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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 higher rate. >> that my predecessor did in 2018 29 do it simply dishonest for people point that those kinds of fear-mongering tactics. >> now at 10 o'clock under fire. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin pushing
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back against the efforts to remove him from office. >> and in the wake of the huge spike in violent crime. and despite promises to cut the police budget oakland is now getting ready to add more officers to the force. what i'm proposing. >> is that we increased police stop. immediately by 60 officers. >> then a state of shock. 7 cisco restaurants could be forced to tear down outdoor dining parklets despite promises from the city. their reaction to the possible changes on the way. this is kron 4 news at 10 o'clock this monday night. thanks for joining us. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm catherine heenan. ken and pam have the night off. we'll have more on those stories in just a moment. but we do want to begin with weather. >> rain is falling right now here in the bay area. that's right. we've been tracking this for you all night. a live look at some of the light rain falling here in the city about an hour ago. this along the san francisco embarcadero. as we mentioned, we've been tracking these light showers that have been popping up for
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you the 5 o'clock show here on kron 4 news. a live look outside. if you can take a look and see the weather story that is happening here in the city this monday night at 10 o'clock and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here. so it's not a lot of rain right now. but it looks like a more does come. it may be a lot more. yeah. whole lot more coming. in fact, we may have some big storms coming our way. >> within the next 7 days or so. and even staying open after that more storm clouds rolling on through tonight. >> they've noticed it. we've had the clouds out there all day long. it has been cold around a good part of the bay area today and then we started to pick up some scattered light showers out there right now. cloudy skies continuing the cold front still not quite here yet. we're just kind of in the van stages here you see some of that moisture moving into california. the heavier just behind that main cold front just about to move in and none of that's going to be really large. we're talking 400 some maybe a 10th of an inch of rain as it comes through. but widely scattered showers popping up in the san francisco right now stretching across the east bay and then a little bit further to the
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north. you can see the main cold front just beginning after parts of the north bay right now that will bring more rain on the way. at least a few scattered showers overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. check out the temperatures, though, today. what an incredibly cold day in parts of the bay area only 49 degrees for a high today in santa rosa, remember, just last week we're talking about those record temperatures in the 70's. what a change we've gone through 51 in concord for a high of 52 in lemore 53 in san jose and oakland and 52 degrees in san francisco. all these numbers running below the average for this time of year around the bay area. now you've got the cloudy skies. get those chilly temperatures in place. and of course, get the moisture in the atmosphere. it feels a pretty cool out there right now. some damp conditions around the bay area at this hour. more to come tonight. going to stay cloudy all night long. a few scattered showers out there cloudy early tomorrow morning. then i think clearing by the afternoon a little more sunshine temperatures going to pop up. but we're going to keep things unsettled the cold weather pattern going to stay in
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place. in fact, more rain is on the way. this front coming through overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning on the backside of that. going to get a little breezy, but a more sunshine by tomorrow afternoon and then things change. here's the long-range computer model. this were really start get interesting. now we wait for this big transition, the atmosphere. here we go. this front comes but fades away be replaced by another storm system. very similar as we get into thursday, just some scattered light showers. but some very cold air, maybe snow levels coming down to about 2500 feet here in the bay area. if we have some leftover moisture. after that. we've got a big storm system rolling in this was starting by sunday afternoon. there's going to be low pressure center that on the backside of starts to dig to the south as it does this storm track kind of get stole right here, possibly in the bay area that happens. we're talking about significant amount of rain through sunday. the better part of monday and into tuesday. and then after that yet another storm system rolls through. so it all starts to look very, very impressive as we start to add up some of these totals. look, we're expecting across much of california between now about
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wednesday or thursday of next week. we're talking about 7 inches of rain in some of the urban areas, maybe 10 inches of rain across some of the mountain tops and of course, locally just a ton of rain out there as well. lots of colors. we'll watch it very closely. see if that all comes to fruition, the next few days. guys, back to you. okay, lawrence, thanks very much. >> san francisco's district attorney chesa is defending his record as the push to recall him continues. but dean talked about a number of issues today, including the perceived spike in crime and san francisco and the role. but his critics say he's playing and kron four's. dan for live for us tonight in the city with how district attorney chesa boudin. >> is responding to these claims. dan. well, jonathan and catherine, the district attorney has been a facing his biggest battle and that is concerns over public safety. there have been groups that have gathered behind a recall effort saying that there's a lack of accountability for people that commit crimes here
