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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 6, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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you're watching kron. 4 through the day to make very clear he filed more than 8,000 new criminal cases since i took office, we file felony charges. whatever the police bring us evidence of conduct. >> tonight at 9 rallying against the recall san francisco's district attorney there chasing to dean defending his record as the push to recall him continues. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at night. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis addressed the number of issues today, including the perceived rise in crime in san francisco. >> and the role that his critics say he's playing in that kron four's. dan thorn live for us in the city tonight without the da is responding. dan. >> well, vicki and grant concerns over public safety has been the biggest battle for the district attorney, the groups that have been behind the recall effort say that there is a lack of accountability for people who commit crimes in this city,
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which is led to an increase in crime. but booting says that those claims are not true. and he is working to make san francisco safer. district attorney jason butina is working to change the perception that he's soft on crime and that his policies are not working. san francisco's da speaking before a group and the city's excelsior district monday saying fear mongering is being used to hurt his reco d. look at the data. look at the evidence we're doing whatever we can to hold people who commit crimes accountable and to make san francisco safer for everyone. the san francisco police union and city residents have criticized to dean. >> for being neglectful in prosecuting criminals, even to former assistant da's have supported a recall and booed een both recently resigning from the office citing public safety concerns. dean argues his office is doing what it is supposed to do. the police to make arrests and when the police to make arrests. it's up to me to hold them accountable. and that's exactly what i do. when the police brought me 5 arrests for the union square last my burglaries. we filed felony
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charges against all 5 of them. when asked whether he's being made a scapegoat. booting says the city's issues run deeper than prosecuting crime. we have a housing crisis we have an over those there are lots areas that we need our public health partners are housing partners to step up and solve these problems. we cannot lock our way out. >> out of poverty. >> judy and has said that out of state dark money is behind the effort to oust or him the recall election is set to take place next june reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, dan. and there's this. the woman accused of stealing $40,000 in merchandise from san francisco. stonestown target store has been arrested for shoplifting again. >> as he's a graves was arrested last month and charged with 120 misdemeanors along with 8 felonies. she's accused of a yearlong stealing spree. she was released fitted with an ankle monitor and
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ordered to stay away from target stores. but this past saturday. police say she was arrested at the westfield centre mall near union square da chesa boudin's office released a statement saying, quote, ms graves violated the court order terms of her release by committing a new sefton by failing to sign up for electronic monitoring. therefore we are seeking her detention without bail and quote, graves is expected back in court tomorrow. i mean, what police are still searching for. kevin killer. that is the reward money in that case says increased now to $38,500 this is a photo of the car involved. we're going to show you that in a moment. there it is. >> so white. 2004 to 2008 acura tl with a sunroof and no license plate in the authorities believe that there is cell phone video in connection with the murder they are asking anyone with video link to the investigation to contact opd homicide division immediately as issue to family continues
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to grieve their >> remember the husband and father with a big personality who spent his life protecting his family and who spent his career protecting the community. tragically losing his life in the process. he was out on the story protecting a kron 4 reporter when he was gunned down over the years as a police officer in coma hayward and san jose. and later, a security guard. kevin nishita brought much more to the job of law enforcement. his family says he was someone who genuinely cared about others. >> that was in his personality to be that protector to be that brief one that. just wanted to protect people. so not just his family but others as well. so for the community. being a police officer. he definitely protect the people. but ask them certain cases. look, how can i help you? you know, and it wasn't like, well, i'm here to give a report and that's it. you
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know, now, how can i help you? and to get through this the situation, whatever it was so he has a kind heart like that. he wanted to. in the committee and that's why he. but when the police force. >> how can you help? how can we help. well, a fund has been set up for the issue to family a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin the she to trust at any metropolitan bank location you can do so in person or by mail, you see the address on your screen and the info has also been posted on our website kron 4 dot com. and you can find more stories about our beloved security guard. kevin does she do on our website. kron 4 dot com just use your mobile device to scan this qr code. >> and it will take you to the page. you can follow the latest on the investigation find the information to make a donation to his family and watch the family's entere interview with pam moore. to the east bay. now the oakland city council is expected to
