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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 30, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan that breaking news. the national park service is confirming that the car linked to the shooting death of a crime for security guard. kevin, the was involved in a robbery in san francisco. oakland police released a photo of the suspect's car. it is white 2004, 2, 2008 acura tls got 4 doors. a sunroof doesn't have a front license plate. the national park service says the same car was the one used in an armed robbery that happened november
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22nd within the golden gate national recreation area and the shooter was shot while working with one of our reporters and downtown oakland last week he died from his injuries saturday morning. a $32,500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. a fund has been set up for kevin that she does family a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin the she to trust at the metropolitan bank location. you can do it in person or by mail. that's the address there on your screen. the information is also on our website, kron 4 dot com. >> takes a long time to get officers to academy. technology is something that we can get on the ground. much faster. >> oakland's police chief stating the obvious more can be done to prevent homicides in the city of oakland chief leronne armstrong says 127 people have been killed this year. he continues to talk about needed change, kron
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four's rob nesbitt joins us live in the newsroom with more on how surveillance video could help rob catherine chief leronne armstrong says the city's promise to add more police officers to the force will help. >> right now. oakland pd has 70 less officers than they did at the same time last year. the chief says his officers may be fewer but are working tires tirelessly to protect and serve their city. a tactical team was called in over the weekend when they were shots fired at to oakland officers. chief armstrong, thank the mayor and city council members for their promise to add more officers asking them to consider more finencial incentives to help with recruitment social media and cell phone video has helped chief armstrong and his department tackle crime. but he says the city needs to join the 21st century with its own technology. >> but in the city of oakland not to have a city-wide surveillance camera system and puts us definitely behind the 8 ball because we have to go out and asked community members to bring for video.
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>> for the month of november. the oakland police department has made had made 10 homicide arrests so far live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. thank you very much. trump. and we have been following breaking news out of michigan. were 15. year-old has been arrested after opening fire on his high school campus. >> killing 3 students police say wounding 6 other people including a teacher police responded about one this afternoon to the report of an active shooter at oxford high school that is an oxford township about 30 miles north of detroit. police don't have a motive yet. they believe the boy was the only gunman the school was put on lockdown. students were later as scored into a nearby parking lot. officers arrested the teenager and found the gun that he had used. now to the latest from the pandemic scientist racing for answers as the new omicron variant is a growing number of
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countries. so far it has not been found in the u.s. but health officials say there is a chance it's already here. kareen wynter has the latest. >> this new variant is a cause for concern. but not panic. the white house covid-19 response coordinator echoing president biden's comments this week on the new omicron variant that's rapidly spreading in other parts of the world, roughly 20 countries, including australia austria, belgium, canada and france. a dutch health agency is now reporting this concerning new strain that hasn't yet been detected here in the u.s. was already in europe. the netherlands a week before south africa disclosed its early cases. the u.s. has now restricted travel in 8 southern african countries with experts predicting that it's only a matter of time before the omicron variant services in the u.s. while it's still unclear if the strain is deadly and contagious as the delta variant, the nation's leading infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci offered
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this guidance during this morning's white house covid-19 response team briefing. that is difficult to infer. but the relationship between this t is. >> and delta, although you can suggest that might be more. we do not know until we see the dynamics of how this evolves on the issue of vaccine effectiveness. as with other variants, although partial immune escape may occur. vaccines and particularly boosters give a level of anybody that even with variants like delta give you a degree of protection, particularly against severe disease. the president has been criticized for implementing travel bans. but even the world health organization calling the move premature since there are still many unknowns about this new strain. >> as researchers work to learn more about omnicom and the threat it poses the cdc's director says the u.s. is in a better position today to protect the public. today. we have increased our protection vaccination for everyone, 5 years or not. and we have
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vaccine booster for all adults to optimize that vaccine protection. president biden will also soon outline a specific strategy to fight this virus during the busy holidays as other countries like the uk ramp up efforts to combat this new omicron variant the british prime minister plans on making booster shots available to everyone who's eligible by the end of january we want to ramp up capacity across the whole united kingdom to the levels. we achieved in the previous vaccination effort. we're going to be throwing everything at it in order to ensure that everyone eligible is off of that piece to it. as i say. >> just over 2 months. that was kareen wynter reporting the cdc says the delta variant does remain the predominant strain in the u.s. americans, of course, are still being urged to wear masks and to follow. >> all safety protocols new at 3. an fda panel has endorsed merck's experimental covid pill and that paves the way
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for us authorization for the first at home drug to fight the virus. the panel voted 13 to 10 that the drug's benefits outweigh the risks. those include potential birth defects. if it is used during pregnancy. the vote specifically backs the drug for adults with mild to moderate covid who have other risks like obesity asthma or old age. the fda is expected to make a decision on whether to authorize the pill by the end of the year. that pill is already authorized. by the way, in great britain. pfizer is expected to ask for authorization for a covid booster for teenagers. 16 and 17 years old. the boosters only authorized for adults at this point. adults can get an extra dose 6 months after their second shot of the pfizer or moderna vaccine or 2 months after the single dose, johnson and johnson vaccine. the fda could approve. the request is early as next week.