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in the city which has led to an increase in crime. but booting says that those claims are not true and that he is working hard to make san francisco safer. district attorney jason butina is working to change the perception that he's soft on crime and that his policies are not working. san francisco's da speaking before a group and the city's excelsior district monday. >> saying fear mongering is being used to hurt his record. look at the data. look at the evidence we're doing whatever we can to hold people who commit crimes accountable and to make san francisco safer for everyone. the san francisco police union and city residents have criticized to dean. >> for being neglectful in prosecuting criminals, even to former assistant da's have supported a recall and bodene both recently resigning from the office citing public safety concerns. dean argues his office is doing what it is supposed to do. the police to make arrests and when the police to make arrests. it's up to me to hold them accountable. and that's exactly what i do. when the
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police brought the 5 arrests for the union square last my burglaries. we filed felony charges against all 5 of them. when asked whether he's being made a scapegoat. booting says the city's issues run deeper than prosecuting crime. we have a housing crisis we have an over those there are lots areas that we need our public health partners are housing partners to step up and solve these problems. we cannot lock our way out. >> out of poverty. >> judy and has said that out of state. dark money is behind the effort to oust or him the recall election is set to take place next june reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. the woman accused of stealing $40,000 in merchandise from san francisco. stonestown target store has been arrested for shoplifting again, as these are graves was arrested last month. charged with 120 misdemeanors along with 8 felonies. she is accused of a yearlong stealing spree. she
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was released fitted with an ankle monitor ordered to stay away from target stores. but this past saturday she was arrested at the westfield centre mall near union square dha somebody me's office did release a statement saying ms graves violated the court ordered terms of her release by committing a new fact and by failing to sign up for electronic monitoring. therefore we are seeking her detention without bail graves is expected back in court tomorrow. >> tonight, the rewards of continuing to grow for information that leads to the arrest in the murder of a kron 4 news security guard. the reward for information in the death of kevin issue that now stands tonight at $38,500. the shooter was shot while protecting a kron 4 journalists on assignment in oakland back on november 24th. he died just a few days later tonight, oakland police are looking for this car believed to be involved in his murder. it's a white 2004 to 2008
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acura tl with a sunroof and no front license plate. authorities believe there is cell phone video in connection with the murder. anyone with video link to the investigation now urge to reach out to opd homicide division, kevin's family, meanwhile, is remembering him as a public servant and a hero who simply just wanted to lend a hand. >> that was in his personality to be that protector to be that brief one that. just wanted to protect people. so not just his family but others as well. it wasn't like, well, i'm here to give a report and that's it. you know, now, how can i help you? >> a fan of fund has been set up for the new sheet. a family you can also make a donation to the kevin issue to trust at any metropolitan bank. we also have details posted on our website at kron 4 dot com. in less than 24 hours. the oakland city council could
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move forward with a big step as part of an effort to curb the wave of violence that has plagued the city this year. city leaders could approve 2 more police academies advocates say it is a big move. but with 129 murders so far in the books. some say more help is needed. kron four's terisa stasio brings us more. >> a 15 year-old a toddler, a former police officer, a 28 year-old trying to stop a car break in a 129 people have been murdered in oakland this year. last year, the number of lives lost was a 106 on top of that robberies car break ins smash-and-grabs are at a staggering statistic. >> oakland is in crisis crisis with crime crisis with police to staff and both the citizens of the officers who serve them deserve better. they're being get think from this stuff and the police council. >> barry donelan is president of the oakland police association. he highly
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supports the mayor's call to add more academies in a proposal before the council tuesday. the mayor also speaking up late monday. >> what i'm proposing is that we increased police staffing immediately by 60 officers at issue. the department is down to 676 sworn officers and will continue to see that number drop. the city administrator says if more is not done now for academies were approved back in june for the new 2 year budget. another added in september when less officers were hired that expected by knowing they'll be more police academies more police officers in and then you trip. >> i was saying we just welcoming but still i think we still need to at much faster and weiss thanks to get worse. >> karl chan is president of oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. he says the situation is dire was so many residents feeling scared dahlin also adds many officers continue to leave opd and that
