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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 1, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading the new covid variants now in california. what we're learning tonight about the first confirmed case of the omicron variant in the united states last walnut creek approving a budget to protect shopping centers after recent smash and grab incidents where that money is coming from and we're continuing to follow a big case at the u.s. supreme court. how a decision on a mississippi law. >> could change abortion practices across the country. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at a time. can way and i'm pam moore health experts
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warn that it was just a matter of time until the omicron covid variant arrived in the united states. and now it has with the first case detected right here in the bay area. >> our grant lotus is here now with more on how the there you got here. what we know about it and more than so much. we don't know about including perhaps how to say it. you know, you hear omicron a crime, a different health experts say it's a different ways. that's not really the point. the point is we know it's here in san francisco and we know within a few weeks we're going to have a clear picture of how dangerous it is. how fast iw spreads, how the vaccines do. against it. but for now, a lot of unanswered questions. health officials are confirming now that the first known covid case with this omicron variant is in the u.s. and it is close to home. a san francisco resident who recently returned to the u.s. after traveling in south africa. this person fell ill shortly after getting back to san francisco on november
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22nd the person received a positive test result on monday. the 29th. so this past monday couple days ago and promptly contacted the department of public health knowing they had just been in south africa that positive sample was brought to a ucsf lab for rapid sequencing and early this morning, scientists there confirmed it was omicron san francisco county health officials say the patient had 2 doses of the moderna vaccine. but no booster and public health officials say the person with the crowd of area had mild symptoms and has since recovered. they feel fine now experts credit this person's mild symptoms with their full vaccination status of the 2 shots of moderna and say that is likely why contact tracing from this patient has yet to show any more positive tests. you know has not been widely reported is that in contact tracing. >> they looked at all the contacts of this individual
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and none of them were actually pa a resident speaking, though, the fact that they're probably not as transmissible. if you're vaccinated inside africa. at the center of omicron right none of the people got a look round by one report at least will fully they were either not vaccine, which is 65% cases, all partially vaccinated, which was a 35%. so i think with a highly vaccinated area like the bay we're probably if we're going to see anything, it will be very mild cases. like doctor chin-hong just said doctors do believe the bay area is well positioned to respond to omicron because of the high vaccination rates and some of the strongest covid restrictions in the nation like masking. yeah. big events like warriors games, but because. >> so little is known about omicron residents here must take steps to protect themselves to best protect against this variant get vaccinated for goodness sakes. if you have not been
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vaccinated. >> get your booster if you're eligible continue to wear those masks inside required. continue to take the steps that we know that have been successful in san francisco to prevent. major loss of life and to slow the spread of this virus. we know how to do this. san francisco. >> kind of like a pep talk today. no real panic. and like you said, you know, he wants people to get vaccinated for goodness sakes if you haven't done so already and doctors. they say we should know a lot more about this variant within the next couple of weeks end. they will then adjust their responses accordingly. for now. pam, ken, back to you. thank you. grant and continuing our team coverage on this tonight. now that we a crime is in san francisco. we're checking in with the other health departments to find out what they're doing to detect the variant in their county. and for that, we're joined by kron four's, theresa stasi, all in our newsroom.
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teresa. well, ken and pam, i reached out to all bay area, county health officials about this variant to what they're doing in response. they say that they're testing. >> as best as they can. a large percentage of positive cases to stay on top of this new development understand the widespread concern about this has discussed today that the variant is. >> the latest strain of the coronavirus to be designated as a variant of concern by the world health organization because of its potential for spreading quickly. >> sonoma county officials holding a special hearing addressing the increasing concern in their area and beyond about omicron. the latest variant from sars-cov 2, the variant with its 32 spikes, allowing it to spread quicker than delta and other variants pushing counties to re examine positive cases and break down their genetic code in an effort to see if the variant is in the county and what to do about it. we just want to make clear that there have been no confirmed cases of this variant found in sonoma county to date.