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if you want more information on the new variant. you can scan that qr code on your screen. we'll take you to our special coronavirus page on our website. you can learn more about the variant along with all of the latest vaccine information. in sports news in the south bay today. evander kane took part in his first practice with the san jose barracuda. this follows a 21 game suspension for violating nhl covid protocol while he played for the sharks kron four's. rob fladeboe has that story. i'm here at the san jose sharks practice facility in san jose where former sharks winger evander kane was back on the ice today for the first time in several weeks. >> but instead of skating with the sharks came was practicing with his new team. the minor league hl san jose barracuda, the sharks place cain on waivers on sunday following at the conclusion of his 21 day suspension for violating the nhl's covid-19 protocols. the
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nhl also investigating and cleared cain amid allegations that he bet on hockey games after practice cain addressed the media over his off ice to make it about time that you stop >> it's always a there's never the same importance in conviction. box so they're just tales of you're this is part of the process is part of a. the job. i don't want at the time of his suspension. >> cain also came under scrutiny amid allegations of and domestic abuse against his ex-wife. charges came. his vehemently denied cain will remain with the barracuda indefinitely and says that his goal is to get back to the nhl
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whether that's with the sharks or some other team remains to be seen in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> that was rob fladeboe reporting cain says he is now fully vaccinated. all right. time to talk about the weather on this last day of november as we get that beautiful view of the golden gate bridge kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr joins us from the weather center. looks good day. >> catherine? yeah. look at these pictures. i thought it was a little dusty up here in the monitors. but notice some high cloudiness that we have to take us a little flavor. well out of season in fact, that the elements were just a little different. we'll probably be pushing those high temperatures a little higher to around 80 or so quick check of numbers were in the upper 60's with a couple of 70's popping here and there center. rosie, stand at 70 as well as tri valley livermore fremont, the fremont coming in at 7072 in san jose at this hour. so looking pretty good. look at this. even half moon bay at 72. that's kind of the little teller about what's going on here. it does play a little bit of the forecast. winds.
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quick check here. not a lot going on shore. they're somewhat variable. but there's going to be a tendency for a week and the size week. but it's still there. offshore wind that we have compliments of the recent rains. no alarm bells going off here. but we always get a little nervous with offshore winds, but it's helping warming conditions for us. we've got 67 or so expected next hour down to 5650's. you can see by 10. that's the dry air playing in again, allowing temperatures to fall relatively rapidly once the sun sets for tonight. we're looking at 46 san francisco 47 oakland 47 also san jose get a little chilly. looks like down the south bay coming up a little bit. we'll take a look at what it looks like for the remainder of the week, even though we do have this persistence forecast. but expect more of the same. a little bit more nuance coming up, particularly as we get into next week. >> all right. dave, sounds good. thanks very coming up, the east by business repeatedly targeted by thieves. the owner who says you might just give up and close. also warning for
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parents. this holiday shopping season while lawmakers want you to be careful about the kinds of toys you buy for your children. and why police in the east. bay are telling the east. bay are telling there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enroll by december 31st.
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it.
