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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the bay area's local news station. >> you'1e watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 after days of speculation, the omicron variant of covid has arrived at our doorstep. what we know about the first confirmed case in the u.s. why experts say it's too early to panic. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. san francisco health officials say the omicron patient 0 is a resident of the city who recently traveled to south africa and returned to sfo last week. >> this marks the first
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identified case in the entire nation. but everybody agrees more cases are expected. we have team coverage on what the variance presence in the bay area means for all of us. kron four's. dan thorn is in the city with a a closer look at how the variant was detected and whether or not there might be more cases discovered at sfo. but first, tonight we go to our grant lotus standing by here in the studio with what we know about the patient and the message from health experts grant. well, ken and pam. well, we know that this omicron variant has been detected in san francisco. here's what we still do not know how contagious the variant is, whether it makes people more sick than the delta variant does. and probably most importantly, how does it respond to our current covid vaccines. san francisco's public health director repeating a familiar message today. there is cause for concern. but no reason to pack. this is not a surprise. >> for those of you have been following this. we knew that on a crime. was going to be
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here. a san francisco man has been identified as the first person known to be sickened with the omicron variant of covid. >> officials say on november 22nd he flew into sfo following a trip to south africa where the variant was first detected shortly after he fell ill with mild symptoms of covid and got tested the person received a positive test result this past monday, november 29th and contacted the department of public health that positive sample was then brought to a ucsf lab for rapid sequencing. and early this morning scientists there confirmed it was omicron. we have actually been testing and looking for for the pass for the past week. but this is the first example of where we saw the sg drop out. they had received a full dose of the moderna vaccine. >> but no, this term they had mild symptoms and thankfully have now recovered this time. experts say the vaccine likely saved the man from suffering a far worse illness and may also be the reason why contact tracing has yet to reveal any more positive test. although
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it's still unclear how far the variant has spread in the u.s. san francisco's public health director doctor grant colfax says because the city's vaccination rate is so high of 81%. there will be no new restrictions coming to san francisco. a message echoed by governor gavin newsome. none of us want to see that happen. i certainly don't want to see that happen. and i see no indication at this moment whatsoever that that's in our immediate future. as long as we continue our nation, efforts, those efforts vaccines booster shots and wearing masks indoors at a school in merced county, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state. the governor and health officials urge those who haven't gotten the shot to do so. now the evidence that individual with omicron identified by sequencing. actually has mild symptoms is improving. think is a testimony to the importance of the vaccinations get vaccinated for goodness sakes.
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>> experts say although this variant was first detected here in california. we should assume. >> it is in other states as well. probably other parts of the state here in california. they say we should know more about this variant within the next couple of weeks. health officials adding they will then adjust their response accordingly. ken pam, back to hugh grant. thank you. health officers across the remaining 8 bay area county say their labs are working diligently to determine if the variant is also. >> in their county and spreading and so far no other cases of the omicron variant have been detected. and at this time, county leaders are not taking any additional steps or making any changes to their covid restrictions, at least not now. >> san francisco international airport has been working with the cdc to detect new covid variants. sfo is one of 4 major airports in the u.s. it's been keeping surveillance on international travelers for santorum joins us live from the city with that part of the story. dan.
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>> well, ken, testing for variants at sfo has been happening since early october. but now it's expanding and more countries are being added to the list. the cdc says that they are working to make international travel as safe as possible. but there could be changes coming to air travel. as the new covid variant is found in sac francisco. sfo is looking for more international travelers who may have contracted the omicron strand. sfo is one of 4 major airports expanding the testing as a part of a cdc program. >> airport spokesman doug yakel says the voluntary testing was focused primarily on travelers from india because of the delta variant. but that has changed in response to the omicron variant the cdc expanded the scope of the pilot test program at to now include travelers arriving from south africa, germany, france and the uk really the countries where. >> this omicron variant is known to be spreading. the
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voluntary testing can be done through a pcr test at the airport where passengers can take a test kit home after 3 to 5 days that test can be sent in says there's been no modifications made to air travel at sfo following the announcement of the new omicron variant the biden administration. however, is preparing to implement new travel guidelines under the new rules a traveler to the u.s. even someone who was vaccinated would need to proof of negative test within one day of flying. >> under current guidelines, proof of a negative test can be within 3 days of traveling for people who are unvaccinated the negative test already had to be within one day of traveling president biden is expected to announce the new restrictions thursday. as for the people who have already been tested under the cdc program at sfo. that data has not been made available to the airport. we don't get data from the cdc on the level of participation or what percent of passengers are participating. >> but what we do know is that sfo does have the highest rate of participation which is encouraging.
