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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 2, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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smash-and-grab in the city of oakland. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. the victim says it happened last month. but she is now sharing her story after she says. >> she got nowhere with police when filing a report and trying to share a video of suspects with the department. >> our conference taylor second joins us now live in the studio with more on this repeat and troubling story. taylor. >> that's right. vicki grand, as you know, i've done a lot of these stories, whether it be in oakland or in san francisco. what the victim clifford is. feeling is common among many of the people that i speak with. in some flat out told me that they no longer bother to file reports anymore or a lack of updates results. >> cell phone video captured getting another smash-and-grab at lake merritt in oakland. >> the victim clifford says when she returned to her car, she found shattered glass and a note left by a witness
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learning her that they were able to grab video of the suspects. >> it happened last month by clifford says she's now sharing her story. >> after she had an issue when filing a police report with opd and trying to share this video. i filed a report on the link that they gave me to go. there is links to upload pictures or any videos. so you basically tell your story and you submit it. so i waited to get at least something from either via email phone call to see to follow up nothing. clifford expressed her frustrations with the handling of the case. it's kind of scary to see. they don't even especially when you have that video can. >> and that they have some kind of evidence to go after that. >> you know, maybe they will find another crime that happened by these people. when they just brush that under the carpet and not caring. this is not going to give me any sense of security honestly to go in that any more. i'm not going
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to oakland for any reason by myself anymore. >> she says she now worries that the same suspects will continue breaking into cars on worse. >> after getting away with it system failing here because if they let this people to just get off with break hands and not paying attention to them and not be punished. then this is a green light for criminals like this. starts from a car break in and to how speaking to a murder. 2 biggest meanwhile, oakland police have been sounding the alarm for a while now saying they're underfunded and understaffed. >> we reached out to oakland police thursday night about this case but have not heard back yet. it's still unclear if possible. staffing issues lead to backups on nonviolent property crimes like this one. back to you. thank you. taylor. this is not the only recent vehicle break-in near lake merritt. you may recall it was just sunday when eric davis year.
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>> was shot and killed while trying to stop people from breaking into cars. police have released this picture. they say this vehicle is believed to have been involved in the killing. it's a newer model toyota rav 4 suv. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in that case. an explosion of violent crime in oakland has the city looking at ways to hire more police officers. today city council president proposing a. >> cash incentive to try and entice experienced officers from other departments to join opd. but first, dan thorn joining us live from the newsroom with more details on how this new proposal woodwork. dan will grand council president pro tem sheng town who is also running for mayor of oakland says $50,000 should be offered as an incentive to fill the department's vacancies. the city has dealt with a dramatic increase in violent crimes this year and town believes this plan will help speed up hiring.
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>> the oakland police department has 60 open positions. the vacancies remain as the city continues to struggle with the surge of gun violence and robberies. city council president pro tem sheng tao says the unfilled positions are an unacceptable failure. we are in a public i'm seeing right now. >> it feels like every day. >> we experience a new senseless tragedy. and at the same time are shrinking police force as it have the resources to adequately serve. our community. tao is proposing a $50,000 cash incentive to fill the vacancies. she's also hoping the city will partner with the outside hiring agency to attract police officers from all over to oakland. these officers. what we call a lateral officers. >> i'm not i like about it comes additional counties. officers are already experience and ready to hit the streets as active patrol officer. >> for those officers to take the offer, they would have to stay with opd for at least 5
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years. otherwise pay back the prorated amount of the $50,000 bonus. as for officers to leave before 18 months. they would have to pay back the entire bonus house proposal aims to cut down on 911, response times increased police presence in improve the cease-fire program. the idea is getting the seal of approval from pastor billy dixon junior who works with the program police officers will say best to keep things affect them lives. it will be at added bonus to the city of oakland immediately. >> put people in position to patrol our streets. >> well, in september town proposed adding 2 more police academies to curb the loss of officers there in oakland. this new proposal will be brought before the city council next week. reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, dan. the chief of oakland's department of violence prevention admits the current problems that that city faces present a real challenge for those committed to reducing violent crime. there.
