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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 1, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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daytime highs will get pretty warm, but we are off to a cool start. some 30's in the north bay for petaluma novato santa rosa. and then some 50's and even 60's near the coastline all talking about where exactly were heading this afternoon and what it's looking like after that to still ahead, reyna john, thank for that. we are tracking your traffic this morning. and we have some delays. you're traveling from the east bay into the city. we had. >> a hazard on the bay bridge earlier this morning now that that has been clear. we still are seeing residual delays. so a little under 14 minutes. if you're traveling there, the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes to make that drive. so no major issues there. and as you're traveling along the golden gate bridge will be a little under 21 minutes as you're traveling. we'll have a look weather and traffic coming up let's get back to top story. yeah. because this morning the walnut creek city council is going to talk about this problem of a rash of retail crimes in the city. right. this comes after the nordstrom's and broadway plaza was ransacked by dozens of people last month kron fours
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camila barco is live in the newsroom. what are they going to do about it. camilla. >> well, city council members are going to consider spending about 2 planned dollars on more security. they're going to talk about weather. they should hire more police officers and by new surveillance cameras. now the idea is to discourage people from looting. the city's downtown area. so on the agenda today is a discussion of adding 5 more police officers and the city is also talking about spending $215,000 on more security cameras and $35,000 for security 12. now they'd all be placed in the downtown area and if you remember, that's where 80 people ransacked the local nordstrom and left with more than a $125,000 in merchandise the crooks injured 2 employees pepper sprayed another one and threatened another employee with a knife. now the city council improve see approves these resources. the officers would be hired to june of 2023. and they also
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allocate a $130,000 for overtime. pay for the additional officers 3 days a week. now we caught up with walnut creek. mayor kevin wilk this morning and he says that they need to be proactive to prevent another crook. a criminal take over. >> any city with high-end stores. is it a potential target for organized retail theft walnut creek. as we've seen is just one city we're seeing this in cities throughout the bay area region throughout the state in other states as well. any city has the potential to be a crime of to nutty. so we're doing what we can to deter this. >> now last month's bold heist at nordstrom happened at broadway plaza in downtown walnut creek. the mayor has sense close that street to traffic until at least the end of the year for the safety of everyone now adding 5 more police officers would cost the city about 1.6 million
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dollars. the city council would use the money the federal government gave cities from the federal american rescue plan act. the city council will meet at 8.30, this morning to talk about the safety measures. and of course, we'll have the latest from that meeting when it starts. diane lane. back to, you know, have a lot to discuss. thank you for that camilla. >> let's get to continuing when we're talking about all these flash mob problems because they actually say that it's more than an economic problem. it's causing a feeling of insecurity and danger. the so is the ceo retailers association is saying that these crimes are making employees afraid and shoppers afraid and she actually says that it should be considered domestic terrorism. >> got 90 people showing up in cars with crowbars and sledgehammers you know, running into a store and committing these just brazen crimes and you think about the impact that's going to have on those employees in this consumers. i think it is. it
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was terrorizing those people in stores and to those employees. >> think about this rate to as we're talking about this in the smash and grab that happened at the jewelry store and i don't even know if it was this one. it was the one that was >> and there were 9 people that ran an right employees and shoppers were in the store. thank nobody was hurt kerry. but right. it would be scary. so that's why she's saying that they should come up the that that crime is considered and district attorneys are already throughout the bay area, a line to the fact that they say whoever they catch. they want them charged with as much as possible so that we can prevent this exactly. the contra costa county district attorney is issued felony charges for man accused of a crime spree including armed robbery and a carjacking. well, police say 30 year-old land or johnson tried to steal power tools from an ace hardware in the community of black hawk, east of danville. officials say johnson pulled out a knife threaten the workers when they confronted him even got to a nearby car holding that driver at knifepoint. they drove to san ramon. that's where johnson
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abandoned that car then attempted to carjack a second victim nearby. police officer spotted johnson and they were able to take him into custody. well, the family of an oakland man who was shot and killed while he was just trying to stop a car. breakin is looking for answers. police say they have new leads and the trying to track down his killer. they released this picture of an suv they're looking for right now. it's a newer model. toyota rav 4 28 year-old eric davis is on your screen. he was shot and killed sunday afternoon at lake merritt investigators say was trying to stop people from breaking into cars last night. family and friends gathered together to remember his life. they say he was hard working. he had a smile that everyone could love and now they hope someone who knows something will speak up, help police find out who killed him. >> i'm sure it was very quiet. he did and he was a man of few words, but he was always smiling we're hoping for the to to is that being step up