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>> well, it's clear at this point that the travel ban on 8 countries in south africa did not prevent the variant from spreading here in the u.s. president biden was asked about the travel ban this morning and he says that his administration, we'll be looking at the situation on a week to week basis reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you for that. health officials in san mateo county say the demand for booster shots has gotten so high you'll now need to make an appointment to be want to get the shot. and one of the county's vaccine p% clinics as of tonight, all walk-ups will be turned away from the san mateo event center on saratoga drive. you can make an appointment on the event center's website or on my turn. officials say boosters are also available at community clinics, health care providers and pharmacies, many of which do not require appointments. >> our coronavirus coverage continues online. you can scan the qr code on your screen and
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it will take you to our special coronavirus page on our website. kron 4 dot com, where you can find the latest information on this new omicron variant as well as booster shots and more. new tonight at 10, a youth theater director and former teacher in the south bay will spend 35 years in prison for assault. santa clara county sheriff's department arrested joseph held on september the 3rd of last year. the arrest happened after a 13 year-old boy told detectives that held repeatedly asked to see his stomach during a zoom meeting in may of last year. the victim then told investigators how asked to see another 13 year-old boys underwear. a 3rd person. then came forward who told detectives how touched him inappropriately while he was in the 5th grade. it turns out how kids spent more than 20 years as a 5th grade teacher at blossom hills in los gatos detectives then searched his computers and
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found videos of young boys changing clothes and photographs of boys in their underwear. how was sentenced to prison on monday. investigators are now asking anyone who may have had inappropriate contact with him to call the sheriff's office. >> developing news tonight 2 suspects charged in a halloween murder in san jose are at home without bond after a judge released him from custody. the move has a number of law enforcement agencies furious and now they are calling for changes before jonathan mccall talk to san jose mayor sam liccardo about this today. >> jonathan is live in our newsroom tonight with reaction you know what pam fear is may be putting it mildly and how mayor liccardo feels about this. >> he says he's now calling on murder suspects to be held in custody until their trials. he says it's a matter of protecting not only those suspects but also the community as well. he says this is the 3rd such incident this year alone which a murder suspect has been released and one of the cases that suspect
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now on the run with no one nowhere to be found. fed up and frustrated law enforcement officials in santa clara county are calling for more changes in bill reform. >> after 2 murder suspects were released from custody on tuesday. 26 year-old alford casteel and 27 year-old. the are us. we're being held on charges connected to a san jose murder on halloween that killed a man. and is who is being charged with murder was released without bill castillo was released on his own recognizance and is currently under house arrest san jose mayor sam liccardo calls the move a slap in the face for officers who are making the arrest and district attorneys who are following charges. look who is a former prosecutor himself. so something has to be done to balance defendants rights with protecting the community. and in fact is i'm hearing anecdotally from other judges. that's happening in violent robberies and violent assaults with deadly you know other cases where we would never imagine people just going right back out on the street.
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>> sometimes, you know what we're saying because the bell policies folks are back out there while they're still high on methamphetamine that. but let's make sure we actually have a defendant who is there in court for that preliminary examination. if you release them on their own recognizance is a very high probability. they're never going to be back in that courthouse because they know if they are very good chance you're going up locked up. 4 years if not decades. so let's at least hold defendants long enough on murder charges so that we can present evidence and preliminary examination. look points to the disappearance of 41 year-old oscar soto as one of the reasons for concern. >> soto was arrested in connection to the city's second homicide of 2021 but was also released on his own recognizance. officials say they haven't seen him since and now they believe he could be in mexico. earlier this year. the california supreme court declared it unconstitutional to hold suspects behind bars if they cannot afford bill, it now
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requires judges to only keep a suspect behind bars. if there is clear evidence in the case. kron 4 did reach out to the attorney listed for both men for a comment. but so far we have yet to hear back. >> live tonight in the newsroom. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. jonathan, thank you. >> well, today marks one week since retired police officer kevin, the was shot while working as a guard protecting a kron 4 news crew. he died this past saturday from his injuries. and this morning his body received a police escort from the coroner's office in oakland to a funeral home in mountain view. his coffin was draped in an american flag. there was a police procession of the red and blue flashing lights as is traditional a fitting tribute honoring his career of service in uniform as an officer at the oakland housing authority at police departments and hayward and coma. and in san jose with san
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jose leading the procession to its final destination. >> sergeant. she but when he was still with the san jose police department. we were detectives together and the gang investigation unit for 3 years. yeah. we brought her brother home and that's what this was. >> meantime, there is a new development in the investigation into the sheet is death. the oakland police department says it would like to speak with the person who was in the area at the time of the shooting and officers believe that person may have cell phone video of the shooting. the incident happened a week ago at the intersection of 14th and webster streets in downtown oakland. police say that video may contain additional leads, including the suspect vehicle fleeing the same. the car is a white four-door acura tl with a sunroof and no front license plate. police believe the same vehicle was used during an armed robbery in san francisco's presidio just 2 days earlier. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police.
