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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this is not well, it freaks. >> isolated issue. we're seeing this in cities all over the region over the state. we need to we can to deter people from committing the crime in the first place. >> now at 10 could pandemic relief money be the key to stopping smash-and-grab robberies. one bay area city could use federal money to prevent further crimes. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore. i'm ken wayne. the walnut creek city council is set to discuss whether or not to spend millions of dollars from the american rescue plan to bolster its police force. >> this comes after the nordstrom on broadway plaza was ransacked by dozens of people on november 20th, you know, kron, four's, dan thorn reporting today from walnut creek. police standing guard at broadway plaza in walnut creek. it's a presence meant to discourage another criminal take over in the popular shopping area. >> the city is now looking at adding even more officers we
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need to we can to deter people. >> from committing the crime in the first place and having more of a presence will help with that walnut creek. mayor kevin wilk says 2 million dollars from the federal american rescue plan act would be used to hire 5 more police officers secure additional security cameras and pay for a surveillance drone. arpa funds were designed to help communities with covid-19 relief. but the mayor says the situation of retail theft has become an emergency, but it is a valid use of the funding. and i think that right now with especially looking at an emergency time, not just in our health safety been a public safety. this is absolutely a valid reason to be using part of these funds wednesday. morning's discussion has been prompted by the robbing of the nordstrom where nearly 100 people stormed the store and took off with more than $120,000 in merchandise. >> 3 people were arrested. and later charged the conversation of adding more officers comes just a year after police
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departments across the bay area. we're facing the defund movement. walnut creek's city council has not followed those calls. and there's no expectation they will. this is nothing to do with social justice. >> this is organized retail theft, pure and simple. and we need to make sure that we have a fully funded police force that can be a deterrent as well as fully investigating any crimes that happened reporting in walnut creek. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> industry. experts say the seemingly endless stream of flash mobs committing retail theft of the bay, area's affecting far more than just the economy. the ceo of the california retailers association says that rhymes are striking fear in store employees and shoppers and she tells us it should be considered domestic terrorism. >> we've got 90 people showing up in cars with crowbars and sledgehammers you know, running into a store and committing these just brazen crimes and you think about the impact that's going to have on
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those employees and those consumers. i think it is it is terrorizing those people in stores and to those employees. >> bay area district attorneys have announced an alliance to try to crack down on organized retail crime tests and ensure the criminals are charged appropriately new at 10 tonight, the contra costa county district attorney has issued felony charges for a man accused of a crime spree including armed robbery and carjacking. authorities say 30 year-old for lander johnson attempted to steal power tools from an ace hardware store in the community of black hawk near danville when confronted by store staff officials say johnson pulled out a knife and threatened the workers. he then fled the scene and got into a nearby car holding the driver at knifepoint. they drove to san ramon where johnson abandoned the vehicle and attempted to carjack a second victim nearby. police officer spotted johnson and took him into custody. he remains behind bars tonight, the city of oakland could be taking new steps to address
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its rampant gun violence in a news conference today. she run armstrong revealed. the department has 70 fewer officers than it did at the same time last year. >> i think we need to make ourselves competitive in this very difficult market of higher police officers across the country. >> that she hopes to make the department more attractive by asking the city council for hiring incentives. in addition to recruitment chief armstrong says technology would help prevent and solve crimes. he's now asking the city to add a surveillance camera system along oakland streets are showing says the cameras would be a big help as his department is currently too dependent on community members to share video of crime happening despite their shortcomings. the chief says he's very proud of the work is 676 officers are putting in oakland police sharing today that they have made a ricin 10 homicide investigations this month. well, tonight the family of an oakland man shot and killed while trying to
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stop a car breakin is searching for answers into what they call a senseless murder tonight. the family of eric davis honored his life as police release a new clue that they hope will help fund his killer. well for us. jonathan mccall is live in the newsroom tonight. and he has the story. jonathan and the family of eric davis is hoping that someone anyone will come forward with information to help try to find his killer. >> earlier tonight we showed you this picture of that suv that investigators are looking for. it is a newer model toyota rav 4 suv. 28 year-old eric davis was shot and killed sunday afternoon at lake merritt investigators say he was simply trying to stop car crooks from breaking into cars and lake merritt. his family says he always tried to help those in need. they're calling his murder senseless tonight, family and friends getting together to remember his life. his own girlfriend offering her. thanks to eric for having the privilege of knowing him. family members say that eric was raised in southern california but moved to oakland a few years ago and
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lived near him lake merritt to start his life. his cousin kendra told me today that eric had a number of goals that he was working on. she called him hard working and had a smile that everyone loved. she says that they're close knit family at a complete loss over his murder. she's calling for the violence to stop on the streets and hopes that someone will speak up with what they know so they can bring eric's killer to justice. >> i'm sure it was very quiet. he did and he was a man of few words, but he was always and there was just this seriousness about him. and i think that seriousness stam from him. there's a poll in and knowing where he wanted to go in life. and was a little eye, he was he was the kind of guy that stood up for others were hoping for the to to is that being step up share what you know, if you saw anything that that is time to start and if you are responsible, if you're the person who did it.
