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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 2, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now it's 3 president biden puts out a plan to combat the covid-19 pandemic this winter. we have team coverage on the changes and how they aim to keep americans safe from the newest variants. plus a north bay cannabis descent dispensary gets broken into overnight to now the owner is calling on city leaders to protect businesses. and remembering the victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland 5 years later, we look back on the night of the tragedy and what's still ahead to find justice and bring peace to the victims. families. now from the local news station.
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>> this is kron 4 news at 3. >> today's a plan. our scientists and covid teams have recommended a plan that all americans hopefully can rally around should unite us not continue to separate us. >> now at 3 president biden laying out his administration's plan to combat the new omicron variant of covid its discovery in the bay area is just the beginning. it's now at least 2 states. thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock on this thursday. i'm justine waltman. the president says his plan is needed because of the omicron variant and it's also raising some covid-19 cases. there are concerns about that our dc correspondent alexandra limon joins us live with details on this out sort of the changes. what can we expect now. >> hey, justine. good evening. that medical experts expect the number of covid-19 cases to continue rising through the winter. and that's why a big part of his plan involved
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urging all eligible americans to get their vaccine or booster. >> president biden is implementing new travel rules to combat the newly discovered omicron variant all inbound international travelers. >> most test within one day of departure regardless of their vaccination status or nationality. the president is also extending the mask requirement through the winter for domestic travelers on planes, trains buses. >> and all public transit us surgeon general vivek murthy says the cdc is studying a plan that would allow students to test frequently to stay in the classroom after exposure to covid-19 the cdc is looking at the data around this to make sure. >> they know the details of what frequency of testing makes sense. want to make sure that the data is clear that this is a safe strategy. the administration is also expanding efforts to get more vaccines in the arms of unvaccinated adults and children older than 5 by
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opening clinics where families can get their shots together. a plan is also in the works to increase access to testing by having private health insurance cover the cost of at-home tests. and we will be sending 50 million. >> rapid antigen tests that community centers around the country so people can also access those tests for president. biden says he hopes the country will unite behind his plan think of in terms of literally a patriotic responsibility. >> and president biden also announced that the u.s. is pledging to deliver 200 million additional vaccines and the nets 100 days. >> to countries that need them in an effort to help the worldwide fight against the pandemic. justine, back to you. so alex, the president focused a lot on the effort to keep schools open is there an update now on how many kids aged 5 to 11 this new group that's now been allowed to get vaccinated. what those numbers are looking like. yeah, actually spoke to the surgeon general today and asked him
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that question. and he tells me that about 4 million kids in that 5 to 11 range have been vaccinated. that's about 15% of the total number of so the u.s. still has a long way to go to vaccinate all of those school children. alex, thank you so much. now part of the president's plan like alexandra just mentions include some new restrictions on international travel. >> kron four's charles clifford joins us now live from san francisco international airport with more on these changes ahead. good afternoon, charles. >> yeah, hi. so earlier this week we learned in non us citizens traveling from 8 south africa our southern africa and nations are banned from coming here today. we're learning the news or knew about these new restrictions that apply to all international travelers. >> the biden administration has announced that starting next week. all international travelers coming to the u.s. that includes vaccinated unvaccinated citizens non us citizens will have to receive a covid-19 test within 24
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hours of departure. that is a tighter restriction that has been in place for the past several months. also the biden administration announced that the mask mandate, which was set to expire in a couple of weeks will be extended that requires people at airports on public transportation like buses to continue to wear a mask on thursday. we talked to several travelers here at sfo who generally agree with the new mandate. >> but admit that it could be a burden on people trying to enter this country i think tend getting it. this before playing in is a good idea. but 24 it's going to be a bit tight. >> but not all countries that quit, but all so that might be to. but otherwise, mean, you know, to to restore normalcy in the safely. this a good step forward. >> well, i love traveling. so as long as i'm vaccinated i'll would and that site is vaccinated and everybody what im has very comfortable. >> also new here this week at sfo, the airport has joined the cdc in offering voluntary
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testing options to all international travelers after they arrive. that includes either one taking a pcr test here at the airport that has pulled with other travelers test results to see if anyone in the group has contracted coronavirus or travelers can be sent a take home test which arrives in the mail about 3 to 5 days after they get here. they can be tested that way. >> as well. all right. back live now as we head into the holiday season. a lot of people going to be traveling. this is could be all a little confusing if you want to try to sort through it all. you go to kron 4 dot com. we have some information there on all the latest travel restrictions. but for now at sfo, charles clifford kron. 4 news, thank you so much, charles. and now here are some details on that second case of omicron variant that's been found. the united states. >> the patient is in minnesota. and according to health officials, they did not travel outside of the country but did recently traveled to new york city for an anime convention. bay area health officers are working now to see if this variant has spread beyond san francisco and into