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>> that said, we fully expect to see cases in our area in the near unvaccinated people. but 27.8 times more likely to be a hot one. >> and 13.5 times more likely to die. so again, we're not dealing with the common cold. we're dealing with the new virus, something you haven't seen war. that's why the pandemic and emergency that's why we really need people get back but there's a lot that we pdon't know. and the important thing to know is it's going to take a little time to learn more. >> but in some ways this is what we've been doing throughout the pandemic. we get new information. we do everything we know how to do what we wait to get additional santa clara county public health officer doctor sara cody saying that she believes it is not a matter of. >> if the variant shows up in your county. but when and how to respond. she and others in neighboring counties say
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practicing what we know so far masking social distancing and vaccinations, including boosters is our best defense. getting that was before the holidays. despite important. but pleased to be patient. we have seen a lot of of of increased demand clinics. >> and as you may remember that case in san francisco. the resident with this did not have a booster. all county health officers again. stressing the importance of getting a booster. as soon as you are eligible and the news from theresa back to pass. theresa, thank you. stay with cloud for as we continue our coverage of the omicron variant in the bay area. you can scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to our special coronavirus page on our website. >> you can learn more about the variant along with the latest vaccine information. our coverage continues on air as well. coming up in the next half hour. the state's top health officials discuss what kind of response to omicron we could expect to see in the coming days and weeks. other
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news tonight funds for a new police patrol beat in downtown walnut creek have been approved today. the city council. >> unanimously approved the use of federal dollars to staff 5 additional police officers to work downtown. and this, of course, is happening on the heels of some 90 people rating. the north's just storm broadway plaza last month. forcefully to go reports the group. so $125,000 in merchandise and injured some employees. >> in response to financially crippling organized retail. that's in broadway plaza. the woman creek city council has signed off on more police on the ground is. >> agree jus and particularly on acceptable in august. the city council approved a $231,000 contract to the nordstrom score. >> the agreement freed up city dollars could officer to keep watching the during voluntary overtime money great read to reimburse on a quarterly basis
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but grab and run deaths have continued and escalated on downtown. >> because in effect so much of everything that is going. on around it. less than 2 weeks after to nordstrom employees and broadway plaza were injured while the city says 90 people move to the school or getting away with $125,000 worth of stuff. >> during a special meeting wednesday. the council approved a resolution. it authorizes 2 million dollars still available from funds. the city received from the covid-19 stimulus package to improve safety measures. downtown. we need to arrest. >> charge and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. the city staff report says 1.6 million dollars will be used to staff 5 additional officers in a new downtown patrol be through june 2023. >> it could take between 5 to 18 months to recruit and train the new officers. but in the
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meantime, the council approved $130,000 to cover overtime pay for 2 additional patrol shifts. >> 3 days a week through next june. as for the looting case, 3 arrests have been made and the police chief says he expects more in the coming weeks. >> in walnut creek police did all kron 4 news. >> hayward police have arrested 3 suspects who are accused of breaking into a store last week. police say they received a late night report saying that a burglary was in progress at a downtown business more than 20 people were said to have broken into the store and police arrived on the scene. the suspects took off running in different directions. the officers caught and arrested 3 of them during the investigation. police found a car that appeared to be involved in the box burglary. and then after the search police found an assault rifle with a high-capacity drum magazine inside the car as well as 2 pistols and a bulletproof vest. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 8, one case
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detected more expected to follow state health officials explain why they are not worried about the omicron variant at least not now. plus another mass shooting that may have been preventable. the details. we're learning tonight from the attack on a michigan high school. but first, a law protecting reproductive rights is on the line. how the u.s. supreme court's decision on abortion in mississippi could affect californians.
