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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 30, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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learn and grow with i just learned you can train a cat and now the largest on have them. but you can train a cat to stay out of your christmas tree. i'm doubtful. okay. i've known a number of cats in my life and they like they all seem to not care what i say or we're going to see. this is another christmas experiment. see if we can keep away from the tree and a little in bubbles and all warnings are hacks. we've got some producers don't know what to do with the cats. so we're going we're going to see if you can train a cat. i know you can't train a squirrel because i've tried that went terribly wrong. he got the better of look at the weather, it is going to be very nice. and sunny today. yeah, very nice. and sunny mother nature has got a stream for some sunshine the weather because easy. you get outside with the jacket on during the mornings. >> you take it off towards the middle of the day and then you enjoy your afternoon hours under the sun shine in the 60's and 70's. it's been a
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pattern that we've seen for a couple of weeks now. and we're going to keep around as we make our way into the start of december. now just tomorrow. so starting off the new month in the same way that we're ending november now skies are clear at the golden gate bridge. not necessarily true across the entirety of the bay area, though we have some dense fog that's formed in pockets around half moon bay right along the bay shore and for inland valleys to and certainly more of an impact of fog than what we saw yesterday. so be mindful of that. as you venture on the roadways. there are some lower visibility areas and it is very dense where you're running into it. dublin at 40 degrees currently santa rosa our spots in the 30's this morning. so a little bit of a cooler start than what we saw yesterday talking about the fog. the bay bridge is one of those spots that is currently looking at it. you can see that we do have that backup really forming behind the toll plaza. now it is just fine, though, as you make your way through the toll plaza. it's still only going to take you 10 minutes from the maze to fremont street. we just do have those metering lights on
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now. san mateo bridge 13 minutes from 80 to one o one definitely back to work we go. you can see that travel having really pick back up after thanksgiving. the golden gate bridge. that's going to take you 19 minutes from 37 to the tolls. as for highway 4 as you're heading from antioch on over to concord. it's 21 minutes and there are some slowdowns right around pittsburgh. we don't have any incidents on highway 4 right now. but 24 as you're heading from walnut creek on over towards the east bay. we actually do have a traffic collision that a slowing things down out that direction. one oh, one is still doing just fine. in fact, really great from san jose to menlo park. it's going to be 28 minutes. back to you. we will not only police department over 678 officers. but in fact, maintain. >> those middle staffing >> thats the new plan oakland mayor libby shaft promising to make changes to combat violence in oakland. >> so today we're going to be
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hearing from police chief warren armstrong as well about these recent murders that we've seen in oakland and the staffing concerns that they're dealing with right now. stinson is live in the newsroom with the latest. sara. >> the local police department is understaffed. all the while fighting an increase of violent crimes on really a daily basis this morning. the oakland police chief will address staffing issues and the recent homicides that we have seen chief armstrong announced this press conference just hours after mayor libby schaaf said she plans to propose hiring more police officers. as you just heard, she do that in front of city council this week. the city saw its 127th homicide this year on sunday right after additional tactical teams were put in place to support patrol officers responding to this uptick in violent crimes within the last week, 3 lives have been lost to violence, including one of our own. there's been 44 instances of gunfire and 35
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robberies officers have recovered nearly 1100 guns within the last year. police did insist the additional tactical teams helped reduce crime over the holiday weekend. but that's something we need to ask more about in today's press conference because we have learned more about that yet. city leaders say the increased gun violence be done to stop repeat offenders. >> they feel very. >> a cent. afraid. and that's on a good feeling so many people committing crimes. consequences. time what we call catch and release, which is nothing to help. the bail system not working as well because, you know, basically didn't anything to signal cash bail and they just i would be nice. >> yesterday. mayor schaaf mentioned the city's bail policy as well saying she
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plans to look at it closer and the amount of time it takes for cases to go through trials and those covid that takes longer. she's also looking at holding people more accountable, making sure they're held to the fullest extent of the law. the mayor also says she will make a case to council on friday to reverse police budget cuts and hiring freezes that are currently scheduled to start in 8 months. also be a major topic of conversation during today's press conference. it starts at 11 with chief armstrong. we're looking forward to hearing from him about the staffing shortages shortages to tell you more about, of course, for now reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. thank you, sir. we all want to see changes and we all want to see that violence cut down. >> 6. >> '05, the time and happening right now, city leaders there in oakland are coming together to honor kron 4 security guard kevin, she to he was shot and killed while on assignment last wednesday. take a listen. >> he deserves to be caught.
