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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 7, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 09:00am in agreement with the academies. >> to be able to recruit more officers. there is direction for our city administrator to go ahead and engage with an outside hiring for. >> tonight at 9, adding more police officers in oakland facing a surgeon violent crime city council voting tonight to beef up the police department there. good evening, everybody. welcome in to kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis final vote was 6 to one with one abstention. >> to add 60 police officers to the force those officers
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would come through to new police academies. our first dan thorn following a tonight's meeting. he joins us now live in the newsroom with more. dan. >> well, vicki and grant oakland mayor libby shaft is applauding this vote saying it will increase public safety in the embattled city. oakland has been dealing with a dramatic jump in gun violence and council members in favor of adding more officers hope that this will help curb the problem. the oakland police department is one step closer to filling 60 open positions. the city council approving a plan to build up the force amid an explosion in homicides and other violent crime motion passes with a vote of 6 ayes. one abstention by and one know under the new plan to additional police academies will be used to fill opd is vacancies along with an unfreezing of 20 police positions in the current city budget. >> and outside recruiter can also help draw experienced officers to oakland through a nationwide search. i believe that we've got to solve the
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problem within our community on police scene and how we build and retain and nurture that culture that cultivates. >> investing deeply in our public comment period allowed people to weigh in before tuesday night's vote. >> homicides and shootings of the worst i've seen in more than 70 years. it's not safe here. i would like to drive down the street during the day without worry about being shot or attacked from my vehicle. i think that's a human right. i demand that the council seek measures, the exemptions. >> to the opd staffing floor that no additional funds be funneled to opd and then a full audit team made it will be the oakland mayor libby shaft, thank the 6 council members for voting in favor along with the residents who supported adding to the force. >> a statement from her office read in part, quote, today's action will allow us to carry out a holistic vision of public safety to address the tragic surge in crime and violence in our city. residents spoke up today and their voices were heard
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district 5 council member noel gallo was the only no vote saying in the past, opd has struggled to hire experienced officers. >> we already been through a lateral academy and we did. we failed in that effort and i don't want to repeat the same mistake. >> the council also decided to delay a vote on offering $50,000 signing bonuses for experienced officer's to join opd. that proposal came from councilmember sheng tao and will be heard on december 21st reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you, dan hand amid recent calls to defund the police. the decision to add cops comes with controversy. one group says the city already has enough officers. >> it's what the officers are doing while on patrol that they have an issue with members of the anti police terror project in oakland are calling the hiring and recruiting of officers in oakland unnecessary. remember say there are officers on the force who should be redirected to handle more serious crimes.
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>> why do we need cops to respond. a neighborly disputes. why do we need cops to deal with animals. that's unsafe. i send my kid outside every day terrified. she's not going to come that super so many opener. >> the project co-founder their cat brooks says new data about oakland pd shows that at least 62 officers spend their time responding to non criminal and nonviolent crimes. she says those jobs equal around 17 million dollars a year and that should be redirected to help fight the city's crime. >> a public memorial service has been scheduled for kevin issued. a new shooter was shot while protecting a kron 4 reporter on assignment in oakland back on november 24th. he died a few days later, his service will be taking place this thursday at the san jose civic center doors open at 11. the service begins at noon and prop 4 will also be streaming that service for anyone who'd like to watch it from home and
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a reminder oakland. police are looking for a car that is believed to be involved in his murder. it is a white 2004, 2008 acura tl with a sunroof and no front license plate. as you can see there, authorities believe that there is a cell phone video in connection with the murder and they're asking anyone with video link to the investigation to contact opd. the reward is now $38,500 for information leading to an arrest. and you can find more stories about our blood security guard, kevin issue to our website. kron 4 dot com. just use your mobile device to scan this qr code. it will take you to the page and there you can find more details on the memorial service. this thursday, how to make a donation to his family and their entire interview with our pam moore. it's kron 4 dot com. and as retail theft rises in san francisco. more and more stores are hiring uniformed officers to work overtime to provide additional security. the problem is there
