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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 3, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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chilly enough paired with those great conditions. certainly to bundle up this morning. do expect a cooler afternoon, but still a nice one, which i'll get to in the rest of your forecast. john, thanks for that. so we are seeing a lot of fog out there on our highways. if you're traveling. >> along 82 of allay hercules along highway 4. that's where the fog is concentrated. the definitely want to take your time as you're driving through the air, seeing delays along highway 4 because of that fog traveling into the city right now. little under 17 minutes, we had some earlier accidents slowed us down. as you can see the turn, lights off. so traffic is flowing into the city. pretty nicely heading across towards the peninsula. you can see that visibility is pretty low there. little under 19 via the san mateo bridge and heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell, a little under 16 minutes started. james, back to you. thank you, ray. so to our top story this morning with president biden making another push for americans to get their covid-19 booster shots. yeah. his administration has a plan to attack the omicron covid variant and. >> this is the variant that
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they're really worried about because it is new and it's been spreading really fast. yesterday, the day before the first case in all conscious coachella's in the whole country and then quickly now there's 5 states that have and so the president's a plan right now has several steps including increasing booster outreach, opening new family vaccination clinics. increasing covid response teams and making at home. covid tests. more readily available and also sharing the vaccine. >> with more and more of the world. >> however, he says that this doesn't mean that they're going to be more vaccine mandates. >> the plan. i'm announcing today's a plan our scientists and covid teams have recommended and while my existing federal vaccination requirements are being reviewed by the courts. this plan does not expand or add to those mandates. a plan that all americans hopefully can rally around and it should be and should get bipartisan support in my humble opinion, it should unite us not
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continue to separate us. >> so while there's no new mandates for vaccination. however, there are mandates for travel. they have changed that. yeah, in fact, the restrictions might get a little tougher as part of this new effort to slow down the spread of coronavirus and the new variant we're talking about maybe the addition of new covid testing policies for international travel. the administration also announcing that mask mandates at airports and public going to be extended until mid-march. >> i think getting it. this before playing in is a good idea. but 24 it's going to be a bit tight but not all countries. i quit so that might be i love traveling. so as long as i'm vaccinated i'll would and that site is vaccinated and everybody what a mask. i very comfortable. >> so right now the u.s. as you know, has banned non us citizens from entering from a south african nations and that is because this covid variant originate in south africa. everybody's traveling you
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know, so they're trying to get a better handle on it. that's why part of the plan includes a lot more testing at home testing availability and that cutting and more boosters. it's a coordinated effort. it is. yeah. >> obviously with the rise of infections with this new variant that's causing changes across a wide landscape of things. google employees for instance, are not going to be required to come back at the office next month as they had initially hoped. well, it's definitely made us all more child covers. will tran is live at the google offices in mount view with more. hi will. >> they almost like what? what i do. they don't know what to do because they were set to return in a little bit more than a month from now pull up their car hop into the building, even if it's a hybrid trans position, that's not going to happen now because google says no continue to work from home in your pajamas. so long as you do the work you're allowed to stay home because of the variant. i mean, let's face it, the variant does not adjust to you. you adjusted the variant and google.
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they've got practice doing this because back in the summer they were set to return in september. but then the delta variant hits. so they sent out a message, but a reunion, so to speak, inside the buildings that that's not going to happen. that's hold off on it and till january 10th. well, january 10th is not going to happen now because of a new variant omicron variant which has about 50 mutations. it's so bad. james and area. the last time they announce january 10th, right. so they had at least they moved the finish line down a little bit down the road. in this particular case. they're not even going to announce when the new finish line is going to happen or where because it's such a fluid situation. they say that the buildings are open, that they've not shut down. so if you want to go inside practice a muscle memory go in there and maybe work with some of the employees who might be in there from time to time. area.
