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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 1, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news the california and san francisco departments of public health. >> and the cdc have confirmed that a recent case of covid-19 among individual in california was caused by the omicron variant. the person recently traveled. >> to south africa and develop symptoms upon their return. >> now, when look round variant of covid-19 is here in
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the bay area and it is the first confirmed case in the entire country as we speak scientists around the world are now racing to figure out if omicron is more dangerous, then previous variants variance. namely delta. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm justine waltman. vicki is off tonight. health officials are saying they knew it would be here sooner rather than later. the patient first arrived back in the bay area from south africa. >> on november 22nd developing symptoms. 6 days later. then on november 29th. that person got a positive covid test result. it was today was finally confirmed as the omicron variant. >> city officials say the person did the right thing. got tested immediately and that person is since recovered. they feel fine now they're using new information are officials from this first case, too contact. trace anyone. the infected patient was around so far none of the
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contacts has tested positive and health officials say they're confident the city can handle this latest development. >> san francisco is relatively well positioned to respond to variance our vaccine may is high. more boosters are going to arms every day. 5 to 11 year-olds are getting vaccinated. the rapid uptake our masking and vaccine requirements are among some of the most stringent in the country. >> public health officials in san francisco say since so little is known about the omicron variant right now. people should be careful but not go overboard or panic in at the moment. the city and county, they do not plan to expand or change any health restrictions. >> san francisco international airport has been working with the cdc to detect any new covid variants. sfo is one of 4 major airports that's been
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keeping surveillance. an international travelers forced and thorn is live in the city tonight. he joins us with more on the testing that is taking place at the airport dead. >> well, grande just in this testing has been happening at sfo since early october. there. looking at all different times, a variance, of course. but this testing is expanding now and more countries have been added to the list. the cdc says that they've been working to make international travel as safe as possible and air travel could be seeing some changes very soon. as the new covid variant is found in san francisco. sfo is looking for more international travelers who may have contracted the omicron strand. sfo is one of 4 major airports expanding the testing as a part of a cdc program. >> airport spokesman doug yakel says the voluntary testing was focused primarily on travelers from india because of the delta variant. but that has changed in
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response to the omicron variant the cdc expanded the scope of the pilot test program at sfo to now include travelers arriving from south africa, germany, france and the uk really the countries where. >> this omicron variant is known to be spreading. the voluntary testing can be done through a pcr test at the airport where passengers can take a test kit home after 3 to 5 days that test can be sent in eagle says there's been no modifications made to air travel at sfo following the an ouncement of the new omicron variant the biden administration. however, is preparing to implement new travel guidelines under the new rules a traveler to the u.s. even someone who was vaccinated would need to proof of negative test within one day of flying. >> under current guidelines, proof of a negative test can be within 3 days of traveling for people who are unvaccinated the negative test already had to be within one day of traveling president biden is expected to announce the new restrictions thursday. as for the people who have already been tested under the cdc program at sfo. that data
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has not been made available to the airport. we don't get data from the cdc on the level of participation or what percent of passengers are participating. >> but what we do know is that sfo does have the highest rate of participation which is encouraging. well, it's clear at this point that the travel ban that's affecting 8 south african countries did not keep the new variant from getting into the u.s.. >> the president was asked about this this morning and he said that they will be making changes based on a week by week. understand it reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 thank you. and now that we know the omicron variant is in san francisco. we're checking in with other health departments to see what they're doing to. >> try to detect the variant in their counties, health officers and all bay area counties say their labs are working diligently to see if the variant is in their county. and if it's spreading. but so far none of the cases
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examined have detected the variant in any of the other bay area counties. the counties, sonoma county held a news conference today discussing the work being done there to try to detect the variant. >> certainly have seen increased demand for boosters, which is great because we do want to ensure that people do get their boosters data does seem to show that the boosters not only increase and ensure that that anybody level is consistent. but it was just seems to also activate different arms of the immune system which is helpful in contracting any variant. we've seen that with delta and presumably that would be the case. but on run. >> other county health officers say they're doubling up on their efforts to look closely. a positive cases coming in to try to hammer out that sequence to figure out if omicron is there. so far county leaders say they are not taking any additional steps are making any changes to their covid restrictions
