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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 6, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> more police might be on the way the proposal but oakland city council is getting ready to consider as crime rates continue to rise. >> plus, admit a mistake at one of north beach restaurant. now causing complications at a separate business a full reviews in the phone calls now pouring in. >> and more optimism tonight about the omicron variant a bay area. health officials are weighing in new findings. >> thanks so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm catherine heenan. pearman can have the
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night off. >> in less than 24 hours. the oakland city council expected to take a big step as part of an effort to curb a wave of violence flooding the city, the council could add 2 more police academies advocates say that's ok, it's a powerful move, but they say more help is needed. for example, have been. >> 129 murders this year in oakland, kron four's terisa stasio has details coming up. >> new at 8 o'clock tonight. the reward continuing to grow for information that leads to the arrest in the murder of a kron 4 news security guard. the reward for information in the death of kevin nishita now stands at $38,500. the shooter was shot while protecting a kron 4 journalists on assignment in oakland back on november 24th he died days later, oakland police now looking for this car believed to be involved in his murder. it is a white 2004 to 2008
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acura tl with a sunroof with no front license plates. authorities believe that there is cell phone video connected with the murder. they're asking anyone with it to contact. opd is homicide division immediately. kevin's family, though, remembering him as a servant and a hero who just wanted to lend a hand. >> that was in his personality to be that protector to be that brief one that. just wanted to protect people. so not just his family but others as well. it wasn't like, well, i'm here to give a report and that's it. you know, now, how can i help you? >> a fund has set up for them to shoot a family. you can make a donation to the kevin nishita trust at any metropolitan bank. we also have the details posted right now on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> and arson investigation is under way. this is after someone set the christmas tree and oakland's jack london
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square on fire. you're looking at photos there behind me showing the tree after that fire had been set happened about one 20 last night. investigators say that they have found evidence of arson. >> crew got there within probably a minute and a half at most turned the corner in jackson square and observed. the tree was on fire. about 15% of the lower bottom area of the tree was a is and the fire was crawling its way up to the top. there was a canister found at the scene clearly looks to be intentionally set. >> the christmas tree was installed over thanksgiving weekend. city leaders saying at this point they do intend to move forward with all of their holiday plans. in a statement to kron 4 saying the condition of the christmas tree jack london square is being evaluated. we currently expect the christmas tree lighting program will take place as planned. the saturday 06:00pm.
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>> tonight. confusion has left a san francisco restaurant dealing with some hateful reviews and a whole lot of angry phone calls north beach restaurant near stockton in green streets now being mistaken for the restaurant that refused to serve san francisco police officers last week as we have been reporting, that restaurant is actually on hilda and jesse near union and powell streets. >> kron four's amanda hari talk to the north beach restaurant. general manager about how they're handling unpleasant situation. amanda. >> good evening. the general manager tells me she believes all of this confusion started on social media when people were referring to hilda and jesse as a north beach restaurant or the north beach restaurant and that confusing with her restaurant called north beach restaurant. and that's what's led to this whole mats. >> we're getting these random e-mails. all of a sudden i was
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like, hey, team. what's going on? it was just like. hate filled and we will never come back again. and i'm like, whoa, this is not what we get. general manager of north beach restaurant marine don again says it took her some time to even piece together what was happening. i started picking up the phone today and some people very nice and understanding and listening and just voicing and other people screaming and lots of hate. the restaurant started receiving dozens of phone calls, emails and reviews. >> like this one from facebook saying cop hating owners who kick out the ones that protect them. she realized north beach restaurant was being confused with another restaurant in north beach. >> called hilda and jesse that did deny service to 3 uniformed police officers friday because their weapons made staff uncomfortable it's shocking that people are. >> that they don't read all of the information and just assume on yelp north beach restaurant has received about
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a dozen negative reviews in the last day and a half. >> some even incorrectly referring to the owners as hilda and jesse, she says she tried to respond to some of the reviews. but it's been difficult. probably the most angry. >> of all of the responses. we've gotten took a while to get through the yelp. and by that time it's kind of like damage done. there is now a hold on posting. but she worries that this confusion could negatively impact the restaurants more than 50 year history. >> don again says they had 3 last-minute cancellations sunday night. the staff called those guests just to make sure they didn't cancel because of the confusion. we're sorry we missed you last night. we hope it's not because of this. it was. and that's just so you guys now. >> the general manager tells me there were police officers dining at the restaurant just this weekend. she says police officers are always welcome at north beach restaurant live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. thank you,