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>> in the meantime, a fund has been set up for them to shoot a family a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin issued a trusted any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail at the address you see there on the screen. the information about this is also on our website, kron 4 dot com. >> in national news tonight. there are new developments in the deadly school shooting in michigan that left 3 students dead. a 4th victim died today from injuries he sustained in that violent attack. the young man has been identified as 17 year-old justin schilling. meantime, 15 year-old ethan crumbly faces murder and terrorism charges. investigators have determined his father purchased the semiautomatic handgun just a few days ago. but it's not clear how the teenager got access to it. authorities are calling the shooting a planned act and say crumley posted about shooting students the night before on social media. >> i agree with the charges that have been levied. i agree with holding this individual
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wholly and completely responsible for the deplorable tragic event that occurred by choice and charging this individual as an adult. >> sheriff also said this video showing students barricaded in a classroom with the suspect trying to get in is not correct. he says it was not the suspect at the door but likely a plainclothes detective. it was probably speaking in a way to makes the students comfortable. the sheriff says that's likely why he used the term bro. but as seen in the video that term actually made the student suspect. it was the shooter. >> we have continuing coverage of the devastating high school shooting coming up at 10:30pm tonight. we're going to take a look back at the young lives that were lost and the families now changed for ever. >> los angeles police say jacqueline avant the wife of music legend clarence avant was fatally shot in an apparent home invasion. officers arrived home in beverly hills around 2.30 this morning to find the 81 year-old woman suffering from
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a gunshot wound. a van was taken to a local hospital where she later died. police say nothing was stolen from the house and nobody else was injured. there's still no word on a motive. but the killing has left neighbors on edge. >> there has been a lot of break ins, but this is so scary. my god. god bless her soul. >> jacqueline abad. it was a renowned philanthropist in los angeles. her husband clarence avant. it's known as the godfather of black music and was recently inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. her death has drawn reaction from members of congress magic johnson and former president bill clinton. >> now to our nation's capitol where today the united states supreme court heard arguments in a case that could eventually up and nearly 50 years of abortion rights in the u.s. protesters on both sides of the issue. you see them here made their voices heard outside the courthouse today. the case centers on a restricted mississippi law which bans most abortions
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after 15 weeks. it is the most consequential cases roby way the from the woman's constitutional right to an abortion. and that was back in 1973 our washington correspondent kellie meyer has the latest. >> oh yea. the supreme court today hearing arguments in a case that could revoke 50 years of abortion rights in america. and that's why we think would be devastating for the court to take this right away right now defenders of abortion rights pleading with the court to let roe versus wade. the 1973 decision granting those rights to stay in place. the question before the justices whether to uphold mississippi, state ban on abortions after 15 weeks rose set a precedent of 24 weeks generally considered to be the time when a fetus can survive outside the. but if it really is an issue about choice 15 weeks. >> not enough time for for a few reasons. your honor first, the state has conceded. >> that some women will not be able to obtain an abortion
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before 15 weeks early recall man representing mississippi's only remaining abortion clinic. this is julie rikelman second time arguing abortion case before the high court. >> the first came when the late ruth bader ginsburg was a justice now there's a 6, 3 conservative majority today. liberal justices warned that nothing around. the issue has changed. only the political makeup of the court taking the case up now warren justice sotomayor is a threat to the legal justice system. will this institution. >> survive the stench. that this creates arguing to curtail abortion rights. 39 year-old scott stewart, a former trump justice department lawyer who defended family separations at the border in federal court. now mississippi, solicitor general roe and casey have failed. but the people, if given the chance will succeed in the end, a majority of the conservative-leaning court seem sympathetic to stewart's argument if roe is overturned or weekend, 12 state stand ready to outlaw abortion immediately. but we won't know how the justices rule until a
