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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 5, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay, area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> every 2 weeks is a new variant be created. >> but only some of them rise to the wanted like delta, like the outside. it's like omicron. now it's 6.17 states now reporting cases of the covid-19 omicron variant. >> scientists also sharing new details about what they're learning about this variant. that's where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off tonight. researchers say that the omicron variant appears to spread more than twice as quickly as the delta variant based on what researchers know
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so far. they also say that re infections also appear more likely with the omicron variant than the delta virus. kron four's taylor. the second live in the newsroom tonight after talking with an infectious disease expert about these new finding some pretty interesting stuff. taylor. >> thatts right. jonathan, while this rate of transmission would characterize the omicron variant has the most contagious a version of the virus. infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says there's no need to panic. >> with the omicron variant. now detected in at least 16 states. one of them being california. the cdc says cases are likely to continue rising just this week. ucsf scientists confirmed the nation's first omicron case with 5 additional cases found in alameda county days later across season south africa where the variant was first discovered. researchers are now saying that the omicron variant appears to be more contagious than the delta variant. what was striking is that south africa's the country went from buy. >> 260 cases a day to over
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10,000 cases a day in a matter of days and more than 75% of these new cases with due to this new variants found even in this particular prominent suggesting that. >> it's fueling this rise in cases. and b, re infection is definitely a thing with omicron. >> in a mathematical analysis, south african researchers found that omicron is spreading nearly 2 and a half times more quickly than the delta variant. back here in the bay area. 2 sections disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says this could mean that omicron is the most contagious variant we've seen thus far as the it's very very efficient at a transmission. >> it means that both that there probably superpowers that increases transmissability maybe from the mutations in the spike protein also they're probably mutations that favor re
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infection because a previous and the bodies that you from infection don't seem to protect as well against omicron south african researchers say re infections also appear to be more common with the omicron variant. despite this concerning information. doctor peter chin-hong says there is some good news. so the lying about all of this is that so far at least when we look at cases outside of south africa, unlike in europe and the united states. most of the cases actually very mild. in fact, all the cases in the very mild people are home. nobody's in the hospital. doctor peter chin-hong says this new information reinforces the need to get vaccinated and boosted. >> as omicron. it won't be the last area we discover or hear about the omicron variant has now been reported in 3 california counties, one in san francisco. 5 in alameda and another in los angeles county live in the newsroom. i'm telling second reporting kron 4 news taylor, thank you.
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>> tonight the centers for disease control and prevention says that the vaccination rate of american children ages 5 to 11 is slower than it was for older american children. the cdc says just one month after becoming eligible only 16% of kids ages 5 to 11 have received their first dose of a covid-19 vaccine. that's a lower rate for older kids. that's because back in june, just one month after kids ages 12 to 15 became eligible to receive the vaccine about 27% of that age group had received their first dose of the vaccine. a new study tonight says that certain disorders could actually prevent folks from contracting the covid-19 virus. researchers at queen mary university of london found that folks suffering from allergies along with topic diseases had a lower risk of contracting covid-19 scientists studied some 16,000 folks over 9 months and found that people with allergies and other diseases, including asthma had about a 40% lower risk of a covid-19 infection.
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while those with a topic problems like eczema and hay fever or we're night us had 23% of a lower risk starting at midnight. new travel restrictions will go into effect for international travelers arriving into the united states. the cdc says that the change is a precaution as a result of the ongoing omicron variant kron fours, camila barco breaks down what's on the way. >> the rule for the past few months has been if people are flying to the united states. they must show proof of a negative covid test but starting on monday that deadline is getting tighter. the covid tests must be done within one day of boarding. their flight previously travelers had 3 days to obtain a negative covid test the new travel restriction applies to all international travelers who are 2 years or older and this is regardless of their nationality or vaccination status. if you recently got covid and recovered. you must prove that with a letter from a doctor stating you are
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cleared to travel president joe biden is aeso extending the mask mandate rule. it was supposed to expire in january. but people are still going to be required to wear face coverings when they're on a plane, a train or bus is through march 18th these restrictions come ahead of the winter season when the virus can spread more easily indoors. biden also announced the news just 24 hours after the first omicron case was detected in the united states. it was discovered here in san francisco. since then, dozens of other cases have popped up across the country. the u.s. travel association is hopeful that the one-day testing window is temporary until more is learned about the omicron variant at sfo. they are now offering voluntary testing options for international travelers. as soon as they arrive to the u.s. that includes rapid test and take home kits in san francisco camila barco kron 4 news.