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>> and to have been. working with a sense of protection in the city and not shown up for work. with any fear or trepidation. losing his life no one have the opportunity meet. >> kevin on several occasions and always, a warm inviting sort of smile. company have. my heart broke when i initially learned of his passing. >> a $32,500 reward is now being offered for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction. police have also released this picture of a car that they're looking for. it's a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl four-door sunroof. as you can see, it doesn't have a front license plate, but police are hoping but you recognize this and. give them some tip as to where it might be or who the gunman was that gunman who shot the shooter was trying to steal our reporter's camera equipment at the time. now
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there is a fund that has been set up in kevin's name for his family, a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin nishita trust. it's been set up in there at the metropolitan bank. you do it in a person at that location or you can mail it to the address that you see on your screen. we've got all of this. also on our website, kron 4 dot coms. you can come back to later in the day. when you're ready to make that donation. >> also an east bay. here's a disturbing trend where young teenagers are involved. more and more in crimes in this case, a 12 year-old in 2.13 year-olds were arrested in connection with 2 separate car jackings the first happened friday night in san leandro, a pizza delivery driver was robbed and carjacked gunpoint and a 13 year-old boy was arrested for that. the second carjacking ended with a crash early sunday morning. a 13 year-old boy who had a gun is accused of taking a car in oakland and then leading police on a chase that went
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through antioch and ended in oakley the teen and a 12 year-old were arrested for that one local organization believes that more has to be done to keep children away from a life of crime. >> i continue to be heartbroken by by seeing this. it is it's not far removed from any of us. what else can we do while we even have them in our presence. it's not ok, here's the key. you do some time. and that's it. what rehabilitation can happen. well, we have their attention. we have them. what you know, saying is something isn't working. that we're doing. so let's change it and find a solution. and that's pretty much what everybody wants is there to be a solution. >> to the crime and again, more and more kids are getting involved. last month. police arrested 11 year-old and some other children in connection with a crime spree in berkeley and of course we don't have their names because they are children. seniors are also the
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target a crime and now they're being warned not to walk alone outside with jewelry on. 2 robberies happened in san ramon and many robberies have happened throughout the bay area and this reason case was 2 seniors separate in says they were robbed in broad daylight. one was walking near mosaic park. the other was walking along cinnamon ridge road both times they were alone and they had some jewelry on and the thieves were in a car. they started chatting with the seniors. then they got out. then they took the jewelry and took off. now nobody was hurt, which is great. but seniors are being victimized. so they're being told now, you know, until we get a handle on this problem that you've got to be cautious when you're walking outside. >> well, new this morning, the on the kron variant of covid-19. is as we know, spreading around the world. the netherlands, france, japan. they've all confirmed their first cases. meanwhile, bay area health officials are also speaking out about this
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latest strain of covid-19 kron four's dan kerman with that part of the story. >> we didn't want to hear this news right now. none of the state. it's it's really terribly. disappointing. >> infectious disease specialist speaking about the latest covid-19 threat. the variant they had to mean red flags. that make me pretty concerned that is a rate of increase. >> that happened really overnight inside africa from going to from, you know, a few 100 cases. so few 1000 cases. and that, of course, is driven by the predominance of this very and whether or not it was the cause of it is is being associated with it remains to be seen. the second red flag for me was just a vast amount of mutations in this new variant still infectious disease. experts say we still don't have enough data to answer a key series of questions. >> transmissible a t how will it responds unity and how they're doing is that house.
