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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 30, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> we're going continue to remain dry as we wrap up november today and kick off december tomorrow. in addition to the haze. we've had some spots of fog. you're not seeing that at the golden gate bridge. it's one of our clear spots right now where we are seeing some lower visibility is right along the bay shore in many areas. sfo has had some poor visibility at times as has the bay bridge toll plaza at moments to leave fog having formed out of the central valley has also impacted your visibility and then right along one. oh, one in the north bay. you've also had some lower visibility pockets now skies will remain dry for yet another day with a high pressure ridge. that is certainly no surprise that this point 40's and 50's for current temperatures. aside from santa rosa, our cool spot on this map. sitting currently at 38 degrees. now traffic this morning has been really slow. it is back to work. all across the bay area. and you can tell with your look at the roads all across the region. the bay bridge. it's a slow one. as you get from the maze to fremont street. that's
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going to take you 26 minutes. also got to know that fog that sitting right over the bay bridge. it's been ebbing in and out throughout the course of the morning. san mateo bridge from a 80 to one o one that's a 21 minute commute. pretty busy as you make your way westbound, especially golden gate is not just our clear and beautiful prints right now. it's also clear on the roads with not a lot of traffic making their way across that span. it's 36 minutes from 37 to the tolls back to you. >> we will not only police department over 678 officers. but in fact, maintain those middle staffing month. that's oakland mayor libby schaff promising to make changes to help combat the violent crime and oakland. yeah. and today we're going to be hearing from the police chief leronne armstrong to about. >> not only recent uptick in crime but also the staff shortages are experiencing their opd. >> kron 4. sarah stinson is live in the newsroom with the details. sarah. >> it looks like the mayor and the police chief all on the same page, saying that they
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need more staff as they continue to fight an increase a violent crime on a daily basis this morning. the oakland police chief will address staffing issues and recent homicides. we've seen chief armstrong announced this press conference just hours after mayor libby schaaf said she plans to propose hiring more police officers and then council this week, the city saw its 127th homicide this year on sunday right after additional tactical teams were put into place to support patrol officers on the streets really fighting these crimes within the last week, 3 lives have been lost to violence, including one of our own. it's also been 44 instances of gunfire and 35 robberies. officers have recovered nearly 1000, 100 guns within the last year. police did insist the additional tactical teams have helped reduce crime over the last holiday weekend. but that's something we need to continue to ask about in today's press conference. city
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leaders say the increased gun violence is a public health crisis. i talked with coach and the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. he and the mayor both agree there are some issues with bail policies regarding gun possession. >> the traditional risk assessment that is being used a weight heavily drug offenses. other types of felonies but not gun possessions. we have taken an unprecedented number of guns off of the streets. but clearly that is not enough so many people committing crimes. consequences. time what we call catch and release. we're just not going to help. the bail system not working as well. >> the discussion around the criminal justice system will continue. meanwhile, the mayor is proposing to reverse police budget cuts and hiring freezes that are currently scheduled to start in 8 months from now. more details to come on that
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this friday major topic of discussion today at the press cont conference with chief armstrong will be staffing shortages, but hopefully we get some updates on all of the homicides. we have been covering basically around the clock here in the newsroom for now. send it back to you in the studio. ding sarah, the one that touched us here at kron 4 security guard james has more on that. yeah. >> come police now asking for your help and city leaders who are also coming together to honor our security guard. kevin nishita. he was shot and killed while on assignment last wednesday. >> he deserves to be calm. >> and to have been. working with a sense of protection in the city and not shown up for work. with any fear or trepidation. losing his life no one have the opportunity meet. >> kevin on several occasions and always, a warm inviting sort of smile. company have.
