybe foggy this morning and happen bay. we do have a really nice afternoon ahead. burlingame at 71 degrees for your high. we've got saying carlos and woodside each at 72 in the south bay some of our warmest campbell at 74 degrees second day in a row. you're a warm spot in the bay freeman through hayward in the low 70's. same for you in the tri valley on up through walnut creek, oakland and richmond each at 69 for your highs. same for sonoma while napa at 68 degrees santa rosa and petaluma at 70 degrees each now tomorrow's temperatures start the new month and a very similar note. we do cool a couple of degrees after that falling into the upper 60's for your average highs for the rest of the forecast. now the weekend ahead, does look comfortable, but cool enough to keep the jackets on hand as far as our bridges goes. look at this we have a change on the bay bridge. we were very clear. but some of bayside fog is starting to settle in now and it will have an impact at bridge level. so it's still an
5:19 am
easy go. we don't have the metering lights on yet. so it's still only 8 minutes from the maze to fremont street. but here's an instance where you should be watching out for some of that patchy fog is beginning to form san mateo bridge for me 80 to one o. one is a 12 minute commute about the same traffic volume that i saw during my last check with you and the golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls. an 18 minute commute there. one thing to note 5, 80 east at the harrison street off-ramp over in oakland does have a report of a fire. so if you are taking that off-ramp again, that saw 5.80 east just keep note of that. back to you guys. thanks a lot, john. it's 5.19 and. >> have you been to the stores to they have what you need. the president says they will despite the supply chain backlog in the u.s. the president hosted several major retailers at the white house because we want to calm the concerns of everybody that, you know, we're going to not get what we need because it's stuck on ships. this was a aimed at. they were talking
5:20 am
about how to tackle the problem of the bottlenecks in getting all that stuff to the stores and to your doorstep, one transportation expert says the president needs to temporarily loosen truck driver. our regulation to let younger drivers enter the system. >> the only thing that the government, ken, do. >> say. increased flexibility, especially the short term companies have their own interest in making this approach and work because otherwise they got nothing to set. >> all right. i don't know if all that was too vague for you because james, i told you what was up about a month they're considering lowering the truck driver age from i think it's 21 now to like the 18 teams. so kids who had a license for 3 years would be able to us, pick truck. i i'm a little leery myself. plus, what is just too late for those like right now. we need that. my target stuff like i need it
5:21 am
today. helping any way. this thing has lead to obviously problems with your, you know, amazon orders problems at the ports. yeah. port of oakland port of oakland is actually they've seen their down because it's all jammed up in southern california. the stuff's getting up to them because they offload their first before they can move on up to oklahoma what more can southern california do because they're already 20%. you see. so they're already 24 7 there. i focus i don't think it's going to be solved this christmas despite the fact and the white house meeting, which is awesome. but i mean, they're talking about long-term solutions. the president to talk again. he's going have another dress and talk about the backlog in the supply chain and we'll see what he says found the i can tell you there were 10 of them. >> but i defy the tree. there are no stars that i want in any way that those are all out. and i got an amazon delivery yesterday. so, you know, you know what's working for you coming through. and there's a little air. all right. let's talk also about washington to says lawmakers are coming back this week. they have a lot to do now and the end of the year and there's a lot of pressure for them to get it done. it
5:22 am
happens every year. make no mistake about it. but the pressure is really on this time around. all right. well, i'm not going to squeeze anna wiernicki other dc correspondent say when will they get these things done. let's just see let's just get an yeah. i n a. >> hi. well, that's a great question. and yesterday when the senate got back to work. they return yesterday. the house is coming back today the president's build back a better bill is really dominating talk among democrats this week. but really the top priority is funding the government before friday. >> the center will come to order. congress is back to work this week with a lot to do and not a lot of time to get it done. the end of the year. legislative mad dash is officially upon us. texas republican senator john cornyn says congress has 2 weeks to pass the national defense authorization act avoid a debt crisis by the 15th and fund the government before it runs out of money on friday. risks
5:23 am
leaving millions of americans without a paycheck, right before the christmas holidays or punching on our funding responsibilities once again, cornyn and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell say democrats are instead prioritizing president biden's build back better bill colleagues across the aisle slammed and spend the week ahead. >> ways to waste america's money. well, making america's problems. >> even worse. the nearly 2 trillion dollars spending bill needs the support of all 50 senate democrats to pass and right now west virginia democrat joe manchin says he's concerned the bill is too expensive meetings were held over the thanksgiving weekend. we will continue this week and next week is needed. still senate majority leader chuck schumer says he hopes to deliver the bill to the president's desk by the holiday. our goal continues to be to get this done before christmas. >> and if the senate makes any changes to the spending bill.
