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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 2, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> some of the 9 that we like to around here is the finest hour and aria. and i'm james of waking up this morning to chilly. but sunny conditions will be a little hazy out yeah. yeah. here's not know. probably get in your way. that much, right. i moderate. i would say it shouldn't get your much that way of is is true. so we've had worse. that's for during wildfire season. >> it's just that cap right across the bay. this high pressure is kind of pushing those pollutants down with us. and that's where you get that hazy layers. you look at the
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horizon can actually see it really well. in your san jose cam the blue up above and then look at the horizon line right there. and yeah, that's the familiar scene. >> the haze. that is really just hanging out the bay itself as for the central valley it's not just unhealthy air quality. it's also some to leave fog that has been streaming on into solano county portions of the eastern alameda and contra costa counties. this has resulted in some lower visibility pockets and some big problems out there for some travel. portions of highway for portions of 6 ad and contra costa and solano counties and 80 itself. as you head, especially to the northeast. a vacaville has had some big issues with that fog current temperatures range from the 40's 50's to even a low 60 and bodega bay pacifica itself petaluma santa rosa and avato egypt. 46 oakland, you're sitting at a cool but relatively comfortable 55 right now. i'll talk about what's it going to be like this afternoon still to come on over to rain will go. you've had some accidents where we said, yeah, we had
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some issues along the san mateo bridge. so. >> along one o one. we had an accident there that has been cleared. we also had a traffic hazard on the high rise along the san mateo bridge that is also being cleared. now. we're down to under 15 minutes. we were at about 25 last time we were checking in travel into the city right now. a little under 17 minutes for your drive time there. no accidents or hazards on the bay bridge at this hour traveling out a rich in a little under 12 is running across towards san rafale and let's check on the south bay along one. oh, one from 85 to menlo park a little under 35 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks for a 9. '02, and our top story this morning is about omicron the new covid variant. we know the first case was found and all us found in san francisco. we also know that the second case was found this morning in minnesota. so we've got 2 confirmed cases now with many more expected as. >> health experts believe this is already spread in the u.s. we do have team coverage following various angles to this will tran, for instance, is out at sfo with a look at some of the new restrictions.
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we expect the biden administration to issue today on international travel. but first let's go to camila barco in the newsroom with more on the case that happened in the bay area. >> good morning, guys. yes, san francisco man is the first on kron case detected in the country and this man, he has some mild symptoms this morning and a self isolating. but if you take a look at your screen. this is how the health department came across the case. officials say the man flew into sfo on november 22nd after a trip to south africa. 6 days later he developed covid symptoms and got tested on monday. his results came back positive and that sample was then taken to a ucsf lab for rapid sequencing. now yesterday the cdc confirmed that sample is on the crime now on the kron is a new coronavirus variant. it was first detected in south africa. scientists. scientists say that this fire spread so quickly and city officials say the man did the right thing and got tested quickly. they are confident the city has
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taken preventative measures to handle covid and its variants. >> san francisco is relatively well positioned to respond to variance our vaccine may is high. more boosters are going to arms every day. 5 to 11 year-olds are getting vaccinated. the rapid uptake. our masking and vaccine requirements are among some of the most stringent in the country. >> now that man is fully vaccinated and experts say the vaccine likely saved from suffering a far worse illness. health officials are conducting contact tracing so far. none of the man's contacts have tested positive now. san francisco's public health director. the one you just heard from says the city's vaccination rate is high. it's at 81%. and he says because of this there will be no new restrictions coming to san francisco governor gavin newsome has echoed a similar message will hear from him in the next half hour. and we'll also have more details on the nation's second on the kron case. for now, back to you
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guys. ok, looking for those details. thank you. camila. >> and considering that we know. it's here now health officers throughout the bay area are on alert and the labs are working to check the any positive test for whether or not they are on the kron so far. none of the cases examined have detected that variant health officials in sonoma county say the vaccine and the booster shots are still the best way we have to protect ourselves. >> certainly have seen increased demand for boosters, which is great because we do want to ensure that people do get their boosters data does seem to show that the boosters not only increase and ensure that that anybody level is consistent. but it was just seems to also activate different arms of the immune system which is helpful in contracting any variant. we've seen that with delta and presumably that would be the case. it on the front. >> county health officials are doubling their efforts to examine the positive cases. as