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far, none of the cases examined have detected this variant health officials in sonoma county say the vaccine and the booster shots are the best way to protect yourself. >> certainly have seen increased demand for boosters, which is great because we do want to ensure that people do get their boosters data does seem to show that the boosters not only increase and ensure that that anybody level is consistent. but it was just seems to also activate different arms of the immune system which is helpful in counteracting any variant. we've seen that with delta and presumably that would be the case with on the run. >> so other county health officers are saying they're doubling up their efforts not to examine positive cases so far. current county say they are not taking any additional steps are making any changes to the current covid restrictions. but health officials in san mateo county say that demand for booster shots is on the rise that demand is so high. we'll have
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to make an appointment. if you want to get the shot at any of the county's vaccine clinics all walk-ups will be turned away from the san mateo event center on saratoga drive. officials say boosters are also available at community clinics, health care providers and pharmacies, many of which do not require an appointment. we're learning a lot more about the omicron variant. if you want more information, you can do is scan this qr code on your screen right now. we'll take you to a special section on our website and that's we can learn more about this new variant along with all the latest vaccine information. it's on kron 4 dot com. today marks 5 years since the ghost ship warehouse fire claimed 36 lives in oakland. the flames erupted during an illegally held music event and many attending that dance party got trapped and died inside the inferno. kron four's terisa saw snow is following the story for us today has looked back and also tells us how we can still honor the lives of those who were lost. he joins us now here in the newsroom.
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good afternoon, theresa. i as you can imagine, this is a very difficult day for the victims. families as you said, it was 5 years ago that this happened. this is a video collage of those who died in the early morning hours after attending that music event. they were musicians artists, friends of the band playing. >> the event was held upstairs on the second floor of the warehouse in oakland's fruitvale district experts testified during the first trial. the stairs collapsed trapping them. derick almena, the man who rented the warehouse out to other artists accepted a plea bargain in march, a jury had not been able to come to a unanimous decision in a very long and emotional trial. i spoke with mary alexander who represented victims families in the civil trial. she says today. 5 year mark is excruciating for families. mister children and friends every day. >> it was devastating for them. they felt like the system really did fail them and failed their loved ones that there was no justice. and
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then when that the al mena. the trial continued and he eventually had a plea deal as well. and no more jail time. that was devastating and. that's one reason why we're so pleased that we were able to get them some justice and the civil case where the criminal justice system had failed. >> speaking about that in a civil lawsuit the family has reached a multimillion dollar settlement against the city of oakland pg e and the owners of the warehouse. all manner and his plea bargain received a 12 year sentence. but backed sliced by the judge to home detention and probation. some people actually justine today are going to that warehouse to honor the victims of going to have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming app service. kronon you can download that for free in your app store. back to you. was it feels like those just yesterday. you know. all right. let's talk
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about our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside here at san francisco international airport hazy out there today. the air quality has been. >> something i've been questioning. so our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here talk about that. what's going on is that there are no fires nearby. but it's really hazy out there yeah, 2 reasons just seen lack of sea breeze and also are above average temperatures. remember yesterday we had record breaking heat. >> above average still today with this cool down, we can see that haze out there right now. even for those of you in the north bay. so we are tracking poor air particles throughout much of the bay area, but starting to see some improvement, especially right along half moon, bay and also near pacific up. they say that cool sea breeze influence cooling down temperatures today. and it's things that onshore flow that we are going to notice improved air quality for tomorrow as well. still going to be on the moderate side. but we really need those showers help clean out all of those air particles out there
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and that won't really arrive until early to the end of next week. but from now until then, though, tracking cooler temperatures double digit cooling right now for thanks to those cool westerly breezes, 8 degrees cooler for those of you in downtown san francisco. so we are noticing right now. mid 50's for half moon bay on account of that on shore flow, 15 degrees. warmer, though, for san jose and fremont 69 degrees could possibly see records broken today mainly for those of you in san jose. the record to break is in the low 70's and inching closer towards that in san jose. so going to keep an eye on that from the kron 4 weather center, a low 60's. for those of you in oakland and low 70's for pittsburgh with widespread mid 60's to upper 60's for most of the north bay napa 66 degrees with valais. whoa, 68 degrees. so we are tracking some changes, though. very dry going to continue to remain dry next week this weekend as well. but then next week storm door will open more on that in my full forecast in just a few
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minutes. just in. back to you. thank you so much for bruce of. >> coming up, the oakland police department has been dealing with a string of homicides and gun violence with fewer than 700 officers on the force. there's a new initiative that's now being proposed to help hire more officers. plus a desperate need for donations and volunteers. the salvation army says recent meet health apps are hurting its efforts this holiday season. also a north bay cannabis descent dispensary gets broken into overnight what the owner wants the city to do to make sure that this does not happen again.