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aren't enough of them answer the call. and that is why today the san francisco board of supervisors passed a law allowing san francisco sheriff's deputies to also provide private businesses over time services from first anchorman reports. >> legislation passed tuesday by the san francisco board of supervisors means uniformed sheriff's deputies can now be hired by retailers in commercial establishments to provide additional law enforcement presence at their businesses. >> this is meant to be a deterrent. this is meant to be more eyes and ears on the street. and if and when something becomes violent like it did on november 19th in union square our peace officers, non-law enforcement officers will be present and ready. >> until now. if walgreens or any other business wanted to pay a uniformed officer to work overtime to provide additional security at their store. it had to be a san francisco police officer. >> this legislation is in our best interest. but due to
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staffing shortages and the rise in retail theft. >> the sfpd has not been able to meet all those requests. this is designed to fill in those gaps. we all want what's best for our city in terms of public safety, particularly as it relates to retailers. the sheriff says deputies will work overtime on a voluntary basis. so this won't impact current staffing levels pre she ate the fact. >> that we're not going to be a little more hopeful that we can assist in increasing. the feeling of safety and the quality of care that we provide as public details of the plan still have to be worked out. and sheriff's officials tell us, unfortunately it won't be ready to go until after the current holiday season. >> dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the city of alameda. it is changing its approach to mental health related calls for service next week. the city is launching a mobile mental health response unit. the push to change how mental health calls are addressed in alameda really gain support in april after 26 year-old mario
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gonzalez died in police custody. body camera footage appeared to show officers pinning gonzalez to the ground while kneeling on his back and shoulders. you see that here. 9 alameda fire department, staff members have been training extensively on mental health crisis intervention and de-escalation. the fire chief says they will make up the care team. trying to get in there. >> and help them navigate so that they just don't go on to marry ground, go to the hospital and back in their environment, whether it's on the streets or in their home and then end up back in the hospital. confident saying that this program will save lives in this. to me. >> a paramedic and emt. they will travel in pairs for a 24 hour shift driving in an unmarked car chief nick luby says alameda police officers will join them on calls but are expected to keep their distance. >> and allow the team to assess the case. the program is expected to continue for at least one year.
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>> happening now, the san francisco unified school board is working on a final plan on closing a 125 million dollar budget gap to avoid a state takeover millions of dollars in cuts to students programs and hundreds of jobs could be eliminated as part of the proposal are jonathan mccall has been. >> listening to the meeting which is currently underway. he's here now with the breakdown of what you have learned so far. that was money. a huge number. it is a big number. you know what parents wanted parents educators. everybody wants to try and keep those cuts as far as possible from the kids students. but when you have a 125 million dollars this year or for next school year in than a 140 million dollars that you have to make up for 2 years from now. it's very tough for that to happen. according to the state of california, the district's problem is very simple. they're simply not enough students currently in sf usd schools. but the district is still spending at high levels that is created that huge
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deficit. and according to the state they simply cannot continue moving forward at the current pace. here's how the district will fill the 125 million dollars 90 million dollars would come in direct cuts 60 million dollars in cuts would be directly impacting students, including budgets of the schools. 30 million dollars would be cut from central services. that includes things like technology. transportation custodial services and even more from the administrative offices which also would mean managers in clerical staff members would be gone as well. 35 million dollars from grants in prior savings would make up the rest of that deficit. the plan also calling for more than 400 jobs to be eliminated between the school and the central office. and do, sean, the former california superintendent in state appointee. financial expert says there's simply no way around it. he is recommending the district offer early retirement plans to long-term workers freeze hiring for nonessential positions and free spending for nonessential services.
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>> the state is experiencing declining enrollment and then it is. one of the major foundations as your budget deficit. so that does mean at some point. we need to look at the staffing at the district level. we need to look at the staffing that support schools indirectly and directly and we need to look at school state site staffing and i'm serving i'm going to reiterate because i think it's a fundamental concept here. if you have 50 teachers at this school and half as many students are not 50 teachers and you cannot continue to do that on a i well, i'm going bases with declining enrollment. he's got to the position for words. worst case. you are in the and throws of people returning this school. but public education in california has seen an exodus of students beyond which was expected.