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share what you know, if you saw anything that that is time to start talking. >> the $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> in this case. >> 7. '05. and we have a big update to the fatal shooting of our kron 4 security guard. kevin nishita, the national park service has confirmed. >> that the vehicle linked to the shooting was involved in a robbery in san francisco before our guard was killed. oakland police released a picture. we showed that you as well because we're still looking for the gunman it's this white 2004 to o 8 acura tl and unfortunately it didn't have front license plate. as you can see. so we don't have that. but the national park service says that this same vehicle was used in an arm robbery back on november 22nd inside the golden gate national recreation area. and so they are hoping that that might find the gunman now that we're getting more information
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about this as you know, larry, you may have heard kevin, the was our kron security guard. a beloved former policeaofficer who was shot and killed while protecting a crime crew out in the middle of the day doing a story from someone who wanted our camera. there is a reward of $32,500 for information leading to the arrest of the gunman and there is a fund set up to help kevin issued his family and you can donate cash or a check in person to the kevin. she trusted any better part of bank or you can use the e-mail address and we've got all this information. if you'd like to help at kron 4 dot com. and we thank you in advance for caring so much. oakland could be taking new steps to address its rampant gun violence so far there've been a 127 homicides in the city this year alone. at a news conference chief laura armstrong says the department has 70 fewer officers and it did at the same time last year. he says the department is trying to attract new officers by offering more money.
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>> i think we need to make ourselves competitive in this very difficult market of higher police officers across the country. >> chief armstrong is also asking the city to add a surveillance camera system along oakland street armstrong says the cameras will be a big help as his department is currently too dependent on community members to share video of crimes. oakland's not the only area that's having a problem with police staffing in the north bay. the vallejo police officers association is warning that. >> there are so many officers missing and leaving the force said it's a it's a risk. they say only 2 thirds of the positions are currently filled and the staffing levels they say are hurting their ability to provide basic police services. according to the association, the reason that they are in, you know, want of police officers is tough for some reason the officers are not passing training. also experienced officers are retiring and others are moving to other police departments
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and they've got this problem in san francisco to the supervisor there. catherine stefani is calling for a hearing to address the staffing issues in the san francisco police department in a series of tweets. she says a recent study suggest the department needs to hire about 300 more officers and she went on to say that recent events in crimes show that the syria says staffing problem is showing that we need action on this right away. well in the south bay san jose mayor sam mcardle is lashing out after 2 homicide suspects were released without bail. kron four's will tran is following that story live from san jose will. >> daria i can tell you the san jose police department and mayor. look cardinals. they haven't always been on the same page. for many things. but in this particular case, they are on the same page and there are outraged and i'm in front of the san jose police department. they actually took to twitter yesterday. both say that the system failed the victims, family in fail society as a whole. so take a
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look at your screen. these are the 2 men who are waking up at home. this morning. and if they didn't have to put down a penny to be home. yes, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty and oftentimes you are allowed bail. but in this case the judge did not even set a bail amount. so their home, their names. our alfred castillo and then at friend and 2627 years old. they're accused of killing a man on halloween at 3.40 in the afternoon. broad daylight in a minor fender just a few miles from this location when the police officers came out there. they were long gone but didn't take them very long. to track him down. they were arrested on november. 1st. so far there's no trial date. but at the very least that they should have made it harder. according to sam liccardo, mayor sam liccardo for them. 2 not be at home but possibly even remain in jail while this process plays itself out. so
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take a look at your screen. this is what mayor look. hartl told us late last night. this is our outrage. he is. he says i appreciate the purpose of bail reform, but releasing a homicide suspects without bail is outrageous. the pendulum has swung too far and it's our neighborhoods that endure the most crime that suffer as a result. again, they are still investigating what's going on. but a trial date that has not been set so far. and this news actually has it came out late last night where again, the police department and mayor liccardo the fact that they're on the same page and oftentimes they clashed. no doubt about it. but it on this particular instance story. an arena they both agree that they believe the system has gone too far. back to you. all right. thanks for that update. will. >> it's 7.11. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news thieves break into a brand new restaurant, san francisco ahead. even opened yet and not only did they ransacked the place. they threw a big party inside. and