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please just think about the fact that just like you they're somebodys somebody's brother somebody's husband, somebody's spring. you know, is not too late to turn yourself >> that is the plea we have heard from so many people in so many families impacted by violence a go fund me page has been set up for eric. we have details on how you can donate right now at kron 4 dot com, eric leaves behind a younger brother and mother both who live in southern california tonight. a $10,000 reward now on the table for information that leads to an arrest in the case live in the newsroom. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. jonathan, thank you for the update on that story. another update in the fatal shooting of the kron 4 security guard who was killed. kevin, the >> the national park service confirmed a vehicle linked to that shooting was involved in a robbery in san francisco. oakland police released this picture of the suspect vehicle. it's a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl with 4 doors and
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a sunroof. it does not have a front license plate. the national park service says the same car was used in an armed robbery that happened on november 22nd within the golden gate national recreation area. police say the gunman shot the shooter trying to steal our kron 4 reporters camera a reward of $32,500 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. a fund has been set up for them to shoot a family of cash or check donation can be made to the kevin that she didn't trust at any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail or at the address on your screen and that information is also on our website at kron 4 dot com. and now to new details tonight on the tragedy that unfolded at a michigan high school where 3 students are dead and 8 others wounded. police say by one of their classmates, the 15 year-old allegedly opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun this afternoon. it. >> oxford high school as 30 miles north of detroit. tonight. authorities say the
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suspects father bought the gun for his son who had practiced shooting and posed for pictures with the gun. a motive for the shooting remains unclear the gunman student is not cooperating with the investigation. >> it's unfortunate. i have to report that we have 3 deceased victims right now. we are all believed to be students. we have 6 others that were shot. one was a schoolteacher. they're all local hospitals being treated for various injuries. >> those who were killed include a 16 year-old boy and 2 girls aged 1417 a teacher and 7 students are injured. police say the suspect had no prior run-ins with law enforcement. >> you know, coronavirus coverage tonight, an fda panel of health advisors narrowly endure endorsed merck's covid treatment. pill. the fda panel voted 13 to 10. drug's benefits outweigh its risks and that includes potential birth defects if use during pregnancy, the drug is
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designed to treat adults with mild to moderate covid who face the greatest risks, including those with conditions such as obesity and old age. it still needs final approval from the fda and the cdc before it can be used by the public. meantime, the new omicron variant of covid has been detected in a growing number of countries now including brazil and japan. >> scientists around the world are now trying to determine just how dangerous the strain really is. our grant lotus is here in the studio tonight with the very latest on what they do know. every expert eifert speak the past few days is certain that it's here in the u.s. we just haven't officially. >> found but it's a matter of time. they say. and as of tonight there been more than 225 confirmed cases of this new variant spread across 20 countries. but again, so far none confirmed in the u.s. and the biden administration is now moving to toughen its covid testing requirements for all international travelers before they can enter our country. this new variant is a
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cause for concern. but not panic. the white house covid-19 response team echoing president biden's comments this week on the new variant that is spreading in other parts of the world, including. >> australia austria, belgium, canada and france. a dutch health agency is now reporting that concerning new variant that has not been detected so far in the u.s. was already in the netherlands a week before south africa disclosed its early cases. the u.s. is now restricted travel in 8, south african countries with experts predicting it is only a matter of time before the variance surfaces in the u.s. while it is still unclear if this strain is deadly and contagious as the delta variant the nation's leading infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci offer this guidance in a morning briefing to infer what the relationship between this t is. >> and delta, although you can suggest that might be more. we
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do not know until we see the dynamics of how this evolves on the issue of vaccine effectiveness as with other variants, although partial immune escape may occur. vaccines and particularly boosters give a level of anybody that even with variants like delta give you a degree of protection, particularly against severe disease as researchers work to learn more a crime and the threat it poses. >> the cdc director says the u.s. is in a better position today to protect the public today. we have increased our protection vaccination for everyone, 5 years or not. and we have vaccine booster doses for all adults to optimize that vaccine protection. president biden has been criticized by some for implementing a travel ban with even the world health organization calling the move premature as there is still so much we do not know about the new variant biden defended the
