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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 2, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on this december. 2nd. all right, harvey and we're just 2 days away from the weekend. hopefully you've got some good night. rest and you're looking for 2 at the weather just looks lovely is not right it. sure does rain that we're keeping the good stuff around for a bit longer. we do see a cool down in site next week. >> and eventually the opportunity for some rainfall is looking possible towards the end of next week. that's going to be a while away still. and there's still plenty that could change between here and there. and as
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for now, we're still remaining dry for the end of this week on into the weekend conditions this morning are fairly comfortable. you get the jackets ready to go after what was a record breaking we warm yesterday. another dense fog advisory for solano county stretching out into the central valley. very similar to yesterday in that regard with some fog having form for inland valleys over a cad. a little clear towards the coast and the bay. good news for those areas. coldest for our inland spots. brett, what europe 44 dublin at 41 look at the at 61 degrees petaluma, you are very coldest areas at 37 degrees, maybe starting off this morning chilly. but we are working our way back into a warm afternoon. not as warm as yesterday's record breaking highs were. but still up there with highs climbing well into the 70's rain don, thank you for that. are looking look at your traffic. if you're heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. >> the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under
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13, the richmond center fell a little under 9 as you're traveling at a richmond and let's check out the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes city from the north bay into the city. well, after days of speculations, omicron variant of covid has arrived at our doorstep. so what we know about the first confirmed case in the u.s. why experts say it's still too early to panic. san francisco health officials say the omicron patient 0 is a resident of the city who recently traveled to south africa and return to sfo last week. well, this marks the first identified case and the nation. but all agree more cases are expected. while we know the omicron variant has been detected in san francisco. here's what we still don't know how contagious the variant is, whether or not it makes people more sick. then the delta variant and how it responds to our current covid vaccines. san francisco's public health director repeating a very familiar message. there is cause for concern. but there's no reason to panic kron four's
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grant lotus has more. this is not a surprise. >> for those of you have been following this. we knew that on a crime. was going to be here. a san francisco man has been identified as the first person known to be sickened with the omicron variant of covid. >> officials say on november 22nd he flew into sfo following a trip to south africa where the variant was first detected shortly after he fell ill with mild symptoms of covid and got tested the person received a positive test result this past monday, november 29th and contacted the department of public health that positive sample was then brought to a ucsf lab for rapid sequencing. and early this morning scientists there confirmed it was omicron. we have actually been testing and looking for for the passes for the past week. but this is the first example of where we saw the s jean drop out. they had received a full dose of the moderna vaccine. >> but no, this term they had mild symptoms and thankfully have now recovered this time.
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experts say the vaccine likely saved the man from suffering a far worse illness and may also be the reason why contact tracing has yet to reveal any more positive test. although it's still unclear how far the variant has spread in the u.s. san francisco's public health director doctor grant colfax says because the city's vaccination rate is so high of 81%. there will be no new restrictions coming to san francisco. a message echoed by governor gavin newsome. none of us want to see that happen. i certainly don't want to see that happen. and i see no indication at this moment whatsoever that that's in our immediate future. as long as we continue our nation, the efforts those efforts vaccines booster shots and wearing masks indoors at a school in merced county, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state. the governor and health officials urge those who haven't gotten the shot to do so. now the evidence that individual with omicron identified by sequencing. actually has mild
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symptoms is improving. think is a testimony to the importance of the vaccinations get vaccinated for goodness sakes. >> well, the officials across the remaining a bay area county say their labs are working diligently to determine if the variant is in their county in spreading. so far other cases of the omicron variant has been detected. and at this time, county leaders are not taking any additional steps or making any changes to their covid restrictions. san international airport has been working with the cdc to detect new covid variant sfo is one of 4 major airports in the u.s. that's been keeping surveillance on international travelers. kron dan thorn has that story for us. >> as the new covid variant is found in san francisco. sfo is looking for more international travelers who may have contracted the omicron strand. sfo is one of 4 major airports expanding the testing as a part of a cdc program airport
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spokesman doug yakel says the voluntary testing was focused primarily on travelers from india because of the delta variant. but that has changed in response to the omicron variant the cdc expanded the scope of the pilot test program at sfo to now include travelers arriving from south africa, germany, france and the uk really the countries where. >> this omicron variant is known to be spreading. the voluntary testing can be done through a pcr test at the airport where passengers can take a test kit home after 3 to 5 days that test can be sent in the ankle says there's been no modifications made to air travel at sfo following the announcement of the new omicron variant the biden administration. however, is preparing to implement new travel guidelines under the new rules a traveler to the u.s. even someone who was vaccinated would need to proof of negative test within one day of flying. >> under current guidelines, proof of a negative test can be within 3 days of traveling
