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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 3, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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department's de escalation policies in light of those factors. the review says, quote, the chances of a non threatening or even capitulated movement by mister monterrosa being misperceived as a deadly threat. we're greatly increased its frustrating when you know the truth and you have to put you have to. >> continue to scream at the top of your lungs to be heard. sean monterrosa's sisters consider the review of victory pointing to its assertion that the officers involved misinterpreted monterrosa's actions that night as aggression. >> failed to turn their body cameras on in a timely manner and that all of the officers mistakenly thought monterrosa was armed with a gun. instead it's been determined he had a hammer. we know shot he was surrendering. he knew that when the county law enforcement that, you know, we shouldn't pose any threat to them 18 months ago. the report says officers responding to the looting call at walgreens
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saw monterossa running towards a car that was leaving and eventually left without him and rammed into a patrol vehicle. that's when the officers say monterrosa moved toward them and as he kneeled on the ground appeared to draw a weapon. the report now says it was the officers who closed the distance and misjudge monterrosa as a threat. it would have been nice to hear the disciplinary actions are going to be released with the before family were still pushing for the fine conviction. >> for the attorney general's office to bring charges forward with investigation being done. the attorney general's investigation remains open. the monterrosa's are also still pursuing a civil lawsuit in this case phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> in national news tonight, a colorado man charged with killing 10 people at a supermarket earlier this year has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial. lawyers for awad wally, alyssa
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requested, the 22 year-old be sent to the state mental hospital for treatment. he's accused of opening fire in a busy supermarket in boulder back in march. authorities say he killed a police officer shoppers and several store employees if psychiatric treatment works, he could eventually stand trial. and that will get to the latest in the deadly school shooting in michigan. prosecutors have charged the parents of the 15 year-old accused shooter who did this at his high school where he killed 4 students and injured 7 others. grant lotus joins us now live from our newsroom with the latest developments and grant a big story today was the parents were missing. >> that apparently is over. well, the attorney for the parents says that they will be turning themselves in a lawyer. >> says the 2 parents who are charged with involuntary man slaughter from this michigan high school shooting left town for their own safety. but the attorney claims that they will becoming back to town to face their arraignments. james and jennifer crumbley. you see
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them upper right. they were charged with 4 counts. each of involuntary manslaughter. investigators say james crumbley had recently bought the semiautomatic gun used in the shooting. prosecutors also say the parents actions would, quote, far beyond negligence. >> on november 21st 21 a teacher at the oxford high school observed ethan crumbley searching ammunition on his cell phone during class and reported the same to school officials. jennifer crumbley was contacted via voicemail by school personnel regarding that sons inappropriate internet search school personnel indicate they follow that voicemail up with an e-mail but received no response from either parent. thereafter. jennifer crumbley exchange text messages about the incident with her son on that day. staying, quote, i'm not mad at you. you have to learn not to get caught end quote. >> both parents were called in to the school to discuss the
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teachers, troubling observations just a few hours before the deadly shooting. parents in the u.s. are rarely charged in school shootings where the children are suspects come for spoke to former prosecutor now defense attorney and legal analyst stephen clark earlier today. talk to him about the facts behind the decision to prosecute mom and dad and how actions have consequences. >> i think the da said that we need to file charges in this case is gross negligence that the parents didn't get him counseling, didn't inform the school about this firearm and that 2 hours later, ethan goes on a shooting spree. i think some people may feel like it's piling on the parents who are probably grieving not just because their son is facing the rest of his life in jail, but also for the families involved and his classmates. but at the same time, the message is very clear here. you need to be responsible. and i think this is trying to prevent further school
