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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 1, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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oh..but... i'm special... usaa. only for the military community. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news car. >> and look who's catching up with us on wednesday feeling better. a feeling a little better, but now james is the one feeling that i tell you what, impasse on no, no, it was it was back and as john knows, it's not working out that olympian and taking 2 steps at a time. too many steps. you know, when you get
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yes to every step. you must count. >> it's funny things you'd never expect was. i with facts. it's always like that. you can go like this is really a anyway. i'm sure he'll be back. just going rest and build better ties james half cm and magnesium. >> james, if you're watching can hope. hits and don't go outside even though it could be tempting. i know and actually a super tempting. i know it's december first. it should be colder than it is. but today an unseasonably warm one to start the new mother. we're going to be looking at daytime highs climbing well into the upper 70's for a couple of spots in the south bay. this is close to record breaking for a couple of our south bay neighbors. >> like in morgan hill. the rest of us hanging out closer to the 70 degree mark. still warm one, though your view outside our berkeley hills camera is showing some clear skies near the coastline this morning. that's not the case for for this to inland areas as we actually do have a dense fog advisory in effect as we speak for solano county out into the central valley. this will remain in effect until
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10:00am otherwise skies. do remain dry and temperatures out there pretty mild towards the coastline. pretty chilly up in the north bay right now. we petaluma at 39 degrees nevado and santa rosa had a cool 41 compare that to oakland and alameda at 57 and pacific ab hope 63 reyna. >> john, thank you for that. right. let's get a look at your wednesday morning traffic as you're traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 2 minutes for your drive time this morning. heading across towards the peninsula. a little under at say 30 minutes the out see any hazards are accident as you're traveling and let's get a look at the golden-gate bridge from the north bay into the city. it will be about 20 minutes. we'll have more with and drive coming up. for now back to top that ray and happening right now, the walnut creek city council today is going to meet and talk about. >> what they're going to do to stop all of this rash of retail crimes in the city to see it comes after the nordstrom's and broadway plaza was ransacked by dozens of people last month. kron fours, camila barco is live in the
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newsroom with the details. hi camilla. >> good morning, guys. yeah. all the creek city council members are going to consider spending money on more police officers and security equipment. now their presence is meant to discourage people from looting the city's downtown area. again on the agenda today is the discussion of adding 5 more police officers and the city is also talking about spending 215 $1000 on more security cameras and $35,000 for a security drone. they all be placed in the downtown area and that's where 80 people ransacked the local nordstrom and left with more than a $125,000 in march and ice the crooks injured. 2 employees pepper sprayed another one and threatened another employee with a knife. now, if the city council approves these resources, the officers would be hired through june of 2023. they also allocate. a $130,000 for overtime. pay for the additional officers 3 days a
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week and the local mayor kevin wilk says that these are all proactive approaches. >> we do. we can to deter people from committing the crime in the first place and having more of a presence will help with that. >> now last month, bold heist at nordstrom happened at broadway plaza in downtown walnut creek. the mayor has sent close that street to traffic until at least the end of the year for the safety of everyone now adding 5 more police officers would cost the city about one 0.6 million dollars and the city council would use the money the federal government gave cities from the federal american rescue plan act to hire these officers and by the security equipment, they still have 2 million dollars left to use in the future. now, the city council will meet at 8.30 this morning to talk about the safety measures. and of course, we'll have the latest from that meeting when it starts raining darya. back to you. a lot to talk about this
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morning. thank you for that. camilla. >> it's 5 '04, and industry experts say that the endless stream of the flash mobs that we've been talking about that are going after these retailers is affecting more than just the economy. the ceo of the california retailers association says that this is striking fear in the store employees and shoppers and she says it should be considered domestic terrorism. >> you've got 90 people showing up in cars with crowbars and sledgehammers you know, running into a store and committing these just brazen crimes and you think about the impact that's going to have on those employees in this consumers. i think it is. it was terrorizing those people in stores and to those employees. >> bay area district attorneys have announced an alliance to try and crack down on the organized retail crime fest and there trying to ensure that the criminals are charged when and if they catch them. the contra costa county district attorney is issued felony charges for man accused of a crime spree including
