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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 1, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us in the finest hour 9 o'clock when everything is sort of clicking. the sun is out. the traffic. isn't that bad. and john is handling both at the moment. good morning. good morning. got the blue ones today because that's what we're going to see as you look up at the skies. >> lots of blue out there as we see our warmest day of this forecast. and another sunny won at something that has not changed much over the course of the past couple weeks now. your view outside of the berkeley hills looks gorgeous. those a hazy conditions seen in the distance to a product of the high pressure ridge. that's not keeping us not just keeping us dry. also keeping air quality less than good. a dense fog advisory does remain in solano county. and we've seen visibility falling in areas like conquered highway for a 6.80. all these areas have been looking at lower visibility, specially out towards the central valley. so be mindful the further inland
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you get the denser that fog becomes also gets a little cooler inland. bret, what is only 46 degrees right now. compare that with half moon bay and pacific and the 60's. we have a cool air inversion in the central valley that's keeping areas like fairfield pittsburgh in brentwood cold. same for dublin. well areas closer to the bay in khost have that chance to warm up now looking at our bridges conditions are nice and clear at the bay bridge and wish we could say the same for the roads themselves as we are seeing that backup still all the way stretching out to the maze before you get to the toll gate. pretty normal dome when you're talking. so many people coming back to work like they are this week a san mateo bridge. it's also been very busy this morning. but things have lightened up just a touch as you're making that crossing right now. and as for the golden gate, rmt bridge continues to live up to its beautiful expectations. beautiful and sunny and nice and easy. as far as traffic goes. daria, thank you john 9. oh, one and happening now, the walnut creek city council is trying to figure out what to do to stop all these retail crimes. as you know, there
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was. >> the huge one at nordstrom where a mob went in to the broadway plaza and ransacked the place and there were people who are working and and and shopping in their coffers. camila barco is live in the newsroom with more on what they plan to do morning the police captain is seeking and he's rehashing what happened during that smash and grab just 2 weeks ago, he says. >> since that incident, they've added more officers on the weekends and during and during their daily patrols. but later in the meeting council members are going to consider spending about 2 million dollars on more security. now if approved, the city would be able to hire additional officers and buy new surveillance equipment. now the money would employ 5 more police officers purchase surveillance cameras and a security drone. they would all be placed in the downtown area. it's where 90 people ransacked the local nordstrom last month. they left with more than a $125,000 in merchandise the crooks injured
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2 employees pepper sprayed another one and threatened another employee with a knife. now, if the city council members approved these resources. the officers would be higher through june of 2023. it also allocate money for overtime pay for the additional officers. now we caught up with the walnut creek. mayor kevin wilk before the meeting this morning. he's calling on the district attorney and the sheriff's office to also do their part in preventing the smash and grabs. >> we can do the arrests. we need to make sure that they are charging and prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law and ensuring that these criminals are off the streets and in jail. we can have people that have committed these kind of crimes or people that look at them and say we would potentially look to commit some of those crimes and be out on the street. we have to detour weekend in walnut creek. >> part of their meeting today will also be their plan to reach out to state legislators and the governor, they want to
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stress their concerns of the ongoing retail crime, but also ask for more resources. now last month's robbery at nordstrom happened at broadway plaza walnut creek. the mayor has since closed that street to traffic until at least the end of the year. now, daria adding 5 more police officers would cost the city about 1.6 million dollars, city council would use the money. the federal government gave cities from the federal american rescue plan act to implement all of these security measures. now the meeting is currently ongoing. but of course you can find the latest details of the meeting online at kron 4 dot com deiah. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. camilla. >> it's 9. '04, right now. and let's talk more about these mob robs and retail fest that have happened all around the bay area. >> it's not just the economy affects the ceo of the california retailers association says. >> this is making employees afraid and shoppers afraid to infect. she says it should be considered domestic terrorism.