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decision is announced likely late spring or early summer next year reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> even if roe v wade is overturned or if it's a weekend, the california state constitution does and would continue to protect the woman's right to an abortion. >> step outside. see how things are shaping up on this hump day evening. as we take a look at downtown san francisco. yeah. and warm weather is ahead. lawrence is here to give us details. yeah. boy, today, a record breaking day around the bay area. high pressure, those offshore winds that air is so dry. just heated up in a hurry. we have some 70's along the coastline today. so, yeah, this was an amazing day to start out. december december first and see some of these temperatures soaring in the 70's. even some 80's around the bay area. the gilroy. yeah, they record their 80 degrees today. elsewhere around the bay area. 73 downtown san francisco, 75 and san jose 73 in oakland, 70 record in canfield tied a record at sfo and well all around the bay area was nice.
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high pressure overhead. the things are beginning to change a little bit, though. in fact, starting to see some fog moving in from the south. you see it right there. look at that fog begin in just surges. suddenly surge of fog about to make its way in the monterey bay. i think that works its way up along the san mateo county coastline by tomorrow morning that will be a sign of some cooler weather ahead. temperatures outside kind of all over the map right now. we've got some chilly numbers in the valleys. it's 47 right now in santa rosa 46 in nevada, but still 60 degrees in a san francisco 52 in oakland and 54 degrees in san jose. i think we're going to see changes coming our way with the low clouds and fog beginning a surgeon along the coastline. it's tomorrow morning. so we wake up with some patchy fog along the coastline early on and then as we head through the day that fog going to sit along the coastline. well, you could see a lot of sunshine him in a dallas couple high clouds beginning to move in lay the days and our low pressure kind of roles in along the coastline. but. that still looking at another nice day with these temperatures running well above the average looking at 70's into san jose
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about 73 in fremont, 70 degrees and hayward should be beautiful 68 in oakland tomorrow. 70 in the napa valley about 70 degrees in santa rosa. the big question is when might we see some rain return to the bay area. we're trying to answer that for you as we're going to see our 1010 coming up in a few minutes and a tent. yeah, because wait a little bit. all right. thank you, in the east bay, the walnut creek city council approves spending 2 million dollars in federal funding from the american rescue plan to add a new 5 person police seeing dedicated to patrolling the downtown area. >> the move is in response to that recent smash-and-grab robbery at the nordstrom store in broadway plaza. officials say some 90 people ransacked the store stealing more than $125,000 in merchandise. >> targeting people is agree jus and particularly on acceptable. we need to arrest charge and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
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>> in addition to extra staffing and overtime for officers. the resolution today will also help fund more security cameras and a drone. 3 people have been arrested in connection to the robberies at nordstrom and the police chief says he expects more in the coming weeks. >> the salvation army's red kettles are back out in front of grocery stores and shopping malls. however, the branch in contra, costa county says it's already way behind indoor donations this year. and that's not all there also down volunteers. and of course recent retail staffs aren't helping things unforced sackey joins us live in the studio with more on this taylor. >> ken pam, while they believe a lot of it has to do with covid. the salvation army says it also saw a slump in shoppers in donations following the flash mob nordstrom burglary in walnut creek. they have some bell ringers in the same shopping plaza. >> the bells are ringing. but fewer donations are passing through the easily recognized red kettles. major gwyn jones at the contra costa county
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salvation army says they're down nearly $30,000 in donations compared to the same time in previous years. unfortunately the donations that down. >> not just in money but toys wine to treat. but still quite a few 100 toys short i into a tree. so both areas. it's challenging. not only is there a decrease in donations. >> but jones says they also have less volunteers this year. he believes covid has a lot to do with it but says the recent spike in retail crime has also had a domino effect on donations specifically and shopping centers like the one in walnut creek where 80 plus burglars stormed the nordstrom a couple weeks ago. but it certainly affected us because, you know, we have a building out by the mice. he's in walnut creek, which is just adjacent to the nordstrom. >> i don't know why off to that coin happened. that big con. the mo was pretty coy. fortunately and this a lot more police presence that now. but yeah, it' shocking and