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>> protests outside as the u.s. supreme court justices heard arguments in a case that could limit severely the access to abortion. this is the biggest case regarding abortion in decades and challenges the premise of roe versus wade. the case stems from a mississippi law, but it could have national implications. joining us now to discuss this is uc hastings, professor of law at rory little a professor. always great to have you on and get your expertise on this. >> the indications seem to be from what the justices said during the questioning was that they may be leaning toward upholding that mississippi law, what's your reaction to what you heard. >> there were 2 hours of oral argument, which is pretty unusual and it's pretty hard to see. could be 5 to uphold roe and casey, which of the 2 cases upholding the right woman's right to choose. so if
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there are 5 votes than that means they could overrule those cases. we're so severely limit them and in effect, they would distinguish to death. >> to my are made a statement that continues to be emphasize by people looking at what happened today. i'm referring to. can the supreme court as an institution survive. what she called the stench of this current situation. how do you feel about her risk of her comment and do you think that it has merit. is there reason to can be concerned about how the institution survives. >> well, i do think that it's sunny side of my or came out today to use a phrase loaded for bear. she seems to assume that they're going to overrule and she just made every point that you could make. and she said on legitimacy depends on public acceptance. the public polls suggest that the right to abortion is supported by a large majority. how are we going to survive. that is a legitimate institution. i think that's a very important
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question. i will say that if they were to overrule the cases. then they would be a political backlash and that's an interesting prospect. like what would the democrats due. what would the federal congress do in order to preserve the right to abortion. they could pass a federal law to federalize the right and take away from the states. they could put more justices on the supreme court to counterbalance the trump 3 justices that the court needs to be careful about the backlash. not just from the public, from the congress. >> there are a lot of political risks to that on on both sides of if that were to happen. another interesting development were ongoing development. is that there's 20 something other states that have trigger laws so that if the supreme court reverses roe v wade or uphold the mississippi law that they will immediately have that laws in effect in almost half the country. >> now, that's a really good point. and it's true the
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country will be immediately divided into how a woman's right to choose is going to be treated when it comes to pregnancies. the most disturbing part of the argument today i thought was when justice amy coney barrett to newest justice. a woman with a 7 children basically said that there are no women. if you eliminate this right, because they can always just give up their babies to the custody of the state that that is a dehumanizing, a view of what a woman goes through when a woman is pregnant and forced by the state to carry that pregnancy to term. >> those opposed to the mississippi law or any attacks on a row. of course, often reference precedents and they the whole thing about a body integrity. i think is another phrase that we keep hearing as it pertains to roe v wade in general high help us understand has been around for almost 50 years. if it is if
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something is precedent in law, what does that mean if it can be change just by the change the makeup of the court. >> well, i mean, it's a very good question, right. what is the effect of this doctrine. we call in latin star ad sciences, which means let the decision stand unless you have a good reason to overrule. and now there's a famous example of overruling when the court in brown versus board of who will the press is hopeless and versus ferguson and they said, you know, it's separate is never equal. we're not going to race discrimination in public institutions in this country. so there is an opportunity sometimes to overrule the case because people recognize that it's wrong. but that parallel doesn't really apply very well to this parallel, if for no other reason than it took the supreme court years to overrule leslie, they argued that case not just once but twice over 2 years. this court should be more cautious about overrule the precedent that so
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many people have relied on for so many years. and how could this affect future supreme court nominees going through the confirmation process when. >> you had just as common a kavanaugh very clearly say that he supported precedent and at the same time in his or arguments seem to indicate he was hoping to overturning this. >> everyone loves president until it's a case they don't like. and and that's where justice kavanaugh is on that. you know, how does affect this future of the supreme court is such a big question. one of the proposals is to add more justices to the court. if you can overrule to today, the roe versus wade case that by the way, it's not done its own comes out. that's going happen maybe it's not going to happen tomorrow. so just wait until you see the opinion. but if you can overrule roe versus wade when if you put more justices on the court you could win over. will this case a year later, it will get into this kind of volleyball form
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of there's prince which nobody wants. no one wants supreme court. we can't be dependent on from a liable president. so so professor, president trump said that he was going to nominate justices who. >> dismantle roe. he did that when he had the opportunity to fill those seats. so the court is stacked 6, 3, is that unusual? i mean, don't both parties do that when they're in power. >> certainly president's trying to choose justices that they believe are ideologically sympathetic to whatever the moment either. >> ideology may be. >> so it's not dissimilar remember the trump justices are somewhat illegitimate. remember merrick garland was nominated by obama and have even just given fair hearing. yeah, he wouldn't confirm we would have deferred for today. he was denied that hearing 4 years later when a vacancy occurred in the presidential election was underweight. their mothers are to know
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we're going to put coney barrett on within 6 weeks of just 2 per night. so that trump justices are a particularly unusual historical moment, which is not common even by that the people they it professor rory little from uc hastings says school of law. thanks for your perspective as always. we really appreciate thank you. >> well, now let's check in on our weather around the bay area and get that 4 zone forecast. we've got a live look outside at the skyline in san francisco, which we can see pretty clearly at this hour. yeah, lawrence karnow, we need some clouds and then we need some rain. yeah. that's the way it's got to go, right. you got the clouds first before we get the rain and we just haven't had much in the way of cloud cover out there. clear skies. >> around the bay area today made for some record breaking temperatures tomorrow. i was going to start to see some changes. those numbers going to start to cool down a little bit likely going to see return few clouds least in parts of the bay area. but tonight so far skies stay mostly clear out there right now. temperatures fairly mild in
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spots in dry air out there up toward the golden gate bridge still a bit on the breezy side. but nice and clear temperatures today, pretty amazing record set in san francisco at 73 degrees. 75 degrees in san jose 73 in oakland, 70 degrees in canfield tied a record at sfo. 70 degrees. and 80 degrees in gilroy. the warm wherever you went man went in a generally these temperatures records were set before those records broken back since 1959. so a pretty long time ago. so we've got high pressure overhead now. and that ridge just dominate our weather beginning to see some changes, though. now see the little low cloud cover begin to make its way up that suddenly surge of low clouds and fog usually see that the summer months come around. point conception making its way in the monterey bay won't be long. i think it's headed back toward the bay area tonight. so we'll see some changes coming our way. those temperatures are going to cool down still not bad outside of san francisco. you're still looking at 63 degrees cool off. now, though, into santa rosa at 50 that air still dry. so overnight lows.
