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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now at 3 barely a month after international travel returns. new covid-19 testing requirements are put in place what you need to know if you're going abroad for the holidays. some positive news, though, as health officials work to learn more about the new covid-19 omicron variant, the nation's top doctors saying it may be less dangerous than previous variants. and california. republican representative devin nunez announcing his retirement from congress. what we're learning about his departure. now from the area's local news station.
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>> this is kron 4 news at 3. >> thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow new travel restrictions are now in place for international travelers, whether you're a u.s. citizen or not, you must take a test within 24 hours of arriving to the states. this is all in response to the arrival of the omicron variant that started to pop up in the united states. kron four's, charles clifford joining us live now from sfo with the details. good afternoon. charles. >> either. yes, another busy day here at sfo are head into the holidays. a lot of people are traveling, but we learned last week that the biden administration was going to implement some new travel restrictions for people coming into this country. their goal, of course, is to try to slow down the spread of this new omicron variant of coronavirus. and today those restrictions kicked in. >> starting on monday. all international travelers bound for the u.s. must be tested for covid-19 prior to departure this applies to
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vaccinated and unvaccinated people. passengers must show their negative test results to the airline before boarding the flight at sfo on monday. travelers arriving from japan said they did have to be tested within one day of departure and the people we spoke to were okay with that yes, one day good idea. i think testing is a good idea. wanting to take no chances. this woman actually got tested twice once 72 hours before departure and again, a day before leaving in japan. it was ok. >> from tokyo is okay. but i imagine i kind of plan for it because i knew that to change was coming and i wasn't hurt. my three-day test was going to work or not. so that part was okay for me, but i'm sure it's difficult for a lot of folks. there is one exception to the new requirement. any passenger who recently recovered from covid-19 and who can show proof of recovery from the virus such as a doctor's note does not have to be tested. >> all right. back live now international passengers who arrive at sfo also have additional testing options.
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the airport has teamed up with the cdc to 2 options that are free and voluntary. you can either get tested here at the airport or you can have a home kit sent to you wherever you're staying. but for now at sfo, charles clifford kron. 4 news. all right, charles, thank you for that live report. while the omicron variant has led to these increased travel restrictions. the nation's top infectious disease expert. >> says early data shows it may be less dangerous than the delta variant doctor anthony fauci says scientists need more data to draw conclusions about omicron severity. but so far he says he's not all that worried. fauci also says the biden administration is considering lifting travel restrictions against non citizens entering the united states from several african countries. here at home. nearly 7 million people have received their covid-19 booster shots. governor gavin newsom's office tweeting this news this morning. thanks. 6.6 million californians have received their boosters. the
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governor's office is encouraging people to sign up for an appointment using the state's my turn website. of course, everyone. 5 and older can get vaccinated and anyone 18 and older is eligible for a booster shot. new at 3. the sep center in san jose announcing new covid protocols for its younger guests starting on thursday. guests age 3 to form us show proof of negative 23 to 11 must show proof of negative covid test and anyone ages 5 to 11 must be fully vaccinated or show a negative test within 72 hours of an event at sapd free testing is going to be offered on site beginning an hour before the scheduled event. all guests 12 and over are still required to show proof of full vaccination upon entry. these requirements are going to remain in place until state and local health and safety guidance is for revised. over in the east bay contra. costa county is changing its approach of how it goes after restaurants who
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don't check the vaccination status of customers. the county says it's trying to enforce the mandate without punishing business owners with fines back in november. they stopped issuing warnings and fines. instead focusing on efforts to educate restaurant owners about the vaccine verification order. our kron four's rob nesbitt is working on this story. he's got a full report coming up on kron 4 news at 5. taking a look across the nation. all private employers in new york city are going to have to require their workers, get vaccinated against coronavirus merrill mayor bill de blasio who leaves office at the end of the year made the announcement this morning. he says the move takes place in that holiday gatherings. and as cold weather drives more people indoors where the virus is more likely to spread vaccinations are already required for hospital and nursing home workers and for new york city employees, including teachers. police officers and firefighters. this mandate. it's going to take effect. december 27th.
