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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 3, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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any video, but they can turn into the oakland. police department to please turn in anything that you think are not think if you're in the area. get to the place. >> now at 8, kevin issued his family searching for justice for the security guard, the retired police officer who lost his life while protecting one of us. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waldman in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. we're now approaching a week since kevin issued his death. he died last saturday after being shot in downtown oakland a day before thanksgiving at the time he was actually protecting one of our reporters who was working on a story in downtown oakland. and tonight his family is pleading for anyone who may have seen something to come forward so they can get closure. i kindly. please ask if anybody was in the area in the oakland community. in the area at the
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time that this incident happened that. >> they have found cell phone footage, but they please. give it to the oakland police department are seeking to find. the reasoning behind all of this. so that. so that we can have some closure. you can understand why. what happens. he didn't deserve this. he the tire. he was just, you know, look at the state prison you know, we just wish you can come home. >> we just need the closure. we all like this open ended, not knowing how some of that we love pass to we just need to know and have peace. just come home and. start really what it's all over. it's justice for for kevin. it he was a security guard and he was out there to protect the news cast. we need justice for
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him. >> the family is still arranging for kevin's funeral services. >> their plea for witnesses to speak up comes after the oakland police department revealed that they believe someone does have video of the shooting that took place downtown oakland. it happened here near 14th and harrison street between lake merritt and basically a couple blocks from the 12th street bart station and investigators say that they believe the video that still out there somewhere contains additional leads, including more about the vehicle in question were talking about this car, about to show you. it's a 2004 to 2008 acura tl it has a 4 doors and a sunroof at the time of the shooting. it did not have a front license plate. a reward of $32,500 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in this case. and as you just heard,
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the family is desperate to try to get that information. and i'm pam moore had a chance to. >> talk within the shia family earlier today. she's here now with us to go over some of their conversation will start with just how are they and what was it like being in the room with it was pretty emotional. when we first when i first got there, i was emotional, too. as we all know. >> the crews that are out in the field. now many times have to take security with us in light of what's going on. a number of crews at all of the stations have been affected either attacked or there's been there have been so many incidents over the last couple of years. those things have intensified that makes us very concerned. of course, this is the first time that anyone has been killed. and so it resonates for all of the media and the bay area for all of us who work in the field trying to tell these stories and also just the fact that this is still a one on one that affected us. but we cover the stories of families every day right. right. and and we have
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seen this level of violence against reporters rise. >> over the we've had many cases. i mean, i wish i could say it's just a few, but it's many cases where reporters and photographers have been had guns pointed at them at their heads to get their equipment and the resale value of these. this equipment is is almost nothing in many cases because the technology is changing so fast that they're just they're just old equipment by the time they get out on the streets. but the point is it's gotten to where they have to have the security guards and now there are questions about even with a security guard who is generally a retired police officer as kevin nishita was with many years with 3 different departments here in the bay area. a man with that level of experience in dealing with street to where he gets shot and killed while trying to protect a journalist. lots of news organizations are reevaluating whether or not they should even send a journalist into these areas and we're not talking about prom for we're talking about
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everybody, including the san francisco chronicle. so it's not just television stations because anybody who has a camera now can be a target for these things. so it's raising a whole host of questions and issues. did they know that risk for him. >> i think in fact, i asked him if he ever talk about the risk of policing in general since he had been a policeman for lacey said several new several of departments in the bay area and then a security guard and he said she they said that he never would come home and talk about that. he would never bring that home and they largely thought because they didn't. more. they think that he didn't want them to worry about the risk and also because of his own sensitivities about, you know, protecting his family that he kind of kept those things to him. so. they are very thoughtful at this point about, you know, where things stand and they're urgent see their sense of urgency in terms of getting some help from the community helping tell the story. and we've heard please, please from other families have been a similar situations like please
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come forward, help us find who did this and who hurt our family. so all of us can kind of relate now and it's only for us in a much different way than maybe we did before. while the machine a family is reaching out to the community for help with this investigation tonight. they are also showing remarkable strength in the face of this personal sorrow and they're trying to focus on the good times. the good members light. these moments that you see behind me with kevin and his family members trying to focus on their loving memories. instead of just their pain. miss him. it was much. miss him. he was a big part of this family. those are king. >> our protector for free fun. all right. by sir. other than just a grandpa and father and a husband. he was our everything. >> a family grieving the death of loved one. kevin nishita and determined to get answers
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wife, virginia son enrique and daughter more rain. all say he spent his life protecting his family and his career protecting the community losing his life in the process. now they are trying to understand why we just need the closure. we don't like this open ended. >> not knowing how some of that we love pass to we just need to know and. >> have peace. they remember the husband and father with the big personality loving and fun. >> really a fun couple. he was my everything they would tv series and then after a while, we became the characters. he would call me and you. call me the name of whatever series we're watching just to make it fun and really has had date night once a week. i'm going missus us.