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>> got 90 people showing up in cars with crowbars and sledgehammers you know, running into a store and committing these just brazen crimes and you think about the impact that's going to have on those employees and those consumers. i think it is. it was terrorizing those people in stores and to those employees and the bay area district attorneys are aligning now there's an actual alliance where they're trying to crack down. >> on retail crime staffed rains. >> it's 9 '05, right now and other news that we're following this morning. the contra costa county district attorney is issued felony charges for a man is accused of a crime spree, including armed robbery and carjacking. police say 30 year-old philando johnson tried to steal power tools from an ace hardware and the community of black hawk, which is east of idanha, a danville. johnson pulled out a knife, they say, and he threatened to workers when they confronted him and then he got into a nearby car and police. he held that
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driver at knifepoint. they drove to san ramon where johnson ditched the car and attempted to carjack a second victim nearby. police officers spotted him and took him into custody. the family of an oakland man who was shot and killed while trying to stop a car break-in is now looking for answers. police say they have new leads as they're trying to track the killer. they have released a picture of an suv. they're looking for this newer model. toyota rav 4 28 year-old eric davis was shot and killed sunday afternoon at lake merritt investigators say he was trying to stop people from breaking into cars when he was killed last night. his family and friends gathered to remember his life. and they say that he was just hardworking. wonderful had a smile for everyone. and now they're hoping somebody will speak up and police will find the killer. >> i'm sure it was very quiet. he did and he was a man of few
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words, but he was always smiling we're hoping for the to to is that being in step up share which, you know, if you saw anything that that is time to start talking. >> and there's a $10,000 reward as well for information leading to an arrest in this case. we've also told you how there's a reward in the case of the crop for security guard. kevin nishita who was shot and killed and we have another clue to the national park service is confirming the vehicle linked to the shooting was involved earlier in november. with a robbery in san francisco. the oakland police released this picture of the car that they're looking for. it's a white 8 acura tl and there's no license plates. we don't know that. but we do know that the national park service. now, they say the same car was used in an armed robbery that happened november 22nd inside golden gate. national recreation area. so they're thinking if they can find the
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car, maybe they can find the killer who shot and killed in a shooting. he ended up dying after being shot trying to protect our kron 4 reporter and camera. there is a reward of $32,500 for information that leads to an arrest. and there's also a fund that we encourage you to donate, too. if you'd like to help. kevin, does. she does family. you can donated any metropolitan bank location in person. you can e-mail them. and if you need any more information about any of this and you can help solve the case. all of the information that we have is it kron 4 dot com and we thank you so much for any help that you can give. meantime, oakland could be taking new steps to address the rampant gun violence. so far there have been a 127 murders this year. in a news conference. chief leronne armstrong says the department has 70 fewer officers than it did this time last year and they are trying to attract new officers by offering more money.
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>> i think we need to make ourselves competitive in this very difficult market of higher police officers across the country. >> chief armstrong is also asking the city to add a surveillance camera system on oakland's streets. he says the cameras would be a big help to try to solve crime because right now, you know, all they do is they go off of, you know, homeowners videos and business videos surveillance videos. >> but he wants a network. he says that would help. close out the only city in the bay area that's dealing with police staffing issues as part of the problem in the north bay. the vallejo police officers association is warning that the number of officers is low. they're leaving the force in 2 number. they say the only about 2 thirds of the positions are currently filled and that staffing levels are now hurting their ability to provide basic police services. according to the association they say new officers are struggling to pass their training and experienced officers are either retiring
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or they're moving to other police departments. in the south bay san jose mayor sam liccardo is lashing out after 2 homicide suspect were arrested put in jail and then let out of jail without bail. >> kron four's will tran is live in fe with more on how this happened. will. >> well, they're trying to figure it out. and they basically said the system failed, the people they're very upset. yes, you're innocent until proven guilty but not often times they said bail and sometimes the bail purposely is so high that you cannot make bail. so your insight in jail waiting for your trial in this case duryea they have to put down a dime so they are home this morning waiting for the trial whenever that begins. take a look at your screen. these are the 2 men that the san jose police department. they arrested on november 1st alford chrystia friend and us. they were accused are accused, i should
