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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 7, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at times you now 4.30, on the dot and yesterday was a foggy one out there across the bay area and that lasted pretty much for most of the day today. things are going a little different. but if you're waking up now, very slick roads out there from that overnight rain that we saw again job. how long is that supposed to stick around in the bay today. yes, already seen it coming down for some areas for others that will
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last for a couple more hours. really just some light showers out there across the bay enough to get roadways wet. >> and certainly enough to get things slick. so as opposed to yesterday's poor visibility this morning. you've got to worry about some slick spots out there. your view outside at our berkeley hills cam right now is definitely clear than it was yesterday. didn't get any sort of view of the city lights down below this perspective yesterday. not so much this morning. it's looking a lot of clear. we are seeing some clearing skies already across the north bay. and we'll get actually a nice sunrise out that direction. let's get a look at some spots that are still holding a rainfall that includes discovery bay down to 5.80 between tracy in livermore that is a wet one across the altamonte pass this morning. things are starting to come down a little bit down in san jose. but you do have some spring cleaning. misty conditions still remaining highway 17 is very wet right over the santa cruz mountains. we're also looking at some slick spots on the peninsula with a few wet spots out there, misty conditions and even a few spots of fog, although visibility is
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certainly improved as compared to the dense fog we had yesterday. 40's and 50's for our current temperatures with san francisco and oakland beach at 51 degrees nevado in vallejo at 48 degrees currently later on today. look forward to some sunshine and 60's a little more mild than yesterday. certainly a lot brighter reyna. john, thanks to that. alright. let's get a look at your traffic. this morning. conditions are. >> pretty light for the most part, however, very slick roadways and bridges. so definitely take your time this morning. a little under 2 minutes. if you're traveling from the east bay heading into the city to that fremont street exit the 70 oh bridge across towards the peninsula a little under 30 minutes to make that commute. let's check out the richmond center fell bridge. you're heading across out of richmond. a little under 9 and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes. you're traveling from the north bay into the city. many san francisco restaurants and bars say they feel blindsided after receiving warnings and notices of code violations because of their outdoor parklet. now the city made the part. let's permanent earlier
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this year. they also impose new rules that may for some restaurants to tear down their partners altogether come force. taylor's aqi has the details for us. after pouring thousands of dollars into building these outdoor parklets some san francisco restaurants and bars say they're now considering a tear down. >> after the city imposed new rules and regulations, many of them were made aware of these changes when they received warnings of code violations. a lot of these violations notices credibly scary in. >> heavy-handed sounding, you know, it's a listing out list of how many fines you're going to pay on day one and day 2. if you're out of compliance and demanding that things are done by december 31st like go find a contractor in the month of december. 2nd. they don't exist. ben bleiman owns multiple bars in the city and is president of the san francisco bar owner alliance. >> he says he received a notice and personally knows nearly 30 other bar owners who have received these warnings. says there's been a large misunderstanding by many
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owners in a large miscommunication between city departments. a lot of the structures that were built just wouldn't. >> don't pass basic city city or this is the second thing that happened is they started to interpret it. the permanent legislation and and some different departments started making interpretations that we didn't expect. so one thing we just didn't see coming was to have to bring them in 3 feet from the parking. >> hashtags. laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association ads. >> that's only the beginning of these new rules that came out of a new 66 page document 3 feet off the ends. first time i saw that was september 9th. in fact, i have e-mails to people going what know know that obviously built in a red zone or same thing. intersection. nowhere. did we know that you have to move your parklets 20 feet away from an intersection. san francisco made the parklets permanent earlier this year. >> according to legislation put together by the board of supervisors. business owners have up until june 30th to
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come up to code before they could be fined despite what these warning say. number of city departments who have not been coordinating who have not actually even. >> been adhering to the law that the board of supervisors unanimously pass has been issuing notices correction. a notice of violation with threats of fines which fines are not authorized or until the middle of 2022 supervisor aaron peskin recently introduced legislation to delay this deadline until march of 2023. >> saying that the city needs to treat the small businesses better after what they've been through for the last nearly 2 years in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news happening today, san francisco unified school district is expected to release a final draft of its plan to fix a 125 million dollar budget shortfall in order to avoid a state takeover. now the details are
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going to present during a special meeting this afternoon. initial plans called for 50 million dollars in cuts from funding to schools. 10 million for student services along with slashing 360 jobs. final decisions would take effect next school year. final plan must be submitted to the california department of public education by december 15th. and the city of pleasanton is considering restricting smoking in townhomes condos and buildings with 3 or more attached units under the new proposed restrictions. people would not be able to smoke in common areas like hallways, playgrounds parking lots and more. the ban won't even apply to private spaces like decks and patios because secondhand smoke can drift and affect others if approved, the ban would go into effect in july of 2022 the city will vote on that matter today. creek will have a new mayor by the end of the night, the term of outgoing mayor kevin wilk. we'll be up and current mayor pro tent met francois is expected to fill that seat.
