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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 2, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now the new omicron variant has now been detected in 5 states across the nation. the next steps now being taken to prevent further spread. plus a new effort to improve police staffing as crimes rise in the city of oakland and a north. a cannabis dispensary gets broken into overnight now the owner is calling on city leaders to protect their business. hello, everybody. thank you joining us for kron 4 news tonight at 8, i pay a moral and i'm ken wayne, president biden is making yet another push for americans to get there.
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>> covid-19 booster shots today. he laid out his administration's response to the new omicron. this covid variant. now detected at least 5 states across the country including here in the bay area and also in los angeles. see president's plan has several steps including increased booster, outreach. >> open a new family vaccination clinics. increasing covid surge response teams, making at home. covid tests. more readily available and sharing more vaccine doses with the world. one thing his plan does not include is mandates. >> the plan. i'm announcing today's a plan. our scientists and covid teams have recommended. and while my existing federal vaccination requirements are being reviewed by the courts. this plan does not expand or add to those mandates. a planned, all americans hopefully can rally around and it should be and should get bipartisan support in my humble opinion should unite us not continue to separate us.
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>> doctors are saying the president's winter covid plan goes a long way to keeping the nation safe or and here in the bay area less than 2 weeks after the fda cleared covid-19 booster shots for all adults starting to get more difficult to try to get an appointment for those shots. kron four's amanda hari live for us in the newsroom. explaining what factors are causing this back up and how hopefully you can find a shot if you need one. amanda. >> yes. difficulty finding a vaccine appointment has been a storyline throughout this entire pandemic. but this time it's a little different. i'm told we have the supply. it's consistent and it's predictable now. it's about a new variant eligibility and the holiday season. >> people have to be a little and figure out where to get their booster shot. i checked multiple sites and pharmacies. some don't have any booster appointments for about 2 weeks. that's if you're a healthy adult without any preexisting conditions. this safeway in san francisco
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recommended by the my turn website currently has no appointments for december or january for that group. >> he had a very specific neira population who recommended for boosters and then very quickly, it was all comers, chief pharmacy executive at ucsf health desi kotis says when boosters for all adults were approved by the november 19th. >> they saw an influx of interest in appointments. she says if you find an appointment, make it even if it's several weeks out, don't procrastinate and hesitate. just put your vaccine. the medical professionals i heard from also said many communities are working on opening new clinics now that more people are eligible for a booster. but they need to find personnel staffing for health care professionals. you know, it's it's that easy to come by. ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says many people are also seeking booster appointments because of upcoming holiday
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travel and the new variant icing on the cake group was really the fear about omicron. he says you may not be able to get your booster at the same location you received your previous doses. but there's likely available appointments somewhere. i've also heard that some cities in the bay area. >> are easier to get than others. so train outside of your particular area. doctor chin-hong also emphasized that your initial dose or doses. >> are still the most important. it. >> rather than having fomo about people getting and running for really even those 2 doses, you're really, really well. and kind beast. i care the most about which is making you get really sick enough to go to the hospital and die. >> another option. the pharmacy executive mentioned while speaking with me, it's a try a walk-in clinic. they often have limited hours. but you could get a boost her right away. live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron 4
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news. amanda, thank you for that. with the holiday travel season now in full swing. >> the u.s. is placing tougher restrictions on travelers entering the u.s. in an effort to try to slow down the spread of coronavirus specifically the new omicron variant of the disease by administration has announced that starting next week. all international travelers entering the u.s.. >> we need to take a covid test within 24 hours of flying regardless of their vaccination status. some travelers. we talked with are worried about whether every country will be able to accommodate that. i think getting it this before playing in is a good idea. but 24 it's going to be a bit tight. >> but not all countries quick tell so that might be i love traveling. so as long as i'm vaccinated i'll would and that site is vaccinated and everybody what a mask. i very comfortable. >> earlier this week, the united states banned non us citizens from 8 southern african nations from traveling here to this country.