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is a cause for concern as well. the mayor is engaged trying stand kristian. >> but on the council, it's a totally different story. am i challenge them to go to lineups can just thank the officers for their service because we haven't seen that. what we hear is officers being vilified him. a line from the diocese. the city administrator says the funding is there to support these additional 2 academies making 7 academies. >> in the next 2 years with the hope of bringing staffing to 734 to recess stasio kron 4 news. >> in the south bay. the san jose city council has approved money to buy license plate readers. this is part of an effort to fight smash-and-grab thefts at a lot of businesses. the city is committing a quarter of a million dollars of the federal money it got in the american rescue plan to pay for the automatic license plate, readers. not unlike
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traffic cameras mounted about on a fixed locations near santana row. it is hoped the plate readers will deter the mobs of thieves targeting stores and will help solve other crimes, too. >> they're used very commonly to track down stolen vehicles. look after vehicles that are wanted for felonies like kidnappings. amber alerts or perhaps other situations where there are violent felonies that ever occurred in or so seat of the vehicle. >> critics argue the license plate readers will be an invasion of privacy in the information could be misused. san jose's plan calls for the information to be used to investigate felony crimes, not vehicle code violations and there would be no sharing of information with immigration. an arson inves igation is underway after somebody set the christmas tree in oakland's jack london square on fire. you're looking at photos taken after that fire was set happened about one 20
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last night. investigators say that they have found evidence of arson. >> crew got there within probably a minute and a half at most turned the corner in jackson square and observed. the tree i about 15% of the lower bottom area of the tree was a is and the fire was crawling its way up to the top. there was a canister found at the scene clearly looks to be intentionally set. >> the christmas tree was installed over thanksgiving weekend city leaders say they do still and tend to move forward with holiday plans and a statement to kron 4 saying the condition of the christmas tree at jack london square is being evaluated. we currently expect the christmas tree lighting program will take place as planned for this saturday at 06:00pm. >> tonight, a number of san francisco restaurant and bar owners telling kron 4 that they feel blindsided by the city after they received warnings and notices of code
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violations because of their outdoor parklets. the city made those parklets permanent earlier this year but also imposed new rules that might for some restaurants to tear down the parklets altogether. >> kron four's taylor joins us live in the newsroom with more on that taylor. >> well, some restaurants say the notices began coming in weeks ago from different departments warning owners that if they didn't bring their parklet into compliance be slapped with hefty fines. however, one city leader says this actually isn't allowed at least until june. he says this is disorganization from local government and the city needs to do better. throughout the pandemic san francisco restaurants were forced to pivot and build new business strategies like these parklets. >> but now some are considering a tear down after learning about new rules through warnings of code violations personally know about 20 to 30. >> bar owners who have received these and some just want to add and repair park let out and said, you know.
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>> screw it. some of them are doing their best to change it. but we're going to people to kind of wait because we're not. exactly sure what the new rules are yet. and lyman who owns several bars in the city also received one of these warnings. >> he's also president of the san francisco bar owner alliance and says many owners are feeling blindsided that a lot of the structures that were built just wouldn't. >> don't pass basic city city or this is the second thing that happened is they started to interpret it. the permanent legislation and and some different departments started making interpretations that we didn't expect. so one thing we just didn't see coming was to have to bring them in 3 feet from the parking. >> laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association says she understands some of the regulations like coming up to fire code and ada compliance but says other rules are out of the blue and very new, some stuff that easily fixable and then there's infrastructure stop 3 foot off the edge of your parklets. >> some some park with can't have the roofs because i guess the sidewalks to narrow.
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>> you know, you've got to get rid of a bunch your park with its you have you know, drop the height of your parklets san francisco made the parkland's permanent earlier this year. and according to legislation put together by the board of supervisors. >> business owners have up until june 30th to come up to code before they could be fined despite what these warning say. number of city departments who have not been coordinating who have not actually even been adhering to the law that the board of supervisors unanimously paths. >> has been issuing notices correction. a notice of violation with threats of fines which fines are not authorized or until the middle of 2022 supervisor. aaron peskin recently introduced legislation to delay this deadline until march of 2023. >> saying the city needs to treat these small businesses better after what they've been through for the last nearly 2 years.
