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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now it's 3 after being removed from death row. scot peterson has been re-sentenced to life in prison today, but he could still face an entirely new trial. there's also new information that's been released on the pfizer vaccine and how it stands up against the omicron variant of coronavirus. why this is boosting the case for booster shots. and another atmospheric river is inching closer towards the bay area riding sunday morning expected to peak by monday morning. >> details ahead of time out the storm with updated rain totals in my full forecast sticker on kron 4 news at 3 starts right now.
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>> now from the area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> this is a murder trial. this is a capital murder trial. he is in prison for murdering his wife and unborn son. there is no forensic evidence. there's no timeline of this crime. scott peterson is innocent. >> nearly 2 decades after being sentenced to death. scott peterson was re-sentenced to life in prison today for killing his wife lacey and unborn son connor, thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock on this wednesday. i'm justine waldman. convicted killer scott peterson's original death penalty sentence was thrown out last year by the state supreme court and today prosecutors opted to settle for life without parole. and it was an emotional morning with family members from both sides present in the courtroom. kron four's charles clifford has been covering the trial for us today and he joins us now live from redwood city with the latest here. good afternoon, charles.
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>> hello. for the last year, scott peterson has been on death row at san quentin prison. but as of today he could be moved off of death row possibly into the general population or somewhere else. but in court today as you mentioned, the family from both sides were there and afterwards. the defense attorneys for scott peterson and his family were insistent that he's innocent. >> peterson appeared in court wearing an orange jail jumpsuit. had a face mask on for covid-19 reasons. also in the court room today was scott peterson's family and also the family of lacey peterson, including her brother sister and mother now lacey peterson's family was allowed to speak today. her sister, amy said there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about my sister and sharon rocha. lacey's mother accused scott of feeling no remorse or sorrow and wanted him to admit to killing her. originally we believe that scott peterson would make a statement today in court. the judge denied that instead moving right to sentencing him not allowing him to speak or
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to allow his family to speak after the hearing, peterson's attorney pat harris was asked why the judge chose not to let peterson make a statement. >> so i questioned her and ask her if she would allow him to make an allocation, allow scott to speak and she said no. you would have to ask the judge about that. i don't know why scott peterson's sister-in-law also spoke to the press saying the family believes scott is innocent and they want a retrial. >> our family is in this for the long haul. we will be here in 2 months. we look forward to scott being granted a new trial and when he is, we're going to show that he is innocent. >> all right. back live now. scott peterson was moved from san quentin prison in marin to here in san mateo county a week ago and he is going to remain here until an evidentiary hearing at the end of february. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 news, thank you so much, charles. so there is yes, this other hearing that's set for early next year
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to determine. >> if you will, get a new trial due to juror misconduct got a chance to speak with our legal expert and criminal defense attorney paula canny on what she expects to see happen. >> and one only issue for the trial judge. this new trial judge is going to be whether or not juror number 7 committed misconduct and whether or not and when years of misconduct, there's a presumption of prejudice to the defendant. is there anything that the prosecution can do to rebut that presumption of prejudice because if they can by law scott peterson gets a new trial. so my, you know. belief is they're going to focus on that, that there was juror misconduct. scott suffered actual prejudice. and under the law he gets a new trial because of that.