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this is will will dairy and meat, you know, so we get reacquainted. that's up to you. but as far as being required to go inside. that's not going to happen. so i'm sure that a lot of google employees at home saying no problems. i like working in my pajamas right. >> back to exactly. and will. yeah, i don't think people understand like icu mostly on tv. not in the same room. and it's not a covid thing is just our life. >> and so same thing like you know, in their high change facial we don't see it day. but i forget how tall you all right. well, good to see james. 8. '05, is the time and let's talk more covid the variant and the booster shots. >> turns out that like getting an appointment for your covid booster shot is getting more more challenging. we did look at a lot of different locations around the ban.
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turns out a lot of them won't have available doses until next year. at least open appointment slots until next year. getting the booster later than you'd prefer is still better than not getting it at all. in fact, local doctors say that if you're already fully vaccinated year perfectly fine and protected from the virus. the boosters just something extra on top of that. >> rather than having fomo about people getting and running for really even those 2 doses, you're really, really well. to and kind beast. i care the most about which is making you get really sick enough to go to the hospital and potentially die. >> yes. so as long as you're fully vaccinated, then, you know, if you happen to get to the omicron variant or any variant at this point. it's just mild symptoms is what most of the data is coming back with so get the booster when you can but know that you should be ok if you are fully vaccinated. so get your first initial shot if you haven't already. well, it was touch and go for one bay area. mom and that she had to do it over again. she's telling other pregnant women.
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>> get vaccinated because she didn't. and she became severely ill with covid. now she and her baby is fine and the baby are fine. as you can see here, she made a full recovery. she's holding her newborn. but when she was pregnant sarah decided she didn't want to get the covid shot because she felt that the data was limited. well, then she came down with covid and she wound up in the hospital with it and her baby nio me had to be delivered 7 weeks early by c section and now sarah and sutter health want to get the word out. share her story. so that other pregnant women are vaccinated. >> i remember looking at the doctor and. i said please help me situation like mine can be prevented by getting vaccinated. there will be a lot of emotional healing. but we'll have to take place and makes me something that i know kind of a. stuck with that with the nurses make you that.
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i said that i will never take another deep breaths for granted ever. >> the cdc and doctors say that the covid shot is safe for pregnant women. and they also recommend they get a booster shot. >> in the east bay oakland is taking some new steps now to address the violence that we've seen growing in that city and we've all seen what's happened and now the city council president is proposing a cash incentive to try to get more experienced officers from other departments to join the oakland. force. dan thorn to explain what this is all about. >> the oakland police department has 60 open positions. the vacancies remain as the city continues to struggle with the surge of gun violence and robberies. city council president pro tem sheng tao says the unfilled positions are an unacceptable failure. we are in a public i'm seeing right now. >> it feels like every day. >> we experience a new senseless tragedy. and at the same time are shrinking police force as it have the resources
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to adequately serve. our community. tao is proposing a $50,000 cash incentive to fill the vacancies. she's also hoping the city will partner with the outside hiring agency to attract police officers from all over to oakland. these officers. what we call lateral officers. >> i'm not with mike can traditional counties. officers are already experience and ready to hit the streets as an active patrol officer. >> for those officers to take the offer, they would have to stay with opd for at least 5 years. otherwise pay back the prorated amount of the $50,000 bonus. as for officers to leave before 18 months. they would have to pay back the entire bonus house proposal aims to cut down on 911, response times increased police presence in improve the cease-fire program. the idea is getting the seal of approval from pastor billy dixon junior who works with the program police officers
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will save just to keep things affect them lives. it will be at added bonus to the city of oakland community. >> put people in position to patrol our streets reporting in san francisco. >> dan thorn kron 4 news. >> and there's another way that they're trying check tap into resources prevent crime and they're trying to do that with a public health angle and a different perspective by using what oakland cause a community led intervention strategy. the department's chief defends this different vested of tackling violence insisting it can produce results. >> nobody strategy is being impacted have to be really the other day. one of my staff members told the rest of the team do want traffic light even that lead to a shooting. >> oakland. police have reported an increase in several crimes types of crimes homicides, armed robberies carjackings and they have seen
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a record number of women this year. who are the victims of shootings. >> we'll take a break at a 10. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, another car burglary in san francisco as you can see, it was caught on camera. we're going have a closer look at what this video shows. plus, lawmakers moving out of the state capitol building to make room for renovations will tell you what they're doing and how much is going to cost taxpayers. plus, if you live in the north bay. there's a new warning. you're drinking water may be taste a little different. we'll explain why. >> and the grey is parents all across the bay area as the phone on the sunny us this morning. later on today. you will get good sunshine near the coastline. some haze, especially further inland highs. notably cooler in the 60's. i've got your forecast. and we're seeing some improving out there on our roadways like our bridges because we had some delays there. >> we're still seeing fog and that slowing us down in certain areas will have a look at that.aonce we get that break.