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meanwhile, the state of oregon is drafting plans for one of the toughest mask mandates in the country. the state wants to make a mask mandate permanent for all indoor public spaces. that proposal comes as the omicron variant has arrived in the states and covid cases in general are increasing oregon. health officials plan to release a draft copy of those new rules some time toward the middle of this month. and the cruise ship that carried at least 17 passengers and crew members with breakthrough covid-19 infections has set sail again with new passengers, 9 crew members and 8 passengers were infected when the norwegian breakaway ship arrived on sunday in new orleans. none of those passengers or crew members had any symptoms now over the past week, the ship had made stops in the least honduras and mexico only fully vaccinated. people are allowed on board in a region cruise line ships. you can get the very latest covid-19 headlines
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and information on the omicron variant right now at kron 4 dot com i got to do scan that qr code that you see on your screen with your phone and you'll be directed straight to our website. this just into the newsroom. fresno congressman devin nunez has announced his retirement from the house of representatives at the end of this year. and a letter. the republican representative said he had been presented with a new opportunity to fight for the most important issues he believes in this is a developing story and we're going be speaking about the congressman's career with our political analyst michael yaki. that's coming up tonight at 5.30, so sure to tune in for that. to the south bay now where license plate readers are coming to san jose. the city council has approved the funding for the technology is part of its efforts to combat the recent rash of smash-and-grab thefts at retail stores kron four's. rob fladeboe has some reaction from police say these devices
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are going to help them fight other crimes as well. >> summer is committed $250,000 in american rescue plan funding to expand the city's deployment of automatic license plate, readers. not unlike these traffic cameras mounted on fixed locations near santana row. it's hoped the alp ours as they are known will deter the mobs of thieves targeting retail stores, but they will also help solve other crimes as well. so san jose police officer steven upon days. >> they're used very commonly to track down stolen vehicles. look after vehicles that are wanted for felonies like kidnappings. amber alerts or perhaps other situations where there are violent felonies that ever occurred in or so seat of the vehicle. police have had some success using similar devices mounted on vehicles. >> and a reader help them track down burglary suspects recently at the grand century mall would be mob. was seen covering their license plate ahead of a foiled robbery at valley fair last month. the
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readers are seen as a strong deterrent to such thefts. but by no means the only determined. >> but nothing is going to replace uniformed officer who gets there to be able to make an arrest and nothing replaces a good witness who is out in the field and sees a crime occurring calls it and give us a great description of what's happening and really as a participant in making sure that they are also helping keep their community safe. >> critics of the plan cite privacy issues associated with tracking people's movements gathering and storing information. san jose's plan restricts the use of data to investigate felony crimes, not vehicle code violations and there would be no sharing of information with immigration or anyone else outside law enforcement. >> all the information that we collect these lpr readers goes into a secure database information may be shared with other law enforcement agencies. if there's an ongoing crime. obviously vehicles that are immobile. don't just stay in san jose that can travel throughout the state. the county and throughout other small cities in the area. so we would share
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that information if necessary with other law enforcement agencies. but beyond that, it is very secure and we're not planning on sharing with anyone else in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> happening today. san mateo county taking a new approach to responding to mental health crisis calls a pilot program launches today. it aims to help police de-escalate 911, calls now dispatchers will send mental health clinicians along with police officers to certain calls once officers to clara seen a safe. they will send in the clinicians to give assistance and address underlying issues. officials say this way, any conflict occurring can be de escalate it before those clinicians are sent in daly city. san mateo, redwood city and south san francisco are all going to be participating in what's called the community wellness and crisis response pilot project. the main goals are to provide an alternative to jail and overburdened hospital emergency rooms for nonviolent people undergoing a mental
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health crisis. this is also going to free up officers to respond to other calls. >> there may be a person that officers have dealt with multiple times that are, you know, experiencing a mental health issues. now, what's happening is now we have a clinician that could actually work with them. go on. if there are additional calls. >> this will be a 2 year pilot program, costing one and a half million dollars. all of the data is going to be independently evaluated at stanford university and from there we'll assess if the program will be continued and expanded. it's time now to get a check on our weather forecast this monday very gloomy are kind of socked in there with those overcast skies. this is a live look from our camera at sfo cold and foggy out there for sure.