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>> you can get the latest covid-19 headlines and information on the omicron right now at kron 4 dot com, just give the qr code on your screen with your mobile devices. and you'll be directed to our website. it's time to talk weather this sunday at 6. a live look at san francisco as we wrap up the first weekend in december. a warm day across the bay. but get ready. there are some big changes headed our way as we kick off a new work week. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez tracking the days we could see rain and low temperatures in the 30's. that's even hard to even get out my mouth. yeah, i know it's going to get chilly in the coming nights. but we are tracking, though. >> pretty seasonal weather out there for your sunday night temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's seeing some marine layer influence but not going to be as thicker as widespread, including that dense low cloud cover. >> that was pretty slow to burn off today. for most of the bay area's shoreline temperatures out there right now in the low to mid 50's with the exception of 2
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cities. petaluma and currently in the mid 40's because of winds out of the east. so that is having a cooling effect there for napa and of otto. but let's take a look at some changes heading our way in our bay area forecast could see some light showers arriving by monday night even continuing during the overnight hours on tuesday by midmorning drying out in clearing out with some more wet weather in store for us early thursday morning drying out in clearing out by thursday afternoon. so very 2 quick storms making its way we could see about a quarter of an inch of rain or less with both systems when it's all said and done and much needed snow returning to this year. up your full microclimate monday outlook coming up in just a few minutes. jonathon, back to you. >> thank you so much. more to come tonight on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock. an about-face for san francisco restaurant feeling the heat after turning away. san francisco police officers. their response and apology tonight. plus a look back at the life and legacy of
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>> a winery in napa valley is making the best of a bad situation and they're doing it with vodka in 2017, the pun yard vineyards were hit by smoke from nearby wildfires. the vineyards manager notice that the grapes started having a smoky flavor to them. while it may be a horrible taste for wine lovers. turns out it's an actually good taste for vodka. so the manager teamed up with
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a vodka distiller to create a flavor called smoke point, which is flavored by those smoky grapes. a bottle will cost you around 50 bucks. >> and this morning a dense fog advisory went into effect for parts of the bay area and temperatures warming up to exactly where we should be for this time of year. but your microclimate monday outlook 2 to 5 degrees below average, temperatures and rain totals going up for my full forecast in just a few minutes. stay tuned.
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>> new at 00:00pm tonight. it is an about-face for one san francisco restaurant feeling the heat after they denied service to 3 sfpd officers on friday. we first told you about this story last night here on kron 4 news at 8 and tonight the owners of held in jussie in north beach now offering up an apology calling this incident a simple mix-up kron four's. gayle ong getting a chance to talk with them today. she's live in the restaurant with their response kale. >> yeah, jonathan, that's spokesperson of the restaurant told me the incident was down to miscommunication and that the owners are hoping this will be a teachable moment. >> we've it was a mistake on the behalf of the restaurant and we look forward to this being a a learning opportunity to make sure that we build better bridges between our hospitality restaurant community and the members of the san francisco police department. the owners of the restaurant hilda and jesse apologizing after facing
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backlash for denying service to members of the sfpd. according to the restaurant spokesperson david perry on friday. 3 police officers came into the north beach restaurant and were asked to leave saturday night. the restaurant posted to social media explaining the situation and at the time standing by their decision as deputy chief bill scott tweeted a response that reads in part, quote. >> the san francisco police department stands for safety would respect even when it means respecting wishes that our officers and i find discouraging and personally disappointed the restaurant just opened on november first since the backlash, their yelp page has been flooded with one-star reviews complaining about the owners refusing to serve. police has since notified viewers of an unusual activity alert on their page and temporarily disabled posting on sunday. the owners issued an apology to sfpd. but some on social media are not buying it. comments on kron four's. facebook page reads in part, i guess they didn't expect the backlash from people and the flood of negative yelp reviews live and
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learn. another common says they have every right to act as they feel others have every right to disagree and act accordingly. that's the beauty of free speech and fortunately bad reviews whether for personal gain or for truth can have undesired consequences. their spokesperson says the owners at mit this incident was handled badly and have been in contact with sfpd live in a time when people are tenuous and feeling and secure by a lot of things. i think this was a miscommunication. >> that unfortunately accelerated. >> the restaurant spokesperson adds the owners support the san francisco police department and officers are welcome at the restaurant. we reached out to sfpd for comment on the apology. but we have not yet heard back jonathan. all right, thank you. >> tonight a man is in critical condition after a shooting saturday night in santa rosa. >> it happened near west avenue and some past couple road. officers say when they got to the scene, they found the victim shot several times. investigators tonight not saying any details on the shooter but did say the