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new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. check now to see your new lower price. back. seniors are being warned to be very careful while wearing jewelry outside police say that. >> there have been to at least 2 recent thefts in san ramon. many more throughout the bay
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area. 2 senior citizens were robbed. one near mosaic park. the other along cinnamon ridge road. in both cases. the victims had been walking alone. the thieves began to chat to the seniors from their car, then got out and took the jewelry. no one has been injured. a business owner and oakland says his shoe store has been broken into 3 times this year. most recently it happened sunday night. surveillance video shows 2 people breaking into the renegade running store. that's an grand avenue near broadway, kron, four's taylor second talk to the owner who says he's fed up. >> i don't know how many more incidents like this we can take to keep our doors open. one of the owners of renegade running victor diaz is contemplating keeping his doors open for business in oakland. >> after they were most recently shattered late sunday night and looks like 2 individuals broke and to the store. >> they attempted to smash one closest to the sidewalk and we're not able to penetrate
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that window and then. tried the door and then were able to penetrate through through into the store through that door surveillance cameras captured the burglars going in and out of the store multiple times. >> killing several bags of items and eventually taking off in a getaway car parked right outside the business diaz spoke to us on mond%y as workers came to replace the glass door between the shoes stolen and the damage he says the theft costs the store at least $5,000. and this isn't the first time diaz says the running shops been broken into 3 times this year. when you're building community. >> and we love being in oakland. and when something like this happens, it's just it's just heart it's sad. of course it's a little scary and frightening. he says a lot of businesses in the area are on edge after the numerous burglaries these last couple of weeks. there are people who. >> logically do not want to come downtown do not want to
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being involved in any kind of physical altercation with people either saving the goods in their car or been witness to it in a store. and again, it feels like. you know, the police are so short staff that they're not visible through no fault of their own and there's no city. our public officials, they're out talking to us, you know, to find out. either what they can do or to hear from them what they are doing. so all of it just feels like kind of a big ball of like frustration and wondering. and and in sometimes in some cases just feeling. you know, like maybe there is no way out. that was tailored to sack a reporting. >> daly city. police are looking for 2 men accused of stealing more than $3500 worth of merchandise from the macy's at the sarah monte shopping center. it happened saturday, november 20th police say the suspects might have left in a white mercedes benz sedan. the
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license plate was a california played beginning with the number 8. if you recognize the man on your screen you are asked to contact daly city police. in the south bay, a santa clara shoe store was recently robbed twice in less than a week by a group of burglars. police say about 2 dozen people forced their way into the store in the santa clara town center on el camino real stealing shoes and clothing. it happened last tuesday around 01:00am and again sunday night about 1130. there have been no arrests. morton county water officials say russia bars are only about 58% full right now as opposed to the more typical 66% of this time of the year and with the chance of rain looking pretty low. people, of course still being encouraged to conserve water time for a look at the forecast as we get a live view from our cam on top of the mount tam.
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>> and kron for meteorologists. dave spahr is here with a look at the first days of december. and i guess no rain in sight if we look for a far we can see some might get over the horizon. but we've got, you know, good telescopes and so forth. so we have a little bit on. it will be talking. >> a bit about. but in the short term this week you got that right, catherine. nothing going on in terms of that. >> with his persistence forecast today marks the end of an era. however, it is the end of hurricane season with the tropical atlantic caribbean and also gulf of mexico. that doesn't mean, however, we can't get tropical systems, but they just define it as december 1st to get into winter. now, that's over. here's what's going on. half moon bay. we see numbers popping in the 70's this afternoon. nice blue skies will. but the way some high cloudiness there. we got 72 santa. rosa, there's your 72 set 2 for a half moon bay 70 for livermore. also freeman 72. meanwhile for san jose and a quick check with fog will see a little bit develop here and there. but what kind of more pronounced is off to the delta and the sacramento
3:20 pm
valley looks like it will get quite thick going on not as much to the bay. partially aided by the some offshore winds. they're in the 40's on the board may be about 40 going on. santa rosa off to the east bay. they drop to the lower 40's 47. meanwhile, for san jose. but this is kind of interesting. a bit of an offshore wind. another not to be very heavy, but the direction like this usually ushers in some drier air. and this is going to help with her temperatures warming. also a bit of a fog either too. but the other factor with all of this, too, is when we see this happen particular this time of year really crank concerned about fire concerns. but this go around, we'd have a lot of insulation because of recent rains have really help that problem out a bit. we've got sunny and warm for the rest of the week. lower 70's at work this weekend, mostly sunny, a touch cooler sliding back to the mid 60's. however, with the long reach here looks like some scattered clouds next week. rain shot tuesday question mark walk through this forecast models for you. coming up in a bit, catherine. all right. dave spahr, thank you very much. see you in a
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bit. >> still ahead on this giving tuesday. we are highlighting the bay area community that's doing its part. >> and it's become kind of a christmas tradition in itself. the latest warnings about tours which can be dangerous.