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we're going to keep you posted on today's vote. state lawmakers held another hearing monday to consider how california she changes recall process. ashley zavala explains some of the ideas that are being talked about right now. >> witnesses tell of 4 new lawmakers continue to weigh potential proposals to change the state's 110 year-old recall process. the joint assembly and senate elections committees met for a second time after this effort was launched the day after governor gavin newsome defeated his recall coming to russians with a completely open mind. >> decisions about specific reforms that i might support. lawmakers monday focused on potential for cause recall requirements. experts testifying noted 8 states have this in place seems to be going on in the states that have the cars requirement and have the judicial review. petitions that are frivolous.
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>> issues are kind of fake. they can be interpreted a 1000 different ways. going to be able to come up with. >> reason the committee also put the spotlight on local recall elections ballot pd as editor-in-chief noting california accounts for about a quarter of recalls held across the united states in 2021 he also showed school board officials made up the majority of the targets of recalls across the country this year. some of those targets weighing in one of several highly qualified knowledgeable and experienced board members public together at the at lapse. state lawmakers took an hour worth of public comment against changes, including from orrin heatley, the lead proponent of governor newsom's recall the constitutional amendments that were written in 1911.
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>> specifically to keep your hands out of the process. democrats noted if any changes are proposed, it will be up to the voters to ultimately decide if they take effect how the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> confusion has left a restaurant in san francisco dealing with hateful reviews and phone calls. >> north beach restaurant near stockton in green was mistaken for the restaurant that refused service to police officers over the weekend that restaurant is actually caught held in jesse near union and powell streets. now the general manager of north beach restaurants believe social media post calls that confusion which has led to many negative phone calls emails and one-star yelp reviews shocking that people are. >> that they don't read all of the information in just a sam. probably the most angry of all of the responses. we've gotten took a while to get through the yelp. and by that time it's kind of like damage done. >> us put a hold on and
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posting for north beach restaurant. the general manager tells kron that officers are always welcome to eat. there. new developments in the school shooting that killed 4 people in michigan. the prosecutor now saying school officials in michigan could also face charges. the prosecutor already charged 15, year-old ethan crumbley and his parents. but now she says her office is investigating what school officials could have done differently. crumbley was sent to the office 3 hours before the shooting after a teacher found a draw line on his desk. that said blood everywhere he met with counselors who contact his parents who asked them to take him home. they refused and returned to work. the counselor said he appeared calm and they let him return to class the school superintendent is calling for 3rd party investigation into the school's handling of that situation. well, scott peterson is set to be re-sentenced tomorrow. and his defense attorney says peterson will break his silence for the first time in 17 years. peterson was convicted and sentenced to death for murdering his pregnant wife
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lacey peterson and their unborn son, connor. he was on death row at san quentin state prison for nearly 2 decades. but was recently moved to the san mateo county jail ahead of his re sentencing hearing. now the california supreme court overturned his death sentence last year. tomorrow, peterson will be re-sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. he will stay at the san mateo county jail for a second hearing in march. that hearing will determine if peterson gets a new murder trial. and the lawyers are coming off a win against the orlando magic. we're going to show you the highlights after we get back from break. stick around.