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>> supervisor peskin says the legislation will go to the full board early next month and he's confident it will pass. that's another reason why the san francisco bar owner alliance is telling its members to hold off on making any decisions until the city comes together and there's a clear picture on what the rules are moving forward live in the newsroom. i'm taylor the second reporting kron 4 news. thank you. taylor turning now to our covid coverage for the first time in 2 months. the u.s. is averaging more than. >> 100,000 new covid cases a day. the seven-day average now more than 121,000 with more than 1600 people dying every day. most of the infections are blamed on the delta variant, although omicron variant is present in 16 states including california. on the subject of the omicron variant as it does continue to spread across the globe. early reports suggest while it might be more transmissible. it
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might not be as severe as the delta variant kron 4 acre grant lotus here tonight with look at what be area. doctors are saying along with. >> doctor anthony fauci. >> the data early data suggests that is a good chance this thing might spread more easily, but then you wouldn't get as sick if you do become infected. so i think a lot of people might might take that. i'm still need more data. jonathan catherine, will see. and that's where the country's leading voice on the pandemic. doctor fauci is saying while early research does look promising when it comes to the severity of the omicron variant. how sick you will get it is still too early to be sure of that. and while we're hearing very similar words of cautious optimism from infectious disease expert here in the bay area. you have early research from south africa and europe indicating more than half of the people who have contracted it have not shown any symptoms, but all doctors are saying, well,
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we wait to see if this trend continues. we need to continue being cautious. >> you get vaccinated, you get your boosters, get your kids vaccinated. if you have been vaccinated, please get vaccinated. maintain social distance and we keep masks on at least for now. i think this virus a surprise us again and again and again and again. and i'd be very hesitant to grasp. but something just because it makes a nice end to the tail that christmas time. >> beginning today. new travel restrictions for international passengers flying to the u.s. are in effect last week. the biden administration announced new restrictions on people flying to the u.s. from other countries to try to help slow the spread of this new variant covid in general. that means from now on all international travelers ballot for the u.s. must be tested for covid prior to departed. no matter their vaccination status. passengers must show their negative test results to the airline before boarding the flight there is
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one exception to the new requirement that any passenger who recently recovered from covid and can show proof of recovery from the virus such as a doctor's note. those people do not have to be tested in the east bay contra. costa county officials are upset after finding out that no fines were issued to businesses. they were not in compliance with the county's vaccination verification. order. the rules are no proof of full vaccination. no dining inside restaurants and no working out in gyms in that county. but no fines were paid in november and officials say that is because of threats, including death threats to some county officials who are issuing citations. >> i was pretty irritated that our response, our county administrators was we can get you assistance for civil standbys. that is not an appropriate reason not to be out there citing businesses that need to be cited.
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>> and proof of vaccination is not the only option in contra, costa county, businesses where people remove their face coverings to eat or drink indoors can also asked customers to show proof of a negative covid test result from the past 3 days. so jonathan and katherine, they want these people to be fined if they are not following the rules. it doesn't seem like that's happening because of all these threats. so that's the latest challenge, at least in contra, costa county. and we knew, though, that tomorrow morning, the board of supervisors will meet one of the items on their agenda trying to tackle this problem as well. indeed. we'll see what happens. grant. thank you. all right. >> right now, kron 4 dot com. you can get the very latest covid-19 headlines. which states are currently seeing omicron variance. >> and where you can get a covid-19 vaccine here at home. just give the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to our website. kron 4 dot com still ahead tonight at 10 o'clock. a messy mix up involving to north beach restaurants. >> controversial confusion that has one business
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receiving hate for another businesses then fresno republican devin nunez has announced he will leave congress by the end of the year. >> we'll take a look at his new career move. plus, we'll show you how the glide church in san francisco is helping folks in need this holiday season. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> only american athletes will be heading to the winter olympics in beijing next year.