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>> he was big on being a grandfather and he loved his dog cali. dog misses a very much. >> so. it's really hard to see the very sad as well. >> over the years as a police officer in coma haywood and san jose. and later, a security guard. kevin, the sheet about much more to the job of law enforcement. he was someone who genuinely cared about others volunteering at police events going the extra mile with people he encountered in the field for the community. being a police officer. he definitely protected people. >> but ask them certain cases. look, how can i help you? he has a kind heart like that. he wanted to. in the committee and that's why he. but when the police force, one of the most adamant things about him. is he just you never asked for anything in return. you know, he was always asking why he did what we needed.
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>> even at. you know, how they are. now, you know, just they're just asked us to you know, be happy work hard in life. >> so now they reflect and wait for answers in the backyard where they shared so much time together. so it's a word it's in japanese and it's. got on and that means that to perseverance in a difficult time. kevin. but always tell me to the ups and downs. just life itself. you'd always tell me that. and i would remember him even stronger in any situation that we were in. remember come on. and to stay strong for him. >> through their sadness. the family is also proud that even though he is no longer here, kevin. the shida is still giving to his community. he donated his body to help others including donating his
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skin to a young man, a burn victim who needed a skin graft of course, in addition to awaiting word on the police investigation. they are also planning his memorial service. if you would like to help and support this family. we have information for you. a fund has been set up with an issue to family, cash or check donation can be made to the kevin the she the trust said any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail at the address. it we have here on the screen is also on our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com justine and ken, back to you. thank you so much, pam. and you can watch the full interview about her beloved security guard. kevin, a sheet on our website. >> kron 4 dot com. just use your mobile device to scan this qr code. it will take you to that page and you can follow the latest on the investigation. also find information on how to make a donation to his family and watch pam's full interview with kevin. she does family all on kron 4 dot com. >> staying in the east bay. the oakland police department is facing a staffing crisis and is now at risk of losing
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tax revenue forces eecm a dune explains how the city's mayor is now getting involved to try to increase opd staffing. >> the oakland police department has an officer retention problem. opd officials say this month for more officers turned did resignations bringing the current staffing level to 676 warrant officers that is to cops below the level to receive voter approved parcel tax revenue from measures e. >> what i'm proposing is that we increased police staffing immediately by 60 officers mounted above those 60 officers are 20 police positions currently frozen in the city budget. the cause of oakland. mayor libby shes police hiring plan. it is 5.8 million dollars. we are. >> able to put forward that budget proposal through a combination of savings, particularly salary savings equipment savings. so this act will not result in any
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reduction of any other services that the city provide retiring plan. authorizes 7 police academies. the current budget authorizes 5 academies. that budget was put forth by oakland city council member shane pow who recently announced a hiring plan of her own to recruit more officers by offering a $50,000 hiring bonus for lateral transfers from other agencies. my concern, however, is that we are attracting officers who com to policing in oakland for the right reasons. >> we find ourselves in a crisis. however, opd chief armstrong shares the bears concerned he released a statement that reads in part, quote, while offering financial incentives is a great way to recruit. i prefer to hire people who are not coming to oakland solely for monetary benefits. the executive director of the justice teams network and co-founder of the anti police terror project cat brooks has a different set of concerns.