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sad because of the safety concerns. jones says bell ringers are instructed to stand closer to the entrance doors on stores. >> after all, even charitable organizations are immune to the thefts. the contra costa county salvation army was hit twice by thieves stealing from kettle funds in 2019 and another time when a suspect broke into a storage container in took off with toys on optimist that. >> the more good folks out there than bad. and that week those folks will help by some money. those folks will keep the boy out for some of those shady folks that might want to steelers one that will be okay. >> all donations have dropped off major going jones says the need is still large. you want to make a donation, you can find a link on our website or lookout for any of those red kettles ken, back to you. taylor. thank you for that. >> meantime, in san jose. the city there's installing license plate readers to try to curb the smash-and-grab robberies. the city council agreed yesterday to spend $250,000 in federal relief
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funds to lease new license plate reading cameras over the next few months. the city council will have to decide whether or not the cameras will be stationary or mobile to monitor different hotspots. >> still ahead tonight, a new twist in the deadly rush to movie set shooting investigation. actor alec baldwin says he did not pull the trigger what he's revealing in a bombshell new interview. plus a disturbing unsettling sight in san francisco's castro district. what we're learning about the damage done to a memorial for harvey milk and george moscone and regulating big tech companies. why some lawmakers are calling for changes to how social media companies operate and the content they promote.
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>> opportunity and success in georgia shouldn't be determined by your zip code background or access to power. >> stacey abrams, the georgia democrat who has gained national attention as a voting rights advocate announcing today that she will run again for governor next year. abrams rose to prominence. you may remember when she narrowly lost the governor's race back in 2000, 18. if she's successful this rooms will become the first black governor of georgia and the first black woman to serve as governor of any state in the nation in her announcement today in this video abrams touted the work she has done during the pandemic, including expanding access to covid vaccines.
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>> at the nation's capitol. lawmakers are pushing their plans to regulate social media companies by limiting their protections of free speech. our reshad hudson reports on where democrats, republicans agree and where they're at odds. >> facebook whistleblower. frances haugen is once again slamming her former employer and calling on congress to hold big tech accountable the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer. haugen says instagram is more harmful to teenage girls than any other social media tiktok is about performance and doing things with your friends. snapchat is largely about augmented reality and faces. but instagram is about bodies and social comparison. lawmakers on the committee want to make major reforms to section 2.30. >> which currently protects tech companies from liability for what users post on their platforms. pennsylvania congressman mike doyle says big tech companies are abusing that power. these platforms don't want to be held accountable.
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>> the user suffering harm deserved better from us and we will act democrats want social media companies to better regulate user created content. but washington congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers is worried those efforts could silence conservative voices. >> rather than censor and silence speech. the answer should be more speech. that's the american way. big tech should not be the arbiters of truth. social media company say they support new regulations. but worry the current proposals will hurt their business model reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> tesla says it's officially moved its corporate headquarters from palo alto to a quote, gigafactory under construction. >> outside of austin, texas. the company made that announcement today in a filing with us securities regulators, ceo musk previously previously announced the move in october. tesla has about 71,000 employees worldwide with about
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10,000 of them at the palo alto headquarters. it's not clear yet how many of those workers will be moving to texas as well. >> next at 10 an overnight explosion rocking a neighborhood. the spectacular blast sending flames. you can see here shooting through windows and more. plus a solemn commemoration as the bay area marks world aids day. the work that many say still needs to be done and a trail of shattering for families for ever from a talented artists. a passionate basketball player and accomplished bowler and of our city football star tonight. the community honoring the students who went to school yesterday but did not make it home. they left
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for school in the morning. but they never came home teenagers who. >> had their entire lives ahead of them. gunned down in a senseless school shooting a football star an artist, a rising basketball star and co-captain of the bowling team. >> remembrance is pouring in for the 4 teenagers rudabeh shahbazi reports on the young lives that were lost way too soon. >> we didn't quite we came back. we're trying work every day we trust each other. we all love each other. it was 16 year-old bar city football player and honor student tate meyer who reportedly tackled the shooter, giving his life to save others. a fellow student saying meyer was killed while trying to disarm