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>> it does not matter what we're to look like this in open subsides. nobody strategy is being impacted. have to be really up >> the oakland apartment of violence, prevention approaches violence reduction from a public health perspective using community led intervention strategies. they are aimed at improving safety and stability of families and communities most impacted by the violence. the city of oakland is currently grappling with record levels of violence, increases in homicides, armed robberies carjackings. smash-and-grabs, you name it. the department of violence prevention remain steadfast that the public health violence prevention strategy they say will eventually produce hopefully the oakland police department would like to speak to the person believed to have cell phone video in connection to the killing of. >> kron 4 security guard. kevin nishita. investigators
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believe this video contains additional leads, including the suspect vehicle fleeing the scene on november 24th. this is near 14th and harrison in downtown oakland. this is just seen video, but authorities want that cell phone video. they are asking the person who recorded the video or anyone with video linked to the investigation to contact them immediately at opd homicide hotline to report 32,000, $500 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. a fund has been set up for them to shoot a family, a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin the sheet of trust at any metropolitan bank location. you can do that in person or send it in the mail. the address is on the screen. we've also posted this info on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> then use variant of covid-19 continuing. now to spread all across the country. it was said to be a matter of time. and here we go. the omicron variant was first detected in the u.s. just yesterday and the person.
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>> infected lives in san francisco now nearly a dozen cases have been confirmed throughout the u.s. are. ken wayne joins us now live in the studio where these cases have been confirmed and a response. now, what is that all doctors knew this was going to happen. they predicted it would happen and it is happening. so when the first case of the. >> omicron variant was confirmed here in san francisco. health experts across the country said it was only a matter of time before cases started popping up. in other states. when that time is now 4 more states, colorado, minnesota, new york and hawaii announced today, their first can 4 confirmed cases of the variant. meantime, california is confirming its second case of omicron a los angeles county resident tested positive today after a trip to south africa because of the new variant and a rising number of covid cases. the white house is moving forward with new steps to try to help the country fight the pandemic through the winter. president. biden says his administration is responding with a multi-point plan which includes increased
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booster outreach opening new family vaccination clinics. increasing covid surge response teams sharing more vaccine doses with the world and making covid test more readily available one way, the biden, the spray administration plans to do that is by requiring private insurers to pay for at-home rapid tests. the reason why that home testing is so valuable is that it >> idea of infectivity in other ways. i'm going to phone union and see these people for a while. i get the swab, even though i mean, beat tuning positive meeting in 2 days or 3 days, potentially i've got time when it's negative. i'm not going to be transmitting virus. the rest of the family members. >> one thing president biden's plan does not include our mandates. a president says he wanted to develop a plan that all americans can support and unites the country in the fight against the pandemic. the president also announced new and extended rules for
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travel. we'll have more on those coming up a little bit later on in this hour. grant vicki. >> thank you. ken is been less than 2 weeks since the fda cleared covid-19 booster shots for all adults. and it's already starting to get more difficult to find an appointment and i can attest to that several pharmacies all around the bay area say they don't have any booster appointments for about 2 weeks and that's if you're a healthy adult without any preexisting conditions and at least one location in san francisco has no appointments for the next 2 months. >> he had a very specific neira population who recommended for boosters and then very quickly, it was all comers. >> bay area. health officials say that many people are also seeking booster appointments be, you know, because of the upcoming holiday travel season. also this new nasty variant that they say you may not be able to get your booster at the same location you received your previous doses. but there is likely an available appointment
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somewhere. but this cautionary tale and unvaccinated pregnant woman who was hospitalized with covid had to have her baby delivered early after. >> she got severely ill, you know, the mom and baby made a full recovery. but there were some lessons learned. our car first. gayle ong joins us now live in the studio with her story. gayle. >> grant and vicki doctors and the cdc happened recommending the covid vaccine for pregnant women. and that mother is now urging other mothers to be to get the shot if they have not done so already. >> baby naomi hile was brought into the world via c section after mom sarah was severely ill with covid-19. i was trying to talk. >> i couldn't breathe. i remember looking at the doctor and. i said please help me situation like mine can be prevented by getting vaccinated. >> the vaccine at the time of her pregnancy had just started rolling out due to limited data. sarah decided not to get the shot while pregnant after