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>> here's something you don't see everyday snow in hawaii. wintry conditions brought snow to the big island. now, this is video from the canada. france, hawaii telescope atop the on a say that correct, john. >> the volcano on their yeah. big island. now the national weather service says heavy rain caused flooding. >> and mudslide yesterday. so the agency says now the big island should see drier conditions today. we've been seen all of this really. interesting whether i should say, across the bay area and hawaii like yesterday. here we are. we had a lot of fog overnight. we have rain. then
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you say we're going to get sunshine today here in december. nature's another minutes, a little bit of everything because last week we had a record breaking heat. now it's starting to feel like winter again. >> that's what i've heard. most people commenting on is the fact that it almost felt like summer. last week and now it feels like a winter decided to finally be here. we'll get ready for next week because that's going to be even cooler and rainy year. yet this is a week of transition between the 2. what we have outside of the bay bridge this morning is some rather still conditions. you can see the flag at half-staff. there on this 80th anniversary of pearl harbor and it is fairly calm. we're not looking at a whole lot of wind. we will be looking at clear skies across the north bay already this morning holding cloud cover and some showers further south of the bay san jose. you had some sprinkles moments ago. that is really died down for and across the east bay. a few light showers do remain along the altamonte pass between livermore on over to tracy for the most part, aside from that rainfall has begun its exit from the region. now we're in
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for some sunshine and a bit of a breeze. a brisk wind at times today that will make those cool temperatures and sunshine conditions feel just a bit crisp as you're getting outside. now tonight we will be looking at an increasing cloud cover tomorrow. couple of sprinkles are possible. but really our next chance of any rainfall is more so into thursday, which will be some light showers early on in the day on. and so the end of the week not looking at anything significant really just a trace of rainfall possible. look at what we have are arriving sunday night into monday of next week. though. that's the rainfall. we've got our eyes peered on because we're going to be looking at multiple days of rain. again, that starting sunday night through monday on into tuesday of next week, too. so very wet week ahead of us next week. enjoyed today, sunshine and 60's. it's our looking at 60's in this forecast. so today compared to where we're headed is actually going to have a very mild feel to it. south bay temperatures in the low to mid 60's today east bay numbers mostly low 60's
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oakland, you'll be at 64 degrees. walnut creek. it 62 the late show at a cool 61 today. looking ahead at tomorrow we will see a few more clouds and temperatures falling into the 50's. that's where they're going to stay through the rest of the weekend into next week. just a chance of a few light sprinkles thursday, better chances of rainfall arriving late sunday right now. john, thanks to that. all right. let's a look at your tuesday morning commute. if you're heading from the east bay into the city. a little under. >> 10 minutes for your drive. time to make it to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula a little under 13 to make that drive. let's head over get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge about 20 traveling from the north bay into the city. now, remember, conditions are pretty slick out there. so take your time. we all know traffic can be pretty dreadful in california. but it turns out we also have 3 of the deadliest highways in the u.s. 3 highways are interstate 5, which ranks 3rd on the list
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with a 186 fatalities and 2019. well, i 15 ranked 6th on that list and the transcontinental interstate 80, which runs from san francisco to new jersey is at number 9 now the survey by the zebra. it's all based on the number of fatal accidents in 2019. the deadliest highway in the nation is i 95 that's on the northeast corridor. the lawyers they bounced back with a blowout win over the orlando magic. andrew wiggins made a career-high shooting. 8, 3, pointers and steph curry as close to the nba's all-time record for threes kron 4 sports director jason dumas has those highlights for us. >> well, they haven't had many this season. but the dubs were coming off a clunker big stunk it up on saturday against the spurs. but the orlando magic are just what the doctor ordered when you need to get your groove back. steph curry. he's getting close to breaking that all time. 3 point a record held by ray allen 5
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seconds left in the 1st half staff doing step things from the logo of the bank is open of the 5 after first. close to half time now comfortable lead. check out the move from jordan poole. it puts one o carter junior in the spin cycle. finishes with the reverse golden state up 21 at the half. get it out. the staff pump fake. anthony. stay on your feet. brother. all right. later on. and your weekend. he said a thing you can do. i can do better. steph stepback 3. >> he had a career-high 8, 3, pointers, 8 for 10. >> from beyond the arc. guess what? he shooting a better 3 point percentage and steph curry is this year we've had 28 on the night. warriors just pouring it on at this point. staff. this is his 7th 3 up tonight at his stance. he's 15 away from setting that record.