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amanda. >> oakland's city council is now on the brink of taking a big step in fighting skyrocketing crime tomorrow. the council will consider a proposal to add 2 more police academies advocates, as we said, say it is a powerful move but say more help is needed. >> so far there have been 129 murders in oakland so far in 2021 kron four's terisa stasio breaks down the details. >> a 15 year-old an infant, a former police officer, a 28 year-old trying to stop a car break in a 129 people have been murdered in oakland this year. last year, the number of lives lost was a 106 on top of that robberies car break ins smash-and-grabs are at a staggering statistic. >> oakland is in crisis crisis with crime crisis with police to staff and both the citizens of the officers who serve them
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deserve better. they're being get think from this to fund the police council. >> barry donelan is president of the oakland police association. he highly supports the mayor's call to add more academies in a proposal before the council tuesday. the mayor also speaking up late monday. >> what i'm proposing is that we increased police staffing immediately by 60 officers at issue. the department is down to 676 sworn officers and will continue to see that number drop. the city. administrator's says if more is not done now for academies were approved back in june for the new 2 year budget. another added in september when less officers were hired that expected by knowing they'll be more police academies more police officers unit and then even trip. >> i'm always saying we just welcoming use. but still i think we still need to at much faster and things could get worse. >> karl chan is president of oakland chinatown chamber of
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commerce. he says the situation is dire was so many residents feeling scared dahlin also adds many officers continue to leave opd and that is a cause for concern as well. the mayor is engaged trying stem tristian. >> but on the council, it's a totally different story. am i challenge them to go to lineups can just thank the officers for their service because we haven't seen that. what we hear is officers being vilified him. a line from the diocese. the city administrator says the funding is there to support these additional 2 academies making 7 academies. >> in the next 2 years with the hope of bringing staffing to 734 to recess stasio kron 4 news. >> for the first time in 2 months. the u.s. is averaging more than 100,000 new covid cases a day. the seven-day average now more than 121,000
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new cases. more than 1600 people are dying every day. most of these infections are being blamed on the delta variant. all of the omicron variant is present and 16 states including california. and while on the kron variant has led to more travel restrictions. the nanion's top infectious disease expert says early information indicates it might be less dangerous than the delta variant america's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci says that more data is needed to weigh the severity of the omicron variant. >> but to do bay area. doctors agree kron four's dan kerman has the details. thus far. the signals or been encouraging regarding the severity. but again, you've got to hold judgment until we get more experience. white house chief medical advisor, doctor anthony fauci offering some cautious optimism about early reports on the severity of the omicron variant. >> very infectious disease.
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doctors have seen those same reports we do know that from the cases for outside that they've been generally mild. >> and the european cdc report on friday. they know that of the ferry, 70 omicron cases in europe, half of them would be since matic. half of them had very mild symptoms certainly know that the cases in the u.s. have also been mild so far in south africa today. and we got some new information about hospitalizations. and it turns out that people coming in with omicron. so far been mild cases. >> as positive as that sounds ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong also remains cautious saying we still don't have enough information to know if that will play out he said early days of the generally takes 2 to 3 weeks after you get infected to sun getting ill in the previous versions of. >> covid you know, we're
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crossing fingers. i think this virus a surprise us again and again and again and again. and i'd be very hesitant to grasp. but something just because it makes a nice end to the tail that christmas time ucsf epidemiology, professor doctor george rutherford says. >> the virus mutating to a less contagious form would be an ideal scenario. but until we know for sure people must remain on guard, especially since the indication is omicron is more transmissible. you get vaccinated, you get your boosters, get your kids vaccinated. if you haven't vaccinate, please get vaccinated. >> maintain social distance and we keep masks on at least for now, more information about the variant and what it's doing to people should start coming in over the next several weeks. >> dan kerman kron 4 news right now with kron 4 dot com, you can get the latest covid-19 headlines, including the latest states reporting cases of the omicron variant. >> and back here at home where you can get a vaccine just
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scan. the qr code on your screen with your mobile device to get directed to our website. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. new approaches to vaccine of violations. >> why one east bay county says it wants to take a different approach instead of fighting businesses. >> and the very mixed reactions to the facts and was a wants to fight crime with license plate, readers. >> lot of clouds. a few showers popping up around the bay area and more to come. we'll talk about that coming up next.