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the white house officially announced today it is staging a diplomatic boycott meaning no u.s. officials are going to attend. >> the biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the piercings ongoing genocide and crimes against humidity engine john and other human rights abuses. >> the white house says that china has vowed to respond to this move with what it calls from countermeasures, whatever that might be. the white house is stressing that american athletes have the country's full support. >> next 10 o'clock. the restaurant mix-up involving to north beach businesses and one huge controversial decision. how the actions of one of those restaurants now has the other feeling the heat. then california lawmakers look to reform the state's recall election process. the ideas presented a plus just days before christmas. we'll show
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you how the glut church here in the city is helping the most vulnerable this holiday season. catherine, i wi
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>> wasn't this restaurant. so i was kind of shocked and was like, whoa, this is not us. >> confusion has left a restaurant in san francisco dealing with hateful reviews. lots of phone calls. the north beach restaurant near stockton and green has been mistaken for the restaurant that
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refused service to police officers. this weekend. that restaurant is actually called hilda and jesse their union and powell street kron four's amid a harry got a chance to talk with the general manager of the north beach restaurant. >> about how they're dealing with this mess up. >> the general manager says she believes the confusion started on social media. people referring to the restaurant. hilda and jesse as an north beach restaurant or the north beach restaurant. people didn't realize that was the description of the restaurant's location and not the restaurant's name. we're getting these random e-mails. all of a sudden i was like hey, team. what's going on? it was just like. >> hate filled and we will never come back again. and i'm like, whoa, this is not what we get. general manager of north beach restaurant marine don again says it took her some time to even piece together what was happening. i started picking up the phone today and some people very
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nice and understanding and listening and just voicing and other people screaming and lots of hate. the restaurant started receiving dozens of phone calls, emails and reviews. >> like this one from facebook saying cop hating owners to kick out the ones that protect them. she realized north beach restaurant was being confused with another restaurant in north beach. >> called hilda and jesse that did deny service to 3 uniformed police officers friday because their weapons made staff uncomfortable it's shocking that people are. >> that they don't read all of the information and just assume on yelp north beach restaurant has received about a dozen negative reviews in the last day and a half. >> some even incorrectly referring to the owners as hilda and jesse, she says she tried to respond to some of the reviews. but it's been difficult. probably the most angry. >> of all of the responses. we've gotten took a while to
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get through the yelp. and by that time it's kind of like damage done. there's now a hold on posting. but she worries that this confusion could negatively impact the restaurants more than 50 year history. >> don again says they had 3 last-minute cancellations sunday night. the staff called those guests just to make sure they didn't cancel because of the confusion. we're sorry we missed you last night. we hope it's not because of this. it was. and that's just so you guys now the general manager tells me there were police officers dining at the restaurant this weekend. she says police officers are always welcomed at north beach restaurant. >> in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> take a look at this incident caught on camera in fresno. security cameras captured the moment a child walked up on their porch and in the middle of night taking one of their packages, the child get this appears to be wearing pajamas. it's hard to see. but the kid then looks back at the street where an adult is standing firm. the second angle. it shows a car just idling in the front of
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that home. that child gets out of that car walks up to the porch then takes that package and then darts back to the car. hard to look at that. police have not released any other details on the suspects or have announced any arrests this point. happening tomorrow. san francisco, unified schools are expected to release a final draft of its plan to fix a 125 million dollar budget shortfall in order to avoid a state takeover. those details set to be presented during a special meeting tomorrow afternoon. initial plans call for 50 million dollars in cuts in funding to the schools. 10 million dollars in cuts for student services along with eliminating 360 jobs. final decisions would take effect next school year. but a final plan must be submitted to the california department of public education by december 15th. >> happening tomorrow. the cousins and city council could
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limit where smokers can light up inside private homes. if approved smoking would be banned in common areas of homes and apartments like hallways playgrounds parking lots and more the ban would also apply to private spaces like decks and patios because secondhand smoke can affect other people. if approved. the ban would take effect next july. california's attorney general says people making charitable donations need to watch out for scammers, particularly during the holiday season. attorney general rob bonta shared the warning while alongside the directors of habitat for humanity of california. that's just one of many organizations hoping for charitable donations the season. it is in compliance with state law. bonta is warning people to do their research when considering we're just send donations. research answers to questions like how much does this charity spent on overhead and on employees. >> how much actually goes to support the mission. his