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shootings when people should not have access to these firearms. and as a parent or someone in position of trust, you need to control the access to the firearm. stephen clark. there are ads that more scrutiny will be following. >> likely on the shoulders of leaders at the school who allowed crumbly to return to the classroom and they did not check his backpack nor did his parents according to police, the teenager has been charged as an adult with 2 dozen crimes including murder, attempted murder and terrorism can. back to you. thank you. grant and not to a warning for people in marine county, marine waters saying you're drinking water may smell and. >> taste a little bit different. officials say that is in response to the drought and they had to change the water sources in order to manage the water supply. the water has been described as tasting or smelling mustier earthy when water says the water, though, is still safe to drink. >> new research is paying a
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bleak picture of california winters without mountain snow in our near future. the study published in the journal nature reviews earth and environment. now that snowless winters could become a regular occurrence on the west coast in as little as 35 years. if we don't reduce greenhouse gas emissions. this could have a big impact on our water supply in a rippling effect on soil plants and wildlife. scientists say in many ways the changes have already begun with drought emergencies in record setting heat this past summer. all right. talk about the weather. let's take a look at this hour at palisades tahoe formally squad. this is at the top of one. the lifts. you can see some snow on the ground but not much. not much. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has looked out the futurecast in the sierra any chance of snow coming that way. yeah, i think so. got to wait some time, though, of course, big dome of high pressure over good part of november and a lot of skiers. >> looking for to get to the high country. you may just be able to do it here as we head into the holidays and that would be a nice thing to see. but right now high pressure slowly breaking down some
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clouds going to roll through maybe a slight chance of a shower but not by much as we head into monday after that gets a little more impressive. watch. what happens as we get into thursday. here you go. that storm system rolls in to bring some very cold air and some snow up in the sierra nevada, maybe more importantly will be that cold air transition as we head into next week. a lot of those ski resorts will start making that snow in the temperatures are cold enough. they may just see that coming and the next few days after that things are going to stay very unsettled. in fact, there's going to be another storm system coming in late on sunday and into monday. fultz true. the whole pattern looks like it's really going to start to open up across much of california and it looks like a return to some rain right now. big dome of high pressure overhead here. but guess who's getting the rain. you would expect this one right. how about hawaii? they're getting some blizzard warnings parts of them on a k a mountain range there you can see right here in purple. they're actually going to see some heavy snowfall over the weekend. there's a cold front dropping by there and it happens from time to time. but
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they've got blizzard warnings going up. that will be until sunday. they could see as much as a foot of snow can imagine that get up there and actually snow skiing during the day and come back down and just hanging out of the palm trees by the afternoon other right now. we've got some cool temperatures running in the 50's around the bay area. little cool with all that fog outside right now. i think as you head out the door this evening. if you're going grab a jacket. it's going to stay cool overnight tonight. these temperatures staying way down and plenty more clouds on the way they're going to thicken up tonight as we head through the night tomorrow. it's going to be a slow burn off. i think a little more sunshine by the afternoon. so 50's a few 60's inland that will be about it. but next week everything changes chance of rain returning the bay area on monday. another chance of rain on thursday looks like the pattern should begin to open up after that. thank you, lauren. still ahead, there's another shortage to be looking out for supplies. are low for this particular grocery item and it could be your kid's favorite. >> in sports. the rematch is on tonight. the warriors hosting the team that beat them just 3 days ago. alan mills live from chase center
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with a preview. coming up. >> plus, new research is refuting the idea that pregnancy risk skyrocket after the age of 35 and you look at
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sounds familiar chicken tenders, maybe even harder to find than chicken nuggets. food industry experts say chicken nuggets are made with scraps while tenders are made from. kendra goins of the chicken. they say they require more processing the package and sell making them harder to find and more costly to consumers. >> still ahead, clothes shoes and a toy for christmas. the local adopt a child program local adopt a child program happening right now to help watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch.