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armed robbery as well as carjacking. police say 30 year-old slander johnson tried to steal power tools from an ace hardware in the community of black hog. that's just east of danville. officials say johnson pulled out a knife threaten the workers when they confronted him. he then got into a nearby car holding the driver at knifepoint. they told us where johnson abandoned that car and attempted to carjack a second victim nearby. police officer spotted johnson and took him into custody. well, the family of an oakland man who was shot and killed while trying to stop a car break-in is looking for answers. police say they have a new lead as they try to track down his killer. they released this picture. we're going to show you this is an suv. police are looking for good to look at that. it's a newer model. toyota rav 4 28 year-old eric davis was shot and killed sunday afternoon at lake near investigators say he was just trying to stop people from breaking into cars last night. family and friends gathered to remember his life
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and they say he was hard working. he had aismile that everyone could love. they now hope that somebody is going to speak up and help police find out who killed him. >> i'm sure it was very quiet. he did and he was a man of few words, but he was always smiling we're hoping for the to to is and step up share what you know, if you saw anything that that is time to start talking. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case 5. '07, is a time right now and we have a big update in the fatal shooting of our kron 4 security guard. kevin nishita, the national park service has confirmed the vehicle linked to the shooting was involved in a robbery in san francisco. oakland police released this picture. we showed this to you of the gunman's car. it's a white 2004. '08, acura tl and you can see it as a sunroof.
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there. it does not have a front license plate. so that's been a problem in locating at the national park service says, however, the same car was used in an arm robbery that happened back on november 22nd inside the golden gate national recreation area. the gunman, as we've told you shot the shia are guard while he was trying to protect our reporter. and our reporter had a camera. that's what the government was after there is a reward would love your help. we're offering 32,000, $500. that's the reward now for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. and we're also wanting to help the initiative family because this is just such a tragic story and such a great loss to all of us here at kron. and of course his family, and we want to help in any way. ahd if you want to help, you can do that by donating to the kevin ishida trust at any metropolitan bank location. you go in person or you can e-mail and we have all the information on kron 4 dot com.
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oakland could be taking new steps to address its rampant gun violence so far there. then a 127 homicides in the city this year alone. news conference chief leronne armstrong says the department has 70 fewer officers than it did at this time last year. he also says the department is trying to attract new officers offering more money. >> i think we need to make ourselves competitive in this very difficult market of higher police officers across the country. >> chief armstrong is also asking the city to add a surveillance camera system along oakland streets. armstrong says the cameras will be a big help as his department is currently too dependent on community members share video of crimes. >> time now is 5. '09, oakland isn't the only us city is dealing with police staffing problems in the north bay. the vallejo police officers association. they're warning the number of officers are leaving the force and they're concerned they sailed about 2 thirds of positions are
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currently filled and the staffing levels. they say are hurting their ability to provide basic police services. according to the association, new officers are struggling to pass their training and experienced officers are either retiring or moving on to other police departments. in san francisco supervisor catherine stefani is calling for a hearing to talk about the staffing issues with police there in a series of tweets she says a recent study from last year suggested that the department needs to hire 300 more officers and she goes on to say recent events show just how serious the staffing problem is. and then it needs to be corrected. time now is 5, 10. and in the south bay san jose mayor sam liccardo is lashing out after 2 homicide suspects were released without bail. yeah, exactly. kron four's will tran is live in san jose this morning. >> with the details. good morning. well. >> i'm in front of the san