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>> we're learning more about omicron. and if you want more information on the new variant. you can scan that qr code on your screen. it will. >> take you straight to our special coronavirus page on our website. you can learn more about the variant along with the latest vaccine information at kron 4 dot com. >> we're inching closer to the weekend. let's check on the weather forecast for the bay area. this is a live picture looking out at the bay bridge toll no traffic problems. if you're planning to head westbound and looks like some fog in the backgrou.d in the sky. yeah. the skies look a little different tonight to lawrence else. what's happening out. yeah, just the way it should be gets more clouds filling our skies. so changes are in the works is. >> finally high pressure weakening enough allowing that on shore breeze to return and carry with it. some low clouds and fog. now tomorrow's going to be interesting. it's going to be cooler day around the bay area. but something want to watch out for. the king. tides are back. look at the possibility of flooding. in fact, we're going to see about a 7 foot high just after 9 o'clock in the morning. so those places that you see the flodding. when you see the tide running that high. be careful the park in some of those locations, some of the
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off-ramps around the bay area, maybe even along the embarcadero in the san francisco. you could see some flooding. those waters will recede as you head toward the afternoon as we head toward low tide. but again, we turn again as we head in toward the first part of the weekend temperatures around the bay area today. how about this 67 degrees in santa rosa 70 in san jose for high 67 degrees in san francisco, in 68 in concord. so, yeah, it was a nice day, but much cooler than it's been. we are going to see some changes coming our way. you see the clouds are already beginning to fill your skies. and with those clouds filling the skies. we're going to see some cooler temperatures on the way and maybe soon. some rain. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. our thank you for that. >> to the east bay. now with the president of the oakland city council has introduced a plan to address police staffing issues. the oakland police department currently has fewer than 700 officers. the goal now is to fill at least 60 police officer positions as soon as possible. the program would include
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partnering with an outside employment agency as well as offering cash for experienced officers and oakland residents who joined the department. >> academy's take long time to produce results. a traditional police today. we didn't get new officers on the ground until 2023 and open facing the highest some cite me in almost a decade. we need creative approaches to this crisis and we need to now. >> also, the oakland police department would like to speak to a person believed to have cell phone video in connection to the killing of crime for security guard kevin nishita investigators believe that video contains additional leads, including the suspect vehicle fleeing the scene back on november. the 24th on the 300 block of 14th street in downtown oakland. authorities are asking the person who recorded any video or
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pictures. anybody with the information on this investigation to contact them immediately at opd is homicide section a reward of 32,000 to $500 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. and the fund has been set up with an issue to family a cash check donation can be made to kevin nishita trust and any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail. the address is on your screen. the information is also on our website, kron 4 dot com today. the chief of oakland's department of violence prevention took questions from reporters about the level of crime in oakland. >> the chief admits the current problem presents a bigger challenge for police kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has the story. >> it does not matter what we're to look like this in open subsides. nobody strategy is being impacted. have to be really up front at the oakland
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department of violence prevention, approaches violence reduction from a public health perspective. >> using community led intervention strategies aimed at improving safety and stability of families and communities most impacted by violence. the city of oakland is currently grappling with record levels of violent crime with increases in homicides, armed robberies and carjackings among others. however, oakland department violence prevention chief, will sense but is remained steadfast that the public health violence prevention, strategy will eventually produce results. >> what we're doing is to implement e. approaches that we know work. but i really want to keep in mind, you know, keep saying this. we're not in a normal time. he gives an example of how it everyday driving function of the steering wheel can lead to gun violence the other day. one of my staff members told the rest of the team do want traffic light. >> even that lead to a shooting.
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>> the department of violence prevention deputy chief. sir. i trade talks about the intersection of gun violence and gender-based violence. also reaching new levels to highland hospital in particular. >> have stated that they've never seen an increase in teen identified victims being treated in emergency departments for gunshot wounds. or following homicides like ever. you know, unlike over 10 years of being there some of the number of of homicide families today. we have served. >> 43 families with additional support chief says. but as says although these are unprecedented times he and his team remains committed to doing the work of violence prevention. i think we have a commitment to the city of oakland. >> to keep working to reduce violence and we will do that. >> has it that you for coming up, san francisco's union square looks a lot different these days after several store step up security and board up. >> we'll hear from one martin who says he has had to make
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several tough decisions in the north bay. a cannabis dispensary gets broken into overnight with the owner of that business is demanding tonight from the city to protect. >> similar businesses last. we remember the lives lost in the ghost ship warehouse fire 5 years ago today. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> in the north bay. police say the suspects broke into a cannabis store on springs road in vallejo. the business owner
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is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of at least a half-dozen people security measures minimize the loss. but as kron four's phillipe djegal tells us this comes at a time when legal dispensaries are struggling to keep up with the booming black market. >> it took just minutes for this group of suspects to size up us bloom incorporated in vallejo. >> and then break in cost thousands of dollars. >> fortunately, he to set off a cannabis late hope police officers showed up about 3 minutes after at least a half dozen suspects left the suspects never made it past the lobby and did not get away with any of the product. >> but the attempt to more business court. the operations. bottom line, really want all of our tax dollars that we're paying every single month to go to having more.