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>> for health tonight know that pregnancy risks increase with age. but new research is showing there is no reason to believe that the risk skyrockets after a woman turns 35 a study in the journal of american medical associations, health forum found prenatal care and pregnancy outcomes are now better for women, aged 35 and up the number of women who are waiting until their mid 30's to have c1ildren has slowly been increasing since the 1970's. researchers say women over 35 visit specialist more often and get more ultrasounds and as a result, the number of stillbirths and newborn deaths has dropped. >> new at 00:00pm tonight for the last 3 decades in the san joaquin valley lodi adopt a child has provided thousands of toys and other gifts for kids in need during the holidays because of covid. there are some changes in place. but the organization says its goal of making christmas special is still the same reporter. christy grosz explains how you can help. >> sealed and sorted each box is a child's christmas wish
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come true. thanks to lodi adopt a child. it's just it's a blessing. huge blessing. >> this year. natalie guthrie, a mother of 2 is just one of hundreds of parents who need the extra help to ensure her kids have a toy to unwrap under the tree. >> knowing that i don't have to stress over. a toy i can worry about, you know, maybe an extra pair shoes or more pull us for my son got 3 says knowing her kids will get a gift doesn't receiver money to give her peace of mind. >> overwhelmed joy. and i feel the love from other people. each child will receive clothes shoes and a toy for christmas. >> if we weren't here. a lot of these kids would get a christmas lodi adopt the child president craig truck clear says every year the non-profit works to identify low income families in need this year. we have 731 children which is 50 more than last year. sponsors pick angel cards to adopt a
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child in by presents. everything from bikes board games to books for 31 years. community has stepped up for the second year. covid has forced the organization to adopt gifts will be wrapped. the christmas party is canceled once again and families will have to pick up their presents to take home next year. we're getting back to normal. santa is going to be here next year. francisca aguilar says she became a sponsor for the kids as well as the parents. they. >> are able to share that moment with their children. chris is the time to be joyful. very special guthrie says she's grateful her kids christmas wishes will be met. >> and has a wish of her own for every sponsor. i have 2 people who are giving to families like mine and to other families. i hope they receive something in return. really hope godless. is that one way or another they do in lodi kristi gross. 4 zone forecast we step outside at san francisco international airport. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look at 4. >> fun things we can do this
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weekend. you know, temperatures cooling off just in time for the weekend feel like the hall and a good time. santa. it's going to be very busy. this weekend. let's check out your for fun things and they've got the hometown holidays that is going to be needed. then taking place in redwood city. they're going to have parade bundy car. a bungee rides are also going to ferris wheel, you name it. they've got a bunch of things down there to enjoy that all starts at 10 o'clock in the morning continues. till 00:00pm in the evening. of course, santa is going to be paying a visit to. but yeah, bring the warm clothes. it's going to be a little bit chilly and there's a fun one to the gingerbread house party that is going to be taking place in half moon, bay starting at 10 o'clock in the morning. they're going gingerbread house a building contest. it will be a little bit of fog in a little bit cool. there. but they are providing free coffee and tea. and i understand free cookies as well. should be a great time there. how about this? the handcrafted holidays. if you're looking for maybe a little stocking stuffer. this may be the place to go. that is going to be a walnut creek.
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both saturday and sunday. they have a lot of tree kits out there. if you want to go there that starts at 10 o'clock in the morning. also plan on being cool. that fog is going to break up toward the afternoon and becoming mostly sunny. but still a bit on the hazy sight. and san jose is going to enjoy a good time with this year, santa there too. they're going old fashion holiday party. they can have hayrides. they're going to be roasting some marshmallows. they have some music out there as well. of course, plenty of food that starts at 2.30 in the afternoon temperatures there expected to be in the low 60's if you'd like to head in that direction. so should be a great time around the weekend that getaway forecast. you have the monterey bay. you've got some 50's in some 60's plan on some cool fog to start out your day giving way to some sunshine by the afternoon. southern california for headed that direction. those temperatures almost near 70 degrees in anaheim in pasadena about 65 degrees in long beach, staying dry in the high country. if you're going that way, temperatures. so pretty mild up their 50's. even some low 60's. if you're hanging around for the
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weekend, though these temperatures will be staying on the cool side. maybe a chance of rain, returning in the high. sierra nevada, least a few scattered light showers as we head in toward the following monday. meantime, we're looking at a change in the weather pattern for us. looks like finally a chance of a couple raindrops return in the bay area on monday make a better chance with some much cooler weather late next week. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> welcome in to sports. the 2 hottest teams in the nba. meet here at chase center tonight with the warriors host the suns. both these teams are 18 3. however, the warriors looking to settle a score. tonight. the suns beat the dubs on the road in phoenix on tuesday head coach steve kerr was not happy with his team's turnovers workers at 22 turnovers to the suns 12 kerr said to have to take care of the ball tonight in order to be successful. kerr also gave credit to the sun. so for how they defended steph curry. they were able to shut down the warriors star when these 2 teams met on tuesday. hopefully that's not the case
6:51 pm
tonight curry of the worst shooting performance of his career in that game, both for 21 from the floor. in fact, several warriors players said after the game they need to do a better job of setting screens spacing the floor and getting curry open say players put in the work at practice yesterday. they plan to come out sharp in this game tonight. >> i think it's good for us because phoenix defended us better than anybody stuff in it and slow year. you know, we we we're able to experience their defense up related. now we can make some adjustments. you know, see how we fare tonight and obviously same things for so it's i think it's kind of fun. >> phoenix suns star devin booker is expected to miss tonight's game to the left, hamstring strain. he suffered in tuesday night's game against the warriors over the suns were successful. the 2nd half, even without center.