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for people who are unvaccinated the negative test already had to be within one day of traveling president biden is expected to announce the new restrictions thursday. as for the people who have already been tested under the cdc program at sfo. that data has not been made available to the airport. we don't get data from the cdc on the level of participation or what percent of passengers are participating. >> but what we do know is that sfo does have the highest rate of participation which is encouraging reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> health officials in san mateo county say the demand for booster shots has gotten so high. you're now the need to make an appointment. if you want to get the shot at one of the counties vaccine clinics all walk-ups are going to be turned away from the san mateo event center on saratoga drive. you can make an appointment on the event center's website or on my turn. officials say boosters are also available at community clinics, health care providers and pharmacies, many of which do not require an appointment. well, our
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coronavirus coverage continues online. you can scan the qr code on your screen is going to take you over to our special coronavirus page over on our website at kron 4 where you can find the latest information on the omicron variant booster shots and more. well, switching gears here in the south bay calls for change in san jose. after 2 murder suspects were released from custody without bond. the move as a number of law enforcement agencies furious kron four's jonathan mccall has reaction from mayor sam liccardo. >> fed up and frustrated law enforcement officials in santa clara county are calling for more changes in bill reform after 2 murder suspects were released from custody on tuesday. 26 year-old alford casteel and 27 year-old. the are us. we're being held on charges connected to a san jose murder on halloween that killed a man. and sir is who is being charged with murder was released without bill castillo was released on his
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own recognizance and is currently under house arrest san jose mayor sam liccardo calls the move a slap in the face for officers who are making the arrest and district attorneys who are following charges. look who is a former prosecutor himself. so something has to be done to balance defendants rights with protecting the community. and in fact is i'm hearing anecdotally from other judges. that's happening in violent robberies and violent assaults with deadly you know other cases where we would never imagine people just going right back out on the street. >> sometimes, you know what we're saying because the bell policies folks are back out there while they're still high on methamphetamine that. but let's make sure we actually have a defendant who is there in court for that preliminary examination. if you release them on their own recognizance is a very high probability. they're never going to be back in that courthouse because in that courthouse because they know if they are very locked up. 4 years if not decades. so let's at least hold defendants long enough on murder charges so that we can present evidence and
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preliminary examination. look points to the disappearance of 41 year-old oscar soto as one of the reasons for concern. >> soto was arrested in connection to the city's second homicide of 2021 but was also released on his own recognizance. officials say they haven't seen him since and now they believe he could be in mexico. earlier this year. the california supreme court declared it unconstitutional to hold suspects behind bars if they cannot afford bill, it now requires judges to only keep a suspect behind bars. if there is clear evidence in the case. >> well, one week has paosed since retired police officer kevin, this unit was shot while working as a guard protecting a kron 4 news crew. he died this past saturday from his injuries. and yesterday morning his body received a police escort from the coroner's office in oakland to a funeral home in mountain view. his coffin draped in an american flag,
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there was a police procession of red and blue flashing fitting tribute honoring his career of service in uniform as an officer at the oakland housing authority and police departments of hayward coma and san jose with san jose leading the procession to its final destination. >> sergeant. she but when you still with the san jose police department. we were detectives together and the gang investigation unit for 3 years. you know, we brought her brother home and that's what this was >> meantime, there's a new development in the investigation into the shooter's death. the oakland police department says it would like to speak with the person in that area. officers believe that cell phone video of the shooting. the incident happened a week ago at the intersection of 14th and webster street in downtown oakland. police say that video may contain additional leads, including the suspect's vehicle fleeing the scene. now the car is a white four-door acura tl with the sun roof and no front license plate. police
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believe the same vehicle was used during an armed robbery in san francisco's presidio just 2 days earlier. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. in the meantime, a fund has also been set up for the issue to family a cash or check donation can be made to kevin issue to trust at any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail at the address on your screen. that information also over on our website, kron 4 dot com. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. a new twist in the deadly rust movie set shooting investigation. alec baldwin says he did not pull the trigger. what he's revealing in a new interview. we get back. one case detected more are now expected to follow what state health officials are saying about this newest covid variant as the president is expected to the president is expected to make an announcement today. when a truck hit my car, the president is expected to mthe insurance companyoday. wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm.