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2 previous miscarriages fair and her husband matthew both came down with covid matthew who is fully vaccinated had a breakthrough case with mild symptoms. the house since that are held are sharing this story to encourage other pregnant women to get the shot. there will be a lot of emotional healing. >> but we'll have to take place and makes me something that i know kind of a. stuck with that with the nurses are in a queue that i said that i will never take another deep breath for granted ever. >> sarah met naomi 10 days after her birth. she was born 7 weeks early. weighing only 4 pounds and rushed to the nic u where she stayed for more than 5 weeks. the cdc and doctors say the covid-19 vaccine is the safest route for pregnant women, women who are lactating or breastfeeding and also for women who are thinking about getting pregnant in the almost year now that we've had this vaccine. >> we've given several billion doses of this around the world. so this is not untested
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even if you've had a mild covid-19 section before you were pregnant. >> during the pregnancy. you can still get the and it's strongly recommended a natural immunity. you producing your own antibodies to covid-19 can be people started improved and create a safer environment for your pregnancy. >> doctors are encouraging pregnant women who are fully vaccinated to get a booster live in the studio. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> brave to share her tail. thank you, gayle we are learning more every day about omicron. if you like more information about the new variant. you can scan this qr code on the screen. just use your phone's camera. it will take you to our special coronavirus page on our website where we have lots of info again, still waiting to. hear exactly how it stands up to the vaccines. how transmissible it is and the like. but we are learning more every day and it's all on kron
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4 dot com. i move along from covid to the climate. let's check in our 4 zone forecast chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us now. lawrence, another. >> warm hazy day in the bay today yeah. this starts to return to some fog, though. that's a good side to help cool down the temperatures, especially along the coastline. warm elsewhere around the bay area. but much cooler air is on the way as high pressure finally showing signs of breaking down outside tonight. we've got the clouds of already swept into the bay and bouncing up against the east bay hills already big filling the bay overnight tonight beach up for you. looking across toward the exploratorium tonight. couple folks out there walking around and that kind of bundle up. now much cooler temperatures tomorrow. we've got the king tides returning. i don't want you to forget that the tide is going running about 70. that is a large tied as we head toward tomorrow morning right after 9 o'clock in the morning. we could see some flooding right along the embarcadero parts of the north bay in and around the bay. so those places that you know of that do flood during high tide events be aware that tomorrow. and as we head into saturday, we've got the king tides and
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they are going to bring some rapid rises of the water. all right. out there tonight. we've got some patchy fog making its way on shore. the winds coming back on shore today and that was the big changes that help begin the cooling trend. you can see all those clouds gather along the coastline and up above some mid to high level clouds should have a low pressure center that's down to the south of us now bring some of those clouds across our skies, too. so that's all done true to bring us some cooler temperatures on the way tonight. 40's and some 50's outside right now. tomorrow you'll notice notice cooler temperatures all around high pressure still stick around in the jet stream. well, staying to the north so far and tell it drags its way further the south will keep things dry for now. so tomorrow going to be a nice day, but will be and still be warm, be more mild around the bay area still hazy and more fog on the way, especially near the coastline and that's going to race inside the bay as we head toward the evening hours you see right here as we head through the night tonight that fog kind of filling into the bay tonight. so we wake up
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early tomorrow morning with plenty of gray skies early on giving way to some sunshine. but the fog hugging the coastline, the back on shore again by tomorrow night, temperatures going to be in the 40's and the 50's for overnight lows by day tomorrow should be a nice day. we're going to see those temperatures up in the 50's and 60's co-signed much cooler out toward the beaches 60's in most parts of the bay area elsewhere except for the coastline. so cooler temperatures on the way. you can feel that those numbers dropping down a good 10 plus degrees by tomorrow afternoon. then we start to think about some rain as we get into next week, we'll have more on that you just kind leaves and he's just let's do that. do that. i let's make happen. all right. a federal government shutdown has been averted with about 24 hours to go before the deadline. both houses of congress have passed a stopgap spending bills. >> to fund the government until february 18th. sand, a tense period where republicans have been threatening to force a shutdown over their opposition to vaccines and