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although after the break, we're waiting for president. biden talk about new plans to fight the new covid strain and also what they're already doing. john and we are looking at clear skies certainly a lot clearer than it was at this point yesterday out there. that's the fo fog spots further inland. >> we are going to be looking at temperatures today. the warmest of the forecast maybe december. 1st that we're into
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>> 7.14. is the time right now already want to put this saint and you're this and have the decoration there we go. get thing, isn't it the market is saying icing. every time a shot there. you don't have a little tree, a little tree. your life because this can fit anywhere in the car. right. so yeah, at home trying to get creative, right. john did doesn't make you sneeze this you got me on fake trees this >> it the day to put it up. and that's you want to put up right there. just plop it on your counter and you're in the spirit. we are looking at a great day to maybe put up some christmas lights outside. if you're really want to get to it be super productive. it is gorgeous crystal clear you will notice some haze such as in the san jose camera right here. as you look at the horizon, it's not just that morning glow, but it's also the haze that you're taking in there in the distance this morning. skies are crystal clear for a lot of spots, not so much out towards the delta and the central valley another
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morning with a dose of tooley fog out that direction really holding up some travels along highway 4 in portions of 6.82, especially north of concord up into solano county. now we are going to be seeing rain and snow continuing to be sent to the north. high pressure ridge responsible for all of that. also keeping us so warm today. today the warmest of your forecast. lots of sunshine to kick up the new month of december. tomorrow. we're going to be keeping that sunshine around as well for your thursday. not quite as warm as today. still above average, though friday cooling down just a few more degrees and that sets us up for what will be a cooler weekend and eventually a cooler week next week, at least not as unseasonably warm as we currently are, which is you can see for golden gate park san francisco and the mission district. we will be looking at some near 70 degree highs. a few 70's right along the coastline and not just low 70's today but for a few spots in the south bay, we will actually be looking at some upper 70's. los gatos and morgan hill at 77 are 2 very
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warmest spots today. the further north you get generally the slightly cooler temperatures become will mostly be in the 60's for inland spots from benicia antioch up to fairfield and a range of upper 70's to a purse or low 70's to upper 60's and santa rosa through mill valley tomorrow. a little cooler. pretty comparable to today.h you won't notice much of a change. friday starting to cool down a little bit more in 60's. the rest of that for this forecast. we do have the slightest chance of a few showers monday night into tuesday morning, which we can all hope does pan out right now. john, thank you for that. look at your wednesday morning commute traveling from the east bay into the city. >> we're at about a 15 minute drive for you as you're heading in there at this hour, the san mateo bridge and across the board. the peninsula a little under 13 minutes for you. there. and also looking at the golden gate bridge will be about a 20 minute drive for you. traveling from the north bay into the city will have more weather traffic coming up. but for now, let's get back to the news and for your money this
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morning, twitter bans posting photos and videos of people without their consent and nearly half of consumers are going to use buy now pay later for holiday shopping jane king live at the nasdaq. i just saw that. i said that's dangerous. i was with my daughter in a and she said she i don't think that's a good idea. yeah. >> oh, no, absolutely. it could very easily get out of hand. but about 46% of americans say they do want to use one of these buy now pay later plans, there's all kinds of apps on the market now as this is quite a survey by car to fight. so these let you buy now pay later they have just exploded this from is one of them. after pay klarna. >> now with these apps. you do not accrue interest on your purchases. if you stick to a payment agreement, though. generally let you pay off an item in about 3 months or so. well car dealers are selling new cars and trucks just as fast as the factors can make them and presumably they be able to sell more fit into this computer chip shortage is
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well, not true. car reports that november sales for cars and trucks probably going to be pretty slugger somewhere around a million of that was down 15% compared to last year. this time and those for jd power says the shorter supply also driving prices up so the average transaction price for a vehicle last month was $44,000 will twitter's new boss has made his first move. the social media giant under the leadership of the new ceo, paul wright, a grow wall announced that it's revising its privacy policy to block the sharing of photos and videos of people without their consent. so they say that this personal media could lead to privacy issues, perhaps even emotional and physical harm as well. and the environmental protection agency announced a new national recycling strategy. so the road map for the u.s. to use to achieve a goal of recycling least half of municipal waste by the end of the decade right now. we recycle about a 3rd of municipal waste live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane all right. thank you, jane.