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>> this morning. there's a warning if you live in marin county before you dri,k the if you don't like a bad smell or a different taste. you might want to use a filter. this is in response to the drought because rain county had to change their water resources. our sources to manage the water supply. >> so it could taste a little
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or see or smell kind of musty. >> what does that mean where they get the water from james was a different residing from a farm for president like why does it smell like or taste. like now. okay, that's fine. so just just great. >> i am the only one of know james you would do to john with the water. so this is a thing that we all know about each other like, yeah, i we will eat and try and drink that are like this is bad, but i'm going to it's ok, james will be like no, no. don't do it now. why would you put that in your book has as long as make you sick it's food. it's water. it's whatever. it's if it's not fiji water, i'm no, just the earth. water sounds cool actually go into trendy you're going to charge for that the first water it's water. isn't that that? you know taste of much with
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natural earth but yeah, we've got a natural flavoring of fog out there this this year due san jose. yeah. the inland, the inland areas really seem to be getting the fog this morning. very much so, yes, the the clare valley inland east bay and north bay. all these areas are seeing at least pots a dense fog. >> closer to the coastline. you're generally doing a little bit better as far as visibility goes, this is not the clearest view of san jose. in fact, that might be one of the foggiest i've seen. we are going to be seeing fog lifting later this afternoon, but still hazy, especially further inland. blame it on that high pressure, ridge blame all of it on it. the fact that we haven't had rain fall in a while. the fact that it's been hazy. the fact that we've had some foggy morning, stu, good news is this ridge will be breaking come next week. this welcomes in the new pattern for us that will start with just a couple of sprinkles possible monday night into tuesday morning. drying back out temporarily. another round of very light sprinkles possible thursday into friday. >> better chance of some good precipitation in the sierra from that system, though. and
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then the following week after that could finally be bringing a noticeable round of wet weather that we desperately need again here in the bay area as far as we go next week. don't expect a whole lot of rainfall. trace amounts are possible monday night into tuesday as well as later in the week, too. so really going to hold off into the following week for a better chance of showers. as for temperatures today, no more 70's. we're back down into the 50's and 60's. notably cooler than we have been, but still comfortable just time to break out that extra layer that you've been avoiding the past few afternoons campbell, our warm spot today. 68 degrees or closest area holding on to the 70's oakland. you'll be at 62 degrees with a right there with you and some 50's near the coastline. now we will see hazy sunshine this afternoon. tomorrow fog and then followed by some more hazy sunshine. high pressure continues to break into next week should see less hayes just more cooler conditions with highs falling in the 50's and 60's
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john, thanks for that. all right. so we're still talking fog because it's out there on your commute this morning. >> i want you to be mindful of that and take your time as you're driving, especially traveling along 82 lail hercules along benicia in antioch as well. so take your time as you're driving in those areas headed from the east bay into the city fog. scattered along the east bay as well. a little under 40 minutes. we finally might be seen friday light along the bay bridge wasn't the case earlier because we had some accidents there. visibility is pretty low along the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula under 60 minutes. and the south bay. we're looking at conditions along one o one is reading 85 to menlo park about 36 minutes for that commute that dry the air along 80 here crockett to the maze. a little under 24 minutes. they're starting james. back to you. >> thank you very much. rain. 8.18 is the time happening today, oakland's is going to be reopening after it was forced to close due to water damage from that atmospheric storm that we had back in october. we've got pictures here. some of the damage they