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jose police department and they arrested the 2 suspects about a day after the homicide that took place in broad daylight on halloween at 3.40 in the afternoon. but they say that, you know, you're innocent until proven guilty. no doubt about it. but in this particular case at least make it hard according to mayor sam liccardo, at least for them too, not get out of jail. put up a bail. that's, you know, you know, in some cases the bail is very high where they cannot reach it. so they're in jail until their trial begins in this particular case, you know, years we're talking about derrion reyna that they didn't have to put down anything. so they're waking up this morning at home. so take a look at your screen. these are the 2 suspects that were arrested. the city of san jose very outraged by this. and in just a few moments, i'll let you know exactly what the mayor has to say about this. but the 2 people that they did arrest 26 year-old and 27 year-old. one is out for castillo and the other it
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freeing nas as or us, i should say, they actually got into a minor fender on october 31st and then all of a sudden shots ring out. this was in downtown san jose and that particular area the suspects were free for about a day or so until they track them down. i can tell you that his service has been charged with homicide last castillo. he's been charged with using a deadly weapon and that case was his car. so these are major charges against him. but instead of sitting in jail this morning or at least posting a high bail. they are at home. and that is why mayor sam liccardo issued this statement. so take a look at your screen. he says i appreciate the purpose of bail reform, but releasing a homicide suspect without bail is outrageous. the pendulum has swung too far and it's our neighborhoods endure the most crime that suffer as a result, as far as when they will be in
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court that still being talked about as far as definite date and far as we understand reyna and daria, they're not even home be monitored while they await their trial to begin. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news thieves break into a brand new restaurant in san francisco. and after they robbed the place, they threw a party. and after the break, president biden is getting ready to lay out his plans to fight the newest variant of covid-19. we'll have more on that will we'll have more on that will be cut back. we'll have more on that will be cut back. you want fries with that? introducing wendy's new hot and crispy fries. preferred, almost 2 to 1, over mcdonald's. [scream] try them today. only at wendy's.
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>> 5.15, and look at a broad and so so this a grocery outlet surprise. thank you. yeah. because i'm into the trees into the bear. yeah, i people tell me that's not chris mills in a few. it's like a little glitter yeah. just completely. bri. i like that. it's clear. it's clear giving make the best of the so i'm just started to all. thank you that as letting you get a close look its debts and you can find these everywhere. and dan told me for fun. he not this small, but he took a tree. >> one of our directors and he hung upside which i'll toe no. here's the thing, ok, suggesting that one of our producers has a cat. aaron has a cat and the cat gets in the tree in ruins. it that is excellent right hanging upside down outsmart the cap that is actually right. they can't get to it. going to great it i mean, you know, what they can
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destroy the tree. yeah. but is now a cat is ruling. my life right to this has to some crazy thing who knows even up on the all right. well, better luck next time. yes, but we love the little tree. i expect to see a plopped on the desk in urban league. capital have to the show. well, it is december first. so it's high time to pull those trees out. maybe start wrapping some presence. that was my little victory yesterday. we are going to be seeing conditions today that even though it is december. first don't so much feel like it. we are in the midst of actually quite the warm-up. >> for your wednesday. clear skies at the coastline and some 60's right along the coastline. all ready to start this morning. we do have dense fog having formed again for the central valley. but that's about the only moisture the bay area has been saying is any chance of rain or snow for that matter set well to the north. >> this high pressure ridge has resulted in hazy conditions. and today will result in our warmest day of
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the forecast today skies will remain nice and clear sunny conditions for your wednesday. sunshine will take us through your thursday for the second day of the new month as it will for the first weekend of december 2. now today's daytime highs solidly in the 60's for san francisco, although inching very close to 70 for a few spots like golden gate park daly city overnight and half moon bay right at the coastline right to 70 degrees. right above and some of our warmest of temperatures will be in the south bay. that's where we'll not only reach the mid 70's and san jose. but for los gatos and morgan hill 77 degrees. the warmest eyes today pleasanton dublin right at 70 degrees oakland a really comfortable 72 all that sunshine will make for a comfortable feel in the upper 60's to low 70's across the north bay as well. whatever you're doing today just get out there and enjoy it. i know that sunshine in the mid 70's. our little unseasonably warm and we love to see the rainfall but got to enjoy the comfortable weather when we do have it. the only chance of rain we have in this forecast