10:36 pm
the shooter, take died on the way to the hospital in the back of a squad car. his football team tweeting this tribute. tate was a great young man. with a bright future and beloved by all you will be missed hate agree with right now. petitions are circulating to rename oxford's wildcat football stadium tate meyer stadium already nearly 80,000 people have signed the online petition. 17 year-old madison baldwin was a talented artist who love to draw read and write. she's already been accepted to multiple colleges who will never see those talents and ambitions. the youngest victim. 14 year-old hahn a seat giuliana remembered for her passion for basketball. the school's girls team sending this tribute. we will never forget your kind heart silly personality and passion for the game since 6th grade camp us stay dedicated to oxford basketball soaking in the game. the season we will play for you hannah. and
10:37 pm
17 year-old justin showing was co-captain of the school's bowling team and worked at a local restaurant who posted this today after learning he had been killed in school justin was an exemplary employee, a devoted friend and co-worker co captain of his bowling team and simply a pleasure to be around. our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time. oxford, michigan is a tight knit community of 3500 people. >> at a candlelight vigil last night they hugged cried and consoled one another we're all in this together. we're not alone. >> we're going to get through it together. their grief crushing community robbed of 4 young people full of hopes and dreams. >> before they even graduated high school we are a strong community that will. >> hold together. this is by far the biggest tragedy that's that's ever happened here. >> again. now as rudabeh shahbazi reporting for us. 3 other students have been
10:38 pm
released from the hospital, but 3 others do remain in the hospital. 2 of them in critical condition. >> a tearful alec baldwin says that he never pulled the trigger and that fatal shooting of cinematographer halyna hutchins. he claims that the gun just went off. >> it wasn't in the script for that trigger pull. the trigger was applied in pulled the trigger so you never pulled the trigger i would never appoint a committee pull trigger never did you think. i did a real bullet said i've no idea. >> in his first lengthy interview since the shooting baldwin wept as he told abc's george stephanopoulos that the gun fired on his own after he picked it up. the interview comes as investigators now believe home a bullet supplied by new mexico armor may have made his way on to the set and into baldwin's pistol. the new ward authorized the search of an albuquerque switch. plus higher to supply the
10:39 pm
filmmakers with guns as well as dummy rounds and blanks. in new york city. 6 people were injured and dozens of others have been displaced. that's after a powerful explosion destroyed a home early this morning. sparking a huge fire in a brooklyn neighborhood. >> a number of residents say they complained about a gas leak yesterday afternoon, but they say their warrant warnings were ignored. fire officials say a faulty boiler connected to a gas line appears to have caused explosion. the investigation is ongoing. >> a disturbing sight in the city's castro district someone vandalized the memorial to former city supervisor harvey milk and former mayor george moscone. e you can see the damage here. somebody spray painted on their faces. california democratic party. vice chair david compost tweeted out these pictures earlier tonight. he said this happening in the heart of the lgbtq community reminds us that hatred is still alive. even in san francisco. today
10:40 pm
is world aids day countless lives have been lost over the decades. but the good news is researches advance to a point where people diagnosed now can expect to live a full life. doctors. explain medical advancements have made it possible to live with and manage the disease downpours. ella sogomonian is in our newsroom tonight. she has the report l a. >> well aides isn't a death sentence, that it once was. it's hard to believe, but it's been 40 years since aids was discovered here in the united states. quickly claiming nearly 200,000 lives across the country by the end of the 80's. >> a light ceremony honoring those who have passed away from aids was held monday illuminating a 10 acre national aids memorial grove in san francisco's golden gate park 4 decades ago. the city's castro district was decimated by the aids crisis on this world aids states. president joe biden commended house speaker nancy pelosi for spearheading the fight to find a cure. >> saying at the time there was little to no support for the lgbtq community who
10:41 pm