5:24 am
the house would have to vote on it again making that christmas deadline a little more difficult for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki back to you. and are you and and basil bay as we are. do you ever in the same room because he's the other dc correspondent. >> we are sometimes that we all have such offices schedule that he actually just got married so he out of town for a quite a bit ok. all well, tell we said hi, yes, that we were nicer to you than we would have been to have gridlock chat with you and thank you so much. all right. we'll take a quick break. 5.24, you're horrible to them. i when we come back, what call the wrong way. driver. >> crashes into role car at the plaza all caught on camera. we'll tell you what's goine on here. wow.
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>> 5.20, see, you got to see and hear the details about this crazy thing and how it happened. the tow truck jamming and ramming into a chp car on the bay bridge. so what happened was the police say the man stole the tow truck from his nephew. by the way, drove it in the wrong direction on a t and then as you can see, ended up hitting truck because it i mean that as a peacock, is it went the wrong way on the bay bridge and then turned around. anyway. the police finally did corral the driver and they were able to arrest him and nobody else was hurt because he did hit another car to and this whole process. everybody
5:28 am
is okay and they took the guy into custody. crazy stuff. >> will trend live in san jose where little bit later this morning. disgraced founder of theranos elizabeth hones will be back on the witness stand. but today prosecutors will get but today prosecutors will get a crack at her cla ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪
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>> 5.30 right now and call let
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i mean, speaking of which, did you do your outside lights yesterday. i will ask not that i did not have amazon box i got was the lights. so okay. tomorrow, if you can keep up with me. we'll see if you send in any pictures, we'll see if it will take pictures with my tree looks like in the room okay. and send us your pictures to the reported tab. i want to see we are outside their houses are looking like, you know, so far because i've only had like one or 2 in the neighborhood so far that i've seen live up to. no time like the present for the holiday spirit. some of pictures in we'll >> it was whenever they come in between now and we needed. yeah. you know, i mean, i think so. all right, john, the 5th time to us. i love the people that are already out there got to decorate to you guys this i for some reason got all the deliveries yesterday ordered like a month ago, amazon day. >> and then yesterday which is ok, it's still very early and i'm very happy about that of
5:32 am
and very ok. as far as the forecast goes for maybe a little shopping or put up those lights. i know that's going to be something a lot of people are concentrating on today and tomorrow as we do start december tomorrow and look at some nice weather to be doing that as well. a view outside right now at the golden gate bridge. it's clear we aren't seeing any fog at the golden gate. that's not the case. everywhere. half moon bay. there are some spots of fog for you and then elsewhere across the bay to we have seen some patches of very dense fog this morning. that is going to have an impact on slowing things down a little bit much fog year star than what we saw yesterday. radar is otherwise clear and dry and temperatures are all of that colder in the 40's and 50's across the bay area. it is cold enough for a jacket. but at least we're staying well above freezing this morning. now, as far as conditions go out there on our roads. one of our foggy spots has now become the bay bridge. it was not this way just about an hour ago the fog is really settled in now. and that is definitely
5:33 am
pretty appearing here at the bay bridge toll plaza still only 9 minutes, but traffic is picking up 13 minutes now from a 80 to one o one across the san mateo bridge. and we're also looking at the golden gate bridge starting to see a little bit more traffic. but that's not saying a lot. it's still pretty empty out there. speaking of a couple of incidents. we do have we have a traffic hazard on the road on to 80 northbound at the meridian avenue on ramp. to 80 near meridian avenue to know. that's around san jose. otherwise things are actually moving along just fine this morning, just slow it down. as you encounter that fog back to you. thanks a lot, john. it's 5.33 and happening in the south bay. >> x their nose founder elizabeth holmes is going to be cross examined by the prosecution in her criminal fraud trial that she's accused of misleading investors and doctors and patients about her blood testing device in order. >> to take their money. kron four's will tran standing by live outside of the courthouse there in santa clara county with the latest. what will expect today will.