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they're going to be chilly tonight. got that dry air in place. offshore winds not going to blow asked wrong time. i think a little bit on shore breeze along the coastline. enjoy the sunshine, though, tomorrow, beautiful weather. we've got numbers up in the 60's and 70's again, it will cool down a little bit, maybe a couple records. i think most of us to happen today and then we'll cool down further. but there's a sign that we might be headed toward some rain. pankey was looking at me like when i'm going to live or some rain. i'm working on a pam. i'm working on and we're going to check in when we might have the first chance coming up. if nobody's blaming know, >> the omicron variant is in san francisco are new pandemic restrictions to follow. we'll tell you what city leaders have to say. but first, honoring lives lost to an incurable disease. the memorial set up at the white house for world aids day.
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emergency planning for kids.
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we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> new tonight at 8, a disturbing sight in san francisco's castro district somebody vandalized the memorial to harvey milk and george mosconi, the former supervisor and mayor of san francisco. here's a look at
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the damage. you can see someone spray painted their faces california democratic party vice chair david compost tweeted out the photographs earlier tonight. he said that this is happening in the heart of the lgbtq community and it reminds us that hatred is still alive. even in san francisco. and today is world aids day. according to the world health organization more than 37 million people around the world are living with hiv. >> in the united states. that number is about 1.3 million, the biden administration commemorated world aids day by displaying a red ribbon at the white house today. the giant red ribbon, as you see on your screen there has been displayed every year outside the white house since 2007 when george w bush was president. >> coming up next tonight on the news at 8 o'clock. the omicron variant now confirmed in california here in the city. why state health officials say the word surprise to detect the first confirmed case in the country and that variant is already causing concerns in the travel
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industry. the new restrictions that may be under consideration. the first we're learning new details tonight about the teenager who opened fire at a michigan high school. the warning signs that may have
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we knew that it was just a matter of time. >> our coverage of the omicron variant and san francisco continues tonight at 8.30, the nation now has its first
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documented case of the new omicron variant of covid. we know the infected individual recently returned from south africa to san francisco and that person was fully vaccinated. doctor fauci says the biden administration will observe the data over the next few weeks and decide how to proceed. we're also learning that the cdc and the president are considering the possibilities of new protocols in the coming days. but stay at home orders should not be expected. >> not with shutdowns and lockdowns with more widespread vaccinations, boosters testing and more. >> as far as for concerns about the variants and holiday gatherings. doctor fauci says americans already know what they need to do for safe celebrations getting vaccinated keeping their distance and wearing a mask when needed. >> state health officials are expecting additional cases of the omicron variant to be detected in california. governor gavin newsom and state health leaders say that they have been prepared for this moment, adding finding it here came as no surprise
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effect. officials say that california is the gnomic sequencing efforts made it inevitable that the first case would be detected in california but their main message is to everybody right now is that this is not the time to panic and that there are no plans to shut things down. >> as they enter this period of uncertainty it is not the time to panic. none of us want to see that happen. i certainly don't want to see that happen. and i see no indication at this moment whatsoever that that's in our immediate future. as long as we continue our nation, the efforts. >> state health officials say there are now they are now in the process of gathering even more information on the variant and boosting covid testing at airports across california. >> if you want more information on the new variant. we have it all for you. all you have to do is scan the qr code that you see there on your screen. it will take you to our special coronavirus page on our website has all the special details that you need to know. you can learn more about the