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it would make us. these are the 3 big questions and frankly our feet are planted pretty much in the air on all 3 of the answers to those. but they are real. doctors say this is just another reason to get the jab with this new variant looming out there. >> you want to offer yourself the greatest protection you can get in the way to do that is to get fully vaccinated quickly as possible. and if you are fully vaccinated but haven't received your booster yet. get the booster. so you have really a good robust immune response. if this virus does take off here in the united states. and doctors also point out should it turn out on the kron can over take the vaccine. >> that does not necessarily mean it will cause severe disease and death. even nobody's getting hits on t cells and other arms of the immune system will still be intact to get the enemy out of the body. infectious disease. experts say like everything else with covid-19. this is developing in real time. >> so we'll have to wait about
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10 to 14 days to get those critical questions about on the kron answered. in the meantime, take those extra steps to protect yourself. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> 6.11 right now. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and east bay business. the latest to be targeted by these and now they're considering whether they need to close up shop because they can't afford it. and after the break, president biden is promising that when you go to the store, the shows will be full with what you need for the holiday season even though the holiday season even though we ♪ ♪ ♪ the holiday season even though we ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> 6.14 right now. checking out the weather and it looks like more of the same. so if you like sunshine. >> the weather center taking a look at our drive. but sunny forecast a job. we shouldn't feel guilty pleas today is because we do need the rainfall. that's the thing that you always talk about when you're in the midst of a drought in california. but the weather has been beautiful and we're going to continue to see that being the case. berkeley hills camera right here. nice and clear. we do have some spots of fog to form right in the midst of the bay itself. >> inland valleys and around half moon bay to please be mindful of this because even though it's in patches, it is very dense and it is resulting in some lower visibility in pockets rain continues to be sent to the north this is high pressure. ridge is shooting the jet stream. well up into western canada where they've seen too much rain. we've seen too much dry weather now and a
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little bit of haze noticeable yesterday. today is going to be another day with moderate air quality because we've got a cap formed right across the baby to that high pressure ridge that is keeping all those pollutants trapped right here with us now skies are going to be dry for yet another day. that's the case. tomorrow for december first kicking off the new month on a very on our know. and then we're going to be looking at that holding up into the weekend. well into next week. not a lot of changes to talk about this forecast among those slight changes that we do have today. temperatures will g just a couple of degrees. warmer that's going to take a few more of us into the 70's for highs foster city at 70 degrees woodside saying carlos at 72 south bay temperatures among our warmest campbell for the second day in a row, our warmest spot at 74 son old pleasanton among areas at 71 degrees. upper 60's and oakland richmond conquered as well as most of the north bay where temperatures will be noticeably a little cooler than our south bay. neighbors will be as far as we go. the next 7 days, not a lot to talk
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about. his first changes go. we do cool down a touch into the weekend but skies remain dry partly cloudy by next monday, but still looking dry roadways this morning are doing all right. for the most part, we're starting to see that back up forming behind the toll plaza at the bay bridge from the maze to fremont street. it's still a pretty easy. 13 minutes, though san mateo bridge, 13 minutes for you as well from 80 to one o one just a lot of traffic out there. but things are still moving along. golden gate bridge traffic picking up, but it's still very in these very much so. he's ago. 37 minutes from the tolls, from 37 to the tolls on 19 minutes. there. we do have one issue this morning and that's on westbound. 24. we do have a traffic incident there that is really slowing things down as you take that connector from 24 on over to 5.80, slowing down to around hour for 24 miles per hour. so certainly not a standstill. but that's about the biggest issue that we do have in the bay right
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now. back to you. all right, john, i know you've got your packages after waiting months. and president biden says you will too. he says the stores are going to be fully stocked for the holidays. >> and you will get your stuff despite the supply chain issue the president hosted a meeting with ceos. and these are cs. major retailers there at the white house and they're trying to figure out what can we do. they are trying to tackle the bottlenecks that we've seen at the ports like in southern california and oakland's not getting stuff because it's all stuck down there. >> and they're seeking one idea is to loosen truck driver. our regulations an to let younger drivers enter the truck driving system. >> the only thing that the government, ken, do. >> she increased flexibility, especially the short term companies have their own interest in making this approach and work because otherwise they got nothing to say. >> and we all want it solved.
