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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 3, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on. >> friday. december the reyna harvey and just literally hours away from your weekend. maybe some of the law already took friday off. so you're already enjoying the weekend. we had some beautiful weather for most of the week. i'm meteorologists john sabol man, please give me some some even better news for today. what we are going to be looking at some changes out there today. i guess if you like a little bit of a cool down today is a good day to pull back out those jackets. the sweaters.
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>> get back into the holiday spirit after a little. some are fleeing the past couple of days. it feels like we are going to be looking at conditions today. cooler and a little bit cloudier. certainly the big news this morning is just how very foggy it is out there looking outside at the embarcadero visibility isn't too bad there. but we do have a dense fog advisory back in effect as we've seen the past couple of mornings for solano county and we are seeing some lower visibility in pockets, especially further inland. we have some patches of dense fog have informed right along the bay. and this is affecting your travel on some of our bridges as well as many of your crossings across the bay. so please be mindful of this throughout the morning. today's impact of fog is greater than what we've seen so far this week and that is going to have an effect on your commute. 40's and 50's for your current temperatures. that's a fairly mild. but foggy morning. there's the fog at sfo right here. visibility certainly an impact there 60's for your highs later on today. know 70's in today's forecast.
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that's a change from where we have been all be breaking down the rest of your forecast. so stay with us for that. john, thank you for that. like you mentioned, a lot of fog out there this morning. fog advisories for the antioch bridge. >> benicia bridge and the car keenest bridge to take your time as you're driving safely. also along the altamonte past. >> traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes as you're traveling. let's get a look at the richmond sandra fell commute as you're traveling at a richmond, a little under 9 and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're heading from the north bay into the city again, john mention, take your time this morning because visibility out there is low across the bay area. well, our top story this morning, president biden making another push for americans to get their covid-19 boosters. he laid out his administration's response plan to the new omicron covid variant. now the very has now been detected in at least 5 states across the
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country, including right here at home in the bay area. there's also another case in los angeles. now the president's plan has several steps including increased booster, outreach, opening new family vaccination clinics. increasing covid response teams and making at home. covid test. more readily available as well as sharing more vaccine doses with the world. one thing is plan does not include are more mandates. >> the plan. i'm announcing today's a plan our scientists and covid teams have recommended. and while my existing federal vaccination requirements are being reviewed by the courts. this plan does not expand or add to those mandates. a planned, all americans hopefully can rally around and it should be and should get bipartisan support in my humble opinion should unite us not continue to separate us. >> well, meanwhile, finding an open appointment for your covid booster shot is getting more challenging, more locations aren't listing any available doses until early
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next year. experts say getting the booster later that you prefer still better and not getting that extra dose at all. they say if you're already fully vaccinated, you're still protected from the virus. >> rather than having fomo about people getting and running for really even those 2 doses, you're really, really well. to and kind beast. i care the most about which is making you get really sick enough to go to the hospital and potentially die. >> officials say as of now, people have tested positive for the new variant were fully vaccinated but did not get the booster they have only shown mild symptoms. well, google employees are not going to be required to return to the office in january 10th as they were previously scheduled the company reportedly sent a memo to workers say they're going to wait until after the new year to determine when it's going to work and when it's going to be safe to work in person again. now, google had originally set a mandatory
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return to the office. at least 3 days a week for october. but delayed that date because of the delta variant. unvaccinated pregnant woman who was hospitalized with covid-19 had to have her baby delivered early after becoming severely ill the mother and the baby made a full recovery, thankfully, but she says there were several lessons learned in all of this kron four's. gayle ong has that story. >> baby naomi hile was brought into the world via c section after mom sarah was severely ill with covid-19. i was trying to talk. >> i can't breathe. i remember looking at the doctor and. i said please help me situation like mine can be prevented by getting vaccinated. >> the vaccine at the time of her pregnancy had just started rolling out due to limited data. sarah decided not to get the shot while pregnant after 2 previous miscarriages fair and her husband matthew both came down with covid matthew
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who is fully vaccinated had a breakthrough case with mild symptoms. the that are held are sharing this story to encourage other pregnant women to get the shot. there will be a lot of emotional healing. >> but we'll have to take place and makes me something that i know kind of a. stuck with that with the nurses make you that. i said that i will never take another deep breath for granted ever. >> sarah met naomi 10 days after her birth. she was born 7 weeks early. weighing only 4 pounds and rushed to the nic u where she stayed for more than 5 weeks. the cdc and doctors say the covid-19 vaccine is the safest route for pregnant women, women who are lactating or breastfeeding and also for women who are thinking about getting pregnant in the almost year now that we've had this vaccine. >> we've given several billion doses of this around the world. so this is not untested even if you've had a mild covid-19 section before you were pregnant.