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for any new restrictions because of this new covid variant. that is not happening yet. none of the county say that they're going to require anything different at this point. >> 9 '05, is time will happening today. there will be some coming from the white house. now in terms of flights and international travel because of the omicron variant does that's now popping up in more than one place in the you can see this live shot as f o. let's go to that with kron. four's will tran. he's following what this means from changes i will. >> what it's going to mean for international travelers. it just got a little bit tougher. not today. but the expected to kick in early next week. so right now if you're coming into united states, you have 3 days out from your flight to prove that you're negative for covid-19 before you boarded no problems but as early as next week, it will be one day out. so it's going to be tough for that window closes a little bit because they want to keep on the kron variant at bay. we
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already know is that 23 countries across globe and continues to spread at sfo mulling around right now. of course, the mask mandate is still up. and speaking of that, that will remain in effect all the way and through march 18th. it was set to expire domestically for public transportation, including domestic flights next month. that that's going to continue until march as far as the biden restrictions that he plans to put in place. he also wants to boost the booster shots. let people know exactly what's going on with that. in fact, here's president biden talking about what he plans to do to attack latest challenge. >> we're learning more every single day and we'll fight this variant was science and speed, not chaos and confusion. >> not chaos, not confusion, not lockdown, not shut down as well. so looks like things are just going to be monitored, so to speak, with the trying to do james and area. it's to
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keep this at bay to keep to give the world health organization, american doctors to make sure that they know exactly what they're dealing with is is dead. the year. how does the spread how to attack it didn't minimize it as best as they can. and speaking of minimize it, he's going to tell people booster shots are available about 60% of americans are already fully vaccinated and he's going to try to tell the employers out there. get your employees vaccinated and if not, if you haven't done that are ready to step up with his weekly covid-19 tests right now. if you're coming to us, it's not going to be as tough come next week. remember that window? one week, one day window get this. james and area. they don't care about your vaccination status. you better be covid-19 free. before you come into the u.s. backed. yeah. and that takes testing its all it. we're not going to find out what very we have. thank you. we don't test and as thank you, we'll wonder for airports where will as you've
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got sfo is part of this special cdc program. the does. >> testing where they either do it at the airport or give it for you to go at home. but. it's primarily. they were only doing this for travelers from india because that's where the delta variant came from. but now they're going to change that because this new variant came originated in south africa. >> in response to the omicron variant the cdc expanded the scope of the pilot test program at to now include travelers arriving from south africa, germany, france and the uk really the countries where this omicron variant is known to be spreading. >> the thing that's interesting is they're going do the testing there and the one that you can take away for those international travelers. but as we talked about the second case was discovered just this morning of omicron in minnesota and in that case the guy had traveled to new york. so we're not doing any of this special testing and offers everything else for any other places. however, you
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know, that's also the good change for the monitor. what president biden has to say terms of the and restrictions everything else and then a reminder of 9.30. coming we'll talk more about that second about the case. >> health officials in san mateo county, by the way, say the demand for booster shots probably because of this variant that's on the rise. the demand has gone up so high now that you actually have to make an appointment. if you want to get a shot at one of the county's vaccine clinics. they used to accept walk-ups, but they just don't have the space available anymore at the cemetery event center there on saratoga drive. so you have to make an appointment. there. but officials say that booster shots are also available for you at community clinics and health care providers and pharmacies, many of which don't require an appointment just yet. so better luck there, if you need one right away. >> it's looking really bad for a's fans who really want the team to stay in oakland. the team hasn't said anything new. but we do have a new report, a little couple reports actually, according to cnbc the a's are really specifically interested at this point. and the tropicana hotel site, which is on the strip in vegas for a new