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>> has the fewest, the not the only district dealing with those problems as we saw a list of student services that would be on the chopping block to include a number of things, including j r o t c programs. those services would cut at least 10 million dollars alone. but there is some good news for the financial health of the district last month. it received more than 123 million dollars in money approved by voters in 2018 for living wage for teachers. the board set to meet again next tuesday to finalize this plan which must be submitted along with the district's first draft of next year's budget. the california department of education next wednesday. jonathan mccall kron 4 news, thank you, jonathan. >> state of emergency has declared in hawaii after extensive flooding there. this comes as a powerful storm pounded the area yesterday with heavy rain. forecasters are warning of a chance for dangerous and catastrophic flooding in some parts of the state. more than 2 feet of rain is possible in some areas. a blizzard warning also
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being issued after several inches of snow fell on the summit's of hawaii's big island. >> and sometimes you have those storms kind of move through quickly. this one has just posted up and it seems like it's stalled there. yeah. kind of said. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about it. it's called colo. that's a spinning off of hawaii right now. yeah. it's getting segment we hear on the west coast of have that big dome of high pressure. that's kind of a blocking ridge. and so those patterns can get stagnant up for those system. just kind of hold. they spin up all that rain that exactly. we're seeing in the hawaiian islands now and they have seen tremendous amounts of rain in the yeah, they had over 8 inches of rain in today alone. and that was a record as the storm system just pulled all that moisture up of the south and continue to pummel the islands are still looking at the possibility for trouble things have backed off a little bit. still on kawhi. they're looking some flood watches still posted there until wednesday early in the morning, but they've got some
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more rain on the way. we're going to see the pattern begin to shift gears, though getting a little more active now catching a break today and drying out around the bay area storm clouds moving all the way into southern california. and now we're starting to see some fog forming outside. we're beginning to see that in the central valley getting a little bit of an offshore wind. yeah. be careful if you're traveling through the delta tonight in the central valley, even around part of the bay area overnight tonight. you can see some of that thick fog developing out there more that on the way for tonight. but then we've got a chance of some more rain temperatures out the door. now kind of cool spots 47 degrees in little more 48 in dublin. some areas of patchy fog beginning to show up in some of the interior valleys. now and it's going to be very thick by tomorrow morning. not a ton of rain but just enough to leave that moisture around. in fact, less than a 10th of an inch of rain for most of the bay area except some places over the mountains a little bit more than that. models are picking up on that fog tonight. you'll see developing on the visibilities coming up next to nothing overnight tonight and some of the interior valleys you see dropping off there in the
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santa rosa in the napa valley in the concord. very thick fog in us that ground fog that to fog right near the surface, making it very dangerous for driving tonight. there's a dense fog for tonight. some chilly temperatures and then tomorrow morning clouds. so that will be some fog and then some mid to high level clouds come rolling in and the pattern staying unsettled. in fact, this where it's going to start to get very, very interesting ahead. finally going to see some movement in the storm systems. here now is that blocking ridge kind of getting out of the way tomorrow will notice those temperatures coming down the clouds begin to roll and your skies and then this is where it gets very interesting. in the long range forecast models. now showing the storm system possibly coming in on the tomorrow night into thursday morning. again, this one kind of a very weak storm. just some light showers with that that changes we're going to see an atmospheric river likely to develop. and here comes as we get into early on sunday morning. now the timing has moved up. usually that's a good sign that these storms are coming through behind that. you've got low pressure on the backside kind of
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dropping to the south that is going to hold an anchor that moisture and bring lots of rain. and so once it gets going on sunday. it just keeps going and going and going. in fact, probably right through tuesday. catch a little bit of a break and then another storm system rolls in after that. so the pattern looking very promising. now it looks like we're going to see that rain on and off right through christmas, not only the rain here. we're talking feet of snow and the sierra nevada. great news for them. and now you're talking. yeah, it's going to go in. thanks, but it's okay. we turn now to our coronavirus coverage among the changes to our routines brought on by the pandemic. >> one activity actually may be here to stay. we're talking about how door dining lot of people have enjoyed it and continue to in san jose where the weather is highly conducive to eating outside drinking outside the city council approved a plan tonight that not only makes the program permanent but also expands it kron four's. rob fladeboe reports. >> al fresco or outdoor dining has been the difference between staying open and closing their doors forever