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including allergic reactions, lactic acid buildup, and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ us. senators say that parents should probably check their children's christmas lists a couple of times before. >> buying certain toys. a hearing on capitol hill today.
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focused on hidden hazards. things like counterfeit toys with small parts that children can accidentally swallow washington correspondent jessi tenure has the story. >> he's been cell batteries are a menace, connecticut senator richard blumenthal warns apart in many toys and holiday decorations since thousands of kids to the emergency room every out easily. swallow and for some ingesting button. batteries can turn deadly to was blue and she was lifeless trista hand. smith's daughter rees died before her second birthday from complications of swallowing a button battery when sees batteries are removed from emergency surgery actually can continue to burn and her stead according to the american academy of pediatrics there were 3500 button battery ingestions in 2020, but it estimates that only 11% of the true total since it's not required to record or report these cases unfortunately, i'm not the first nor will i be
3:25 pm
the last parent to have to love this nightmare. lawmakers want to change that blumenthal in tennessee. senator marsha blackburn introduced a bill in reese's honor to require warnings and proper fastening zaun these batteries. you don't expect that to be a hazard blackburn also wants online retailers to combat the growing number of counterfeit toys made overseas by manufacturers that don't always follow us regulations. the have the insight in to clear these products are coming from. >> that's why the senators are working to increase funding and support for the main government watchdog, the u.s. consumer product safety commission. make sure. >> holidays are really a time of joy. trashy in washington. i'm jessi tenure. the commission not just released its toys and trouble in toy land report. >> it says that emergency rooms treated nearly 200,000 toy related injuries last year. next at 3.30 the
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questions about the state of the economy as the latest covid variant. >> is spreading in other parts of the world. the concern that it could threaten america's economic recovery and a san francisco milestone as the city honors its first year of i
3:27 pm
3:28 pm
francisco. homelessness, of course, very visible problem. >> a lot of people on the streets are suffering from mental health and drug abuse
3:29 pm
problems today. the city updated one of its programs which it hopes will help kron four's charles clifford has the details. >> well, it's been a year since the city of san francisco launched its street crisis response team today, mayor breed and city officials provided an update on the program. the crisis response team is a joint effort between various city agencies and partners with the goal of helping people. we're suffering from mental health problems or substance abuse issues the idea is that instead of sending police officers to every situation. the crisis team can provide a more tailored response by sending the appropriate services based on the needs of the individual. the mayor says that since the program launched a year ago. they responded to more than 5,000 calls for help. >> as a major city. that's a very dense city. we know that their problems and challenges we have to face. but i got to say i'm so very proud and grateful to all of our public safety officials who are doing the work on the ground to try and keep people safe. i'm
3:30 pm
grateful to them for showing up in despite dealing with some of the most challenging of circumstances every single day. they still show up. >> the mayor also said today that in the upcoming city budget. she is pushing to add hundreds of additional beds to help care for people suffering from mental health and drug abuse problems in san francisco. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> it is going to cost drivers a little bit extra to cross the bay bridge starting january first the total jumped from $6 to $7. that price hike as part of a ballot measure that was passed in 2018. let's talk about the forecast again as we take the a live look what at this is the view from on top of a month. 10 kron meteorologists dave sphar is here with some details state we're using all the blue pixels to lovk at the second blue to, you know, i got blue bayer, but half moon bay going on here in the skies over the way some high cloudiness katherine and looking pretty good as we go through this
3:31 pm
week ahead. you know, if you want a little flavor of that spring-like weather or. >> kind of early fall. that's what the doctor ordered, at least for much of this week ahead. nothing's going to change a little bit next week. we jump to the current winds and they look like they're still kind of getting their act together. what we do here, a little bit of an on shore when the east bay shoreline off shore up the solano county that using an alarm bell in terms of fire concerns and so forth to keep it picks up a bit. that's not a problem. this go around. we've had some recent rains. the ground's kind of warmed up a warmed up moistened up a little bit. so that's not posing alarm bells the same way 67 at 4 by 7 were 5650 at 10 o'clock. the dry air checking in clear skies and ballots. not a lot of winds going on. so temperatures can go in little bit of a tumble here, a little bit of fog will develop around. it looks like the delta 46 in the low tonight, san francisco clear and cool 47 for oakland. also matching that san jose across the wider real estate, 40 about santa rosa 47 going on against san jose 43, 4 livermore. now that