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say, of killing a man on november. first in a minor road rage incident about 5 miles from this location from the san jose police department. by the time they get out there. they were long gone. but they're arrested. and the day after the shooting was so brazen, it was 3.40 in the afternoon broad daylight. so the san jose police department area and mayor sam liccardo they they've clashed heads many times throughout the years. but in this particular case, they're on the same page. take a look at your screen. this is what mayor sam liccardo had to say they took to twitter last night and the mayor emailed us this. he said i appreciate the purpose of bail reform, but releasing homicide suspect without bail is outrageous. the pendulum has swung too far in its our neighborhoods that endure the most crime that suffer as a result. so they're very upset by what's going on. they are home with certain restrictions. and a far as the date for the trial that has yet to be set. but a lot
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of people very upset, including the san jose police department this morning back to you. all right. thanks a lot of hope they can sort that out. thank you. will. >> 9.11 is the time right now. and still ahead, new video shows students hiding from a school shooter and jumping out of a window to get away. we're going to have reaction from the kids who are in the class during the shooting and tell you more about the shooter and president biden is getting ready to lay out his plans to fight the new variant of covid-19. we'll see what he wants the nation to do. >> and we do have some dense fog inland bays side, though, things are looking good at sfo after what was a foggy start for the airport yesterday. daytime highs will be our warmest today into the 70's in a few spots that will break a couple heat records for
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>> 9.14 right now. and we're just all talking about how to get outside and enjoy this weather because it's a sunny and nice out. you've got to get out there. i feel like on a day like today where we're going to be nearing 80 in a couple spots. it might as well take advantage of it. i know this is not the weather that you need to be saying we need to be looking at some rainfall. >> but today is easily the warmest of the forecast. speaking of a really nice day. look at half moon bay right now. absolutely gorgeous out there. this has been one of our warm spots in the bay so far this morning hanging out in the 60's. pretty solidly. you could see people what they're wearing out there. you probably see them in some t-shirts right now because it actually does feel really good right along the coastline, inland areas on the up
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opposite side of things, only in the 40's for a couple of our areas closer to the valley and under some fog out that direction. so we really flip flopped compared to where we are during their summer months when it's cool and foggy at the coast. that's the case out towards the central valley right now warmer out towards the coastline. we are seeing some green and blue on the map up towards washington and into western canada. you know what that is at this point because we've been talking about it so much. that's the impact of that. persistent rain and snow that's been seen to our north in an area where they just really don't need any more of it. high pressure is keeping us dry across the west coast. it does look like a pattern. change is likely around the 10th of this month. so it's 10 days away from now. the high pressure ridge could be breaking up just enough that maybe, just maybe we could be seeing a change of pace enough so that winter wants to set in. but for now, not feeling anything close to winter. we will be looking at highs well into the 70's across the bay today. tomorrow will be much the same as today likely not to be quite as warm, though,
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and we'll take a step further down the temperature letter into friday, setting us up for a cooler weekend and a cooler week next week. still mild just not exceptionally warm like we're about to be today. golden gate park mission district and financial district. each just below 70 degrees would not be surprised to see pockets of 70's in the city just as you will see right along the coastline 60's to 70's along the bay shore, although mostly 70's redwood city, palo alto and mountain view each at 72 there's your upper 70's and los gatos and morgan hill are too warm spots at 77 degrees. not much different for the east bay, although generally the further inland you get gets a little cooler. antioch. only at 67 comparative allay 70 degrees today and 72 out towards santa rosa. so we are going to be looking at a nice warm afternoon today to kick off the new month. thursday friday staying mild and you see it's starting to get cooler into next week. could see a sprinkle or 2 monday night into tuesday morning. but that's not really what i'm looking at here. looking at what could happen towards the end of next week, which is a
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better chance of a pattern change that can hopefully bring us some relief from the nice weather that we're in the now, what we have on the bridges is a pretty easy commute at this point. we are starting to see improvements right before the toll plaza at the bay bridge. but this is still to be expected as you're heading into the city on what is going to be a busy work week ahead of us. just that natural back up. as for the san mateo bridge conditions out there are also busy but still moving as you cross 92 getting on over to the peninsula or over to the east bay and the golden gate bridge. not only does it look beautiful this morning. but that commute looks pretty great as well with things moving along just fine. both north and southbound. daria. >> at the winners and losers with our financial expert. rob black either. rob. hey, daryn, just check numbers real quick. i know you're going to check the numbers. i know. and you know, i'm i'm happy to see stock market recovering a little bit. what concerns me is i don't know if i feel happy about cruise ships yet, but you say that's recovering too.