5:34 am
>> james this trial is 3 months long and it is still the biggest story in san jose. as far as court cases. look at the people right behind me. they have to format around 4 o'clock in the morning outside the courthouse and it doesn't even open until 8. just so they can be in sizes to say that they were part of this trial. look at all those people in the cold here as far as elizabeth holmes. this will be her 5th day on the witness stand for the last 4 days. she was examined or cross examined by her defense team during all that time. she claims that she was the victim of her ex-boyfriend. sunny. balwani claiming that he's about 20 years older and because he has more experience that he was able to lean on her basically maker do things including her diet sleeping habits, basically not allowing her to be herself when she was running the company. so she is not fully behind all of those
5:35 am
decisions that prosecutors claim led to her being charged with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. and if convicted that, well mean 20 years in prison for her prosecutors. they will cross examine her. we don't know how long it's going to take. but this case has caught national attention because she dropped out of stanford after her first year there she started the company and at one point, james and darya. it was worth 9 billion dollars. her role model was steve jobs actually even wearing the same things that he did, including the black turtleneck. she was a rising star in silicon valley. everything started to crash down 3 years ago with media reports and investigations that her blood testing device was not average eyes as she claimed it to be all the while she was still asking investors to pour in hundreds of millions of dollars worth the money into her company. that prosecutors say that she knew
5:36 am
was not as average highs that did not do everything that she claimed we will be inside the courtroom once it starts. but again, this case has caught national attention to the point where it is cold this morning and these people. they've been out here for the last 90 minutes and they still have a lot of time to go before they can go inside just to say they were inside back to you. >> all right. we'll see what happens today. thank you very much. well. 5.36 stores are still getting hit all around the bay in the east bay. another small business is burglarized. this one in. >> oakland. it's the renegade running shop on grand avenue surveillance cameras captured the thieves breaking into the store. this was on sunday night. and this is 3rd time that this store has been broken into. >> when you're building community and we love being in oakland. and when something like this happens, it's just it's just heart it's sad. of course it's a little scary and frightening. i don't know how many more incidents like this
5:37 am
we can take to keep our doors open. >> all right. because you know, they're losing money. i'm sure they have insurance. and it's just now that i'm asked the owner says that most recent this recent burglary cost them about. >> $5,000. >> let's go to the south bay now where a santa clara shoe store was robbed twice in less than a week by a large group of burglars police say the group of about 2 dozen people forced their way into the store inside the santa clara town center on el camino real. still shoes still close. it happened last tuesday right around one in the morning and then again sunday at around 1130. according to police, no suspects have been arrested yet. we'll keep you updated. meanwhile on the peninsula. daly city police are searching for these 2 people who they say stole more than $3500 worth of merchandise from the macy's at the ceremony shopping center. this will happen on saturday. november. 20th police say the suspects may have left the scene in a white mercedes benz sedan. california license plate. the witness was able to make out
5:38 am
the first number they thought it was an 8 so if you think you recognize the man on your screen, if know anything about that mercedes-benz. ask your asked to call daly city police. they're looking for these 2. seems this morning. >> san francisco police are busy investigating several cases following a violent weekend in the city. police say there were 3 shootings in less than 4 hours and one of them was fatal. the shootings happened in the bayview neighborhood near the mission district. there are also 2 sideshows that happened early sunday morning. there's one of them. a san francisco. one supervisor says that crime is just increasing all across the city. >> definitely some of the violent activity involving guns has ticked up over the previous year. the organizers of this. i knew that there was a lot of attention and focus on the organized retail there's a lot of deployment in other parts of the city and they chose a very quiet commercial corridor.