3:32 pm
makes ways for highs like this. 70 tomorrow for san francisco to 75 san jose 71 going on for oakland central valley. course numbers will be a little bit warmer than that. but boy, nice little warm up. we have. we're going to stay into the 70's train for a little while. this is what it looks like over a good portion of the real estate 74 at the santa rosa there, as you can see. but even along the east bay shoreline warming up nicely. don't forget, we do have a bit of an offshore wind sometimes winds that agitation sometimes keeps temperatures down just a touch. for example, for delay, although that should be a little bit more off shore coming up in a bit. we'll run through some of the models in terms of what we're looking at next week for that possibility for rain. catherine. >> all right. thank you very much, dave spahr in a victory for gun control advocates. a federal court has upheld california's ban on high capacity magazines. that decision came after 2 judges last year ruled that the state ban on magazines holding more than 10 bullets violates the constitutional right to bear arms. but today the 9th
3:33 pm
circuit court called the law reasonable and appropriate in the interest of reducing gun violence. various gun owners rights groups are planning to appeal. now to the criminal fraud trial of elizabeth holmes shoe has been a back on the witness stand today being questioned by the prosecution. this time prosecutors trying to paint very different picture of homes. with former theranos executive sunny balwani yesterday holmes testified that he had raped her and was often abusive. we're learning today. prosecutors are making homes read private texts between a ball one and herself and which homes is coming across is the angry person kron four's. amy larson is at that trial. she is live tweeting and she'll have a full report on our website. kron 4 dot com. and another high-profile case we're following the first of 4 accusers taking the standard that these lane maxwell
3:34 pm
sex-trafficking trial today. she is accused of acting as jeffrey epstein chief enabler recruiting and grooming girls as young as 14 for him to abuse the woman who testified today said she was 14 when she had interactions with epstein. she says maxwell was often in the room at the time instructing her on how to behave the charges against maxwell stem from the allegations of 4 women who say that she and epstein victimize them as teenagers from 1994 to 2004. the 59 year-old has pleaded not guilty. and the wife of mexican drug kingpin el chapo has been sentenced to 3 years in prison. on conspiracy charges and i had pleaded guilty to helping her husband run his multibillion-dollar criminal empire and she helped him plan. a dramatic escape through a tunnel under the prison that was back in 2015. prosecutors wanted a four-year
3:35 pm
prison term. but a u.s. district judge imposed the shorter term saying her role was a small part of a much larger organization. jury selection began today in the trial of former minnesota police officer kim potter. she says that she mistakenly grabbed her handgun instead of her taser when she shot and killed a dante wright. that was last april. wright had been pulled over for expired. tags. it became clear that there was a warrant for his arrest. there was a struggle that led to the 20 year-old being shot. the defense says it was accidental prosecutors argue potter had been negligent. she is facing charges of first degree and second degree manslaughter. the nation's top financial officials testified before senate committee today. the topic inflation and the pitfalls of the latest covid variant washington correspondent alexandra limon has that story.
3:36 pm
>> good evening. the treasury secretary says the economy is recovering much faster than expected. but officials warn that progress could still be forwarded. treasury secretary janet yellen calls the country's economic recovery remarkable. >> we're averaging half a million new jobs for months since january gdp. now exceeds its pre pandemic levels. but fed chair jerome powell says the pandemic could still reverse that progress after the detection of a new covid-19 variant greater concerns about the virus could reduce people's willingness to work in person. >> which would slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply-chain disruptions. powell says that could fuel more price increases supply chain problems have made it difficult for producers to meet strong demand, particularly for goods. increases in energy prices and rents are also pushing inflation upward, but powell says most experts still
3:37 pm
believe inflation will decrease significantly over the next year. >> and in an effort to help the fed may stop its aid to the bond market sooner than expected. officials are also concerned about the harm that will come if congress fails to increase the nation's debt limit in the next 2 weeks. we will eviscerate our current recovery. >> in a matter of days the majority of americans would suffer financial pain secretary yellen says not increasing the debt limit could mean social security recipients and military members won't get paid. >> and eventually could lead to a deep recession. secretary yellen also urge the senate to pass the build back better plan saying it could help with problems like the child care crisis and get more parents back into the workforce. but opponents say. >> pumping more money into the economy could also make inflation worse reporting in washington. alexandra limon.