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stadium and it might be like 1 billion dollars. but the a's would still have to put together a plan. how they got to pay for bid on the land so far doesn't appear according to reports that that's been done. but the a's haven't commented on any of this. we're just watching what they have done and we know the a's owner has made several trips to vegas and we know what the a's and mlb have said, which is that they could leave if they want to leave and. it's looking more and more that way. and also things are not looking good for mlb in general because breaking news from overnight. there's now a lockdown, a lockout. the previous agreement between the owners and the players expired overnight and the 2 sides have reached new deal, which means there isn't a a lockout and that means that team officials and players cannot communicate in any way. it also means no free agent deals. no trades, no pictures. i mean, look at webs. this is the giants website to the roster. >> look, no pictures who's on the roster and that the names there. but all of the pictures have been removed and that's
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just part of the effect. now, at this point there's been no effect on the schedule which would be for next season. they have not canceled any games or anything. it hasn't come to that. this is basically just day one. >> of the lock. >> 9.11 is the time. we'll take a quick break, but still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news the city of walnut creek is taking some steps now to stop retail theft. we'll talk more about what they're planning on implementing and the desperate need for donations and volunteers for the salvation army. they say recent retail theft, sir hurting their efforts this holiday season, too. and we'll also take up the where bears are thriving there. but now thore's high demand for bear proof homes and cabins will tell you what they're doing to keep the bears out and we have seen some haze to fog were inland valleys this morning for sfo, it's that easy looking horizon that we've seen the past few days. >> later on today. we're keeping the 70's around, but only for one more day, a cool down and eventually a pretty noticeable change of pace in your forecast. and we had a
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slower start to our morning, but we're starting to see some improvement out there along
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>> quite our just just for you, daria and maybe everyone has entertained. it's it's our own better. let's mindful towers. always you know what, it's i'm glad you pointed out because we take some things like this for granted. you got appreciate schools. not everyone has a quite but we do. and it is beautiful this morning sitting under some sunshine. lots of that sunshine expected, especially along the coastline already this morning. bayside areas. you'll tap into some clear conditions and our inland areas. believe it or not. if you are under some fog right now. will also get there later on today, the to fog has been very dense for some of our inland neighbors out towards the central valley dense enough that we do have another dense fog advisory. in fact, for solano county and the valley this morning. so from foggy cool mornings to some hazy sunshine later on today. we've got a repeat of what we got yesterday just a little bit cooler. not quite as warm as yesterday. likely still a few records broken, though, as temperatures are expected to
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rise into the 70's for many of us tomorrow. still clear and dry. but we get a little bit cooler saturday likely a little cooler yet. a few clouds and maybe even some misty conditions near the coastline. as for today's daytime highs. like i said, similar to yesterday but not quite as warm oakland novato fremont redwood city each at 72. well, san jose at 74 tomorrow's daytime highs in the 60's. and that's the way we're staying through the rest of this forecast. as for next week, cool 60's, a chance of sprinkles monday night and tuesday morning and a better chance of rainfall on into the start of the following week rain. all right. john, got to get outside today and enjoy that sunshine. so we do have a new accident just popped up. >> westbound 9.80 at 14th street. so we're not seeing any residual delays along here. but if you're traveling along 5.80. i am seeing some delays along that highway traveling into the city. once you reach the maze a little under 15 minutes we had earlier issues that slowed us down along the bay bridge,
9:18 am
including an accident, a hazard. those 2 things are both clear at this hour, traveling across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes and looking at the richmond center fell commute as you travel out of richmond down to under 11 darya james, back to you. thank you, ray. 9.17 and we're seeing more bears. we know that even in the bay area that we're bears, right. but tahoe seen a real interest at like increased. yeah. >> in the hundreds right now. that's what they're many of them, though, as we've reported, are starting to break into homes and cabins more and more often. so. >> now homeowners are seeking better ways to, you know, can you bear proof house. but at least try to keep him out. how do you do that? dennis shanahan takes a look. >> it's difficult to keep up with the calls and the work. >> ryan welch has the kind of job they don't teach you about in school. i bear proof homes for a living as the owner of a business called bear busters. he designs manufactures and installs discreet wiring around windows and doors to keep the bears out on.