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take a big step in its effort to curb the wave of violence. the city council could add 2 more police academies advocates say that it's a powerful move but say that more is needed. there have been 129 murders this year in oakland conference reese's fast. you has details. >> a 15 year-old a toddler, a former police officer, a 28 year-old trying to stop a car break in a 129 people have been murdered in oakland this year. last year, the number of lives lost was a 106 on top of that robberies car break ins smash-and-grabs are at a staggering statistic. >> open is in crisis crisis with crime crisis with police staff and both the citizens of the officers who serve them deserve better. they're being get think from this stuff and the police council. >> barry donelan is president of the oakland police association. he highly supports the mayor's call to add more academies in a
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proposal before the council tuesday. the mayor also speaking up late monday. >> what i'm proposing is that we increased police staffing immediately by 60 officers at issue. the department is down to 676 sworn officers and will continue to see that number drop. the city. administrator's says if more is not done now for academies were approved back in june for the new 2 year budget. another added in september when less officers were hired than expected by knowing they'll be more police academies more police officers. you need to trim. >> i was saying we just welcoming us. but still i think we still need to at much faster and things could get worse. >> karl chan is president of oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. he says the situation is dire was so many residents feeling scared dahlin also adds many officers continue to leave opd and that
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is a cause for concern as well. the mayor is engaged trying stand kristian. >> but on the council, it's a totally different story. am i challenge them to go to lineups can just thank the officers for their service because we haven't seen that what we hear is officers being vilified him. a line from the diocese. the city administrator says the funding is there to support these additional 2 academies making 7 academies. >> in the next 2 years with the hope of bringing staffing. just 734 to recess stasio kron 4 news. >> now to our coronavirus coverage in contra, costa county officials say they're not happy after finding out that no fines were issued to businesses, not in compliance with the county's vaccine verification order certain businesses are supposed to check the vaccination status of customers. but instead of issuing fines county health leaders are now taking a new approach to businesses that are not complying. kron four's
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rob nesbitt has reaction from both sides. no proof of full vaccination know going inside. that's the rule at restaurants and gyms in contra, costa county. >> one county supervisor says serious threats made by businesses, not in compliance is a big reason for a lack of citations. >> $1500. the price of not checking for proof of vaccine in contra. costa county was not cheap in september and october but in november, no businesses received citations from county health services. >> education forward approach. we don't just jump right in there with a fine the get go. we give the businesses an opportunity just because our goal is really to get to compliance people to follow the order. our goal is not to shoot much doctor chris farnitano says that only for businesses have been fined since the vaccine verification order went into effect in september. >> in and out burger in pleasant hill even had their health permits suspended late october after repeat violations. the news of no citations last month did not sit well with karen mitch off.
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>> i was pretty irritated the county supervisor for district 4 says after several phone calls to county officials. she found out that death threats were being made to health inspectors writing citations our response. our county administrators was we can get you assistance for civil standbys. that is not but appropriate reason not to be out there citing businesses that need to be cited according to contra costa county health services. 80 complaints were made last month. the businesses not in compliance. mitch off says those calls were made for a reason and that she feels a sense of security when she's asked to show proof of full vaccination or another local restaurant sunday yesterday for breakfast. it was packed all inside people having a great time knowing that they're safe and that everybody there is vaccinated and it's not just for the patrons, it's also for the employees. >> proof of full vaccination is not the only option in contra, costa county, businesses where people remove
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their face mask often to eat or drink also have the option to ask customers to show proof of a negative covid test result for the past 3 days. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> costa county supervisors will be discussing this issue during their meeting tomorrow and we'll certainly let you know what happens throughout the day here on kron 4 and on kron 4 dot com. >> big story out of new york city tonight. all private employers are going to have to require their workers to get vaccinated against covid mayor bill de blasio who leaves office at the end of the year making that announcement today as cases are climbing once again here in the u.s. he says cold weather and holiday gatherings are driving more people inside where the virus is more likely to spread vaccinations are already required for hospital and nursing home workers and for city employees, including teachers, police officers and firefighters. this mandate takes effect. december 27th. >> nearly 7 million people in california have received their covid booster shot by now. that's according to a tweet