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let our injury attorneys help after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at times the now 04:15am here on december. 2nd. >> thursday just a day away from the weekend. you probably already roasting chestnuts on an open fire. maybe jack frost, i nipping at your nose that probably isn't happening out here because the weather is just for all of that. is that right. just nuts weren't the only things roasted was the rest of us, too, because look at these numbers. it got
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hot out there. not necessarily hot, but it was really warm considering it's december. 1st. >> san francisco record breaking day for the city all the way up to 73 degrees in the city yesterday san jose mid 70's at 75 oakland up to 73 record breaking there for you. gilroy up to 80 degrees. those looking at some of the spots on the central coast like monterey reporter actually right up above 80 degrees. i can't feel fellow aussie. they're tying or breaking records yesterday. so what a day it was december. first. it didn't feel like december. 1st it brought us those warm conditions and guess what, today is going to bring more warm weather not quite as much. not quite as hot of the day's yesterday was but still notably on the warmer side of things. return of fog for inland valleys to the south of us away is actually looking at a low pressure area. they've been looking at some dense fog around portions of la and san diego. we have warmer daytime highs in san francisco. the la
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did yesterday. now, as far as future cast goes staying dry today dry tomorrow on into the weekend. more of that dry weather early next week. we could see the start of a pattern change could bring a couple of sprinkles monday night into early tuesday morning in cooler temperatures along with it today. a mention not a huge change from yesterday. still upper 60's to low 70's near the coastline and pretty solid 70's elsewhere. burlingame at 71 degrees. redwood city at 72 south bay temperatures among our warmest again, although no upper 70's mostly topping out at around 74 degrees. warmest for the south bay oakland or in death. richmond holding on to the upper 60's while pittsburgh and fairfield at 67 santa rosa in petaluma in the low 70's tomorrow's highs officially falling back into the 60's on average falling further into next week. i mentioned that slight chance of showers monday night into tuesday morning. a better chance of showers looking likely again towards the end of next week. rain on the view that i let's get a look at
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your traffic. >> traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. see no major delays. a little under 13 minutes as you're traveling richmond center fell heading out of richmond. a little under 9 and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay into the city will have more weather and traffic coming up for now, let's get back to some of our top stories. theater director and former teacher in the south bay. it's got it's been 35 years in prison for assault. the santa clara county sheriff's department arrested joseph hong on september 3rd of last year. it happened after a 13 year-old boy told detectives that hong repeatedly asked to see his stomach during a zoom meeting in may of last year. the victim then told investigators hong asked to see another 13 year-old boys underwear. a 3rd person. then came forward and told detectives home touch him inappropriately while he was in the 5th grade. it turns out, hong it spent more than
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20 years as a 5th grade teacher at blossom hills in los gatos detectives then searched his computers and found videos of young boys, changing clothes and photos of boys in their underwear was sentenced to prison on monday. investigators are now asking anyone who may have had inappropriate contact with him to call the sheriff's department. well, in national news, there are new developments in that deadly school shooting in michigan that left 4 students dead. the 4th victim died yesterday from injuries he sustained in that violent attack. the young man has been identified as 17 year-old justin schilling, 15 year-old ethan crumbly faces murder and terrorism charges. investigators have determined his father par just that. semi automatic handgun just a few days ago. it's not clear how the teen got access to it. authorities are calling the shooting a planned act and they say crumley posted about shooting students the night before on social media. >> i agree with the charges
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that have been levied. i agree with holding this individual wholly and completely responsible for the deplorable tragic event that occurred by choice and charging this individual as an adult. >> the sheriff also said this video showing students barricaded in a classroom that you're looking at right now with the suspect trying to get in is not correct. he says it was not the suspect of the door but likely a plainclothes detective who was probably speaking in a way to make the students comfortable the sheriff says that is likely why use the term bro. but as seen in the video that term actually made the student suspect. it was the shooter. today president biden is going to detail his administration's strategy to fight covid-19 this winter. this after many worry about the newest variant. anna wiernicki is live in washington with the latest. good morning, anna. >> good morning. rain. and while the administration says that they're evaluating all of its options right now on how to protect americans from
