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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 7, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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this holiday, ask your doctor about xiidra. umph! >> among the changes to our routines brought on by the pandemic. one habit forming activity that might be here to stay. we're talking about outdoor dining. a lot of people seem to like it in san jose with the weather is highly conducive to eating outdoors. the city council approved a plan tonight that not only make the program permanent but expands it as well. >> force raf fladeboe has more. >> al fresco or outdoor dining has been the difference between staying open and closing their doors forever for many restaurants and businesses here in downtown san jose and across town. it's time to make the concept. permanent says the city council's dev davis and i'm pretty sure it's going to pass today. i'm looking forward to making this permanent and.
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>> and very grateful for city staff working with the knight foundation to help our businesses keep this going at minimum the proposal calls for outdoor dining on private property to continue through 2022 san pedro another street would remain closed through june amid plans to expand and make the program permanent citywide. and we've actually put recovery funding towards this to help our businesses transition from temporary to permanent and we look it looks like they're going to be about 2 dozen businesses that want to transition into making their parklets permanent and continue with outdoor dining with some people still hesitant to shop or dine indoors as health officials encourage outdoor activities as much as possible. >> the city is indeed looking into expanding construction of those park was and making changes to streets and parking lots similar to what occurred at downtown's san pedro square it's not a one-size-fits-all type a it didn't work on every street didn't work.
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>> and every sidewalk, but it worked. and didn't. >> what we have to all i hoped for when we first came out with the memo. >> and the direction about al fresco. dining was really thinking about my business districts on the alameda and on lincoln avenue and hoping that we could give them something that would help them. you know, stay open. even if it was just a limp along. well, everything was shut down. >> designed to help the local economy pick up steam outdoor dining is a lifeline for businesses struggling with the pandemic and more evidence that necessity is truly the mother of invention in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> many san francisco restaurants and bars say they feel blindsided. that's after receiving warnings and notices of code violations because of their outdoor parklets. the city made. the park was permanent earlier this year but also imposed new rules
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businesses which do not bring their pockets, but their populace into compliance by june. the 30th could face hefty fines, some bars and restaurants have been slapped with warnings of code violations which could force them to tear down the parklets altogether. >> a lot of these violations notices readily scary in heavy-handed sounding, you know, it's a listing out list of how many finds you're going to pay on day one and day 2. if you're out of compliance and e-mails to people going what know know that obviously built in a red zone or same thing. intersection. >> nowhere. did we know that you have to move your parklets 20 feet away from an intersection. >> supervisor. aaron peskin has introduced legislation to delay the deadline for businesses to be up to code until march of 2023 the legislation will go to the full board early next month. >> happening tomorrow in the east bay, family, friends and colleagues will honor the life and legacy of late alameda county supervisor wilma chan.
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she died in early november when she was hit by a driver while crossing the street in alameda. the community will highlight the community initiatives and programs that chan champion throughout her career. that event will be at the oakland museum of california garden at 02:00pm. >> tonight. the pleasanton city council is considering restricting smoking and townhouses condominiums and buildings with 3 or more attached units. one of the council's stated work plan goals is to address the health effects of secondhand smoke. the city is proposing a new chapter to its municipal code applied to both rentals and owner occupied units. earlier we talked to the city's vice mayor. she explained her own experiences with smoke coming into an apartment that she lived in a few years back. >> it's down. did. by how much low i came into the light sockets in through the electrical outlets. and so when i heard these concerns from families. i take it very
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seriously because i remember just bean at how much to come through. >> if approved restrictions would include no smoking outside as well as near playgrounds and parking lots and inside common areas such as hallways, lobbies and community rooms. the ban would also extend into outdoor private spaces such as decks, patios and balconies. tonight's vote gets underway at 7 o'clock and we will bring you the results later this evening during our primetime newscasts. >> a state of emergency has been declared in hawaii after extensive flooding. you're seeing some of it here. this follows a powerful storm that hit yesterday forecasters warned of a chance for dangerous and catastrophic flooding more than 2 feet of rain is possible in some areas. a blizzard warning was also issued after several inches of snow fell on the summit's of hawaii's big island and for more on the aftermath in hawaii. let's
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check in with chiefmeteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, guys. called a kona low. this when they get that storm system, the dips. well, the south and. >> really pulls up that moisture up out of the southwest and that's what they've had. just think. you plan your nice trip. you're getting a getaway from hawaii trying to get away from pandemic, then you're dealing with all the flooding across the islands that snow as much as a foot across some of the higher peaks on the big island. she that big swirl in the atmosphere that you're kona low pulling up all that rain they had actually about 8 inches of rain in honolulu. that was a record for a day in december and they're still looking at the possibility of some flooding go mainly on right now as things settling down a little bit, but that the watch in effect until 6 o'clock in the morning. all right. let's get you back out toward the west coast. and we've had changes come our way. that storm system moving all the way down in the southern california. we're drying out here just temporarily as we've got more storms line up on the horizon, mostly clear out there now. but that fog is going to develop throughout the night tonight, especially in the valleys and we very that to
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leave fog on the ground tomorrow morning. fog giving way to more clouds and then a chance of more rain developing up by looks like tomorrow night into thursday. a very unsettled weather pattern. in fact, much bigger storms on the way high pressure off the coastline. you see the jet stream well, to the south here and then bringing all that moisture, all the way the top of that ridge and then kind of fall apart as it makes its way into california. so we'll see another front begin to drop down on the backside of this ridge right over the top. there that will bring with that increasing clouds for tomorrow. so temperatures warmed up today we go right back down for tomorrow. we'll cool as numbers down mainly in the 50's around much of the bay area. but a wintry weather. yes, something to watch out for a lot of folks trying to head up the high country at this time of year. finally going to get more snow up there. a snow advisory, maybe a foot of snow above 7,000 people that a winter weather advisory that goes all the way down to about 5,000 feet. and this just the beginning. a series of storms headed not only our way but get ready for a ton of snow in the sierra. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. all right. lines.