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this morning from the governor's office. there are close to 40 million people living in the state. the governor is encouraging people to sign up for an appointment using the state's my turn website. >> well, the omicron variant has led to increased travel restrictions. the nation's top infectious disease expert says early data about the variant shows that make it less dangerous than the delta variant. that's good. if that's true. america's top infectious disease expert doctor fauci says more data is needed to way the severity of this variant. but dewberry doctors agree kron four's dan kerman has that story. >> thus far. it does not look like there's a great degree of severity to it. but we really got to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or really doesn't cause any severe illness comparable to delta. but thus far the signals been encouraging regarding the
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severity. some cautious optimism from white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci. >> about early reports from across the globe indicating the omicron variant may not make people as sick as the reigning variant delta. >> i caution you. how preliminary those data are now. much more. we need to learn. and i think you have to be really cautious because the second week of these new variants is often when the hospitalizations start to rack up very doctors say a less contagious form of covid-19 could be an ideal scenario. but at this point they say they're still not enough data to know if indeed omicron is less severe for all populations. people may get mild disease. but again, we don't know who will sit on harden said it all on people who are. >> there new compromise. so tough. is not the united states. a general population is older. we also have more co
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morbidities in terms of other medical conditions. that's why doctors recommend people remain on guard until we know for sure. >> getting vaccinated said that's by far the most important thing we can including kids about 5. >> and, you know, wearing the mask when it's crowded indoors. i think we'll continue to do that. more information about this variant, what it's doing to people should start coming in over the next several weeks. >> dan kerman kron 4 news. president biden today calling on congress to pass his build back better bill which contains provisions to lower drug prices. the president pointed to the cost of insulin needed to treat type one diabetes which cause people between 375 to a $1000 every month for the drug. we pay the highest. >> highest prescription drug prices of any developed nation in the world. even if you think this doesn't affect you could. does. everyone has less money in their pockets because
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high drug costs make health insurance more expensive for everyone. >> the house passed measure would cap insulin prices at $35 per month. all right. now to your 4 zone forecast. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us now. well, it's it's been so dry for so long. looking at it. get the rain back in the mix so that she we had such a tremendous beginning to the rain season. then everything shut off will now looks like things are starting to ramp up again. and here we go outside without a lot of clouds. it's been chilly. we've had a few reports, some scattered light showers, no more. the for hundreds of an inch of precipitation just yet. not going to see much from the system outside right now. cloudy skies boys. schools can be and you can see a couple of scattered light showers see that on the doppler radar and there's not much energy with this system that's coming through right now. but we're going to see that continue throughout the night tonight into early tomorrow morning. then it's going to begin to break up. you see the main cold front still dragging its way in the bay area. but that's kind of falling apart as it moves to more importantly, it's starting open up the door here. we wait
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for that storm door to open up. well, here we go. things are going to get going here and the not too distant future temperatures today just downright chilly in some spots. only 49 for a high in santa rosa de 51 in concord, 52 in lemore 53 in san jose and also to oakland and 52 degrees in san francisco. all these temperatures now running well below the average for this time of year outside right now it is cool as you can get around much of the bay area with the clouds up above. in fact, i think as we get into the next few days here, we're going to catch a little break tomorrow that will warm things up a little more sunshine on the way. but tonight mostly cloudy couple scattered showers, then clearing tomorrow. but the unsettled weather pattern going to continue with more rain ahead. the cold enough storm. i think as we get into thursday that we could be talking about some snow down to about 2500 feet on our local mountains. so here comes this first frontal system dropping on through overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning that kind of moves on by behind that we're going to get a bit of an offshore winds, a little breezy across some of the north bay mountains may be part of the east bay by
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tomorrow afternoon or so temperature wise numbers going to pop up. it will feel a little more comfortable with more sunshine out there numbers moving back in the 50's 60's. so really not a big heat wave but a little bit warmer than what we had today will feel nice, but that sunshine. but we're not done with the rain by any means of fact. looks like we could see a few showers return again on wednesday into thursday. maybe more importantly, there's a much larger system on the way. we'll take a closer look at that. graham was already looking at some of those rain amounts. we're talking about it looks impressive so far. yeah. the big numbers? yeah. on paper on paper. got up. that's right. thanks, lynn. thank you. many san francisco restaurant and bar owners say they feel blindsided after receiving warnings and notices of code violations because of their. >> outdoor parklets. you've been hearing about this. the city made those parklets permanent earlier this year. but. >> also impose new rules that may for some restaurants to tear down the parklets altogether. so akron first taylor bisacky. she joins us now live in the newsroom with