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move yesterday arguing it will nonetheless slow the spread of the variant. >> given the u.s. more time to respond. those efforts may include requiring all international travelers to the u.s. to be tested for covid within a day of boarding. their flight fully vaccinated. people may be able to test within 3 days of boarding. in a statement the cdc says the testing protocols are still being finalized. president biden is expected to outline his specific strategy to fight the virus in a speech this thursday. for so many months now we've been hearing delta, delta, delta and the cdc says the delta variant remains the dominant. >> circulating strain here in the u.s. they are urging all americans to continue wearing masks, especially indoors in to follow the recommended guidelines to protect themselves against the virus ken pam, back to hugh grant, thank you very much. as mccrone variant continues to spread around the globe. the ceo of moderna says existing vaccines might not be as
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effective lawmakers of the pfizer vaccine say they're confident the shots will work. doctors say the bottom line is that data will likely show the vaccines will still be effective to some degree and we'll know much more as new data come in over the next couple of weeks. in the south. a former san jose sharks player man or cain has finished serving a 21 game suspension for violating the nhl's covid protocols. cain is now practicing with the minor league team. the san jose barracuda after being placed on waivers by the sharks last sunday. the suspension resulting from allegations that came submitted a fake covid vaccine card to the league. cain says he is fully vaccinated and is focused on getting himself in shape to play wherever that may be. >> my job don't go i so for you know, we're going certain issues take time.
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>> in a separate investigation. the nhl said it found no evidence that cain gambled on games. those allegations came from cain's estranged wife. we'll also accuses cain of domestic abuse investigation into those claims is still ongoing. >> also in the south bay, former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes was grilled by prosecutors today in her criminal fraud trial. this is video of the disgraced founder rocky it into the san jose courtroom this morning. holmes is accused of duping investors and deporting millions of dollars into her medical start up company theranos today was her 5th day on the witness stand for the past 4 days. it was her attorneys asking her questions painting a picture that holmes was not herself, but instead controlled by former partner from east sunny balwani. she claims he sexually assaulted her and controlled almost every facet of her life. the trial is expected to take at least 3 months now to the 4 zone
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forecast as we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge this time last night that thing, the had a lot of fog on it but not the case tonight and lawrence is standing by says we should expect record heat tomorrow. yeah. today we have some records fall tomorrow. we could see multiple records fall around the bay area. it's going to be some kind of day, probably. >> the warmest day of the week and we may see some big changes. we get into a lot of part of the weekend or hold our fingers crossed for that one. but outside. now you've got clear skies out there. the offshore winds are starting to blow and that's going to keep things clear that dry air kind of mix and then across the skies making no way for what looks like tomorrow going to be another very warm day today. we had a record fall that was in san jose a record of 73 degrees. what a day it was breaking the old record of 72 set back in 2008, but we'll se fall across the board tomorrow. a temperature of 70 degrees for a high in san francisco that was impressive 69 in oakland, 73 in livermore, 67 conquered and 71 degrees in santa rosa huge
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dome of high pressure continue to sit overhead and it's been there almost all of november with just a few exceptions and it's going start out that way in december as well. so as long as that dome sits overhead, you start to see it rebuild after weak system moves on through. you kind of get the idea that circulated some of those clouds up above that or make their way back toward the coastline that offshore wind beginning to set itself up to get already begin to see the effects in sum of the parts of the north bay and stretching into parts of the east bay as well. right along the coastline, a little bit of sea breeze still. but by tomorrow afternoon we're going to be basking in sunshine once again, these temperatures are going to soar around the bay area. but it's going to be a chilly start to the day overnight lows going to be the 30's in the 40's little cold in the north, a these numbers going to be something else. we're talking temperatures up in the 70's. maybe some low 80's in the warmer spots. well, inland probably in the santa clara valley down morgan hill. you can see some of those 80's as well. but this is also the time of year, you know, get some nice weather like this. we can snap back in a hurry. get right back. of
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some wintry weather. we'll talk about that with your 1010 coming up. i was afraid you're going get back into a fire danger we want to go that we helped write. thank you, >> a federal court has upheld california's ban on high capacity magazines today. the 9th circuit court in san francisco called california's law a quote, reasonable fit. >> but the government's interest in reducing gun violence. the 7 to 4 ruling upholds to laws has to be 1446 and proposition. 63 both of them crack down on magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition. the original lawsuit was brought by groups representing gun owners in the state. they could appeal this case to the u.s. supreme court but have not yet said if they plan to do so. >> convicted killer scott peterson has been moved off of death row at san quentin prison and he was taken to the san mateo county jail in redwood city ahead of his re sentencing. peterson had been living on death row for almost 2 decades for the 2000, 2 murders of his pregnant wife lacey and their unborn son,
