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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 2, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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pointed to faulty wiring downstairs winding around the warehouse converted into a makeshift housing spaces. the man who rented the warehouse then sublet it illegally to dozens derick almena charged with murder. another who helped run the leases. max harris also charged. but after a long emotionally charged trial. the jury acquitted harris and couldn't agree on a man has culpability also putting the blame on the city of oakland. the fire department pg e and the warehouse's owner for negligence. >> they felt like the criminal system really did fail them and failed their loved ones that there was no justice. then another blow. >> alexander says the decision to offer elmen a plea where he would not serve any prison time for the 36 tests and oh, by the way. >> he had been out of jail because of covid. they let him out of jail and he was at home. well, with with his
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children and loved ones. and then when the deal went through, he just was going to continue to be at home. no jail time. alexander says that she was later able to get a civil lawsuit. one for families. it was something that gave them a sense of justice. >> a sense of accountability that they were not saving and the cells and the criminal system that they did give it and the civil case. >> almena's sentence has him serving it at home and then he will have probation for 3 years. theresa kron 4 news. >> developing tonight we're learning more about the young suspect in the deadly school shooting in michigan. authorities say teachers noticed the boy was displaying behavior that concern them. and in fact, that led to conferences with school officials. one of those meetings came just a few hours before the shooting spree began. grant lotus joins us now live from our newsroom
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with the latest. grant really disturbing details being revealed now, ken and pam. the prosecution says the shooter got the gun from his father and now the parents could be charged in this case. this development comes as the oakland county sheriff's office in michigan says 15 year-old the suspect here the thin crumbly own teachers noticed disturbing behavior and alerted the school about it. one teacher doing so the day before the shooting. here now a further look at the timeline of events leading up to the shooting some monday night. the night before the shooting. authorities say crumley recorded 2 videos on his phone about killing students. then the day of the shooting tuesday. a second teacher. notice. something was alarmed, even called the suspects parents to come to the school to discuss the matter. ultimately, though, adults at the school decided crumley could go back to class and law enforcement was never notified of the concerts. hours later that day when investigators say crumley walked out of a school bathroom and methodically walk
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the halls shooting people. a sheriff's lieutenant says a journal was later found in his backpack. outlining crumbly is, quote, desire to shoot up the school to include murdering students and quote. probably is accused of opening fire tuesday at oxford high school. that's about 30 minutes outside detroit. this is video of him yesterday in court. he appeared via zoom. no motive has been offered by authorities. crumbly is accused of killing 4 students and wounding 7 other students as well as a teacher. michigan's governor today. thanks. first responders and gave her condolences to the victims. families. >> it >> imagine a ball. tragedy and. just stop. i just wanted to be here because i think this is a. and important moment for us to support one another to support this community. i want to thank our first responders.
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>> the entire state of michigan still mourning tonight, the oakland county sheriff's office identifying the victims. >> a 17 year-old justin schilling, 17 year-old madison baldwin 16 year old tate near and 14 year-old had a saint giuliana. we're also getting new information tonight about an open letter. the gunman's mother wrote to then president trump in 2016 multiple news outlets reporting. she said she was going to be skipping car insurance payments to hire a tutor for her son who she said struggle daily. she said she resented how illegal immigrants got support like free ipads at school while her own son's needs were not met when she thanked the president for her right to own a gun. crumbly. the 15 year-old is being tried as an adult. he faces charges. 2 dozen crimes including first-degree murder and terrorism. we'll keep you posted. pam, ken, back to you. >> grant. thank you for the update tonight. developing news out of southern
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california on a high-profile case there are 29 year-old suspect has been arrested in the shooting death of music legend clarence avant wife, jacqueline authorities say the man used an ar 15 assault rifle to shoot the beloved 81 year-old woman and then shot himself in the foot at another home during another robbery in hollywood officials say surveillance video and other evidence, including the rifle linked him to both cases. we are also learning that her husband, clarence avant and a security guard were at home during the incident the had been married for 54 years. >> all right. time now to go outside. take a look at the 4 zone forecast in a beautiful shot of quick tower tonight. and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says there is a change in the air. yeah. how about that? finally going to cool things down off the record breaking heat. we had. >> this week temperatures cool a little bit today along the coastline. it is going to be a whole lot cooler everywhere around the bay area by
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tomorrow afternoon as that fog is really started to surge on shore with that on shore breeze. so instead of getting that offshore wind, the dry things out of one of the temperatures the winds are coming from the ocean. low clouds and the fog more that on the way overnight tonight and even couple mid to high level clouds up above. but that fog going to be stubborn along the coastline, filling in the bay by tomorrow morning waking up to some of that early on that as we head through the day kind of pull back to the coastline. but you can see out toward the beaches. don't go out along the coast out to ocean beach expected to be sunny and 70. you're not going to find that tomorrow find temperatures. there generally in the 50's and the 60's. so much cooler temperatures all around numbers breaking down like this in the san francisco about 62 downtown san francisco only 59 in golden gate park and 58 degrees in the sunset. 57 degrees in daly city about 57 in pacifica. 57 also in half moon bay inside the bay. a fine, a little more sunshine and a couple passing clouds temperatures going to be cooler in the low 60's in the burlingame 63 degrees in foster city about 64 redwood city still hazy outside as