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testing mandates. democrats had called those threats irresponsible and dangerous. the bill now goes to president biden's desk for his signature and the biden administration is reluctantly agreeing to resume the remain in mexico policy for migrants at the southern border. >> the trump rules required migrants. it stay in mexico as they await immigration hearings president biden, he ended that policy but lawsuits by texas and missouri forced it back into effect as long as mexico agreed, which it did so today the white house called the policy, quote, deeply flawed. but well implemented perth, the court order. alarming new details reveal tonight about the 15 year-old boy charged with killing 4 students and injuring 7 others during an attack at a michigan high school. ethan crumbly behavior before the shooting caught the attention of his teacher in the lead up to the tragedy. prosecutors also say crumley recorded a disturbing video the night before the attack detailing how he wanted
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to murder students. just one piece of what prosecutors are calling a mountain of digital evidence. school administrators also had meetings with the boy and his parents hours before the deadly shooting. >> the schools did have. contact with the student the day before and the day of the shooting. for behavior in the classroom that they felt was concerning. in fact, the parents were brought in the morning of the shooting and had a face to face meeting with the school. >> prosecutors say crumley will be tried as an adult. he faces more than a dozen charges including 4 counts, a first-degree murder and terrorism. >> in his first jailhouse interview since being taken into custody. the man accused of driving his suv right through that christmas parade in wisconsin says he feels like he's being treated like a monster police say darrell brooks junior intentionally tried to hit people in the
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parade. 6 people were killed, dozens more injured brooks was arrested just minutes later as he stood on the porch of a nearby house asking the homeowner to let him as he waited for uber. he spoke with foxnews briefly saying he feels demonized but he did not provide any details about a possible motive. his mother says brooks has long suffered from mental health issues. and now to developing news in southern california in a high-profile case, a 29 year-old suspect has been arrested in the shooting death of music legend clarence avant wife, jacqueline authorities say the man used an ar 15 assault rifle to shoot the beloved 81 year-old woman and then shot himself in the foot at another home during another robbery in hollywood officials say surveillance video and other evidence, including the rifle linked to him in both cases. is there. we're also learning her husband clarence said a security guard were at home during the incident if
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johnson been married for 54 years. >> today marks 5 years since the ghost ship warehouse fire claimed 36 lives in oakland. the flames erupted during an illegally held music many attending the dance party got trapped in the died inside the inferno and just a horrific incident. and this is a video collage here of the people who died in the early morning hours while attending that music event. they were musicians artists, friends of the bands playing the event was held upstairs on the second floor of the warehouse. this is in oakland's fruitvale district experts testified during the first trial that the stairs collapsed trapping them derek the man who rented the warehouse out to other artists accepted a plea bargain back in march. a jury just hadn't been able to come to a unanimous decision in a really long and emotional trial. we spoke with mary alexander who represented victims families in the civil trial. she says today's 5 year
9:21 pm
mark is excruciating for families who missed their children and friends every day. it was devastating for them. they felt like the criminal system really did fail them and failed their loved ones. >> that there was no justice. and then when that the al mena, the trial continued and he eventually had a plea deal as well. and no more jail time. that was devastating and. that's one reason why we're so pleased that we were able to get them some justice and the civil case where the criminal justice system had failed. in that civil lawsuit. the families did reach a multimillion dollar settlement against the city of oakland. >> pg and e and the owners of the in his plea bargain received a 12 year sentence. but that was sliced by the judge to just home detention and probation. still to come
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on kron 4 news at 9 keeping union square safe. >> but at a cost business owners say san francisco is still not doing enough to prevent crime and federal law enforcement officials say that synthetic opioids are killing americans at a record rate how they. >> plan to tackle this growing crisis. >> but first, going viral. it's not worth it. the warning tonight from the highway patrol for would be youtube patrol for would be youtube and tiktok stars. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one".