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connor. death sentence was overturned by the california supreme court last year peterson will be re-sentenced to life behind bars without the possibility of parole. that will happen next wednesday, december 8. wife of mexican drug kingpin el chapo has been sentenced to 3 years behind bars on conspiracy charges. emma ice, pero of former teenage beauty queen pleaded guilty to helping her husband run his multibillion-dollar criminal empire. she also helped her husband plan. a dramatic escape through a tunnel dug underneath the prison in mexico in 2015 by smuggling a gps watch to him disguised as a food item. >> still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10. the supreme court getting ready for the most high-profile case on abortion in decades. the potential effect of the eventual ruling. plus, cnn anchor chris cuomo suspended indefinitely. what new documents reveal about his alleged role in defending his brother from harassment
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accusation and the grand opening planned by a san francisco restaurant is on hold tonight. why the owner says a group of criminals is forcing him to stay close a while longer.
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>> 45 mile long stretch along the orange county coast will be open again for fishing. the area been closed since an
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estimated 126,000 gallons of oil leaked into the water back in october during that time oysters, mussels and clams were caught tested for cancer causing chemicals and found unsafe to eat. but now officials say any fish caught along the coast is safe. local fisheries say the reopening should be a boost for businesses just in time for the holidays. new at 10 tonight, a pair of murder suspects in san jose are back on the streets tonight after they were released without bail alford casteel and efren unser us were arrested and charged with a fatal halloween shooting and the decision to release him is drawing intense criticism from city leaders. the police department tweeted that taking someone's life is the ultimate crime and the system has failed. mayor sam liccardo released a statement tonight that reads, quote, i appreciate the purpose of bail reform, but releasing a homicide suspect without bail is outrageous. the pendulum has swung too far and it's our neighborhoods and endure the most crime that suffer as a result, end quote.
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>> the grand opening of a new restaurant in downtown san francisco will likely now be delayed. that's after the owners say thieves broke into their business. stole equipment still furniture and apparently through some big party inside. this is the restaurant is called raman hero. she was set to open early next month. well, for say that the psac ii talked to one of the owners tonight. she joins us live now from the city with more on this small business owners are really taking a hit with these kinds of incidents. taylor. >> you got that right you know, it's one thing to be broken into. but you can't believe what happened in this story. you know, the owner believes that they down a couple of weeks ago because there was definitely some planning involved. he says the burglars actually covered all the glass windows. so whoever was on the outside couldn't see what was going on in the inside and that's only the beginning. >> front and back that color of my so that people from all sides can all see what's going on co-owner daniel bonia recently returned to this
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strange scene tape to cover glass windows and his newest restaurant rahman she planned to open early next month in san francisco on pining kearny streets. however, that grand opening is now in jeopardy because of what bonia found inside beyond the show did windows. people came in. >> i suspect at least 30 to 50. put me my face on the order. you're a sink handsome or was that, you know, people with control of stuff like the only us as smash their lock box and then broke into the restaurant on saturday night, 2 weeks ago. >> he says he quickly realized that the burglars stole some of their equipment and furniture and apparently host a large underground party in the space based on the trash in vomit left behind very much upset and we angry signs were also posted up on the walls, letting party goers know where the bathrooms are located. he says the place reeked of marijuana school. >> all pumps and pan and the
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me big hearts. he's carrying, you know, those last parks and the u.s. have why, paul, a know your and also. why school call to brand new that we all preparing for these so if that right now-a order. it's not there. and also most office tables. he says their surveillance camera system was also stolen. >> well, mia says he's now sharing their story to warn other businesses and the people broke into all. restaurant that upon to that is not and that's people need to wear this. >> now the restaurant has since replaced its security systems in all of its surveillance cameras. the original target date for that grand opening was december 10th. but but everything that was stolen in all of the
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things that need to be replaced. it will likely take longer for now live in san francisco. i'm taylor sackey reporting kron 4 news taylor, thank you for that. cisco. >> launch is street crisis response scene. the program is a joint effort between several city age. san francisco, homelessness rather than sending police officers to every situation. we have a lot of challenges in san francisco and we truly appreciate in value. >> our police department and the work that they do to serve and protect the people of this city. but we also understand that there are some calls that they are not necessarily needed. >> mayor also said today she's pushing to add hundreds of additional beds to the upcoming city budget. the beds will be available for people suffering from mental health and drug abuse problems.