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>> kron 4 will continue to have coverage on the spot. scott peterson case as it develops. and if you want to read more on what was said in court today. it's on our website. kron 4 dot com. now to another high-profile case. this one in san jose. as the defense has rested in the criminal fraud trial of elizabeth holmes, the former founder and ceo of theranos has been in court since early september. she spent a total of 7 days testifying in her own defense. she is charged with 2 counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and 9 counts of wire fraud which carry a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. she's pleaded not guilty to all the charges. closing arguments are scheduled for next wednesday or thursday. the case could go to the jury by december 20th with deliberations liking to continue over the holiday break. now to our coronavirus coverage and pfizer said today the 2 doses of its covid vaccine may not provide sufficient protection against the new omicron coronavirus variant. however, it is saying
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3 doses are able to neutralize it. the drug company is also saying it is working on creating a omicron specific vaccine for the future since reports of the omicron variant emerged in late november, early december. health officials have urged people to get vaccinated and get that booster shot. but covid vaccine availability is pretty complicated right now across the bay area. some families are having an easy time getting the booster while others are saying it's kind of difficult. it all depends really where you live. san mateo county has demands for shots. so it is requiring appointments in the north bay vaccination rates are high and that has strained some supplies. so a lot of county's public health officer says they need more pop up vaccination clinics, especially as this new variant starts to spread. >> i don't really know why we're not boosting more quickly. i think maybe one reason is that, you know, the mass vaccination we operate as is invalid how and people from outside of la home have
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difficulty getting that. so as we started to do pop up clinics over the last 2 weeks we've had a large diverse people show up at those other locations. >> in santa clara county, a county health spokesperson says its website is showing appointments are available at several spots in the county. and right now on kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest information on this new variant as well as find out where the vaccination clinics are located around the bay area just scan. this qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our website, which again is kron 4 dot com. the state of california is preparing to become a sanctuary for women seeking abortions and reproductive care out today is a new list of recommendations for the state to consider if the u.s. supreme court overturns roe v wade kron four's. noelle bellow is here now live with us in the newsroom with all these details. good out. good afternoon justine more than 2 dozen states are poised right now to ban abortions. if the supreme court gives them the ok next year. but california
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lawmakers and abortion providers and advocacy groups made it clear today. california will be there for women seeking reproductive care. the california future of abortion council released a list of 45 recommendations for the state to consider if the high court overturns roe v wade. the group says it's imperative policy makers prepare the state to serve potentially millions more people seeking abortion care as other states prepare extreme bans to that essential health service. now much of the recommendations does come down to money incl1ding funding to pay for travel lodging and procedures for people from other states who may come here to seek care. earlier i spoke with jodie hicks from planned parenthood of california. she says are clinics here already serve patients who come from out of state seeking care and california needs to be prepared for an influx. even the year prior to texas going into effect. >> we provided over 7,000 visits for people seeking care from out of state because
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access to abortion has already been an issue. i'm taking away a fundamental right. that is provided under roe v wade will you know, make that 10's of millions of times worse for patients seeking care but but it's it's already an issue in many states that there's very few providers that can provide care for abortion services. now governor newsom has already thrown his support behind the plan. he said last week some of the report's details are going to be included in his budget proposal come january. >> have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5. you can also watch that full interview on our streaming service. kronon. you can download that for free in your app store right now. back to justine. thank you so much. and well. >> happening right now in the east bay, family, friends and colleagues are honoring the life and legacy of late alameda county supervisor wilma chan. the event is being held right now california garden and ends at 4 o'clock this afternoon. the feed. here
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is a little bit choppy. but this is a live picture of the events that are going on chan died last month when she was hit by a driver while crossing the street in alameda and people are honoring her community initiatives and programs that she championed throughout her career. also new this wednesday, the san francisco county transportation authority has now approved $385,000 to improve safety on franklin street between broadway and lombard separatists cisco supervisor catherine stefani says this is in response to last month's deadly accident were teacher's aide was killed. that happened on november 10th and andrew zieman was hit by a car and killed right near sherman elementary school. says franklin street represents several challenges and she will continue to work with the community to improve traffic safety. happening tomorrow is a public memorial service for kevin nishita. the shooter was shot while protecting a kron 4 reporter on assignment in
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oakland last month. he died just a few days later, the service will take place tomorrow. that's thursday at the san jose civic center doors open at 11. the service will begin at noon kron 4 will also be streaming. the service for anyone who wants to watch from home and just a reminder. oakland. police are still looking for this car. they believed that is involved in his murder at a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl with a sunroof and no front license plate. authorities believe there is cell phone video in connection to the murder as well. so they're asking anyone with that video or any information to contact opd. the reward is now at $38,500 for any information that leads to an arrest. time now to talk about our forecast we take a live look outside here along the barca darrow. that's quite tower there. breezy chilly today. some sprinkles throughout the bay area. but a lot more rain is on the bruce is tracking an atmospheric river. that's for later in the weekend. but we still have
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couple more days in front of us before we got to deal with that. yes, some spotty scattered showers before that as well. just let's take a live look outside. we're noticing. >> thicker fog bank right along golden gate bridge with that sun, trying to come out near coit tower. but light steady drizzle throughout the san francisco peninsula and east bay shoreline bring us traces amount of measurable rain. but we're expecting to see some spotty scattered showers later this afternoon with some widespread light rain. mainly for those of you in the east bay shoreline and south bay as well. really just bring us about a 10th of an inch of rain or less until we dry out and clear out by our thursday afternoon. but it is going to feel very blustery tomorrow because of that cold core storm from alaska making its way into the bay area right now going to leave behind a very cool but dry air mass and winds out of the northwest tomorrow. 20 miles per hour. less going to make temperatures feel cooler. they're already feeling cooler out there right now for your
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midweek forecast widespread low to mid 50's in the bay area downtown san francisco 54 degrees paul a wall to at 55 degrees as is alameda and pretty uniform numbers for those of you in the north bay, not the and petaluma currently at 54 degrees. but it's this atmospheric river that really has a whole bay area talking. we're going to see some light showers arriving early sunday morning with some pretty moderate downpours by sunday afternoon and the peak of this atmospheric river arriving by monday morning. details as they track this storm hour by hour with updated rain totals of what we can expect in just a few minutes. back to you to stand. >> thanks to here's what's coming up at 3 o'clock today. police in the east. they're looking for man who was asking teenage girls for while pretending to be a police officer. plus cracking down on covid violators. the punishment over a dozen restaurants in contra, costa county face this afternoon for breaking the rules. also, a
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>> now to the east bay were berkeley. police are looking for man who is claiming that he is a police officer and is demanding hugs from high school girls that it's happened twice so far. we have video the suspect kron four's camila barco has details.