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more on this killer was going on. >> the key grant. some restaurants say that the notices began coming in weeks ago from different departments warning orders that if they didn't bring their parkland into compliance. they be slapped with hefty fines. however, one city leader says this actually isn't allowed at least until june. he says. he says also that this disorganization from local government and the city needs to do better. after pouring thousands of dollars into building these outdoor parklets some san francisco restaurants and bars say down after the city imposed ar - new rules and regulations, many of them were made aware of these changes when they received warnings of code violations. a lot of these violations. notices credibly scary in a heavy-handed sounding notes listing out list of how many. >> fines you're going to pay on day one and day 2. if you're out of compliance and demanding that things are done by december 31st like go find a contractor in the month of december. 2nd. they don't
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exist. ben bleiman owns multiple bars in the city and is president of the san francisco bar owner alliance. >> he says he received a notice and personally knows nearly 30 other bar owners who have received these warnings. leyden says there's been a large misunderstanding by many owners in a large miscommunication between city departments. a lot of the structures that were built just wouldn't. >> don't pass basic city city or this is the second thing that happened is they started to interpret it. the permanent legislation it and some different departments started making interpretations that we didn't expect. so one thing we just didn't see coming was to have to bring them in 3 feet from the parking. >> laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association ads. >> that's only the beginning of these new rules that came out of a new 66 page document 3 feet off the ends. first time i saw that was september 9th. in fact, i have e-mails to people going what know know that obviously built in a red
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zone or same thing. intersection. nowhere. did we know that you have to move your parklets 20 feet away from an intersection. san francisco made the parklets permanent earlier this year, according to legislation put together by the board of supervisors. business owners have up until june 30th to come up to code before they could be fined. >> despite what these warning say. number of city departments who have not been coordinating who have not actually even. >> been adhering to the law that the board of supervisors unanimously pass has been issuing notices correction. a notice of violation with threats of fines which fines are not authorized or until the middle of 2022 supervisor aaron peskin recently introduced legislation to delay this deadline until march of 2023. >> saying that the city needs to treat these small businesses better after what they've been through for the last nearly 2 years.
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supervisor peskin says the legislation will go to the full board early next month. he's confident that it will pass a reason why the san francisco bar owner alliance is telling its members to hold off on making any decisions to the city comes together and there's a clear picture on what the rules are moving forward. for now live in the newsroom on tell exactly reporting kron 4 news taylor, thanks for breaking that down for us, former republican presidential candidate in world war 2 veteran bob dole passed away over the weekend at the age of 98. >> dole's accomplishments include helping to save social security. he was involved in immigration, right. he even led efforts to get a holiday for doctor. martin luther king. the body of the late senator will lie in state in the u.s. capitol on thursday. >> tomorrow marks 18 years since the attack on pearl harbor, the surprise attack from japan and why push the u.s. into world war 2 on december 7th 1941 nearly 2400 people died that day. congress
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declared september does december 7th, rather as national pearl harbor remembrance day. that was declared back in 1994. there will be events held throughout the week to remember those who lost their lives that day. so to come tonight, a san francisco restaurant is addressing negative reviews related to an incident that didn't even happen at their establishment. >> how they're trying to clear their name. >> plus as the pandemic continues. more bay area families may be experiencing food insecurity will take a look at all the glide foundation's feeding the people when kron 4 news at 9 continues. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> the pandemic now coupled with the flakes. jen has more americans struggling to feed their families. so volunteers that glide in san francisco are rising to the challenge is holiday season. our kron four's ella sogomonian in studio now to tell how they're doing it l a why does during that by reaching people who live in some of the most disadvantaged san francisco neighborhoods. >> today. they began the packing part of their mission boxing up 5500 bags of groceries. there will be then sent out for distribution on wednesday. they're providing all the fixings for a complete holiday meal to feed a family of 4. they have chicken or turkey canned goods fruits and vegetables.