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>> a vallejo cannabis dispensary is offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction least a half a dozen people that broke into the store security measures minimize the loss. but as kron 4 sleep reports. this is coming at a time when legal dispensaries are struggling to keep up with a booming black market. >> it took just minutes for this group of suspects to size up us bloom incorporated in vallejo. >> and then break in cost thousands of the sport in attempt set off the candidates the label police officers showed up about 3 minutes after at least a half dozen
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suspects left the suspects never made it past the lobby and did not get away with any of the product. >> but the attempt to more business. the operations bottom line, really want all of our tax dollars that we're paying every single month to go to having more. >> you know, officials out on the street and get in these black market. you know, these black markets are really damaging our small businesses. the dispensary is working with local elected leaders for help. with crime and possible tax relief. >> this as the california legislative analyst's office says illegal cannabis market sales double legal sales. >> this week in san francisco, the board of supervisors suspended the cities cannabis business tax for next year to support legal retailers and weaken. the black market takes so much time in a day to be compliant to make sure everything we have compliant up 2. >> the california state regulations, a state
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regulations. the city regulations are just really trying to do our best. and for someone to come and no attempt to all the hard work. it really hurts the police department says it is with other in this investigation in light of the ongoing string of organized robberies impacting the bay area. >> meanwhile, the dispensary is sharing this photo of one of the cars believed to be involved in the break-in in vallejo, phillipe djegal kron 4 news. >> and now to the east bay where the oakland city council president has introduced a plan to address police staffing issues in the city. the oakland police department currently has fewer than 700 officers. the goal is to fill at least 60 police officer positions as soon as possible. the program will include partnering with an outside employment agency and offering cash for experienced officers and oakland residents who want to join the department. >> had a nice take long time to produce results. a traditional police today. we
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didn't get new officers on the ground until 2023 and open facing highest some slightly in almost a decade. we need creative approaches to this crisis and we need to have been out. >> there have been more than 100 20 homicides in oakland in 2021. and the oakland police department like to speak to the person believed to have cell phone video in connection to the killing of a crime for security guard kevin nishita investigators believe that the video contains additional leads, including the suspect vehicle leaving the scene on november 24th. that was on the 300 block of 14th street in downtown oakland. authorities are asking the person who recorded the video or anyone with video link to this investigation to contact them immediately at the oakland police department's homicide section. there is a reward of 3200 more than $32,000 is
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being offered for information leading to an arrest. a fund has been set up for them to shoot a family a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin issued a trusted any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail. the address is on your screen right there, right at the top. this information is also on our website, kron 4 dot com. if you want to see it there. the salvation army says recent retail faster having a domino effect on donations this holiday season. the branch in contra costa county says fewer donations are passing through those red kettles compared to this time in previous years. they're down nearly $30,000. the salvation army also does not have enough volunteers and retail thefts are putting bell ringers in harm's way. >> it's an effect it up because, you know, we have a building out by the mice. he's in walnut creek, which is just adjacent to the nordstrom. i don't know why off to that coin happened. that big calm. the mo was pretty coy. fortunately on this. a lot
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more police presence there now. but yeah, it's shocking and sad. >> because of safety concerns. bell ringers are instructed not to stand closer to the entrance of the doors of the store. so they're standing out in front of. >> in the south bay. the city of san jose has declared a 15% water shortage and it is asking people to limit the use of sprinkler systems to now 2 days per week. all outdoor watering must be done between 8 at night and 10 in the morning. the city council approved these new drought rules as a response to the drought conditions in santa clara county. so let's now take a look at the latest drought monitor as we usually do in thursday's that's when it comes out. is here with that. no rain in sight also. and the forecast. >> the. >> but the drought is that we're not in that next exceptional category or for an extreme. >> yeah. most of the bay area in the extreme category and for those of you in the south bay as well. but pretty poor