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her statement reads in part, quote, libby chefs plan is based on the faulty premise that more police officers will keep us safe. it goes on to say we can't make the same mistakes we made in the past we cannot throw more good money after failed policy quote, next tuesday the 2 opd hiring plans will be presented to the full city council for approval. has it made you kron. 4 news. >> coming up here at 8 o'clock tonight. consequences for members of our retail ring behind some of these smash-and-grab robberies in the bay area. >> we have all those details. plus san francisco clothing store trying to help people who are unsheltered get dressed in new clothes for the holidays. the effort they're making after the break. and it's cloudy out there now. it was a cool day around the bay area. what can we expec
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>> in san francisco, tenderloin businesses trying to help those experiencing homelessness is holiday season now through the end of the year. vacation, which is a vintage clothing stores. collecting jackets new socks and they will distribute them. 2 people in need. craig, president harry is live now in san francisco with what inspired the owner to start doing this. good evening, amanda. >> good evening. i spoke with the owner and she says this neighborhood has been hit hard by the pandemic and she has a front row seat to it. every
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single day. recently she realized there was something she could do to help. >> gets a bad rap. and it's sometimes pretty sad down here. but there are some pretty great treasures in the neighborhood vacation. a vintage clothing stores been located here on the corner of alison larkin streets in the heart of the tenderloin for almost 10 years. a lot of folks are sort of has to to come down to the tenderloin and then when they do, they're like by the shop is so great like i found my favorite thing at your store vacation owner kristin klein recently came up with a way to use her story to help people struggling in the area in the spirit of the holidays. if you want to bring in clean blankets and clean wearable coats will make sure that they get distributed in the neighborhood. you get 10 bucks off your purchase of the shop. she said she decided to start collecting warm weather gear to donate to people experiencing homelessness because of her friend calvin
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he's one of that. he comes by and he doesn't really ask for for much. but every once in a while and he says he needs a jacket and we give it one. you need a blanket. sometimes he pair of socks. she says calvin will cry and thank them for the help she says they want to help more people who are unhoused and living in the tenderloin. she also hopes offering $10 off a purchase to anyone that donates jackets, blankets or socks. >> will help encourage people to shop and explore the tenderloin. >> i've watched the ups and the downs. the we've been really advocating the neighborhood trying to give people a positive reason to come down here. >> the store is open 7 days a week and they'll be collecting those clothing and other items for the homeless community through the end of the year. live in san francisco. amanda hari kron, 4 news. amanda, thank you for that. one of the largest retail theft bus in california. history has been made. >> here in the bay area. state attorney general rob bonta announced the sentencing after
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5 people pleaded guilty to stealing almost 8 million dollars in merchandise in the bay area. here's are some of the pictures from the attorney general's office of the stolen items, the san mateo county sheriff's department says the thieves stole from retail stores, including cvs great walgreens as well as from people's homes and cars here is the man identified as the ringleader. danny luis he and the other 4 people allegedly kept the items in over a dozen storage units even operating a distribution warehouse. in addition to the 8 million dollars in stolen items. the joint investigation also sees more than 1.8 million dollars from various bank accounts. is scheduled to be sentenced to 6 years in prison after pleading guilty to committing organized retail theft receiving stolen pups on property and money laundering. today's announcement should serve as a warning shot. >> to anyone thinking about participating in organized
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retail theft and committing brazen crimes with no regard for the safety of workers. our businesses and our community. >> the bay area, of course, is not the only place it's seen a string of smash-and-grab robberies in california. similar thefts have been happening in los angeles sacramento and other cities across the state tonight. many in the bay area are mourning the loss of charlotte schultz. she spent decades serving as the chief of protocol of san francisco. and later served in the same capacity for the state of california. and she spoke just a few years ago what former mayor ed lee's funeral. >> and advise several mayors over the years. schultz helped host for leaders when they visited and was a power player and high-profile city circle serving on the boards of the san francisco ballet, symphony and opera. senator feinstein tweeted today she's heartbroken after losing her best friend. her husband, george shultz, the former secretary of state died earlier this year at the age of 100 charlotte schultz was 88. now to our 4 zone forecast
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as we give you a live look outside along the embarcadero at those continually overcast gray skies. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look. >> at the chilly temperatures ahead yeah. i finally feel the season a bit around the bay area. took some time record heat early on this week. today really watch those temperatures snapback actually running below the average today for this time of year as we've seen all the cloud cover moving overhead cut the sunlight out and kept the temperatures way down out there tonight. the clouds already in might seem a little drizzle on the coastline. something to watch out for 2. we've got to keep tides. those are unusually high tides this time of year. we'll see about a 7 foot tide about 1030, tomorrow morning. so you could see some flooding in and around the bay in the low lying areas also along the embarcadero parts of the north. they watch for that tomorrow morning. and then continuing on sunday and monday as well. a check of those temperatures out. boy, it was so much cooler day. remember, just a couple days