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in a very slight chance of just a few sprinkles at that will be next monday evening reyna. john, thank you for that. i would get a look at your traffic today. travelers from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 2 minutes for your drive time near. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 and the golden gate about 20 and you from the north bay into the city will have a weather and traffic coming up for now, let's get back to the news. 5.19 and a big story that we're following. president biden is going to lay out a new plan to fight the omicron variant of coronavirus. he's expected to outline a specific troop strategy in a speech tomorrow. the biden administration has as you might know, implemented a travel ban for 8 south african countries. reports say the president could also soon require all international travel us no matter where you're coming to are from. if you come into the u.s. they're considering that you would have to be tested for covid within one day of boarding a flight because right now you've got more lead time than that when asked about the new
5:20 am
variant, the nation's leading infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci offers this guidance. >> as with other variants, although partial immune escape may occur. vaccines and particularly boosters give a level of anybody that even with variants like delta give you a degree of protection, particularly against severe disease. >> and as researchers learn more about omicron and the threat that it could pose. here in the u.s. they say that we're in a better position to protect the public so day by day. we'll know more. fda panel health advisors narrowly endorsed merck's covid treatment. pill. the fda panel voted 1310 that the drug's benefits outweighed its risks, including potential birth defects of use during pregnancy. the drug is designed to treat adults with mild to moderate covid-19 who face the greatest risk including those with conditions such as obesity,
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asthma and old age. it still needs final approval from the fda and cdc before it can actually be used by the public. well, as the omicron variant continues to spread across the globe. the ceo of the darna predicts new vaccines are going to be needed. the moderna ceo believes the existing vaccines might not be as effective against the omicron strand of covid. meanwhile, makers of the pfizer vaccine say they're confident the current shots are going work now. doctors say the data will likely show the vaccines will still be affected to some degree. we're going to know much more as new data comes in over the next couple of weeks. and the east bay, the city of oakland has announced next and a covid vaccine clinic through the end of the year. the clinic is open 7 days a week from 09:00am 05:00pm at the frank ogawa plaza next to city hall. all 3 covid vaccines are available as well as booster shots and covid testing no appointments are going to be required. there. in national
5:22 am
news 3 students are dead and 8 were injured in a school shooting. >> it happened in michigan and the gunman was a classmate. it happened yesterday afternoon at oxford high school, which is just north of detroit. and this is some video from cell phones showing the students showing the scene. you can see the parking lot here in the school and here's the students as they were. well, actually, that's the police moving in. but the students were led to safety after this shooting happened and a 15 year-old sophomore is the one police say used a semi automatic handgun to shoot and kill 3 students and wounding rest. the gunman's father apparently police say bought this gun for his son. >> who had practiced shooting and pose for pictures with his gun. police are strike kills shell trying to find out more about the motive. >> it's unfortunate that after report that we have 3 deceased victims right now. we are all believed to be students. we have 6 others that were shot.
5:23 am
one was a schoolteacher. they're all local hospitals being treated for various injuries. >> those who were killed in this include a 16 year-old boy and 2 girls 1417 and then the teacher, as you just heard and 7 students are among the injured and police say that this boy, this student who did the shooting that he had no prior run-ins with the police. it's 5.23. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news the pandemic, as you know, having a major impact on schools all around california. will we're going to see how the state is hoping to address those problems. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment,
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>> it's 5.25, in the pandemic has led to a drop in enrollment in schools all across california. this is according to state officials who testified at an oversight hearing and they say that more students are missing at least 10% of their studies this year. experts say the attendance issues stem from an increase in covid cases, students sticking to remote learning and also older students juggling family and work responsibilities. >> public schools additional. and charter public will tell you that dan seeing issues around a tendon that they are concerned about what that means for the fiscal cliff going forward. >> specifically in the bay area school district officials in cupertino and hayward have
5:27 am
voted to close a number of schools because of the declining enrollment. but california lawmakers say that funding should not be an issue next school year. they're projecting a budget surplus that will make 20 billion dollars available for education. the u.s. supreme court will hear challenges of the roe v wade, the landmark abortion decision today mississippi's bid to challenge that we've got. we'll hear that we've got. we'll hear from pro-life mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way.