10:35 pm
advice includes watching out for names which sounds like recognizable charities. but don't exactly match. >> and social media sites again. he says a site that is fundraise and make sure it's keeping our find out if it's keeping a percentage of what you donate or whether all of the money is going to charity. >> crime for your local election headquarters. a shake-up in california politics today. california congressman devin nunez says that he is resigning from congress. >> to head up a new social media site being launched by former president donald trump. that would rival twitter. >> in a statement today from the trump media and technology group. it said that nunez will serve as ceo starting next month. twitter blocked trump's account earlier this year after the deadly riots at the u.s. capitol during the insurrection back in january. in a statement, mister trump said that nunez understands stopping the liberal media and big tech companies from
10:36 pm
destroying the freedoms that make america great. here in the bay area. retiring san mateo congresswoman jackie spear endorsing her former staffer assemblyman kevin mullin to replace her in congress. spear represent san mateo county and parts of san francisco county. mullen was her district director when she served in the state senate. he was also one of the first to indicate interest in running for her seat after she made her surprise announcement that she would not to run again last month. mullen is a south san francisco native that he was first elected to the state assembly back in 2012 and we'd be term limited in 2024. happening tomorrow on a creek will have a new mayor. the term of outgoing mayor kevin wilk will be up and current mayor pro tim, that francois is expected to fill the seat. we'll keep you posted on tomorrow's vote right here on kron, kron 4 and kron 4 dot com. >> state lawmakers held another hearing today to consider how california should
10:37 pm
change or whether it should change the recall process kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains some of the ideas being discussed. >> the witness before new lawmakers continue to weigh potential proposals to change the state's 110 year-old recall process. the joint assembly and senate elections committees met for a second time after this effort was launched the day after governor gavin newsome defeated his recall coming to russians with a completely open mind. >> decisions about specific reforms that i might support. lawmakers monday focused on potential for cause recall requirements. experts testifying noted 8 states have this in place seems to be going on in the states that have the cars requirement and have the judicial review. petitions that are frivolous. >> kind of fake. they can be interpreted a 1000 different ways. going to be able to come
10:38 pm
up with. >> reason the committee also put the spotlight on local recall elections ballot pd as editor-in-chief noting california accounts for about a quarter of recalls held across the united states in 2021 he also showed school board officials made up the majority of the targets of recalls across the country this year. some of those targets weighing in one of several highly qualified knowledgeable and experienced board members public service together at the at time lapse. state lawmakers took an hour worth of public comment against changes, including from orrin heatley the lead proponent of governor newsom's recall constitutional amendments that were written in 1911. specifically to keep your hands out of the process. democrats noted if any changes are proposed, it will be up to the voters to ultimately
10:39 pm
decide if they take effect how the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast this monday night. a live look at the golden gate bridge. we've been watching some light showers fall all across the area over the last few hours. but it is just the beginning of a big change headed our way and lawrence karnow is back with this launch. you're watching not only rain but maybe a lot of snow yes. important is first to get rain here. it's extremely important, especially for those. >> long drive months to get plenty of snow in the sierra nevada to fill up many of our reza force and looks like we're going to see that as well. we're going to see a bit of a december miracle happening years. things going to get back going again with the rain seeing some scattered light showers out there right now. cloudy skies all around the bay area and here's the storm system dropping in kind of a weak system morley just scattered showers popping up i just they've now got 300's of an inch of rain. >> being reported, the oakland airport. so there's not a ton of precipitation. this one, a lot of cold air, though, that continues to move through for tonight. we'll see more
10:40 pm
showers on and off tonight. but nothing too wet out there. but here we go. a long range forecast showing you the models picking up on that snow as we head into thursday. another storm system moves into the sierra nevada, little snow across the high country so they can see plenty of snow here as we get into a late wednesday into thursday that a little bit of a break. but then as we get toward the end of the weekend. here we go again. this one is going to be much more impressive starting sunday night into monday. a significant amount of snow headed toward the sierra nevada measured, maybe and feet throughout that period that's going to stick around through tuesday as well. and that is going to bring a ton of snow into the high country. ski resorts can love that as we want to see plenty of snow coming in that direction. so winter storm watches going up for the sierra nevada beginning on wednesday into thursday public to see that snow all the way down the lake level. there as well. but maybe above a foot above 7,000 we'll see about a foot of snow across the high country. but there are many more storms are lining up. so yeah, you start to think about the christmas
10:41 pm