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>> you know, officials out on the street and get in black market. you know, these black markets are really damaging our small businesses. the dispensary is working with local elected leaders for help. with crying and possible tax relief. >> this as the california legislative analyst's office says illegal cannabis market sales double legal sales. this week in san francisco, the board of supervisors suspended the cities cannabis business tax for next year to support legal retailers and weaken. the black market takes so much time in a day to be compliant to make sure everything we have compliant up 2. >> the california state regulations, a state regulations, a city regulations are just really trying to do our best. and for someone to come and no attempt to all the hard work. it really hurts the police department says it is working with other enforcement in this investigation in light of the ongoing string of organized robberies impacting the bay area. >> meanwhile, the dispensary is sharing this photo of one
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of the cars believed to be involved in the break-in in vallejo, phillipe djegal kron 4 news now to the south bay where another smash-and-grab robbery happened just this afternoon in san jose. police say 4 masked suspects went into a jewelry store. >> inside the eastridge mall around 3 o'clock this afternoon. they smashed display cases with hammers several items were taken when officers arrived. the suspects fled the scene. the investigation is still underway. it's unclear just how much the store lost during this robbery. we'll bring you more information when it comes in. >> today marks 5 years since the ghost ship warehouse fire claimed 36 lives in oakland. the flames erupted during and illegally held music event there. many of the people attending that dance party got trapped and they died inside the inferno. this is a video collage of those who died in the early morning hours after attending that event. they were musicians artists, friends of the banned all their the event was held. >> upstairs on the second
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floor of the warehouse in oakland's fruitvale district expert test experts testified during the first trial that the stairs collapsed and trapped them inside their a comment the man who rented the warehouse out to other artists accepted a plea bargain deal back in march. >> a jury had not been able to come to a unanimous decision in a very long and emotional trial. we talked with mary alexander who represented victims families in the civil trial. she says today's 5 year mark is excruciating for families who miss their children and their friends every day. >> it was devastating for them. they felt like the criminal system really did fail them and failed their loved ones that there was no justice. and then when that the al mena, the trial continued and he eventually had a plea deal as well. and no more jail time. that was devastating and. that's one
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reason why we're so pleased that we were able to get them some justice and the civil case where the criminal justice system had failed. >> in a civil lawsuit the family has reached a multimillion dollar settlement against the city of oakland pg and e and the owners of the warehouse building all in his plea bargain received a 12 year sentence. but that was cuts by the judge to home detention and probation. >> new today over will pay 9 million dollars to support passenger safety. this comes as the california public utilities commission claim that uber failed to provide information regarding assault and harassment involving passengers and drivers. according to the settlement which was reached today. uber will pay 5 million dollars to be used for victims of violence and assault and 4 million dollars to address physical and violence in the industry. let's see how the golden gate bridge looks
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tonight as we give you your first look at our weather forecast. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by says there may actually be some rain in our future. yeah, maybe a couple times here as we get in toward this next week. of course, you have that huge dome. >> of high pressure overhead keeping those temperatures warm today. those numbers started to cool. we saw those clouds begin to move in, especially along the coastline temperatures. they're dropping good 5. even 10 degrees. cooler across the bay area. but these numbers around the bay area, not bad. the fog is move back in. still no delays at sfo oakland or san jose. the fog. yeah. it's been surging back on shore up above. we've had some mid to high level clouds too. but the better has completely changed of those offshore winds. we're getting on shore flow and that will change everything. temperatures in the 50's all around the bay area. now high pressure weakening somewhat still the main jet stream. well to the north here is going to take some time before begins to drag its way back in the california. bring us a chance of rain for tomorrow. we're dealing with the fog. so the warm conditions mainly mild weather around the bay
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area. long range forecast, though, looks a little more promising now as we're going to see a change in the pattern. of course, all the storms had a right over the top of the ridge of high pressure that will continue into the weekend. but then as we get to monday that storm system drops in the bay area. not the best scenario to get much in the way of rain. but that may just open the door. in fact, models are picking up on another one. coming other scattered. but that shower event moving through as we head in toward thursday. but then some very cold air dropping into the bay area as well as we look toward friday and then and then the storms comes knocking on the door right after that. so keep your fingers crossed they change the pattern heading our way temperatures for tonight. low 40's and 50's by day tomorrow. we're up in the 50's along the coastline 60's inside the bay looks like we're pretty much done with the 70's, maybe an isolated 70 or 2. but next couple days. everything changes cooler temperatures expected into the weekend chance a least a chance of a few look like a big storm. the chance of some rain returning by monday. all right. thank you, lord coming up, president biden puts out a plan to
