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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 6, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us here on the kron 00:00am morning news on this monday morning. december 6. i'm james fletcher and i know we've got. >> some things to talk about on the weather and the news front. we'll get to the news in a minute. but weather-wise. john, a little fog out there. yeah. our foggy us one in a minute, james. and that is saying something because it has been foggy at times the past few weeks. >> this morning, very widespread as far as low visibility is concerned and that is having a big impact on areas like highway 4 and routes such as 80 in solano county where we are seeing
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visibility in some spots, falling below 50 feet. your view outside from your berkeley hills. cam is a perspective above the fog. what we are seeing out there is that fog pushed right into the bay itself. so this is a very condensed layer that we are seeing pushed into the bay and that is resulting in that lower visibility along bayside inland and coastal areas. you can see that we do have fog from our inland valleys out to the bay shore up in san pablo bay up are in napa sonoma counties. we do have that dense fog in solano county and then also right along highway 4 from concord over to pittsburg, especially dense patches of it. fog cast shows you lower visibility in pockets. we are falling well below a mile in many areas. so this is absolutely want to take it. slow are out there. i know in my drive to work, which is not usually the foggiest drives eyesight. very low. as far as visibility goes 40's and 50's for current temperatures oakland and alameda each at 50 degrees.
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san mateo at 51 timber on in san anselmo, egypt. 47 with how at 46 degrees right now. foggy sfo, just one of all our foggy views this morning 50's to 60's this afternoon. staying cooler. and guess what, we do have some chances of rainfall overnight tonight, which also got the details for your forecast. still to come, rebecca is in for a this morning. and it is certainly foggy. what are you lots of fog issued by the chp. john this morning. so be really careful out there trying to leave early, if you can this morning because we're seeing a lot of fog in spots of the bay bridge, though. >> looking really good. mostly clear getting into san francisco for your westbound. 80 right over to fremont street that is some good news. your drive time. 7 minutes from the maze across the upper deck and into the city. san mateo bridge to mostly clear here a little bit of fog. not really dense in this spot, though. so you're westbound 92 right should be problem free. so far 13 minutes over too. the peninsula, the richmond center fell bridge lightly
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traveled 8 minutes as you make your way on 5.80 going west into the north bay coming out of the north bay. yes, throughout some parts of napa solano county like john has mentioned there are dense fog advisories. once you get on to the golden gate bridge. the span itself. it's going to be a smooth ride into san francisco but said the benicia bridge. that's where a fog advisory has been issued by the chp. so be really careful along 6 ad is you a pass this area and also along highway 4 like john is mentioning another dense fog advisory issued throughout the antioch area trying to make your way through pittsburgh. and then finally into conquered making your way towards that 6.80. interchange just be really careful because it is quite dense in some spots. we're also seeing in a long 5.18. if you're coming up across the south bay. 27 minutes right now into downtown san jose to menlo park on one-on-one. james, back to you. all right, rebecca, thank you 3 is the time. >> and back to the news this morning. scientists in south africa say the omicron variant appears to spread more than twice as quickly as the delta variant and researchers also
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say that reinfection also appears to be more common with omicron. we talked with local infectious disease. doctors about this new information proper taylor has that story. >> with the omicron variant. now detected in at least 16 states. one of them being california. the cdc says cases are likely to continue rising just this week. ucsf scientists confirmed the nation's first omicron case with 5 additional cases found in alameda county days later across season south africa where the variant was first discovered. researchers are now saying that the omicron variant appears to be more contagious than the delta variant. what was striking is that south africa's the country went from buy. >> 260 cases a day to over 10,000 cases a day in a matter of days and more than 75% of these new cases with due to this new variants found even in this particular prominent suggesting that. >> it's fueling this rise in cases. and b, re infection is
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definitely a thing with omicron. >> in a mathematical analysis, south african researchers found that omicron is spreading nearly 2 and a half times more quickly than the delta variant. back here in the bay area sections disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says this could mean that omicron is the most contagious variant we've seen thus far as the it's very very efficient at a transmission. >> it means that both that there probably superpowers that increases transmissability maybe from the mutations in the spike protein also they're probably mutations that favor re infection because a previous and the bodies that you from infection don't seem to protect as well against omicron south african researchers say re infections also appear to be more common with the omicron variant. despite this concerning information. doctor peter