9:19 am
>> it's an electric fence energizer. it's been used, you know, for cattle and livestock for over a 100 years. and we're just modifying this to work on people's homes. we put these wires in key locations where we know a bear in iraq's with the door or a window. >> sometimes those locations include the 3rd floor. it is really simple for a bear to stand on a hand rao. gain access to an upper story. dec in front of sliding glass doors. ryan installs removable electric bungee cords again at a strategic height for the front door. he makes electrified door mats. no problem for rubber sold shoes, but shocking for bear paws. >> if they step on the electric matt or if they touch the electric bungee cords. they just kind of pulled from the property. >> for anyone wondering why all this is necessary on the bear busters youtube channel. you can see how the bears are smart enough to turn door knobs. there's also an example of the damage they do when they get inside a home when
9:20 am
they get food sources, they will return. they will keep returning until something changes and deters them from the property. >> but when a bear touches electrified wires. the jolt is enough to send a strong message but not enough to cause injury that can harm the bear. yes, it hurts, but it doesn't do any physical harm to an animal or human being nature is of course, what attracts people to lake tahoe. but locals would like more visitors to realize bears are simply part of the deal. >> don't resent the animals for being here. they are here they make it what they make a wonderful as executive director of the bear league tahoe based nonprofit and bryant works tirelessly to educate people about to host their population. >> this is a force. there's wild animals here. there's very smart bears here and we have to do what we can to keep them out of trouble and to make ourselves and them be safe during fall. the bears
9:21 am
are looking to store up calories for their winter naps. their powerful sense of smell leads them to food where ever it is and says 2021 has been one of the busiest season she has ever seen in terms of bears getting into homes. >> i think it's because there's more people not because it's more bears. in one case that received a lot of publicity. but vista home owner was in the face when she and a bear startled each other in the kitchen and bryant recommends electric wiring as the best way to fully protect a home only problem is the systems are now in such high demand. they're busters is booked solid through the winter. ryan is now putting homeowners on a spring waiting list to store the news. in the meantime, the bear league has a stash of electric mats. people can borrow at no cost goal as. >> to remind these bears that homes are not safe. you don't want approach and our window thinking you're going to get in and get ice cream. it's going to hurt. and there are simple things every tall
9:22 am
resident and visitor can do for the safety of themselves. their property and the bears. i wish every homeowner up here. >> would recognize that we're living in bear country and recognize that our bares have adapted to living around us. >> quicker than we've adapted to living with them and be more proactive about securing and protecting their houses those closure doors >> don't standard-bearers escape route as he does get a call for help educate yourselves before you come here, be prepared. couple that with an electrical fence system. >> the bears are getting a negative association of your property and eventually they just start walking by your house looking for easier opportunities in tahoe city dennis shanahan, fox 40 it's funny that it came down to like the mat. you can get them out for free. that borrow it, right. because that's the first thing i thought is well, i would just like to get them at to start. >> because. you know, because
9:23 am
and that will send a message pretty quick, trusting. but you know, that's. >> one of the as she said. that's one of the elements of living up the mountain. you just have to learn how to live with just right. so like though, they won't go in my house. i guess i don't just want to move let's move along house. no. right, right. right your house that's right back.