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for many restaurants and businesses here in downtown san jose and across town. it's time to make the concept. permanent says the city council's dev davis and i'm pretty sure it's going to pass today. i'm looking forward to making this permanent and. >> and very grateful for city staff working with the knight foundation to help our businesses keep this going at minimum the proposal calls for outdoor dining on private property to continue through 2022. >> san pedro another street would remain closed through june amid plans to expand and make the program permanent citywide. and we've actually put recovery funding towards this to help. >> our businesses transition from temporary to permanent and we look it looks like they're going to be about 2 dozen businesses that want to transition into making their parklets permanent and continue with outdoor dining. >> with some people still hesitant to shop or dine indoors as health officials encourage outdoor activities as much as possible. the city is indeed looking into expanding construction of those park was and making
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changes to streets and parking lots similar to what occurred at downtown's san pedro square it's not a one size fits all kind a it didn't work every street didn't work. >> and every but it worked. and didn't. >> what we have to all i hope for when we first came out with the memo. >> and the direction about al fresco. dining was really thinking about my business districts on the alameda and on lincoln avenue and hoping that we could give them something that would help them. you know, stay open. even if it was just a limp along. well, everything was shut down. >> designed to help the local economy pick up steam outdoor dining is a lifeline for businesses struggling with the pandemic and more evidence that necessity is truly the mother of invention in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> an update now to a story we first brought you yesterday
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contra costa county supervisor karen mitch off is asking health officials there to crack down on covid indoor mandates. mitch office requesting a report from contra. costa health services detailing all businesses that are not following guidelines and what is being done to correct that this is coming after that county's health leaders did not issue a single fine last month to businesses violating current county covid mandates to contra, costa county health department says they did not change policies but instead chose to not enforce the rules. today president biden spoke with russian president vladimir putin on a video call main topic. the recent russian troop buildup along the ukrainian border. the president said the u.s. and western allies would respond with strong economic sanctions and other measures. if russia invades ukraine, putin has denied any specific plans to invade or attack following the
9:20 pm
call. president. biden reportedly spoke with leaders from top european nations about that situation. >> today marks 80 years since the attack on pearl harbor the surprise attack from japan on hawaii push the u.s. into world war 2 on december 7th 1941 more than 2400 people died that day. congress declared december 7th as national pearl harbor remembrance day back in 1994 president biden and first lady jill biden commemorated the attack in dc today laying a wreath at the world war 2 memorial. the first lady also laid a bouquet honoring her father, a navy signal men in the war. >> here in the bay area. the city of coma marked the day by hoisting a flag raising ceremony for us. charles clifford was there. >> well, here in coma on pearl harbor day. a new flag was raised on the pole you see right behind me there, which actually hasn't had a flag on it since the mid 90's on tuesday. this new flag was raised. also a plaque was placed at the base of the a
9:21 pm
flag pole. now this poll has a very interesting story. it was put here in the 1970's john mitchell who was a colonel in the u.s. air force during world war 2, he was the lead pilot on operation vengeance, which was when the u.s. air force raided and killed admiral yamamoto from the japanese fleet who had been responsible for planning the pearl harbor attack. now after world war 2 mitchell settled here in coma. he had a shop nearby. put up the flag pole in 1970 and had a flag on it until 1995 when he died. it has been without a flag since then a couple of years ago, some of mitchell's friends got together and decided to pool their money and put a new flag on the pole and also a plaque to honor their friend and along with him. there are many, many other people in this town that went to war and came back. i never knew a pilot. he was the only one. he never spoke about it. very upbeat. it as about service. this guy was about. >> helping you get along with whatever you're doing. he
9:22 pm
really helped me out a lot. he was like a mentor to me. >> now the city of coma also issued a proclamation today to honor colonel mitchell. that proclamation will be placed in the museum here in coma. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> coming up on this hour from 4 news boycotting the annual dickens christmas pair white former cast members and attendees are refusing to support the holiday event. >> plus, congress continues to investigate the january 6th insurrection why former white house chief of staff is changing his mind to get. >> and parents have been given the ok to vaccinate their children aged 5 to 11. but it may be more difficult to get the shots and they fight. will look at the challenges some parents are facing.