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chin-hong says there is some good news. so the lying about all of this is that so far at least when we look at cases outside of south africa, unlike in europe and the united states. most of the cases actually very mild. in fact, all the cases in the very mild people are home. nobody's in the hospital and taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >> well, in the east bay contra, costa county says it's changing its approach on how it goes after restaurants that don't check the vaccination status of customers instead of fines. the county says it will now preach education. in a statement county says that in the past months they focused efforts on educating restaurant owners about the vaccine verification order rather than issuing warnings or fines county health leaders say that in september and october they issued several warnings too lumpy is diner in antioch along with in and out locations in pleasant hill san ramon and pinole, but they stop doing that since november county says it's trying to enforce the mandate without punishing business owners, but
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they do say that when necessary they will take more action to regulate businesses. happening today. a new travel restrictions are going to go into effect for people coming into the country and these new restrictions are a part of president biden's effort to combat covid-19 during the winter fours. camila barco has the story. >> the rule for the past few months has been if people are flying to the united states. they must show proof of a negative covid test but starting on monday that deadline is getting tighter. the covid tests must be done within one day boarding their flight previously travelers had 3 days to obtain a negative covid test the new travel restriction applies to all international travelers who are 2 years or older and this is regardless of their nationality or vaccination status. if you recently got covid and recovered. you must prove that with a letter from a doctor stating you are cleared to travel president joe biden is also extending the mask mandate rule. it was
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supposed to expire in january. but people are still going to be required to wear face coverings when they're on a plane, a train or bus is through march 18th these restrictions come ahead of the winter season when the virus can spread more easily indoors. biden also announced the news just 24 hours after the first omicron case was detected in the united states. it was discovered here in san francisco. since then, dozens of other cases have popped up across the country. the u.s. travel association is hopeful that the one-day testing window is temporary until more is learned about the omicron variant at sfo. they are now offering voluntary testing options for international travelers. as soon as they arrive to the u.s. that includes rapid test and take home kits in san francisco camila barco kron 4 news. >> 4. '08, on the clock and in the north bay santa rosa. police are looking for whoever shot a man on some basketball road saturday night when
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officers arrived on scene. they say they found a man suffering from several gunshot wounds. at victim was in critical condition. but authorities say he is expected to survive. nevertheless, police are still looking for the one shooter they say was involved and they say witnesses told them that the shooter was a man and that heat was with another man. when the shooting happened. they say both men then left the scene in a silver sedan and drove west on some past full road $1000 reward is currently being offered for any and information that leads to an arrest. after facing backlash. the owners of a san francisco restaurant are apologizing. now to the san francisco police department. a spokesperson for the restaurant. hilda and jesse says that the owners refused to serve members of the police department last friday. kron four's gayle ong has more on how that restaurant now is responding. >> we've it was a mistake on the behalf of the restaurant and we look forward to this being a a learning opportunity to make sure that we build better bridges between our
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hospitality restaurant community and the members of the san francisco police department. the owners of the restaurant hilda and jesse apologizing after facing backlash for denying service to members of the sfpd. >> according to the restaurant spokesperson david perry on friday. 3 police officers came into the north beach restaurant and were asked to leave saturday night. the restaurant posted to social media explaining the situation and at the time standing by their decision as deputy chief bill scott tweeted a response that reads in part, quote. >> the san francisco police department stands for safety would respect even when it means respecting wishes that our officers and i find discouraging and personally disappointed the restaurant just opened on november first since the backlash, their yelp page has been flooded with one-star reviews complaining about the owners refusing to serve police has since notified viewers of an unusual activity alert on their page and temporarily disabled posting on sunday. the owners issued an apology to sfpd. but some on social media are not buying it. comments on kron four's. facebook page reads in
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part, i guess they didn't expect the backlash from people and the flood of negative yelp reviews live and learn. another common says they have every right to act as they feel others have every right to disagree and act accordingly. that's the beauty of free speech and fortunately bad reviews whether for personal gain or for truth can have undesired consequences. their spokesperson says the owners at mit this incident was handled badly and have been in contact with sfpd live in a time when people are tenuous and feeling and secure by a lot of things. i think this was a miscommunication. >> that unfortunately accelerated. >> the restaurant spokesperson adds the owners do support the san francisco police department and that all officers are welcome at the restaurant in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> for 11 his the time. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news a school superintendent in michigan is calling for an immediate independent investigation into the school will tell you why he says the school's actions need to be reviewed. plus,