suffered the most loss from the once deadly disease. jo. >> you are the one who started that fight way that you to come out with such passion. and it wasn't. it was not as huge the cul de cents to take this issue to time. and it was more than political. but an actual death sentence for many loved ones. the cdc reports by the year 2000. >> nearly half a million americans were killed by aids. >> a lot of young people don't even remember. but that was like. but there are still people who do. we have come a long way last for decades. that is this year's world 8 a theme reminds us. we still have plenty of work to do. fortunately, the scientific community has made breakthroughs in prevention and safer treatments. >> according to the world health organization about 1.3 million americans are living with hiv i get the opportunity to tell them they're going to plan. you know, they need to plan. >> so the long lines hiv is
10:42 pm
not a death sentence. we expect people to live a normal life expectancies. >> in 2019. you might remember at a medical conference in washington state. researchers announce that a london man who no longer had hiv ended up surviving in the virus. that's a virus that causes aids. well, that was all following a stem cell transplant. he is only the second man at the time in more than a decade to see that kind of success pam. alright della, thank you. >> now the 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge, which is still pretty active this time chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the warm weather expected tomorrow yeah, boy record breaking temperatures today. temperatures going to be warm and spots tomorrow. but something you're going to see along the golden gate to jim or the night last night and today. so far haven't seen any fog will see a little more of that on the way. i think even by tomorrow morning we may see some fog. >> and during the golden gate bridge is that offshore wind
10:43 pm
going start to break down. we start to see these temperatures come back down so way above the average today, 12 degrees above normal in san francisco. for the record, 73 as high as 14 degrees above normal in the san jose and live more. you're looking at 69 degrees 71 in concord and 69 in santa rosa. they're the offshore wind right now. you see the arrows pointing back toward the sea and that is bringing with it. some nice clear conditions across the bay area now. but just to the south begin to see a suddenly surge here. that's important. we're going to see a little fog developing. we're seeing that already making its way up along the coastline about push into the monterey bay won't be long before it makes its way along the coastline here and a cool down our temperatures for tomorrow. so overnight tonight, even though we've got a bit of an offshore wind. you can see here just some light offshore last night was kind of gusty in spots. so light offshore when the kind of breaks down as you get to the coastline because of that fog is going to settle in along the coastline think as we head toward tomorrow morning tonight, mostly clear and cool some patchy fog out there along the coastline and some of that into the delta as
10:44 pm
well. tomorrow, mostly sunny, it's going to be a little bit cooler. specially coast side and just inside the bay and then we'll cool down even further over the weekend. but staying dry into the weekend, too high pressure, boy, this dome of high pressure has been so persistent. all in november now, the first day of december bringing us the record temperatures. all that rain streaming well to the north of us now. but things are going to start to break down a little bit will notice even as early as tomorrow, that's high pressure will slide just a little bit to the east. you can see this low begin to move a little closer. and that means now we're going to cool down the temperatures, bring us more fog along the coastline. still warm inside the bay and warm in the valleys. but things are changing now as we're going to see finally a cold front to get a drop in the bay area. here's our long-range forecast model and you'll notice as we head through the weekend, high pressure in control. these storms getting a little bit closer. but then again, most of that energy head of well to the north even by sunday most that rain still up and toward the pacific northwest. watch what as we head in toward monday as a ridge begins to retrograde. that means pulls away from the coastline that
10:45 pm
allows the front to drop to possibly through some showers as we head in toward monday into tuesday. another chance of rain, possibly late next week. so that's the good news. chance showers coming our way, but not tomorrow as we'll see more of those temperatures running well above the average lot of 70's away from the immediate coastline next few days. going to keep things a little bit cooler into the weekend. chance of raindrops late monday night and into tuesday. again, these not huge storms, but at least it could be a change that could be leading to more on the way. all right. good news. thank you. all right. >> coming up next in sports, the forty-niners get ready for another big game this sunday, this one in seattle sports director jason dumas has coach shanahan stops on the shanahan stops on the seahawks. coming up. rn about c9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the forty-niners were back at work prepping for yet another big game this sunday. we'll head to the pacific northwest to take on the seahawks seattle made some news when they sign 36 year-old running back adrian peterson in an effort to shore up their banged up backfield, which is without starter and 2 key backups. it's been a tough season for seattle. no way to sugarcoat it. they're just 3 and a and in last place in the nfc west. but despite all their struggles, kyle shanahan, jimmy garoppolo.