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combat the covid pandemic. this winter. this as the new omicron variant. >> has been detected in at least 5 states. how the
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says the covid omicron variant has been detected in 5 states across the nation today president biden announced a new strategy to fight a potential winter surge. >> the new plan aims to keep the cases low without locking
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down the country. kron four's dan kerman talk to some infectious disease experts. and here's what they had to say. >> funding at home testing i think is going to probably be one of the most interventions. if that were to happen. >> area infectious disease president biden's pledge to require private insurers to pay for at home. covid-19 rapid tests will allow those priced out to start testing regularly and that will go a long way reducing transmission, especially among those with no or few symptoms. the reason why that home testing is so valuable is that it >> idea of infectivity in other ways. i'm going to phone union and see these people for a while. i get the swab, even though i mean, beat tuning positive meeting in 2 days or 3 days, potentially that time when it's negative, i'm not going to be transmitting virus to the rest of the family members. and speaking of reducing transmission, the president has extended his
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directive requiring masks on planes. it was to expire in january. now it will go at least through march. >> dan kerman kron 4 news world health officials are urging against the use of blanket travel bans in response to the new omicron covid variant. >> these health officials say the move could cause nations to withhold new data on emerging variants out of fear that their citizens would be punished through barred travel and they say regardless bans will not prevent the international spread of the disease. instead, they say country should apply and evidence informed and risk based approach, other medical experts say these restrictions can buy some time if implemented quickly and very early on in the new variants emergence. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 8 businesses are boarded up in union square to try to protect themselves from smash-and-grab robbers. but one business owner tells us about the pain behind these protections. 5
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people have been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery. we'll have details on the investigation straight ahead. plus, after that deadly high school shooting in michigan. tonight we're learning more about how much authorities knew before hand and what the i
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been almost 2 weeks since the san francisco police department increased its presence in union square. to try to make shoppers and store employees feel. >> safer after a wild weekend
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marked by a stunning increase. the number of smash and grabs there. so is the increased presence of law enforcement working enforcement there's been talk with one store manager about security changes and has more on the expensive cost of keeping shoppers safe. >> guns in union square has had to make several tough decisions, let shoppers limited hours and more private % security guards hoping the changes are part of a new norm police on every corner is still a daily occurrence in san francisco's union square smash-and-grabs have caused stores like gump's to cap the amount of shoppers coming and going. >> we want to make sure that we can number of people that are in the store for security reasons. just one of the many changes gump's vp of operations mark-paul bo has had to make. >> he says extended hours won't be possible this holiday season if shoppers have reservations about being in the square. they aren't alone 10 for over a year now since
8:31 pm
the incident here in union square you know what work after dark and i don't blame them. the city police and the union square alliance have all reassured shoppers and store workers that union square is safe with more officers on patrol gums has invested in their own in-store security guards but at a high cost during this unprecedented time to beef up our security and provide a safe place for our customers and our employees is a cost that is not sustainable. long term for our business or for any business he understands that security is needed but says store should not have to go it alone, asking the city to step up and help the lack of leadership to laugh and lack of accountability for those that are committing these crimes and it has got us to this situation. as for the criminals cup hubble once and held accountable for the broken glass stolen items and sense of fear. that's result. it. the streets around union square are closed off to vehicle traffic after 07:00pm to reduce the chances of a smash-and-grab become pablo says that makes it more difficult for shoppers to find parking oftentimes reducing