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with exceptional drought in that maroon color that you're seeing there for most of the east bay, specifically the valleys there. we did notice some improvement last week. but little changed this week. so the good news is we're holding steady. the bad news is it's obviously not improving and we certainly need to see it improving during these upcoming winter months because this is our wet season and we're going to stay dry from now through this weekend. but the storm door appears to open starting for those of you in the north bay shortly after midnight or after your new lunchtime hour on monday. we're tracking light scattered showers. don't let all this green fool. you, though, just thinking about a 10th of an inch of rain or less highest amounts. for those of you in the north bay. but that storm door really does open with measurable rain returning to most of the bay area bring a slight to moderate downpours by thursday morning into thursday afternoon and widespread snow showers for this year. so this one does look more promising bring us beneficial rain to
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the bay area and snow to the sierra and that snow is going to stick around through friday afternoon in this but we also are tracking king tides this weekend just seen from now until then, high tide will peak by friday by 07:30am in the morning with the lowest low tide around 02:30pm in the afternoon. but we're going to see the highest high tides on saturday and these king tides will last through sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. details ahead on your full bay area forecast and what we can expect for your micro climate outlook in just a few minutes. back to you. thank you so much. still had a 03:45pm details and the first. >> major league baseball lockout in more than 2 decades. kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney will join us live to go over what's at stake. but right after the break. a family was shocked to see porch pirates. well, more surprised by something else. they found out about the beats that story.
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>> a kansas city family came home to find porch pirates had already been there and got away with their packages. but as reagan porter explains, these thieves are smaller than most. >> watching packages worth hundreds of dollars to disappear at the hands of porch. pirates is hard enough. that happened to one kansas city, missouri family that lives here. they say, though it was something else caught
3:27 pm
on camera. >> that caught their eye. the thieves ages. this is video from a blink doorbell camera recorded monday afternoon. not a fully grown grinch but rather young boys, they could be that old stealing from robert still in his wife. >> she was furious obviously because, you know, there are several $100 for the products. they're still says they took a christmas present for his daughter. and this is that the being voice struggling to steal a 40 pound bag of dog food. i don't believe it was, you know, some neighborhood kids just out starting trouble. i think it was apparent at in the car saying, hey, go get that's the worst part. is that said light. i would never do that to my child. last year the percentage of americans who had a package stolen jumped nearly 20%. that's according to a recent survey analyzing fbi crime data. police say a couple of ways to avoid having a package stolen is to send it to your workplace or have a neighbor. keep an eye
3:28 pm
>> missouri ranks 12th in kansas ranks 19th when it comes to the number of packages stolen from people. if you want to steal from have a sport, ok. it's terrible. but why would you bring your children into that. >> pretty messed up. >> as reagan porter reporting, the homeowners say they were able to replace all the stone stolen items except for one. >> federal law enforcement officials say synthetic opioids are killing americans at a record rate. i'm reshad hudson in washington. here. the solution coming up. here in california to maine heat waves. why leaders behind this move say this could save lives. >> also go to dc as congress is now ready to act in order to avoid a government shutdown that supposed to happen tomorrow. but just one sender could force the funding to expire. don't go anywhere. kron 4 i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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3:32 pm