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variant along with the latest vaccine information all that again at kron 4 dot com. >> other news now. a 4th student has now died from wounds in that school shooting in oxford, michigan. 7 other people were also hurt in yesterday's rampage there. tonight we are learning that there may have been warning signs leading up to that attack that were largely ignored. brian entin has the details. >> if some signs were missed how the more they missed and. >> the oakland county sheriff says they'll investigate what warning signs were missed before 15 year-old ethan crumbly went os a shooting rampage in his michigan high school. we've learned crumbly parents were called to the school because of concerning behavior the day before the massacre and students at oxford high school say there were rumors of a possible shooting for weeks. >> i about a week and a half ago. >> not last friday. but the fight before that. my sister is blowing up my mother's phone asking her to pick her
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up from school saying that there's a school shooting threat. she doesn't want to be here. she feels >> the u.s. secret service is national threat assessment center just did an analysis. they just put out a report where they analyzed 67 of the averted attacks that were prevented and what we saw was an effort to see something and say something can can prevent these acts of targeted violence. according to that secret service report the specific targets in the averted attacks were classmates. 40 1% of the time. >> administrators and staff. 28% of the time school resource officers, 13% family, 9% and other law enforcement. 6 1% of the time. the bottom line, the report says school violence is preventable when warning signs are identified. >> that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. >> other news today, the body of kevin nishita received a police escort from oakland to
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a south bay mortuary. it was a week ago today that the retired police officer was killed while working as a guard protecting a kron 4 news crew, a police procession of red and blue flashing lights led the way she does body was taken from the alameda county coroner's office in oakland to the family. colonial mortuary in mountain view. it's a fitting tribute honoring his career of service in uniform as an officer. the oakland housing authority. the hayward police department coma police department and the san jose police department which led the way during this recession. >> sergeant she but when he was still with the san jose police department. we were detectives together and the gang investigation unit for 3 years. yeah. we brought her brother home and that's what this was about. >> kevin, that she was assigned to protect one of our kron 4 news crews last week when he was shot by an unknown assailant while attempting to steal a news camera. she later died from his injuries. oakland police describe the
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suspect vehicle is a white four-door acura tl with a sunroof and no front license plate. a reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> and the fund has been set up for kevin the shooter's family a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin that she to trust that any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail the details are on your screen. that same information is also available on our website. that's khon for dot com. all right. let's get a weather check and look outside and see how things are shaping up on the golden gate bridge. looks like there's a fair amount of traffic coming into the city on wednesday night traffic. no rain. >> no rain out there, pam, but we're going to find something for likely want to get back inr some of those showers. looks like there's a chance we could see some of that on the way, not just yet today really just a spectacular that's busy out there on the bridge and wine on dry conditions around the bay area night ship moving out of the golden gate bridge right now. so yeah, it looks like it's been dry for quite some time. the better part of
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november really dry after what was a fantastic start to the season so we could use the rain to work its way back in the bay area right now. the ridge just too strong said the storms up 7 northwest as we get into saturday, though we start to notice some changes these ridges when they get the strong. you really need to break him down slowly. we're going to see a series of a storms roll over the top of that ridge. so saturday will see that happen. that's going to weaken the ridge. you see that next storm system off the coastline. looks impressive. most that have the pacific northwest. but then as we get them got to see that ridge kind of retrograde off the coastline, allowing for this system to drop in. that's going to bring with it, not the best chance of heavy rain. but just the best chance of seeing some scattered showers around the bay area we've seen in quite some time that comes late monday into tuesday. we're not done just there. how about that, pam? we've got a chance of another rain event as we head in toward the following thursday. so look very large. but there's a chance we could see some showers on the way. that being said, yeah, these numbers tomorrow it's still going to be warm out there in spots.