9:26 pm
>> today is the first day of annual grocery bag we are packing bags of traditional holiday meals and we're going even longer to track. you can see and we'll be over the next couple days. 19 different partners throughout >> his grocery bags will be delivered to community organizations across the city that help low income residents and hardest hit neighborhoods, including bayview outer mission richmond chinatown and japan town. clyde has enough volunteers this year, which is good news. so they say if anybody wants to help in another way they can donate live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you all. and next tonight, a local restaurants yelp page flooded with negative reviews. >> for something that happened at different restaurant. reviewers are mixing up these 2 businesses also plans for this weekend's christmas tree lighting here. jack london square nearly went up in flames why police believe
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somebody intentionally tried to burn the tree down. and how about minimum wage in california could be going up. this say voters will have next year. kark 4 news at 9. we'll be right back. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor,
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 9 confusion has left a restaurant in san francisco dealing with hateful reviews and phone calls north beach restaurant. that's your stock noon green that has been mistaken for the restaurant
9:30 pm
that refused service to police officers over the weekend and the names don't sound the same, not the restaurant where the cops were kicked out that is called the held in jesse. that's near union and powell streets. also in north beach force met harry spoke to. >> the north beach restaurant. general manager about how they're dealing with the situation. >> the general manager says she believes the confusion started on social media. people referring to the restaurant. hilda and jesse as an north beach restaurant or the north beach restaurant. people didn't realize that was the description of the restaurant's location and not the restaurant's name. we're getting these random e-mails. all of a sudden i was like hey, team. what's going on? it was just like. >> hate filled and we will never come back again. and i'm like, whoa, this is not what we get. general manager of north beach restaurant marine don again says it took her some time to even piece together what was happening. i started picking up the phone today and some people very nice and understanding and
9:31 pm
listening and just voicing and other people screaming and lots of hate. the restaurant started receiving dozens of phone calls, emails and reviews. >> like this one from facebook saying cop hating owners who kick out the ones that protect them. she realized north beach restaurant was being confused with another restaurant in north beach. >> called hilda and jesse that did deny service to 3 uniformed police officers friday because their weapons made staff uncomfortable it's shocking that people are. >> that they don't read all of the information and just assume on yelp north beach restaurant has received about a dozen negative reviews in the last day and a half. >> some even incorrectly referring to the owners as hilda and jesse, she says she tried to respond to some of the reviews. but it's been difficult. probably the most angry. >> of all of the responses. we've gotten took a while to
9:32 pm
get through the yelp. and by that time it's kind of like damage done. there is now a hold on posting. but she worries that this confusion could negatively impact the restaurants more than 50 year history. >> don again says they had 3 last-minute cancellations sunday night. the staff called those guests just to make sure they didn't cancel because of the confusion or sorry we missed you last night. we hope it's not because of this. it was. and that's just so you guys now the general manager tells me there were police officers dining at the restaurant this weekend. she says police officers are always welcomed at north beach restaurant. >> in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> the grinch is out about this holiday season and arson investigation is underway tonight after somebody set the christmas tree on fire at a popular holiday spot in the east bay. these are pictures here of the christmas tree jack london square in oakland. they were taken after the tree was set on fire early this morning. the tree was installed over the
9:33 pm
thanksgiving weekend and oakland holiday tradition here that dates back to 1970 fire. investigators say they found evidence of arson near the tree. >> crew got there within probably a minute and a half at most turned the corner in jackson square and observed. the tree was on fire. about 15% of the lower bottom area of the tree was a is and the fire was crawling its way up to the top. there was a canister found at the scene clearly looks to be intentionally set. >> there are now questions surrounding the condition of the christmas tree which could impact upcoming holiday events. officials said jack london square say they, quote, expect the christmas tree lighting program will take place as planned. this saturday at 06:00pm. >> the south bay, the san jose city council has approved money to purchase license plate readers as part of an effort to fight smash-and-grab thefts at businesses. they're the city is committing a quarter of a million dollars of the federal money. it got