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>> well, a big story. president biden is going to lay out a new plan to fight the omicron variant of coronavirus biden is expected to outline his specific strategy to fight the virus in a speech tomorrow. the biden administration has already implemented a travel ban for 8 south african countries. reports say the president could soon require all international travelers to the u.s. be tested for covid within a day of boarding their flight. so when asked about the variant, the nation's leading infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci all for this guidance. >> as with other variants, although partial immune escape may occur. vaccines and particularly boosters give a level of anybody that even with variants like delta give you a degree of protection, particularly against severe disease. >> plus, researchers work to learn more about the new variant the threat it poses the cdc director says the u.s. is in a better position today to protect the public. an fda
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panel advisors and narrowly endorsed merck's covid treatment pill. the fda panel voted 13 to 10 that the drug's benefits outweigh the risks, including potential birth defects of use during pregnancy. now the drugs designed to treat adults with mild to moderate covid-19 face the greatest risk including those with conditions such as obesity, asthma and old age. it still needs final approval from the fda and cdc before it can be used by the public. >> as the omicron variant continues to spread around the world. the ceo of moderna is predicting that new vaccines are going to be needed. the moderna ceo believes the existing vaccines might not be as effective against this new strain of covid. meantime, acres of the pfizer vaccine. they say they're confident that the current shots are going to work against omicron. doctors say the delta variant will likely show the vaccines are still effective to some degree and we'll know much more about the new variant
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omicron. as soon as the data comes in over the next couple of weeks and we continue testing to see where it is in the east b y, the city of oakland announced that they're going to extend the covid vaccine clinic through the end of the year so you can get your shot. the clinic is open 7 days a week. 95 at the frank ogawa plaza next to city hall and they have all 3 covid vaccines available. there you can dub your first shot if you have got it. second, you get up, get a booster. you can also get covid testing there and you don't even need an appointment. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news thousands of diapers. >> stolen from a nonprofit in the north bay. those items were meant to help out families in need have that story when we come back. and new video showing students hiding from a school shooter. we have the story on that wants get back.
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>> 7.25 right now and national news. 3 students are dead and 8 people are injured in a school shooting that happened at a michigan high school and the gunman was a fellow classmate. this happened yesterday afternoon and these are students scared in the room. their docks for high school which is north of detroit. and the students are held side and then they ran some of that. you can see got out the window because they're running to safety. they were
7:26 am
afraid of a 15 year-old sophomore who came to school with a semiautomatic handgun and started firing. now authorities showed up and they were able to stop him. he still you bullets in that gun, it turns out police say that his father, the student's father actually had bought him that gun and the student attract is shooting and pose for pictures with his new gun. police are still trying to figure out a motive. trying help those who have been affected by this. so many are injured. >> we didn't even know what's going on because there was no like pa announcement overhead a about a week and a half ago. >> text. my mom was spending my mom saying how she was afraid to to school, how their school shooting made it was actively talk about on social media. >> so here are the 3 students that were killed and then as we told you, there are 8
7:27 am
others injured. it's a 16 year-old boy who died and the 2 girls that you see. we're just 1417 years old. one teacher and 7 students were injured in this and the boy with the gun didn't have any record with the police or any run-ins with the police prior to this and his family has said that they don't want him talking to authorities. so that's where the cases right now. 7.27. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, the u.s. supreme court's going hear arguments in a landmark mississippi abortion case. we'll see what it could mean for roe versus wade.