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and we continue our team coverage tonight of the variant here in the bay area. and the questions coming in since the person infected was fully vaccinated but did not have a booster shot. kron four's. rob nesbitt has that part of our coverage. health experts credit the person's mild symptoms to their full vaccination status, hoping others will feel motivated to get their first shots or their boosters if they haven't already done so the news of the first known omicron case in the u.s. came from the top doctor, anthony fauci telling reporters wednesday that it proves what he. >> and others have been saying for nearly a year. i think what's happening now is another example of why it's important people to get vaccinated. >> not been vaccinated, but also boosting infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says the speed of the omicron variant was no surprise to him. i would have been shocked if we hadn't identified either today or tomorrow echoing the cdc's thoughts on boosters saying follow-up shots are just as important as your first to protect against the seriousness of the new
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variant. >> but change 8 wind after 2 months with moderna and pfizer. the 2 mrna vaccines. the wings after about 6 months here. premier last injection. vaccines are effective but not 100% according to doctor swartzberg. >> he says a glimpse into a hospital's icu is proof of that for every one person is in that icu. was vaccinated have had a breakthrough infection. you're going to see 5, 1015, or 20 people or vaccine. vaccine supply is not an issue in the u.s. compared to places like south africa where omicron was first discovered doctor swartzberg who teaches a class on vaccine hesitancy at uc berkeley. >> says misinformation is an issue that you see peoplo not themselves of the tool that's going to protect protect loved ones. >> just as heartbreaking. >> according to the cdc, nearly 60% of the country has been fully vaccinated in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. well, state health officials expect more cases of the omicron variant to be detected in california
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in the coming days and weeks. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how california leaders are responding. >> to the first case being found today. >> this did not come as a surprise to the state's top health officials or the governor who say because of california's genomics sequencing effort. it was inevitable. the state was going to have the first detected case of this variant, one of their main message is that now is not the time to panic or let your guard down. >> this was predictable. this was predicted. governor gavin newsome and state health leaders say they've been prepared for this moment when the omicron variant would reach california. the nation in state's first case detected wednesday in a fully vaccinated. san francisco resident who had recently traveled to south africa the person has mild symptoms. we are proud to be able to identify in this state because of those efforts to be well prepared. >> around covid the lessons we learned over the past 20 plus months. >> to be ready on all fronts in california. demonstrates that today the state's top
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health officials say they're now in the process of gathering even more information on the omicron variant and boosting covid-19 testing at airports across california toes into this period of uncertainty. it is not the time to panic with the omicron variant now in california, governor newsome said there are no plans to shut down schools and businesses. none of us want to see that happen. i certainly don't want to see that happen. and i see no indication at this moment whatsoever that that's in our immediate future. as long as we continue our nation, efforts those efforts, including vaccinations and booster shots at a school in a county with one of california's lowest vaccination rates. merced county. the governor and health officials wednesday urging those who need either to get it now. and the evidence that individual with omicron identified by sequencing. actually has mild symptoms is improving. think is a testimony to the importance of the vaccinations. >> we have a lot more to learn. >> although this first case was detected here in
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california. state officials say we should assume that this variant is present in other states at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. stay with us here on kron four's. we continue our coverage of the omicron variant in the bay area. if you can scan the qr code on your screen right now. we'll take you to a special section. >> on our website. dedicated to coronavirus. you can learn more about this new variant along with the latest vaccine information. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. and that to our 4 zone forecast as we take a quick live look outside here at downtown san francisco from our sutro tower camera. no fog clouds and site know it's been quiet day. >> bizarre weather week here in the bay area, especially san francisco where. well ours was it that 7071 degrees today. yeah. we max out that a 73 record in san francisco. so you get the idea we've been in extreme pattern now. but things may begin to shift gears and we may get back to somewhat weather. >> as we work our way through december. but december 1st.