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>> during the pregnancy. you can still get the and it's strongly recommended that natural immunity. you producing your own antibodies to covid-19 can be both started improved and create a safer environment for your pregnancy. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> with the holiday travel season in full swing. now the u.s. is placing tougher restrictions on travelers entering the country. it's all a part of an effort to slow down the spread of coronavirus specifically the new omicron variant as we take a live look at sfo this morning. john mentioned a lot of fog here. in addition to a new covid testing policy for international travel. the biden administration is also announcing that that mask mandate at airports and on public transportation is going to be extended at least until mid-march. >> i think tend getting it. this before playing in is a good idea. but 24 it's going to be a bit tight but not all
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countries that quit so that might be i love traveling. so as long as i'm vaccinated i'll would and that site is vaccinated and everybody what im has very comfortable. >> earlier this week the u.s. ban non us citizens from 8 southern african nations from traveling to the united states. back here at home. the city of oakland taking steps to address the violence in the city. the city council president proposed a cash incentive to try to entice experience officers from other departments to join opd kron four's. dan thorn has that story for us. >> the oakland police department has 60 open positions. the vacancies remain as the city continues to struggle with the surge of gun violence and robberies. city council president pro tem sheng tao says the unfilled positions are an unacceptable failure. we are in a public i'm seeing right now. >> it feels like every day. >> we experience a new senseless tragedy. and at the
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same time are shrinking police force as it have the resources to adequately serve. our community. tao is proposing a $50,000 cash incentive to fill the vacancies. she's also hoping the city will partner with the outside hiring agency to attract police officers from all over to oakland these officers. what we call lateral officers. >> i'm not mike can traditionally counties. officers are already experience and ready to hit the streets as an active patrol officer. >> for those officers to take the offer, they would have to stay with opd for at least 5 years. otherwise pay back the prorated amount of the $50,000 bonus. as for officers to leave before 18 months. they would have to pay back the entire bonus house proposal aims to cut down on 911, response times increased police presence in improve the cease-fire program. the idea is getting the seal of approval from pastor billy dixon junior who works with
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the program police officers will save just to keep things affect them lives. it will be at added bonus to the city of oakland community. >> put people in position to patrol our reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> oakland's department of violence prevention is a separate effort by the city to address the record levels. a violent crime from a public health perspective by using what it calls community led intervention strategies. the department's chief defended this method of tackling the violence insisting it will produce results. >> nobody strategy is being impacted have to be really up front the other day. one of my staff members told the rest of the team do want traffic light even that lead to a shooting. >> oakland. police have reported an increase in several crimes including homicide, armed robberies and carjackings. officials say they've seen a record number
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of women this year who were victims of shootings. well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news a government shutdown is averted by lawmakers. >> on capitol hill are going to have the latest details from washington, dc. plus another car burglary in san francisco. this one is caught on camera. we have that video coming up. and if you live in the north bay. there's a new warning about your drinking water. why might taste a little different this morning will be right back.