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>> 7.29 right now. i'm taking a live look here at san francisco in the he's speaking of have sarah come down from the newsroom, too finish out the show. i've always wanted to incur with. never it's finish out the show. >> i was chair switching up will. well, yesterday we had john doing weather and traffic. and so everybody's reversal here yeah. the confidence the holiday season. and leave the which a lot of take vacation who's going to fill the i you know, what come i don't. john and i together would still have if i start talking about the weather accidentally natural at this point. but yeah, we are looking at a beautiful day. don't think mother nature does what season it is because it
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doesn't seem like december first or rather unseasonably warm day actually. >> we're looking at daytime highs today climbing well into the 70's, not the upper 70's for a couple of spots like morgan hill in the sky dos further south in the bay area. clear skies. and your berkeley hillstcam right here. that's not the case. further we actually have had some dense fog forming around solano county as well as highway for 6.80. the benicia bridge in around concord as well. in these areas, please be mindful that there is definitely some lower visibility, especially the further inland you get otherwise skies to remain dry just as we have for a minute now 50's 60's towards the coastline. while some 30's up in the north bay. so quite the range of temperatures across the board this morning. now, as far as our bridges are concerned, we are in the midst of some slower conditions. it's a lot like yesterday out there at the bay bridge where it's just going to take you minute to get through the tolls. we are seeing any major hot spots popping up right now, which is definitely a bit of good news on to the next
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bridge. san mateo bridge is also very full. so many people heading back to work this day after what was really lacks week last weekend. a lot of people have thanksgiving off and our final bridge that we're showing the golden gate is also sitting under some sunshine and a little bit busier than it was yesterday at the same time, i think wednesday is the day a lot of people decided to use that at work in the office today. jerry. all right. thanks. let 7.32 right now. and the u.s. supreme court is hearing arguments in the biggest abortion challenge in a denver death of a generation and this is something that you've been following in the newsroom. oh, yeah. i was just listening in. it was pretty heated already. you could hear the court. >> actually challenging the health clinic there from mississippi. they were saying it seems like this is political because you have people who are presenting this case when the case when the court is now leaning more right. and i said we fear that if we do change, those people are going to think it's
7:33 am
political in the court won't have any credibility. and this is all over one case. can you just explain where this starts and why it could be a whole challenge to roe v wade. yeah. i mean, roe v wade. you can see right there very high emotions for people on both sides pro life, pro choice is the 1973 ruling. it's facing the most serious challenge in 30 years. emotions are high. as i said, and you're looking at protest video from this morning. it started before the sun was even up. daria so is crazies. the justices. we'll weigh whether to uphold a mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. well before the current established point of viability around 24 weeks, stakes are higher than ever. as i said, because the high court's 63 conservative majority when ruth bader ginsburg died in 2020 trump nominee amy coney barrett was confirmed moving the court further right. mississippi is asking the justices to get rid of roe v wade standard and allow the states to just really set their own policy.
7:34 am
let's hear now from both sides pro life, pro choice. this case will be the most significant legal opening in almost 50 years. >> to save innocent lives of the unborn. >> you shouldn't be able to go back and over turned 7 flights simply because the composition of the supreme court is czech government cannot force her to against her will. >> the court could decide to uphold current president change the current standard or overturn rowe entirely. if the supreme court rules in favor of mississippi. it does set a new precedent opening the door for states nationwide to write stricter abortion laws a ruling isn't expected, though it's not going to come down until late spring or early summer of next year. >> the grand opening of a new restaurant downtown san francisco is going to probably be delayed because thieves broke into the business. they stole equipment and furniture and threw a huge party inside
7:35 am
the restaurant behind the white paper. you know, you see the paper up over this restaurant raman hiroshi because they were supposed to open. in december. it like a week or 2 from now. but the co-owner daniel boma says these thieves broke in and this was 2 weeks ago on a saturday night and they went in there and you know, they could see that. obviously the paper would hide what they were doing. when he went to look at what he found behind the scenes there were all kinds of trash and stuff left behind so much so that he even estimate how many people were at this party. >> came in. >> i suspect at least 30 to 50 minimum based on the order. you're a sink handsome or was that. >> you know, people are sick and parole office. a flight that. >> mia says that the surveillance camera system was also stolen. so now they have to replace that and all the other stolen stuff in december. 10th was the opening day, but it looks like that's going to be delayed.
