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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 3, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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john, you have any weekend plans. holiday shopping i'm ready. all done shopping. i've actually wrapped all my presents tree is a just good to breathe and enjoy be doing the right you really don't have a tree. a little treat. the daria gaby's. a lot i guess that's up. >> haven't finished. burch is all my gifts get their gradually. i so in previous years when people like me have been like oh, i got everything done. it's bothered me. is so sorry for just that all out there is. i know it gets a little stressful. haha. >> because i've never this early as far as that goes. yes, but yet we are looking at a good weekend to take care of all that stuff because i know the majority of us still got to do it. some of us just got weird spurts of motivation going on this year. we are looking at conditions like at san francisco, downtown right now that are relatively clear at the surface. but you can see you don't have to have
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very far up in san francisco to start to meet that cloudy later and for much of the rest of the bay area, especially bayshore in inland areas. you are in the midst some dense fog this morning. in fact, it is our densest fog that we've seen so far this week, dense fog advisory for solano county. it is affecting your travels on the east bay shoreline in portions of the south bay pockets of our north and east bay inland valleys and then especially out of the central valley. please be slower out there. give yourself that extra time as you are venturing out 40's and 50's otherwise for current temperatures. it's a nice cool start to the day really the biggest issue this morning as fog. not the way it's feeling because it's one of our most mild mornings. you see that fog at sfo this morning. that does have an impact on visibility for your weekend flights 60's for your daytime highs later on cooler than we have been. i'm breaking all of it down in your forecast. let you know what you can expect this weekend still ahead, john, thank you for that. and we talked about fog that dense fog along the antioch bridge,
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the benicia bridge as well as the car came his bridge. >> and the altamonte pass. and as i was leaving the east bay heading into the city this morning. i encountered a lot of all my right as well. once you do finally reach the maze as you're traveling into the city ts that 3 months. she x a little under 9 minutes for your drive time this morning. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge it across towards the peninsula. visibility looks a little low. there. a little under 30 minutes as you're traveling the richmond center fell commute as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 9 and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city. well, an east bay woman is sharing her story of being the victim of a smash-and-grab robbery in oakland. it happened last month. but she says when she tried to file a police report. her efforts went nowhere. kron four's. taylor's sacking has that story. >> cell phone video captured yet another smash-and-grab at lake merritt in oakland. >> the victim clifford says when she returned to her car,
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she found shattered glass and a note left by a witness alerted her that they were able to grab this video of the suspects. it happened last month. but clifford says she's now sharing her story after she had an issue when filing a police report with opd. >> in trying to share this video. i filed a report on the link that they gave me to go. there is links to upload pictures or any videos. so you basically tell your story and you submit it. so i waited to get at least something from either via email or phone call to seek to follow up. nothing. clifford expressed her frustrations with the handling of the case. it's kind of scary to see. they don't even respond, especially when you have a video clip. >> and that they have some kind of evidence to go after that. you know, maybe they will find another crime that happened by these people. when they just brush that under the carpet and not caring. this is not going to give me any sense of security honestly to go in
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that any more. i'm not going to oakland for any reason by myself anymore. he worries that the same suspects will now continue breaking into cars or worse. >> after getting away with it. some failing here because if they let this people to just get off with break hands and not paying attention to them and not be punished. >> then this is a green light for criminal site. this starts from a car break in and to house break in to a murder. 2 biggest just last week, eric davis was shot and killed while trying to stop people from breaking into cars at lake merritt. >> police released this photo of the car that they believe was involved in davis is killing. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in that case at the same time oakland police have been sounding the alarm on multiple occasions saying they're underfunded and understaffed until bus actually reporting kron 4