deal thursday to keep the federal government running through mid february. how do they explain to the public that they're shutting down government because they don't want people to get vaccinated, but the threat of a temporary shutdown. still looms ahead of friday's deadline with some senate republicans withholding support because of the biden administration's covid-19 vaccine mandates. we don't want a government that to me even more important. i don't want an economic shutdown. kansas senator roger marshal argues federal vaccine mandates put hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake in his state. the benefits stopping this outweigh any type risk utah senator mike lee. first wants a vote on their amendment to the fund, the mandates, the american people have a right to know through our votes where we stand. >> last month 15 gop senators including marshall lee and tennessee. senator marsha blackburn. >> wrote a letter saying they would use all means at their disposal to oppose vaccine mandates. i'm not an anti-vax. are. >> i've been vaccinated. but i
3:33 pm
am anti mandate. blackburn says it's up to democrats to remove the mandates and avoid a shutdown protecting the american people. >> and i think that we can do that. i think that the government can continue to run. they have a cr. i'm not going to vote for it. any one senator can cause a brief government shutdown. >> but president biden hopes it won't come to that. i don't believe that will happen in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits rose last week, even though companies now say they can't find workers to fill job openings. so here are the latest job numbers. jobless claims climbed by 28,000 2, 2, 122,000. that is up from last week's pandemic low of 194,000 and happening right now, some businesses are holding a job fair at the oakland coliseum. it runs until 4. it's about 30 more minutes. you can enter through the 66th avenue gate masks are required. there is
3:34 pm
an investigation underway this afternoon after a man was found dead at golden gate park in san francisco this morning. the body was found at 7th avenue and mlk drive. police say there's no evidence of foul play at this time. but the medical examiner is conducting an investigation. anyone with information is asked to contact the san francisco police department. >> california congresswoman anna eshoo says synthetic opioids like fentanyl are it. >> try that again. a grim number of americans have died from overdose deaths since the start of the pandemic today. the biden administration, some officials there testified on capitol hill about how they plan to address this issue. our washington correspondent reshad hudson has the latest. >> california congresswoman anna eshoo says synthetic opioids like fentanyl are killing americans at a record rate. a grim record that shows no sign of abating washington
3:35 pm
congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers says fentanyl is unlike drugs of the past. this is not your typical street drug. this is a weapons grade poison that is killing our children since the start of the pandemic more than 100,000 americans have died from opioid deaths. a 30% jump from the previous year. >> kentucky congressman brett guthrie blames the biden administration for the lethal drugs spreading across the country. the biden administration's freighter dresses problem in our southern borders driving increases in drug overdoses. >> but the da says so far this year it has taken 13,000 pounds fit know off of the streets. that's enough fentanyl, as was mentioned earlier to give every member of the united states population of potentially lethal dose. >> and to prevent more deaths. the biden administration is recommending strengthening prison sentences for certain synthetic opioids. the nearly 100 civil rights groups have saying it would lead to more
3:36 pm
rest instead of getting people to help. they need reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> well, california is now moving towards launching the nation's first heat wave ranking system. this would be similar to the rankings of hurricanes with forecast noting the number of potential heat related casualties instead of just giving out the high temperatures that are expected. california's insurance commissioner and other delegates are expected to formally introduce legislation in january. officials say this could help communities better prepare and then reduce the number of heat related deaths. they hope that they can test the system in a few major cities next summer. our heat wave for december is winding down as we talk about our forecast right now with a live look outside here. coit tower in san francisco. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at when temperatures are going to start to sort of cool down a little bit. yeah. they already started that cooling trend today justine for
3:37 pm
coastal valleys and it's going to continue even through friday as well. >> here's the changes. we're tracking cooler cloudier outlook, not just for tonight but also for most of your friday afternoon. so we are going to cool down into the mid to upper 50's for most of our coastal cities and beaches downtown san francisco 58 degrees with mid 50's for sunset district. also 55 degrees of peace for half moon bay and pacific. remember, we should be in the low 60's this time of year. and we're going to reach the low 60's for those of you from brisbane all the way into burlingame. pretty seasonal temperatures there. so it's all on account that change in wind direction from the southwest tomorrow. so it is going to be a little bit of a stronger seabreeze more widespread. and that's going to push that cloud cover into the bay area mid 60's apiece for san mateo and san carlos 63 for foster city and a mix of 60's and 70's. for those of you in the south bay. so san jose cooling down into the mid 60's and campbell