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yeah, that's one for the record books as records coming down across a good part of the bay area under high pressure. those offshore winds that dry air heating up in a hurry and look at these numbers. san francisco, it was record of 7375 a record in san jose 73 in downtown oakland canfield checking in at 70. that was a record tied, a record at sfo airport in gilroy had a record of 80 degrees and those records dating back the mid-fifties as that was when we had another really hot spell in december. in the meantime, high pressure overhead that ridge just bringing that sunshine and the dry weather. things are beginning to switch gears and i'll show you why here starting to see a suddenly surge of some low clouds and fog. you see that in summer months that we've had a little bit of a heat wave of us and the fog develop along the coastline. think that's going to move up along the coastline overnight tonight. by tomorrow morning we may actually wake up to some patchy fog out toward the beaches. but right now temperatures kind of all over the map. you've got that hot day. and then you've got numbers like this 65 still in
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half moon bay. 62 in san francisco and a chilly 49 in santa rosa napa valley. so that dry air kind of settling in inland. but watch what happens. the bottles overnight tonight. all of a sudden we start to see some low clouds and fog come about the south moving in along the coastline by tomorrow morning. it kind of hugging the coast and that will be a big change in the weather pattern as we're going to start to cool down the temperatures around the bay area. that being said tomorrow still going to be warm inside the bay. you'll find a lot of those teperatures running in the 70's, even inside the bay tomorrow 70's in the interior valleys as well along the coastline, though. i think we're going to see some of that patchy fog developing and then as we head toward the weekend, the temperatures cool down further next week. we could be talking about a chance of rain will talk more about that few minutes. thanks, lawrence. 2 suspects charged in a halloween homicide in san jose are. >> that hole under house arrest after a judge released them from custody. the move has a number of law enforcement agencies,
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frustrated and upset and many now calling for change kron four's. jonathan mccall is here with us now. he talked to san jose mayor sam liccardo. >> you know, a grand adjusting mayor liccardo says that he's pushing for an effort now that would keep murder suspects behind bars until those trials. our health. he says it's a matter of safety, not only for the public but for those defendants as well. he says in at least 3 occasions this year alone murder suspects have been released from their owner common sense and at least one of those suspects still on the run tonight. authorities have no idea where he could be. >> fed up and frustrated law enforcement officials in santa clara county are calling for more changes in bill reform after 2 murder suspects were released from custody on tuesday. 26 year-old alford casteel and 27 year-old. the are us. we're being held on charges connected to a san jose murder on halloween that killed a man. and sir is who is being charged with murder was released without bill
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casteel was released on his own recognizance and is currently under house arrest san jose mayor sam liccardo calls the move a slap in the face for officers who are making the arrest and district attorneys who are following charges. look who is a former prosecutor himself. so something has to be done to balance defendants rights with protecting the community. and in fact is i'm hearing anecdotally from other judges. that's happening. >> in violent robberies. and violent assault with deadly you know other cases where we would never imagine people just going right back out on the street. >> sometimes, you know what we're saying because the bell policies folks are back out there while they're still high on methamphetamine that. but let's make sure we actually have a defendant who is there in court for that preliminary examination. if you release them on their own recognizance is a very high probability. they're never going to be back in that courthouse because they know if they are very good chance you're going up locked up. 4 years if not decades. so let's at least hold defendants long enough on
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murder charges so that we can present evidence and preliminary examination. >> look points to the disappearance of 41 year-old oscar soto as one of the reasons for concern soto was arrested in connection to the city's second homicide of 2021 but was also released on his own recognizance. officials say they haven't seen him since and now they believe he could be in mexico. earlier this year. the california supreme court declared it unconstitutional to hold suspects behind bars if they cannot afford bill, it now requires judges to only keep a suspect behind bars. if there is clear evidence in the case. >> so officials with the santa clara county superior courts not offering any statements on this particular case or any specifics, but they did say judges review each case to determine if it is indeed safe to release a suspect without supervision kron 4. also reaching out to the offices of renee hess ling who is representing both of the defendants so far she has yet to return our calls jonathan
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mccall kron 4 news you so much, jonathan. and also in san jose. >> it is now installing license plate readers to catch retail thieves. the move is coming in light of recent smash-and-grab robberies at some of the city's major shopping districts. >> the city council agreed yesterday to spend $250,000 in federal relief funds to lease new license plate, reading cameras over the next several months. the city council will decide whether the cameras will be stationary or mobile in order to monitor different hotspots. in the east bay tonight. hey, where police have arrested 3 suspects were accused of breaking into a store last week. police say they received a late night report about a burglary in progress at a downtown business over 20 people were have said to have broken into the store. when police arrived on the scene, they say the suspects took off running in all different directions and the officers were able to catch and arrest 3 of them during the investigation
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police found a car that also appeared to be involved in the burglary after the search police found an assault rifle with a high-capacity drum magazine inside the car as well as 2 pistols and a bulletproof vest. police say this is one of the smash-and-grab burglaries that have been happening in the bay area this past year. now to the salvation army's famous red kettles which are back out in front of grocery stores and shopping malls for the holidays. however. >> the branch in contra. costa county says it is already way behind on donations. yeah. that's not the only problem. they're also down on volunteers and the recent retail thefts are not helping kron four's taylor sack is joining us now live from the newsroom with more on this. are they concerned about getting up donations this year. taylor. >> definitely justine. and while they believe a lot of it has to do with covid. the salvation army says it also saw a slump in shoppers in donations following the flash mob and nordstrom burglary and walnut creek where they have some bell ringers in the same shopping plaza.