8:19 am
sustained the floor really got the brunt of it. so they brought in some equipment dried up the floors, dried out the walls. luckily the artwork and a lot of the artifacts in the museum were damaged at all. so 11 o'clock this morning. they're going to reopen the museum. the new exhibit is called mothership voyage into afro futurism and here are some images of the artwork that you'll see when you go the special exhibit will run through february 27th. >> is going to pay 9 million dollars to support passenger safety. this as the california public utilities commission just claims that uber failed to provide information about assault and harassment involving drivers and passengers. according to the settlement, 5 million is going to be used to help victims of violence. it's 8.19 and lawmakers at the case. state capitol are moving all their stuff to make way for some renovations. big project is a matter of fact, capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how much it's going to cost and what they're going
8:20 am
to do. >> a major move is underway at the state capitol pile up and roll out boxes filled with the belongings and supplies of lawmakers and staff. >> clearing out the offices in hallways of the capital's annex building gets 2 million people z year assemblyman ken cooley gave us a tour of the work being done. the nx is set to be demolished to make way for a new upgraded space for the last 7 decades. the annexes house executive and legislative offices entrances and has been a main artery of the state capitol. it is monumental to figure out how do you. >> keep the legislature function as institution. well, you tackle deficiencies in this building that were long ago identified shorts neighbor. lawmakers approved the project in 2018 that's expected to cost taxpayers about 1.2 billion dollars. >> legislators defending the demolition noting the current annex has spent limited access for the disabled and the lack of safety measures like exits and sprinklers. the new space
8:21 am
will include about 100 million dollars worth of security upgrades. >> it will be a more secure. our modern capital. it will allow the legislature in a term of american people. functional. i bring in all the pieces back under one roof here in the annex lawmakers say they expect the bulldozing to begin at around march of this upcoming year. >> but that all depends on how the courts rule in the multiple lawsuits filed against this project. there wasn't the slightest job. >> was to really maintain the building for the 70 years. but they really didn't do that well. wayne donaldson was a state historic preservation officer. he's a part of one of the lawsuits against the project which he says will send history into a landfill potentially cut down several historic trees, including the moon tree and present other environmental issues. the whole process has been mysterious. >> it's fear close stores. it's just frustrating. >> for now, lawmakers are still making their way into a
8:22 am
temporary space in a brand new legislative building about a block away at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. it's a 21 in national news. the biden administration has agreed to resume the remain in mexico policy for migrants southern border. >> which was a trump era rule requiring migrants to stay in mexico as they wait for immigration. hearings. but president biden ended that policy when he took office. well lawsuits. but texas and missouri have forced it back into effect as long as mexico agreed because mexico agreed. that's the ruling. now. the white house re implementing the policy per that court order. >> we'll take a break. it is a 22. coming up on the kron 4 morning news a government shutdown averted by lawmakers on capitol hill will talk about the last-minute vote in a report from dc will be right back. ebenezer. ebenezer. marley? first you will see the past. excuse me! coming through!
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this morning, the u.s. government will stay open for now. anyway. >> last night the senate passed a stopgap bill that will keep the government funded. but only through mid february. anna wiernicki has the latest now from dc. >> good morning. that last-minute deal in the senate almost didn't happen just hours before a group of senate republicans threatened to block any funding bill over federal vaccine mandates. >> the yeas are 69. the nays are 28 and the bill is passed hours before the government was set to run out of money.