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>> it's 5.29 right now. quite towers all lit up. i did not get the lights outside. like i said, i what i them but i haven't done it yet. you do it this week though, because december first mariah carey would not be happy. i know. i know because she says she's watching and this as she she's one of our biggest debt when you're here where she stands. >> i do. we know of for i just want to say that if you'll please send in your pictures. yeah, i just got a personal one from he was showing us. > how to hang the trails. doubt. okay. and i mean, you guys are to be able to see this. but what you do is he strong a garland cry and then you can hang your tree upside down. and it's really because it's right in the window. and not only that, but he interestingly enough that. i think he did this for his nephew. he of you see the from
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the top. so you like that? you guys the lights on the on the ceiling. he does change the game with right. so i was saying tripled disclosure didn't think it was going to look but it didn't look good. it looks it looks we will criticize your photos if you haha. >> please send them to the reported. the kron 4 reported that no, we really do want to see. i'd love but let's get a look at the weather there's no excuses having to out do stuff around the house because it's so nice. you might break a sweat the lights today rather than needing the mittens and all that. it is actually going to be really warm. want to be kicking off december today. >> temperatures rising well into the upper 70's for a few spots in the south bay, most of us will be in a range of low 70's, which hey is certainly above average and warm enough your view outside at a berkeley hills camera. it's clear. but we do have a dense fog advisory for solano county. now, i also want to know that we do have some very
5:32 am
dense fog having formed right around concord impacting routes like highway 4 as well. 6.80. this has been very dense around concord want to stress that, please slow it down. expecting a quick rise and fog as well right around the benicia bridge. so these areas right here are subject to some of that lower visibility like we saw yesterday, those spots in particular, though, have seen especially low visibility over the past few minutes 40's and 50's for our current temperatures petaluma. you are in the 30's. definitely the coldest spot on the map right now. i'll be breaking down the rest of your forecast. still ahead, reyna john, thank you for that. are looking looking to traffic today. chad lee from the east bay into the city across the bay bridge. >> a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you make that drive a little under 13 and the golden gate bridge to about 20 minutes from the north bay into the city. push that stream like the golden gate bridge 2 5.32. is the time right now. today the supreme court is going here. the biggest abortion case in a
5:33 am
generation. >> it centers on a mississippi law that bans the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy. now, supporters of this are asking the justice just to end the constitutional right to abortion altogether. >> opponents. obviously are against that kron 4. sarah stinson has both sides of this live in the newsroom this morning. hi, sir. entire reyna is tense out there side the supreme court right now they're going to be hearing arguments. this morning that challenge the landmark abortion case. roe v wade. >> the 1973 ruling is facing its most serious challenge in 30 years and stakes are high for both sides. way right now. i mean, even hours before the oral arguments or even set to begin pro-life and pro-choice supporters are out there gathering outside the steps of the supreme court. this is older video. but just awesome. we're waiting to get it. they are out there in droves. they apparently the vibes are very energetic from both sides. the justices will weigh whether to
5:34 am
uphold a mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. well before the current established point of viability at around 24 weeks. reverend patrick mahoney with the christian defense coalition says he's hopeful the high court's 63 conservative majority will decide to get rid of roe v wade when ruth bader ginsburg died in 2020 trump nominee amy coney barrett was confirmed confirmed moving the court further, right. mississippi is asking the justices to get rid of that standard and allow states to set their own policy. let's hear now from both pro life and pro choice advocates. >> this is the most important abortion roe v wade not sit down. this law are right to take it away from us. yes. so you hear a lot of passion from both sides. the court could decide to uphold current president. let the law stand change. the current standard or overturn roe v wade entirely oral arguments are set to begin this morning at 7 o'clock our time, pacific