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9.25 and we want to update you because it's been more than a week now since our kron 4 security guard and retired police offered kevin nishita. >> was shot and killed. he died on saturday. he was trying to protect a kron 4 news crew eneded protect us, but it cost him his life. he died on saturday and then yesterday. he received his body received a police escort from the coroner's office in oakland to a funeral home in mountain view. and we wanted to share that with you. and here's the coffin draped in an american flag and there was a police proceseion with the blue and red flashing lights. kevin ishida served in uniform as an officer at the oakland
9:27 am
housing authority and with the police departments of hayward coma and san jose san jose led the procession to its final destination. >> sergeant she but when he was still with the san jose police department. we were detectives together and the gang investigation unit for 3 years. yeah. we brought her brother home and that's what this was about. >> and he was brother to so many. he was so important to so many people's lives and it is just a sad sad loss and we're still looking for the person who killed him and will tell you a new effort about that. the oakland police department says they want to speak to a person who they think has cell phone video and that would greatly help the investigation. so we want to get that word out. and the exact location of where this happened, the intersection of 14th and webster streets in downtown oakland. and they think that did ever did this. they were going for our camera. and then they jumped in a white car and got away
9:28 am
this new video. if they can get new video from whoever has it could really help them to find the shooter. there's a reward out. so we want to let you know about that. also, you've probably heard that there is a fund the kevin issued a trust to help his family cope. with this tragic loss. you can make a donation at any metropolitan bank and we have more information on the has a clue in the search for the killer and how you can help. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. >> coming up, officials have detected to omicron cases in the live with where they
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9:30 am
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>> 30 right can you see anything with that. there's a building my tears tower. that's that's ok through the clouds. it looks so puny. i know it's amazing. it's a little and. >> is that fog is mostly just hayes and that's a combo right there. yeah. so that's that spinversion that the high pressure just caps right over the bay. and so you're actually seeing that cool air of air. that's just trapped at the surface that layer has a little bit more moisture trapped in it. so it does contribute to some fog. it also has some pollutants from the bay trapped in it too. so it kind of makes for that hazy sunshine that we do have across the bay right now just pushed right down into the bay. you can also see that from a different perspective here in san jose. if you look right at the horizon, you can see that brownish grey in the distance. that's the
9:32 am
inversion. that's that layer of haze that we do have yet again making for moderate air quality. it's more so to leave fog further inland and that's why we do have a dense fog advisory that does remain for a few more minutes and solano county also has impacted visibility along highway 4 contra costa's portion of 6 ad as well as solano county's portion of that route and then 80 and solano county. conquer. your visibility is still below a mile at this moment as we are seeing some of that dense fog out that direction. 40's 50's and 60's for our current temperatures pacific and bodega bay. not just our warmest spot in the 60's but are also under some sunshine out there. it is a morning to be at the coast because that's where skies of the clearest and temperatures are the most mild brain. thank you for that, john. a very nice forecast still as you are heading from the east bay. >> into the city right now. look at that traffic moving along pretty nicely. still a little under 8 minutes for you to make that commute to make it to that fremont street exit. we had some hazards on the san mateo bridge that is clear now you're down to under
9:33 am
14 as you're traveling there, the richmond center fell bridge traveling across or sandra fell a little under 9 minutes of traffic moving. pretty freely and along one o one. if you're heading there for 85 in menlo park a little under 28 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks a lot us. 9.32 and new this morning. this morning we found out there is now a second case of omicron in the u.s. and it was just detected in minnesota. yeah. this after the first case of omicron was. >> detected in san francisco. so up in the newsroom right now. we have kron fours, camila barco standing by with the latest on what is going to be happening now that these cases have surface camila. >> well, let's talk about the second omicron case. that's new this morning. it involves a man in minnesota. officials say the person had traveled to new york city for a convention but lab results detected the first case here in san francisco that person. was a san francisco man who recently traveled to south africa this morning. he is recovering and self isolating. now governor gavin newsome says that this
9:34 am
was predicted. he is expecting more of these cases to pop up in california. the san francisco man who had traveled to south africa. he shortly after develop covid symptoms got tested and came back positive. now newsom says they were able to identify the case because of the state's testing capabilities. state leaders say that their main message to the public is not to panic, but they also asked people to keep their guard up and because of the state's vaccination efforts. newsome says that he has no plans ship to shut down the economy or the schools. >> none of us want to see that happen. i certainly don't want to see that happen. and i see no indication at this moment whatsoever that that's in our immediate future. as long as we continue our nation, the efforts we are proud to be able to identify in this state because of those efforts to be well prepared. >> around covid the lessons we learned over the past 20 plus months. >> to be ready on all fronts in california. demonstrates that today.