9:19 pm
>> it's that time of year again. the salvation army is ringing in the holiday spirit at your local stores and retail shops. however, this year is off to a slow start. we are definitely down on all capitals is a few issues. >> i believe last christmas tree sort of like one of the covid effect i think was seeing people out of was losing the homes may be and the compassion level was a bit higher. >> major gwyn jones of the contra costa county salvation army says they're down about $30,000 in donations compared to the same time in previous years. not only is there a decrease in donations. but jones says they also have less volunteers this year. he believes covid has a lot to do with it. this is the recent spike in violence has also had a domino effect on donations specifically at shopping centers like the one in walnut creek where 80 plus burglars stormed the nordstrom a couple weeks ago. but it certainly affected us because, you know, we have a building out by the mice. he's in walnut creek, which is just adjacent to the
9:20 pm
nordstrom. >> i don't know why off to that coin happened. that big calm. the mo was pretty coy. fortunately on this. a lot more police presence there now. but yeah, it's shocking and sad for safety reasons. jones says bell ringers now stand closer to the front entrance is in the stores. >> you may remember the nonprofit in contra costa county also had its fair share of thefts in recent years there had twice by thieves stealing red kettle funds in 2019 and again by another suspect who broke into one of their storage containers and made off with toy donations on optimist that. >> the u.s. more good folks out there than bad. and that week those folks will help but it's a money those folks will keep the out some of those shady folks that might want to stealing cattle and one that will be okay. >> while donations have dropped off. major gwyn jones says the need is still large head to kron 4 dot com, where you can find a link to make a
9:21 pm
donation or keep a lookout for those red kettles at any of your local stores grant just seen. thank you. taylor a local activists says, well, young people committing smash-and-grab crimes. >> has not changed the circumstances around them are different now. doctor joe marshall. he's the executive director of alive and free to san francisco based organization that aims to prevent violence. he says the pandemic pushed kids out of their normal school routines, which limited their ability to talk about their issues with adults. they trust. marshall also says kids feel social media is the best and worst thing for their generation because it has brought peer pressure to a whole new level. >> there's a lot of fear. there's a lot of anger, lot of side and you know, suicide is up with a lot of the people. they're suicidal thoughts is lashing out. they go and did engage and have these conversations with adults that they can trust to help guide them in the directions. they
9:22 pm
know they're not going right thing. it's not is not they don't know. they're just not helping him stop doing. >> marshall. also adds a young people are very aware of police staffing cuts across the bay area and the no bail system making them. he says less afraid to commit crimes. he hopes the work that he does at alive and free will continue to guide more young people on a path to college and away from violence. so to come across 4 news at 9 how the people in the bay area are marking world aids day and the work that is still being done there. then the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today in a case that could up and nearly 50 years of abortion rights in this country will be right back.