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introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. border protection is warning people about fake designer items coming in from our local ports officers. >> at the ports of los angeles and long beach seized more than 13,000 counterfeit designer items which arrived at a cargo shipment from china. the contraband included fake louis the time and gucci bags as well as clothing. officials say if they were real they would collectively cost more than 30 million dollars. customs and border patrol recommends buying items directly from the trademark holder or from authorized sellers. it also recommends reading reviews and checking for valid contact information. the agency says prices that seem too good to be true. likely are too good to be true.
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>> the california highway patrol asking people not to do this for likes and shares on social media. this was the scene in southern california. well, earlier yesterday morning chp officer says a man was driving a go-kart along one o one. he was doing it for you to the high way patrol pulled him over. they cited him. a chp is message at the end of the day, quote, absolutely 0 social media content is worth putting your life for others in danger. a bay area couple is agreeing to plead guilty for attempting to give $25,000 corrupt college admissions administrator as a bribe doctor, gary coburn and his wife, amy of palo alto. they were scheduled to appear in federal court on january 13 for allegedly paying to have their sons as a teen numbers inflated the couple entered into a plea agreement. instead where they'll serve 8 weeks in prison and perform 100 hours of community service is punishment. the call burns are part of a group of parents, coaches and school
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administrators charged in a massive college admissions scandal called operation varsity blues. next at 9. they with the u.s. bloom and with whom busting into a pot shop. how much it costs that business. >> and the reward now being offered to catch at least half a dozen crooks. plus, a couple weeks now removed from that weekend of lawlessness in union square in the city week, went back to check out things are going and what some store employees are doing once it gets dark there. also what some travelers need to know about airport restrictions because of this latest covid variant. keep it here. kron 4 news at night.
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>> of allay cannabis dispensary is offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of at least. >> they say half a dozen people that broke into the store. yeah. it appears the only thing standing between suspects allegedly attempting to steal cannabis products and us bloom incorporated in vallejo was an alarm system and some secure doors suspects never made it past the lobby they didn't get away with any of the product police officers showed up about 3 minutes after at least a half dozen suspects left the dispensary is sharing this photo of one of the cars. it's believed to be involved in the break-in. also, the said video of that happening in real time there. the police department says it's working with other law enforcement in the investigation in light of the
9:31 pm
ongoing string of organized robberies that are impacting the bay area. >> bindi union square recently. their officers. >> all over all over the place and a number of changes have been made this holiday season thanks to that recent streak of smash-and-grabs hitting bay area retailers. but union square was especially targeted. see if the city you have police officers and the union square alliance all coming together trying to reassure shoppers since store workers that union square is a safe place to be. thanks to more officers patrolling it with the san francisco police department, increasing patrols around that area. shop owners say they need help inside their stores as well. but the cost of more security in stores. they say just isn't sustainable. >> during this unprecedented time to beef up our security and provide a safe place for our customers and our employees. it's a cost that is not sustainable. long-term for our business or for any business.
9:32 pm
>> the vice president of operations there at gump's. he says he understands that security is needed and he says stores should not have to go it alone. as for the criminals, he wants them held accountable for the broken glass. the stolen items and maybe more importantly, the sense of fear that has resulted. >> other bay area. cities are also stepping up security just this week. the creek city council approves spending 2 million dollars in federal funding from the american rescue plan. that's to add a new 5 person police team just dedicated to patrolling the downtown area. this move is a response to the recent smash-and-grab robbery at the nordstrom store there in broadway plaza. and the city of san jose. also installing license plate readers try and curb smash-and-grab robberies there. the city counsell agreeing on tuesday to spend $250,000 in federal relief funds to least new license plate, readers. if you're