9:35 am
>> now little is known about the omicron variant. however, the world health organization has declared it as a variant of concern. state officials are working to get more information on the omicron variant and they are also boosting a covid testing at airports across the state. live in the newsroom. camila barco, back to you. thanks, camila. >> well, 9.35 also happening today, the oakland city council president is going to be introducing a plan to address police staffing shortages in the city. the proposal includes a new hiring incentive program for opd with the goal of filling at least 60 police officer positions as soon as possible. the program would also include cash for experienced officers and oakland residents who want to join the force. >> in east bay. walnut creek city council has made a decision. they've approved spending 2 million dollars in federal funds from the american rescue plan to add a new 5 person police team
9:36 am
dedicated 2 patrolling the downtown area. and that's because of the recent smash-and-grab robbery at nordstrom and broadway plaza. and on that night, there were 90 people that ransacked the store stealing more than a $125,000 in merchandise. >> i think people is agree jus and particularly on acceptable. we need to arrest charge and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. >> in addition to the extra staffing and overtime. the resolution is also going to give money for security cameras and for a drone. 3 people have been arrested so far in connection with a north from robbery and the police chief says expect more arrests in the coming weeks. now because of all these donations are down and the salvation army says that they're volunteers are fewer and far between they're getting less money in their coffers. and then also 3rd scared, the branch in contra, costa county
9:37 am
has seen donations to the red kettles dive by about a 30%. they're down third-story $30,000 there down from the what they were this time last year. they say they don't have enough volunteers and that the bell ringers are in harm's way. >> it's an effect it up because, you know, we have a building out by the mice. he's in walnut creek, which is just adjacent to the nordstrom. i don't know why off to that coin happened. that big con. the mo was pretty coy. fortunately. and this a lot more police presence that now. but yeah, it's sort of shocking and sad. >> because of the safety concerns he'll may notice when you go shopping. the bell ringers have been instructed to stand closer to the entrance of the stores. >> in the south bay. we have san jose mayor sam liccardo. outrage now over decision to release 2 murder suspects from custody without bail. so the 2 men charged in connection with the murder of a man on halloween are seen on the screen here. a judge released him from custody without bond this week and that has local
9:38 am
law enforcement agencies furious mayor liccardo agrees saying something has to be done to balance defend its rights with protecting the community. you know what we're saying because the bell policies folks are back out there while they're still high on methamphetamine that. but let's make sure we actually have a defendant who is there in court for that preliminary examination. if you release them. >> on their own recognizance is a very high probability. they're never going to be back in that courthouse because they know if they are very good chance are going up locked up for years, if not decades. >> earlier this year, the california supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional to hold suspects behind bars if they can't afford bail and judges apparently can only order suspects to be held behind bars if there is clear evidence in the case. you utter director and former teacher in the south bay will be spending the next 35 years in prison. for assault. santa clara county sheriff's department arrested joseph hoag on september 3rd of last year. and this came after a 13
9:39 am
year-old boy told detectives that hold repeatedly asked to see his stomach during a zoom meeting in may of last year. the victim says that hold also asked another 13 year-old boy to show in his underwear. a 3rd person. then came forward telling detectives touched him inappropriately while he was a 5th grader. hoke had spent more than 20 years as a 5th grade teacher blossom hill in los gatos and that has been sentenced to 35 years behind bars. >> it's 9.39. and still ahead, a new drone emergency in san jose. we're going to tell you what they're going to do about it. and the forty-niners get ready for a big game in seattle. we're going hear from head coach kyle shanahan. coming up. >> plus, a new effort from congress to stop online shopping bots from buying up all the popular gifts that you're trying to get this holiday season. [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] lisa looks like you've... [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] lisa, you might be on mute. [ sfx: pop ping bloop ] [ phone buzzing ] the day can wait...
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enter the golden state with real california dairy.