7:36 am
>> and in the north bay workers at a nonprofit in the nation are trying to replace items that were stolen by thieves as stolen drew a storage room at the solano county fairgrounds was recently broken into the thieves stole thousands of diapers and other hygiene products that belong to the nonprofit food is free solano. they were meant for families in need this holiday season. a spokesperson for the non-profit says it's a big loss. people make choices. they make choices between. >> i'm buying food or buying diapers. and if they don't have diapers, then the kids can't go to day care. they can't go to preschool. they have to have sanitary supplies to be able to go. and so this impacts the family's ability to go to work, which impacts the ability to make more money to be able to support themselves. >> food is free. molano says the best way possible people can help out through this time is monetary done donations. we have more information on our website. kron 4 dot com. if
7:37 am
you want to help out. >> happening today. the east bay, family, friends and colleagues are going to honor the life and legacy of late alameda county supervisor wilma chan chan died earlier this month after she was hit by a motorist. well crossing the street in alameda. the community is going to highlight all of the community initiatives and programs that she championed through her career. this is going to be at the oakland museum of california guard at 2 o'clock this afternoon. if you would like to attend and also today it's world aids day and they're going to be a number of events across the country and here in the bay area. one of those events in san francisco's castro district. going to be holding a sidewalk chalk art event the millions of people who have died of aids to honor them. and remember what happened. this is all happening at 9 o'clock this morning. so very soon there's going to be another event at golden gate park. there will be a display of lights and a reading of the names of aids victims. that event starts at 4.30 this
7:38 am
afternoon. >> well, still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a warning from police in the east bay after a skimmer device was found at a bank of america atm. plus the suns snapped. the warriors winning streak will break down what happened on the court and where the warriors stand this morning, john and skies are clear. it sfo yesterday at this time is actually a bit foggy out there. we are still foggy for some of our inland valleys this morning. >> but we are going to be looking at our warmest day of the forecast later on and are abundant sunshine highs will rise well into
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>> 7 40 and in the east bay alameda police are reminding you be careful when you're using an atm because, you know, just what happened. they had a skimmer device was spotted on this atm machine a south shore center. bank of america. you can see the atm and where police are called where this skimming device was an atm technician found this replica of the machines mirror and see the little hole. that's a camera and it's inside that pinhole and this is all attached to the atm and there are thinking that this was installed 4 weeks ago and they didn't catch it. so now alameda police are working with the bank of america looking over the security footage trying to figure out who placed the camera on the skimming device and of course, bankers might be worried if they get anything. so i would i would contact makes america if i use that one also in the
7:42 am
east bay antioch mayor lamar thorpe has a new plan to house the city's homeless. he's asking for $300,000 to buy a paper. 15 rooms to house people who are right now living along the amtrak train tracks in this program would also provide them with medical services. the city council is going to vote on this december 14th. it's 7.42. we'll be right back.