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>> welcome back, everyone, to san jose city council has given the green light to purchase license plate readers as part of an effort to fight smash-and-grab thefts said businesses that city is committing a quarter of a million dollars of federal money and got in the american rescue plan. >> to pay for the automatic license plate, readers. i'm not unlike traffic cameras mounted on fixed locations. inner santana row. it is hoped the plate readers will deter the mobs of thieves which have been targeting stores and will help solve other crimes, too. >> they're used very commonly to track down stolen vehicles. look after vehicles that are wanted for felonies like kidnappings. amber alerts or perhaps other situations where there are violent felonies that ever occurred in or so seat of the vehicle. >> critics argue the license plate readers could be an
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invasion of privacy and the information could be misused. san jose's plan calls for the information to be used to investigate felony crimes, not to vehicle code violations and there would be no sharing of information with immigration. >> traffic, as we all know can be a nightmare in many parts of the golden state. but tonight we're learning that california is also home to 3 of the deadliest highways in all of america. the 3 highways interstate 5 which ranks 3rd on the list with 186 fatalities in 2019 interstate 15 which runs from la to las vegas. also on that list and interstate 80 which runs from san francisco to new jersey west to east 9th on that list. the insurance company, the zebra basing that list from numbers of 2019 fatal crashes. the deadliest highway in all of i 95 which runs north to south on the east coast. >> for your money tonight. gas
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prices. they've gone down a little for the first time in months. the average cost for a gallon of regular has dropped to $0.2 in the last 2 weeks. not a lot. but it is the first time in about 3 months that prices have gone down at all. the bay area is still the most expensive in the country. here's a look at local prices in san francisco. the average cost for a gallon of regular is 4.87 in oakland. it is for 77 san jose. a penny more for 78 and the north bay sandra fell for 84 a gallon. now to our 4 zone forecast on chilly damp night as we're looking live at the golden gate bridge at the turn on the heaters in the car this afternoon because i'm just down right chilly. >> things only going to get colder as we move into the week. probably chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with what you could expect. yeah. you know, i walked outside to go work out this morning. my dog are you crazy going out and that. >> a little chilly out there around the bay area now or
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start throwing a few more raindrops outside and you can see it out on the golden gate bridge right now. most of just some very, very light activity out there. you see a couple raindrops there on the land. some light showers popping up around the bay area. more of that to come. and that in fact, maybe is just picking up a little bit late tonight into early tomorrow morning. this time much of a cold front, but a cold system rolling on through with all that cloud cover. you see a few scattered light showers popping up around the bay area. the main front still has it made its way into the bay area that will move in a little bit later on for tonight. but the temperatures have cold numbers in the 40's in the 50's outside right now. in fact, the high in santa rosa only 49 degrees today. so very chilly cloudy day in parts of the bay area. now the clouds going to continue overnight tonight as that system. one roll through bringing more scattered showers through tomorrow morning about 04:30am, in the morning. some widely scattered showers that you're waking up around 8, 7, 8 o'clock or so now we're getting on the backside of this system. and you begin to see the clouds start to clear out in the north bay effect that offshore breeze is going to kick in as
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we head through the day. so tomorrow you get a little more sunshine temperatures going to rebound just a bit. it will be a bit warmer outside tomorrow. numbers popping up in the 60 should be mostly dry day. couple sprinkles early on in the morning and then looking out over the next few days. we've got some cold weather ahead. those clouds roll back in as early as wednesday. then by wednesday night into thursday. again. another slight chance of showers. but some very cold air may be some snow down to about 2500 feet overnight wednesday night into thursday morning. cool sunshine on friday. then the potential for a big rain event. storm clouds roll back in come sunday and into monday of next week. lawrence, thank you. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin is defending his record as he faces a recall election. >> today badeen addressing supporters as he fights to stay in office. he says that dealing with crime is more nuanced than it seems on the surface and that stats should support him staying in office.