8:26 am
congress passed a continuing resolution keeping it open through february 18th. i'm happy to let the american people know the government remains open, but thursday's late night vote almost didn't happen. >> a group of senate republicans including utah's mike lee threatened to block the short-term funding bill over president biden's vaccine mandate for larger businesses. it's not government's job. it's not within government's authority to tell people that they must be vaccinated and if they don't get vaccinated, don't get fired. >> it's wrong. it's immoral. the and kansas republican senator roger marshal introduced an amendment that would prevent the use of federal money to carry out the vaccine mandate. let's give employers certainty. employs peace of mind that they will still have a job. this new year, but that amendment failed. no one wants to go to work and be worry. they might come home to their family with a deadly virus. but democrats criticize the group's demands calling the move a political stunt. how do they explain to
8:27 am
the public that they're shutting down government because they don't want people to get vaccinated. the short-term funding bill now heads to the president's desk where president biden has until the end of today to sign it for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. california's attorney general comes to the bay area today to talk about retail theft. >> hours after thieves hit a jewelry store in the south bay. i'll tell you how it happened after the break.
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>> 29 is the time right now. just a couple of plans of kind of quiet and it will probably you know, you never know about sfo. a little bit of haze and the whole works get jammed up. some days. we'll hopefully your flights are progressing nicely today for going to be out and about this afternoon. we should should be ok, just bless john said hazy, i just like to take a dog walk in the weather hold up for that. that's little dog walk. the weather will be definitely good enough for the dog walk. just not as warm of a feel a little hazy or than yesterday was especially inland. we're certainly starting the morning with some very much though. foggier conditions that we've had. >> any day this week. so far a berkeley hills as well as a lot of our other views are just looking like this. a very grave low visibility. the only spot with dense fog advisories is solano county out into the central valley. but that's not to say it's the only spot with the fog in fact, the santa
8:31 am
clara valley, the east bay and many parts of the north bay valleys are in the midst of some very dense fog and some low visibility. when i say it's the worst of the week. i mean, it so just make sure you give yourself that extra time if you're not rushing through it 40's and 50's for those current temperatures. it's relatively mild a light jacket this morning. okay for the dog walk right now. but definitely better later on once the fog lifts things are that you we are seeing fog throughout fairfield of allay as you're traveling there antioch the nation. >> as you're traveling milby, the golden gate bridge into the city. a little under 27 minutes from 37 to reach to the tolls right there. the bay bridge while we had earlier problems. we don't have any problems right now. so look at that under 13 minutes traveling from the east bay into the city. and you do see pockets of fog along areas of the east bay as well. heading out of richmond across or center for a little under 9 minutes force at this hour. and that fog mentioning and talking about there. the benicia bridge to travel long delay hole along 80, we still
8:32 am
are seeing dense pockets of fog. thankfully, there are no accidents, though, there as well. james, back to you. thank you. are 1831 today. california general rob bonta is going on. it's an up day to a recent retail theft. yes. so looking forward to see what he has to say. of course, this comes. >> as another special grab robbery occurred in san jose and crawford's camila barco is live in the newsroom to explain both of these stories camila. >> yes. so the state attorney general is expeited to talk about one of those smash-and-grabs he'll be in san mateo county today and he's going to get new information on a major organized retail theft case. now they've been happening consistently. we've been reporting on them and less than 24 hours ago, officers responded to another smash and grab this time thieves got away with several pieces of jewelry in san jose. now, this happened at the eastridge mall just before 03:00pm yesterday for people wearing mask rushed inside the quick service jewelry design store. they began to smash the display cases with hammers that these
8:33 am
ran away with the stolen jewelry before police arrived. but another group of crooks didn't leave with anything they tried to steal from a cannabis dispensary surveillance cameras caught the people in the act. several thieves broke into this cannabis dispensary in vallejo. it's the u.s. loom incorporated say broke through the windows. as you can see in the video. but the crux didn't make it past the lobby. you'll notice that the tried. >> kicking down the doors, but they left empty-handed before police got there. now the company is offering $25,000 to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. now last month the san mateo district attorney joined forces with other bay area. prosecutors and that was to combat the recent increase in smash-and-grabs today, the da, the san mateo sheriff's office and the state attorney general. we'll be announcing new information on a major organized retail theft case and that's happening at one this afternoon of course you
8:34 am
can stay with us online and on air as we get more information. for now back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. camila. >> because of all the retail seth's. there is a heavy police presence in union square in san francisco. you can see the uniformed officers here, but there also private security that's been offered by many stores. some stores are even using a reservation only system where they locked the doors and you have to have an appointment or limiting the number of customers so they can limit the finnncial losses and keep people safe. here's what a spokesperson for gump's has to say. >> during this unprecedented time to beef up our security and provide a safe place for our customers and our employees. it's a cost that is not sustainable. long-term for our business or for any business. >> and you know, that's if gamesa saying that they're really high-end retailer. but, you know, they look at what happened to various nordstrom's and all of the other. i lose that honors all kinds of reaction to these retail sass and they're just doing what they can to keep