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>> try to get that vaccine booster, maybe a shot for your kid if there are 5 to 11. well, that can be complicated, especially right now really depends in the bay area where you live our kron four's terisa examines why getting a shot may be easy for some and tough for others. >> getting the vaccine for my wife. >> jose roman is vaccinated, but his wife isn't so they went to this vaccine clinic in northgate mall in sandra fell looking for a shot. do we could as can. but that is not true. >> they you to yes, can. so we had to come back another. they make an appointment.
9:26 pm
>> in marin county. finding a vaccine is challenging, not impossible, but an appointment could take up to 2 weeks. it is a good news. bad news situation data shows vaccination rates in the county are high for all eligible groups and that has strained some supplies in san mateo county. this from the public health department asking people to make an appointment instead of just showing up a spokesperson says it is not a matter of a lack of vaccine, but rather to make sure the operation run set to operate a mass vaccination clinic in our with the expectation of of running to a certain amount of doses each week. so in order to do that, we really have to do fair bit of preplanning. so we've been fortunate that because of that, we haven't had shortages. >> doctor bela matyas solano, county's public health officer says while the mask cited the vallejo fairgrounds has availability. the doctor says they are finding they need to
9:27 pm
do more pop up i don't really know why we're not boosting more quickly. i think maybe one reason is that, you know, the mass vaccination. i think we operate as is invalid how and people from outside of la home have difficulty getting that. so as we started to do pop up clinics over the last 2 weeks we've had a large diverse people show up at those other location in santa clara county. a county health spokesperson says that their website shows appointments. >> are available at several spots in the county and sonoma county says that they are in good shape as well with health officials saying be patient if it takes a day or 2. >> all of this. a positive direction. health officials say especially as the omicron variant rears its head and a winter surge could be around the corner to recess. stasio kron 4 news. >> health experts aie recommending against using blood plasma from people who have recovered from covid to treat patients with the illness. the world health organization says that a group of experts has concluded the
9:28 pm
they expensive and time consuming transfusions haven't been effective in preventing severe illness or death trials were conducted on 16,000 patients. the un health agency says that. well, the plasma of recovered patients admission. ali, promise as a treatment. the latest evidence shows it doesn't increase survival rate. >> next. large parts of the way it went dark today. the issue eventually traced back to the amazon web services product with the company saying tonight about the widespread internet outage plus, wildfire prevention. talk. it was front and center at the capitol today. california with the embattled outgoing cal fire director had to say about the administration's handling of that issue and some number problems. also. the dickens christmas fair steeped in controversy this year. the racism and harassment allegations that have many people boycotting that holiday people boycotting that holiday
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>> but people forget the great dickens christmas fair. it is back in daly city this year and a mobile form ad. but while it is, of course, opposed to bring joy during the holiday season. former cast members are saying that joy comes at the expense of pain. >> the 51 year-old holiday tradition now facing backlash and a boycott after allegations of harassment and
9:32 pm
history of racism. proffers taylor's sacking spoke to former cast members of the fair tonight. she joins us now live from san francisco with more taylor. well, more than 200 cast members and thousands of attendees have vouching not to return to the fair this year. >> plus, an online petition has gained more than 3,000 signatures. former cast members allege that issues of racism and inappropriate behavior have been swept under the rug for years. >> daly city holiday tradition is in hot water after allegations of racism and harassment. former cast member of the great dickens christmas fairly. andrew darden says it was an unsafe work environment behind the curtains marginalized. people have always had a problem with consent and oftentimes what happens is that they run against the long run against the law and they don't have any support. >> and so they walk away quietly and we licked their wounds and when we decided that we could no longer
9:33 pm
support there. we didn't want to go quietly who want to help be a voice for everybody else felt that way things. have to walk away for their own mental health physical health darden is also the former vice president and the londoners of the african diaspora. >> and advocacy group of black cast members of the dickens fair guard and didn't return to the fair this year along with 200 other cast members and thousands of attendees. according to an online petition calling for a boycott. we were called police. >> not just by people that came to visit but have some others and that's something i really want people to recognize that this isn't just because lots of people came to visit us. this is people who are playing with us. cardin says there's also been use of racial slurs like the n word. >> it says black cast members were considered for roles solely based on their skin color. that's not all. former co-director of the singing group june, ali sally's, jennifer dimicco alleges inappropriate touching groping and harassment by members learned over the years that it isn't something that i have to take.