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king tides there. back here in the bay area. we'll tell you how scientists say they'll affect us long term. and the biden administration is trying to figure out the best way to handle the micron its feet. omicron variant. we're going to tell you the latest in a to tell you the latest in a live report from dc. when that car hit my motorcycle, to tell you the latest in a live report from dc. insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ the time and we're getting another check of the forecast this morning because. >> you haven't taken a look outside yet. odds are you're
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going to be running into some fog that you weren't ready for. so we're going to get you prepared for it. john, in the weather center with a complete job. yeah, that fog is very dense. this morning. james causing a lot of issues out there for a lot of our >> rebecca's been given us a brit great breakdown on precisely those areas that you're seeing it on some of your roadways. but we are seeing yet again. an inversion set up across the bay. so what's going on here? so we've got cold air trapped towards the surface and where the air is cold enough reaches the dew point. you get that fog very dense forming condensed right at the surface of the bay. so this is pier 15 right here a little bit on the breezy side and definitely on the fog. east side for many spots across the bay to start the day. that's the most important thing to note this morning. just those extra few minutes as you're getting out the door will very much, though be coming in handy. as for the forecast ahead of us. we look to be remaining dry during daytime hours today. but as we work our way on into the evening tonight we will have the opportunity for a couple
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of scattered showers to pop up. and this could leave areas like san francisco and happen bay with the 10th of an inch of rainfall. less than that for areas further inland. this will be occurring after midnight in the the sunrise tomorrow morning. so far, very earliest of commuters. like those of you watching right now. couple wet spots can be expected on roadways for your tuesday morning commute tomorrow. as for this morning early as just the fog to worry about daytime highs today will remain comfortably cool in the 50's to 60's much cooler than any day last week was and certainly cooler than the sunshine that brought yesterday brought us, which was still a cool one, but not as cool as these upper 50's to low 60's today is also not going to be quite as crystal clear as yesterday was so paired with these cooler temperatures will be some mostly cloudy skies. all in all, a pretty noticeable change of pace and a good chance to bundle backup as you venture outside for your monday. so today remains cloudy through the day. we will see evening showers tonight, clearing right back
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out tomorrow. tomorrow does look a little bit warmer as will also be the case on wednesday. then we cool things even further thursday brings a slight chance of scattered showers and then a cooler weekend after that early next week looks to bring better chances of rainfall in this week. well. over to rebecca. all right. thank you, john outside right now we're looking at a pretty nice conditions. if you're going to take in the bay bridge into san francisco anytime soon. >> no fog here. so it's pretty much a clear drive into the city on westbound 80 towards the fremont street exit the 7 minute drive time out of the macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge looking good as well. lightly traveled. still this hour. 13 minutes coming from the freeway in hayward trying to make your way over to one. oh, one on westbound 92 foggy, though, if you are going to be taking the benicia bridge this morning. chp has a dense fog advisory issued there. so i just make sure slow down and just take it easy and make sure the trying to leave early for work. if you can this morning also fog advisory for coming out of the livermore
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valley on 5.80 from foothill out to center arena. the fog is extremely thick in that area coming up, we'll check the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate changes. back to you. all right, rebecca, thank you for 17 is the time. >> if you've ever driven that stretch between a vegas in la. you know, that at times traffic and come to a crawl to help fix that problem, though. we've got governor newsome teaming up with nevada's governor to announce a temporary expansion of that highway between the state line and barstow that expansion will impact a 5 mile stretch that's considered. it's actually a crucial piece of infrastructure between the 2 states. now, that is governor says that more than 11 million dollars or 11 million las vegas visitors drive in and out of california along. i 15 and he calls this a major step forward. while the 2 states were toward a more permanent solution. >> we're going to use existing promoting. a promise here. in the process. right now dollars
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to begin. really why taking the shoulder. 5 miles down to. about 5 miles outside. will be we strive to using that shoulder as 3rd late. during >> now, the governor says that that 3rd lane is not a permanent solution, but it's something that we're working on for now. california will work with nevada in the coming days to discuss a long-term plan. this project those estimated cost about 12 million dollars and construction is expected to begin in the spring of next year. all right. for 19 that i'm unhappy tomorrow. the san francisco unified school district is expected to release a final draft of its plan to fix a 125 million dollars budget shortfall in order to avoid a state takeover. the details are going to be presented during a special meeting tomorrow afternoon with initial plans calling for 50 million dollars in cuts from funding to schools. 10 million for