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>> yeah. it's been a crazy for on wall street friday we're down big tuesday down huge today were up big again. and it's all due to the covid variant omicron. the cruise lines got hit yesterday, but the recovery today as we're kind of assessing the risk on the fly from what i know, i'm not a scientist to take about 10 days to figure out thanksgiving was a super spreader event and or but also summer wine remind you of than you and i might have grown up on counting crows stable has a better than the to and i will do hoping this december. we've the last to shopping with christmas with get togethers covid. >> there's a little bit hope out there right now to be careful because, you know, i'm not a big fan of considered private peril for good economic data is fine. exxon to their make price much money in the next 5 years. they are now there's odd stories that
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are are positive in like you're not a big hope. fan. rob black and i hope i love it. alright. >> 2 places trenches when you haven't. okay. and i hope forty-niners win the super bowl so we can all have something to talk that only hope that's acceptable. ok, alright, hope it's something i all differ on that. i i do hold out faith and a lot of things. >> a full of. but i'll tell you one thing, i'm not a fan of. i'm not a fan of the buy. now pay later saying i know people are doing it, but i was with my daughter. the other day in and chain store aimed at went girls and combined clothes and even she i don't think this is a good idea. we're going to get a i love you and your daughter. i kiss you, but that might break up my marriage. >> buy now pay later. i think it's a bad idea, but it's up 400% of the spending category. year-over-year pay pal who's a leader in that we spread out payments%over for payments. you get something overpriced day. you feel just fine getting at. they called it one
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of the transactions was the star of the black friday was the biden palin a publicly traded company believe up 298% on more spending. people are spending more kuz. they can get something more expensive today versus later with inflation, 30 years. high, get everything costs, more. some people are site saying i want you know, this, but i have to pay plus 10% on it. there's a lot of financial risk. you miss a payment. you're going get hit with interest charges bigger than you would imagine. and also the people that instantly qualified. they not instantly qualifying for credit cards. there's no credit check here. it's just you want to you got to about idea to me in the long run, considered one out of 3 americans are still paying for last year's christmas well to to do a throwback way beyond the counting crows member layaway is this cut is modern day layaway. with the stop and take aleve. believe i believe the kids don't understand. rob. >> so what you do is you would like a jacket. you going to dress barn and then you like it and you have to leave. you could not take the jacket. you
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gave it to a lady in the closet and she would hold and you would pass. >> so what you going write a check. every month. and then you get your jacket. what? >> see actually do that. i might actually get it. but i know people that it took like 3 months for me to get a jacket. all right. for that, let's go into space because we're way past the old days. what's going on with space x. >> i must they could go bankrupt and that made me think like they just got a 2.9 billion dollar contract with nasa to send a mission to the moon and land on the moon again by 2025, which is really right around the corner. when you think about how fast this year went by. but what they're saying is massive shortages the raptor rockets sending starships up the orders take 39 engines are not building them fast enough. elon musk said if we don't get, you know, and order up every 2 weeks we're knocking out the cash flow to survive and it's not looking good. with that said, i really think bankrupt know because if i don't think about elon musk know that he's prone to hyperbole big time
9:23 am
despite severe delays are going to happen. probably won't get to the moon by 2025 there starlink product. project is still, you know, they get 12,000 satellites up there to send us tell communication broadband down to earth. so it's just it's really tough to analyze. and i would say caution the listeners and viewers out there you know, want to invest in space company says its space x doesn't make it. it tells you that it's a really risky business. well, and if you invested in tesla, does that count to because it's all connected. tesla. i remember but chive 6 years ago they said they were weeks away from going bankrupt. all right. and now look at stock worth a trillion dollars today. so things do change. okay. thank you, rob. >> if you'd like e-mail. rob in just a little portions. you can an e-mail and then he'll get after you continue hill is kind of like layaway, lancer or you can reach me on or you can reach me on (gentle music) ♪ i'll be home for christmas