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the amount of holiday shopping. they would normally see during the evening. >> i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news other bay area cities are also stepping up security. it was just this week the walnut creek city council approves spending 2 million dollars in federal funding from the american rescue plan. >> to add a new 5 person police dedicated to patrolling the downtown area. there. the move is in response to the recent smash and grab robbery at the nordstrom store broadway plaza and the city of san jose's installing license plate readers to try and curb smash and grab robberies. the city council agreed tuesday to spend $250,000 in federal relief money to lease new license plate reading cameras. san francisco police arrested 5 suspects who are accused of auto burglary and armed robbery. this all on black friday. >> want to show you the guns that police say they found in the suspect's vehicles. police say they caught them in 2 separate incidents. the first 2 male suspects. one of them only 15 years old were
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arrested in the air of fulton and lyon streets around 5 o'clock in the evening. officers say those suspects were casing vehicles. the other incident happened at bay in kearny streets. later that night around 7 o'clock. police say 3 men were breaking into cars in a parking lot. and during that investigation, officers found 3 suspects were connected to other armed robberies in san francisco. all of the suspects are charged with a number of counts of auto burglary and armed robbery all of them are still behind bars tonight in san francisco. an investigation is underway after a a man was found dead at golden gate park this morning. the body was found at 7th avenue and mlk drive. police say there's no evidence of foul play at this time. but the medical examiner is conducting an investigation and anyone who might have information is asked to contact san francisco police. developing tonight we are learning more about the young suspect in the deadly school shooting in michigan. >> authorities say teachers noticed the boy displayed behavior that concern them. in
8:34 pm
fact, that led to several conferences with school officials. one of those meetings cames just a few hours before the actual shooting spree started the prosecution says the shooter got the gun from his father and now the parents could be charged in this case. this as the police say 15 year-old suspect, even crumley who will be tried as an adult. his own teacher had noticed disturbing behavior and alerted the school about it the day before the shooting probably is accused of opening fire on tuesday at oxford high school about 30 miles outside detroit. no motive has been offered yet by authorities. crumley is accused of killing 4 students and wounding 7 other students, including a teacher. >> in the south bsy, the city of san jose has declared a 15% water shortage and is asking people to limit the use of sprinklers to just 2 days a week. all outdoor watering must be done between 8 o'clock at night and 10 o'clock in the
8:35 pm
morning. >> city council approves the new drought rules says response to the conditions in santa clara county. >> let's check on the 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside san francisco along the embarcadero and we see the exploratorium and there is a bucky buckyballs buckyballs lucky ball outside exploratorium in san francisco and we're waiting for some magic. maybe bucky ball has some powers to in the drought situation yeah. through. still the i was still even though we've got all that rain, the beginning the season, right. so impressive totals with things have kind of shut off since then. so yeah, we've it's gotten better for us. we've most bay area, exceptional drought conditions. the beginning of october first watch puts this into motion, though then we had all that rain. and so that really helped out a bit still in extreme drought conditions. we've got a long way to go to get out of this but around the bay area really had a nice shot in the arm to begin with. that storm system. the roll on through still running well above the average 202% of normal in the san francisco 112% normal now in san jose.
8:36 pm
almost 200% of normal in oakland. 247 1% are normal in santa rosa. 221 1% of normal in hayward and live more checking in at 222% of normal. so these numbers are starting to drop those far as percentage wise. we just haven't had much in the way of rain, but hopefully that will come back. there's your buddy ball out there right now. and boy, all lit up like christmas time looking pretty out there. the clouds up above and we're going to see plenty more clouds overnight tonight. in fact, that fog going to really be rolling in a couple high clouds up above 2 tomorrow morning. the clouds filling inside the base waking up to a lot of clouds, almost like a summer like pattern. we see all that fog early on giving way to that sunshine, the middle of the day. but the fog continuing along the coastline and pushing on shore again by tomorrow night, temperatures going to be noticeably cooler tomorrow. 50's low 60's in the san francisco. they have to break that jacket out again about 56 montero. 57 in pacifica inside the find slightly warmer temperatures as you make your way down the
8:37 pm
peninsula. it will continue to warm up to something about a lazy numbers in the mid to upper 60's there by tomorrow afternoon lot of 60 showing up in the east bay by tomorrow, too, about 63 in san leandro 59 in the oakland. 63 in hercules, 59 inlay about 60 in benicia. so got some clouds on the way. but no rain just yet. we're keeping our fingers crossed and likely see that change as we get into next week. just a bit anyway. temperatures cooling down into the weekend and then a slight chance of showers come mondal, another slight chance of showers. the following thursday. but the pattern really going to cool off. look at the in the 60's and 70's tomorrow as we get to the next thursday, likely to get out the 50's. >> all right. thank you, lauren. still ahead, the state capitol undergoing major renovations. how much the project will cost them when it's expected to be completed and palo alto. couple accused of driving their son's way into a top university agrees to plead guilty. new details to plead guilty. new details in operation varsity blues.