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news. i will take a look at this. there's new video of another smash-and-grab in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood. >> the footage was sent to us by one of our viewers, a person can be seen using a light peer into that blue car behind me for smashing the windows and stealing several items inside the person then gets into a waiting getaway car. and this all happened near renton washington street. it's not clear what exactly was stolen san francisco police have not commented on the theft. you're looking at behind us now over the south bay, another smash-and-grab robbery happened in san jose police say 4 masked these went into a jewelry store located inside eastridge mall yesterday afternoon. well, they smashed the display cases with hammers several items were taken when officers arrived on the scene that these took off. it's unclear how much was stolen in that robbery. happening today. a california attorney general rob possible and out an update to a recent retail theft in the bay area. it's not clear what that announcement will be. but he's going to hold a news conference with the san
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mateo county sheriff and the san mateo county district attorney. it's set for 1 o'clock this afternoon. we'll have coverage of that news conference on our 24 streaming news service. kron on's makes you have that. there's still a heavy police presence in san francisco's union square is the rise in retail crimes is prompted some stores to require shoppers to make a reservation. others are only letting in a certain number of customers at a time. city leaders in the police department tried to assure the public that shopping its core is safe. some businesses have invested in their own security. but that's at a high cost. >> during this unprecedented time to beef up our security and provide a safe place for our customers and our employees is a cost that is not sustainable. long-term for our business or for any business. >> well, the vice president of operations at gump says the city needs to do more to protect businesses from going bankrupt. this time of year. police say they arrested 5 people on black friday as part
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of an operation to prevent more car break-ins and armed robberies. one of the sec's best the suspects in this was just 15 years old. investigators say they may be connected to a half a dozen car burglaries in the city. police say 2 of those suspects were casing vehicles in the area of fulton and line streets in the other 3 suspects were arrested after they were seen breaking into cars in a parking lot nearby. they and kearny streets. police also confiscated 2 ghost guns during that arrest. all 5 suspects now face multiple felony charges. in the north bay. police say a group of thieves broke into a cannabis store that was in vallejo. the business owners now offering a $25,000 reward for any inf%rmation leading to an arrest kron four's fully juggle has that story. >> it took just minutes for this group of suspects to size up us bloom incorporated in vallejo. >> and then break in cost
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thousands of sport in attempt set off a cannabis late hope police officers showed up about 3 minutes after at least a half dozen suspects left the suspects never made it past the lobby and did not get away with any of the product. >> but the attempt to more business. the operations bottom line, really want all of our tax dollars that we're paying every single month to go to having more. >> you know, officials out on the street and getting these black market. you know, these black markets are really damaging our small businesses. the dispensary is working with local elected leaders for help. with crime and possible tax relief. >> this as the california legislative analyst's office says illegal cannabis market sales double legal sales. >> this week in san francisco, the board of supervisors suspended the cities cannabis business tax for next year to
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support legal retailers and weaken. the black market takes so much time in a day to be compliant to make sure everything we have compliant up 2. >> the california state regulations, a state regulations, a city regulations are just really trying to do our best. and for someone to come and no attempt to all the hard work. it really hurts the police department says it is with other enforcement in this investigation in light of the ongoing string of organized robberies impacting the bay area. >> meanwhile, the dispensary is sharing this photo of one of the cars believed to be involved in the break-in in vallejo, phillipe djegal kron 4 news. >> san mateo police say they have arrested a man suspected of sexually assaulting a blind woman. that incident happened in cupertino earlier this year. we showed you the surveillance images of the suspect. police say this is this is back in may. 29 the 29 year-old been ortiz. that's hii day followed. the victim
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before assaulting her in an outdoor parking lot near stevens creek boulevard. here ortiz was arrested yesterday booked into a county jail on charges of battery as well as false imprisonment. and national news following a shooting at a michigan school that killed for students more than 60 schools in that detroit area have canceled classes as authorities investigate new potential threat. this comes after 15 year-old ethan crumbley was charged as an adult with murder and terrorism. kaylee. the sun has that story for us. so if you're making threats. >> we're going to find you dozens of schools in southeastern michigan. canceling classes due to concerns over a number of threats coming just days after a suspect opened fire at oxford high school for students died. 7 other people were injured it is ridiculous you're inflaming the fears and