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kron 4 meteorologist dave sphar is in the weather center. he's looking at half moon bay there. it's overcast there today and has been all day today to yeah. know. well, and we're looking and waiting for. >> some rain going on for tonight will call a kind of scattered showers kind of get everybody involved. not a whole lot. we're not expecting from all of this. let's go to the storm tracker 4 to see what's going on starting to see that first line. >> hugging to the south, just about across the golden gate there radar returns are what we're getting at the ground is very an impressive, though. but the first order business every time we get rain is kind of moisten up the ground moisten up the lower levels of the atmosphere really dew points and temperatures don't have a lot of separation dewpoint oppression thing. it's not very separate. so therefore a lot of this rain should make it to the ground. pretty quickly. here's the latest progress that first line in the southern more upstream. you can see more of a commitment of rain. this will probably most likely hit the ground because it's already been prepared by the first little weight temperatures lower 50's for now. that's the best we're going to do all day today until we drop into the 40's for tonight. forecast scattered showers are probably
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cover everybody depending on where and what you are so we'll say when commuting starts. we'll have a couple little stray. a light rain showers towards the end of your commute. that's when we'll get a little bit in the way of more commitment of a little bit more in the way of rain. you can see 5.30. we're getting some better coverage and then by the time we get to tonight when everybody's done. that's when more of the scattered showers overnight. i guess a good thing you can say about all of this is we're not seeing a big pulse 8 of winds going on with this still be little. it's a breezy conditions at times but not across the whole geography with all of this now upstream. things are a lot more unsettled. we'll get more into that coming up into that. well. thanks, dave. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 3 dine and dash. the search is on for a man accused of skipping out on his tab at several bay area restaurants. plus a san francisco business owner apologizing to a few police officers after refusing to serve them. we've got details on why they were asked to leave the restaurant and what the owners are saying
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ just about 3.15. oh, 3.16 here and the grinch is out and about an arson investigation underway. now. >> after someone set a christmas tree on fire at a popular holiday spot in the east bay kron four's. canadian takes a look at the damage
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done and what you cab do to help. >> probably >> and water. i think they put a christmas tree on before. can you cover en route? >> you're looking at photos of the christmas tree at jack london square in oakland. these pictures were taken after the tree was set on fire overnight monday at around one 20 am definitely a scary situation and could very, very dangerous oakland fire department spokesperson michael hood crew got there within probably a minute and a half at most. >> turned the corner in jackson square and observed. the tree was on fire. about 15% of the lower bottom area of the tree was a is and the fire was crawling its way up to the top. there was a canister found at the scene clearly looks to be intentionally set. >> the christmas tree comes from the cloud california, which is next to mount shasta
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and was installed here at jack london square over the thanksgiving weekend in oakland holiday tradition that dates back to 1970. you've been open, maybe your whole life. can you remember a time when the tree was set on fire. >> definitely definitely not. just a really unfortunate situation there are questions surrounding the condition of the tree potentially impacting upcoming holiday events. officials at jack london square sent kron 4 a statement that reads the condition of the christmas tree at jack london square is being evaluated and we currently expect the christmas tree lighting program will take place as planned this saturday at oakland fire. investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the area for any possible suspects. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. >> has he let you go for news. >> up in the north bay santa rosa, police are looking for whoever shot a man on subasta pole road saturday night when officers arrived on scene. they found a man suffering
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from several gunshot wounds. the victim was in critical condition. but authorities say he is expected to survive of course, police are still looking for the shooter. a $1000 reward is being offered to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. and now police need your help finding this man. police say his name is shot con investigators say he's a dine and dash or he's been eating at several local restaurants. but dipping out without paying his bill officers say he stiffed several restaurants with the tab in the last few days. if you know where he is, you're asked to contact napa police. well after facing backlash, the owners of a san francisco restaurant are apologizing to the san francisco police department. a spokesperson for the restaurant hilda and just see says the owners refused to serve members of the police department last friday kron four's gayle ong has more on how the restaurant is now responding.