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so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> 9.26 in national headlines. 3 students were killed. >> and 8 other people injured in a school shooting in michigan and the gunman is a fellow classmate. it all happened yesterday afternoon, kids were in class at oxford hilh. as you can see, this is north of detroit and these are kids with cell phone video when they find out and they here a knock at the door and they were so afraid, many of them jumped out of this ground floor window and made a run for a 15 year-old sophomore is who police caught with a semiautomatic handgun. he was shooting. they say he had more ammunition. but they were able to apprehend him in. police
9:27 am
say his father actually bottom the gun and the student at practice shooting and pose for pictures with his gun. police are still trying to figure out the motive. >> we didn't even know what's going on because there was no like pa announcement overhead a about a week and a half ago. >> text. my mom was spending my mom saying how she was afraid to to school, how their school shooting made it was actively talked about on social media. >> cnn. while the kids say they knew that there were threats. the police say they never heard anything about it here is a look at the 3 students who were killed. a 16 year-old boy. and then the 2 girls ages 1417 among the injured. a teacher and 7 students and police say they have had no prior police run-ins with that boy who was arrested for the shooting and that he is not talking with authorities.
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when that car hit my motorcycle, clean medicine company. insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 9.30 right now. and it is really beautiful out there. if you have anything to do maybe get out and do some decorating, some shopping yeah. anything you want to do. it's pretty good weather for it. we're talking solid 70's
9:31 am
across the day. so warm that it is likely to be a record breaker for a few areas san jose oakland even neighborhoods in san francisco up for some potential records later on. now as far as we go right now, it depends on where you're at, what it's looking like and how it feels lots of sunshine in the berkeley hills view. but we do have some dense fog. that is for the central valley all over again. and that includes a dense fog advisory for solano county. some lower visibility around concord, some parts of 6.80 and highway 4 as well as the benicia bridge to watch out for that otherwise skies are clear towards the bay and towards the coast in temperatures showing a pretty wide range right now. what we're in the 60's for half moon bay pacific and alameda. we just barely got to the 50's in brentwood, pittsburgh and fairfield those areas further inland and also under the grey's. still for many of those spots right up against the central valley. and delta. i'm talking more about where we're heading into the afternoon. still to come, obviously traffic should start to come down right about now. the bay bridge is still pretty backed up right before the
9:32 am
toll plaza. but if you look there in the distance, you can see how it is easing a bit towards the maze. so we are starting to see that back up going down a bit. as for the san mateo bridge, things are moving along just fine. there's definitely traffic and it looks like we've got some trucks there that are trying to get people out of the middle lane. perhaps. i don't know what they're doing, but well anticipate that if you're on the bay bridge or the mateo bridge. they might just be transported it up because it's christmas. time the golden gate bridge. i don't anticipate any issues there. it's nice and blue and looks like a great day to be crossing the bridge. >> whether you're walking it were driving during 9.32 and a big story that we're following. the supreme court just finished hearing just finish. this is a big abortion challenge and it centers on a mississippi law. >> banning the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy. let's go to kron 4. sarah stinson. she has been following this from the newsroom. sarah. yeah, daryn, 2 hours of intense arguments. of course,
9:33 am
a very contentious topic. >> and the supreme court heard these historic arguments challenging the landmark case. roe v wade, the 1973 ruling faces its most serious challenge in 30 years. emotions running very high on both sides. take a look. they came out pro-life, pro-choice supporters gathered outside the steps of the supreme court. they got there before sunrise with those signs screaming being vocal. the justices will weigh whether to uphold a mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. well before the current established point of viability, a route 24 weeks. stakes are higher than ever with the high court's 63 conservative majority when ruth bader ginsburg died in 2020 trump nominee amy coney barrett was confirmed moving the court further right. mississippi is asking the justices to get rid of the roe v wade standard and allow states to set their own policy oral arguments started with 3