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my heart broke when i initially learned of his passing. >> a $32,500 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction. in this case, police have also released a picture of the car that they're looking for, that they believe the gunman drove off in a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl 4 doors sunroof. no license plate on the front. if you think, you know, this car, you recognize it call police. they say the gunman shot the shooter while trying to steal our reporter's camera. a fun, by the way, has been set up for kevin's family cash or check donation can be made to the kevin nishita trust at any metropolitan bank location. you can do that in person. you can mail it to the address on your screen. if that's more convenient. we also have all of this information on our website. so at some kron 4 dot com just had there. look up the information and send in your donation and in the east
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bay, there's a disturbing trend in young teenagers being involved in crimes. a 12 year-old and 2.13 year-olds. >> were recently arrested for 2 separate car. jackings. let's take a look at the first one that happened friday night in san leandro, a pizza delivery driver was robbed and carjacked and gun point and police arrested a 13 year-old boy for that one. then the second carjacking ended with a crash early sunday morning. and in this case it was a 13 year-old boy who had a gun accused of taking a car oakland leading police on a chase through and then crashing that car in oakley where police arrested the 13 year-old and a 12 year-old one local organization believes more needs to be done to stop kids from getting involved in a life of crime. >> i continue to be heartbroken. by seeing this. it is it's not far removed from any of us. what else can we do while we even have them in our presence. it's not ok, here's the key. it is some
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time and that's it. what rehabilitation can happen. well, we have their attention. we have them. >> so what you know, saying is some things out working that we're currently doing just like the police are doing to right there looking at themselves and saying what can we do as a community because it's not just 1213 year-old and 11 year-old was arrested for a crime spree in berkeley. 11 years old. we don't have any names, of course, because all these kids are minors. >> and from kids to seniors, seniors are being targeted because they are walking alone just on a walk and they're wearing jewelry and thieves are stealing that this happened to 2 different seniors who are walking in san ramon. these 2 seniors were robbed on one was on growth. both broad daylight. one was on. >> mosaic park in the other was on cinnamon ridge road. the the thing that they had in common was the seniors were
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walking alone and they had whatever jeweler they had on and then a thief pulled up in a car started chatting them up, got out of the car, took their jewelry. luckily, nobody was injured. but the thieves got away. they're looking for the fees and the warning the seniors to be careful. >> well, new this morning, the on the kron variant of coronavirus is continuing to spread around the world. we know that in the netherlands in france and japan. they've all confirmed their first cases. meanwhile, bay area health officials are also speaking out about this latest strain. we've got kron four's theresa stasi with the story. >> but obviously concerned that this is that this is a variant that has taken over very rapidly when it comes a variance. we really look at 3 things to determine what impact it might have. the doctor. matt willis marin county's public health officer on how counties are concerned and cautious as work continues to better understand this latest variant of sars covid too. >> the virus that causes covid-19 clear that it's it's likely to be as infectious or
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more infectious. the delta variant, the other 2 things we look at our are perhaps even more important. what is the severity of illness that causes. >> i would say as we wait to get additional information. i think that we are we have very important things in place that will just give you 2 examples. doctor sara cody santa clara's public health officer says genetically sequencing cases allows them to detect the variant faster. >> an act quicker. the other is that we have a very robust vaccination infrastructure and pretty high vaccination rate. both here and in this region. and i think that's going to keep us. well, protected. its people are recognizing the value. >> and the protection. the vaccine offers and choosing to get it, which is great. i think we're in way better spot. i'm i'm cautiously optimistic but obviously still waiting for the on the new variant and and we'll know more in a few weeks and that from contra, costa county's health officer. and while the
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doctor says more data is needed to stay ahead. >> he says doctors agree so far vaccines work and social distancing masks and testing are vital in this latest fight against the pandemic no matter the variant, theresa kron 4 news. >> by the way, pfizer is expected to seek authorization for a covid vaccine booster for teenagers 1617 years old, right now the boosters only authorized for adults and those adults can get an extra dose 6 months after their second shot of pfizer or moderna or 2 months after their single dose of johnson and johnson's vaccine. the fda could approve the request from pfizer as early as next week. we'll let you know if that happened. just 3rd booster and the middle of booking that >> i was like the doctor. we interviewed yesterday. got mine. i got number 3. still ahead on the 00:00am morning news. >> an east bay businesses hit again by thieves. and now the owners think and can i afford this anymore. he might have close up shop. we're going to tell you about that. and then
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what about the shops having enough stuff for you to buy the president is on it. we'll see what doing now about the supply chain issues. john. and it's foggy out there for a lot of us this morning. those patches of fog have been dense to a later on today. it's all about the sunshine 60's to 70's for your highs. >> likely going to get even warmer into the start of december. your forecast is ahead. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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and complete required activities. >> all right. now really carried away. we talked about christmas trees yesterday. i already had this. this one, the lit, the menorah, you guys. i didn't keep the fire hazard next. what i move that. and then you can see that's my new treat. james, thank because you talk about the allergies. i got a victory. but richard producers upset because go back to the other one is the same. i don't put any or is this just the lights. but it comes prielipp how nice. how do i have to do almost i love this click but but john points out and getting carried away like, well, like now i have like 3. yes, it's small, but i have 3 little trees. and, you know, i keep looking like keep and soon we'll have a forest and they're all fake. all before us. we've got your desk right a pretty i have. i have an you don't have to just.