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>> we've it was a mistake on the behalf of the restaurant and we look forward to this being a a learning opportunity to make sure that we build better bridges between our hospitality restaurant community and the members of the san francisco police department. the owners of the restaurant hilda and jesse apologizing after facing backlash for denying service to members of the sfpd. >> according to the restaurant spokesperson david perry on friday. 3 police officers came into the north beach restaurant and were asked to leave saturday night. the restaurant posted to social media explaining the situation and at the time standing by their decision as deputy chief bill scott tweeted a response that reads in part, quote, the san francisco police department's stance for safety would respect even when it means respecting wishes that our officers and i find discouraging and personally disappointing. the restaurant just opened on november first since the backlash, their yelp page has been flooded with one-star reviews complaining about the owners refusing to serve. police has since notified viewers of an unusual activity alert on their page and temporarily disabled
3:21 pm
posting on sunday. the owners issued an apology to sfpd. but some on sociao media are not buying it. comments on kron four's. facebook page reads in part, i guess they didn't expect the backlash from people and the flood of negative yelp reviews live and learn. another common says they have every right to act as they feel others have every right to disagree and act accordingly. that's the beauty of free speech and fortunately bad reviews whether for personal gain or for truth can have undesired consequences. their spokesperson says the owners at mit this incident was handled badly and have been in contact with sfpd live in a time when people are tenuous and feeling and secure by a lot of things. i think this was a miscommunication. >> that unfortunately accelerated. >> the restaurant spokesperson adds the owners do support the san francisco police department and that all officers are welcome at the restaurant in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> switching gears now to talk a little bit about your
3:22 pm
weather forecast taking a live look at the golden gate bridge where we are just sitting in some serious overcast weather kron 4 meteorologist dave sphar joining us now. dave, are we any. >> rain out of this right now. >> know it's been very slow going and has to moisten up the atmosphere a little bit. we had a way of kind of march on through. but according to service reports, we're really not getting anything from that. probably. i suspect the secondary wave to the north will do the job. not a lot. don't expect a lot from all of this. you see that big dose up towards the north. that will be falling through tonight. kind of give you an idea about timing for the commute home. you might have a couple raindrops join you along the way. work in the windshield wipers, maybe here and there. but the more quote, earnest rain will happen later at night. getting us past the witching hour. by the way, out to see here. there is some instability. so we might have a little couple claps of thunder in there potentially just for a little show. but not much to make note of. this is a very weak rainmaker for us. and then you can see a
3:23 pm
nice clear up for tuesday. it's just the beginning of what we expect over the next about 7 days. here's quantitatively. we're looking at we go to about i will say about midnight or so 1045. well, i pick up a couple pennies here. a little bit more up to santa rosa and generally speaking, a nickel or so. does it across most of the region we get to tomorrow morning forecast tonight, temperatures in the lower 40's lower 50's upper 40's at that overcast again with some fog will greet us tomorrow morning a little bit with all of this. that's not a big surprise a bit. but it's that radiation fog generated by, of course, our coming up a little bit here. we'll take a look at the longer range forecast models which have a couple treats and therefore some much better rain. well. >> thanks, dave. still ahead, a recent study revealing several of the deadliest freeways are right here in california. we're going break down that list for you. plus, gas prices dropping for the first time in months. but by how much. we've got the