9:34 am
liberal justices expressing fear that overturning roe could come off as political putting the court's legitimacy in danger. but what was not debated today was how contentious this topic really is. >> here today fighting to protect life. you shouldn't be able to go back and over turned 7 flights simply because the composition of supreme court has changed. this case will be the most significant legal opening in almost 50 years. >> to save innocent lives of the unborn. we're hearing from both sides now the court could decide to uphold current president change the current standard. >> or overturn roe entirely a ruling isn't expected to come down until late spring or early summer of next year. daria, i'm in contact with pro-life and pro-choice organizations from the bay area about to talk to them on zoom. so look forward to that. on our 24 7 news app kron on
9:35 am
boys could get both sides, especially on such a historic day. >> right. thank you so much for all that info. sarah, its 9.34 right now. and another big story as president, biden going to be laying out the new plan to fight the omicron variant of coronavirus. he's supposed to outline a specific strategy with more on this tomorrow. but right now what we know is the administration has already implemented a travel ban from 8 countries in south africa because that's where this variant originated and they're thinking about a further requirement where anybody arriving from any other country outside the u.s. would have to be tested for covid within a day of boarding. their flight instead of 3 days. and when asked about the variant, the top doc anthony fauci says that there is this guidance. >> as with other variants, although partial immune escape may occur. vaccines and particularly boosters give a
9:36 am
level of anybody that even with variants like delta give you a degree of protection, particularly against severe disease. >> and the more researchers learn about the new variant of the better. the cdc says they will be able to protect the united states. and when it comes to other shots that we do have right now the fda is saying that merck's covid treatment pill has been narrowly endorsed this was a panel vote and they say that the drug's benefits outweigh the risks, including potential birth defects. the drug is designed to treat adults who have mild to moderate covid and face the greatest risks, including if they have the factors of obesity asthma old age. it still needs final approval from the fda and from the cdc before, people are going to be able to use it.
9:37 am
and as far as i was saying, the omicron variant and the shots that we have right now. the ceo of moderna is predicting that we're probably going to need a whole new vaccine. they believe that the existing vaccines night might not be as effective against this new strain. but when you look at pfizer, well, those makers of pfizer. they say they're confident that their shots. we'll work against the new variant doctors say that the data is likely going to show that the vaccines are all affected to some degree. and again, it's all something that they're learning with each day we get more information, science figures out more and they're going to continue to change in react to that. now, if you still haven't got the covid shot in the east bay. the city of oakland is extending a covid vaccine clinic through the end of the year. it's 7 days a week 95 at the frank ogawa plaza next to city hall and you get any vaccine you want their they have all 3. you can get regular vaccine or if you're ready for the booster unit
9:38 am
that you can also get covid testing and there's no appointment required. the grand opening of a new restaurant and downtown san francisco is going to have to be put off because steese broke am stole equipment stole furniture and threw a huge party inside the restaurant. take a look from the outside. it's the raman hiroshi restaurant. and as you can see, that paper up on the windows and the owner. daniel bola. thanks. set. the thieves knew that they could throw a party insiders. they were covered up by the paper. and when he went in, he saw the evidence of what happened in there. there were things missing. everything was a mess and there was so much trash inside to clean up that he actually estimate how many people were in there making a mess of things. >> came in. >> i suspect at least 30 to 50 people remain in my face on the order. the euro sink handsome or was that. >> you know, people with control of stuff like that.