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student services along with slashing 360 jobs, financial decisions would take effect next school year. a final plan has to be submitted to the california department of public education by december 15th. in the east bay walnut creek will have a new mayor starting tomorrow night. mayor kevin wilkes term is up and current mayor pro tem at francis francisco is expected to take will spot the city council will formally hold a vote tomorrow for mayor and mayor pro tem wilkes is expected to speak before handing the gavel over to one of his colleagues. the biden administration, meanwhile, says it is trying to better assess how to handle the omicron variant. they're urging people to be vigilant while celebrating the holidays with their families to at least help stop or at least slow the spread of the variant. we have raquel martin standing by live in dc with more on all of this. good morning, rick l. good morning. >> well, health officials with
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the biden administration say that the new omicron variant is a point of concern, but it's not yet a point of panic. doctor anthony fauci is saying that the new data coming out of south africa where the variant was initially reported shows that while it is spreading, it is nil. still not causing alarming levels of hospitalizations. >> the signals or been encouraging regarding the severity wiles chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says americans should not panic as the omicron variant spreads across the country. the new strain has now been detected in roughly 14 states. but again, you've got a hold judgment until we get more experience on cnn's state of the union doctor fauci said researchers are working to determine how contagious and deadly the variant is. but with the holiday season here boost. is it going to be really critical in addressing whether or not we're going to be able to handle this on nbc's meet the press doctor francis collins. the head of the national institutes of health encouraged americans to
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mask up for 80% plus of counties. you're indoors. yes, should be wearing a mask with other people and even get tested before celebrating there are now 8 home tests that are out there. but your pharmacy, you'll see them on the shelves. >> last week. the biden administration announced plans to make at home. rapid tests free for more american is likely. if you get one of these home test you can file with your insurance company and get reimbursed for it. and if you don't have that kind of some 50 million tests being distributed out in places like food banks right now, the white house is not announcing any further travel restrictions and say the delta variant remains the nation's biggest threat. >> and cdc director rochelle walensky said it's important to keep in mind that 99.9% of cases in the u.s. right now are from that delta variant and it's why she and others are still encouraging americans get vaccinated as soon as possible. >> we're now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. all right. thank you very much, rick. help. we'll take a quick break. coming up next on
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the kron 00:00am morning news. we're going to take a look at the life and career of senator bob dole after he passed away yesterday. >> at the age of 98. we'll be right back. we're back at 4.25
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and the king tides are back as well. they were impacted the bay area for the weekend. >> and we're familiar with the scenes san francisco seeing high tide, sometimes as much as 7 feet. >> and that's enough to get over the walls along the embarcadero like we saw here at pier 14 on sunday. >> enough to get your socks wet. these tides don't just created convenes a course for drivers. but they also reveal sea level rise vulnerabilities. the king tides usually come in at the end of the year, but they're not caused by high winds. rather they're caused by the pole of the moon on the earth, the gravity and researchers and educators are trying to study exactly how these high tides will affect us in the long term that's or a full moon and it has to be a perigee and we have to be close to the science of those 3 things have to be all together. the high tides that we see today are pretty much going to be the normal high tides that we see in the future years. so it gives us a chance to kind of test things
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out. >> do we need to remediate the embarcadero do we need to do something to keep water from. >> going down into the bart and muni tunnel. >> yeah. lots of questions that need to be answered. anyone can help scientists monitor sea level rise by so many pictures on the california king tides project website observers are urged to use caution, though, and visiting the tides. the next surge is expected on january. 2nd. for 27 is the time. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> a school is dealing with a covid outbreak after a family sent their kids to school with the virus will tell you why the school district says this was a blatant disregard of covid-19 protocols.
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>> we are back. 4.30 on the dot. perfect time to get a check of that forecast out there and john's been talking all morning long about how it's going to be little foggy on your drive-in for a whole lot of folks job. >> yeah, definitely going to be a foggy start to the day for a lots of the bay area. something out there that is holding up travel for some of us as we are venturing outside now, what we are looking at as far as visibility goes is some widespread impacts more so than we saw in the day last week. let's get a look at your dense fog advisories in that faint gray. you can see areas like 6.80, from snow all the way through the tri valley on up through danville conquered up into solano county being affected as ll


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