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>> this morning. there's a warning for people in marin county, marion water says you're drinking water may smell and taste. a little different. officials say that's in response to the drought that they had to change their water source in order to manage that water supply. now the water has been described as tasting or man must er earthy run. water says the water is still safe to drink though. so, you know, if you're waking up and your water taste that way. that is why and fortunately. >> that did not sound good at all. but it but it's still safe to drink zach safe to drink alarm. >> we've been talking about the fog. that's what we're seeing this morning when i was leaving my house, you heading from the east bay into the
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city couldn't really see visibility was line. really should clean. my window shook off. yeah. window. she'll and fog. not a sport and. >> it's not is crystal clear. this afternoon either as we have been lately reyna. so we've got some changes today. we're get rid of that offshore wind, which was with the reason we're looking at such warm temperatures, so is compared to the 70's. we've seen the past few days. today solidly falls into the 60's. obviously some changes from your berkeley hills cam this morning. can see anything out there as that dense layer of low lying cloud, cover and fog is really shrouding us across the bay area resulting in a lot of low visibility issues. so please give yourself that extra time this morning. this is the densest fog has been this week. high pressure may still sitting place, but we got some changes ahead of us. let's break them all down in this long-term future cast right here. so we're still in the midst of the high that sending any rain and snow to the north. well through the weekend. as you can see here.
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but look at what happens monday night. we'll start to see that high loosening its grip and that will allow this rain and snow in the jet stream to track a little bit further southward initially this could result in a couple of sprinkles for the bay area monday night into tuesday morning. very brief. not amounting to much. we drive back out for a couple of days. friday. another chance of a few sprinkles. this will be more significant for lake tahoe, then it will be for the bay area, offering them or mix of rain and snow. the bay area picking up some light sprinkles again. what i'm really eyeing is not next monday, but the one after this next line of showers right here looking a little bit more power for more. well developed could bring us some rainfall on into that next. full week of december. so not next week. but again, the following one as for a future cast of rainfall totals. by the time we reached the weekend. maybe some misty spots out there monday night into tuesday morning. couple of sprinkles possible. then friday could see a couple of isolated
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showers popping up really not a lot to know next week. but next week is a week of transition out of the record breaking warmth and sunshine to some cooler more unsettled weather. hopefully setting us up for a nice pattern change after that 50's and 60's for your highs. in san francisco and right along the coastline temperatures along the bay shore today will mostly be in the 60's. we're really not talking in the 70's on the map. remember the south bay it was our warmest spot still being the warmest of spots. but campbell only at 68 degrees as compared to those mid to upper 70's where we had been. so that is a noticeable change of pace oakland 62 for your high today. sonoma right at 63 degrees and santa rosa down through center fell on the low 60's looking ahead of her next 7 days. this is where we're going to stay. not a lot of change from here on out as far as temps co. we remain solidly in the 60's through next wednesday. slight chance of a couple sprinkles monday night into tuesday morning. better chance of light showers, thursday night into
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friday and then even better chance of rain fall into the following monday after that john, thank you for that. right. talk about the fog out there. we've been seeing it. >> all this morning. right now you're looking at the bay bridge any from the east bay. a little under 10 minute for your drive time there. but there is dense fog along the ante on bridge the benicia bridge as well as the car. keane is bridge and some along the altamont pass as well. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge. you're heading across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes. looks like some foggy conditions there as well. the richmond center fell commute as you travel out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge where we do normally see pockets of fog there. about 20 minutes traveling into the city will have more on that coming up. but for now, let's get back some of our top stories. major moves under way at the state capitol. lawmakers are moving their offices out of the state capitol in preparation for huge renovation project. they have going on. well, the capital xanax is set to be demolished to make way for new
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upgraded space for the last decade. 7 decades and his house executives and legislative offices there. the project is expected to cost taxpayers about 1.2 billion dollars legislators say depending and defending that demolition they will legislators that are defending that demolition of the next says that it has as senate. it has limited access for the disabled and also a lack of safety measures like exits as well as sprinklers. there. the new spaces that include about a 100 million dollars in security upgrades. >> it will be a more secure. our modern capital. it will allow the legislature in a term of american people. functional. i bring in all the pieces back under one roof. >> for now. lawmakers are moving into a temporary space about a block away. the office building is expected to open up to the public on january. 3rd. the biden administration has agreed to resume the remain in mexico policy for migrants at the southern