6:19 am
but that's the question. do want to solve by increasing truckers hours. so they're gonna drive more hours or do you want to solve with younger drivers behind the wheel of those big semis, the supply chain backlog has actually ended up like i mentioned with less traffic at the port of oakland. a 20% decline in the total card. you volume for october compared to the year before and that's because they're seeing the delays in southern california are so bad that the carriers are diverting their ships directly to asia by passing oakland. president biden is going to talk again about the supply chain problems and efforts to combat inflation too. in a speech tomorrow. so we'll hear a little more about these possible solutions. >> if you can't find the gifts on your list because of supply chain issues. well, gift cards might be your next best option this year. a new poll found about 75% of people say they've been impacted by the supply chain issues and this data shows people may be opting for giving gift cards instead as sort of a safer way if you don't want to ship the
6:20 am
cards are also an option. >> the love gift cards. you get to go by what you want to be a fantastic experience which is why it keeps being the most requested gift of the season. >> yeah. now calf. so what you're going to be gift card that i have to spend it wherever and macy's. and i got away from the stuff to arrive. i still have to wait for the stuff unless you go to macy's physically right along, go with my cash and were a lot 20 bucks shipping delays to shipping delays constant that's one of the things that on everybody's list and lawmakers have a whole long list of other stuff they need to do before they get to the new year. they do. and there's pressure mounting for them to get it done. we've kron four's, dc correspondent and working expand or to standing by live for us. >> in washington with the latest on what lawmakers are hoping to get completed and whether it's going to be possible. hannah. >> good morning. well, the senate gaveled in yesterday. the house returns today and
6:21 am
while president biden's build back better. bill is on the top of democrats. mine the most important item right now on this week's to do list is funding the government before friday. >> the center will come to order. congress is back to work this week with a lot to do and not a lot of time to get it done. the end of the year. legislative mad dash is officially upon us. texas republican senator john cornyn says congress has 2 weeks to pass the national defense authorization act avoid a debt crisis by the 15th and fund the government before it runs out of money on friday. risks leaving millions of americans without a paycheck, right before the christmas holidays or punching on our funding responsibilities once again, cornyn and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell say democrats are instead prioritizing president biden's build back better. bill colleagues across the aisle. some determined spend the weeks ahead. >> ways to waste america's
6:22 am
money. well, making america's problems. >> even worse. the nearly 2 trillion dollars spending bill needs the support of all 50 senate democrats to pass and right now west virginia democrat joe manchin says he's concerned the bill is too expensive meetings were held over the thanksgiving weekend. we will continue this week and next week is needed still senate majority leader chuck schumer says he hopes to deliver the bill to the president's desk by the holiday. our goal continues to be to get this done before christmas. >> and if the senate makes any changes to the spending bill. the house would have to vote on it again. making that christmas deadline a little more difficult for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki back to you. thanks, alanna. >> we'll take a break here at 6.22. coming up, wrong-way driver crashes head on into a chp patrol car. it was all caught on camera.
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>> 6.25. and this morning we have new details about this crash that injured a chp officer near the bay bridge. yeah, you can see police here say that a man stole a tow truck and drove it the wrong direction. >> on interstate 80 at the toll plaza head on there with the chp patrol car offers jonathan mccall has more. >> here's a look at the video that is now going viral of the moment that a tow truck hits a chp patrol car. luckily, according to chp, the officer was not inside of the car at
6:26 am
the time that officer was trying to deploy spike strips but get this. this scene is actually the second time this suspect was driving in the wrong direction on the west lanes of i 80 chp says that this all went down sunday afternoon around 4 o'clock when 46 year-old michael kay a of oakland stole his nephews tow truck. police say he parked it in the middle of the west lanes of i 80 just past the bay bridge toll plaza. the first time. police say he turned around going back past the toll booths into oncoming traffic. chp says he made all the way to interstate 5, 80 driving in the opposite direction until he got the highway. 24 he even hit a car along the way when he got there, police say he turned around headed in the right direction. this time and went straight toward the bay bridge toll plaza for that second time he went through the toll plaza again. and this time he
6:27 am