9:39 am
>> and now he says he's got so much work to do that. they are not going make the december opening that they thought they would. plus apparently there's no surveillance camera go on because the place had won. but that was stolen as well. 9.38 is the time right now. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. thousands of diapers were stolen from a nonprofit in the north bay. so what does that mean for the families in need. the diapers were going to story on that. >> and how you can help. by the way. and i'm sure you go to an atm somewhere. well, then in the east bay there was a skimmer device. just found on a bofa atm and it looks like it's been there for about a month. we'll have details.
9:40 am
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happy holidays from mercedes-benz. in the north bay workers at a nonprofit benicia are trying to figure out how they're going to replace items that were stolen, including. >> diapers that are desperately needed as a storage room at the solano county fairgrounds was broken into and the fees still thousands of diapers and other hygiene products that people need. this is from the nonprofit food is free solano food is free is saying that now they're going to have to figure out the best they can, how to help people who really need this to get by. they are suggesting if you would like to help the best thing would be to give money and you can find out a link on how you can do that at our website at kron 4 dot com. alameda police are reminding if you go to an atm,
9:43 am
make sure nobody is watching and check it out. carefully because they just found a skimmer device at the south shore center. bank of america atm you see here and police are showing the photo and they circled the area where a technician found a replica mirror and camera bar. >> on the atm and a pen whole. see that there's a tiny camera and there and the texas is possible. this thing was up for 4 weeks before it was detected alameda police are working now with bofa to go over the security footage and see if they can figure out. >> who put the scammer on there. and of course, people just want to know, did they get anything. and i would suggest if you've been in that atm, you might want to check. >> it is 9.43. and we'll be right back.
9:44 am
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9:46 am
>> i'm 46 right now. and it is just son all there are not many excuses, but we can always find a few. if you don't want to do a honey do list thing or exercise or whatever you're supposed to do out outside. we can always find another excuse but not the weather that weather is nothing to blame today. so think something else we are going to be looking at a beautiful day ahead of us. >> so much so that we will be likely breaking a few temperature records today with just how warm things will be getting across the bay area. your view outside of the coastline is showing ample sunshine people walking around at half moon bay at love to see it because it's not so warm everywhere else. there is some to leave fog out into the
9:47 am
central valley is actually resulted in lower visibility through the delta into the valley itself. routes such as highway 4 in portions of 6.80. around concord have been affected. but it's pretty nice and clear elsewhere, high pressure sending the jet stream further to the north and that's been the case lately. this does look to be a pattern that breaks late week next week and will result and eventually some cooler conditions. so while we've got the warmth might as well enjoy it. get out there. it's december 1st put on those holiday lights and just take advantage of the good weather for any errands or maybe outdoor walks that you want to do. futurecast shows that today into tomorrow will hold on to those sunny skies and we'll see more sunshine on into friday saturday and sunday of the weekend just starting to get a little cooler by them. today's temperatures, our warmest of the forecast getting very close, if not to 70 degrees in san francisco right to the 70's for a lot of the coast and just above that for a lot of our bayshore cities hottest spots today will be the inland south bay, los gatos and morgan hill at 77 degrees for
9:48 am
december 1st, some pretty solid 70's for the east bay as well with oakland at 70 to walnut creek right at 70 degrees. some 60's from benicia antioch on up to fairfield and also over towards center fell nevado and the coastline tomorrow's daytime highs. a little cooler than today's. but honestly pretty comparable. not a big cool down just yet. we'll save the cooler feel for next week. just a slight chance of a few sprinkles monday night. it does look likely that there could be some rainfall on the horizon towards early. the following week after that. but that's still a long ways away. a lot can change between here and there as far as traffic goes. well, it's still busy behind the toll plaza at the bay bridge. but it is definitely be loosened up a lot. and that's because metering lights were just turned off. so people have that go right through the toll plaza. as for the san mateo bridge, things are definitely busy as well. it's not like you're stopped, though. definitely still making your way steadily across both east and westbound spans and the
9:49 am
golden gate bridge is look beautiful. all morning long. there it is again under the sunshine and traffic moving along great daria. >> so here we are. the weather is gorgeous. you looking at people ice skating and shopping and decorating and thinking so why am i so miserable. >> and i said i can't be the only one. i need to call doctor ruth doctor ruth light who is a stress management expert is nice enough to join us this morning because actually while the holidays are fun. they can also kind of be the worst time. good morning. >> good morning, it's so good to see you again. is good to see you. to an end. >> and it should be a good time of year. but actually, how does that work. actually a worse time of year for a lot of people. yes, well, you know, there are lot of demands on our time right. so from everything, ok. so we've got another, you know, covid trends. so not even like that's part of the context right now. but it's also just there's a lot of high expectations for people regarding the holidays. >> people are finishing their semesters at school. travel.