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>> talk more about it during the john's got in circle back around to it. some of the point the weather looking nice. it is great for buying more christmas trees, perhaps or just to some other that you need good difference for sure. what isn't a good day for aaron's lately. it's been that way day after day after day because all of its just been sunshine and pretty mild weather. you can see berkeley looking good. we do have if you look really close that fog that sitting right there in the bay. >> we are going to be seeing a couple of foggy patches hanging on for a couple more hours across the bay. after that, it's a solid sunshine. relentless rain for the pacific northwest up into western canada. this high-pressure ridge is shooting the jet stream and then the atmospheric river associated with it. well, to our north. that's areas like washington and british columbia just completely
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waterlogted. well, back here at home. we're just the opposite really dry. and if anything, just a bit hazy. you notice that yesterday. the high pressure creates a cap right across the bay pollutants can escape and that's our air quality begins to suffer a moderate air quality day today. today into tomorrow skies remain very similar. but on the hazy side tomorrow is your first day december. we start the new month dry and nice and sunny likely even a little bit warmer than today's about to be, which is already going to be a bit warmer than yesterday was 60 solidly in 70 in half moon bay and looking at some 70's as well. right along the bay shore and into our inland valleys saying carlos in woodside each at 72 today. south bay temperatures among our warmest campbell at 74 degrees fremont. so no pleasanton a few spots. it will be at 71 well, upper 60's and oakland richmond orinda moraga and conquered mostly in the upper 60's across the north bay few exceptions like youngsville santa rosa and petaluma all rising to 70 degrees. tomorrow's highs on
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average in the low 70's. but i think we could see a few mid to even upper 70's for your daytime highs for the first day of december that could break records in a couple of areas. keep an eye on how high those temperatures do climb. we will see a slightly cooler weekend ahead of us. any sort of change of pace that could be expected. won't be at least until the middle to end of next week. so we're dry for the time being. now as far as our bridges go. it's a 30 minute commute on 80 across the bay bridge from the maze to fremont street that back up at the toll plaza. it's something you expect around this time, but it is more sizable than what we've been seeing lately so many people heading back to work after a lot of people had last week off. now the san mateo bridge 92 right over the going to take in 23 minutes and looking at a lot of sunshine across the golden gate bridge. this is also been one of your smoother commute so far this morning, less than smooth along highway 4, it's going to take you 30 minutes from antioch to concord. this is actually a big improvement from where we were earlier on, especially around pittsburgh
8:18 am
where things are starting to pick back up and you're looking at improvements right there. while you're traveling further south from there, especially on routes like to 42 as well as 6 ad. it is a slow down to even stopping conditions heading southbound on both of these routes through conquered pleasant hill down through all that creek eventually as you head over 24 overthrew lafayette also really slow, pretty slow as well across many of our east bay that includes 2.38 as well as other routes. just trying to get on a 92 to cross the also the south bay traffic has picked back up for you from san jose to menlo park. it's going to 46 minutes on one. oh, one 85 has not been much of a better option that one is also proving to be very slow this morning. james and darya. >> thanks a lot, john 18 lawmakers return to dc this week with a big agenda. they have to get to taking care of before the new year. yeah. lots to get done and we'll see if they can do it in dc this
8:19 am