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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monday. gas prices have gone down for the first time and months now it's just by a few cents. but we'll take what we can get. >> the average cost for a gallon of regular has dropped to $4.70. it's the first time in about 3 months that prices have gone down. but the bay area is still the most expensive in the country. here's a look at our local gas prices right now in san francisco. the average cost for a gallon of regular gas
3:27 pm
sits at $4.90 in alameda and santa clara counties prices $4 and $0.78 and in the north bay marin county. it's $4 and $0.84 a gallon. now we all know course. traffic can be pretty awful here in california and also turns out we have 3 of the deadliest highways in the united states. the survey by the zebra is based on the number of fatal accidents in 2019 and it says i 5 ranks 3rd on the nationwide list with 186 fatalities happening on that interstate back in 2019. i 15 ranking 6th on the list and i 80 which runs from san francisco to new jersey sits at number 9 the deadliest highway in the nation is i-ninety-five at runs along the northeast corridor which feeds through major cities like boston, new york, baltimore, jacksonville, florida. and to miami. coming up next at 3.30, could more
3:28 pm
charges be on the way following that deadly school shooting in michigan. >> prosecutors say school staff could be facing charges as well as the man who allegedly helped the suspects parents before their arrest. plus, it's a zoom call. hundreds of employees wish they had missed what the ceo did on the virtual meeting that's now gone viral. and state lawmakers continuing to discuss changes to the recall process. stick around. kron 4 news at 3. we'll be right back.
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>> 3.30. now we want to start off this half hour with a quick check of our weather forecast taking a live look outside towards downtown san francisco and it is just gray and gloomy out there. while it's not like the best thing we want to see. we haven't had rain in quite a while. so seeing the overcast skies isn't too bad from from meteorologist dave spahr joining us in the weather center to talk a little bit more about just how much rain we might be getting okay. this a live shot also from the east bay shoreline in the same kind of situation with the fog in the overcast we've seen all day today. there is a little dose. the top marched its way south through more in across the golden gate kind of moisten up the lower levels of the atmosphere >> another one just make its way through sonoma county now going to the projections are for tonight of that first dose will make its way through the east bay and so forth by about 5.30, or so and then more expected as we approach around the witching hour shortly
3:32 pm
after midnight. good news is for travelers tomorrow morning will clear out pretty quickly, although you might have some wet roads a leftover. so a bit of caution with all of that. so for tonight it's mostly cloudy cool scattered showers through the night that best way of phrasing it for this week. we've got variable clouds tuesday. wednesday rain again on thursday, breaking up for friday and then watching sunday forward. yeah, let's do this again. all right. so we have the what goes on today. tonight. here's thursday. that doesn't look real great. although it does help out the mountains. but boy, that gets interesting as we get to sunday, we get to monday and maybe of upstream to latter portion of next week. a change coming our way 7 day forecast putting it all together for you. second dose, by the way, on thursday. there is a temperature drop for you into the lower 50's that will also bring down those lows to around freezing. so we might be talking about on friday. the frost, a frost advisory talk or maybe even freeze, watches and warnings and so forth. so really start to feel like winter. we get past that second system. well. >> all right. thanks, dave.
3:33 pm
time to talk california politics. now, state lawmakers held another hearing today to explore possible changes to the state's recall process. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. explain some of the ideas being discussed. >> witnesses tell of 4 new lawmakers continue to weigh potential proposals to change the state's 110 year-old recall process. the joint assembly and senate elections committees met for a second time after this effort was launched the day after governor gavin newsome defeated his recall coming to russians with a completely open mind. decisions about specific reforms that i might support. lawmakers monday focused on potential for cause recall requirements. experts testifying noted 8 states have this in place seems to be going on. >> the judicial review. petitions that are frivolous.