3:38 pm
>> happening tomorrow. the supreme court is getting ready to hear the biggest abortion case in a generation. it centers on a mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. supporters want the court to and the constitional right to abortion. opponents are worried that with the current makeup of the court. that is exactly what will happen. the justices are not expected to rule until next summer. if the law is overturned, many states including texas and south dakota already have measures in place that would effectively ban abortion. coming up, why has made history in her home country of barbados. >> and after the break, the shipping deadlines to make sure you get your christmas sure you get your christmas presents delivered on top. hi honey! hi mommy!
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postal service is you do need to ship your packages by december 17th. if you want to be on time for christmas. >> priority mail packages by the 18th overnight shipments into express due by december 23rd shipping companies meantime, have been hiring thousands of temporary workers this season. a good sign for the airline industry the tsa screened more than 2.4 million people across the country sunday. that's the most of any day since the pandemic began. the numbers are considered a sign that people are becoming more comfortable with air travel. very few flights were
3:42 pm
canceled for example, over thanksgiving weekend. foot traffic over thanksgiving weekend more than doubled at oakland's airport over last year. travel came closest to prepandemic levels. november 21st with more than 86% to 29 teams. total last wednesday, the day before thanksgiving, the busiest day of the holiday week. nearly 17,300 people going through the airport. still ahead, we're highlighting a community center in concord on ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> and we have breaking news to tell you about. cnn says it is suspending anchor chris cuomo indefinitely. this is after details emerged about how he helped his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo as he faced charges of harassment. the network says documents released by new york's attorney general monday indicated a much greater level and his brothers efforts than the network knew about cuomo had acknowledged talking to his brother and offering advice when the governor faced harassment charges that led to his resignation. but the information released november 29th revealed it went a lot deeper than that cuomo's program which airs at 09:00pm eastern time on week nights is often the networks. most watched show of the day. we'll have more details coming up on kron 4 news at 5 o'clock. for almost a decade. the tuesday
3:46 pm
after thanksgiving has been recognized across the country is giving tuesday. today. the work of non-profit is being highlighted. kron four's phillipe djegal reports from concord where one group has been serving the lgbtq community for more than 25 years. >> for 12 years now christian has leaned on the rainbow community center in concord for site first as a visionary in his teens and now has hiv outreach manager. >> he says without this nonprofit, i probably wouldn't right now in center provides resources for the lgbtq community and has been a staple in the east bay since 1995 the center itself has remained closed to the public during the pandemic but events and donation drives to help youth and seniors. >> have continue. i think it was a tough time when that when i came out, you know, at an earlier i i just came here from mexico. so i think it was
3:47 pm
really hard to you not english, but he learned ended so alongside others going through similar experiences. >> today. the nonprofit reaches more than 1000 people a year. all over contra. costa county providing people access to housing financial resources clothes toys during the holidays and mental health services many of us are suffering isolation and depression. >> working from home. the best thing to have and also not having services fully available. still the volunteers and staff are doing what they can to help. >> and could use your assistance too. your time or money will go a long way. >> in concert, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> some good news if you're looking for a pet for christmas. the peninsula humane society is waiving all adoption fees. this is for small animals and that includes rabbits guinea pigs, rats, hamsters mice. you're
3:48 pm
looking at one of those some of the rabbits available for adoption. shelter. officials say they've seen a spike in the number of small animals being brought into the shelter. they now have about 25 of them available to cute little in world news after 400 years as a british colony. the caribbean nation of barbados has broken away from great britain, prince charles attended a ceremony last night as barbados became a republic. the country's first president was sworn in and barbados native reanna was honored as a national hero. >> boss of the robin brianna fenty. >> may you continue to shine like the diamond i'm britt tell your nation by your words, by your actions and the dew credit where ever you set a goal. >> brianna is only the second woman to receive the national hero title and she is now expected to promote tourism
3:49 pm
and education and investment for the island. >> all right. let's talk about the forecast a little more detail as we take a live look at downtown san francisco. >> dave spahr joins us again. kathryn, i don't i see it. >> some height of air. that was very bright picture. it just hit my eyes like we have also another bright picture here to some high cloudiness a little bit, just a touch there. east bay shoreline all lit up nicely for us as well. temperatures. these are currents now 70 up to santa rosa upper 60's off to the east bay. we may top these off a little bit tomorrow, getting up there. closer to 70 are getting into the lower 70's is we're going in san jose 72 half moon, bay drop back to 6869. meanwhile, 4 san francisco noting the winds. now they play a little bit of the forecast just a touch sometimes they can sometimes save you a little bit from falling more. but this offshore wind brings in little bit more dry air help warm us up just a touch. but as you can see, not real real heavy and the good news is because
3:50 pm
we have recent rains. we won't have a fire threat with that sunny and warm going on for the rest of the week. lower 70's on tap for the weekend, mostly sunny a touch cooler will slide back to the mid and then into early next week. this is where things get interesting. now might have a shot for rain on tuesday or that might even be some snow up for our mountains, ok, so let's get to their this high pressure still kind of the boss right now, not much happening. some scattered clouds there we go. by tuesday. here's an opportunity here. doesn't look great. but sometimes these things can improve with later model runs. let's hope hope. hope and then successive systems by the end of next week to maybe something that they're some watching as well. in the 70 forecast. we'll keep this train going. for the lower 70's a slight drop off into the weekend as we get into mid 60's territory. cloud cover on monday. hints at the sign of things to change your lows are going to stay probably the lower 40's inland, although you can sometimes see some upper 30's in wind shaded areas. upper 40's happening along the coast. catherine. >> all right, dave, thanks very much. coming up next for
3:51 pm
this. >> right looking creature washed up.