morning. we've got anna wiernicki with the update. >> good morning. the senate gaveled in yesterday. the house returns today. and while the president's build back better. bill is dominating talk among democrats the main focus this week is funding the government before friday. >> the center will come to order. congress is back to work this week with a lot to do and not a lot of time to get it done. the end of the year. legislative mad dash is officially upon us. texas republican senator john cornyn says congress has 2 weeks to pass the national defense authorization act avoid a debt crisis by the 15th and fund the government before it runs out of money on friday. this. >> risks leaving millions of americans without a paycheck right before the christmas holidays or punching on our funding responsibilities once again, cornyn and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell say democrats are instead prioritizing president biden's build back better bill
8:20 am
colleagues across the aisle. determined spend the week ahead. >> ways to waste america's money. well, making america's problems. >> even worse. the nearly 2 trillion dollars spending bill needs the support of all 50 senate democrats to pass and right now west virginia democrat joe manchin says he's concerned the bill is too expensive meetings were held over the thanksgiving weekend. we will continue this week and next week is needed. still senate majority leader chuck schumer says he hopes to deliver the bill to the president's desk by the holiday. our goal continues to be to get this done before christmas. >> and the senate makes any changes to the spending bill. the house would have to vote on it again making that christmas deadline. senator schumer sent a little more difficult for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. yeah. and you know what the president's goal is to get your stuff here by christmas. because let me tell you is to look for hanukkah already. here yet. >> hanukkah started sunday. so there's this big backlog the president had some ceos from
8:21 am
several major retailers at the white house. they could talk about how to get the stuff moving from the ships from many cases overseas and to the u.s. into stores into your doorstep of that's where it's going. one transportation expert says that what the president should do is temporary le loosen truck driver our regulations so they would be able to work longer and that let younger drivers and or the truck driving system. >> the only thing that the government, ken, do. >> she's say. increased flexibility, especially the short term companies have their own interest in making this approach and work because otherwise they got nothing to set. >> asd you know, if you can't can't truck, it's not going anywhere and it's not going anywhere as far as the port of oakland oakland either. they actually announced a 20% decline in their total cargo volume for month of october compared to the year before. turns out all the delays in
8:22 am
southern california were so bad that some carriers diverted their ships directly asia bypassing oakland in the process. and as we know in socal, they're already running the ports down there. 24 7 trying to take care of the backlog. there. the president is going to talk more about this. you heard a little snippet today. we'll talk more about it tomorrow will carry that for you. okay. we'll take a break. a 22 the time coming up, a wrong-way driver crashes into a chp patrol car. >> well caught on camera. we'll explain what happened.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ welcome back 8.25, an earthquake shaking the south bay earlier on this morning. it was a very minor quake at 2.7. >> but that was centered just south of most of the bay area around morgan hill. if we zoom in on the area right here. you can see the center of the quake just east of one. oh, one up in the diablo range out that direction. we do have less than a 100 shake reports at this point. again, this is just a 2.7. so pretty minor quake that occurred about 20 minutes ago at 8. '07, this morning. if you felt the shaking, go ahead and let us know and we'll be keeping an eye on the shake reports as they come in. daria thank you, 25 and new this morning. we have details about the crash that injured a chp officer. >> when he was rammed by a tow truck at the bay bridge so
8:26 am
that i stole a tow truck from his nephew drove it in the wrong direction on a t and then well, we showed you what happened to the cop cars. the chp car was crushed. the driver also hit another car while he was basically driving the wrong direction turning around on a t at the toll plaza trying to avoid the police who are all set up there to get him anyway. they did they ended up arresting him and anybody who was hit in these accidents sell those drivers are okay. not seriously hurt, including the chp officer. >> happening right now. disgraced founder of theranos elizabeth holmes. she just made her way inside the courthouse if she's convicted, she faces 20 years in prison coming up, i'll show you video and my attempts trying to ask the questions before she walked in.