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searching for a christmas tree this year you might have noticed they are a little more expensive than usual. the reason has to do with climate change and a decreased in supplies. both real and fake trees. our 30% higher than normal. according to the american christmas tree association. record breaking heat and wildfires short took a toll on farms in california up in oregon. washington state. the country's largest growers of christmas trees and the artificial tree industry struggling because of delays in shipments and the lack of truck drivers. that's a beautiful site there at the state capitol coming life with dazzling lights for the state's 90th annual tree lighting ceremony happened tonight at 06:00pm governor newsome and first partner jennifer siebel newsom flip
9:34 pm
the switch to eliminate the 65 foot tall. white fir. it is covered with about 14,000 ultra low wattage lights and decorated with hundreds of ornaments. and speaking of during the pandemic, a family. the north bay formed a nonprofit to try to. >> kindle the holiday spirit. >> and this year they continue to give away a free christmas tree for those who can't afford one proper zell 7 million spoke with the funder tonight l a. >> well, a christmas tree can really brighten up a room for families to take part in a tradition. of course, as we just saw in that beautiful video, but they can cost a pretty penny upwards of a $100 depending on where you live and then add on the ornaments. so last year, parents jesse and tory crawler up in sonoma county decided to start their own tradition gifting these trees. what started as less than a dozen tree giveaway has grown to 1000 trees this year with the help of volunteers. the nonprofit operation christmas tree is fully decorating. these trees making them available for delivery within county lines or people
9:35 pm
can pick one up somebody as far as sacramento drove up there just a day to get a tree along with a full time job crowder's there can and the community are all working on weekends this month to make it all happen. but the founder says it's worth it. >> people are home more than ever. >> we just felt like, you know, we were so happy when you put up our tree and we want everybody else to feel that way and we didn't want anyone to go without just because they couldn't afford it. so yeah, we're just you know, we love christmas and we want. i know. and and we want to, you know, really share what christmas is all about. and that is about giving. >> so to apply for a tree can visit operation christmas tree. dot org. the pickup location will then be sent to the applicant directly. and if you want to donate, you can do so on the same website, there are also in need of delivery drivers volunteers, of course, are always needed of people can donate their money, they can donate their time. >> thanks for doing that
9:36 pm
story. yeah, that's for inspired. thanks. all right. now. new federal travel requirements are here. how much longer you're going to need to mask up before you hop on public transit story. still ahead. >> and clouds roll back in no rain just yet. but that could soon change tracking a few storms will have that coming up next. and ahead in sports after losing to the phoenix suns on tuesday. the warriors getting ready for a big rematch tomorrow. sports director jason, do lots as a preview. when we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the dogs were back in the lap prepping for a rematch with the phoenix suns phoenix snapped the dove 7 game win streak on tuesday night in the valley of the sun. they forced 23 turnovers and it was the most rattled that i've seen this golden state team. >> all season, but we must not forget the suns were in the nba finals last year. this should be a sop shock the western conference runs through phoenix has probably would remind is telling right here was the funniest guy at practice. but like i said, the warriors they need to get to where phoenix is the defending western conference chance. >> i it's kind of too early to put, you know, enable you know, we're we're, you know, still trying to continue to
9:40 pm
find ourself. and you know, you guys have to give the suns credit. they wrote that almost the whole team and they they were in the finals last year. so, you know, for us, it's just about continuing to grow continue to focus on us and what we can do to be every game i'm definitely on a. sharks. >> against the islanders in the brand-new ubs arena in strong island yet first period. nick, let me know. kept it in. we have a tie game. let's go to overtime timo meier even to study for the sharks. he's the night. but yes, what erik karlsson lights, the layup. sharks win again. i believe 3 out of 4. they are trending in the right direction. travel across the river to take on the rangers in manhattan at the world's most famous arena anyone doesn't know madison square the place saint mary's. >> taking on utah state in logan, utah 2nd half. alex.