5:39 am
>> no arrests have been made in the shootings or at the sideshows. in the south bay, a daycare center workers in custody suspected of sexually abusing a child over several years. san jose police say 62 year-old julio cross-code diaz assaulted one child between 2011 2019 while working at a license residential day care facility on mcginness avenue. officers believe they're worried that there could be more victims. so if you have any information about this case or you're concerned about somebody who may be a victim call. the san jose police. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news controversy in the south bay after barriers were placed around a homeless camp will tell you why some say actually doing more harm than good. plus klay thompson practicing with the g league warriors as he gets ready for his return to the war years. this season. this season. >> he loo
5:40 am
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5:42 am
>> 5.42 in the south bay. san jose's ongoing effort to clear the city's largest homeless camps is making some progress. but some advocates are pushing back against it. they don't like it much. the city's largest homeless camp is now surrounded by concrete k rail barriers and that's a temporary solution designed to keep the unhoused from returning to the previous campsites to keep it. no
5:43 am
trespassing. but many of the homeless living in the camp of relocated next door near columbus park and advocates for the homeless say the barriers are doing more harm than good by making it hard for those trying to bring food and other services into the area. we've had trouble thanksgiving. we distribute it may be. >> 500 meals and we had to get back up on spring street to get into the camp. we had to go down a trail with a truck and distribute the meals where if we have access from the roadway. it's just so much easier now, the barriers went up just before thanksgiving and they're going to be there until june of next year. 5.43. and we'll be right back. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the way they exaggerate the surprises they initiate.
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5:47 am
lo going forward. they really want to encourage people to keep conserving water. we're not out of this yet. may not getting the rain we need to fill them back i have nothing left to water. >> now i have nothing left to save. i mean, i'm like really like that. you're going get to where this everybody going to have to let their lawn go completely. just brow. it's gone. yeah. find if you still have a green lawn. we we had that a few years back when we were in the depths of that drought. yeah. i got mud and ellis. not much because we haven't had rain is just dirt right now. yeah. yeah. but i'm waiting for the mud. i know. unfortunately want them hopefully we'll get some of we are looking forward of the days ahead of us but not any time soon. unfortunately we do remain dry. we were so hopeful in october and it's not like we're even into the wettest months the year yet. so there is definitely still an opportunity to catch back up. but november, we're falling behind now and it looks like the start of december is going to continue this dry trend of
5:48 am
weather with very little chance of rainfall ahead of us. these next couple of weeks. you can see this morning certainly dry. at least it's clear from your berkeley hills camera. we have some pockets of fog dense fog in pockets that have formed across the bay having much more of an impact on your commute this morning. that we saw yesterday. so be mindful of that. well, we've drive back out areas to our north or just the opposite. very waterlogged up near the canadian border from seattle northward into western canada. high pressure ridge for us is sending the jet stream to the north keeping things dry. and as you may have noticed on the hazy side. this high-pressure creates a cap right over the bay. so a lot of get trapped right here with us because of that, we're going have another day with moderate air quality today. if you have a sensitivity to that. that is something certainly want to watch out for future cast does show today sunshine. we keep that sunshine around into tomorrow for the first day of december and we will be keeping it around on into the first weekend of december likely into next week, too. so
5:49 am
not a lot of changes in this forecast. we remain mild and dry. certainly comfortable great for travel is great for all your errands, not great for the state's drought 60's for most of our coastal spots. half moon bay, though, right at 70 degrees. we have 70's pretty solidly along the bay shore foster city out 70 palo alto at 71 today. our warmest spot for a second day in a row is campbell at 74 degrees fremont up to hayward in the low 70's. same for the tri valley through walnut creek, oakland, richmond conquered egypt. 69 while the les hill right there as well. we will see napa as well as antioch at 68 degrees center fell also at 68 today. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days today and tomorrow. some of her most mild. we do cool down just a touch come the weekend. but most importantly we are staying dry this weekend and that means easy travels for you. but not necessarily what we want to be seeing. as for our bridges this morning, we are seeing fog picking up and that means for the bay bridge.