3:34 pm
issues are. they can be interpreted a 1000 different ways. going to be able to come up with. >> reason the committee also put the spotlight on local recall elections ballot pd as editor-in-chief noting california accounts for about a quarter of recalls held across the united states in 2021 he also showed school board officials made up the majority of the targets of recalls across the country this year. some of those targets weighing in one of several highly qualified knowledgeable and experienced board members public together at the at lapse. state lawmakers took an hour worth of public comment against changes, including from orrin heatley the lead proponent of governor newsom's recall the cars that use on amendments that were written in 1911. >> specifically to keep your
3:35 pm
hands out of the process. democrats noted if any changes are proposed, it will be up to the voters to ultimately decide if they take effect how the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, president biden pitched his plan to the american people to lower the cost of prescription drugs while lawmakers continue to debate the landmark legislation our washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure has details on this part of the build back better act. good evening. the president stresses nearly one in 4 americans struggle to afford their medications and often skipped doses because of that. >> but even some democrats still aren't on board with his proposal. >> i could actually feel myself. slowly dying when faced with the choice between paying for her insulin or rent. >> i use a maze, a type one diabetes patient chose her home. i was forced to ration my supply of drug. >> that is as vital to me as water. >> mesa doesn't want other diabetics to have to make the same decision i shouldn't have asked for help.
3:36 pm
>> and sullen and health care should be affordable the difference between nearly die. and thriving as a cost of one drug president biden's build back better act would cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month for all americans. he says the average cost is now $375 a month. even though it costs a few dollars to make. we pay the highest highest prescription drug prices of any developed nation in the world. the president's plan would also impose a tax penalty on drug companies that raise medication prices faster than inflation. even if you think this doesn't affect you could. does. everyone has less money in their pockets because high drug costs make health insurance more expensive for everyone. the most controversial provision allows the government to negotiate medicare drug prices after getting drop in the package. senators struck a deal on a more limited option that house leaders have previously backed we need congress to finish the job. >> house democrats passed their version last month.
3:37 pm
senate majority leader chuck schumer reiterated today. he wants to vote on the legislation before christmas. but when asked about the timeline president biden said he wants it passed no matter how long it takes in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> well, to zoom call it hundreds of people who work for a mortgage company. wished they had missed their boss told them if they're on the call there fired the ceo for better dot com, the shawl guard called 900 employees to a weapon. our last wednesday and told them they were all being terminated. the company's chief financial officer says it's the worst time of year for layoffs. but the homeownership market is changing and they need a reduced and focused work for some of those workers were offered benefits and severance. new developments now in the school shooting that killed 4 people in michigan. the prosecutor now saying school officials in
3:38 pm
michigan could also face some charges. the prosecutor is already charged. 15, year-old crumbly and his parents and now she says her office is investigating what school officials could have done differently. the teenager was sent to the office 3 hours before the shooting after a teacher found a drawing on his desk that said, quote, blood everywhere he met with counselors who contacted his parents asking them to take him home. but they refused and returned to work. counselor said he appeared calm. so they let him return to class. the school superintendent is calling for a 3rd party investigation into the school's handling of that situation. coming up, a man in italy is in big trouble after going to get a covid-19 vaccine. what the nurse discovered. >> when rolled up his sleeve. also coming off their 4th loss of the season. the dubs hope to bounce back as they host the orlando magic tonight.
3:39 pm
kate rooney has a preview of tonight's matchup. and after the break, could we soon see an $18 minimum wage in californ
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when a truck hit my car,
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the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> for your money on this monday voters may get to decide on an $18 minimum wage in california next november. joe sandberg is spearheading the living wage act of 2022 sandberg is an investor, an antipoverty activist. he says
3:42 pm
he will finance the push to get the bill on the november ballot raising the minimum wage. $18 an hour by the year 2026 sandberg told the la times, if you work full time, you should be able to live with financial security and that's simply not possible here in california in january state minimum wage will increased to $15 per hour for large businesses and for all businesses by 2023. well, target stores may have been closed on thanksgiving, but the store says it's extending hours in the days leading up to christmas starting yesterday. most stores will open at 07:00am and not close until midnight. and that's going to be the standard through december 23rd a target spokesperson says this allows guests more time to shop in store or use the same day pickup options during the final weeks of the holiday season. no word, though, on how this affects the target stores in san francisco that are still closing very early. do too. robberies that happened at those stores.