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we've got 70's, maybe some mid 70's out there in the afternoon. cooling down on friday and saturday sunday. a few clouds move in late in the day. there's the clouds rolling in on monday with a chance of rain. pam by monday night and into tuesday. thank you, lord. you better not just wheat. he's a still ahead tonight at 8, the cdc may be making some changes to travel. but the agency is considering in order to respond to the omicron covid. plus increase calls from congress to try to tackle big tex and continue to push to protect privacy online. >> and outrage in the south bay. 2 people suspected of homicide were released on bail. officials now explaining why the men were able to walk.
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>> actor alec baldwin denies that he ever pull the trigger of the gun on that movie set of rust that gunshot killing the movie cinematographer and enjoying the film's director in his first lengthy interview since the shooting baldwin wept as he told abc's george stephanopoulos that the gun fired on its own after he picked it up killing helena hutchins. the interview comes as investigators now believe a homemade bullet supplied by a new mexico armor may have made its way on to the set and into baldwin's pistol for the film. no charges have yet been filed against anyone involved in
8:42 pm
this case. >> san jose. officials are saying their outrage says 2 suspects of a homicide or walking freely tonight after being released without bail 27 year-old f rain and sarah sands 26 year-old alfred castillo are suspected to be involved in a fatal shooting that killed a man on halloween night. both were arrested the next day following an investigation on serous faces charges of suspicion of homicide while casteel was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and being an accessory to homicide. in a statement released late last night. san jose mayor sam liccardo said, quote, i appreciate the purpose of bail reform, but releasing a homicide suspect without bail is outrageous. the pendulum has swung too far and it's our neighborhoods and endure the most crime that suffer as a result. coming up next in sports part forty-niners getting ready for another big game this sunday, this time in seattle. >> we're stretcher jason dumas has coach and has onsen taking on the se
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>> the cdc is working to modify the global testing order for travel as the holiday travel season approaches and the omicron variant emerges. a revised order would shorten the timeline for require testing for all international travelers to one day before departure to the united states. officials say this with strengthen the already robust protocols in place for international travelers and
8:46 pm
including requirements for foreign travelers to be fully vaccinated for now, the cdc continues to recommend all travelers get a covid test 3 to 5 days after arrival and post travel quarantine for anybody who is unvaccinated. >> meantime, covid cases are soaring in south africa where omicron was first discovered health officials there say cases nearly doubled in just one day. but there is hope as well because hospitalizations there have remained flat despite having more cases. >> despite the backlog at ports of los angeles and long beach. president biden says the supply chain is in strong shape heading into the holiday season. here's what the progress is look like. >> the first thing we had to do is speed up the operations and our porch. americans are buying more goods than ever. a lot of those goods come through our porch. 40% of the goods that come into the country and the west coast come through to porch, los angeles and long beach. to
8:47 pm
help relieve congestion. i brought together lakefront management and ask them to step up and cooperate more. >> president also discussed lowering everyday costs for families, adding that americans are doing better financially than they were last year at this time. >> social media companies should be forced to make some big changes to protect the public. that is what some lawmakers are now saying on capitol hill, facebook whistleblower passes. haugen once again slammed her former employer and called on congress to hold big tech accountable. haugen says that instagram is the most harmful app for teenage girls and now lawmakers say they want to make changes to the current regulations that protect tech companies from liability when their users post harmful content. >> these platforms don't want to be held accountable. the user suffering harm deserve better from us. >> and we will act rather than censor and silence speech. the answer should be more speech.