turned back around headed in the opposite direction. this time, the second time chp officers were waiting. in addition to hitting the patrol car. officers say that tried to hit another chp patrol car officers were finally able to catch up with him after he hit another driver's car. that officer was hurt while trying to take know into custody. he was taken to the hospital and is now out and recovering. none of the drivers hit in the crashes were seriously hurt. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> the one-time darling of silicon valley. elizabeth holmes will be back on the witness stand today. but this time it will be prosecutors time it will be prosecutors will get the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> 6.30 is the time right now. and we're taking a look at coit tower. it's kind of like weird and hazy animal. that's fodder to small, maybe a little fog roll in find out. we got john in the weather center. keeping an eye on all good morning. john. kind of a mix of going on this morning. guys definitely some foggy spots, but also some noticeable. he's out there this morning. >> the haze is a product to the high pressure ridge that's in place and that has resulted in some moderate air quality across the bay area, not the worst that we've seen for sure. but if you have respiratory issues that may be something you notice something you can't miss will be that fog in pockets because it is very dense and patches,
6:31 am
especially out towards our inland valleys, golden gate bridge is relatively free of it this morning. we have seen patches of in around half moon bay, especially right along one o one on portions of the peninsula down into the south bay and then pockets out into the inland east bay, too. you may not see it out your window this morning. but that's no guarantee 5 miles down the road. you won't be running into it and it is a very dense when you do drive through it. now, radar is showing clear skies. another dry day ahead at this point. that's no surprise. we've been that way for a bit now, 40's and 50's for current temperatures santa rosa and nevado our cooler spots sitting down in the 30's right now. now traffic is actually doing pretty well. so far this morning been keeping an eye on it out there. bay bridge is doing just fine. you do have that normal back up right behind the toll plaza as the metering lights are on. it's 17 minutes from the maze to fremont street this morning and you can notice that fog that patch of it right across the toll plaza too 80 to one o one on the san mateo bridge 13 minutes moving along just fine
6:32 am
and a crystal-clear golden gate bridge. not too bad. as far as traffic goes either 19 minutes from 37 to the tolls where we are seeing our biggest slowdown right now is westbound highway 4. it's going to take you 31 minutes from antioch to concord back to you. >> thanks a lot. 6.31 and today the south a x there knows founder elizabeth holmes is going to be cross examined by the prosecution in her criminal fraud trial yeah. as been reporting, she's accused of misleading investors and doctors and patients about her blood testing device in order to prop up the company and make kron four's will tran is live outside the courthouse in santa clara with the latest on. >> what will expect to happen today. will good morning. >> lots of money. james in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars. at one point she was a billionaire, a darling of silicon valley, but that all came tumbling down about 3 years ago when it was revealed that her blood testing device did not come as average eyes. they didn't do everything that
6:33 am
it said it would. and according to prosecutors, they say she knew that it did not do everything as a was advertised. didn't stop her from asking investors to continue pouring in money and that is why she faces 20 years in prison for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud in this case is re months-long. and if you see right behind me, people are lining up. these are not reporters are legal analyst instead is just members of the public this case has caught the attention of obviously. >> the bay area as well as the national landscape where people want to be inside just to say that they were in sight now for the past 4 days. elizabeth holmes was on the stand. she was question by her defense attorneys. so it was not as harsh or as accusatory as today when prosecutors will go after her during the past 4 days. she claims that she was the victim of her former boyfriend, sunny balwani who helped her run theranos. she
6:34 am
says that he basically controlled all facets of her life, including her diet, but she was not her true self and because she was not herself in scared for what she was doing that she did not have full control of her company. prosecutors say no, she's not a victim, but instead the perpetrator. and today they will get a crack at her in about 2 and a half hour or so. now we will be inside to cover the case and his case, they were able to split their cases open. he faces the same charges darya and james and it's also convicted he faces 20 years in prison. he is not expected to take the stand during her case. however, back to you. >> fascinating. all right. thank you very much. well. >> 6.34 and another day of the stores. rob. this time in the east bay and oakland the renegade running store on grand avenue was targeted the surveillance video shows the fees in there. just taking what they wanted. the broken
6:35 am
sunday night. >> and the owner says this is the 3rd time his store has been broken into. >> when you're building community and we love being in oakland. and when something like this happens, it's just it's just heart it's sad. of course it's a little scary and frightening. i don't know how many more incidents like this we can take to keep our doors open. they can't afford these losses in the most recent the store owner says it cost about $5,000 that he lost from. >> the shoes. they took. >> in the south bay santa clara shoe store. also robbed twice in less than a week by a large group of burglars. police say the group of about 2 dozen people forced their way into the store inside the santa clara town center on el camino reale. they stole shoes and clothing. this all happened last tuesday at about one in the morning and then again sunday night at about 1130. according to police. no suspects have yet. then arrested on the peninsula. daly city police are also looking for these 2 men who they say stole more than $3500