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>> the oakland police department is looking for someone they think has cell phone video in connection to the fatal shooting of a crime for security guard kevin nishita. police have not released any more information about who this person might be just asking them to come forward to help them solve kevin's murder was one week ago today that the retired officer was murdered well working as a security guard protecting a kron 4 reporter. and today the body of kevin nishita received a police escort from oakland to a south bay funeral home kron four's
9:26 pm
haaziq madyun was there when the police procession arrived. >> as solemn salute in honor of retired police officer kevin, that she ate it whose body was transported wednesday from the alameda county coroner's office in oakland to the coal seam on a family colonial wary about abuse. a traditional police procession of red and blue flashing lights, a fitting tribute honoring his career of service wearing multiple uniforms as an officer at the oakland housing authority hayward police department called the pd and the settles. a police department who led the way during the procession. >> kevin was an incredible police officer. everything that exemplifies being a police officer or someone with compassion empathy not just for his fellow police officers, but for the community. that's what he exemplifies after retiring in 2018, kevin nishita joined the star protection agency where he worked as a guard
9:27 pm
protecting news crews here. the bay area. >> back on wednesday, november 24th. he was assigned to protect one of our kron 4 crews when he was shot by an unknown suspect attempting to steal one of our cameras responding oakland police officers placed him into a patrol car and transported him to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. oakland. police describe the suspects vehicle as a white four-door acura tl with a sunroof and no front license plate. police believe the same vehicle was used or a good on robbery of the presidio in san francisco 2 days earlier. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. view has it. but you for news. >> a fund has been set up for them to shoot a family a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin issued a trusted any metropolitan bank location
9:28 pm
in person or by mail. the address is on your screen. this information is also on our website, kron 4 dot com. up next from sidewalk chalk to a solemn reading of names, help people here in the bay area are marking this solemn day. >> then we head to dc after the first day of arguments in the abortion case that could affect women's access to health care procedures in some states all across the country and then we'll introduce you to a very special bay area woman here who is being recognized about to be recognized on a national stage
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>> today is world aids day. countless lives have been lost over decades, of course. but the good news is research has advanced to a point where people diagnosed today can expect to full life. kron four's ella sogomonian is here now with more on the medical advancements. >> and also a look at the so celebrations that well happening today. yeah. here and across the united states aids. fortunately is not the death sentence sentence. it once was. >> it's hard to believe, but it's been 40 years since aids was discovered here in the united states. quickly claiming nearly 200,000 lives by the end of the 80's. >> a light ceremony honoring those who have passed away from aids was held monday illuminating a 10 acre national aids memorial grove in san francisco's golden gate park 4 decades ago. the city's
9:32 pm
castro district was decimated by the aids crisis on this world aids states. president joe biden commended house speaker nancy pelosi for spearheading the fight to find a cure. >> saying at the time there was little to no support for the lgbtq community who suffered the most loss from the once deadly disease. jo. >> you are the one who started that fight way that you to come out with such passion. and it wasn't. it was not as huge the cul de cents to take this issue to time. and it was more than political. but an actual death sentence for many loved ones. the cdc reports by the year 2000. >> nearly half a million americans were killed by aids. >> a lot of young people don't even remember. but that was like. but there are still people who do. we have come a long way in the last 4 decades. that is this year's world 8 a theme reminds us. we still have plenty of work to do. fortunately, the scientific community has made
9:33 pm
breakthroughs in prevention and safer treatments. >> according to the world health organization about 1.3 million americans are living with hiv i get the opportunity to tell them they're going to plan. you know, they need to plan. >> so the long lines hiv is not a death sentence. we expect people to live a normal life expectancies. >> and in 2019, you might remember at a medical conference in washington state. researchers announce that a london man no longer had hiv the virus that causes aids following a stem cell transplant and he was only the second man in more than a decade at the time to see that success grant. >> thank you, ella. now to a disturbing sight in san francisco's castro district somebody vandalize the memorial for harvey milk in george miss coney. you can see the damage here. somebody spray painted their faces california democratic party vice chair david cam post tweeted out the photos earlier tonight. he said this is
9:34 pm
happening in the heart of the lgbtq community, which reminds us that hatred is still alive. even in san francisco. now to national news in the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today in a case that could limit access to abortion. it stems from a mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks. but this could have nationwide implications today. justice sonia sotomayor focused her questions on whether the supreme court can survive the appearance of political bias in this abortion case, adding that mississippi passed its 15 week. abortion ban precisely because the supreme court now has a solid 63 conservative majority attorney julie rikelman and the u.s. solicitor general. keep argued against mississippi's ban. riggleman says women aren't truly equal under the law if they can be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term roe v wade and planned parenthood.