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>> a major move is under way. the state capitol lawmakers are moving out of their offices there in preparation for a big renovation project capitals. annex is set to be demolished to make way for a new upgraded space for last 7 decades. the annex this house executive and legislative offices and has been a main artery of the state capitol. project is expected to cost
8:41 pm
taxpayers about 1.2 billion dollars legislators are defending the demolition. they say the current and has asbestos limited access for the disabled and a lack of safety measures such as exits and sprinklers. the new space will include about a 100 million dollars in security upgrades. >> it will be a more secure. our modern capital. it will allow the legislature in a term of american people. functional. i bring in all the pieces back under one roof. >> for now. lawmakers are moving into a temporary space about a block away. the office building is expected to open up to the public january 3rd lawmakers are expected to work in the new place for about for years. federal law enforcement officials say synthetic opioids are killing americans. >> at a record rate i'm reshad hudson in washington. here. the solution coming up. and in sports after losing to the phoenix suns on tuesday night. the warriors get ready for a rematch tomorrow night. jason
8:42 pm
dumas has a preview. comi
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8:44 pm
>> a grim number of americans has died from overdose, opioid deaths since the start of the pandemic today. the biden administration testified and officials there testified on capitol hill about how they plan to address this problem. washington correspondent reshad hudson has more. >> california congresswoman anna eshoo says synthetic opioids like fentanyl are killing americans at a record
8:45 pm
rate. a great record that shows no sign of abating washington congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers says fentanyl is unlike drugs of the past. this is not your typical street drug. >> this is a weapons grade poison that is killing our children. >> since the start of the pandemic more than 100,000 americans have died from opioid deaths. a 30% jump from the previous year, kentucky congressman brett guthrie blames the biden administration for the lethal drugs spreading across the country. the biden administration's freighter dresses problem in our southern borders driving increases in drug overdoses. >> but the da says so far this year it has taken 13,000 pounds fit know off of the streets. that's enough fentanyl, as was mentioned earlier to give every member of the united states population of potentially lethal dose. >> and to prevent more deaths. the biden administration is recommending strengthening prison sentences for certain
8:46 pm
synthetic opioids. the nearly 100 civil rights groups have pushed back on that idea saying it would lead to more rest instead of getting people the help they need reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> a silicon valley. couple has agreed to plead guilty for attempting to bribe corrupt college admissions administrator with $25,000 after gregory and amy colburn of palo alto was scheduled for federal court on january 13th for paying money to have their sons s a t scores inflated instead, the couple entered into a plea agreement where they will serve 8 weeks in prison before 100 hours of community service as punishment cockburn's are part of a group of parents coaches and school administrators charged in a massive college admissions scandal that has been called operation varsity blues. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk.
8:47 pm
>> the dogs were back in the lab today prepping for a rematch with the phoenix suns, the suns snapped golden state's 7 game win streak on tuesday night in phoenix. they forced 23 turnovers and it was the most rattled. this golden state has team has looked all season long as we see damion lee behind me right here. but we must not forget the suns were in the nba finals last year. the western conference runs through phoenix that probably would draymond's telling his right there who was the funniest guy at practice today. but like i said, golden state, they're just working to get to where the suns have >> and i it's kind of too early to put, you know, enable you know, we're we're, you know, still trying to continue to find ourself. and you know, you guys have to give the suns credit. they wrote that almost the whole team and they they were in the finals last year. so, you know, for us, it's just about continuing to grow continue to focus on us and
8:48 pm
what we can do to be every game i'm definitely on a. >> sharks taking on the islanders and strong island brand-new ubs arena out their first period. here's nick bonino. this happened then for the tie game. let's go to overtime, extra hockey mire. it can get the backhand ago. but guess what? great pass to eric carlson. current on the red light for the winter sharks win 2 to one. they travel across east river. enter manhattan to take on the rangers at. the world's most famous arena tomorrow night for those who don't know that madison square saint mary's taking on utah state in logan this was a good one. 2nd half. lou, could do kiss. check out the finish with the left that put the gaels up by 2. all right. game tied seconds left. and check this out. utah state misses a shot is that you get
8:49 pm
the rebound. and they call a foul on utah state. case makes them both. and going up by 2 ensuing play. we'll 0.6 left. they knock it away. the go on to win. get this. they're 81 on the season. they want more time on the clock. but no dice gales win 60 to 58. they take on colorado state on saturday. cows, women basketball. a host of fresno state. the bears jumped out to an early 15 5 lead. leon e mcintosh. he had 7 in the 1st quarter. jazlyn green. he had a couple threes herself. there's another one right there on the wing. then with 50 seconds left. michelle scores. the game winner. they
8:50 pm
win. 7372 they are 6, 1, so college action. good teams. same and one in usf is right bright, western conference, western west coast conference. i'm sorry. and they're going to play each other some point they're in the same conference. yes. yeah. so that good. so it it will be cool to watch lead, the big dog is they're and they'll play them too. it's going to be wcc basketball this year. all right. >> thank you, jason. coming up, 30 million dollars worth of counterfeit designer items seized at california ports. the warning and tips for officials on how to avoid falling victim to gifts.