3:38 pm
pretty pleasant temperatures and above average highs continuing their 73 degrees for your friday afternoon highs pleasanton also in the low 70's but just barely as you make your way inland into the east bay valleys. mid 60's for dublin and livermore concord 64 degrees with walnut creek at 66 degrees and oakland and berkeley in the mid 60's as well. and we're tracking widespread low to mid 60's for most of the north bay benicia 62 degrees with napa 63 degrees. and we're seeing upper 60's for sandra fell, but then mill valley cooling down into the upper 50's to pretty seasonable temperatures there as well. taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. we're going to be on cruise control all weekend long remaining dry with light rain chances monday. mainly for those of you in the north bay about a 10th of an inch of rain or less and those scattered showers increasing by thursday bringing rain to the bay area and snow showers to the sierra on thursday. back to you all right. thanks
3:39 pm
to recent now if you are planning on visiting disneyland this month. you might have to change your plans. >> while have to wait until next year. the visit the park. plus, what about a sleepover at ikea, how some workers and customers. we've got to have a pajama party inside the store. they have to make all the beds first. toxins found disposable plastic face masks may harm humans and the environment. the latest research. th
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>> for your health this afternoon. a new study suggests disposable face masks could be spreading harmful toxins to the environment and possibly to the person is wearing them as well. researchers say they found significant amount of toxins like lead and copper coming out of several single use face masks that were soaked in water. they say stricter regulations are needed to ensure safe disposal of these masks and they add more research is needed to determine what if any affects the chemicals in the masks have on our health while we breathe them in. well, if you are planning to go visit disneyland sometime this year. it looks like you're out of luck. the resort is sold out of daily tickets and annual pass holder reservations for the entire month of december for both disneyland and california adventure. you still have a chance, though, to see the park's holiday decorations after christmas. the reservation system shows pretty much all of january is
3:43 pm
still available and they keep that decor up all the way through january. 9th. still ahead in sports. kate rooney is here now to talk about. >> the major league baseball lockout. does that mean we'll have a baseball season in the spring. she'll tell us. and tracking your sierra forecast. some light snow showers returning to this monday night with a widespread snow returning for your thursday forecast. details comi do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet?
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>> major league baseball's at a standstill as of last night. this is the mlb's first work stoppage since the 9495 players strike kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney is joining us here now to explain, especially to us. we're not so like inside inside baseball what is this neat? well, it's a complicated issue no matter how deep inside you are, justine. but here's where we stand. it's been more than 30 years since a stalemate like this a lockout at 09:00pm pacific last night. baseball's collective bargaining agreement expired. >> and since the league and the players union were unable to come to new terms before that time, the league is officially in one of these lockout. so what does that mean? a lockout is essentially the opposite of a strike in which the employer in this case, major league baseball stops. the employees, the players from working. so that means no roster transactions, no contract negotiations. no communications between team officials and players. this
3:47 pm
walkout has been quite a long time in coming the owners and the players union have been trading proposals for a new cba for the last year. but after 3 days of accelerated bargaining this week. they could not reach an agreement. there have been a flurry of free agent signings leading up to the expected work stoppage and yesterday giants president farhan zaidi was asked about how the team is affected. he didn't want to say too much. >> they're kind of communications and and transactional. limitations. and there's been a lot kind of redundant out publicly said i don't want to kind of go into full details on that. obviously. all the usual limitations that come with a lockout in terms of transactions and communications with. players specifically about. their roles are on the team. those things will will be limitations, that we would be dealing with in that scenario.