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passion. >> of parents, teachers and the community in the midst of a real tragedy. the oakland county sheriff noting some may think making the threats is humorous or a way to get out of school. >> a prosecutor underscoring the consequences to those responsible for the message is there's a false threat of terrorism, which is a 20 year felony. there's also a misdemeanor of malicious use of the telephone telecommunications device up to this point. law enforcement saying none of the threats and oakland county are credible. they're expecting school to resume on monday. it comes as a memorial continues to grow outside of oxford high school. >> the suspect in this case, 15 year-old ethan crumbley has been charged as an adult with 2 dozen crimes including murder, attempted murder and terrorism and rare potential legal action against the parents of an alleged school shooter who may be charged in connection to their child's
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alleged crime. we are considering against both parents and we will be making a decision. >> all right. well, that was kaylie be sun reporting for us this morning. now a decision on whether to charge from his parents is expected to happen sometime today. >> we're going to update you once that information comes into the newsroom. well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news the lawyers are facing off against the phoenix suns. >> again tonight after losing to them on the road. how the players are hoping to bounce back with the win. we'll have a look that we get back. well,
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back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now 04:45am, on this foggy morning. i know john, a must. >> telling you about how i was dead at that tree sap all over my car and bought some of that be gone. and anyways. now that smeared all over my windshield. so i will have this morning. i it was really hard to see those like no, not the fog. and this so today's the day that if you're leaving the house. definitely leave early because you might run into some issues out there on the roads, right. ashley. yes, tree your love. good to know if i'm ever parking that you're put yes, watch out for that chance we are looking at a morning that indeed you want
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to give yourself that extra time because guess what. >> this is what your view is like for a lot of us. not much of a view at all. we do have some dense fog. and in fact, the densest of the week should routing the bay area this morning. this is supposed to beer. berkeley hills camera here. we're seeing are clear. still visibility mostly near the coastline but areas further inland in right along the bayshore have seen that dense fog forming and we definitely need to take a little slower out there on a morning like this, a mild day ahead of us with temperatures. a little cooler than they have been and skies a little bit cloudier. let's get a look ahead at what we've got going on this next week and a half as far as the big picture goes. so we're still in the midst of high pressure. it's made us foggy and hazy at times sending any chance of rainfall still to the north over the weekend. but look at what we do have a late monday night into tuesday morning. this is a chance of a couple light sprinkles for the bay area. it will be super brief, not amounting to much mostly well, you sleep monday night. we drive back out for a few days next chance of rainfall comes late thursday into
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friday. most significant for the sierra nevada. it's looking like a good rate mix of rain and snow up there, maybe a couple sprinkles for the bay. still not a lot to know just yet. by the end of next week. it really is the beginning of the following week. this is well over a week away from us that we are seeing the possibility of something bigger coming on in that can really switch things up. for us. this start of a transition, though, that at least does get us out of the record breaking warmth. we have been this weekend. couple of missed the spots are possible near the coastline could see some light drizzle into those sprinkles monday night into tuesday morning and then some isolated showers on into thursday night and friday. so not a lot of rain potential for next week just yet. really going to have to wait until the week after that. but changes are around the corner. in fact, we're already in the midst with temperatures falling back into the 50's and 60's today. you're not going to be seeing any 70's and your 4 zone forecast today. san carlos at 66 degrees for the high santa clara and san jose egypt 67
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east bay temperatures mostly mid 60's for your highs today with the oakland at 62 danville at 67 degrees. the lazio napa at 62 degrees as well. and some 50's when you get out to mill valley stinson beach and point rays tomorrow's highs right around the same as today's we're going to have another day with that fog to start sunshine towards the afternoon monday will be that slight chance of a couple sprinkles monday night, better chance of light showers thursday and then the following monday not on this 7 day forecast, but just beyond it. we'll be a better chance of rain right now. john, thank you for that. all right. so as you're hitting the roads this morning be mindful that fall. we talked about. >> several fog advisories in place. lonnie antioch bridge, benicia bridge and the altamont pass as you're traveling across the bay bridge a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. the san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. little under 13 as you're traveling the richmond. sandra fell commute at a richmond a little under 9 and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay into the