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>> it's going and this is great. i care for the cruise ship because that's delivering people we just container ships go by another he right seems like your magazine gets on and you've been waiting for. so when i canceled. i know you did. but even with 3 months. yeah. safe. you're not in all, it is dealing with its john just got ironically. all of his like yesterday after a
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loss. yeah, because i ordered some stuff on cyber monday. and that's by the way, like same day delivery super easy strikes. some other stuff that they ordered on time ago happen to come in yesterday to sell give shout outs. i love them. you know, is he was amazing. also, the package came in yesterday. in addition to all the ones. >> so there is a lot going outside my door step and it was a good day for it. nothing got wet because we have continued to remain dry. that's the same today going to be the same tomorrow, the day after that and so on. all the way through the first weekend of december. your view outside at the golden gate bridge is beautiful. crystal clear this morning. can't be said for all of the bay area as we have seen some dense fog forming in pockets for a few areas, including around redwood city, sfo is seen some fog at being in and out throughout the morning as has the bay bridge toll plaza and some of our inland valleys one. oh, one in the north bay has also been affected by some pockets of very dense fog resulting in lower visibility. otherwise skies. do remain dry and temperatures remain mild
8:31 am
enough as you've been doing the past few mornings. just get those jackets ready to go. we're off to a cool start mostly in the 40's to low 50's, although santa rosa still holding on to those upper 30's our bridges this morning. well, they've definitely seeing some slower conditions than what we've been seeing. previously so many people heading back to work now. and that is very evident right there at the bay bridge toll plaza, a 20 minute drive from the maze to fremont street this morning. also going to take you 20 minutes from 80 to one o one across the san mateo bridge in the golden gate bridge has been one of our lighter commute so far. lots of sunshine out there, which is really just a complement to what's been overall a pretty empty roadway. we have seen no injury traffic collisions throughout the morning on many of our roadways. it all gets us some detail on some of those in the slowdowns that they're causing still to come back to you. thanks, john. thanks for pulling double duty there is rain is out today. 8.31 right now and in the south bay will tran is covering the theranos trial. yeah. it's elizabeth holmes, the founder who is being cross
8:32 am
examined today in her criminal fraud trial. following this for a while. she's accused of misleading investors and doctors and patients. >> into believing that this blood testing device, that she and the company had invented. >> actually work when it didn't. but they got a lot of money. kron four's will tran is live outside the courthouse in santa clara with more will. >> a lot of money. james terry, a one point. she was a billionaire and a darling of silicon valley. i mean, she dropped out of stanford started this company and it promised to be a game changer, a simple of your finger. get the blood in it with basically in few steps tell all your ailments as opposed to whole laboratory. what we know that the traditional blood tests involved. in her case. it was supposed to be very simple. according to prosecutors. they say that she knew it did not live up to its billing. she's inside right now. actually, she arrived about 20 minutes ago. i was here with my camerawoman, yulia said as
8:33 am
here's my attempt to ask her questions. was any comments on your cases so far. any time that really see. she is not saying anything out. you just heard. i asked her twice in the span of like 10 feet. you have any comments that she was flanked by her partner as well other and just like the beginning of this trial 3 months ago. she did not make any comments when she walked inside the courtroom now for the past 4 days. she was questioned by her defense team they say that she was actually the victim of all this from her or friend at the time. sunny balwani here, about 20 years old or that he had such a heavy influence on her that major even do things about diet that she wasn't herself in because she was in her south. she wasn't able to run her company the way she wanted to that's why according to
8:34 am
prosecutors that she's in trouble for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. basically asking investors to compean money to something that was not as advertised. and if she is convicted, she faces 20 years in prison today. prosecutors obviously will not be as, quote, gentle with her as her defense team so they will get a crack at her. not sure how many days they will get at it. but this is a new phase in the trial which could last a little bit longer and we still haven't heard some of the big witnesses that are expected to show up in this case, including former secretary of state henry kissinger. that's how big this case has gotten a lot of people. we showed you this morning, guys. remember they're outside as early as 4 o'clock in the morning just to get a seat and they're all reporters and anchors. the fact there are just members of the public wanting to be in sight to see elizabeth holmes for themselves. back to you. >> and this case certainly drawing a lot of attention. thank you. will.