9:34 pm
in the american rescue plan to pay for these automatic license plate, readers. not unlike traffic cameras that are mounted on fixed locations near santana row. it is hoped that these plate readers will deter the mobs of thieves that are targeting the stores and will help solve other crimes, too. >> they're used very commonly to track down stolen vehicles. look after vehicles that are wanted for felonies like kidnappings. amber alerts or perhaps other situations where there are violent felonies that ever occurred in or so seems to be a cult. >> now critics argue the license plate readers will be an invasion of privacy in information could be misused. san jose's plan calls for the information be used to investigate felony crimes, not vehicle code violations. there would also be no sharing of information with immigration. new developments in the school shooting that killed 4 people in michigan. the prosecutor now saying school officials in michigan could also he's facing charges the prosecutor is already charged 15,
9:35 pm
year-old ethan crumbley and his parents and now she says her office is investigating what school officials could have done differently. crumbling was sent to the office 3 hours before the shooting after a teacher found a drawing on his desk that said blood everywhere he met with counselors who contacted his parents asking them to take the thin home. they refused. and return to work. the counselors say probably appeared calm. so they let him return to class. the school superintendent is calling for a 3rd party investigation into the school's handling of the situation. >> meanwhile, california voters may get to decide on $18 an hour minimum wage come november. joe sandberg is spearheading the living wage act of 2022 samberg, an investor, an antipoverty activist says he'll finance the push to get the bill on the november ballot raising the minimum wage to $18 an hour by 2026 sanford told the
9:36 pm
la times that if you work full time, you should be able to live with financial security. and that is not possible in california right now in january state minimum wage to will go to $15 per hour for large businesses and it will go to 15 for all businesses by 2023 i finally some good news here gas prices. they have gone down for the first time in months. >> the average cost for a gallon of regular. that's dropped to 4.70. it's the first time in about 3 months. the prices have actually gone down. but the bay area. yeah, sure. it's to as one of the most expensive in the country. and here's a look at local gas prices. san francisco average cost for a gallon of regular for 90 alameda county, santa clara county, the prices for 78 north bay. brown county. that is for 84 per gallon. good down to 4.90. >> target is extending hours in the days leading up to christmas. now, most stores going to be opening at 07:00am closing at midnight. that is through december 23rd a target
9:37 pm
spokesperson says this will allow guests more time to shop in stores or to use the fast same day pickup options during the final weeks of the holiday season. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 9 american athletes are preparing to compete at the beijing winter olympics next year. why they will be the only representatives from the u.s. to attend. >> the light showers have returned to the bay area. but we've got a major storm brewing. we'll take a close look at that. when come back. and in sports, the worry is looking to bounce back after their loss on saturday. >> they're hosting orlando. and there's way guts. we see that smile sports director jason do a lot says the highlights you never smile smile tonight.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, they haven't had many this season. but the dubs were coming off a clunker. they stunk it up on saturday against the spurs. but the orlando magic are just what the doctor ordered when you need to get your groove back. steph curry. he's getting close breaking that all time. 3 point a record held by ray allen 5 seconds left in the 1st half staff doing step things from the logo. the bank
9:41 pm
is open of the 5 after first. we're close to half time now comfortable lead. check out the move from jordan poole it puts one o carter junior in the spin cycle. finishes with the reverse golden state up 21 at the half. get it out to staff pump fake. for anthony. stay on your feet rather. all right. later on. and your weekend. he said a thing you can do. i can do better. steph stepback 3. >> he had a career-high 8, 3, pointers, 8 for 10. >> from beyond the arc. guess what? he shooting a better 3 point percentage and steph curry is this year had 28 on the night. warriors just pouring it on at this point. staff. this is his 7th 3 up tonight as it stands. he's 15 away from setting that record. he might do it this saturday in philly. all righty. we have the highlights with the roof cherry on top young lakes from
9:42 pm
john. i think amanda that puts the exclamation point on this one. for years when one 26 to 95 and our very own kate rooney took this one in in-person kate. it was a great game. andrew wiggins. i've seen him smile more this season than i've seen him smile his whole career a career-high 8, 3, pointers. what did you see out of weeks tonight. >> no doubt. in fact, i almost have to blink and think twice when i see his his smile, i do a double take because he's not known as necessarily a super exuberant. outgoing guy like he was clearly having a great time out there and it showed on the floor. in fact, he's just been playing so well this season he's been the perfect complement to step this season in clay's absence. and you saw tonight he couldn't miss 8 for 10 from 3. a career-high 8 point field goals made 3 point field goals made it 28 points for him tonight. it just almost effortless. they were having the fun kind of basketball that is vintage