6:36 am
worth of merchandise from the macy's at the ceremony shopping center. this happened saturday, november 20th police say the suspects may have left the scene in a white mercedes benz sedan with a california license plate. the number beginning with the number 8. that says a basically all witnesses were able to describe if you recognize the man on your screen you think you have any information on that. mercedes contact daly city police. >> and another smash-and-grab. but police are on high alert in all major cities across the u.s. is not just here in the bay are, you know, they're on the rise just about everywhere during the holiday shopping season. we have brian it now with more on the story. >> holiday shopping season is in full swing in stores across america. but something else is going on and it's not very cheery. a spike in flash mob smash-and-grab thefts across the nation on friday, a group of 2 dozen thieves ran out of a burnsville, minnesota. best buy with expensive electronics. and in lakewood, california. police say a group
6:37 am
of men stole tools from the home depot, including hammers crowbars and wrenches. they walking to the front end. >> and they had the gates closed and they said that they had the sledgehammer is right to people who are trying to stop them. >> just a week ago, a group of 80 people stole from a nordstrom store and another group probably baton store in downtown san francisco in chicago, someone threw a cinder block through the window of this canada goose store before taking off with fancy clothing a footlocker a north face store and a cell phone store were broken into look at this video from earlier this month when more than a dozen feed store. $100,000 in purses from the louis baton store in the oakbrook illinois mall. the chicago police chief says the thieves are organized. we are familiar with stolen uhaul being used. in break ins and other crimes according to a recent survey by the national retail federation los angeles in the san francisco bay area
6:38 am
top us cities for organized retail crime. both shoplifting and robbery with chicago and new york coming in next. and miami in the top 5. >> some shopping centers in california are using the slinky type barriers to try and stop the thieves. investigators say the merchandise sometimes ends up in big warehouses like this one where it's resold. most of the time online. it's a huge problem it's a growing problem and all comes back. >> to the ease of selling stolen product anonymously online. that's the root of this problem today. that was brian entin reporting for us this morning. police are continuing to try solve the staff cases. >> here in the bay area. >> san francisco police have several cases that they're following. it was a violent weekend in the city. 3 shootings in less than 4 hours. one of them fatal the shootings happen in the bayview neighborhood near the tenderloin and also in the mission district and there are also 2 sideshows that happened early sunday morning. one san
6:39 am
francisco supervisor says crime is increasing its got to stop. >> definitely some of the violent activity involving guns has ticked up over the previous year. the organizers of this. i'm knew that there was a lot of attention and focus on the organized retail there's a lot of deployment in other parts of the city and they chose a very quiet commercial corridor. >> no arrests have been made in any of these cases in the shootings nor the sideshows in the south bay, a daycare center worker is in custody suspected of sexually abusing a child for several years. san jose police arrested 62 year-old julio kerr us go diaz. they think that he assaulted one child between tunnel 2011 to 2019 while he was working at a licensed residential day care facility on the guinness avenue and the police think there could be more victims out there if you have any information or have any information or concerns about this call san jose police.
6:40 am
>> well, in the south bay, san jose's ongoing effort to clear the city's largest homeless camps is making progress. but some advocates for the homeless are pushing back on their recent strategy. the city's largest camp for homeless is now surrounded by concrete came a rail barriers. it's a temporary solution designed to keep on house people from returning to their previous campsite. however many of the homeless living in the camp have simply just relocated next door near columbus park and advocates for them. say that the barriers are actually do more harm than good because it's making it harder for them to get in and provide food and other services to those in the area. >> we've had trouble thanksgiving. we distribute it may be 500 meals and we had to get back up on spring street to get into the camp. we had to go down a trail with a truck and distribute the meals where if we have access from the roadway. it's just so much easier. >> yeah. the barriers went up just before thanksgiving and they will be up there until june of next year.
6:41 am
>> happening today. barr is going to unveil expanded parking at the antioch station. their opening 850 additional parking spaces at that station. it's not an offer parking with an oh, wait list for monthly parking an easier way to pay and additional station agents to. it's 6.41 right now. and coming klay thompson. out on the court in games is g league but warriors fans can get excited because he is going to make a comeback and is looking pretty good john, we may have some fog patches this morning. but sunshine later on today and daytime highs in the upper 60's to low 70's. >> nice way to wrap up november. i got your forecast ahead.