9:41 pm
case. nice jab, step. finish in the lane with the left. he put the gaels up to alright tie game. just seconds left. check this out. utah state takes the shot. the gaels get the rebound and they are on the rebound with 0.9 seconds left. duke us going to the line. the ice in his veins, not some both down. and so we play with 0.6 left. it can't get a shot off. utah state. the gaels nottoway time expires. randy bennett. gets into it a little bit with the utah state coach. they wanted extra time. yes. what don't matter. gales win 60 to 58 there is. and once they play colorado state on saturday 0.6 2 haas pavilion. cal hosting oregon state pac 12 action 2nd half jordan shepherd. for 3 to 25 in 8. all right. now is
9:42 pm
andres count. he's a force inside 19 point 13 rebound for double double of the young season romero right there. bears win 73 61 3 in 4 state visit utah on sunday. all righty. that's your look at righty. that's your look at sports everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ covered california, this w♪ red roses too ♪rance. ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. holiday travel season in full swing. the u.s. is placing tougher restrictions on
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travelers. >> entering the country, all in an effort to slow down the spread of the coronavirus specifically this new omicron variant of the disease as we give you a live look now at sfo tonight. in addition to the new covid testing policy for international travel. the administration also announcing that the mask mandated airport and on public transportation like buses will be extended until mid march. so here's a look at what some travelers had to say to us. >> i think getting at this before playing in is a good idea. but 24 it's going to be a bit tight but not all countries quick tell so that might be i love traveling. so as long as i'm vaccinated i'll would and that site is vaccinated and everybody what im has very comfortable. >> earlier this week the u.s. banned non us citizens from 8 southern african nations from traveling here to the u.s. meantime, the world health organization is urging countries to avoid sweeping
9:46 pm
travel bans. the organization says that the move could actually cause nations to withdraw new data on emerging variants just out of fear that citizens will be punished through barred travel and they say that the bands won't prevent the international spread. instead, they say countries should apply in evidence informed and risk based approach, other medical experts say that these restrictions can buy some time if implemented quickly and very early on in the new variants emergence. >> the number of americans who have died from an overdose since the start of the pandemic continues to grow. and today the biden administration had officials testifying on capitol hill about how they plan to address this issue kron four's, washington correspondent reshad hudson has more. >> california congresswoman anna eshoo says synthetic opioids like fentanyl are killing americans at a record rate. a great record that shows no sign of abating
9:47 pm
washington congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers says fentanyl is unlike drugs of the past. this is not your typical street drug. >> this is a weapons grade poison that is killing our children. >> since the start of the pandemic more than 100,000 americans have died from opioid deaths. a 30% jump from the previous year, kentucky congressman brett guthrie blames the biden administration for the lethal drugs spreading across the country. the biden administration's freighter dresses problem in our southern borders driving increases in drug overdoses. >> but the da says so far this year it has taken 13,000 pounds fit know off of the streets. that's enough fentanyl, as was mentioned earlier to give every member of the united states population of potentially lethal dose. >> and to prevent more deaths. the biden administration is recommending strengthening prison sentences for certain synthetic opioids. the nearly 100 civil rights groups have pushed back on that idea
9:48 pm
saying it would lead to more arrests and sort of getting people to help. they need reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> i want to get a final check on the 4 zone forecast for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with an early christmas gift, perhaps. i am hoping so i think we're going to get back into some rain is going to take a little bit to get there. but if things are beginning to change. we saw that today we noticed some of those clouds moving in along the coastline. temperatures starting to cool off specially out toward the beaches and just inside the bay tonight, the clouds of kind of filled into the bay now. and we're going to see more of that or tomorrow morning. see the fog in your neighborhood. hold on. it's still coming in. so more on the way out there temperatures today. yeah. they took a hit. remember yesterday we were talking about all those record temperatures around the bay area. now, most the bay area in the 60's range today with some much cooler air beginning to move on shore. so i think tomorrow we're going even notice a bigger change as we're going to see a full-fledged on shore breeze. seen that breeze out there right now. that is carrying with it. some low clouds and fog and plenty more
9:49 pm
to come. some high clouds up above continue to swirl in our skies as well. but most that just going to stay dry out there for tonight. temperature wise got some 40's 50's out the door right now. so little cool in spots and that, yeah, you got that fog out there kind of locked in right now on along the east bay hills. more clouds tomorrow morning. a mixture of sunshine and clouds throughout the day tomorrow much cooler temperatures all around this weekend. no rain just yet. but after that next week is going to be a lot more impressive high pressure finally showing signs of weakening that jet stream has really well north of the bay are all the way up 7 northwest even canada for quite some time now. that's going to start to change as high pressure begins to weekend. we're going to see a trough begin to move in. all of a sudden that jet stream is going to come down but not for tomorrow. high pressure still in control cooler temperatures with the fog with a long-range forecast, though, as we take you through time and through the weekend looking good. then on monday here comes your first chance of some showers again, not a big rainmaker. just some scattered light showers. more importantly, it starts to get a little more