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well. and the south bay. you'll see a lot of 60's tomorrow afternoon. maybe sneaking up and low 70's morgan hill. that's about it. otherwise in london keeping those temperatures cooler as well. a lot of 60's showing up outside with hazy conditions continuing, but that on shore breeze will change everything over the next couple of days. in fact, as we get to the weekend, we're going to keep things dry. >> but it looks like the cooler weather going to stay in place impact as we get into this weekend. but you can see some clouds rolling through on saturday. mostly sunny on sunday. slight chance of showers on monday. but late next week, another chance of showers. but look at those high temperatures struggling to get out of the 50's for highs compared to 70's around the bay area lately. all right, lawrence, thank you. still ahead, what the chp is now reminding the public after a go cart driver pulls a dangerous stop on highway one. oh, one. >> in sports after losing to the phoenix suns tuesday night. the warriors get ready for a rematch tomorrow night. jason dumas says a preview coming up and how you can find
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the best holiday lights and decorations anywhere in the bay area.
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on patrol spotted a man in a go kart getting on to the 1 one freeway in driving in the slow lane. the chp says ago car driver had 2 other cars surrounding him essentially escorting him on the freeway. officers did manage to pull everyone over the go cart driver and his cohorts admitted to doing the stunt for youtube. the driver of the go-cart was cited. people magazine has named his 2021 people of the year. the magazine says its cover stars have all led to the way in their fields to make the world a little bit better. they include country music superstar dolly parton. she's given away more than a 160 million books to children in need through her imagination library. actress sandra. oh, who has spoken out against anti-asian hate crimes. gymnast simone biles is redefined what it means to win in sports and giuliana or to bay who was tuesday shows and represent teachers in classrooms across the country. the issue hits the newsstands tomorrow.
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>> a live look outside as we check in on the 4 zone forecast looking out over. >> san francisco's embarcadero with clearly the bay bridge in the fog and this shot no, there isn't. and people are already maybe start to make plans for the weekend. let's check in with the orange colonel lawrence. yeah, guys, we're going to see some changes ahead. looks like the weather is already beginning to cool down more of that. >> on the way. something to watch out for, though, tomorrow morning, especially we're going to see a big high tide. the king tide rolling back into town. so, you know, some of those parking lots get near lucky drive in the north bay. some of those areas tend to flood in the higher tides we'll see a tide tomorrow, maybe almost 7 feet high as we head to 9 o'clock in the morning that will receive throughout the day. but it's going to be large enough that
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we could see some flooding in along the embarcadero as well and around the bay. so be prepared for that be careful not to park your car in a spot that as the flood of you maybe get a little wet going back to the car a little bit later on. the time, though, we've got a change in the weather pattern. now the fog rolling into town today and a couple of mid to high level clouds up above no rain just yet. but that may be in the not too distant future temperatures outside right now in the 50's and the 60's. so cooling down out there for tonight as that on shore breeze kicks in for tomorrow, though it will be another dry day but more low clouds and fog going to be working their way into the bay area. high pressure starting to weaken a little bit and that's going to bring with it more of an on shore breeze along the coastline at some more of that fog, long range forecast model showing some changes that would like to see a chance of rain moving in but not before the weekend. the weekend stay dry. that chance comes on monday as will see that storm system dropping not a big one. just chance. some scattered light showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. then another chance of some showers moving in on thursday. and
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again, these just some light showers. but and with that system some much colder air comes pouring into the bay area is really going to get much cooler. those high temperatures going to be moving into the 50's and beyond that, you can see the pattern stays a little more progressive now, possibly see another storm system moving in after that. so keep your fingers crossed for that change. overnight lows will be in the 40's all around the bay area with that patchy fog moving in. tomorrow's highs will be noticeably cooler outside. 50's said some 60's out near the coastline. lot of 60's inland. for the most part. and the next couple days temperatures cooling down across the bay area slight chance of showers on monday. another chance the following tuesday. boy. look at those temperatures. we go from numbers in the highs in the 70's only in the 50's by late next week. guys, back to you. thank you. or is this just in a federal government shutdown has been averted with just about 24 hours to go until it's supposed to take effect. >> both houses of congress have passed stopgap funding bills to fund the government until february 18th the votes in the tense period where
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republican the republicans are threatening to force a shutdown over their opposition to vaccine and testing mandates. democrats had called those threats irresponsible and dangerous. the bill now goes to president biden for his signature. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the dubs were back in the lab today. prepping for a rematch with the phoenix suns, the suns snapped a dove 7 game win streak on tuesday night in the valley of the sun that they forced 23 turnovers and it was the most rattle this golden state team has look, all season long. but we must suffer got the suns were the nba finals last year. dav nba's western conference champs. so the western conference, it runs through phoenix despite it's a little dream and they're having fun. the does. they're just working to get to that level. >> i it's kind of too early to put, you know, enable >> you know, we're we're.