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berkeley police are looking for this man who is claiming to be a police officer and demanding hugs from high school girls. we'll get video now of the suspect from kron fours camila barco.
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>> police say those girls did the right thing. the most recent incident happened on monday. the man pretended to be a police officer and said that he was armed. take a good look at this car berkeley. police say they're looking for the man who has been driving the newer model of a red ford mustang fastback with dark tinted windows. the man has been approaching teenage girls and identifying himself as a cop. the first incident happened on september 29th on gilman street. police say the same suspect approached another girl on mickey avenue near channing way on monday. this is video from september 29th. the man is seen walking side by side with a girl. police say he told her he was a police officer had a gun and demanded a hug. this girl ran away and called police. investigators say the same man in this video approached another teenage girl on monday morning around 9.30. she was walking on mcgee avenue. when police say a man started
3:21 pm
talking to her. the man told the girl he wanted to walk with her to berkeley high school to find his daughter. the girl refused. but police say the man told her he was a cop and should not worry the girl, didn't believe the man and kept walking. he followed her, cornered. her asked her for a hug and said he had a knife. she stepped away and called police the berkeley police department say there's a couple ways you can determine someone is a legitimate officer. well, i think the first indicator that. >> you actually are indeed speak with an officer as a uniform. beyond that, if you have so doubts or a question about whether or not the person as an officer. you can always dial 911, or the non-emergency number to confirm that police are asking residents in any of these areas to check their security cameras to see if they may have footage of the suspect. police advise parents that they should talk with their children about a plan in case
3:22 pm
this ever happens. parents should know what route their child is taking. >> how they're dressed and their child should always have a cell phone on hand reporting for kron 4 news. i'm camila barco. back to you in the studio. >> in the south bay, a mountain lion with cubs has been spotted in san jose was seen along alamuddin row between mountain drive in rome drive the city of san jose is reminding people not to approach the animals. if you see them. got a better look at our forecast right now as we take a live look outside here at san francisco international airport. what a gray midday we're experiencing right now. mid week as well. some rain coming with this storm. but there's a a much better chance for the weekend to get some significant rain. our meteorologist rodriguez has they're just eat. yeah, really gloomy out there can even really make out the city of berkeley with this live view from the east bay. but
3:23 pm
temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's 2 san jose 58 degrees. and check out happened. and in antioch. >> barely in the low 50's. both at 52 degrees and radar for we are tracking that may gray like pattern out there with that fog bank low and high cloud cover, impacting everyone, even bringing us some traces amount of drizzle along the coast and east bay shoreline. but it's the atmosphere river that we're really going to keep an eye on in the coming days. hear from the kron 4 weather center. we're going to see some light bands of rain starting early by sunday morning and then we're going to notice widespread light rain by sunday night with heavier downpours during the overnight hours through monday morning. that's when this week to moderate atmospheric river is expected to peak. but then we're going to see still widespread will light rain making its way into the bay area and continuing through monday night breaking apart becoming more spotty and scattered in nature by tuesday morning and then by tuesday
3:24 pm
night. that's when the bulk of that energy and wet weather is set to exit the bay area also bringing us significant snow pack for the sierra as well. but take a look at these rain totals anywhere from one to 3 inches of rain. highest amounts along the coast at half moon bay and we could see anywhere from 3 to 6 inches in our highest peaks, specifically the coastal range is for the bay area and all of our highest peaks as well in the east bay and north bay. but temperatures tonight, widespread 40's. but those of you in santa rosa, little bit cooler. upper 30's little change weather-wise. but we are going to see a stronger wind chill making temperatures feel cooler than what they actually are even though we are going to be fairly average for this time of year. but we're going to see, though, widespread showers giving us a cold step where week from today just in most of our inland valleys only warming up into the upper 40's. that's going to be the same as tonight overnight lows. back to you. thanks for
3:25 pm
>> uber is working to make the experience safer for both drivers and riders. the company says it will allow drivers and riders to record audio during trips. both will be able to enable the feature in the app through uber's safety tool kit and select record audio while drivers have been allowed to record audio and video through dash cams. uber says this will be the first in-app feature allowing ride documentation. the feature will roll out roll out in the u.s. early next year. instagram ceo testified before a senate committee today. the senate panel is investigating the negative impacts of instagram on teens after a damaging internal report that was published in the wall street journal show that instagrams parent company met a formerly known as facebook new. the platform was harmful for some teenage girls. anna wiernicki has the latest.