9:35 pm
the casey established that states can't ban abortion before a fetus is viable usually around 24 weeks. well, the mississippi solicitor general scott steward tried to convince the justices that row. and casey were wrongly decided and should be overturned. >> roe versus wade and planned parenthood versus casey on to our country. nowhere else. does coert recognized a right and a human life. this case is about 50 years of precedent. >> that women's basic equality and ability to make decisions that are fundamental to their lives are at stake. >> if the court overturns roe many conservative states have what it's called trigger laws on the books that would automatically implement new abortion bad slow go now to the new developments in the michigan school shooting a 4th student passed away today from the injuries they got during that shooting 7 other people were also hurt during yesterday's rampage.
9:36 pm
>> the teenage suspect has been identified as ethan crumbly. he's now facing 2 dozen charges and will be tried as adults. here are the 4 victims. police say that the 15 year-old suspect stepped out of a bathroom yesterday and starting shooting people at random. but despite that police say this was a planned act. >> i agree with the charges that have been levied. i agree with holding this individual wholly and completely responsible for the deplorable tragic event that occurred by choice and charging this individual as an adult. >> the young shooter was using a semiautomatic gun purchased by his father. just 4 days ago. it's not clear how the teen got his hands on it. 2.15 round magazines were found at the scene. investigators still do not know the motive for the shooting. his parents have hired an attorney and right now are not commenting. still ahead, a big moment for one bay area. mom who is an organ transplant. recipient. and she
9:37 pm
also just got something else. that's pretty cool. >> then sports tonight is getting ready for another big game this sunday in seattle try to keep it going sports. director jason dumas says coach shanahan stops on the batch of when we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
9:40 pm
>> the forty-niners were back at work prepping for yet another big game this sunday. they'll head to the pacific northwest to take on the seahawks seattle made some news when they signed 36 year-old running back adrian peterson in an effort to shore up their banged up backfield, which is without its starter and 2 key backups. it's been a tough season for the seahawks. they're just 3 nate. and in last place in the nfc west. but despite all the struggles kyle shanahan jimmy g they know they can't let their guard down, especially against a quarterback as good as russell wilson. >> people go through it. you know, especially when your quarterback misses some time. i'm different guys in there takes a lot of get that continuity. but even though they on monday night. just like typical seattle fashion. you saw how they almost won the game to. they've got the better of us is last couple times. so it will be a good challenge for us. >> now going to there home
9:41 pm
turf. it's going to be awesome by. we know that whatever the records are. but i know will be ready for. >> moreau catholic high school basketball coaches and players are honoring an alum who died in a car crash earlier this year. the inaugural oscar frayer invitational will be held at the school this weekend. oscar led the mariners to section championships in 2014 2016 and a state runner-up finish in 2014 he was one of the top players in the bay area during his high school years and help build more roads winning tradition after played his college ball at grand canyon university and led them to their first ncaa tournament appearance just days before his death this saturday teams from all over the east bay will come tomorrow. catholics to compete and keep oscars legacy alive. former teammates are flying in from all over the country and his mom will be honored before the final game of the tournament.
9:42 pm
>> all of the money and from this event will go to a fund named after him when he was scholarship. and all his buddies played with him are flying in for the event so they could be here and stuff. and it's just like to ask yourself would be nightmare and he's really helping people steal. just goes to, you know, the kind of person he was. one of a kind person. you know, very humble for as good as he was. it was all about helping other so i mean, he's still doing some time my due to do it united me. >> i remember that tragedy like it was yesterday. good for the school and his family and friends for getting together and honoring him. the giant new a starting pitcher was introduced today yesterday, the team announced that alex cobb had agrees to a 2 year. 20 million dollar deal to come to san francisco cobb was 83 with a 3.7, 6 dra with the angels last year. today, cobb told us what was so appealing about the giants.