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coming up next, a 10 o'clock declining enrollment learning loss and budget problems plaguing california schools. >> amid the pandemic. what state lawmakers say is going to change next year. plus nba superstar lebron james is out indefinitely after injuring the league's covid protocols. but did he actually get the virus will have the answer. and after a weekend of holiday shopping comes giving tuesday bay area nonprofits who spent today serving their communities and how you can still help their cause. those stories and more coming up.
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>> seems like a long time since we've heard that. but that familiar sound is back. the salvation army's red kettle campaign is officially underway giant kennel is sitting in times square to mark the occasion is also in union square in san francisco in all over the bay area. the money raised by the salvation army goes to pay for meals and toys for families on christmas day as well as to the salvation army's year around social service programs for almost a decade now. the tuesday after thanksgiving has been recognized nationally as giving tuesday. yeah, i like this. a black friday and cyber monday and then giving tuesday. so. >> of course an icon for sogomonian is here to highlight a few bay area nonprofits which could use a financial boost so they can continue their work fella on
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addition to the grants that these nonprofits can apply for. of course they are relying on donations to especially for giving tuesday. so they are relying on the generosity of donors and hopefully that is what giving tuesday is all about in the hearts of the bay area community. >> as the team christine idea to himself leaned on the rainbow community center in concord for support. now he's helping others as an hiv outreach manager saying without this nonprofit, i probably wouldn't right now in center has been providing resources for the lgbtq community since 1995 today. the nonprofit reaches more than 1000 people every year all across contra, costa county. they provide access to housing funding clothing toys during the holidays and mental health services. so giving tuesday is a big deal for them along with other nonprofits like homies empowerment in east oakland who rely on donations from the community to keep their good work going black friday is all about shopping. all about supporting
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consumerism. >> but giving tuesday is about us caring for each other. us being community-minded us taking care of our neighbors. it's a beautiful idea. and this is the first time we've ever participated to hear from neighbors who have been impacted by our work and now they want to give back the volunteers at home. he's empowerment for once troubled youth themselves. who participated in the program turned away from gang life and now gives back since the pandemic their work has shifted to handing out food clothes, supplies and $1000 to those in freedom store serves on average. 400 individuals and families weekly in the north bay napa, wildlife rescue runs purely on volunteers grants and donations to help orphaned or injured animals. wildlife is in crisis. it has been in crisis across the world for some time. we've lost about 60% of the wildlife worldwide since 1970. >> in organizations like apple wildlife were the only ones really we're working to push back on that.