8:22 pm
ago we're talking record breaking heat and numbers in the 70's. they couldn't get out of the 50's in many spots 56 below the average in san francisco 56 in oakland 58 in san jose 55 in lemore 57 in concord and 55 degrees in santa rosa. so these temperatures well below the average tomorrow. yeah, they're gonna stay cool around much of the bay area may be slightly warmer in the afternoon plan on some 50's and some 60's. so it's starting to feel like the season now in the little rain to go along with that will be back on track some carrying the umbrella, but i might not need it for a little while, maybe for another few days. thanks. ordinance. >> still ahead tonight, 5 people are confirmed to have the omicron variant of covid in alameda county. now a wedding in wisconsin is
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> dove a developing story tonight. alameda county kuz has now confirmed that 5 people have contracted the coronavirus omicron variant in a statement released earlier today. it says these cases are among 12 covid-19 cases in the county, the newest ones and the patients all went to a wedding in wisconsin last weekend. one of them traveled internationally before attending the wedding, the individuals all have mild symptoms and are fully vaccinated. most of them already got the booster shot as well. no one has been hospitalized in the county is urging all residents to get the covid vaccine and booster
8:26 pm
shots. and now to the north, they were sonoma county just announced today that one in 4 children aged 5 to 11 in the county are now fully or partially vaccinated against covid-19. the county has achieved the goal set by the education health department in a month for now 75% of eligible county residents are fully vaccinated. >> coming up, a mixed jobs report drove stock prices on wall street lower today. we'll take a look at why that jobs report was far below expectations and the parents of a teenager accused of shooting and killing at least 4 students are now facing charges themselves. why prosecutors want to hold both the teen and the adults accountable. plus, a new independent report finds a deadly shooting of sean monterrosa in was, quote, not reasonable. the fatal police
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shooting of sean monterrosa double-a last june was, quote, not reasonable. that's according to a new independent report that was released by the city and the police department. the 22 year-old was shot while officers were responding to looting at a walgreens store following the death of george floyd. >> kron. 4 soup to call explains the report details several breakdowns of department policies by the officers involved. >> based on interviews with vallejo police supervisors on duty the night 22 year-old sean monterrosa was gunned down through a windshield by an officer in the back of an unmarked truck last june and
8:30 pm
interviews with the officers involved. the independent administrative investigative review into the shooting finds the use of force was not objectively reasonable. it says the 4 officers who were on scene tactically responded poorly and violated the police department's de escalation policies in light of those factors. the review says, quote, the chances of a non threatening or even capitulated movement by mister monterrosa being misperceived as a deadly threat. we're greatly increased its frustrating when you know the truth and you have to put you have to. >> continue to scream at the top of your lungs to be heard. sean monterrosa's sisters consider the review of victory pointing to its assertion that the officers involved misinterpreted monterrosa's actions that night as aggression. >> failed to turn their body cameras on in a timely manner and that all of the officers mistakenly thought monterrosa was armed with a gun. instead
8:31 pm
it's been determined he had a hammer. we know shot he was surrendering. he knew that when the county law enforcement that, you know, we shouldn't pose any threat to them 18 months ago. the report says officers responding to the looting call at walgreens saw monterossa running towards a car that was leaving and eventually left without him and rammed into a patrol vehicle. that's when the officers say monterrosa moved toward them and as he kneeled on the ground appeared to draw a weapon. the report now says it was the officers who closed the distance and misjudge monterrosa as a threat. it would have been nice to hear the disciplinary actions that we're going to be released with the before family were still pushing for the fine conviction. >> for the attorney officer bring charges forward with investigation being done. the attorney general's investigation remains open. the monterrosa's are also still pursuing a civil lawsuit
8:32 pm
in this case phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> now to the latest on that deadly school shooting in michigan. prosecutors have charged the parents of the 15 year-old seen here. >> accused of the shooting at his high school that killed 4 students and injured 7 others. a lawyer says the parents left town for their own safety but says that they're returning to face arraignment. that hasn't happened yet. james and jennifer crumbley were charged with 4 counts. each of involuntary manslaughter. investigators say james crumley it recently bought the semiautomatic gun that was used in the shooting. both parents were called in to the school just a few hours before the shooting parents in the u.s. are rarely charged in school shootings where the children are the suspects kron 4 spoke to former prosecutor and defense attorney steve clarke earlier on the facts behind the decision today and how actions have consequences. >> message is very clear here. you need to be responsible. and i think this is trying to prevent further school shootings when people should