9:34 pm
>> but there weren't mechanisms in place for me to talk to anybody about it. >> but the culture make me think that i was supposed to accept it. that was the way things were. and so i just let it happen. and it happens to young women. sometimes minors. >> dimicco says victims have made complaints for years, but nothing ever happened. often those complaints going to what i would call a black hole. >> in some cases and only very recently when the threat of lawsuits have occurred. i think taken public action. >> on tuesday. we reached out to red barn productions. the company that puts on this fair and they responded with 2 handouts. what about the independent reporting procedure previously mentioned another outlining guidelines for cast conduct. >> darden says they provided fair leaders with an anti
9:35 pm
racism initiative, which was a 53.5 year plan things that the fair could do to improve the culture and environment. however, she says leaders didn't respond well to that plan, which is why they're now speaking out. meanwhile, we haven't received a direct statement from the company addressing the specific allegations made by the fair's cast members live in the newsroom. i'm telling second reporting kron 4 news. >> thank you. taylor mountain view man has been arrested and charged with lewd acts and molesting minors, mountain view. police say raphael magical worked at the gateway neighiorhood center and was active in the community. police say 2 teens at the center have reported inappropriate actions with matter call police believe because of his work with use. there. it could be additional victims if you have any information you're asked to contact mountain view police. as defendants begin to respond to the hundreds of lawsuits filed in the aftermath of that astroworld festival. travis scott has requested to be dismissed from multiple lawsuits in which is named the
9:36 pm
move marks the rapper's first response to the suit since they started piling up following the tragedy last month. scott has denied all the allegations against him in 11 different lawsuits. his attorney says scott, quote, it's not legally liable for the tragedy. 10 people died and hundreds more were injured after crowds rushed to the stage towards. towards that stage during the festival. >> next month will mark one year since the violent mob attacked the u.s. capitol building in today. lawmakers question the man tasked with helping capitol police implement changes at a senate hearing capitol police inspector general michael bolton said his department has implemented about 30 of the 100 new security changes. he's recommending one of the major security challenges is staffing. the inspector general says about 200 officers have left the job since the january 6th riot, minnesota senator amy klobuchar says solving that issue is going to take more than just money.
9:37 pm
>> we have now put the money forward for that. but this police department, like many across the country is facing staff shortages. >> meanwhile, a group of republican lawmakers say individuals charged in the january 6th capitol attack are suffering unfair treatment. they say in a washington, dc jail, including not receiving proper medical care and not being able to use the bathroom for more than 20 hours. they must artist. banksy is trying to raise millions to turn a prison into a refuge for art. the anonymous street artist painted the wall of an unoccupied prison in the u k banksy is now selling the stencil used for the art work to prevent housing developers from buying the prison. it's one of the first times that banks, these tools have been offered for sale providing a window into the artist's mind and creative process. the sale of the stencil could raise an estimated 13 million dollars. the artists reportedly wants the prison turned into an art center. if you want to catch
9:38 pm
some of banksy's art. you can stop by the palace of fine arts in san francisco. but the world's largest exhibit of his works is currently being shown as always, you can find more information on that at our website. kron 4 dot com. and if you're having trouble shopping for loved ones this holiday season. stick around. but experts suggest you do instead of breaking the bank this year. >> and talk a lot of rain here. we're going to feel whole lot of snow in the sierra nevada will check out. that's your forecast. >> coming up next. >> it's been raining threes at chase steph curry. >> and just get the logo. the bank. you didn't have any more. does he need. >> to break one of that. because records in hoops sports director jason dumas has that plus a check on that sharks and flames coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the sharky's in action tonight. down in san jose taking on the calgary flames and right now they are in the 3rd period and the sharks up 43 calgary, one of the best teams and the nhl hopefully that final can hold suit. we will have your full highlights postgame or court report live from the shark tank where kate rooney is standing by now. back here in the city, the warriors plugging along through their first 3rd of the