8:51 pm
it my , the insurance companyt my , wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ your money tonight. as holiday gifts start arriving at your door customs and border protection warning of fake designer items coming in from southern california ports. >> officials at the ports of los angeles and long beach sees more than 13,000 counterfeit designer items that arrived. the car in a cargo shipment from china. the contraband included fake louis the time and gucci bags and clothes if they were real. officials say they will collectively cost more than 30 million dollars. customs and border patrol recommends buying items directly from the trademark holder or from authorized sellers and also
8:54 pm
recommends reading reviews checking for ballot contact information. the agency says prices that seem too good to be true, likely are just too good to be true. if you're searching for a christmas tree this year you might have noticed that they are a little more expensive than usual. >> it's being blamed on climate change and a decrease in supplies. both real and fake trees are about 30% higher than normal. that's according to the american christmas tree association. record breaking heat and wildfires took a toll on tree farms in oregon and washington. the country's largest growers and the artificial tree industry is struggling because of delays in shipments and the lack of truck drivers. if you're looking for the best holiday lights and decorations around town. there is a new interactive map with and anybody can participate no matter what holiday you celebrate users are invited to mark your decorated home on the cheer map right now on the nextdoor app. >> from christmas lights to hanukkah displays. people can plan the perfect sightseeing route to experience your
8:55 pm
communities holiday spirit this year. this year map will also feature a hile to guide on holiday decorating and it. >> and disneyland has announced the dates for 2 limited time events returning to disney's california adventure park early next year. the lunar new year festival will be held from january 21st of february 13th the festival celebrates traditions of chinese korean and vietnamese cultures with traditional performances and food and the food and wine festival will be held from march 4th to april. 26 that festival features food and wine from all over california and there will be more than a dozen festival marketplaces with special signature offerings and one kron 4 employee in particular is so excited about very interested in that disneyland information. in fact, let's turn now co-workers grant grant. we kids to disneyland. that's one of us our kids have never we have to go. yeah.
8:56 pm
bet. >> already haha? thank you. thank you. coming up next on kron 4 news at nigh. in primetime in. >> the wake of this wave of violence we've been seeing in oakland, right. the city council there is outlined a plan to hire more officers. what it is proposing to bolster the department's number, whatever it takes. and a new mom sharing her harrowing story of battling covid. well, just 30 weeks pregnant. why she's now urging unvaccinated mothers to be to get vaccinated. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at
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8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know could be out there. >> i'm not going to drive my car to open anymore, to be honest. >> an east bay. residents speaking out about her
9:00 pm
experience as a victim of a smash-and-grab in the city of oakland. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. the victim says it happened last month. but she is now sharing her story after she says. >> she got nowhere with police when filing a report and trying to share a video of suspects with the department. >> our conference taylor second joins us now live in the studio with more on this repeat and troubling story. taylor. >> that's right. vicki grand, as you know, i've done a lot of these stories, whether it be in oakland or in san francisco. what the victim clifford is. feeling is common among many of the people that i speak with. in some flat out told me that they no longer bother to file reports anymore or a lack of updates results. >> cell phone video captured getting another smash-and-grab at lake merritt in oakland. >> the victim clifford says when she returned to her car, she found shattered glass and a note left by a


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