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thanks very much. >> still ahead, an update last month's fatal crowd crush of travis scott's astroworld festival by the rapper's attorney say he should be dismissed from the many lawsuits he's facing. >> as far as the san jose sharks back at home hosting the first place calgary flames. we'll have a live preview from the shark tank next. and the major internet server problem, the outage that affected everything from hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie...
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>> as defendants begin to respond to the hundreds of lawsuits filed in the aftermath of the astroworld festival. travis scott is he's asking to be dismissed from the many lawsuits that he is specifically named in the move marks his first public response since the lawsuits began piling up last month scott denies the allegations against him in at least 11 different lawsuits. his attorney argues the rapper is not legally liable for the tragedy. 10 people died. hundreds more were injured after crowds rushed the stage during that festival. former white house chief of staff mark meadows now says he will not cooperate with the congressional investigation and to the january 6 insurrection. earlier he had said that he would cooperate a lawyer for meadows says negotiations with the committee broke down. he says the panel wants to ask questions which donald trump
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claims are off limits because epof executive privilege. >> a portion of the internet is back up and running tonight. however, it was down for nearly 12 hours. the issue has been traced to amazon web services aws provides computing services to individuals and businesses universities and governments, of course, that means those entities rely on the service to function or provide their own services. so it was difficult to surf the web to watch movies or even conduct business today. people are even reporting problems with the internet connected roomba vacuum cleaners. amazon says it has identified the root cause of the problem and is working on a fix. but it's not known exactly when that will happen. coming up next, the outgoing chief of cal-fire testify before state lawmakers. what he is sayi
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> state lawmakers held an oversight hearing into governor newsom's administration's wildfire prevention efforts. >> among those testifying today outgoing cal fire chief thom porter who is retiring at the end of this week force. ashley zavala explains the effort underway and the questions lawmakers keep asking. >> every acre in california can and will burn some chief thom porter testifying in front of lawmakers one last time as the leader of cal-fire as a member of a long line of forster's and his family. the
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chief commending the newsom administration's investment and working to manage in california forests it with every fiber of my being. we are on the right path. his testimony came at tuesday's oversight hearing in front of the assembly budget committee on climate crisis resources in energy. this hearing was originally scheduled earlier in the fall after an npr report found newsom's administration significantly overstated the number of acres burned in high-priority forest management projects chief border took the blame in tuesday's update. other members of newsom's administration explained the uses of more than 1.5 billion dollars allocated this year to force management and wildfire prevention projects about a 3rd of that was released in april to launch 260 new high priority projects. republicans pressed the panel for the number of acres and no specific projects treated. so far the administration couldn't say tuesday is i think a big transparency and really knowing. >> with this money porter told lawmakers in the force
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management task forces separate goal to burn half a million acres by 2025 cal fire estimates between 250 to 320,000 acres have been treated over the last 3 to 4 years. but the majority of it on private land. other forster's testifying said more accountability is needed on this work. well, porter says he's proud of the work underway in his final push to lawmakers. he says more focus also needs to be put on reforestation. we need to. >> actively go back and put trees in the ground that's going to take some effort and take some attention and something that we're going to need to do in order to meet our climate goals down streams. lawmakers say they'll continue oversight work when the new legislative session starts in january. >> at state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. all right. time for another look at the forecast is a lovely shot of the coit tower on a night that looks pretty quiet. but we know that's. >> going to change. that's right. lawrence is standing by us as a lot of rain yeah. how about that kind of feast or famine this year. so far we have all that rain, the
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beginning. the season. then a dried out. now we're starting to get back into a very wet weather pattern again outside right now it's dry for the most part we are going to see t% some fog developing overnight tonight, the temperatures today popping back up member yesterday was just very chilly some high temperatures only in the 40's and low 50's today we're in the 50's and low 60's. so temperatures warming up a good 9 to about 10 degrees or so from yesterday's highs tomorrow we're going to cool right back down. here's the long-range weather pattern this work. it's interesting. one system rolls out of town behind that. we've got another kind of similar cold front coming through. there's not going to be a lot of rain. it's going bring a lot of cold air and a chance more bay area. snow levels are he b- going to be dropping across the bay area's. well, maybe down to 2500 feet. we could see a dusting, a storm snow. then we get into sunday and that's where everything really changes. the first part of that storm system rolls in now looks like possibly as early as sunday morning. this an atmospheric river event this likely bring some very heavy rainfall. and as the low