9:42 pm
season. they're fresh off a blowout win against the magic in some good news out of practice. james wiseman. he's continuing to rehab. here he is with the resistance band. strengthening up that me andre iguodala, on the other hand, he's a possibility for tomorrow's game. he's missed 11 in a row now. but the news has dominated the last 24 hours is staffed closing in on that all-time 3 point record and steve kerr and combine looney. they know it's inevitable at this point. and they're just waiting to see the sights. >> and every arena we go to there. so there's just a sense of anticipation. every time he touches the ball. you can hear in the crowd. the with which he had is, you know, going to break this record is stunning. but it's also an indication of how much the game has changed and how much stephan self has changed it. i think it's going to be a special moment thing, something that we're going to
9:43 pm
talk about part of the dream again, this is going to be some >> no, we really talked about it team, but we're excited to be part of history of part of his these incidents crazy. bobbie, this so i'm excited for him. and just i to be part of. >> we in the sports cast on a bittersweet moment last week we preview the oscar frayer invitational honoring the life of the late oscar frayer who passed away earlier this year in a car accident this past weekend. his alma mater paid homage and retired oscars jersey. they with us. >> resident. he's oscar >> of course he's a graduate of morrow high school. then he went to canyon university and he led that team to their first ever ncaa tournament appearance. they almost pulled off an upset in the opening
9:44 pm
round. yeah. and that fatal car accident a couple of days after that game. may he raced rest in peace. and we're glad that his high school more allies. tim for years to come heidi. that's your look at sports. we'
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
>> wide range of internet based services been a disrupted for nearly the whole day alexa. what is going on?
9:47 pm
yeah, was on cloud service network suffered this big old outage today. they're working toward a full recovery. kron four's, ella sogomonian has the latest. ella this messed up a lot of people's days. it certainly did. fortunately for us on the west coast, not as bad as over on the east side. but at last check on the popular clearinghouse for added report down detector. dot com services, as you can see, are near normal. >> the central part of the issue has been addressed. but you can see right there, the peak of the problem had more than 27,000 outages reported between 08:10am that number had gone down to just a couple of 100 about an hour ago. again, just on this website. but a big question in the aftermath remains, is it wise to have one company provide this kind of service to so many others that rely on them. >> they had a bad essentially what happened. it appears is they had a mix-up in some of their code and as a result everything went sideways.
9:48 pm
>> a bad day for amazon meant a rude awakening for customers of all kinds tuesday morning, the eastern portion of the united states felt the brunt of it. a massive outage of the company's cloud service network. amazon web services caused a ripple effect. disrupting access to many popular sites. a contract amazon for that technology from receiving amazon packages to booking are changing trips of delta airlines ordering food on insta cart flipping the channel on roku or checking who is at the front door using a ring doorbell camera suddenly i had someone show up at my front door and i tried to. >> see who it was. and i couldn't i had to walk down physically. oh, the horror, but still it didn't do his job. >> it's one thing to interrupt. modern-day conveniences hit companies where it hurts the most in the profits. but the outage reignited an even bigger issue at hand. the goal for the internet was to be decentralized. and now a few big tech companies are leading the way and are relied upon heavily technologist and public data access activist carl malamud said in part when
9:49 pm
we put everything in one place where violating that fundamental principle. we saw that when facebook became an instrument of a massive disinformation campaign. we just saw that today with the amazon failure as it's happening. >> i feel like a conversation might start to happen about maybe we shouldn't rely on one company for so much of our stuff. >> like all companies, amazon has a legal obligation to report any hack. so at this time the outage does not appear to be nefarious. was unclear how or whether the outage was affecting the federal government. they do contract with. >> this amazon web services as well. the u.s. cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency said in an email response to questions to a reporter that it was working with amazon to understand any potential impacts of this outage may have for federal agencies or other partners, not elaborating much there live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. appreciate little going to switch.