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♪give my regards to old broadway♪ you're going to join reindeer games. i'm going to bring on the tree. forget you're able so you get this many tree lit. i'd like a gross percent. now, general there saying no, no, haha. >> but do you ever go. no, i don't. but say go. you're eyeing up. yeah, i loves it. yeah. i am to say i got this there. they might be out by now. i tell you, sarah, i have tried to get like a star from my tree. the stars were sold out like like i went just various this is shipping thing. yeah. shipping thing. it's affecting christmas all together. decorated yet. not at all. i heard all the guys talking about it. i haven't done a thing. well, thank god i have the same menorah that i pull out of my box every year. so i haven't had to buy a new one of think i was wrapping presents yesterday with the thing i has barely until right before christmas. i don't know what's going on. but those the pressure and here you guys are talking that really are back
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keep up with the joneses or who can get their it was who we are going to be looking at some good weather, too. >> maybe venture outside and get those lights up asap. everybody just getting do it whenever you want to. but we are going to be looking at nice weather. all in all for whatever you want to be doing. maybe it's that walk around the city or up into the east bay hills, north bay, mountains, whatever you want to buy sunshine overhead and temperatures that are unseasonably warm climbing well into the upper 70's for parts of the south bay, rain and snow continues to be said well, to the north, up into western canada in the pacific northwest our high pressure ridge has made things easy at times. it's also helping to bring us the stretch of dry weather. that's the negative rate here. obviously we need the moisture, the positive is that didn't really good travel weather and of course, all those preps for the holidays are really easy to get done when it's in the 60's and 70's outside. it's exactly where will be today. mission financial districts as well as
7:47 am
golden gate park just below 70 degrees would be surprised if we got there. daly city overnight and half moon bay in the low 70's right along the coastline. and for those of us further south. you are going to see the warmest of temperatures. look at areas like los gatos as well as morgan hill up to 77 degrees today. san jose at 75 freeman through hayward in the low to mid 70's while oakland at 70 to concord orinda 68 degrees for your daytime highs. upper 60's to low 70's across the north bay santa rosa at 72 today. getting your look ahead at our next 7 days. today cools just a touch into tomorrow and then stepping down the temperature letter just another step into friday by the time we reach next week will be back into the mid 60's a little more seasonable and just the slightest chance of a couple of sprinkles monday night and tuesday keeping an eye on that one hoping for more be on the other side of the 7 day as for bridges. it's definitely back to work for so many across the day pretty familiar view at this point across the bay bridge because
7:48 am
yesterday was stacked up right behind the toll plaza. and yet again, it is today. well past the maison facts. so that is going to take you a few extra minutes as you're trying to get into the city as everyone is heading back to work. 92 across the bay is also looking quite busy, especially westbound there. so many people trying to get on to the peninsula and definitely slowing things down and our final bridge, the golden gate bridge. usually the empty one 1 that's the case right now. also empty of fog as we are seeing nice sunny skies overhead. looks like those birds above the golden to her, enjoying it a lot to dairy. >> thanks a lot. john. and let's talk sports love to do it. the worry islands talks for some like to watch the they lost after a 7 game win streak and was snapped by the the son did it again. yeah, they did it in the suns house, though we do have another shot kind of makes. okay, but any and jason dumas for sports director is going to go over all the plan will break it down that.
7:49 am
>> does in the valley of the sun taking off phoenix. the squad with the second best record in the nba behind golden state. i've been waiting for this matchup all weekend. it did not disappoint. 1st quarter. it turned into the jordan to pull show he had a career-high 16 points in the quarter. >> including 4, 3, pointers to he was just unconscious. he so good. if 2nd quarter, big loss for us. and devin booker goes up for a layup hamstring injury tweaks, a hammy. he would not return. it really matter that much for phoenix nearing halftime tied at 54 chris paul. the and it was a force 16 4 run to end the half warriors down to it. 3rd quarter now sun's up 6 bad pass by jordan poole macau bridges. the pride and joy of great valley high school. i'm
7:50 am
out here in pennsylvania with the dunk. that was his only 2 points. but he was a plus 21 on the night to suffocating on defense. suns lead cut to 2 paul steele to gary payton. the second he slams it. payton is the warriors defensive stopper once again only down by 2 at the end of the 3rd. all right. let's get to the 4th money-making time. the knicks up by 4 hit to the head that she owns a. curry to co za. i didn't think i would be saying that this year warriors cut it to one later cp 3 to crowder. alternate veteran. he hits the 3 phoenix starting to pull away and here was the dagger hand down, man down landry shamet, a former 76 er. 104 to 96 the sun extend their win streak. his 17 points. check out the college kids one of the best college hoops programs of the young season is right here in the bay. usf men's hoops. they're off to