9:50 pm
progressive as we get into the next thursday. there's another chance of some rain drops very cold air moving in behind that and then maybe more importantly that kind of sets the stage for that next storm system off the coastline possibly moving in by the following sunday. so things changing gears. now, just the way we need it tomorrow. 50's 60's much cooler. i think by next week we start to talk about a chance. some raindrops doesn't look like it's going to be a big storm system rolling on in but may be opening the door to more storms on the way. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence. well, time to talk beer. sure. but the beer and this holiday season. if you're looking for a tasty way to celebrate. well. >> what's as christmas or footballer post yard were correct, killing at the beach are a number of things. what says that like beer? >> like a cold wind cold. so tonight on dining, dish. i take us for a taste of a craft brewery to based in the bay area at the famous garrett ellie square. it's called san francisco brewing company. to hear beer aficionados josh
9:51 pm
levy talk about beer. you think it was fine wine. what i'm drinking right here came directly out of one of those tank that app. >> the never sees oxygen until it actually hits your josh and his brother aaron, love all things beer homebrew or turn pro room with my after graduating from harvard at the west chico state. i taught him everything he knows and are bringing it to their craft brewery and restaurant in historic era. delhi square here in san francisco. brewing co here comes in flights with a wide range of flavor profiles on. so we're doing a lot of light beer. so your coaches. we have a lot of light bloggers, mexican lager. we have a >> sports fans line up to cheer on their team while downing all manner of beer. there's a beer on. >> you can even hit the self-serve beer wall to self poor using high tech just one >> well, i have to work on with my boss, bear to complement the beverage like fish tacos chicken salad and
9:52 pm
gore may like taking pizza and beer and not. >> bring it to a whole new level. and for a holiday toast. their brewing up a christmas bowling spice. imperial stout, age dinner, rum, head brewmaster justin educates on how to get the most out of pops and similar to roasting coffee this would be a light roast. >> and this could be a dark roast if you want to do more than imbibe. you can always take the tour are just ask either levy brother about their favorite beverage in. you'll be sure to get a mouthful. it's good for vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> cheers to that. well, if you're looking for the best holiday decorations in the day. you will. need to drive around aimlessly, the app that shows you where to go for the best light show.
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limited availability in select areas. don't need to drive to disney for the best holiday lights and decorations. there's now an interactive map right with that. >> ways, too. you can find displays all around the bay area. some people might appreciate that. and anybody actually can participate no matter what holiday you celebrate users are invited to mark your decorated home on the chair map right now on the nextdoor app from christmas lights to hanukkah displays plan. the perfect sightseeing route to experience your communities holiday spirit
9:56 pm
this year that your map will also feature a how to guide on holiday decorating and gift guides. there you have it. you don't want to do. you can just go to alameda city of alameda. always sure. just light up like legendary. this play and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. appreciate you being with us. happy holidays. stick around. the primetime news continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne, pam moore. good to see both thank you very much let's yeah. coming up tonight at 10 o'clock. the omicron variant continuing to spread across the united states with cases popping up in at least 5 states now, including the second case here in california. >> the steps laid out today by the biden administration to keep it from getting out of control and yet another car break-in caught on camera in the bay area. this one near lake merritt. >> why the victim says she is beyond frustrated with how police handled that investigation. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:57 pm
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> experts say the covid-19 case. you continue to rise in the weeks ahead this winter. so we need to be ready. >> now. 10 president joe biden
10:00 pm
unveils his plan to combat covid and the rapidly spreading omicron variant. what you need to know about mandates and testings as , s- health officials try to stop the spread. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. when the first case of the omicron variant was confirmed in san francisco health officials said it was only a matter of time before cases started popping up in other states and that time has come for more states. colorado, minnesota new york and hawaii announcing today. their first confirmed cases of the variant. >> meantime, california is confirming its second case of omicron. this is a white house unveils its plan to try to get the country through what could be a tough winter. our grant lotus joins us now live in the studio with the latest grant to ken and pam, unfortunately that map figures to fill up. you have 9 cases. now, the omicron variant that have been identified across 5 us states. the second case in california
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