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city. now let's talk about bay area sports. what's been going on because the warriors are getting ready for their big rematch with the phoenix suns that happens tonight kron 4 sports director jason dumas has a preview for us. >> the dubs were back in the lab prepping for a rematch. >> but the phoenix suns, tpe suns snapped, the dubs 7 game win streak on tuesday night in phoenix. they forced 23 warriors turnovers and it was the most rattled that i've seen golden state all season long, but we can't forget it. this is a son team that was in the nba finals last year, the western conference by that standard runs through phoenix. that's probably what dream on it telling these young son right there. but either way the dubs know how good phoenix are and they're still working to get to that point. >> i it's kind of too early to put, you know, enable you know, we're we're, you know, still trying to continue to find ourself. and you know, you guys have to give the suns credit. they wrote that almost
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the whole team and they they were in the finals last year. so, you know, for us it's just about continuing to grow continue to focus on us and what we can do to be every game i'm definitely on a. >> sharks against the islanders in the brand-new ubs arena in strong island. first period nick bonino taps it in for san jose. we've got a tie game let's go to overtime. timo meier young stud. his shot is off. but erik karlsson. plays cleanup duty lights. the lamp sharks win. they will head east over the river over the bridge to manhattan to play in the world's most famous arena, madison square garden in new york rangers next. >> saint mary's visiting utah state in logan. 2nd half. alex to case 2 of his 13 points and i finished with the left on the opposite side. it's a tie
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game. all right. a couple seconds left utah state trying to tie it. a shot is off the mark saint mary's crowds and the rebound and do case gets fouled. boy, 6 seconds left. he tied it up. all right. now utah state has one last chance to go for a clock runs out. utah state coach was kind of ticked off. he wanted some more time on the clock. guess what, buddy? 60 to 58 years while off the gaels are now 8, one they play colorado state on saturday. 2 hosp of billion. cal posting oregon state. 2nd half jordan shepherd. he had 25 8. he wants to. how about andre kelly? sky really, really strong as he showed right there. 14 points 13 rebounds
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for double double of the season. they win 73 to 61 to 3 in for a visit utah on sunday. and we cannot forget the cali 80's they host of fresno state. they jumped out to a big lead. 15 to 5. thanks to plays like that from leon e mackintosh 7 point in the first for her. jasmine green. she's pretty hot. all games hit a couple of threes to keep the bears with infighting distance in the 3rd and 15 seconds left. michelle that's that ultimately the game winning shot. they win. 7372 6 in one on the young season. all that you look at sports. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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>> during the pandemic a north bay family formed a nonprofit to give away free christmas trees for those who couldn't afford one last year. parents jesse in tory a prowler up in sonoma county decided to start this tradition. now, when they started, they gave away less than a dozen trees this year. they plan on giving away about a 1000 trees with the help of volunteers. the nonprofit operation christmas tree is fully decorating. these trees, making them available for delivery within the county lines. >> people are home more than ever. >> we just felt like, you
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know, we were so happy when you put up our tree and we want everybody else to feel that way and we didn't want anyone to go without just because they couldn't afford it. so yeah, we're just you know, we love christmas and we want. i know. and and we want to, you know, really share what christmas is all about. and that is about giving. >> now what a way to give back now if you would like to apply for free tree. we have a link on our website at kron 4 dot com. coming up in the next hour. booster shots are in high demand as the new covid variant spreads. >> across the state and the country. the presidene's health. the president's plan to help stop the spread of that new strand. when we get back. also oakland has new plans to hire more experienced police officers. we've got details on the cash bonus that's on the table for officers who take up that offer. plus another smash-and-grab car burglary in san francisco. this one caught on camera. we have a closer
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at
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>> 5 o'clock on a friday. so nice and early. a start the day earlier, maybe the weekend starts early. i like that idea yeah. the weekend on a little faster on game 4. >> woke up this morning to cool foggy conditions out my neighborhood. i don't about you. i did not have fog, but it was cold. it was cold. it was more than seat here called. i actually was looking at which, you know, the battery and all of that. the electric car. no worries on that, john in the weather center with a look at our morning forecast a job when you get to see here and i only 30 miles had a lot yeah, well, it is a chilly one and it is a foggy won both games. and are you are seeing exactly what you're going to be venturing out to into this morning. very dense fog especially for bayshore in inland areas. it's the foggiest impact. we've had all week. so know that as you're getting ready to go. it's going to slow you down a little bit. your view outside at san francisco is one of her clear


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