5:35 am
standard time. >> in a ruling isn't expected to come down until late spring or even early summer or next of next year. so a long way to go. but still the arguments are going to be something everyone in this country will be tuned to as well as we will be here right in the newsroom. and i'll bring you a report live every hour for now, back to you. all right. thanks a lot. era. time now is 5.35 and the grand opening of a new restaurant downtown san francisco. >> is likely now going to be delayed because broke into the business. they shull equipment and furniture and threw a big party when they broke in actually to the raman hiroshi restaurant. so the restaurant was set to open early next month. and the co-owner daniel boehm. yes. as that. the thieves broke in 2 weeks ago on saturday night. and he believes that they this was a targeted crime. it was planned. he thinks because they found the windows recovered. so no one could see inside. so they figured that the great time to go in. steal
5:36 am
stuff and ran second party. he thinks the party was this big because not that he saw the party happening. but look at all the stuff last may have left behind. >> came in. >> i suspect at least 30 to 50 people remain in my face on the order. you're a sink handsome or was that. >> you know, people of this city control of stuff like that. >> all my so he went into his brand-new almost open restaurant and behind the paper saw the evidence of what was going on. and the surveillance camera also was stolen. by the way, so we don't know for getting good clues from that. so the restaurant was supposed to open december 10th. now this shape was so much to clean up and replacing by. they think it's going to take a lot i suppose they're lucky they even able to do it because they lost a lot of money. i know they i hope they had insurance, but that's just
5:37 am
terrible. discouraging. yeah. well, in the north. they workers at a nonprofit in the nation are trying to replace items that were stolen by these. there a storage room at the solano county fairgrounds was recently broken into and the thieves stole thousands of diapers and other hygiene products that belong to the nonprofit food is free salon. also stole from the babies. they were meant for families in need this holiday season. a spokesperson for the nonprofit says it's a huge loss. >> people make choices. they make choices between i'm buying food or buying diapers. and if they don't have diapers, then the kids can't go to day care. they can't go to preschool. they have to have sanitary supplies to be able to go. and so this impacts the family's ability to go to work, which impacts the ability to make more money to be able to support themselves. whole foods free says the best way you can help them is through monetary donations. we have all the info. >> over on our website at kron. 4 news curbing that all
5:38 am
these crimes are probably happening out of desperation but they're but they're but they're desperate and they're stealing from desperate people who need help, right. so it's a cycle us that help anything so sad. 5.37 right now. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. we have a warning from police in the east bay. >> you know, you have to watch out for. now. a skimmer device will show you where they found out what bank of america atm is this. and the suns snapped the warriors winning streak garnett. good. so are we just not quite good enough on this not quite good enough on this one night. after my car accident, not quite good enough on this one night. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. in bay alameda police are reminding you watch out when you use the atm said the banks because they found a skimming device. >> check out. this is at the south shore center. bank of america. and we've circle that red there in the photo. so you can see where does that atm technician actually found it a replica. >> of the machines mirror and a little tiny dot. there you see the pinhole. that's the camera. and apparently this device had been installed and was rolling, i guess or get somebody was accessing for 4 weeks. it for 4 weeks. it's been up there detected alameda police are now working with bank of america to review the security footage try to figure out who placed it. there. >> and of course, my next question as to get my info. like what is it panel show
5:42 am
them. could they see my numbers and i know that's probably what you're wondering. if you bank with the bank of america. that's but you might want to give him a call. go down. also in the east bay antioch mayor lamar thorpe announced a plan to help house the city's homeless he's asking for $300,000 to pay for 15 rooms for those to live along who live along the amtrak tracks, they would be able to use those rooms. also there to be medical services for the people there. the city council is set to vote on this plan. december 14th. it's 5.42. and we'll be right back.