3:43 pm
still ahead, a man in italy is in big trouble after going to get a covid-19 vaccine. what the nurse discovered when he rolled up his sleeve. you want
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3:46 pm
administering the vaccine says when she rolled up his sleeve. that was obviously a fake arm and it was clear he was hiding his real arm inside his shirt when there is was revealed the dentist politely excused himself. the vaccination center, then reported him to the authorities. apparently he was trying to get proof of vaccination. so he could go into restaurants and movie theaters. now he's been suspended from work for not complying with at least vaccine mandate next. kaiser permanente says its workers need to get vaccinated or face being fired. the oakland based health care giant says employees who had a vaccination exemption request denied after november, 7th. going to have until january 7th to receive their first dose employees must submit proof of vaccination by that date or face termination by january 10th. kaiser says more than 98% of its employees have provided proof of vaccination or have requested an exemption. it issued a
3:47 pm
companywide vaccination requirement just 3 days before our state ordered that all health care workers get the shot back in august. for your health. a new report finding the pandemic is having an effect on americans, blood pressure, a research letter published in the journal. circulation says blood pressure measurements increased last year compared to the year prior high blood pressure does damage the walls of blood arteries and causes wear and tear in the heart brain and kidneys. researchers believe the increase of stress lack of sleep and diet changes are causing people to develop hypertension. the increase was found in both men and women regardless of their age group. and a new study is linking high heart rates with an increased rate of dementia. researchers in sweden say checking older, adults resting heart rate could help identify those who are at greater risk of mental function decline in the study. those with a resting rate of 80 beats per minute had a 55% higher risk
3:48 pm
of dementia than those with 60 to 69 beats per minute. researchers say the association could be due to several factors, including stiffened arteries and imbalance between nervous systems that prepare the body for rest and stress. well, the warriors are back in action at the chase center looking to bounce back from a just their 4th loss of the season on saturday for is not too bad. kron four's kate rooney joining us live now from chase center with a preview of tonight's game making. >> hey, noel, you know about it all. a lot of teams would love to have just 4 losses this season. that was busy weekend, though, back to back games on friday and saturday. and of course, that loss against the san antonio spurs and that saturday game. but now they've had a couple days to regroup here before they take on the 5 in 19 orlando magic tonight. now the warriors do still have the league's best record they are 19 4, but now they're tied with the phoenix suns after losing 2 of their last 3 games. nothing to stress
3:49 pm
about, though. this is clearly one of the league's superior teams and they've got a big advantage when it comes to tonight's opponent. lots of big advantages, in fact. but namely the turnover battle, the warriors lead the league in steals. they're averaging 6, 9, 0.7 per game, rather, and they're taking advantage of those turnovers. to 19.7 points per game off turnovers there. also the league leaders in fast break points. the magic, meanwhile, well, they're near the bottom of the league and take aways and they are among the lowest-scoring teams in the nba. now, of course, every warriors game is another chance to see the best show on the hardwood. that is, of course, steph curry. he's led the team in scoring in both of his last 2 games. >> just always something to keep an eye on with him. so fans will be out to see stuff tonight game against the magic. >> tips here at 7 o'clock pm at chase center. noel. do we have any idea when klay might come back on the court who. we know he's going want to do it at a home game and it's going to be released soon. maybe this month, maybe in january.