9:50 am
it just a lot of things right. and people are trying to shop there, trying to we're trying to a lot of things. but what i want to make clear i think there's a there's a myth that they're really high suicide rates during the holidays. and it turns out that november december and january have the lowest rates of suicide. so just so you would know it's not as bad as we often think that people to feel it yet. just that for we don't know why they don't. well, i mean, i'm glad i'm glad that that's not the case. but. >> what you're saying, i hear you saying like the stress of it, right. because you're juggling things and i get that. you're like, i got to get this party together. but there's also this thing about you brought up about the expectations of the holiday and how it's going to go. and then i'm wondering how that plays into the family because i think a lot of people end up going. i don't get along with that. on write don't want to hurt my party or now i got to be with my mom and my dad. that doesn't work. and i think this is the time when you're
9:51 am
all supposed to be happy together. but you know what? you might not yes, yes, i think that's that's part of the expectations, right. so trying to. >> manage. we spend time with and how but it sometimes i think, you know, are you going to do is see your mom for, you know, a couple of hours of holidays. you can just make peace not talk about the things that trigger everybody and spend some time just experiencing the law because they think right now you know well, i'm known for my numbers. they time it can do that. then you get away from the expectation of wanting everything to be perfect and you want this person change and you want them to have your political opinion and you want them to you know, accept us where you are today. well, you know, you can put that aside for a few hours and have dinner or or whatever it is, then the holidays can possibly doubt. big traumatic event. i know where the anxiety that often comes with those in the
9:52 am
oh, that's interesting. so i heard the expression. it's is it better to be right or to be kind like always have a choice which would you like to choose. and you're saying on this specific occasion. >> which would you like to choose you're not saying too put it under the carpet. >> now. now that doctor phil says they want to be right or do you want to be. yeah, right. and so this is you can you can argue with them all year. you can go on twitter. you can go on facebook calling but if you have to show up for like if you think that this is something that you've done every this might not be the time to make your big announcement you know, so that dinner go rye. and in the middle of all the stressors as talk about the shopping, everything timing. timing is important. i think it's important to press smile it. was looking nice and breezy. impeding think important to get outside. get some fitness
9:53 am
and yeah, your sleep on ivan, her. just frankly, when you're walking outside. look up, people look up in a few realize idle. it feels okay. yes. little little steps, baby steps. thank you so much, doctor wade. you happy holidays to you, too. it's great to see you. after all this time. i know we were on the covid bandwagon as far as being depressed from that. but i would like to circle back to that. we'll just wait and hold our breath ans see how this variant goes, ok. yes, okay. thank you. and i and as i say goodbye, i want to make sure that, you know, if you like what you heard the doctor white has all of these books which are fantastic. and you know, she's prolific in dealing with stress bipolar. as you can see here, these are all the different books that she has published. they're available on amazon and. >> she always gives us great advice in just a matter of minutes. so if you re one of those books, a matching will be very helpful. >> it's 9.53. and we'll be right back.
9:54 am
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so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. for the kron 4 morning news, but they never stop on kron-on noel is in the newsroom with a preview. hi know. hey, daria. coming up at noon today. i'm going to be speaking with an activist and youth advocate about crime and our youth has the crime rates continue to rise as we've been seeing, we're going to discuss what he's seen change in our youth and talk solutions to get young people back on the right path. be sure to tune in for that. also, we've obviously been so focused on covid-19 and for good reason. but today is world aids day will speaking with a doctor this
9:57 am
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