3:48 pm
>> what everyone wants to know right is will this affect the season. the hope is that this will all be resolved well before the start of the 2022 season. there have been 3 prior lockouts. they were all before 1990. and in those ones, no regular season games were ever missed. so the expectation is that the league and the players union are going to continue these fierce negotiations over the next several months. justine at some time to work it out. thank you, kate. all right. the california highway patrol is asking people not to do this for likes and shares on social media. this was the scene in southern california early yesterday morning, a chp officer says a man was driving a go-kart. >> along highway one in one on one trying to make a youtube video. the patrol officer pulled him over and cited him. chp had a message when they posted this video saying, quote, absolutely 0 social media content is worth putting your life or others in danger. shaking her head, an ohio
3:49 pm
idaho state trooper was hospitalized after jumping over a concrete barrier in order to avoid being hit by a car. happened yesterday afternoon on interstate 84. there they go. backwards behind the barrier. if this was in a meridian in idaho. the state trooper had stopped to help the driver of a toyota so sedan. we had a flat tire, a car passing by the patrol car was hit by another car causing a 6 car chain reaction. 2 trucks were then pushed left and then this. started this chaos here. the trooper was nearly hitting the man who was helping as well. they both jumped over the barrier to avoid being hit. he was taken to a local hospital, be treated for minor injuries. minor injuries. let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look at the sierra. yeah, they're supposed to be snow on the ground there. this is donner summit. a lot of people on the road, but no snow. clear blue skies
3:50 pm
as well. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details of what's happened in the sierra no snow and no rain in the forecast. >> i know, right. and that's the issue that we've been dealing with here in the bay area, not snow, but the rain outlook looking grim throughout the weekend and your sierra forecast very dry and clear as well. but we are going to notice some changes, though, early this upcoming week on monday light snow showers will return by monday afternoon increasing through monday night with some light scattered showers for most of us in the bay area just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less looking more like a drizzle fest there. but then a stronger storm set to bring widespread snow to the sierra and even some moderate downpours for us here in the bay area. thanks to those scattered showers returning bringing us some widespread measurable rain not until thursday, though. but as you can see, your sierra outlook going to see several storms bringing snow, not just through thursday night but even continuing through friday
3:51 pm
afternoon as well. so fingers crossed that pans out to a lot of snow because this year certainly does need it. mid 50's, though friday and mostly sunny skies temperatures cooling down slightly on sunday and monday storm and this year looking more like a wind maker an actual snow maker. but the northern end of the sierra. we'll see some flurries out of that. but temperatures out there right now for your bay area forecast on the mild side for san jose. 69 degrees about 10 degrees above average. remember, we should be in the low 60's this time of year pacifica hitting that low 60 degree mark as is oakland widespread mid 60's elsewhere with nevado and napa both at 66 degrees. but the cooling trend continuing through tomorrow as well. and this weekend looking pretty seasonable as well. a lot of sunshine. we certainly need the rain just team but looks like next week. we have a better shot of that storm door opening. back to you. thank you so much from breeze. up next. >> how you can stay in the grinch's kate. we'll be right
3:52 pm
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i work as a personal assistant introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. you try to envision each room at your own home. >> looking like the store showroom. but for some customers in denmark, the store actually became their home. a snow storm kept shoppers and employees from leaving the store. there were 6 customers about 12 dozen employees inside at the time. it's not really the worst place, though, to get traffic while those meatballs, the employee is saying they spent
3:55 pm
the night by playing games sipping on hot cocoa and even getting a restful night's sleep. >> they has a it is almost like being at home in your own dream. bad, but also with the opportunity of trying something new. i want to try hard mattress because they want to have been home is a soft one. so now i want to test the range to check. if i need to change biometrics at some point. >> one trapped employee says she actually fulfill the dream of sleeping. their. that was what she always want to do. for fans of the christmas classic the grinch who stole christmas. we have a fun new opportunity for you starting tomorrow. you can now stay at the grinch's famous kath. the cave is in southern utah. it's almost an exact replica of the grinch's home. the kitchens even stocked with roast beast. who putting and emergency stash of cash. the best part. the nightly fee is just $19 and $0.57 which honors doctor
3:56 pm
seuss book original release date in 19 57. one final check of the weather forecast a you want to stay where you want to stay at ikea or the grinch's cape lee. the grinch's a 100%. but yeah. >> yeah. i mean, i would like some who putting about to say that taste like maybe we'll have some green eggs and ham. you never know. haha, let's take a look outside and we are tracking these day over berkeley. a lot of cloud cover out there. so cooler cloudier conditions arriving tonight. and we're going to continue that cooling trend tomorrow and pretty seasonal temperatures, especially along the coast. half moon bay in downtown san francisco mid to upper 50's. widespread the 60's for most of the bay area was san jose cooling down to 67 degrees as is santa rosa. so. >> heading in the right direction. going to look and feel a lot more like winter, especially early this upcoming week with temperatures really
3:57 pm
cooling down. and finally seeing some rain icons just steam very excited about that. back to you. absolutely. thank you so much in the news does not end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on the kron on app years with the team is working on. >> coming up at 4 o'clock. 2 more states have now confirmed cases of the coronavirus omicron variant colorado has just become the 3rd state. they're going over that. plus we have details on a gas leak. this happening in napa county just scan. this. >> your coat on the screen right now. so you can download that app and watch all the time. i'm justine waldman, thank you so much for your time and we'll see you back here tomorrow.
3:58 pm
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