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you tried to buy something online and it's like a big deal like tv or something. there's all they ran out. >> they read they just want tell the ps 5 last year and this year still can hold one. now, why is that? yeah, it actually turns out it's not like somebody buy one for themselves or maybe 2. yeah, it's these bots are able to buy everything before you could be and then they turn around trying to sell it back to me like triple the price high ridiculous. well, now there's a congressional group of democrats that are. >> trying to do something to help. they're introducing a bill that they're hoping will
9:43 am
build on previous legislation that protected online ticket sales from bots. that was signed back into law. but back 2016, they simply some. it's like tickets copping. will they buy all the tickets in the next count. so they've all the products, right. and so when they see this increase during the holidays and also check your email. you see lots of increases in online scams all something. you got to watch for right now. >> hot time. we'll be right >> hot time. we'll be right back. after my car accident, >> hot time. we'll be right back. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes.
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>> all right. 9.45 is the time. let's talk about the south bay. the city of san jose. now declaring a 15% water shortage and they're asking people to limit their use of sprinklers to just 2 days a week in an effort to save up on that water out all outdoor watering has to be done between 8 at night and 10 in the morning. don't do it in the afternoon like you see in this video. >> so we do the yeah. the city council approved the new drought rules. >> obviously in response to the worsening drought situation. so do your part, please, please, please do your part. >> 9.46 is the time right now. want to check out the weather and we've got all kinds of sunshine. if i likes to be in a boat on the water in any way i would, but i forecast for folks that are going want or
9:47 am
not. what this is a december day to be on the water, if you like it, if you don't then stand the land and enjoy it because we've got good options for both a san francisco looks gorgeous yet again, we're going to be seeing another sunny day ahead of us will be at some hazy sunshine and you can see some of that haze here in the shot of san francisco. yesterday was a record breaker for much of the bay area sf san jose oakland all record breaking numbers. gilroy notably. >> getting up to 80 degrees will be quite as warm today, but fairly comparable. now we are off to a foggy start for inland areas. a lot of things about this morning have been a repeat of what we had yesterday. the to leave fog inland. the haze elsewhere. we are going to see sunshine breaking through the fog later on. but you'll still notice the haze into the afternoon. tomorrow is going to be a touch of a cooler one. still a nice one. great way to start the weekend on friday. saturday, we cool things down just a little bit further and maybe even a couple of misty spots towards the coastline on saturday as for temperatures today will be back into the upper 60's for san francisco and upper 60's to low 70's right along the coastline.
9:48 am
70's for the most part for bayshore cities with saying carlos woodside at 73 south bay numbers. again among our warmest and not much different than yesterday, san jose at 74 east bay temperatures, low 70's. well oakland and richmond holding on to the upper 60's mostly in the mid to upper 60's across the north bay antioch as well as point rays at 66 degrees matching on either side of the bay. now tomorrow's temperatures fall into the 60's and we stay there for the rest of this forecast will remain in the low 60's on into next week and towards the end of next week and even greater pattern change that could open the door for finally some rainfall. the push back in rain. is much needed. >> we do have an accident. this is in sunnyvale, northbound 85 north of 2.80 south. so we're seeing a slight delay as you're traveling along 85 heading from the east bay into the city at this hour. a little under 18 minutes for your drive time there. we had earlier accidents and hazards not seeing that at this hour,
9:49 am
heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes making away. no major issues along one oh, one out of richmond heading across towards center fell a little under 10 minutes for you. the golden gate bridge. pretty nice and light traveling 37 down to the tolls. about 20 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the south bay. 2 3785 82. i don't see any hazards at this hour. darya james, back to you. thank you. it is 9.49 once again. oh, my god. hours now, we've been talking about the forty-niners. >> at the 49 8, 9, 49. >> will they beat seattle this weekend. this could be the game. all the signs seem to be pointing that way. the universe is speaking right niners have won the last 3 in a row. they got a lot of momentum going into this divisional game. so we'll see maybe if you wear the tie tomorrow. >> and we watch kron. 4 sports director jason dumas. >> the forty-niners were back at work prepping for yet another big game this sunday. they'll head to the pacific