9:43 pm
warriors that they play so well out there and wiggins is just plan. some of the best basketball of his career. i think that you're going to able to look at his body of work as we go over the next couple weeks and months here and say that he might be having the best season of his career. >> you love to see it. all right, kate, the tell me in my ear that i need to go to break one at 10. we're going to talk a little steph curry to, but he has a record coming up that he is close breaking. all right. that's kate rooney live at chase. that's all we have for sports. we'll be right for sports. we'll be right when a truck hit my car, for sports. we'll be right the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> but for local election headquarters in state lawmakers held another hearing today, too consider where california should be changing its recall process. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains some of the ideas being discussed. >> the witness before new lawmakers continue to weigh potential proposals to change the state's 110 year-old recall process. the joint assembly and senate elections committees met for a second time after this effort was launched the day after governor gavin newsome defeated his recall coming to russians with a completely open mind. >> decisions about specific reforms that i might support. lawmakers monday focused on potential for cause recall requirements. experts testifying noted 8 states have this in place seems to be going on in the states that have the cars requirement and have the judicial review. petitions that are frivolous.
9:47 pm
rejected for cause kind of fake. >> they can be interpreted a 1000 different ways. going to be able to come up with. >> reason the committee also put the spotlight on local recall elections ballot pd as editor-in-chief noting california accounts for about a quarter of recalls held across the united states in 2021 he also showed school board officials made up the majority of the targets of recalls across the country this year. some of those targets weighing in one of several highly qualified knowledgeable and experienced board members public service together at the at time lapse. state lawmakers took an hour worth of public comment against changes, including from orrin heatley the lead proponent of governor newsom's recall constitutional amendments that were written in 1911. specifically to keep
9:48 pm
your hands out of the process. democrats noted if any changes are proposed, it will be up to the voters to ultimately decide if they take effect how the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news happening tomorrow. the walnut creek city council will vote for the city's new mayor and mayor pro tem. >> mayor kevin wilkes term is up and current mayor pro tem matt francoise is expected to take wilkes spot. >> we'll keep you posted on tomorrow's vote. >> the justice department is suing texas over that state's new redistricting maps. u.s. attorney general merrick garland says the plans discriminate against the state's growing latino and black populations. garland also called on congress to reinstate the preclearance requirement under the voting rights act. it used to be a requirement for texas and other states with a history of discrimination to have voting districts or election rules preapproved by the doj. the u.s. supreme court struck down the deo jays preclearance powers in 2013 garland says
9:49 pm
that the upcoming election cycle will be the first since 1960 where the doj does not have the ability to clear new voting laws. >> looks like. only american athletes will head to the winter olympics in beijing next year. the white house officially announced today that it's going to stay j diplomatic boycott. >> the biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the piercings ongoing genocide and crimes against. the humidity engine john and other human rights abuses. >> i asked press secretary jen psaki adds the china has vowed to respond to this move from the u.s. with quote from countermeasures. the white house stresses american athletes have the country's full support. house speaker nancy pelosi gave the statement in response. quote, i applaud president biden strong leadership in announcing that there will be
9:50 pm
no official us diplomatic presence at the 2022 winter olympics. well, we must support and celebrate our athletes america and the world cannot give our official imprint tour to these games or proceed as if there's nothing. >> all right. now to the force of forecast talking about a bit of rain this week, but perhaps a whole lot of rain next week at chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to tell us all about it. yeah, we're going to see some big changes already felt some of that already temperatures of really cool down for what we had and now with only couple raindrops are seen some of those scattered showers out there tonight. but this really just the beginning. what looks like a pretty roundabout for a december. we're going to get very cold storms rolling on through. i the ski resorts are going to love it outside tonight. you've got those cloudy skies. we are looking at a few scattered light showers week. cold front kind of sliding on through. but this cold system moving in the bay area right now. so just some light showers expected with this overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. and then i think as we head