9:43 pm
aside from, you know, that 20 million dollars that they gave him swinging. >> obviously staying the success that pitchers have going the defense that they have playing behind the offense that's able to put a bronze. there's there's an endless amount of of it. >> the things and opportunities strike you. when you think about becoming a giant and then the aggressive nature that they had surveyed see it. it was an easy call for us. >> all righty. that's your
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> a mother from richmond will be walking in the rose parade celebrating the miracle of her kidney transplants. quite a story credit for charles clifford was at her send-off ceremony today. >> well, in the coronavirus pandemic started, there was a temporary moratorium on organ transplants. since then, the situation has improved. but now as people may be put off going to the doctor for a couple of years are starting to go in and get checked up. more and more people are finding that they have medical issues, some of which could require a transplant earlier this year. hilda martinez of richmond discovered during a routine checkup that she needed to have a kidney transplant. she was able to find a donor in august. she received a new kidney. she's doing very well on wednesday. oversee pmc sutter health on van ness here in san francisco. they announced that she is going to be sponsored to ride in a float in the rose parade in january. the float is dedicated towards raising
9:47 pm
awareness about organ donation to get the word out that hate donation is what we need to do to get people like hill treated and hilda and her family are also encouraging people to be organ donors i think is very we didn't know. i didn't know. so now >> sign up already is that places that though, to be out on arch. now the rose parade is on january. first of next year. of course. and the float that hilda will be writing on is called the donate life float. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. people in brooklyn were jolted awake. look at that. just a massive explosion early this morning. 2 people were inside that building when it exploded. >> firefighters arrived. they said the first floor was in the basement and the rest of the building was on fire. the front door was blown off across the street. but somehow nobody was hurt. >> we just felt like a big
9:48 pm
shaped like a little house just we have new search back away those buildings extinguish the by. >> heavy volume of fire. i would say 54 people were displaced by the explosion and subsequent fire. investigators are still trying to find out what caused that massive fireball. >> we have some incredible video now. this is sebastian became the first person to fly in and out of all volcano in a wingsuit alvarez jumped out of the helicopter flying 11,000 feet before swooping down and then out of this volcano in chile. the 36 year-old flew over the 656 foot wide crater at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. the skydiver has a little bit of experience. maybe i said his blood. he started his career in the air force and attempted this jumped 3 times before he was able to nail it. >> maybe you could try that
9:49 pm
for your 2022 resolution grant i think going to say my 20th birthday 21st should try to get rid of here your but yeah, but come on, that's next level. i mean, that really yeah, that youtube all over that one. that one's a great one. now what? what a great sight to see. but. >> one you probably don't want to do out there tonight. we've got clear skies so far. but some patchy fog likely to move in a change in the weather pattern begin to set itself up after a record breaking day today. it looks like the temperatures going to start to come down as early as tomorrow system going to warm inside the bay in the valleys. but along the coastline. that's where you're first going to start to feel the effects. not seeing the fog out there just yet. looking clear up toward the golden gate bridge right now. but overnight tonight i think we'll see some of that fog begin to roll in these temperatures today, not only record breakers running a good 14 degrees above the average in places like san jose a little more checked in at 69 today. 71 warm in concord, 69
9:50 pm
degrees in santa rosa. not records there, but still some very warm temperatures all around. so far we've got that offshore wind continue to see all the arrows pointing off the coastline right now. but then if you look a little for the southeast are to see a little southerly component to that wind. and that's what we're watching out for as that can lead to some of that. the surge of some of the fog you see coming up now about to make its way into the monterey bay won't be long before it moves along the san mateo county coastline and that could help cool down the temperatures. so yeah, mostly clear and cool for tonight. some patchy fog developing along the coastline and also into the delta. some of that ground fog and then tomorrow mostly sunny a little bit cooler weekend. looks cooler too dry weather pattern. continuing, though, for at least the next couple of days. there's the run of the jet stream all the way up into canada right now, at least the core of it sitting there bringing the rain in that direction. things are going to change starting tomorrow, though. you see that low begin to sweep up along the coastline that's going up the ramp up some of that marine
9:51 pm