6:52 pm
deandre ayton had 24 points throughout the game. they play 3 and quite a bit. kerr says he wants his team to do a better job of defending a ton in this game tonight. tipoff here at chase center set for 7 o'clock. let's move on to some hockey. the san jose sharks on the road in new york taking on the rangers. let's go to the action. it was a low scoring affair. by the way, rangers center. ryan strome not join in on the power play in the first period that would end up being the only goal of the game. the final seconds, the sharks trying to get the equalizer, but just couldn't put one in san jose would end up falling to new york one, nothing. the final score san jose was looking for their 4th straight win with the win streak is snapped tonight. the sharks are back in action on sunday. they take on the blue jackets in columbus looking to get back in the win column. in fact, for now. that's all we've got for you for sports. i'm live at chase center kylen mills front for sports. and i love the coach. kerr perspective on this because it fun these 2 top 2 teams in the nba going after each other.
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>> it should be really good matchup tonight. yeah. it should be a great matchup. that should be a fun matchup. this is the kind of game that these players and coaches live for you love to play the best competition. the only thing i will say that currents of the players mentioned is that they would have liked to see devin booker out there tonight. they want to play the best they want to play teams that are fully equipped especially the suns. this is a good measuring stick for potential postseason matchup as well. >> and be the best unless you beat the best so there you go. island. have fun tonight. the there a center. >> where's the rest of the tree. >> why some people are mocking this christmas tree.
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christmas tree at the state capitol is now officially lit with more than 14,000 likes like not likes. >> probably has that many likes. but we're talking about the lights. the 65 foot tall white fir features 500 hand-crafted ornaments made by children and adults with disabilities from around the state. governor gavin newsom and first partner jennifer siebel newsom hosted the ceremony last night. and there was an annual holiday gesture of goodwill between allies. but it has now triggered some international wrap sing and the california christmas tree looks dazzling this lot of not so much for more than 70
6:57 pm
years. norway. >> as center christmas tree to london to recognize the united kingdom support during world war 2. but here you go. this year's tree has some britt wondering if this symbolizes something else, the 78 foot tall. norwegian spruce is far less than full and symmetrical than previous years. uh has some broken branches. even the unveiling was greeted with jeers on social media with people asking if the rest of the tree was stuck in customs or if this is some kind of a statement about brexit. others were a bit more diplomatic saying the tree has character. maybe a little better with lights. that's it for us tonight at 8 o'clock. but that one. >> it's missing a whole.
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♪ ♪ speak of the accused school shooters parents are charged. >> today i am announcing charges against the shooter's parents. >> then alec baldwin backlash. >> if someone is responsible for what happened, but i know it's not me. i >> you can see how broken he is. >> and dragged her down the highway. there is a teen wedged under the truck. she was waving frantically. plus larra logan versus dr. fauci. >> he represents joseph mangle outcome of the doctor. >> absolutely preposterous. >> and the gra


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