5:43 am
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5.44 is the time and we are checking out the weather dark. i can't hear what else do want to join a quiz. me about my life. and how was your drive on. i got to think down the or check and she because i can see bridge. well, and i recall no fog john, you are not a foggy memory. this morning. nora foggy commute over the golden gate bridge. it is beautiful right across the bridge. >> whatever emerges that is not so clear. is the benicia bridge it is in the midst of some very dense fog having formed on sections of highway 4, 6, 80 around concord. now to county. we've also seen some issues, especially if you're heading this direction between davis and sacramento really, really dense fog along 80 out that direction. so as you can tell, most of that fog
5:46 am
is concentrated towards the delta towards the central valley. most of us closer to the coastline are looking at least clear conditions. rain snow continues to be sent well to the north across western washington, western canada, northern washington. this high-pressure ridge keeps us dry for yet another day for yet another weekend ahead of us eventually today will be our warmest day. still a hazy horizon, but a really enjoyable one to be kicking off december. i know a lot of people probably focused on hanging on those lights today in which case it is a good day to be getting out there hanging up those lights around the house might even be breaking a sweat doing so now tomorrow is going to stay just as clear not quite as warm as today is about to be and further a little cooler on into thursday into friday after that, today's daytime highs upper 60's very close to 70 for golden gate park. if you want to get out there on your lunch break. daly city elder not to eat at 70 degrees millbrae also at 70 great day for getting outside down south of the peninsula as well as
5:47 am
into the south bay where we'll be at our warmest los gatos and morgan hill at 77 for your daytime highs. fremont and hayward at 74 degrees today. oakland of really comfortable too comfortable 72 this is unseasonably warm stuff. we're talking upper 60's to low 70's across the north bay looking ahead the next 7 days will gradually come along with some cool downs that will eventually take us into the mid 60's by tuesday of next week, which is around 10 degrees cooler than your average high today. so we will get a little bit more on track with at least some more seasonable feel monday night will be our best chance of any sort of rainfall that that just a slight chance of a few sprinkles john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. traffic is starting to pick up in just 2 of the metering lights on. >> on the bay bridge. so little under 13 minutes for your drive into the city. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes. there and the golden gate bridge will be about 20 minutes from
5:48 am
the north bay into the city. we're going to weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's get back to sports. >> oh yeah. did we are relieved that. i love it the for the one game last night with the worriers. i mean, they've been so great. >> but then this snapped their 7 game win streak 3rd loss of the season so far they've been red hot so, you know, i'm is a look at the the phoenix suns are on the road in kron. 4 sports director jason broke that game down. in case you missed any of that. >> does in the valley of the sun taking off phoenix. the squad with the second-best record in the nba behind golden state. i've been waiting for this matchup all weekend. it did not disappoint. 1st quarter. it turned into the jordan to pull he had a career-high 16 points in the quarter. >> including 4, 3, pointers to he was just unconscious and so good year. 2nd quarter, big loss for us. and devin booker goes up for a layup hamstring injury tweaks, a hammy. he
5:49 am
would not return. it really matter that much for phoenix nearing halftime tied at 54 chris paul. the andre ayton ayton was a force 16 4 run to end the half warriors down to it. 3rd quarter. now sons of 6 bad pass by jordan poole macau bridges. the pride and joy of great valley high out there in pennsylvania with the dunk. that was his only 2 points. but he was a plus 21 on the night to suffocating on defense later on, though suns lead cut to 2 paul steele to gary payton. the second he slams it. payton is the warriors defensive stopper once again only down by 2 at the end of the 3rd. all right. let's get to the 4th money-making time. the knicks up by 4 hit to the head that she owns a. curry to that i didn't think i would be saying that this year warriors cut it to one later cp 3 to crowder.