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>> you know, still trying to continue to find ourself. and you know, you guys have to give the suns credit. they brought back almost whole team in a way they were in the finals last year. so, you know, for us, it's just about continuing to grow continue to focus on us and what we can do to be every game i'm definitely on a. >> cows women's basketball hosting fresno state. the bears jumped out to an early 15 5 lead. leon e mackintosh. nice shot right there. jazlyn she had a couple of threes to keep the bears in in the 3rd n. 15 seconds left out here still threes. here with 15 seconds left that gave cow the lead for good. they win 73 to 72 they're 6 in one on the season. after testing positive for covid on tuesday. lebron james has been cleared to return to the court on friday. after get this, a negative
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test lakers will play the clippers tomorrow night at staples. james was in covid protocols after conflicting test results. one positive one negative in sacramento on tuesday morning and get this. we'll be back. returning to los angeles on tuesday afternoon. he's confirmed he is vaccinated. bucs wide receiver antonio brown safety. mike edwards and free agent wide receiver john franklin, the 3rd have been suspended for 3 games after violating covid-19 protocols. this comes after all 3 players. previously gave a fake vaccination card and that all now will not appeal their discipline. so clearly they're in the wrong brown edwards. they'll be eligible to return to the lineup. >> on december. not good for them. you know, turning in fake back sports.
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>> lucky to get arrested legal. >> yeah. all right. yeah, thanks. thanks, jason. a holiday tradition returns. >> where how you can part of the big new year's eve celebration. there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance
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times square is now open and ready for visitors. the wishing well. >> offers people from all around the world the opportunity to write their wishes on the confetti that will be released at midnight on new year's eve participants can also submit their wishes. virtually when the ball drops on new year's e the confetti is released filling times square with hopes and dreams and goals for the new year and he wished admitted in person or online before december, the 28th will be printed on a piece of confetti to be released when the clock strikes midnight for the new year. a traditional holiday treat is merging with a classic condiment and the fusion is getting quite a reaction. heinz is releasing. >> get ready. chocolate orange man a's the company says they added melted chocolate orange segments to regular mayo with an extra dose of real orange flavor. it's intended to be dollops on desserts are used as a spread on crackers or croissants. the limited edition products is only available in the uk right now. but pam can't wait for the
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it's something we're going to try if you're looking for the best holiday lights and decorations around town. there's now interactive map with a guy and anybody can participate no matter what holiday you celebrate users are invited to mark you. it decorated home on the cheer map, right. nick, right now on the next door app. >> from christmas lights to hanukkah displays planned. perfect sightseeing route to experience your communities holiday spirit this year. the chair map will also feature a how to guide on holiday decorating and gift guides. if you're feeling more like a grinch. this holiday season. you're actually unlock. you can spend the night in the grinch's cave designers have recreated the rocky residents just outside boulder, utah. the 5700 square foot k that's a big cave features several levels with a fully stocked kitchen. it's also a music study. music room rather a study and a lot more guests can book the cave starting tomorrow through december. 23rd. for only $19.57 and
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height. that's in honor of the book's original release back in 1957, wow. before we going to leave you with one last beauty shot that we show you quite a bit pam, do you know what that ball. i i just thought it was decoration. it's called the bucky ball, the buckyballs the lucky ball is 25 feet tall has 4500 led lights all over it. and it's named after the inventor misled about nature. but mister 4 and is right outside right back and airline staff outside the exploratorium right across from our station and say is moving in the bucket ball. mister buckies, the bucking and it changes lights. you can go into the millions of different looks christmas ornament. haha 24 7, 365 days a year. every time it's dark. you can see it. so there you go. it is beautiful. keep all. all right. well, that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock temp. a good evening.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: its spreading. speak of the latest american stricken with a new covid variants. he intended a convention with more than 50,000 people. >> announcer: now they are all being told to get tested. then... he said what? >> i didn't pull the trigger. >> announcer: blowback over alec baldwin's starting plane. >> so he never pulled the trigger quote? >> would be the equivalent of saying the blender turned itself on. >> announcer: and the new video, the accused baby faced shooter. >> deborah: cut his parents not be charged with a crime? >> you are the parents of ethan
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