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shooter did take off in a silver silver car that was being driven by someone else. anyone with information. now urged to call santa rosa police. $1000 reward on the table for information leading to an arrest. san jose. police say that a person hit by a car while walking is expected to survive a crash overnight. this happened near tully road in her eye and drive medics took the walker to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. that's going to say the driver stayed at the scene and is currently cooperating with investigators right now. there's no word on if that driver will face any charges. meanwhile, take a look at this wild scene from oakland earlier today of this video posted on the citizen app. you can see what appears to be a white suv wrapped around the wires of a telephone pole in mid suspension. there is significant damage to the front part of that car. the person who posted the video says it happened on 105th avenue tonight. we are working with oakland police to try and find out more details about this crash. if they know who the car belongs to or if
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anyone was hurt in it. meanwhile, take a good look at your screen right now. napa police say they need your help, trying to catch up with this man. police identify him as shed con investigators say he's been eating at several local restaurants. but dipping out without paying his bill officers say he's stuffed several restaurants with the tab in the last few days. if you happen to know where he is. make sure you call now the police or better yet. make sure you just kind of politely turning so it doesn't come in. 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look outside of the golden gate bridge as we wrap up this weekend, another warm day across the bay area. but big changes are in store as we move through the week. but greece is here tracking the timing of when some showers could fall from the sky. yeah. these showers getting more impressive with this latest model run. in fact, could see upwards of about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. >> live look outside, though, for your sunday night. better
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clearing and viewing for those of you in the east bay over berkeley be can actually make out the city lights out in the distance. stark contrast to last night. we actually saw dense and low clouds starting to move in. but temperatures out there right now 49 degrees for half moon bay. but widespread low to mid 50's around the bay area shoreline with oakland and hayward currently in the mid 50's as downtown san francisco. so radar for tracking dry weather. but we are expecting the storm to our north expected to bring some light scattered showers as early as monday afternoon and even through early monday night, we're going to see some light pockets of rain with the heaviest downpours, not expected to make its way into the bay area until around tuesday during the overnight hours. so we could see some moderate rain out of this increasing higher rain totals as it shifts from the northwest to the southeast and we are going to see, though overall about a quarter of an inch of rain or less higher amounts. for those of you
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along the bay area coastline with half moon bay. you could pick up about a 3rd of an inch of rain of much needed much welcome wet weather overnight lows tonight. widespread mid to upper 40's low 40's for those of you in santa rosa. but temperatures tomorrow. pretty seasonable but still going to be about 2 to 5 degrees below average upper 50's to low 60's and then more rain chances increasing on thursday. expect an additional longtime kansas republican and former presidential candidate died at the age of 98. he was born in 1923. and recruited to play basketball at the university of kansas before enlisting in the war in 1942.
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that's where he was seriously injured in spent a number of years recovering the injuries also left him with permanent physical limitations in 1960. he ran for congress and won before becoming the 5 term senator. he then ran alongside president for losing to jimmy carter. he ran at the top of the republican ticket 3 times but never won his wife says that he passed away in his sleep overnight after battling stage 4 lung cancer, bob dole, 98 years old.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> on paper. the niners should beat the seahawks. they have more talent. and at this point in the season. a lot more to play for. but it's something about this particular matchup that is always tricky to figure out. and today proved to be a another example of that kyle shanahan and company looking hoping for their 4th straight win jump to the 2nd quarter. jimmy g rolls out find his favorite target. 6 george kittle. look at him the sideline minimal for big fella. that's a 48 yard touchdown. kittle had a huge game. 2 touchdowns, 9 catches 181 yards. 23 forty-niners at the half 3rd quarter. russell wilson beautiful ball to tyler lockett. josh norman getting burned as usual, 12 yard touchdown 3023 seahawks. late
6:26 pm
4th quarter. seattle looks like they're going iced the game with a touchdown russell wilson with the flips to everett. and our shine here gets his helmet on that ball. yes, 16 tackles the fumble forty-niners recover. they have light. forty-niners drive. this is the game baby 4th and goal. jimmy g. his ball is tipped. incomplete tough pill. niners lose 30 to 2366. they're still in that wildcard race. but that win streak snapped at 3. all right. let's go to vegas. the raiders hosting the washington football team looking to snap washington's three-game winning streak. we'll pick it up in the 4th washington up by one taylor heinike. he finds antonio gibson. and washington that lead 8 next raiders possession. josh jacobs finishes it off tough run. there gets to the edge. they will go for 2. but they didn't
6:27 pm
get it. so they'll have to settle for 6. all right. later on. daniel carlson, 37 yards out. that is money. so the raiders go on one with just over 2 minutes to go. washington, they drove down the field and. walk-off style not walk of style still calm on the clock. but you get the point. the washington football team win this game 17 to 15. so. tough loss for raiders and the forty-niners will check back in with you at 8 o'clock. thanks for joining us. $0.2.
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