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begins to kick on the backside because the drop south, the storm kind of stalls out over the bay area and that means we're going to talk about a ton rain across the bay area. central california northern california that it's going to slowly sag all the way down to southern california. but we're going to see rain from sunday right through probably tuesday afternoon before tapering off the more scattered showers and on the backside, you've got another storm system coming. in fact, they're lining up now. looks like all the way until at least christmas and probably be on. we're going to see some impressive amounts of rain. we have to worry about flash flooding and flooding going to be watching those main rivers very closely the russian and the napa river rainfall totals looking impressive all around the state. lots of heavy snow in the sierra nevada. we're talking about feet of snow between now and the middle of next week around the bay area rainfall totals looking like this. you can expect the mountains going to see a whole lot of heavy rain, maybe some places in excess of 7 inches of rain. guys, back to you. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the sharks have been up and down all season long. they haven't really been able to
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sustain high level play tonight they look to snap a two-game losing streak with calgary in town and kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. she joins us live from the shark tank with the pre-game report. kate. >> hey jason, this has the potential to be a good one. you said at the sharks have been pretty streaky this season. a cluster of winds here. a string of losses there. >> and that was the story on this recent road trip that they're coming off of 3 wins to start the trip off followed by back-to-back losses. so now that they're back here safety center. they want to get things started on the right foot on this homestand. it's a 7 game. homestand starting tonight against the flames and calgary is good. make that really good. they lead the pacific division and they've won 7 of their last 10 games while allowing fewer goals per game than any team in the league. that's bad news for the sharks because they've really struggled offensively recently. so it's a big test. it's only the sharks. second division game of the season. they're currently 5th in the
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pacific and a win would really go a long way to proving that this team can go the distance in the division today. head coach bob uecker talked about the matchup. >> we know there are a team successful year even on the strip. i they played well on this trip so far for us it's more about, you know, get back a replay with the first grade that's columbus. and then we let slip. we talked about that this morning. you know, opportunity lost. and we have to have a short memory. i think you know, being able to have that the office to come back to 2 run today focuses behind us. learn from it and try get started and 6 cats. >> one thing working in the sharks favor. i mention that they've only had one division game so far this season that was actually against the flames. got a month ago. they beat them 41 in calgary's. so that's got to give them a little confidence that they can do the same thing tonight here sticky center. the puck drops at 7.30. jason, back to you. >> thanks for that report, kate. we'll check out after
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the game ends. all right. the warriors are plugging along through the first 3rd of the season. they're fresh off a blowout win against the magic and some good news out of practice today. james wiseman is continuing his rehab. as you can see right here, great video by kylen mills. andre iguodala is a possibility for tomorrow night's game against the blazers. he's missed 11 in allen's career 3 point record and steve kerr and come looney know that the inevitable record will end sooner rather than later. >> and every arena we go to there. so there's just a sense of anticipation. every time he touches the ball. you can hear in the crowd. the with which he had is, you know, going to break this record is stunning. but it's also an indication of how much the game has changed and how much stephan self has
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changed it. i think it's going to be a special moment thing, something that we're going to talk about part of the dream again, this is an is going to be some >> no, we really talked about it team, but we're excited to be part of history of the parties these incidents crazy. bobbie, this so i'm excited for him. and just i to be part of. >> all right. so he is 15 away from tying the record 16 from breaking it. >> and we have a little bet. we don't know when it's going to happen. they play tomorrow and portland. if you were to break the record tomorrow. he would also break. >> the single season or in a single game 3 point record, which is held by coincidentally enough klay thompson loud klay thompson hit 14 threes in one game that mba record. so steph got to 15 to tie that record after that they go on the road for 5 games. so he's probably going to be either in philadelphia, indiana, new york. new york will be cool in madison square
6:54 pm
garden. the knicks passed up on steph he wanted to play coming out of college. so it will be anywhere. he gets it but just it's a record that, you know, is is one of the top record in the nba is going to be read very, very much so. look upon highly, are you betting tomorrow. that's that's a tall task. ok. that's a tall task to be cool to happen in my hometown of philly on against his little brother >> lot of storylines just >> lot of storylines just bouncing around today. when a truck hit my car, >> lot of storylines just bouncing around today. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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>> if you are putting up christmas lights do not expect to keep up with what's happening at this home. this is upstate new york. the family's light display is now in the guinness book of world records for most flights on a residential property. 687,000 lights. >> the homeowner does collect money for local charities and hopes to donate half a million dollars from this year's display. my goodness. >> well, that's a nice thing to have a nice evening. ho ho ho!
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: tv personality nick cannon in tears. he just lost his 5-month-old infant. >> holding my son for the last time. >> then, whether in cross-examination at the jussie smollett trial. >> deborah: the embattled doctor on the hot seat. >> this cockamamie story, which changes every time he starts talking. >> announcer: and... the capitol hill riot or who flew in a private plane. >> we are all going to be up here breaking those windows. >> she is about to report to prison. if she really looking forward to it? >> if i could


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