8:33 pm
not have access to these firearms. and as a parent or someone in position of trust, you need to control the access to the firearm. >> clark also says more scrutiny will also fall on the shoulders of the school itself allowing crumbly to return to the classroom without checking his backpack. the teen has been charged as an adult with 2 dozen crimes including murder, attempted murder and terrorism. >> san francisco police arrested a woman who they say tried to kidnap 2 children. this incident happened thursday afternoon around 3 of lake street in the city's richmond district. police say a woman was caring for a 3 year-old and a one year old when aaron williams of sebastopol approach or and then allegedly grabbed the 3 year-old from her arms and tried to run away the victim then chased after williams and was able to get the child back. but then williams tried to grab the one year-old from the stroller but couldn't pull the child out because the child was buckled in williams is now in jail on kidnapping
8:34 pm
and child endangerment charges. now to a warning for marin county residents. marine waters says you're drinking water may smell and taste. a little different. >> officials say that's in response to the drought and they had to change their water sources in order to manage the water supply. the water has been described as tasting or smelling musty or earthy rain. water says the water, though, is safe to drink. all right. let's check our 4 zone forecast as we go outside and show you a pretty quiet golden gate bridge on a friday night. our meteorologists chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now to look at the next chance of rain is looking promising for next week looking better. i mean, these storms will look like they're going to be huge storms any means. but it looks like a chance. returning the bay area may more importantly. >> the overall trend now is to see a return of rain to the bay area. so here we go outside today. of course we saw the cooler temperatures. the clouds out there right now. no rain just yet. high pressure still overhead. but we saw return of the onshore
8:35 pm
breeze. still, it's going to take some time for this ridge to break down. this isn't just a dominant ridge that kept us dry most of november. but then a storm system in a drop in on monday. it's going to kind of break apart. this a ridge of high pressure in retrograde means move back away from the coastline. that's allowed the storm to dump over the top of that ridge. that's usually not the best scenario to get rain. the first place takes a little while to carve out a real trough along the west coast to bring some showers. so looks like we'll bring another chance of showers as we get into thursday and maybe more importantly, some very cold air going to start to drop and you see all the snow beginning show up over the sierra nevada. that is good news for them and a lot more to come behind that. in fact, this next storm, after that lining up. now, how about that? this could be a significant rainmaker as we get in that following monday. but that's still a long way on the forecast and take us wild really kind of button up that forecast for you in the coming days. but it all looks good. long range models, even further out are pointing to more wet weather as we round out the middle of the month and the end of december temperatures tomorrow. yeah, it is going to be cool along the coastline. i think some
8:36 pm
partial clearing by the afternoon but not much out toward the beaches. so bundle up out of the coast about 54 in pacific at 55 degrees in daly city. 57 in millbrae about 58 in burlingame. maybe 61 hazy in san carlos a little sunshine into the afternoon. the south. a lot of 60's in that direction as well. but, you know, see temperatures still staying cool across the board. boy, things really they started to change as that cold air begin move back into the bay area. i think that's going to be a sign of things to come. high pressure will stick around for the weekend after that, a chance of showers moving in as we head in toward monday and clouds going to gather as we head to tuesday. wednesday, look at the temperatures really drop off by next friday we're struggling to get the low 50's. so, yeah, get out that nice christmas gear. we're getting ready. the holidays are coming. the weather changing too. ugly, christmas sweaters. here we come. still ahead, danville police are collecting toys for kids. this christmas will tell you. >> how you can donate toys for families in need.
8:37 pm
>> and senior going to see more affordable housing across california. this time. how many people can get a better home after the break.
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
>> california is sending more money to support affordable housing. the newsom administration has announced it is awarding nearly a 158 million dollars to communities across the state. the money will help local governments and organizations
8:40 pm
build more affordable housing on unused land. officials say 4,000 individuals and families will be moving into new homes. >> now to the east bay were danville. police have teamed up with the marine corps to gather new in an open toys for families in need. this christmas donations were made at the costco in danville today and police were able to fill up their cruiser with a lot of toys. the marine corps reserves will sort the toys and send them to the families. the police are saying many people are struggling this year because of the pandemic. so they wanted to make sure the president can give. the kids something extra special. this christmas. so there's. >> a lot of people were hit hard and that's why we're out here. hopefully we can collect. more more toys than ever before because there's probably there's 5 more less fortunate kids out there than there were before. >> and you can make a donation next friday morning at that costco in danville or put the toys inside the toys for tots been at the police station.