holiday. i think that you can work out pretty well for the high country locally, though. we're going to see a ton of rain just scattered showers overnight tonight. but that storm system now developing watching that very closely starting on sunday. that could be a big storm right here in the bay area. thanks, lauren. thank you, lawrence. >> the pandemic now coupled with inflation has more. folks dealing with the need to feed their families. >> so volunteers and glide church in san francisco have been rising to the challenge this holiday season and kron four's ella sogomonian is here to tell us how katherine glide is doing that by reaching people who live in some of the most disadvantaged san francisco neighborhoods. >> today. they began by packing the part of the mission boxing of 5500 bags of groceries that will be sent out for distribution this coming wednesday and they're providing all the fixings for a complete holiday meal to feed a family of up to 4. yeah. the chicken or turkey canned goods fruits and vegetables. >> today is the first day of
10:42 pm
annual grocery bag we are packing bags of traditional holiday meals and we're going even longer to track. you can see and we'll be over the next couple days. 19 different partners throughout >> these grocery bags will then be delivered to community organizations across san francisco that helps low income residents in the hardest hit neighborhoods, including bayview our mission richmond, china town as well as japan town and clyde said that they do have volunteers this year. so if anybody wants to help out, they can donate live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ellen, thank you. sports. up next, the warriors looking to bounce back after a disappointing loss against the san antonio spurs on saturday. >> they red shea center whipping up on the orlando magic sports director jason dumas has the highlights.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> well, they haven't had many this season. but the dubs were coming off a one, a clunker. they stunk it up against the spurs on saturday. but the orlando magic just what the doctor ordered when you need to get your groove back. steph curry. he's very close to time ray allen's all-time 3 point record he chipped away at it today. here's one of those plays 5 seconds left steffi in step. the bank. is open. he
10:46 pm
hit that one from the logo dubs up 5 to end the first. close to half time. check out the move by jordan. poole puts wendell carter junior in a spin cycle reverse layup golden state rolling up 21 at the half 3rd quarter draymond green get to the staff pump fakes ia cole, anthony, that the 3. later on. andrew wiggins was huge tonight. get this. he was 8 for 10 from deep a career-high 8, 3 pointers. he's shooting 41% from 3 point range this season. he had 2128, i'm sorry on the night. alright warriors just pouring it on at this point. here's test 7, 3, he needs 15 more to hire a islands record 16 to break it. that will probably be a guest saturday in philly. here's the icing on the cake. jonathan, coming to with the dunk,
10:47 pm
though the young legs right there, the warriors win this one big one 26 to 95. and guess what, our very own kate rooney is live at chase center right now. kate, this is one day need to get their groove back as you said, pre-game and it looks like they did just that. i don't think we ever really doubted that they had their group because when you've got the best record in the nba. only last 4 games on the season. there's not too much cause for concern, especially when you're about to get one of the best players in the league. >> back. and hey, maybe just a couple weeks here now and klay thompson, tonight was a really great night for the warriors. exactly the bounce back that they needed and wanted. they've got one more game here for the head out on a road trip. so good to be able to get those sure fire winds under about here at the stadium, steph curry, as you said, great night. he just it is playing inspired basketball every single the time he steps out on the court, but so is andrew wiggins. wiggins is playing the best basketball of his career. those career-high
10:48 pm
8 made 3 pointers. 28 points. his complementary basketball to steph is second to none right now. and steve kerr talked about wiggins after the game. >> the biggest thing i'm seeing from and or is it. he's just catching and shooting. you know, i mean, he's he's always been pretty good three-point shooter. but, you know, maybe more a little bit off the dribble. the thing he's i think really gotten better with when he's open, he's just catching and shooting and that there's a little better rhythm to it. but he's just been great. he's had a huge impact defensively. we're putting them on you know, the toughest offensive player night after night and and stabbing an incredibly efficient. offensive season as well. he's been fantastic. >> we can said tonight that he really just feels like he's getting some better looks out there. and he also looks like he's having fun doing it. jason. all right, kate, back to steph, real quick he is 15, 3 pointers away from tying ray allen's all time record. >> one more game at home in
10:49 pm
portland and then they go on a five-game road trip out. philly, indianapolis. new york. if you were to guess i know none of us really know. when do think he breaks this record. >> i think it's going to be sometime in the next 2 or 3 games. i know he was a playing a little bit with media after the game tonight saying that, hey, he wants to do it here at at chase center against portland on wednesday. i hope feasible. that is 15. 3 pointers in one outing would be pretty impressive even for steph. but yeah, i think we're going to see it get done here probably for the next calendar week is out. yeah. it's funny if he were to somehow hit 15 threes. all wednesday. not only would he get the all-time record. kate. >> he would break klay thompson's single game record of 14 of anyone can do is got to be stepped right. >> hey, he said he's aware of that record and he's i think that's his goal. we'll see if he can do it. all right, kate, that kate rooney live from chase center. cate, thank you. chase center. cate, thank you. get home safe.