10:49 pm
they are well aware that they can't let their guard down, especially against russell wilson. >> people go through it. you know, especially when your quarterback misses some time have different guys in there takes a lot of good that continuity, but even though they on monday night. just like typical seattle fashion. you saw how they almost won the game to. they've got the better of us is last couple times. so it will be good challenge for us. >> now going to there home turf. it's going to be awesome by. we know that whatever the records are. but i know we're we're ready for it. >> catholic high school basketball coaches and players are honoring an alum who died in a car crash earlier this year. the inaugural oscar frayer invitational will be held at the school this weekend. led to mariners to section championships in both 2014 2016, he was the state runner-up in 2014, he was one of the top players in the bay area during his high school
10:50 pm
years and he helped build more roads winning tradition oscar played his college basketball at grand canyon university and led them to their first ncaa tournament appearance just days before his death. this saturday teams from all over the east bay will come tomorrow catholic to compete and keep oscars legacy alive. former teammates are flying in from all over the country and his mom will be honored before the final game. >> all of the money and from this event will go to fund named after him that a scholarship. and all his buddies played with him are flying in for the event so they could be here and stuff. and it's just like to ask or snow would be a nightmare. and he's really helping people steal. just goes to, you know, the kind of person he was. one of a person. you know, very humble for as good as he was. it was all about helping other so i mean, he's still doing some time i do it you not to me.
10:51 pm
>> the new is giant. starting pitcher was introduced to the media today. yesterday the team announced alex cobb agreed to a two-year 20 million dollar deal to come here to debate. cobb in 3 with a 3.7, 6 dra last year with the angels today. he told us what was so appealing about the giants. other. and you know that 20 million dollars tab. they picked up. >> obviously staying the success that pitchers have going the defense that they have playing behind the offense that's able to put a bronze. there's there's an endless amount of of it. >> the things and opportunities strike you. when you think about becoming a giant and then the aggressive nature that they had surveyed see it. it was an easy call for us. and guess what? >> he might not be playing any time soon. major league baseball. has implemented a lockout first time since 19 99th time in the league's
10:52 pm
history. it went into effect around 09:00pm tonight 12:00pm eastern. months of talks between the league and players union and no progress towards a new agreement. today's meeting lasted only 7 minutes, i guess the owners gm's are playing hardball. this means team officials and players. they can't communicate no contract. negotiation, no free agent deals. no trades, but we're still a long way away. a long ways away i should say, from any cancellations opening day. i believe april every year. but it will be interesting roller coaster from all the reports from people i trust the 2 sides are very far apart. so. >> hopefully for the fans sakes. we will have opening day on time this year. but like i said, still a long way like i said, still a long way
10:53 pm
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>> trying to outdo clark griswald in national lampoon's christmas vacation movie this week here with your own christmas light display there. something you should keep in mind the faa is issuing a warning to anyone setting up a laser light display for christmassy agency says make sure you point those lasers at your home and not toward the sky. not only can the lasers distract or even blind pilots flying overhead. it's also a federal crime. first-time offenders will get a warning
10:56 pm
after that. you could get a fine of up to $11,000 even 5 years in jail. >> all right, lauren, so tomorrow is going to be warm. but then a little change. maybe. yeah. not feel much like the christmas holidays yet with temperatures outside right. but things are going to be changing. coming up out there toward the golden gate bridge. mostly clear out there right now by tomorrow morning, may actually see a little fog coming right through the that means we're going to see some cooler weather on the but it's going to take some time for everybody to cool down overnight will be chilly a low 40's in the north bay and also the part of the state. lot of 40's in and around the bay. by tomorrow morning, the air a pretty dry out there with that offshore wind. that's a lot of these temperatures really cool down now by day. you know, so temperatures coming down to san francisco, probably a little breezy in the little breezy in the afternoon. but on 60's for coastline that you're going to really start to feel the effects. low clouds and fog moving along the coast, keeping those temperatures cooler there inside the bay. so going to be warm 72 degrees in millbrae about 75 degrees
10:57 pm
in san carlos 71 amount to the south bay. it was a lot of temperatures in the 70's. again, a hazy day there as well. and the east bay also see those temperatures running up in the 70's. so warm weather away from the coastline going take a couple days to cool down this minute big dome of high pressure building over head. but there are signs there's a little crack in that dome. and that means well, at least a chance of some clouds rolling in and the chance of showers late monday into tuesday. maybe things getting more interesting. much cooler. a lot of part of next week. all right. thank you, lawrence. thanks all of you for being with us tonight. have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow. you tomorrow.
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