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>> and we're working to post their information up on kron 4 dot com. there are, of course, many other charities out there that are doing important work and could use your assistance too. nonprofit donations are tax deductible pam and ken, if people can donate their time, they their money. they can also donate and volunteer. that's right. there are so many options you're going to find something that, you know, appeals to you whatever you want to help out yeah. yeah, exactly. all right. thank you, ella. >> pandemic has led to learning loss and a drop in enrollment at schools across california. that's according to state officials who testified today. >> in an oversight hearing that more students are missing, at least 10% of their studies this year. experts say the attendance issues stem from an increase in covid cases, students sticking with remote learning and older students juggling family and work responsibilities. >> public school traditional. charter public will tell you
10:35 pm
that dan seeing issues around a tendon that they are consigned about what that means for the fiscal cliff going forward. >> here in the bay area school district officials in cupertino and hayward have voted to close a number of schools due to declining enrollment. the california lawmakers say funding shouldn't be an issue next school year. officials are projecting a budget surplus that makes 20 billion dollars available for education, spending in the upcoming state budget. at the white house. president biden signed 4 bills into law today. benefiting military families and veterans. one law focuses on college education for surviving spouses and children of veterans by making them eligible for in-state tuition wherever they choose to go to school. the president says he's are important pieces of legislation to help our war heroes. >> i have one truly sacred obligation. my view and that is prepare those we sent into harm's way care for the families when they're gone and care for them and their families. but they're all. that's a that's a lifetime
10:36 pm
commitment, a lifetime commitment to nation owes to every one of our veterans. >> the other laws include a study of race and ethnic disparities in the veterans affairs office and provide funding for maternity care for veterans. >> let's take a live look outside tonight and that picture that are producing just that is clear and gorgeous. it certainly is. yeah. let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow clear is nice to look at but not good for our drought situation. i would like get back to the rains were waiting on that too. but boy, it was just fantastic around the bay area. temperatures. >> up in the 70's in many places, even near the coastline. clear skies remain tonight. in fact, we've got clear skies tonight than we did last night river last night. we have some of that thick fog moving to the golden gate bridge. now we're starting to see some dry air little offshore wind mix and then and that get through the low clouds and fog looking toward sfo. it's nice and clear out there right now going to stay that way all night tonight temperatures as a result of that drier air coming in. going to be a little chilly in spots looking 47 right now in dublin. 49 in
10:37 pm
conquer 46 now in petaluma, 47 degrees in santa rosa 47 also in san anselmo, 45 now in the napa valley that big dome pressure really just dominate our weather. the better part of november. and here we go into december and still that ridge in place ending all that moisture up in the pacific northwest. see the nice clear skies down below across california. that's why it stays now. and now we're dealing with an offshore wind. we're lucky that we got all that rain early in the season or to be dealing with fire danger. but that's not the case to some gusty winds now developing over the north bay mountains. that offshore wind starting to kick in and it's going to be that offshore wind that sends temperatures soaring by tomorrow afternoon blustery over the mountain top on the computer models here. some of those winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. that's going to be above a 1000 feet or so. but it's going to be a nice, clear skies when you wake up tomorrow morning, you may find a couple of breezy spots out there. but offshore winds continuing until the afternoon then things becoming more on shore and then we'll start to cool down after tomorrow. but tomorrow going
10:38 pm
to be the warmest day of the week. clear and cool around the bay area for tonight with a to mount a breeze. blowing and high pressure really just holding on here kind of flowing on bring with it as it settles in just to the east of us. we offshore wind and that will break some very warm, probably some record breaking temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow. air quality. going to suffer a little bit. you're going to see that haze in the atmosphere as we head toward the afternoon, especially in the north and the east bay and the south bay with long range forecast. this former holder had on rope. things change. here is that ridge starts to break down the lights going do so for a couple of days we get into saturday, see begins to weaken just a little bit on sunday looks good. then on monday finally, we get this system drop down toward the bay area bringing with it a chance of rain, northern california, maybe clipping parts of the north bay. that may be something a little more impressive as we get in the following thursday. but again, that kind of a ragtag system that is way out. the forecast. but the good news is we get to that. maybe we'll get some colder air. and in fact, may be some much colder air lot of
10:39 pm
snow in the sierra nevada, maybe with some snow on the mountain peaks around the bay or so from one extreme to another tomorrow. enjoy the sunshine. you've got temperatures up in the 70's and 80's around the bay area. but don't put those winter clothes away just yet. we'll be back in need very soon, ok. thank you, well, happening tomorrow, a significant case is headed to the u.s. supreme court that could present the greatest challenge to abortion rights in the united states. >> the case surrounds mississippi's restrictive law which bans abortions after 15 weeks ever since the roe versus wade decision that protected a woman's right to abortion. the high court has held that states could not make laws that up end that right. it has ruled that abortion is legal up to about 28 weeks or when the fetus has a chance to survive outside the. but analysts say with the current 63 conservative majority on the u.s. supreme court that could change dramatically. we hope and. >> that are renewed conservative majority on the
10:40 pm
court will restore the sanctity of life to the center of american law. this is about saving the lives of millions of children. yet unborn. >> the cdc says more than 91% of abortions happen before week 13. the u.s. supreme court said it will limit its decision to, quote whether all pre viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional. cnn has suspended anchor chris cuomo indefinitely. this afternoon. details emerged about the alleged role that he played in defense of his brother, the former new york governor andrew cuomo cuomo resigned amid accusations of misconduct cuomo chris cuomo told investigators that he was in regular contact with his brother, the governor and collaborated on a response after the allegations were made. cnn says court documents indicate a greater level of involvement the leading to the suspension.