10:50 pm
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> christmas 19 days away. but he's making a list. checking it twice. but did you know that in his spare time, sanders also skiing and scuba dive and a stay in shape for that trip. i didn't know. but yeah, it's true. santa is spreading christmas cheer around the world. >> one group of santas doing it in a really interesting way. reporter ashley strohmier has the story.
10:53 pm
>> if catching a glimpse of santa claus is a dream come true for most kids. imagine the excitement of seeing hundreds of santa is all at once. the snow covered hills at sunday river resort in maine covered in red this weekend as more than 200 skiers and snowboarders don santa suits and beards for run down the slopes like everything down. but this wasn't a random stun to the festive fundraiser bringing in more than $5,000 for children's education and recreational activities with each santa donating at least 20 bucks to participate. meanwhile, some sand is overseas are going under the sea trading in their reindeer for reefs and their sleds for scuba gear to drivers in an aquarium and hungry war. saint nick's classic uniform over their wet suits to decorate a
10:54 pm
christmas tree under water. >> i mean, the name acts every year. we make a santa claus dive. it's not a normal diving job. it's also a treat for the animals as the christmas tree will become a whole new part of their home. >> and santa may not have been incited zsl london zoo, but it didn't stop staff from helping some adorable penguins in letters to the jolly man in red. >> that was ashley strohmier reporting. and if you've ever wanted to be a santa. this would be a good year to think about it. according to the talent agency, hire santa, there are roughly 3,000 open positions across the country. >> so it's not just humans that gain weight during the holidays. a new study says our four-legged friends do as well. researchers found that 7 out of 10 dog owners. they interviewed give their pets more food around this time 64 of those who responded say they usually stop caring about what their dogs eat. 4 out of
10:55 pm
5 dog owners say they're also more likely to make their pups a special meal for christmas as well. speaking of dogs. these next pooches definitely have been watching what they eat. that's because they're starting a new calendar for the new york city police department. more than a dozen dogs and other animals are featured in the 2022 nypd canine and friends calendar. many of the dogs in the calendar are named after fallen officers calendars being sold for $25 each. all the proceeds will go toward the new york city police foundation programs and initiatives. >> well, good for her. this is just a bunch, an. >> sharing this video on instagram showing how she rescued a turtle from a fishing net. she was on a beach. she says her dog began barking at a pile of trash that had washed ashore. but then she spotted the turtle. it was upside down tangled in the net. so she carefully for a ditch and carried it back to the water. all right. let's
10:56 pm
get one last check of the forecast as look life and get a look at the transamerica pyramid. it. >> crawford chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a look at what we can expect when we walk out the door first thing in the morning tomorrow going to be a little cool. i most the rain if we have any will be gone by then. and then we're going to clear out your skies bring in lots of sunshine tomorrow going to entirely certainly going to feel warmer numbers probably popping up in the 60's. but we've got some scattered showers out there right now. the heavy rainfall sitting off the coastline being picked up by the doppler may just clip the peninsula watching that for tonight. so a little wet out there for pretty chilly to temperatures out there with damp running in the 40's and low 50's at this hour. by tomorrow, though, our skies will part. we're going to see some sunshine in the afternoon. we're planning on those temperatures running up in the 60's around much of the bay area. some 50's along the immediate coastline and then looks like over the next couple days. everything really begins to change we've shifted gears now looks like the storm clouds going to roll back in
10:57 pm
as early as wednesday going to see those clouds becoming mostly cloudy again and then we're talking about a chance of showers developing wednesday night into thursday. just a chance of some scattered showers. not going to be much, but that air is going to stay cold and looks like we could see a big storm rolling in starting on sunday came middle of next week. will take. i hope you didn't hear me cough and throat much. i didn't forecast. all right. thank you. want that's it for kron 4 news at 10 o'clock, thanks so much for spending time with us this monday night. have a good night. we'll see the most out.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: how they got caught. the exclusive timeline. inside the warehouse where they were trapped down. >> do you think they were planning to go to canada? >> and is this artist in hot water for helping them? >> i was just doing a favor. >> then, the terminator. >> it is terminated effective immediately. >> he just fired 900 employees via zoom. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> announcer: and the guy who caught omicron at the big convention speaks out. >> did he catch it at a club singing karaoke? >> karaoke looking back,


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