9:50 am
northwest to take on the seahawks seattle made some news when they signed 36 year-old running back adrian peterson in an effort to sure up their backfield, which is without its starter and 2 key backups. it's been a tough season for the seahawks. they're just 3 nate. and in last place in the nfc west. but despite all the struggles kyle shanahan jimmy g they know they can't let their guard down, especially against a quarterback as good as russell wilson. >> people go through it. you know, especially when your quarterback misses some time. i'm different guys in there takes a lot of get that continuity. but even though they on monday night. just like typical seattle fashion. you saw how they almost won the game to. they've got the better of us is last couple times. so it will be a good challenge for us. >> you know, going to there home turf. it's going to be awesome by. we know that whatever the records are. but i know will be a 4. >> moreau catholic high school
9:51 am
basketball coaches and players are honoring an alum who died in a car crash earlier this year. the inaugural oscar frayer invitational will be held at the school this weekend. oscar led the mariners to section championships in 2014 2016 and a state runner-up finish in 2014 he was one of the top players in the bay area during his high school years and help build more roads winning tradition after played his college ball at grand canyon university and led them to their first ncaa tournament appearance just days before his death this saturday teams from all over the east bay will come tomorrow. catholics to compete and keep oscars legacy alive. former teammates are flying in from all over the country and his mom will be honored before the final game of the tournament. all of the money and from this event will go to a fund named after him that a scholarship. >> and all his buddies played
9:52 am
with him are flying in for the event so they could be here and stuff. and it's just like to ask, know, would be a nightmare and he's really helping people steal. just goes to, you know, the kind of person he was. one of a kind person. you know, very humble for as good as he was. and it was all about helping other so i mean, he's still doing some time, allow my do you do it? you it. and i'm me. >> i remember that tragedy like it was yesterday. good for the school and his family and friends for getting together and honoring him. and we'll be right back. at 9.52.
9:53 am
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>> thank before. and just about done for the morning, but they're never done on kron-on because his 24 7. let's go to the newsroom for theresa and a preview. hi theresa while hi, how are you? daria just one day after we learned of the first case of omicron covid variant in united states. we're now learning of a second case and we are waiting for president biden to lay out his administration's strategy to handle the pandemic this winter. we'll bring you his address live and we'll have continuing coverage all of the variant to see that coverage and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone scan. this qr code and it will take you straight to your app store so you can download the kron on app for free. thanks, theresa.
9:56 am
>> so happening tonight. if you're interested participating, we have the holiday tree lighting ceremony that will be taking place in san francisco. the uncle john street in golden gate park going to light it up like they did last year, which is what this videos from so pretty except the shoes. the kids might not need to hats that they had. were still his back at this as outside the mclaren lodge on the east side of the part, the mayor's going to be there. >> and that all starts at 6 o'clock and it should be pretty nice for it. that it's actually just part of kicking off the golden gate park's winter light that's a whole thing. a lot of festive light. yeah. solutions all throughout the parts of that will be fun to tour once they get that all lit up for you. now on the other side of the city. they're having drag queens on ice. union square different live up to there will be it directly which really both will but i would recommend bringing bringing the jacket. you think obviously, yeah, i would say so to the light fluffy. that's all you need
9:57 am
tonight. okay. has you do want the jacket. i agree with james. >> but it's still going to be fairly mild today is the last of our 70's after this. it's pretty solid 60's the rest of this forecast. we are going to be looking at a chance of sprinkles monday night into tuesday morning. better chances of rainfall towards the beginning of not next week, but the one after it. i know it's a long time to wait. but we've enjoyed this dry weather. you know what his we're always talking about decorations. i forgot since rain is a traffic expert decorations on cars yes or no profit caught. yes. yeah. ubers and lyfts. thank you ubers and lyfts. thank you all. genexa is the first clean medicine company. when i'm sick, i don't want some wimpy medicine. -well we're vegans. -with gluten allergies. -is genexa right for me? -yes! look for genexa, the first clean medicine company. (honks and cheers)
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