5:50 am
alternate veteran. he hits the 3 phoenix starting to pull away. here was the dagger hand down, man down landry shamet, a former 76 er. >> 104 to 96 the sun extend their win streak. the 17 point. check out the college kids one of the best college hoops programs. >> of the young season is right here in the bay. usf men's hoops. they're off to its best start in 45 years and they're just want to 20 and be in team left in the nation. that's thanks in part to a veteran backcourt duo. jamari and kohli osha bad. they've been showing yay is the leading scorer in the wcc head coach todd golden chatted with us today. he said his team have had great starts before. but something about this year feels a little different. >> some of our winds. we've had really good. i think that in the past couple years we've
5:51 am
these good start. we had played his high level competition. but you a b davidson nevada. all those winds are going to go a long way for us over the course of the season. so i feel like that along with that of guys that we have a program. it feels different. i think it is different. we're taking a day, but really enjoy each other around to find time to practice every day, having a fun time competing. and we're just really just trying to get lost in moment that way. it's a great group to be around great coach. our staffs really enjoying it. and we're just taking day by day, looking for to, you know, be on saturday. >> one quick note, the sharks won tonight and dirty jurors 5 to 2. they will play in long island in a couple of days. nice win by the sharks. all righty. that's your look at sports. >> and by the way, the warriors are going have another chance to play the suns again this friday at the chase and also where chase center. so we'll see who winds up on top on that game. it second. chances are always nice. 5.51 right now and. wow. for the lakers. this is a big one. yeah, lebron apparently has covid tested positive. so now he's in the covid protocol. you can see he was
5:52 am
following protocol there because he was wearing a mask and he was vaccinated. all that good stuff like those rings according to nba, procedure. now he can go and play again. >> if he tests negative on consecutive tests. 24 hours apart. so that's the key. and also he can play again if he goes 10 days without symptoms. and then after those 10 days he has to undergo a cardiac screening while before he's cleared return the court. james has already missed 11 of the lakers 22 games have the games he's missed because of injuries and suspension and you you might think what's with the testing to tell you other players on now for was he said he returned. af-er having could barely make it up and down you know, hard and covid can get you sacked li. yeah, it's good. he's doing the cardiac. yeah. test afterwards. 5.52.
5:53 am
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trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at now and today san francisco mayor london breed is going to light the christmas tree at civic center plaza. it starts at 4 o'clock and ends at 7. there's going to be a toy giveaway for the first 400 kids at that event. and also all obviously they'll be performances. so that will be fun. and some crafts and food. santa and his elves and the grinch. well, i can't we all
5:56 am
get along. they're going early weekend is a dynamic duo. yeah, they're all going to be there. the bridge. so i guess he's going to try to steal christmas own lives to protect christmas. does this look like claim here is that also cute. we need a bigger tree on our said. i think you're going find others to get this bring this to their offices that yeah. cheer people up coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news. we're still talking about how to protect against all of these. holiday thieves that are just talk about grinch that are attacking retailers all over the place. >> we know they're doing it because you know, they're desperate. they want the money. but the stores are desperate for solutions. and to halloween homicide suspect got out of jail. without bail. how did that happen? and what has some people, including san jose's own mayor. think about it. plus, president biden is
5:57 am
going to get ready to lay out his plans. how we're going to fight the new covid variant. we're going to have more on that and what they're doing immediately with travelers. coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> good morning and happy wednesday to you and a big thank you to you. i think little under the weather and pulling double duty pull double duty yesterday. >> you know how it is during the holidays. everybody on that. so john is not going to traffic today. thank you, today you're going to pick that up against now. do it he has his hands full with the weather, not really john kind of easy forecast. it is. it is. so i traffic yesterday because what it's about sunshine and a lot more of it ahead of us for that matter. today is going to be a bit of a warmer day ahead of us. lots of sunshine dry skies this morning, though, we are talking some dense patches of fog in that there's actually proven to be a problem for a couple of areas, not necessarily in your berkeley hills cam because it is crystal clear right here. solano county is under a dense fog advisory through 10:00am


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