9:50 pm
>> gears right cool dreary to start the week. crisp. chris, we're clear day old still fall, still fall fall. but the we've got some snow and that's what we're looking for. right. yeah. yeah. a lot of snow. i think in a lot of folks want to get up there and enjoy christmas time. not much for thanksgiving. but i think that will be a different case. now as we're going to see a larger storm begin to move. in fact, the whole series. we're going to start to roll on shore. this one that came through yesterday. that was a cold system. not much in the way of rain for us. not much in the way of snow for the sierra nevada. we get this weekend. everything can change. in fact, this next storm probably going bring some nice snow up there. that begins a tomorrow evening and continue until thursday afternoon as we're going to see upwards of a foot of snow across some of the higher peaks there in the sierra nevada. but the winter weather advisory all the way down to 5,000 feet. so if you're traveling in that direction that is going to affect you if you're headed that way. here's a look at the computer forecast the first storm system coming through all that snow. beautiful snow
9:51 pm
across the sierra nevada. then a little bit of a break. then on sunday. here comes the main event starting out with some higher elevations of that snow. and then as we get through monday, that continues. in fact, right into tuesday really seen a lot of snow being pumped in the high country. then a little bit of a break and then another storm after that. that's the way it looks like that's going to pan all the way through christmas. so we're going to see some impressive amounts of rainfall around the state and a whole lot of snow in the high country snow probably will be dropping out of 5,000 feet or so, maybe upwards of 7 feet of snow across the high country. a lot of rain down below that the bay area going to see a whole lot of rain not to ship. tomorrow is going to be a dry day the temperatures they warmed up today. they're going to cool back down tomorrow. a lot of cloud cover moving on through so highs only in the 50's, maybe a couple low 60's and that's about it. and tonight, you've got to worry about some of the very dense fog late tonight in early tomorrow morning. now after this things begin to change. we're going to see a chance of rain developing wednesday into thursday. not going to be a big storm kind of like we just had to go through friday looks
9:52 pm
dry saturday. looks dry sunday. the storm system and timing is moving up a bit and that is usually a good sign as far the storm coming through. looks like this is holding together. that is going to be sunday monday, tuesday of heavy rainfall in the bay area, probably talking about the possibility flash flooding and maybe some flooding watch. senator. was phil those reservoir. let us hope c the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
9:53 pm
tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> well, get a look at this. if you're putting up your christmas lights, you want to expect to keep up with what's happening at this home in upstate new york. the family's light display. it's landed them in the guinness book of world records for most lights on a residential property, et. 687,000 lights put on your sunglasses. the homeowner collects money for local charities and hopes to donate half a million dollars earned from this year's despite speaking of christmas record holders, the world's largest christmas tree is. >> not quite as tall today. the top portion of this baby snapped off during strong wind gusts in enid, see the top there just. ripped off its a douglas fir originally a 140 feet tall that 63 feet taller, then the tree. they have their rockefeller center in new york about 27 feet of the tree snapped off crews safely. removed. it the christmas tree they say will still shine bright despite being a little
9:56 pm
bit shorter. maybe he's a little superglue to. some shoppers may be having some trouble deciding what to get friends and loved ones this holiday season. well, for. >> those who believe that they have all they ever need. experts say just keep it simple. a survey of 2000 americans finds that 58% think they're pretty easy to shop for one in 20 say they're impossible to shop for the solution to stick with the go to gifts. 58 1% say they love to receive chocolates and who doesn't. 50% love those gift basket and keep this in mind. 2 thirds of americans say they feel guilty. if somebody buys them expensive gifts. so, you know, hold on to the cash. >> all right. that wraps up kron 4 news at so no need. our primetime continues at the top of the hour. and pam warren. catherine heenan. what about socks socks? i have a friend who was buying a bunch of socks for people, right. think a lot really have. it is we were just getting out of together for you that all right. vicki and grant. thank
9:57 pm
you so much. coming up tonight at. >> 10 o'clock san francisco unified schools facing the state takeover. if it cannot solve its budget deficit. the new spending plan set to take effect as the board tries to keep control of the district and faced with skyrocketing crime. the oakland city council is now voting to invest more money in the police department and talking about hiring dozens of new officers are some opponents argue the real problem is what the officers are assigned to do. we'll have those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at ted as a result of the string of recent violent crimes in oakland with 129 homicides so far this year, city officials are bending to public demand and introducing more police academy classes. good evening. everybody are determined. >> to keep the promise to oakland to voters. we recognize that people feel very disturbed by all the violence. and i'm here to assure oaklanders. we take this extremely seriously. >> thank you for joining us tonight here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan can has the


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