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we that the rate. it simply >> the recall election for butina set for june 7th of next year. the woman accused of stealing $40,000 worth of merchandise from san francisco stone town. target store. >> has been arrested for shoplifting again, said graves was arrested last month charged with 120 misdemeanors along with 8 felonies. she is accused of a yearlong stealing spree. she was released. she was fitted with an ankle monitor ordered to stay away
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from target stores. but this past saturday she was arrested at the westfield center mall near union square dha somebody me's office did release a statement saying in part miss graves violated the court ordered terms of her release by committing a new by failing to sign up for electronic monitoring. therefore, we're seeking her detention without bail graves is expected back in court tomorrow. california lawmakers are continuing to look at possible changes. >> to the golden state's 110 year-old recall process today members of the joint assembly and state elections committees meeting for a second time to explore possible changes lawmakers launched the effort right. the day right after governor gavin newsome defeated his recall today focused on potential for cause recall requirements. experts testifying today saying that 8 states currently have this plan in place.
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>> the judicial review. petitions that are frivolous. issues are kind of ache. they can be interpreted a 1000 different ways. going to be able to come up with. >> the committee. also putting the spotlight on local recall elections ballot hope he is editor in chief said that the golden state may made up a quarter of the recalls held across america so far this year. democrats noted that if any changes are proposed, it will be up to the voters to ultimately decide if they indeed to take effect. kron 4 your local election headquarters tonight. then there is a shake-up in california politics, california congressman devin nunez says that he's leaving congress to head up a new social media site launched by former president donald trump. that would rival twitter. in a
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statement today from the trump media and technology group. it says that nunez will serve as ceo starting next monday. twitter, you may remember block the former president's account earlier this year after the deadly january 6th insurrection at the u.s. capitol. in a statement, the former president said that nunez understands stopping the liberal media and big tech companies from destroying the freedoms that make america great. >> the biden administration will not send us officials to the upcoming 2022 winter olympics in beijing. deciding instead to hold a diplomatic boycott that has drawn a lot of criticism from china while the decision will keep us officials from attending american athletes will be allowed to compete. >> the biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the piercings ongoing genocide and crimes against
8:25 pm
humidity engine john and other human rights abuses. >> the white house says that china has vowed to come back with what it calls from countermeasures. the white house stresses that american athletes have the country's full support. house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement she had argued for the boycott because of human rights abuses. she said she applauds biden strong leadership, adding while we must support and celebrate our athletes. america and the world cannot give our official imprimatur to these games or perceived as if there were nothing wrong. still ahead, the new travel restrictions restrictions that they took effect today how the omicron variant is changing the string. >> the peak holiday travel season. >> but first, a pilot program to change one community's response to mental health issues. the push to de-escalate police presence.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> a pilot program launched today on the peninsula to help police de escalate 911, calls. this is part of a new approach in san mateo county to responding to mental health crisis calls dispatchers will wilson mental health clinicians along with police to certain calls officers will
8:29 pm
declared the scene safe and then send in those clinicians to help people and to deal with and the underlying problems daly city, san mateo, redwood city and south san francisco are taking part. and what's called a community wellness. and crisis response pilot project. the idea is to provide an alternative to jail and 2 overburdened hospital emergency rooms and will free up police officers to handle other calls. >> there may be a person that officers have dealt with multiple times that are, you know, experiencing a mental health issues. now, what's happening is now we have a clinician that could actually work with them. go on. if there are additional calls. >> the 2 year pilot program will cost about 1.5 million dollars that will be paid for by the 4 cities involved. also the county program results
8:30 pm
will be analyzed before it's decided whether that program should be continued or expanded. still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. >> including not checking vaccination status and no more funds for violations. why one bay area county is now changing the way it enforces covid restrictions. plus, as the omicron variant continues to emerge. so do new travel restrictions. we'll tell you about the new changes for international travelers that took effect starting today and a push for lower prescription prices and a new bill. president talking medication in order to get his build back better plan the past. ca