8:35 am
their people, their employees and shoppers safe and limit their losses. but they also are calling on the police to do more. and san francisco police say they have actually arrested 5 more people as an operation to prevent car break ins an armed robbery. so they are working on many levels to stop crime. one of the suspects in this case 15 years old. investigators say they think a half a dozen car burglaries happened in the city because of the 5 people. they arrested 2. we're caught casing vehicles in the in a fulton in line streets and then 3 were arrested and they were seen breaking into cars in a parking lot near bay in kearny streets. and you can see these weapons police confiscated 2 ghost guns during the arrests. all 5 now face multiple felony charges. >> and then take a look at this new video of another smash-and-grab at san francisco's chinatown neighborhood. and in this case, this footage sent to us by a viewer shows a person. you can see him using a flashlight to look at the vehicle. and then he smashes
8:36 am
the rear window and begins to pull out. items and then take them over to their getaway car park right next to it. that person again is what police are looking for this morning. if you have any information, obviously let him know this happened near grand and washington street. not clear exactly what they stole, but san francisco police are now investigating. meanwhile, across the bay in oakland, an east bay woman is frustrated with the lack of police help after she was a victim of a smash-and-grab robbery in oakland right near lake merritt. this is cell phone video of the crime when it happened last month. so the woman says that she tried to file police report actually showed them this video which was captured by a witness, but she says her efforts went nowhere and she's worried that these thieves now will continue breaking into other cars or possibly committing even more serious crimes. >> it's kind of scary to see they don't even especially when you have a video clip. >> and that they have some kind of evidence to go after that. >> you know, maybe they will
8:37 am
find another crime that happened by these people. when they just brush that under the carpet and not caring. this is not going to give me any sense of security honestly to go in that any more. >> so we did reach out to oakland police about this case and why they have not yet responded to a 2. the victim unclear if maybe there you know, related to the staffing problems. they have the under staffing situation as to why they're not responding timely to some of these nonviolent property crimes. but we'll let you know when we hear back. >> it's 8.37 a new this morning, the fatal police shooting of sean monterrosa and allay has been called not reasonable according to a new independent report from the police department in june of 2020. monterrosa was fatally shot by an officer responding to a report of looting at walgreens monterrosa did not have a gun. he did have a hammer when he was shot. the independent investigation found the officer's decision to use deadly force was not
8:38 am
objective. lee reasonable. the report found the officer used poor tactics to de-escalate the situation. and now that officer may face disciplinary action for violating the vallejo police department policies. >> san mateo. police say they have arrested the man who sexually assaulted a blind woman in cupertino. we told you about what happened earlier in the year. we showed you surveillance images of the man they were looking for who followed the woman from a store into a parking lot. this was in may. well, now they've arrested 29 year-old bernard my ortiz for assaulting the woman in a parking lot near stevens creek boulevard may hear ortiz was arrested yesterday and booked into county jail on charges of battery and false imprisonment. >> we'll take a break here in a 38 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the warriors will be facing the phoenix suns again tonight after losing to them on the road. we'll take a
8:39 am
listen to how the players are hoping to bounce back with a win tonight in front of fans. meanwhile, how a couple of the north bay are helping out families who can't afford a christmas tree this year will have their inspirational story. the gray pretty noticeable all across the bay. sfo no different than most of the rest of us live later on today. we are going to be seeing some sunshine will be hazy sunshine and cooler temperatures. >> your forecast ahead. >> and that fog rolled in today. it's slowed us down certain highways and bridges across the bay area. we're still looking at that at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> 41 and in the north bay, this couple decided. >> they want to spread the joy of christmas to as many people as possible in the form of free christmas trees. and so they did last year, jesse and tory crawler in sonoma county started a tradition of giving away trees at that time. it was less than a dozen. but how fantastic is that well, this year it's got much bigger. they plan to give away about a 1000 trees and all of the holiday ornaments and everything that you need to dress them up. volunteers with the nonprofit which they formed called operation christmas tree are going to offer these full decorations and trees for delivery in the county lines. >> people are home more than ever. >> we just felt like, you know, we were so happy when you put up our tree and you want everybody else to feel that way and we didn't want
8:43 am
anyone to go without just because they couldn't afford it. so yeah, we're just you know, we love christmas and we want. i know. and and we want to, you know, really share what christmas is all about. and that is about giving. >> and i love the operation christmas treat name for their group. if you would like to get a free tree or you know, somebody who would we've got a link with the information on our website at kron 4 dot com. it's a 43 and we'll be right back.