8:35 am
>> 34 another thing that's been in the news a lot getting a lot of attention is all of these businesses that are being burglarized and robbed all over the bay area. there was another one in oakland. it was hit renegade running on grand avenue and you can see the surveillance video. the thieves came in and they just started stealing as many shoes as they carry and then made off with them. this was sunday night and the owner says that he can't take. it is the 3rd time history has been broken into. >> when you're building community and we love being in oakland. and when something like this happens, it's just it's it's sad. of course it's a little scary and frightening. i don't know how many more incidents like this we can take to keep our doors open. >> because the losses keep piling up and this one and it cost at least $5,000 in lost merchandise. >> to the south bay now where santa clara shoe store was robbed twice in less than a week by a large group of burglars. police say that in this case the group of about 2 dozen people forced their way into the store inside the santa clara town center on el
8:36 am
camino real out. they stole shoes and clothing. this was all last tuesday at about one in the morning and then the store was hit again sunday night at about 1130. no suspects have been arrested so far. and on the peninsula, daly city police are also searching for these 2 men who they say stole more than $3500 worth of merchandise from the macy's at the ceremony shopping center. this happened saturday, november 20th police say the suspects may have left the scene in a white mercedes benz sedan with california license plate number beginning with the number 8. if you recognize them and if you think of any information that will be helpful to police contact them. >> san francisco police are investigating several violent crimes that happened over the weekend. there were 3 shootings in less than 4 hours and one of them was fatal the shootings happened in the bayview neighborhood gear. the tenderloin and in the mission district, 2, there are also 2 sideshows that happened early
8:37 am
sunday morning. one san francisco supervisor says crime has just increased in is getting out of hand. >> definitely some of the violent activity involving cannes has ticked up over the previous year. the organizers of this. i actually knew that there was a lot of attention and focus on the organized retail there's a lot of deployment in other parts of the city. and they chose a very quiet commercial corridor. >> no arrests have been made in the shootings or at the sideshows and the south bay, a daycare center worker was arrested suspected of sexually abusing a child over several years. san jose police arrested 62 year-old julio kerr diaz. they say that he assaulted a child between 2011 and until 2019 while working in a license residential day care facility on mcginness avenue and officers believe there may be more victims are asking anybody with information to come forward and talk to the san jose police. well, still ahead on
8:38 am
the kron 4 morning news controversy in the south bay after barriers were placed around a homeless camp will tell you why. some say they're actually doing more harm than good. >> and klay thompson practicing with the g league warriors as he gets ready his return to the nba. he's looking pretty good. we'll show you some of the footage coming up. we learn about covid-19,
8:39 am
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next?
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what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. call 833-317-4673, breaking news to share with you this morning out of san
8:41 am
francisco. we have our live camera pointed at the ferry building right now where crews are currently trying to rescue a person in the water. the coast guard fire department, police. they've all responded. people are being told to avoid the area right now as crews and that emergency equipment is on scene. so just keep that in mind. we'll keep you updated as we find out more about this rescue of a person in the water out near the ferry building in san francisco. in the south bay, san jose's ongoing effort to clear the city's largest homeless camps is making some progress. but some advocates for the homeless are pushing back on this strategy. the city's largest homeless camp is now surrounded by these concrete k rail barriers. you'll see them here in a second. comeback up on the screen. there is temporary solution basically that's designed to keep the unhoused people from returning to their previous camp site. however, many of the homeless that are living in that camp of actually just relocated next door near columbus park and advocates say that these barriers are actually doing more harm than good because it makes it harder for them to
8:42 am
bring in the food and the other services and supplies that people in that area need. we've had trouble thanksgiving. we distributed maybe 500 meals. >> and we had to get back up on spring street to get into the camp. we had to go down the trail with a truck and distribute the meals where if we have access from the roadway. it's just so much easier. >> yes. so the barriers went up just before thanksgiving and they will be there until june of next year. we'll be june of next year. we'll be right back. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways.