6:42 am
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>> 6.44 right now. and today's city of san jose is going to declare they're going to consider declaring a water shortage. but join the and what they would do if they do that is limit the use of water for landscaping. so you can only do that what you see there with of strength for 2 days a week, although you should be doing that if passed, the declaration would be in effect from now until the end of next october. you just can't want to a long as i know that. >> and up in marin county. they know all too well just how bad the water situation is. water. given us a current reading on the reservoirs there. they say they're just 58% capacity. normally it be
6:45 am
up at 66%. at least 2 thirds full. but that's not the case this time around. are in water saying with the chance of rain on the horizon looking real slim. they need everybody to continue to conserve are just not getting that rain would like to see during the winter months. i always on the horizon allies member. you told me that virtues of a fake tree which i've gotten out the water that one less thing there to our part in a in any small way we can, the plastic trees do not need want route friendly plus to we are seeing definitely a continued round of dry weather ahead of us. no changes in the immediate future. >> and today being the last day of november started december tomorrow. looks like december. it's going to bring us more of the same, at least at the start of the month. we are seeing clear skies above your berkeley hills camera right here a couple of patches of fog sitting in the bay as well as in our inland valleys. that is to note because where you run into that fog. it is
6:46 am
pretty dense this morning. so there are some lower visibility pockets to our north. that's where the rainfall continues to be set. the jet stream is pushed well up into western canada this point. what that means for us in the bay is we are not seeing rain anywhere close to us. we just have some hazy conditions because a ridge of high pressure which will contribute to moderate air quality yet again today, you probably notice that he is looking at the horizon yesterday. skies are nice and clear yet again, aside from the haze. we've got ample sunshine today and tomorrow and on into the weekend more of the same albeit a little cooler this weekend and we're about to be today. today's daytime highs in the 60's for san francisco couple of 70's. even right along the coastline and then a lot more of those 70's right alongside the bay as well as further inland saying carlos in woodside each at 72 our warm spot for a second day in the row being campbell at 74 degrees and the east bay a whole lot of 70's as well. they were to really comfortable 72 today oakland
6:47 am
at 69 danville and san ramon at 71 while fairfield vacaville of pittsburgh each at 69 degrees. santa rosa and petaluma out right at 70 tomorrow and thursday will remain very similar to what today's about to be lots of sunshine and looking at dry conditions well into the weekend. even with that cool down in a few more clouds and early next week. not a lot of changes to know in the seven-day forecast. not a whole lot of changes on the roads either. we're still sitting at 18 minutes from the maze to fremont street and still sitting under some patchy fog there at the bay bridge toll plaza, things lining up now in the san mateo bridge. it's going to take you 14 minutes to get from a 80 to one o one definitely slowing down. but you're still moving golden gate bridge from 37 to the tolls. that's a 20 minute commute and we are seeing clear skies of the golden gate as compared to those foggy conditions nearby at the bay bridge toll plaza along highway 4 things really started to slow down for you now starting around pittsburgh making your way conquered. we
6:48 am
will be seeing 39 minutes to take you we did have a residual delay right along. 24 as you empty out on the 5.80, on the connector there that's cleared up really nicely. now, traffic has improved a lot after an incident earlier this morning right along that route one. oh, one from san jose to menlo park. that's only 33 minutes. south bay commutes been pretty easy this morning. things are starting to back up just a touch on westbound 80 from crockett to the bays. it's 24 minutes. that's pretty typical, though, as you try to get your way on to the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks a lot. john is 6.40 a and 2 key players are not going to be with the forty-niners this weekend in their game against the seahawks now think that injuries are nursing. meanwhile, klay thompson, who's been nursing his injuries for almost 2 and a half years now is really close to returning close, close. so close. i thought game but is just a scrimmage right he'll be there soon. sports director jason dumas says, look. >> the niners won their 3rd straight game on sunday when they took down the vikings.