7:51 am
its best start in 45 years and they're just want to 20 and be in team left in the nation. that's thanks in part to a veteran backcourt duo. >> jamari and khaleel ship bad. they've been showing yay is the leading scorer in the wcc head coach todd golden chatted with us today. he said his team have had great starts before. but something about this year feels a little different. >> some of our winds. we've had really good. i think that in the past couple years we've gotten out. he's good start. we had played his high level competition. but you a b davidson nevada. all those winds are going to go a long way for us over the course of the season. so i feel like that along with that of guys that we have program. it feels different. i think it is different. we're taking a day, but really enjoy each having a fun time to practice every day. having a fun time competing. and we're just really just trying to get lost in the moment that way. it's a great group to be around great group to coach our staffs really enjoying it. and we're
7:52 am
just taking day by day, looking for to, you know, be on saturday. >> one quick note, the sharks won tonight and dirty jurors 5 to 2. they will play in long island in a couple of days. nice win by the sharks. all righty. that's your look at sports. >> in warriors and the suns largely going to be playing each other this friday that it's art or it's our turn to win. that's what we're hoping that game is at 07:00pm. we'll be right back. be right back. >> we've got the best. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! or guests?! only wendy's serves a better breakfast, with a better biscuit. a hot, buttery treasure loaded with a fresh cracked egg, cheese and sausage or bacon. and to top it off, right now, they're just a buck.
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banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. happening today san francisco mayor london breed is going to light the christmas tree at civic center plaza. >> it's a 4 o'clock and ends at 7 and they're going to have a toy giveaway for the first 400 kids at the event and then also be all kinds live performances and food and crafts. it. everything you might enjoy will be there even santa and his elves and by the way, they said the grinch top of the grinch's. yeah. i don't know about that. i don't i don't get why he's invited you know, he always shows up when you don't everyone's everything it's the whole him we don't want to only doesn't think the presence from the kids that would not be we have enough of that. like in walnut creek is one of the stories we're working on. >> walnut creek where we can do about all these people that are stealing stuff stores. >> and making a run for it. we're going to have the latest on that and our other top
7:56 am
stories as well. >> including. the to halloween homicide suspects who are released from jail and there was no bail involved. san jose's mayor is not happy about that. >> and president biden is getting ready to lay out his plans to fight the newest variant of covid-19. that's coming up after the break.
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> from the area's local news
7:59 am
station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> you only get a half hour and a half out. it's a 6 hour show. i know. i can't believe lately for half hour. power. run through all right. and as we continue. >> it looks like it's just going to get sun aaronson you ruffle outside, never stops nope, no winter just yet. i was teasing you with we looking at a continuation of the dry weather ahead of us in today for december. 1st our warmest day of the forecast with highs climbing well into the upper 70's for parts of the south bay. you can see out there. it's already really nice and sunny across the inland east bay. that's where you are seeing some spots of fog. so you're berkeley hills, campus clear. but you head on to the other side of those hills concord northward into solano county. and you do have some spots. a very low gray in dense fog, dense fog advisory. in fact, for solano county through 10:00am and we have seen issues with visibility along portions of 6.80 and highway 4. but i do want to
8:00 am
note for you. radar. otherwise is showing dry skies and temperatures are in a pretty wide range this morning. we'll have be in. pacifica may be starting the morning in the 60's petaluma. you're only in the 30's. so i get the jackets on wherever you are at. but it's a fairly mild morning for most not so much for everyone. rain. >> tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at the traffic thanks for holding down like you always do over there. traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 30 minutes for your drive time. the air, the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 15 minutes as you're traveling across the san mateo bridge and let's get a look at the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes as you're heading from the north bay into the city. no major delays. the are going well, weather and traffic coming up. but for now, daryn, let's get back to the news. all right. an 8 o'clock. the top story that we're following happening now is the walnut creek city council is trying to figure out what they can do to stop of this rash of retail crimes has been happen even seen it back-to-back. well, c


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