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might do it this saturday in philly, all righty. we have the highlights with the roof cherry on top young lakes from john. i think amanda that puts the exclamation point on this one. for years when one 26 to 95. >> all right. well, that was sports director jason dumas supporting for us now. the warriors play the trail blazers tomorrow night at home. tipoff is going to be at 7 o'clock. well, only american athletes are going to head to the winter olympics in beijing next year. the white house officially announced it's going to stage a diplomatic boycott, meaning no u.s. officials are going to a 10. >> the biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the piercings ongoing genocide and crimes against. the humidity engine john and other human rights abuses.
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>> well, the white house says china has vowed to respond o% with what it calls from countermeasures. the white house stress is american athletes have the country's for support. house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying she applauds the president's strong leadership. pelosi says while we must support and celebrate our athletes, america and the world cannot give our official imprimatur to these games or proceed as if there is nothing wrong. the former kansas senator bob dole will lie in state in the u.s. capitol on thursday, dole passed away over the weekend at the age of 98. his a compliment as his accomplishments include helping to save social security being involved in immigration rights and much more. he even led efforts to get a holiday for doctor. martin luther king. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, target is extending hours in the days leading up to christmas most stores are going now be open at 07:00am and they're going to close at midnight through december. 23rd a target spokesperson says it allows guests more time to shop in store or use the same same day pickup options during the final weeks of the holiday season and look, it's not just us that a gain weight during the holidays. according to a new
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survey. so will your doggie researchers found that 7 out of 10 dog owners. the interview give their pets more food around this time of that as john, did you have a doggie. you get graham or food around this time. i i do not. my roommates around. >> 64% of respondents say they usually stop caring about the dog's diet and 4 out of 5 say owners also say they're more likely to make their pups a special meal for christmas. so hopefully graham has a special meal coming his way. well, speaking of dogs, these next dog definitely have been watching what they eat. that's because they're starring in a new calendar for the new york police department more than a dozen dogs and other animals are featured in the 2022 nypd canine and friends calendar. many of those dogs in the calendar are named after fallen officers. now the calendars are being sought for $25 each all proceeds go towards the new york city police foundation programs as well as incentives. there.
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coming up the next hour. the oakland is considering opening new police academies how that help the department get new officers. >> plus pleasanton could extend its ban on smoking to new places the areas you would not be able to smoke at if passed. and today is the 80th rememberance of the attack on pearl harbor. we're going to hear from navy veteran's retelling their time as sailors when it happens. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth.
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allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> and a happy tuesday to you. you know, maybe happy right off the bat. what? >> that wasn't raining, that everything was glistening white was just as john predicted. we did have some showers overnight assault on the roads i saw in my neighborhood. yeah, but it never did actively rain on the way. i know. so it's kind of the best combo. >> and you didn't have to get your sandbags 8 homes are still upright rest as presents. we are looking at things clearing out now, which is nice. we saw the overnight rainfall as we work our way back onto the roads to expect
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a couple of slick spots out there. but obviously overall, it's not too bad out there. we've had some practice with driving in the rain so far this season and this morning isn't the worst by far your view outside at the east bay does show some of the low clouds that we have overhead visibility isn't as much of an issue of yesterday, but we're seeing a few spots with lower visibility like to 80 portions of 5.80, especially over the altamonte pass in from dublin on over to 6 ad and then right around highway 4 in contra, costa county and portions of ad out towards the central valley. otherwise it's just the light sprinkles that are beginning to work their way out of the region. a couple light showers on the altamont pass and then south of morgan hill between morgan hill and gilroy. it's still pretty wet, too. podcast shows that visibility is improved from yesterday, which is a nice know in current temperatures are in the 40's to 50's, which is a fairly nice way to start the morning. just get the jackets on and look forward to some sunshine later on today. we're also very glad that we got back in


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