air pushing our direction as well. still warm and parts away from the coastline. but just start to see the cooler weather on the way as far as rain is concerned. here's the good news. looks like the pattern is going to shift. doesn't look like it's going to be huge or storms rolling in at least a chance of rain on the way. in fact, this model is a little more bullish today which is good news. this is a a pretty hire as a european model that i'm looking at right now into sunday. we're going to keep things dry. looks like a nice weekend. look what happens as we head into monday. the storm system rolls over the top of the ridge drops in the bay area that kind of scenario. we don't get a lot of heavy rain but a chance some scattered showers on monday into tuesday and maybe another round as we move the thursday and into the friday. so things look like they're going to be a little more progressive, not exciting but a little more promising in long-range forecast. all that big said temperatures tomorrow going to be nice. you're going to see another dry day. these numbers soaring well into the 70's, especially inland 60's along the coastline the next
9:52 pm
few days. the temperatures do start to drop off back to normal over the weekend and we'll keep our fingers crossed clouds rolling in late today on monday with a chance of rain possibly monday night into tuesday, not huge storms with the best chance. we've seen quite a lot. you would you go sky diving over a volcano. i would not go skydiving arrival klein, a volcano which i've done before, but i've never i wouldn't skydive in the philippines climb mount pinatubo. yeah. way back yeah, that yeah. it's just a rough that i'd like to go in, there are up let's get one. it's taking a little nap. yeah. want to take a little sleep, although thanks, i will be although thanks, i will be right back. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one".
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introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. today. it was 66 years ago today in montgomery, alabama, an act of defiance symbolize the struggle for racial justice and equality. >> when rosa parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a city bus outrage over her arrest led to the banishment of racial segregation laws and parks became an icon in the civil rights movement. all right. december is here, which means it's time to start your advent calendars as we countdown to christmas. and that includes. >> these near katz in london. zoo staff built them their own custom calendar and the treats behind each panel have been replaced with a mere cat favorite which happens to be and can see moving their
9:56 pm
crickets. the animals went wild after realizing what was inside the opened up all the boxes instead of taking it down one day at a obviously. >> they were unaware of how these calendars work in the first place or maybe they're just too excited. they just couldn't wait for christmas to be here greedy their now let's go from london, england to london, ohio for the month of december. you can call it who london in the buckeye state. that's because they've turned the 4 blocks of the town into food. bill, which is a complete with the and visits from the grinch himself. the town had to cancel its christmas parade last year because the pandemic and this year they say they're just trying to get people back together. and bringing in some new people to see what their town has to offer. so they're getting into the holiday. >> spirit. speaking of the holidays. take a look at this fans of the film home alone. get ready for a special offer. you know the chance to spend the night in that giant home
9:57 pm
alone house, thanks to air bnb the chicago area. house featured in the 1990 comedy starring macaulay culkin will be available to book for one night only. for just 25 bucks. there's m j. it's part of a promotion to celebrate the new disney. plus movie home sweet home alone. the house comes with all kinds of extras like a trend christmas tree aftershave and a mere to scream into. and you saw the doritos all kind and 1990's junk food pepsi. the overnight. stay. you can start booking them on december 7th. yes, no, not sure. okay. i want to you can recreate all the pranks, though. well, just you know what the joke is, right. don't teach our kids. all those no. yeah, that's are not watching the movie this year. not yet. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. but our primetime coverage will continue at the top of the hour right now with pam moore and ken wayne, you can practice at home just.
9:58 pm
>> i bet everybody would be doing that. and i know you have to write. >> i think you're going to break the mic. i think you're going to go for haha this letter. we've got a serious newscast today. yes, we do. thank you, thank you, guys. coming up tonight at 10 o'clock. we'll of course, this is the giving season, but the salvation army is having trouble finding people to donate as well. as to volunteer one east bay brand says the recent string of retail is making it difficult for them to help those in need. this holiday season. and we have team coverage of the first confirmed case of the omicron variant in the u.s. which was detected in san francisco. what we know about the person who tested positive and the urgent plea from doctors tonight. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 and more coming up on kron 4 news a i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills.
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