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border. the trump era rules require migrants to stay in mexico as they await immigration hearings, president biden ended the policy. we took office. but lawsuits by texas and missouri forced it back into effect as long as mexico agreed, which should do it. the white house re implemented the policy per a court order. a big story this morning. the u.s. government will stay open for now. last night the senate passed a stopgap bill that would keep the government funded the february 18th anna wiernicki is live in washington with the latest. good morning, anna. >> good morning. well, that last minute deal in the senate almost didn't happen just hours before a group of senate republicans threatened to block any funding bill over federal vaccine mandates. >> the yeas are 69. the nays are 28 and the bill is passed hours before the government was set to run out of money. congress passed a continuing resolution keeping it open
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through february 18th. i'm happy to let the american people know the government remains open, but thursday's late night vote almost didn't happen. a group of senate republicans including utah's mike lee. >> threatened to block the short-term funding bill over president biden's vaccine mandate for larger businesses. it's not government's job. it's not within government authority to tell people that they must be vaccinated and if they don't get vaccinated, don't get fired. >> it's wrong. it's immoral. the and kansas republican senator roger marshal introduced an amendment that would prevent the use of federal money to carry out the vaccine mandate. let's give employers certainty. employs peace of mind that they will still have a job. this new year, but that amendment failed. no one wants to go to work and be worry. they might come home to their family with the deadly virus. but democrats criticize the group's demands calling the move a political stunt. how do they explain to the public that they're shutting down government because they don't want people to get vaccinated.
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the bill now heads to the president's desk where president biden has until the end of today to sign it. >> for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki rain and back to you. >> thank you for that update. anna. well, still coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news we could learn today if the parents of the suspected gunman in the michigan school shooting will be charged. we have the latest details in that investigation. once we get back. this holiday season.
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we look for tasty ways to celebrate. and this morning on time and dish. vicki liviakis takes is for a taste of a craft brewery based in the bay area at the famous gear. a deli square. >> to hear beer aficionados josh levy talk about beer. you think it was fine wine. what i'm drinking right here came directly out of one of those tank that app. >> the never sees oxygen until it actually hits your josh and his brother aaron, love all things beer homebrew or turn pro brewed with my after graduating from harvard at the west chico state. i taught him everything he knows and are bringing it to their craft brewery and restaurant in historic era. delhi square here in san francisco. brewing. co beer comes in flights with a wide range of flavor profiles on. so we're doing a lot of light here. so your coaches. we have a lot of light bloggers, mexican lager. we have a >> sports fans line up to
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cheer on their team while downing all manner of beer. there's a beer garden ping pong. >> you can even hit the self-serve beer wall to self poor using high tech just one >> well, i have to work on with my boss, bear to complement the beverage like fish tacos chicken salad and gore may like taking pizza and beer and not. >> bring it to a whole new level. and for holiday toast. their brewing up a christmas bowling spice. imperial stout, age dinner, rum, head brewmaster justin educates on how to get the most out of hops and similar to roasting coffee this would be a light roast. >> and this could be a dark roast if you want to do more than imbibe. you can always take the tour are just ask either levy brother about their favorite beverage in. you'll be sure to get a mouthful in francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news victim of a smash-and-grab oakland is
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let our injury attorneys when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at for you now for 29 go on for 30 year on december 3rd. >> this friday making our way
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into another fabulous weekend. john, you have any weekend plans. holiday shopping i'm ready. all done shopping. i've actually wrapped all my presents tree is a just good to breathe and enjoy be doing the right you really don't have a tree. a little treat. the daria gaby's. a lot i guess that's up. >> haven't finished. burch is all my gifts get their gradually. i so in previous years when people like me have been like oh, i got everything done. it's bothered me. is so sorry for just that all out there is. i know it gets a little stressful. haha. >> because i've never this early as far as that goes. yes, but yet we are looking at a good weekend to take care of all that stuff because i know the majority of us still got to do it. some of us just got weird spurts of motivation going on this year. we are looking at conditions like at san francisco, downtown right now that are relatively clear at the surface. but you can see you don't have to have


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