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limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. checking out the weather and things i can't complain that barely need a jacket. the past all whole week. all right. only when you get up early in the morning and head into work. otherwise afternoons beauty it. we've got job with a look at our friday and weekend john. yeah. afternoons have been so, so nice. the first couple days of december not feeling like december. >> but now it's time to start feeling a little bit more wintery. again, we are going to see temperatures noticeably cooler today and obviously it's a whole lot fog year. and that's saying something. it's already been a pretty foggy week for a lot of us. there's just a lot more of it. this is san jose right now. you can see a whole lot because of that dense fog in the santa clara valley bayside inland east bay as cross the north bay as well. a lot of the bay area in the thick of some
8:47 am
really great stuff. currently now high pressure is sitting right above us this has created a cap of talked about that the past few days below that you have some cooler air that reaches the dew point. that's where that fog is forming and it's just compressed right down into the bay. so this actually isn't even marine layer. it's very dense fog that the settled into our central valleys out there. they call it to leave fog forms out in the central valley as it has for a while now. we are going to be seeing rainfall continuing to be sent to the north over the past couple of days. but we are going to start to see it dropping into the bay early next week. just a slight chance of a couple sprinkles monday night into tuesday morning. this is significant. not because it's going to be noticeable at all. but it's that sign of the pattern. change. the high pressure ridge loosening its grip on us. allowing some cooler temperatures. some better air quality and at least better chances of rainfall just around the corner by the time we reach late week thursday into friday could see a few light showers in the bay still looking not super promising for that late week next week,
8:48 am
storm. but for the sierra nevada, i'm expecting some good rain and snow mix around lake tahoe and some snowfall in those upper elevations. what looks much more promising is what could happen. the following week into early next, the following week after next week. that's when we could see this system dropping in. looks like if things hold up, that could be the one that really gets us some good rain because as you can see next week anticipating not a whole lot, just some trace amounts from those multiple systems. the first monday night into tuesday and the second lake week next week, not resulting in a whole lot of rainfall potential 50's and 60's for your highs. in san francisco at the coastline. pretty solid 60's elsewhere. burlingame at 64 today. you're not seeing any 70's. the closest will get is for campbell at 68 degrees. aside from that mostly low to mid 60's today. an a for that light jacket, especially this morning because we do have the fog, not a lot of sunshine piercing through just yet. so it's gray and cool to start a little hazy but mild to finish
8:49 am
the day tomorrow will be right around the same as today, sunday, the most mild of this forecast temperatures just a couple of degrees. warmer still in the 60's, though, cooler next week and unsettled with those slight chances of showers monday night and again late next week, john, thanks for that fog is still out there along highway 80, if you're traveling through the >> or hercules benicia and beyond. so definitely be mindful and take your time as you're driving to those areas. we are still seeing fog in the east bay as well. but a little under 11 minutes heading into the city via the bay bridge. let's get a look at the richmond center fell commute as you're traveling out of richmond down to under 10 minutes for your drive time on this friday. visibility is pretty low here as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes in the south. a long one, a one 85 in menlo park about 34 minutes. 2 3785 82. don't see any major delays. all right, james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. let's talk sports and the worry is getting ready for big rematch with the suns tonight. yeah.