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limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> happening today. the city of san jose is going to consider declaring a water shortage and we all know that we're short water. if they do that, that would limit you to landscaping. just 2 days a week to watering like this, which i think you should be doing and they don't think you should be doing it. they're trying to get people to cut down. and if they do this, it would be in effect just pretty much for a year until next october. the end of next october. so you see the green lawn and then you see the brown one that for free. the brown and water, the sidewalk, by the way, ring county also wishes you a cut back even more the reservoirs are currently at just 58% capacity in. >> now normally for this time of year. they're about 66% to 2 thirds full nowhere near that and rain water says we're going to have to continue to conserve more than we have so
8:46 am
far because as they take a look at the forecast like john's been looking at that. it's the chance of rain on the horizons down near 0 and around this time of year. i start not counted by rain. but my snow because i want to see what happens in and that's kind of 0 that either the progress we made in october. a lot of that's melted away to obviously at those highest of elevations, the snowpack is there. >> at least we cumulative something. but top lake shore up in lake tahoe. it's all but gone at this point. you can see outside here in the bay area. it's back to what we've grown pretty familiar with these past few weeks, very dry and clear conditions. we do have some fog this morning. that's a bit of a change from where we have been. you can see that little line of fog right out there across the bay itself. and we are seeing some of it further inland as well. up along one o one half moon bay around redwood city. a particularly dense patch of it as well to our north, there's the rain. there's the snow. it's all stashed up in washington up into western
8:47 am
canada here in the bay area that high pressure ridge is sending it not just out of the bay but really out of anywhere near us across this region. this high pressure ridge is also contributing to the hazy conditions you've noted creating a cap across the bay that keeps or pollutants with us and why we do have moderate air quality for yet another one and why you'll notice that hazy view as you look at the horizon today, a nice and clear one tomorrow we're going to keep that around more clear skies for your wednesday as we make our way into december. the new month kicks off tomorrow. great weather for it. maybe even a record breaking day as far as temperatures go for some areas on into december. first as we see some highs warming possibly into the mid to upper 70's thursday stays much the same before a slight cool down into the weekend. today's daytime highs in the 60's solidly for san francisco. a few more 70's on the map, though areas like burlingame up to 71 degrees. carlos and woodside each at 72 and our warm spot in the bay for a second day in the row is campbell at 74 east bay
8:48 am
temperatures mostly in the low 70's hayward, a nice 72 danville and san ramon at 71 a few upper 60's across the north bay bike in napa at 68 degrees and avato at 69 tomorrow's temperatures averaging out to around the same as today's. but i do expect areas like the south bay to potentially see those mid to upper 70's. some of our warmest of temperatures. and as i said, maybe even a couple of numbers getting close to record breaking tomorrow. we stay dry and sunny all the way into the upcoming weekend likely into the start of next week as well as far as traffic goes this morning it has been a busy one on the roads. we haven't seen any major hot spots, but certainly some no injury traffic collisions that have resulted in some delays here and there and then those natural delays when so many people are heading back to work for the maze to fremont street. that's an 18 minute commute actually quite the improvement there. how long the toll plaza. 80 looking at 14 minutes to get you from a 80 to one o one across the san mateo bridge. it's been
8:49 am
beautiful on the golden gate bridge all morning long. clear skies a light wind relatively little traffic. a big improvement along highway 4 westbound, we were up to 40 minutes earlier from antioch to concord. now it's only 19 minutes still running pretty slow, though, along to 42 from concord into pleasant hill and down to walnut creek. it has picked up a little bit, but there are some stop and go travel conditions, especially as you reach that interchange between 2 42 6.80 a little bit further southward still very slow as well. around 2.38, and 5.80, across the east bay around hayward san leandro and san lorenzo and a little bit further south from there. it's also very slow as you're making your way up and down the east bay shoreline trying to get on to 92 south bay commute has also been affected by just so many people getting back onto the roads and one o one has actually seen a few collisions across the south bay that have resulted in some delays and travel. 41 minutes from san jose to menlo park
8:50 am
and 85 has not been much smoother than this. and as you try to get on to the bay bridge. it's going to take you 31 minutes westbound 80 feet to get from crockett to the maze. back to you. all 49, we're going to do local sports in a second. i just i just have to mention how sad i feel about tiger woods. oh, sure that you heard. if you follow tiger that he's not going to be able to like return to the glory and playful time on the circuit in the open and all that stuff. >> he said that's never going to be that way again and he accepts it and it says reality. >> he's had a storied career spot has been beat up pretty good. i think answers to retiring just play golf now happy to. he said i'm happy to be alive and have my land. yeah. so those are 2 things he's thankful for. all right. we've got to keep players that are not going to be on the field with the niners when they play the seahawks. yeah, they're dealing with a couple of injuries. klay thompson dealing with a couple of injuries of his own for the wars that he is getting closer to playing playoff form again, as we're getting deeper into the season. yeah, 2 years. it is amazing. come for sports director jason dumas has more.