10:41 pm
>> jury selection has begun in the trial of kim potter, the former minnesota police officer who mistook her hand gun for her taser when she shot and killed 20 year old dante wright during a traffic stop potter faces to manslaughter charges. both prosecutors and defense lawyers agree the shooting in april was an accident. but prosecutors say that her actions were criminally negligent. the trial begins next month in new york. it is day 2 of the trial for delay maxwell. she's charged with helping jeffrey epstein engage in trafficking crimes involving teenage girls. a longtime pilot for epstein took the stand today. testifying that maxwell was the second in command in the epstein hierarchy. an attorney for several of epstein's alleged victim says so far the defense's case looks very weak. >> i thought yesterday was a very strong day for the prosecution you know, as an attorney for abuse survivors myself. i think that the prosecution very clearly and
10:42 pm
concisely laid out their case that there are 4 victims here that can lay maxwell knew everything that jeffrey epstein was doing and she traffic these women that she was a part of all of it. >> maxwell has pleaded not guilty to trafficking charges. her lawyer argues she is being made a scapegoat for epstein's behavior. >> new york city's first safe havens for people to use heroin and other drugs have been cleared to open the city cause a locations overdose prevention centers. supporters say the facilities prevent overdoses and save lives. those against them, though, argue that people who are suffering from addiction will not bother to use them. this, of course, is been an ongoing debate for years now, especially here in the bay area too. most recently san francisco mayor london breed said that she will pursue legislation to purchase a building which could be used as a potential safe consumption site here. >> still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10 fauci zoom and covid how the pandemic is
10:43 pm
influencing what people are choosing to name their pets and coming up in sports. the boys in the valley of the sun taking on chris paul of the phoenix suns as they look to snap winning streak, sports director jason dumas has details coming out. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity.
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>> it's hard to make too much of nba games in november. but every now and then there are matchups that feel a little bigger than your typical regular season game. take tonight, for example, does in the valley of the sun taking on phoenix. the squad with the second best record in the nba right behind golden state me personally, i've been waiting for this matchup for a week and it did not disappoint. see steph. look at ceremony is run 1st quarter, though all jordan school. he had 16 points. a career high for a quarter, including 4, 3 pointers. he was just filthy now midway through. the second not what you want to see if you're a suns fan. devin booker goes up for the he pulls that he would leave the game and he would not return. now nearing halftime tied at 54 crist paul fines, the him who finishes that part of a 16 to 4 run to
10:47 pm
end the half warriors down by 2 3rd quarter. now some of 6 bad path by pool macau bridges takes it the other way pride and joy of villanova university and great valley high school booker loving it later on suns lead cut to 2 cool with the steal. he gets it up ahead to gary pain. hey, im just makes plays for the warriors. team 8 points off the bench warriors once again down by 2 this time at the end of 3 4th quarter money-making time phoenix by forced curry he owes a big cheese. get me off 3 of those. one thing i'd be saying curry the cheese this year. later in the 4th chris paul. jae crowder has been so good for the suns over the past year and some change phoenix starting to pull away. and this was the cherry on the landry shamet. >> their 3 sons when one oh, 4.96. they've now won 17 games in a row. the warriors streak
10:48 pm
and at 7 these 2 teams will be playing again on friday. but draymond green thinks they could be playing again later later in the year. >> out. but can your vision is in western conference finals. yeah. the. you got to the veterans day. >> work caught a lot people to see the. big guy to just want hurt some earlier, it just of them. >> and killed them in the paint tonight to the college ranks. one of the best college hoops programs of the young season right here in the bay just about 10 minutes from our studios. usf men's hoops. they're off to their best start in 45 to know the dons a 20 remaining unbeaten teams left in the nation. that's
10:49 pm
thanks in part to a veteran backcourt senior jean marie and kelly osha bags have been yeah, in fact, is the leading scorer in the west coast conference head coach todd golden. he's led his team to a bunch of great start. but he says something about this year feels a little different. >> some of our winds. we've had really good. i think that in the past couple years we've these good start. we had played his high level competition. but you a b davidson nevada. all those winds are going to go a long way for us over the course of the season. so i feel like that along with that of guys that we have a program. it feels different. i think it is different. we're taking a day, but really enjoy each having a fun time to practice every day. having a fun time competing. and we're just really just trying to get lost in moment that way. it's a great group to be around great coach. our staffs really enjoying it. and we're just taking day by day, looking for to, you know, be on saturday. >> the sharks in the dirty jurors taking on the devil second period to nothing game