8:41 pm
>> toys r us is back just in time for the holiday shopping season. the company's new flagship stores located in bergen county, new jersey just outside of new york city toys r us is making the store an immersive experience with slide ice cream parlor of course, all the latest toys. company will also open 400 shops inside macy's stores to toys r u.s. shops in those macy's around the country next year. >> next on kron 4 at 8 o'clock honda is recalling thousands of suvs over problems with the hood. we'll tell you which models are affected. >> and as for us, we're going to have a warriors suns update. plus, the sharks taking on the rangers at madison square garden and mills has all the highlights coming up.
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> for your money tonight, the new jobs report released today indicated 210,000 jobs were added in november. that number is lower than expected. the white house, though so has an optimistic tone about the overall economy. kron four's, washington correspondent alexandra limon has the story. >> good gonna miss had predicted more than half a million new jobs would be added in november instead, we saw less than half that number of jobs added. >> despite a disappointing jobs report president biden is maintaining an optimistic tone about the u.s. economy. >> our economy is markedly stronger than it was a year
8:45 pm
ago and today the incredible news that our unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2%, the unemployment rate has dropped by more than 2% since president biden took office. the cbo had predicted. we wouldn't get to this level of unemployment for another 3 years at this point. the year we're looking at the sharpest one-year decline in unemployment ever. the president says wages are also up by about 10% in the transportation and warehouse industries. and by 13% for workers and hotels and restaurants. the president said that combined with tax credits to families means many americans. >> are better off today than before he took office, even after accounting for rising inflation really only leading economy in the world for household income and the economy as a whole are stronger than they were before the pandemic republican house leader kevin mccarthy says the white house is downplaying economic concerns caused by inflation and supply chain
8:46 pm
problems. i'm sure the white house will try to spin it one way, but they're supposed to be 550,000 jobs, especially during a seasonal hiring perry. >> much less than that. >> earlier this week. the chair of the federal reserve. jerome powell said that both the supply chain issues and the high inflation rate are tied to the pandemic. he also said that economists still widely expect both of those issues to improve significantly over the next year. reporting in washington, alexandra limon. >> honda the national highway traffic safety administration are recalling thousands of suvs and pickups over safety issues with the vehicles hoods. the cars under recall are the 2016 to 2019 pilot and passport suvs and certain 2017 to 2020 ridgeline pickup trucks. there seems to be a gap in the front that's allowing more air to come through and that could possibly lift the hood up when the car is traveling on the
8:47 pm
freeway. we have more details on this recall on our website, kron 4 dot com google employees will not be required to return to the office next month. as scheduled due to the new omicron variant of covid-19. >> employees were set to return on 1/10/2022, which was an extension itself in a memo. the company said it does not have a new return date at this time and it will assess the covid situation after the new year. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the 2 best teams in the nba going head to head tonight at chase center. the phoenix suns beat the warriors for their 17th straight win on tuesday. coming into the rematch tonight. they won 18 straight. the looking for revenge and this game right now. the score 6960 warriors with a lead in the 3rd quarter. the dubs are moving the ball well and getting steph curry better
8:48 pm
looks and they did on tuesday night. however, fouls have been an issue so far. will they close it out with an update coming up at 9 o'clock, the sharks taking on the rangers at madison square garden to san jose fan. you're enjoying a cold one in new york. and what i would imagine is a cold night. the east coast first period ryan already gets on the end of this one on the power play. >> it's in the net for the rangers won. nothing new york that gold would hold out to the sharks trying to tie it up with seconds left. he couldn't get in the back of the net, though, san jose loses one sip there at the columbus blue jackets on sunday. backed off championship game at the raiders stadium in las vegas. orkin versus utah. this one's all 1st quarter, devin lloyd intercepts, oregon qb anthony brown. that one. there's a house call 34 yard pick td 14. nothing utah late. 2nd quarter cameron rising. fines, dalton
8:49 pm
kincaid from 11 yards out 20 zip utah. it was 23 nothing at the look at that sea of red 3rd quarter tj pledger totes it in for the 4 yard. touchdown. 31 3 17th ranked roles to take the pac 12 title 3810. the final score. they defeat 10th ranked oregon and. a little bit of an upset and santa clara broncos women soccer team. we're just waiting for to see if anything happens. still 0, 0, overtime. so wait for that came to be decided byu. santa clara 2 of the best teams in the country. yeah. have that update later on tonight. yeah. so what yeah, exactly tomorrow morning. so after a second overtime period, then they go to penalty kicks. if it's still tied, they go into sudden death penalty kick. so we'll see really coming down to the wire citing staff, right. yes, skyland coming up, check next. check this out to former president obama playing
8:50 pm
basketball with. >> high school students. we from the president's pretty good player. the reason for him to be there, though, is after the break.