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covid-19. but now that this new variant has reached us soil. the president is under a lot of pressure to act quickly. >> we knew that it was just a matter of time president biden's chief medical advisor, doctor anthony fauci says the first confirmed case of the omicron variant in the u.s. was a traveler who returned from south africa last week. the individual was fully vaccinated. >> and experience mild symptoms which are improving at this point. fauci says it could be weeks before researchers can determine how severe and transmissible the omicron variant really is. we're learning more every single day. >> and we'll fight this variant was science and speed, not chaos and confusion on thursday, the white house says president biden will address the country from the national institutes of health. >> and is expected to announce more stringent testing requirements for international travel right now. travelers must test negative within 3 days of their departure to the u.s. from any destination. the
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white house is expected to tighten those rules so that everyone coming to the u.s. must test negative within one day of their flight regardless if they are vaccinated in the meantime, doctor fauci says the best way to protect yourself from the virus get vaccinated. if you're not already vaccinated, get boosted. if you've been vaccinated. and the president said that his strategy will not include shutdowns or lockdowns rather encourage americans to get vaccinated for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. reyna. back to you. thank you for that update. anna. >> all right. well, still to come on the kron 00:00am morning news, the u.s. supreme court heard arguments in a case that could up in nearly 50 years of abortion rights in this country. we'll have a look at that once we get back from break. now to our
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nation's capital where the u.s. supreme court heard arguments in a case that could eventually up in nearly 50 years of abortion rights in the united states protesters on both sides of the issue make their voices heard outside the courthouse. the case centers on a restrictive mississippi law which bans most abortions after 15 weeks, kellie meyer has the latest for us. >> oh, yea. the supreme court hearing arguments in a case that could revoke 50 years of
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abortion rights in and that's why we think would be devastating for the court to take this right away right now defenders of abortion rights pleading with the court to let roe versus wade. the 1973 decision granting those rights to stay in place. the question before the justices whether to uphold mississippi state ban on abortions after 15 weeks rose set a precedent of 24 weeks generally considered to be the time when a fetus can survive outside the. but if it really is an issue about choice was 15 weeks. >> not enough time for for a few reasons. your honor first, the state has conceded. >> that some women will not be able to obtain an abortion before 15 weeks early. riggleman representing mississippi's only remaining abortion clinic. this is julie rick almonds. second time arguing an abortion case before the high court. >> the first came when the late ruth bader ginsburg was a justice now there's a 6, 3 conservative majority today. liberal justices warned that nothing around. the issue has changed. only the political
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makeup of the court taking the case up now warren justice sotomayor is a threat to the legal justice system. will this institution. >> survive the stench. that this creates arguing to curtail abortion rights. 39 year-old scott stewart, a former trump justice department lawyer who defended family separations at the border in federal court. now mississippi, solicitor general roe and casey have failed. but the people, if given the chance will succeed in the end, a majority of the conservative-leaning court seem sympathetic to stewart's argument. if roe is overturned or weekend, 12 state stand ready to outlaw abortion immediately. but we won't know how the justices rule until a decision is announced likely late spring or early summer next year reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> well, even if roe versus wade is over, turn or weekend. the california state constitution does and wood continue to protect a woman's right to an abortion. we'll be right to an abortion. we'll be right back after the break.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at you now 04:30am, here on this thursday morning. and we were talking about just how wonderful it was yesterday. i got a chance to get outside. get some sunshine and you a little walk around


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