10:50 pm
looking good toward gets it. the meyer who is having a fantastic season. meyer had 2 goals on the night. 3 nothing sharks moments later, erik karlsson close range 4, nothing sharks are all 5 to 2 will now take on the new york islanders on thursday. guys. tough loss for the but in all 3 of their losses this year. they've struggled on offense and steph curry hasn't played that well, but expect him to bounce back. they have a couple of days off. they play on friday. there flying back debate tonight. i would imagine don't have the day off tomorrow. then practice on thursday and get ready for that game against the suns again on friday home crowd. yeah. with the home crowd case and i'm sure will be pretty loud only as a big guest will be another big game. all right. thank you, jason. >> speed basketball la lakers superstar lebron james has entered the nba's covid protocols and tmz is reporting he tested positive for the virus. james is vaccinated. so according to nba procedures,
10:51 pm
he can return to play. if you test negative for the virus on consecutive tests. 24 hours apart or if he's gone 10 days without symptoms after 10 days, you must undergo a cardiac screening before he's cleared to return to the court. james is already missed 11 of the lakers 22 games because of injuries and suspension. >> next. at 10. a family gets a tour and nfl stadium and leaves with a new pet a chance encounter, they say changed encounter, they say changed their lives. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe
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>> the family of kansas city chiefs fans went on a tour of arrowhead stadium and left with a kitten yeah. out of football they say it was wrapped in a field goal net and has also called reports they just may have say that kid's life. >> arrowhead is one of my favorite places in the whole world. i am a chief and i she's fan my entire life. the chiefs are. part of who i am as a person it's why miranda cummins had a family reunion of sorts and ge ha field at arrowhead stadium. >> for a couple family members. it was their first time on these hallowed grounds our tour was almost we went up to the penthouse suites. >> we were kind of looking over the whole as a whole is very cool and all of a sudden my dad noticed too little kittens playing out on the field. they say one kit and ran off. but the group watched as the other one became in tangled in the field goal net behind the goal post.
10:55 pm
>> the family raced down with their tour guide and found the situation was even worse than they thought her head was caught in the net. i was wrapped around like 3 >> so i was told my dad, my sister, trying to get the the head free. to kind of for for a couple minutes. you know, our hearts sunk. we thought for sure that, you know, we were too late to stop breathing for a couldn't feel her anymore. >> so one limb but cummings brother, dustin weeks is a former army medic. >> he started performing a more gentle version of cpr. apparently human cpr works on a cat. >> just couple good chest pumps. and you know. >> wife came back in end a day later, she's doing great. his friend. i mean, i think says happy good. so now weeks has a new pet who needed a new name. alex's journey has always been very inspirational to my brother, former chiefs quarterback alex smith. in addition to was on the field accolades smith became an inspiration working his way back to the nfl after a gruesome leg injury and the unthinkable medical setbacks
10:56 pm
that followed. >> week suffered a similar injury a couple years back ahead by a car. >> so got a middle road. and you know. he didn't give up. new so, you know. >> she's lx after all, when you are the red and gold inside this stadium. you don't give up on a teammate in need of help alex and her new family seemed to make quite the team about souvenir expected. but. >> that was real. so-called been reporting the family says during all the chaos of trying to help their cat. they lost a tour they're now trying to reconnect with her so they can give her a hoops and we're not sure why anyone would want to name their pet to have them remind them of covid. but pet names inspired by the pandemic are apparently on the rise this year. >> according to rove or not calm the names of bella luna max and charlie are still at the top of the list for favorite pet names. but the name fauci jumps 200, 70% this year and covid jumped by 35%. also detected a big increase in the names zoom siri and
10:57 pm
google and the number one trending dog name in the country is grogu from the star wars show the all right, lauren, something happened right yes, i'm kind all the charges or through a lot of sunshine coming tomorrow. looks like it stays dry through the end. the week. maybe we get some rain. >> on monday. alright to fix crust. thank you, thank you for being with us tonight, everybody have a good night and we'll see it tomorrow. tomorrow.
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♪ ♪ >> the new covid variant. >> what you need to know about the symptoms that may be different from the delta variants. >> plus, what does it mean for your holiday travel plans? and the new miss usa. >> kentucky! >> how the covid scare is impacting the miss universe contest. >> i am vaccinated, trying to protect myself. >> and fraternity fight night. how did this 20-year-old student end up dead? >> i felt like he was really getting hurt. >> plus, jeffrey epstein's


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