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
>> in national news tonight, a new bill in congress would stop the biden administration from giving payments to undocumented immigrants who were separated at the southern border during the trump administration. washington, dc correspondent reshad hudson has more.
8:53 pm
>> i think that this is wrongheaded policy west virginia senator shelley moore capito wants to ban payouts to migrant families who were separated at the southern border it's astronomical to state 450,000 per child migrants. his children were taken from them at the border are now in summit talks with the federal government. >> and you shot. you lost your shot. it's he >> although capita disagreed with the separation policy under president trump. and i think families. >> matter, you know, should should be able to remain together even if they enter illegally. she doesn't think taxpayers should foot the bill. >> but ohio senator sherrod brown says the federal government making payments like this is not a new idea. we've got it. >> and agriculture we've done in business. we should do it
8:54 pm
for human beings. >> brown says the government has the responsibility to make things right. but when government. does something that. ends up creating hardship for families and wrong. people government does something about it regardless of what happens with the payments capital says the ultimate solution is border security. the best thing we can do is be sure that people are not entering this country illegally reporting in washington. reshad hudson. >> some high school students chicago got the chance to meet and play basketball with the former president of the unitedh states. the teenagers were certainly surprised when barack obama showed up at their youth sports workshop. you happen to be in chicago for meetings on his presidential library which is currently under construction, but he decided to stop by 2 encourage these young people as well. the former president said this particular ymc a was a safe haven for his own daughters years ago. we used
8:55 pm
to sense of hope, used to bring the girls there when they were just any >> he spent about 30 minutes talking with the students and said he couldn't leave without showing off his own hoops. let's see if it goes in. i think it went in and just ricocheted off the rim from the bottom. but anyway. the kids were thrilled krill. kids were thrilled. they say they received some priceless advice from the former president. >> going to keep going. do what you love be strong with brock saying it like a former president. it is really sick of >> students went home with the basketballs than a bunch of sports gear. the president says his foundation plans to collaborate with the ymc a to make sure chicago students are not left behind.
8:56 pm
>> and son tack made a big leap forward today with the unveiling of a mecca of the world's most advanced android. the humanoid robot was designed by a british company called engineered arts and they released this video on you tube to give people a sneak peek into the future of robotics. the company has not said how much this android will cost or when it will be completely finished. but they say that the next step is to enable the robot to walk and move freely. that is so freaky, isn't it. so real estate's to real. it's very realistic. >> that's way beyond what disney is doing. >> it's my hands. but i do with is you think about the potential ramifications of it. >> it's kind of way learned to read a teleprompter and route. yeah, well, that's max headroom what the 1980's. that wraps up kron 4 news at let's turn it over to grand you and i are from the same generation. i know they max headroom was way ahead of its right. but there aren't any
8:57 pm
animate and inanimate. you know, i mean, watch out, we can be replaced. i had a a micro. >> showing. yeah. went sideways wilson. you get tuned up. i need to get to well, reboot i think you guys did i think you're all and i don't eat cheaper. thank you. can just team taking i coming up next with kron 4 news at night and we're hearing tonight. >> from kevin, the shooter's family nearly a little over a week after news said tragic death nearly week. he died saturday. he was shot wednesday yeah. family members are coming forward. there pleading with the community for any details that could help find the person who killed him. he is the man who they call their protected. plus 5 cases of the omicron variant detected in alameda county. all of them linked to the same. >> wedding. want to bury a doctor says the increase in cases this helping us learn about the varying. if there's
8:58 pm
an upside. those stories and more coming up on
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 for kevin. >> it he was a security guard and he was out there to protect the news cast. we need justice for him.


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