6:49 am
but it did not come without call deebo samuel and fred warner and already been ruled out for next week's divisional matchup against the seahawks for deebo if a strained groin and will be out one to 2 weeks. warner. >> he's dealing with a hamstring kyle shanahan said someone is going to have to step up where d both who is on the shortlist for mvp this season. >> it's been a big part of our offense. but think we're in a spot right now that we overcome though, came in yesterday made a huge play. i use 7 up each week doing better. each one coming along. but to give all been more opportunities anyways have beat out there and it will get healthier better each weekend. i'm going do well to it. >> day by day, brick by brick. that's been klay thompson's attitude as he works towards a return to the court for the first time in over 2 and a half years and man, it's
6:50 am
getting so close. i can just feel it. i can't wait for that night. the santa cruz warriors released some video of clay scrimmaging with the team. and as you can see for clay someone as skilled as him. it's like riding a bike taken the to the hole icu. but hey, i caution be patient. i'd be irresponsible if i didn't remind everyone at home. just how tough it is to do what clay is attempting to do. come back from those 2 traumatic injuries, santa cruz warriors coach seth cooper. he shared his thoughts on clay at practice. he was cleared for full go. >> everything we did was full of 100%. he was going there was no holding them back in the u.s. live stream of live today in practice. it was totally lives. so there was no point back goes, it was just really what im going. but in experience playing all out and he did that. and he looked really good at doing that. >> a's fans. they've been
6:51 am
nervous that there would be a roster fire sale this offseason for good reason. they've already lost skipper bob melvin sterling mark tay and mark hanna. but the organization did resign. chad pender and tony kemp. so all is not law. you have something to smile take those smiles. >> when you can get >> all righty. that is your look at sports. >> and like we said, we're going to willow long for clayton is looking good. the words will be without him on the road tonight against the suns. yeah. tip-off 7 o'clock. we'll be watching. we'll be we'll be watching. we'll be right back. ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪
6:52 am
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tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. >> 6.54 at a family in arizona is getting into the christmas spirit boy, are they all say what. >> okay. halls, the kitchen. everything in there. how and this is their garage by the way, we've been doing this for 30 years may be cumulative a lot in terms of ornaments and decorations and every year. >> they love putting it all up. 115 christmas took a weight under crush. so they're really they move their furniture out. clearly going to have to to move the table just to get the tree. and there look at their houses. current stuffed with trees. look at this is incredible. obviously the storage bins take up the whole garage. and every year. >> they keep adding to it like the one 3 trees, new trees each year. take a listen.
6:55 am
>> they're on a minutes. >> some some some of the smaller and decorations that we have the teddy bears and we have the white house tree which are ornaments from the white house which helps the historical society. then we have a princess she that we have a disney tree that has all the ornaments that we've collected on our trips. would you say 115 trains. and for reason growing, okay, this is kind of like the place in nevado. >> yeah, and they let you know when that's right. i don't what does matter there in arizona. you're not going in the house bill. i think if you can still go up to that house in nevado. you can see it because if want to go through all that. i was so have to be appreciated. can't just keep that to yourself. oh, my gosh. wow. that's pretty credits. that's impressive james out. get back to me when 6.55 right now coming over the next i want or it's on my salazer right. there are concerns about the new covid variant. we've been telling you about
6:56 am
it. we talked to local doctors about more about what they're saying and what you need to do protect yourself. >> plus, what is oakland need to do to stop the murders and to help their officers were going to see with the police chief's next. and congress is facing looming deadlines. they have a long list stuff they have to get done before the year. the clock runs out in the air and.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. we're doing our best to spread a little cheer. but we do have a lot of news. back and alike. but we have some fun stuff to we do with all that here and have a second live look outside behind us. we're looking at a relatively clear conditions, little hazy. give us some nice colorful sunrise this morning. yeah, it is looking pretty out there and sunshine, fantastic. yeah. got to love that sunshine even though we need the rainfall will take the sunny days and just enjoy them while we've got him for sure. >> and we've seen plenty of them lately. today's the last day of november ending the month. just as we have been seeing the past couple weeks. we'll be starting off december in a very similar know with those dry clear and pretty
7:00 am
comfortable conditions bay bridge behind me looks good. golden gate bridge there on the screen looks great as well. we are seeing clear conditions across the golden gate and that's going make for an easy drive across the gate this morning. now we are seeing some dense pockets of fog, though, and where we are seeing that fog. it's not super widespread, but in those pockets it has resulted in some very low or disability. so be mindful of this as you drive to work this morning. got to be needing to slow down in a couple of pockets out there. as for current temperatures were in the 30's and 40's for most areas. a couple of 50's and alameda san francisco in 2 run. in the meantime, nevado and santa rosa are cold of some spots down in the upper 30's right now. as far as our bridges are concerned, it is definitely foggy at the bay bridge toll plaza, although that fog has lifted a little bit. that's contributing to some better visibility. you can see the gray sitting right above you 19 minutes from the maze to freeman street. that's pretty


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