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>> our top story at 8.30 after issuing thousands of dollars in fines to businesses, not checking for proof of vaccination leaders at contra costa health services argue that they're taking or educational approach. so county health leaders did not issue one single fun last month. and now some county officials. >> so they're not happy about it. kron four's. rob nesbit has the story. no proof of full vaccination know going inside. that's the rule at restaurants and gyms in contra, costa county. >> one county supervisor says serious threats made by businesses, not in compliance is a big reason for a lack of citations. >> $1500. the price of not checking for proof of vaccine
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in contra. costa county was not cheap in september and october but in november, no businesses received citations from county health services. >> education forward approach. we don't just jump right in there with a fine the get go. we give the businesses an opportunity just because our goal is really to get to compliance people to follow the or our goal is not to shoot much doctor chris farnitano says that only for businesses have been fined since the vaccine verification order went into effect in september in and out burger in pleasant hill even had their health permits suspended late october after repeat violations. >> the news of no citations last month did not sit well with karen mitch off. >> i was pretty irritated the county supervisor for district 4 says after several phone calls to county officials. she found out that death threats were being made to health inspectors writing citations our response. ouh county administrators was we can get you assistance for civil standbys. that is not an
8:35 pm
appropriate reason not to be out there citing businesses that need to be cited according to contra costa county health services. 80 complaints were made last month. the businesses not in compliance. mitch off says those calls were made for a reason and that she feels a sense of security when she's asked to show proof of full vaccination or another local restaurant sunday yesterday for breakfast. it was packed all inside people having a great time knowing that they're safe and that everybody there is vaccinated and it's not just for the patrons, it's also for the employees. >> proof of full vaccination is not the only option in contra, costa county, businesses where people remove their face mask often to eat or drink also have the option to ask customers to show proof of a negative covid test result in the past 3 days. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> contra, costa county supervisors will talk about this issue during their meeting tomorrow. we will let you know what happens throughout the day here on kron 4 and on kron 4 dot com.
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>> be prepared to deal covid-19 changes to the requirements. the next time you visit 2 of the bay area's biggest arenas today. chase center announced that kids ages 5 to 11 must now show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours before attending an event at the arena. those changes going into effect immediately today. other requirements for visitors 12 and older will remain in place. meanwhile, new covid protocols will go into effect this week for younger guests to attend events at the sep center in san jose starting thursday guests ages 3 to 4 must now show proof of a negative covid test guests ages 5 to 11 must be fully vaccinated or show a negative covid test within 72 hours of attending an event at that arena. free testing will now be available on site an hour before scheduled events guests, 12 and up are still required to show proof of full vaccination upon entry. officials say the requirements will remain in place until
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state and local health and safety guidances are changed. >> new travel restrictions for international passengers flying to the u.s. are now in place. new restrictions were announced last week by the white house to help slow the spread of the new covid variant as of now. all international travelers headed for the u.s. have to be tested for covid and that applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. passengers must show a negative test results before boarding flights. the only exception and the passenger who recently recovered from covid and can show proof of recovery. right now with kron 4 dot com, you can stay up to date with the latest covid-19 headlines and information on the omicron variant. >> just scan the qr code on your screen right now. and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com there you can read more about the omicron variant in the
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vaccination sites across the country and the bay area. of our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look out at sfo word is has just been a greg looming kind of day to start the wednesday fireplace. >> whether jonathan, if you have a fireplace us that kind of a weather chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. so we are talking about ongoing, right. not a lot. but yeah, some hope. you got your big corridor would chopped up and ready to go. >> not only we talking about some rain and we're talk about some cold temperatures go along with that. maybe some snow and our local mountains down about 2500 feet as we see this next system come through on thursday tonight. got the clouds out there. it has been chilly out there as well. a couple of scattered light showers, most of very light around the bay area. look at these temperatures, though, today, it was really chilly. we went from record highs this last week. these temperatures running well below the average today 52 degrees for a high in san francisco. 53 in oakland and san jose live more only 52 degrees. 51 in concord and