9:51 pm
through the middle the morning in the afternoon we'll clear out your skies and bring us some sunshine, but that doesn't tell you the whole story. we've got major storms line up on the rise. and here's this one coming through tonight kind of fall apart. another one moves in on thursday. and again, this is another cold storm system coming through that could drop the snow level down to about 2500 feet or local mountains. would that be nice? not a lot of moisture with that one either. after that, though, we've got a significant storm developing late in the weekend. here comes that first round comes on sunday afternoon or evening as it starts to move on through. now. what's interesting on the backside of this. we've got low pressure beginning to develop. that is going to slow the progress of the storm system possibly right over the bay area that holds true. you can see a tremendous amount of rain. you see the tap here that's going to see a subtropical tap. we may be talking about the good old pineapple express the atmospheric river. developing as we head in towards sunday and into monday and behind that and just kind of keeps going another wave of energy rolls in and more rain that following thursday. so this all comes together. we could be talking about a tremendous amount of rain between now and
9:52 pm
toward the middle of next week. in fact, some of the models want to pay this. look at all the colors showing up there over 7 inches of rain. some parts of northern california. the bay area getting a ton of rain, too. in fact, rolling through time here. this what the models are starting to forecast. how about that more than 5 inches of rain in places like santa rosa, we get that in the urban areas. we're going to be talking about 7, maybe 10 inches over some of the mountain tops. so. that's the possibility that we're looking at right now got a long way to go here. so tomorrow we're going to bring the sunshine back and dry things out a bit around the bay area. 50's 60's for highs. but things are looking a lot more promising now. the long-range forecast. we're getting word about that. and along the new year, you start to see the rain go away for a while. you're thinking, oh, no. here go again. but looks like that storm doors not only good open up. that thing is going to be wide open as we get the weekend and here we go. a lot of catching up to do. seems like all or nothing and know how this year been an amazing year, still running still about 200% normal was pretty yeah. thanks a ok. thanks a next at 9. many
9:53 pm
americans continue to wait for products still backlogged in california. shipping ports. how amazon is managing to avoid all of that.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> some good news for amazon shoppers. amazon seems to have found a way around the massive shipping backlogs at the ports of la and long beach supply chain. experts say the online
9:56 pm
retailer has been chartering its own ships and using its own shipping containers just like these that the poor houston to kind of get around port congestion in shortage problem. the company is now estimated to ship. 72 1% of its own package is up from 47% in 2019. but the strategy has not protected amazon shoppers from inflation know average price of amazon goods in case you've noticed a has bumped up % its increased 25% since january ally ship is dictionary. dot com's word of the year. the reference website. >> took the unusual step of anointing a worded added just last month ally ship first surface, though in the mid 1800 so old word in general among the dictionary cites definitions for ally ship is the role of a person who advocates for inclusion of a marginalized or politicize group in solidarity. but not as a member dictionary. dot
9:57 pm
com takes a broad approach. they say the selecting the word of the year scouring search engines, a large range of texan. they tap into cultural influences before making their final decision. you now. yeah. learn something. they're this. that wraps up kron 4 news at night. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour with jonathan and catherine. good evening got some there tonight as we wrap up the night crown our grant and vicki, thank you so much. >> here's a look at what katherine are working on for 10 o'clock restaurant owners in san francisco worried about the future of outdoor dining after getting hit hard with notices that their parklets are not up to code the confusion that could lead to many of them, turned them down. >> and some light rain making its way across the bay area right now. but is it just the beginning of what could be a wet winter kron 4 chiefmeteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking what we can expect. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 higher rate. >> that my predecessor did in 2018 29 do it simply dishonest for people point that those kinds of fear-mongering tactics. >> now at 10 o'clock under fire. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin pushing


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