8:48 pm
that's the american way. big tech should not be the arbiters of truth. >> social media company say they support new regulations, but they worry that the current proposed changes will hurt their business models. twitter is updating its privacy policy so it can remove pictures and images of people that had been posted without their consent until now. the platform only prohibited private information. things like addresses, phone numbers and medical records from posted. now it has created a new private media category that includes videos and images that could be used to harass somebody or to violate their privacy. twitter says it will require the victim of a privacy violation to report the offending content to them before it is removed. >> where your money tonight during the rush to buy all of the gifts on your shopping list. you might be competing. it's more than other shoppers. some of the hottest items available for christmas are being snapped up by automatic
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butts videogame consuls have been hard to find because robots are beating out human shoppers. the bots buy up those games and many other products and then so on the line on secondhand market at inflated prices. consumers are furious and lawmakers are scrambling to do something about it. introducing legislation in congress to stop the influence of bots in online retailing. more americans are applying for new credit cards. the federal reserve bank of new york says 27% of us consumers reported that they signed up for a new credit, a credit card in october. that is the highest rate since before the pandemic. demand for cars declined early in the pandemic because people were concerned about taking on new debt and restrictions on travel and dining resulted in weaker demand for credit cards. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> get rid of all those bots. i won't be paying as much for my sneakers and we get them
8:50 pm
off the wide world internet. the forty-niners were back at work today prepping for yet another big game this sunday. we'll head to the pacific northwest to take on the seahawks. seattle made some news today when they sign 36 year-old running back adrian peterson still has a little in the tank. they're trying to sure up their banged up backfield, which is without its starters and 2 key backups. it's been a tough season for the seahawks. they're just 3, 8, and last place in the nfc west. but despite seattle struggles kyle shanahan and jimmy g they know they cannot let their guard down, especially against a quarterback as talented as russell wilson. >> people go through it. you know, especially when your quarterback misses some time. i'm different guys in there takes a lot of good that continuity, but even though they on monday night. just like typical seattle fashion. you saw how they almost won the game to. they've got the better of us is last couple
8:51 pm
times. so it will be a good challenge for us. >> now going to there home turf. it's going to be awesome by. we know that. >> whatever the records are. but i know will be ready for. >> catholic high school basketball, coaches and players are honoring an alum who died in a car crash earlier this year. the inaugural oscar frayer invitational in the along sorry will be held at the school this weekend. oscar led the mariners to section championships in 2014 2016 and a state runner-up finish in 2014. >> he was one of the top players in the bay area during his high school years and helped build more roads winning. oscar played his high school ball at grand canyon university and lead them to their first ncaa tournament appearance just days before his death. this saturday teams from all over the east bay will come tomorrow catholic to compete and keep oscars legacy alive. former teammates are flying in from all over the
8:52 pm
country and his mom will be honored before the final game. >> all of the money and from this event will go to fund named after him when he was scholarship. in all his buddies played with him are flying in for the event so they could be years to finish just like to ask or tell him night of the year and he's really helping people steal. and he just goes to, you know, the kind of person he was one of a person, you know, very humble for as good as he was. it was all about helping other so i mean, he's still doing some time, allow my due to do it we're not in me. >> may he rest in peace. great event to get all the family and friends back together the giant new a starting pitcher was introduced to the media today yesterday the team announced that alex cobb had agreed to a two-year 20 million dollar deal to come to san francisco cobb was a and 3 with a 3.7, 6 dra last season with the angels today.
8:53 pm
kopp told us what was so appealing about the giants. aside from, you know, it's the 20 million dollar pocket change that they gave. >> obviously staying the success that pitchers have going the defense that they have playing behind offense that civil put up runs. there's there's an endless amount of of it. the things and opportunities strike you. when you think about becoming a giant and then the aggressive nature that they had surveyed see it. it was an easy call for >> all righty.
8:54 pm
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>> well, if you are trying to outdo clark griswald in the national lampoon's christmas vacation this year with your own christmas light display. there is something you should keep in mind the faa is issuing a warning to anybody setting up a laser light display for christmas. the agency says you must make sure to point all of those lights at your home and not towards the sky. not only can the lasers diss potentially blind pilots who are flying overhead. this is also considered a federal crime. first-time offenders will get a warning. but after that you could net up to $11,000 in
8:57 pm
fines or 5 years in jail. >> getting pretty serious christmas. will they need to do safety measure. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. grant lotus in just moment. here now. hello, hello, pam. ken. >> thank you so much. here's what's coming up next, ted 9 that omicroa variant has arrived in the u.s.. >> it was first detected in the bay area today. we have team coverage explaining how it got here and what is being done now to. >> see if there are any other recent cases due to that new variant. and we're also learning new information tonight about to san jose homicide suspects. they have been released without bail. but the county is saying about their release and why the mayor of san jose says. >> this is not a new problem. those stories and a lot more coming up during kron 4 news at 9.
8:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news the california and san francisco departments of public health. >> and the cdc have confirmed that a recent case of covid-19 among individual in california was caused by the omicron variant. the person recently traveled. >> to south africa and develop symptoms upon their return. >> now, when look round variant of


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