3:52 pm
- hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. [lea] i'm a retired art teacher. [steve] we met online about 10 years ago. as i got older, my hearing was not so good so i got hearing aids. my vision was not as good as it used to be, got a change in prescription. but the thing missing was my memory. i saw a prevagen commercial and i thought, "that makes sense." i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things.
3:53 pm
prevagen. healthier brain. better life. i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. this. a frightening looking fish washed up on a beach in san diego. >> it is a rare pacific football fish usually found in the deepest parts of the ocean. the man who took the pictures it was about a foot long. experts say the football fish is only been seen a few times in california. for your
3:54 pm
help helping others apparently has health benefits. researchers at ohio state university say support of people actually have lower levels of chronic inflammation for 2 years. they analyze the positive social relationships between friends and family members of more than a 1000 people and they noticed a reduction of inflammation. and of course, that can cause things like heart disease and cancer. the bottom line, the support of people apparently now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> women's rights could change forever in america. will the supreme court overturn roe v wade and what it would mean for politics in the united states. plus, why the new ceo of twitter thinks the first amendment doesn't apply to him. here's a look at dan abrams live. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation live from south africa, a top doctor gives us updates in
3:55 pm
real time on the impact of the omicron variant. what she's seeing on the ground could be an indicator of what to expect here in the united states. that's tonight. and dan abrams live. >> and you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. all right. take a look at this proposal. armadillo on a roll. this is sherman. the national zoo's screaming hairy armadillo. and that's actually what they're called. it's going wild over a new toy. he refuses to put it down even when the doses off. according to the zoo keepers, the occasional fumble happens, but sherman just rolls with the punches and is quick to recover. he loves his new toy. that's actually pretty cute. all dave spahr has been tracking the 70's. what i guess you mean to right. i'm sorry, would say you're tracking the 70's. okay. back. yeah. look at that. it's nice little flavor here.
3:56 pm
spring-like weather. >> give a nice little something you're armadillo. pat to enjoy will be on the sunshine with this 71 going on for oakland. 75 san jose warm and sunny, we have all the factors playing into it. we've got a high upstairs. maybe not the right exact location and warm enough to push those numbers even higher. but you know, this is the naisbitt basic game plan not a lot of surface winds. there's a little bit of an offshore wind, though, and the good news is because we had recent rains we can handle it so no problems with that lower 70's are expected across most of the district's 74 santa rosa tomorrow 75 for san jose now upstream. we talked about a change for strip to get through this week. >> yeah. and and and and early next week we have this is we're waiting for this next week. now little front dropping south might bring something for us, perhaps a shot of rain and maybe even the latter portion next. next week. >> might have some more action as well. pretty quiet for this week with the high pressure still in place. but keeping on with that track over the week ahead through the week. we
3:57 pm
have 70, as you can thursday, there is little drop-off that happens by the weekend. we get into mid 60's territory there for you. a collection of clouds on monday telling you things are a change in your lows lower 40's but have some upper 30's there, too. so bring your armadillo in tonight and we've got coastal numbers in the upper 40's cover. >> i like that little armored. all right. dave spahr, thanks very much of the news does not end here. coverage continues at the top of the hour on the kron on app. here's a quick look at what's coming and thanks very much for joining us. i'm catherine heenan. have a good day ahead.
3:58 pm
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