8:50 am
the suns took game one of this week. but the warriors are hoping to bounce back sports director jason dumas has a preview. >> the dubs were back in the lab prepping for a rematch. >> but the phoenix suns, the suns snapped, the dup 7 game win streak on tuesday night in phoenix. they forced 23 warriors turnovers and it was the most rattled that i've seen golden state all season long, but we can't forget it. this is a son team that was in the nba finals last year. the western conference by that standard runs through phoenix. that's probably what dream on it telling his young son right there. but either way the dubs know how good phoenix are and they're still working to get to that point. >> and i it's kind of too early to put, you know, enable you know, we're we're, you know, still trying to continue to find ourself. and you know, you guys have to give the suns credit. they wrote that almost the whole team and they they were in the finals last year. so, you know, for us, it's
8:51 am
just about continuing to grow continue to focus on us and what we can do to be every game i'm definitely on a. >> sharks against the islanders in the brand-new ubs arena in strong island. first period nick bonino taps it in for san jose. we've got a tie game let's go to overtime. timo meier young stud. his shot is off. but erik karlsson. plays cleanup duty lights. the lamp sharks win. they will head east over the river over the bridge to manhattan to play in the world's most famous arena, madison square garden. new york rangers next. >> saint mary's visiting utah state in logan. 2nd half. alex do case 2 of his 13 points and i finished with the left on the opposite side. it's a tie game. all right. a couple seconds left utah state trying to tie it. a shot is off the mark saint mary's crowds and
8:52 am
the rebound and do case gets back out. boy, 6 seconds left. he tied it up. all right. now utah state has one last chance to go for a clock runs out. utah state coach was kind of ticked off. he wanted some more time on the clock. guess what, buddy? 60 to 58 years while off the gaels him out 8, one they play colorado state on saturday. 2 haas pavilion, cal posting oregon state. 2nd half jordan shepherd. he had 25 8. he wants to. how about andre kelly? skies really, really strong as he showed right there. 14 points 13 rebounds for double double of the season. they win 73 to 61 to 3 in for a visit utah on
8:53 am
sunday. and we cannot forget the cali 80's they host of fresno state. they jumped out to a big lead, 15 to 5. thanks to plays like that from leon e mackintosh 7 points in the first for her. jasmine green. she's pretty hot. all games hit a couple of threes to keep the bears with infighting distance in the 3rd and 15 seconds left. michelle that's that ultimately the game winning shot. they win. 7372 6 in one on the young season. all righty that you look at sports. are you torn today then? because why are ensuring the play tonight. i feel like the niners need might. >> help a little more. and this is so this is me. how positivity to the 9 are up in seattle facing the seahawks us. it's the least you could do. it's them very least i could do i'm happy to
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> a 56 to a little this 6 week old kitten rescued last month on highway one. oh, one is up for adoption now they're calling are courtney and that's after one of the rescuers. if you're interested the peninsula humane society ready for debt finding her forever home because the car that she was in. you know, they think she was like keeping warm in a car engine that didn't out or, you know, and and fell out and was on
8:57 am
the freeway when they. >> rescued courtney. but yeah, you should be adopted from the sba center on rollins road in burlingame. if you're interested in giving is that your cat people you suspect right now. >> coming up in the next hour, booster shots are high demand that is cute. >> but will protect you from all the kron. we've got the very latest. >> and oakland big got a new plan to help hire more experienced police officers will tell you what kind of money they're putting on the table to more experienced police officers their way and another smash-and-grab in san francisco. this one caught on camera. we're going to play the video for you. coming up.
8:58 am
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