3:50 pm
>> so they're definitely couple dates to circle on your calendar. i think the first one that's a potential return date for clay it is december 20th and then it really could be any of the home games after that. >> all right. just in time for christmas. kate rooney live at chase center just so much for joining us this afternoon. >> well, here's something you don't see everyday snow in hawaii. wintry conditions have brought snow to the big island. this is video from the canada. france, hawaii telescope atop the amount of chaos summit area, heavy rain flooding. also expected for the islands. afternoon. dave sphar, i know we've got a lot of precipitation in our air. are we going to see any snow in our yeah, it looks like we not maybe not so much from this system. but successive systems thursday. >> and the one as we get past the weekend, there's a kind of a mother load coming our way, at least from the latest model runs that can change. >> but at least there's some hope here with all of this that system on thursday going big temperature correction which translates to lower snow
3:51 pm
levels up to tahoe. so going forward with this. we'll keep some a variable clouds to mostly cloudy the next couple and then a big drop on it is. - thursday. that's the temperature drop that we're going to feel in the bay area as well. so this is tonight's forecast. this mass of scattered showers embedded with it. some rain and then tuesday as things clear out. real quickly just noted the progress thus far. we had one little dose march off across the golden gate. and then there's another one up to sonoma county. you can see starting to sag and drop towards the south. for the evening hours will be some little light rain showers working their way in here for your evening commute. but very, very modest. it won't be until after midnight that we get whatever we get through midnight to say 05:00am. and here's the kind of collection bucket of what we expect as we go into the evening hours before midnight. no couple pennies here. and we add to that a little bit by dawn tomorrow about a nickel for most of the breath across the bay. coming up a little bit again, we'll run through that
3:52 pm
longer range forecast has a lot more for us. and your seven-day to know. thanks, dave. >> coming up next, a pandemic inspired christmas tree will take a look at the creativity of some health care workers of some health care workers over in from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at
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3:54 pm
this way to health insurance. staff and one of the largest covid-19 vaccine centers in romania are getting into the christmas spirit. >> check this out. they've built a nearly 10 foot tall christmas tree 19,000 empty
3:55 pm
vaccine viles. it's created mostly a pfizer files that they've been collecting since march. they're all eliminated by colored led lights more than 200,000 people have been vaccinated at this center. all right. now romania is being hit hard by this current wave of the virus, though, and workers are hoping that the tree might encourage more people to get themselves vaccinated. so far just 7 and a half million of that country's 19 million population is fully vaccinated. but there definitely on a good note there lighting up their little center. it's time now to check in with newsnation. see what they're working on for tonight. >> china and russia bullying the world. will president biden's call with putin help after the u.s. takes a stance against china. plus, georgia's lieutenant governor fired up over who wants to run his state. that's on balance. here's dan abrams. thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. chris cuomo fire, cnn gives its star
3:56 pm
anchor the boot. what precisely got him fired and what is that line to get. you can that's tonight. >> and dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed here on your screen. more details are also available on our website. of course, kron 4 dot com. one final check of the weather forecast. got a little bit of time here with dave sphar. dave, what you got? >> with this rain event occurring for the overnight here. sometimes with the storm system. you know, you have some winds going on. we will have some but nothing major with that certain no advisories or anything like that. but not even really much. you can say across the entire bay area. one time but will be pockets. a breezy conditions when you're underneath a little bit of a rain shower event and then it goes away. so winds will be a major factor with this first hit. then we get another one into thursday's we talked about. that's a bigger one is going to change our temperature scale might have some instability with all of this in turn will bring some mountain snows to mount hamilton mount diablo probably and then we have some success of systems from sunday on into
3:57 pm
next week. it gets quite busy from the pacific. take let me are really changing the guard on this one out. temperature drop as we get to thursday, as you can see for daytime highs, the lows or what you're going to feel in the morning hours after thursday, we might start to talk more about frost frost problems and freezing as well. well. all right. thanks, dave. we'll take those jackets and keep them handy all the way through the week. that's about all the time. we got here for kron 4 news at 3. >> i'm noelle bellow, thanks for joining us. have a good rest your day. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet.
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