8:39 pm
only 49 degrees. they cannot clear anything out in santa rosa. so here we sit tonight, cloudy skies now to scattered light showers popping up around the bay area at this time in the front to fall apart us just to our north and that's going to be moving in overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. most. interestingly, though, is the long-range forecast. i want to show you this. a system coming through tonight kind of fall apart as it moves on by behind that we get another shot. some rain with another cold front. another very cold system coming in on a late wednesday night into thursday that one could bring some snow down to about 2500 feel locally. but then the next storm system. this what i'm really targeting on this one coming through starting by sunday afternoon or evening. this going to be a much more substantial storm. the slow digging on the backside of it. public slow this down. we may get several days of rain starting on sunday into tuesday. maybe wednesday of next week followed by a yet another storm system so rainfall totals start looking press of this all comes true. looks like we could be talking about significant amount of rain
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between now in the middle of next week. almost 10 inches of rain in some parts of far financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> well, take a look at dentist is in trouble after trying and not for a clever way to avoid getting a covid vaccine. the man is accused of trying to get a shot in a fake silicone arm. i wish we had a picture of the arm. the nurses. that was obviously fake. it was clear he was
8:43 pm
hiding his real arm inside his shirt. how did you think this would work. but reus was revealed the dentist politely excused himself. but the vaccination center reported him to authorities. the man reportedly wanted a vaccination card so we could get into restaurants and movie theaters. he has now been suspended from work for violating italy's vaccine mandate see is not as easy as pulling teeth for >> alright sports is up next after their loss to the seahawks. the niners are hoping to clean up their mistakes on all the fronts. sports director jason dumas has rea
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>> president joe biden calling on congress today to pass is build back better. bill which would contain provisions to lower drug prices. the president pointed to the cost of insulin needed to treat type one diabetes, which cost anywhere between $375 to a $1000 a month for the drug. >> we pay the highest highest prescription drug prices of any developed nation in the world. even if you think this doesn't affect you. does. everyone has less money in their pockets because high drug costs make health insurance more expensive for everyone. >> under the bill which has already been passed by the house. it would cap insulin prices at just $35 a month.
8:47 pm
>> california's attorney general says that people making charitable donations really need to watch out for scammers who people off, particularly during the holiday season. attorney general rob bonta shared the warning today while alongside directors of habitat for humanity of california. one of many organizations on the attorney general's registry of charitable trusts a sign they're in compliance with state law. bonta warns would be givers to do their own research about any charitable group. research answers to questions like how much does this charity spent on overhead and on employees. >> how much actually goes to support the mission. >> as for advice on avoiding these scams to he says, watch out for names that sound like recognizable chair deuce, but they don't exactly match and using social media. be careful when it comes to those site and fundraising find out at the site is keeping a percentage of what you donate
8:48 pm
through the platform as or all of the money is going to the charity. >> tech giant apple says it is now looking into a potential security breach involving diplomats. the company says it notified 11 us state department workers in uganda that their phones were hacked. investigators linking that hacked to a mobile tool developed by an israeli based technology company called nso group. the company has been blacklisted by the biden administration. among those targeted includes foreign service officers and locals working for the u.s. embassy in uganda. so says it terminated relevant customer access and will now cooperate with investigating authorities. >> facebook has reportedly made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling ads that promote anti-vaccine messages, including messages which compare america's covid response to not see germany. those ads ran despite facebook saying they violate their
8:49 pm
vaccine misinformation policies. one researcher says the company does not manually review. all of the ads it sells, meaning that some of them inevitably slip through detection systems. twitter has been mistakenly banning user accounts after some far right activists used the reporting function reports say people who attend hate rallies have been abusing twitter's new policy for private media in order to have photos that were taken of them removed twitter has not announced any specific steps to tweak its policy. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> all right. the warriors back in action tonight. they lost this past weekend to the spurs. but they're not going to lose tonight. right now they are up 98 to 74 andrew wiggins has a career-high. steph having a great game as