5:50 am
you are starting to see lower visibility. you're also starting to see that back of forming behind the toll plaza has now we do have the metering lights on from the maze to fremont street. that will take you. 11 minutes. still a pretty easy go. honestly, san mateo bridge 12 minutes from 80 to one o one traffic. also picking up that direction. golden gate bridge. it's 19 minutes and having yet to really see traffic picking up just yet. so that's certainly good news for commuters for marine county down into the city as far as highway 4, it's starting to slow down your average speed westbound is 57 miles per hour, but around pittsburgh and slowing to 27 miles per hour from antioch to concord. it's going to take you 19 minutes along highway 4 and traffic tracker on one. oh, one, a couple of slow spots around downtown san jose. otherwise it's a smooth from san jose to menlo park. it will take you 30 minutes. thank you for pulling the double girls. one. got to is not feeling well. and rebecca. >> well, you know, she's got
5:51 am
new baby house full thank great job. all right. 5.15, is the time and to keep players won't be hitting the field with forty-niners this weekend. >> in a game against seattle because well, they got hurt. but. >> klay thompson who got her is getting much better and looking great. he's on the court with the warriors. well, you know that the g league. yeah. let's go to cover sports director jason dumas for peak. >> the niners won their 3rd straight game on sunday when they took down the vikings. but it did not come without call deebo samuel and fred warner have already been ruled out for next week's divisional matchup. >> against the seahawks for deebo if a strained groin and will be out one to 2 weeks. warner. he's dealing with a hamstring kyle shanahan said someone is going to have to step up where d both who is on the shortlist for mvp this season. >> it's been a big part of our offense. but i think we're in a spot right now that we overcome came in yesterday
5:52 am
made a huge play. i use them 7 up each week doing better. each one coming along. but to give all has been more opportunities anyways have beat out there it will get healthier better each weekend gets to do all too. >> day by day, brick by brick. that's been klay thompson's attitude as he works towards a return to the court for the first time in over 2 and a half years and man, it's getting so close. i can just feel it. i can't wait for that night. the santa cruz warriors released some video of clay scrimmaging with the team. and as you can see for clay for someone as skilled as him. it's like riding a bike taken the to the hole icu. but hey, i caution be patient. i'd be irresponsible if i didn't remind everyone at home. just how tough it is to do what clay is attempting to do. come back from those 2 traumatic injuries, santa cruz warriors
5:53 am
coach seth cooper. he shared his thoughts on clay at practice. he was cleared for full go. >> everything we did was full of 100%. he was going there was no holding them back in u.s. live stream it to us live today in practice. he was totally lives. so there was no point back goes, it was just really what going. but in experience playing all out and he did that. and he looked really good at doing that. >> a's fans. they've been nervous that there would be a roster fire sale this offseason for good reason. they've already lost skipper bob melvin sterling mark tay and mark hanna. but the organization did resign. chad pender and tony kemp. >> so all is not law. you have something to smile take those smiles. well, you can get >> all righty. that is your look at sports. >> well, that was exciting. it van kley and that doing a great job. not with the warriors yet, though they're on the road tonight facing the phoenix. tip off at 07:00pm and they are the second-best
5:54 am
team in basketball right now. so pretty good match will have to watch that. i will we'll be right back. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day.
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5:56 am
>> 5.56. and coming up in the next hour. prosecutors are getting ready to cross examine elizabeth holmes. we'll have a recap of her latest testimony. what to expect today. plus, oakland's police chief is
5:57 am
going to address homicides and support for his officers will see what he's going to say in a live report. plus congress is facing looming deadlines. we'll tell you about the list of items they need to do before the year is over.
5:58 am
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6.
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>> good morning, continuing to learn and grow with i just learned you can train a cat and now the largest on have them. but you can train a cat to stay out of your christmas tree. i'm doubtful. okay. i've known a number of cats in my life and they like they all seem to not care what i say or we're going to see. this is another christmas experiment. see if we can keep away from the tree and a little in bubbles and all warnings are hacks. we've got some producers don't know what to do with the cats. so we're going we're going to see if you can train a cat. i know you can't train a squirrel because i've tried that went terribly wrong. he got the better of look at the weather, it is going to be very nice. and sunny today. yeah, very nice. and sunny mother nature has got a stream for some sunshine the weather because easy. you get outside with the jacket on during the mornings. >> you take it off towards the middle of the day and then you enjoy your afternoon hours under the sun shine in the 60's and 70's.


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