8:51 am
>> the niners won their 3rd straight game on sunday when they took down the vikings. but it did not come without call deebo samuel and fred warner have already been ruled out for next week's divisional matchup. >> against the seahawks for deebo if a strained groin and will be out one to 2 weeks. warner. he's dealing with a hamstring kyle shanahan said someone is going to have to step up where d both who is on the shortlist for mvp this season. >> it's been a big part of our offense. but i think we're in a spot right now that we overcome came in yesterday made a huge i use the 7 up each week doing better. each one coming along. but to give all more opportunities anyways have beat out there and it will get healthier better each weekend gives the dual to it. >> day by day, brick by brick. that's been klay thompson's attitude as he works towards a return to the court for the
8:52 am
first time in over 2 and a half years and man, it's getting so close. i can just feel it. i can't wait for that night. the santa cruz warriors released some video of clay scrimmaging with the team. and as you can see for clay for someone as skilled as him. it's like riding a bike taken the to the hole icu. but hey, i caution be patient. i'd be irresponsible if i didn't remind everyone at home. just how tough it is to do what clay is attempting to do. come back from those 2 traumatic injuries, santa cruz warriors coach seth cooper. he shared his thoughts on clay at practice. he was cleared for full go. >> everything we did was full of 100%. he was going there was no holding them back in u.s. live stream it to live today in practice. he was totally lives. so there was no point back goes, it was just really what im going. but in experience playing all out and
8:53 am
he did that. and he looked really good at doing that. >> a's fans. they've been nervous that there would be a roster fire sale this offseason for good reason. they've already lost skipper bob melvin sterling mark tay and mark hanna. but the organization did resign. chad pender and tony kemp. so all is not law. you have something to smile about 8th. take those smiles. >> well, you can get >> all righty. that is your look at sports. and we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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for your money this morning. the post office has released its deadlines for shipping packages so that they arrive on time for christmas day. >> we put it up on the screen looking to 7, 2, yeah. it's that first class mail december 1719. that's too. friday. yeah. the sun friday and priority mail packages. they have to be n by the overnight shipments into day express service that can be dropped off on the 23rd but really come close and that shipping companies are also hiring thousands of temporary workers. the season 2 is there preparing for more packages than last year. we'll see if they can get it all to where it needs to go. i love my postal carriers. can i just say they're great. you, chris. i know that my name, you know, they're out there working so hard. i actually have 2 different. >> carriers. my neighborhood and they're working 7 days a week if they want talk about was no when they come by the
8:57 am
dog does not 8.56 coming up in the next hour. there are concerns about the new covid variant on kron. we're going hear from local doctors about what you need to know to stay safe. and how is oakland's police chief going to keep oakland safe when there are so many crimes happening. >> we're going to see what to expect in a live report.
8:58 am
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the
9:00 am
kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> 9 o'clock on a tuesday time is ticking because thanksgiving just ended. so are we done yet? is everything ready for christmas and hanukkah, which is already here. i hope so. and if not, john, the weather seems really great to get out, do whatever you need to do is so gorgeous does. it's a typical. >> california christmas season hanukkah season. it feels like because we're right back to the 70's we go today under some sunshine. now, this is not necessarily the weather we need to see. we need to start seeing some more rainfall like we did in october. but in the meantime, will take advantage of it. get that shopping done string up those lights these next couple of days. your view outside from the golden gate bridge has been a beautiful all morning long. can see in a couple of cargo ships passing through there. hopefully those finally have some of the packages. you ordered a while to go fog. cast has shown less than clear conditions elsewhere, though. in fact, we've seen some dense fog in pockets across parts of the bay area this morning in areas like one. oh, one up in the


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