8:50 pm
well. we'll have those full highlights tonight. once that game goes final. all right. from a good team to a team. that's know we can call the forty-niners good. they lost a frustrating one yesterday. it was a back and forth affair for most of the game and the niners had plenty of chances to put the game away early. that's probably what frustrated the fans, the most. it's not like san francisco los to a better team. now, speaking of frustrating, how about special teams? the forty-niners gave up a touchdown on a fake punt among other things. and kyle shanahan did not bite his tongue about that unit. >> 2 weeks in a row. i mean, they've given us a bad place, you know, especially, you know, we know it happened last week. first, team played good enough around that overcome. it. i went into this week knowing how big of a deal to how good seattle's been, how we were a little and with some injuries that we had, which uses a chain reaction on the special teams. so we know how big of a deal with the miss
8:51 pm
that for them to get that think on the first play the game for the first team still in the game it's the fumble that we had was even and then the missed extra point. big deal to only got to play their veteran. >> or trying to work out. >> monday night football patriots and buffalo taking on the bills. 1st quarter. no score mac jones. and it often damien to the races. 64 yards. he had 10 carries a 111 yards on the day. patriots go for 2. just 8, nothing. 2 minutes to go patriots up for josh allen throws swatted away by myles bryant. and guess what, new england wins that game 14 to 10. how about this crazy mac jones only had 3 pass attempts in that game tonight. he had 3 pass attempts. now the weather was crazy you snowing really
8:52 pm
windy in buffalo understand it. but it's still just kind of crazy when you see the final score and you look at the box score and you see. >> 2 for 3. >> but like you said, it did look like a snow globe there. yeah, it was while i would hate being a tv person in buffalo tonight covering that good. that's why i came out >> or any person in buffalo tonight. thanks, jason. jason, thank you. picking out the perfect present is a challenge. but. >> what about keeping those gifts headed. maybe a little bit more tough. we'll let you know the worst spots to stash your christmas gifts hint hint. if you have those boxes on the way let you know, we should not hide.
8:53 pm
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8:55 pm
>> the holiday season leads to a lot of people overeating, but there's a new survey that says that includes our pets. it says more than 7 in 10 dog owners admit they give their dogs a lot more table scraps and other food this time of year and women are 30% more likely to be the one sneaking food under the table. 4 in 5 dog owners make their pets. special meals and a big majority of people surveyed say yes, their pets are included in the christmas photos and the gift giving if you haven't done so yet christmas 19 days away. so if you started by your presence, would you keep them from. >> the nose. the folks who will receive them. you may
8:56 pm
want to avoid some common hiding places, pull fish, dot com surveyed about a 1000 folks in 16 up on where they commonly hid their christmas presents from others. here are some of the worst places to hide. the top 5 include the bedroom, a coat closet, a spare room under the bed or in the trunk of your car. probably not the best place for that one survey found that only half of the folks are successful in keeping their nose and kids from finding their gifts about the dog present. that's true. i'm pretty sure they can sniff those glad like that one too. does it for us here on kron 4 >> but graham vick, you're here with what we're working on for 9 o'clock. >> jonathan, thanks very much to good. see you. here's what's coming up next. at night. defending his record. san francisco's district attorney chase addressing the claims that his office is to blame for the surge of these retail. that's his message tonight for people looking to make him the city scape goat
8:57 pm
and the oakland city council set to vote on a plan tomorrow to hire 60 new police officers. the plea from city leaders. >> to bolster the department's numbers. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at night.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
9:00 pm
you're watching kron. 4 through the day to make very clear he filed more than 8,000 new criminal cases since i took office, we file felony charges. whatever the police bring us evidence of conduct. >> tonight at 9 rallying against the recall san francisco's district attorney there chasing to dean defending his record as the push to recall him continues. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at night. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis addressed the number of issues today, including the perceived rise in crime in san francisco. >> and the role that his critics say he's playing in that kron four's. dan thorn live for us in the city tonight without the da is responding. dan. >> well, vicki and grant concerns over public safety has been the biggest battle for the district attorney, the groups that have been behind the recall effort say that there is a lack of accountability for people who commit crimes in this city,


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