3:26 pm
>> our nation is in the midst of a. he mental health crisis. >> connecticut democratic senator richard blumenthal says data released this week by the u.s. surgeon general shows hospitalizations from suicide attempts among teens, rose 51% during the pandemic and more teens are battling anxiety and depression. big tact actually. and those flames blumenthal blamed instagrams ceo adam mosseri on wednesday for knowing the negative effects. instagram has on the mental health of young people and not doing anything about it. >> says instagram plans to roll out new parental control features in this march, including notifying parents if their child report someone in the app and allowing parents to set time limits. the parent knows best. what's best for their teams to the appropriate amount of time. >> should be a decision by a parent about the specific team. but republican senator marsha blackburn wasn't
3:27 pm
convinced telling teens, too. take a break. might seem helpful on the face of things is probably not going to get most teenagers. >> stopped doing what they're doing. self-policing depends on trust. the trust is gone. senators blackburn and blumenthal say the solutions instagram has introduced are not enough. >> they plan to introduce a bill to hold big tech companies accountable through independent oversight in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> up next here 3, how to make sure that the purchase that you just made was not stolen before you bought it a few things to look out for when you're shopping on 3rd party sites. and covid-19 found in the waste water in some parts of california. what this is showing when it comes to tracking the new omicron variance and then after the break, over a dozen restaurants in contra. costa county are not following covid county are not following covid protocols and they c
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>> restaurants violating contra, costa county covid-19 health orders are in jeopardy of being issued fines are having their business permits, revoked members of the board of supervisors just raise concern that some violators. we're getting a pass kron. 4 reports that at least 14 restaurants are not in compliance. >> there are more than 4,000 restaurants operating in contra, costa county and contra, costa health services
3:31 pm
says most are complying with the covid-19 health order issued in september. requiring indoor food establishments and other businesses like gyms confirm a patron's proof of vaccination were negative test before allowing them inside employers are mandated to require the same of their staff. but for those not following the order county supervisor karen mitchoff once aggressive enforcement. we have businesses. >> that are doing the right thing. and if they see and hear that others are not being held to the same standard. then why should they last month contra costa health services says it received 99 complaints about 80 businesses not in compliance. >> as of now, 14 are still under investigation. most of them small businesses. the board of supervisors has raised concerns with the public health department after learning enforcement may have recently been relaxed. there was some internal missed. >> communication. and so some
3:32 pm
of the follow-up and some of these cases did get delayed but county health officer doctor chris farnitano says his staff has resumed their follow-ups and have made it clear that restaurants not in compliance. >> could face fines and notices of violation. we're ultimately have their business permits revoked. so far that has only happened once temporarily in october at the in and out in pleasant hill goal is not to shut down businesses or goal is not to. >> if you find so those are a last resort staff. you know they are. >> and they should have by now been through all the progressive enforcement. so what's keeping us from doing health. services is expected to update the board of supervisors on its investigations next week. >> in contra. costa county phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> new evidence is emerging that is suggesting the coronavirus omicron variant is widespread in that's kron four's. rob fladeboe reports right now. signs of this
3:33 pm
variant have now been found in wastewater. >> scientists testing sewage in california have found genetic markers of the new coronavirus omicron variant in wastewater samples from sacramento, amor said the discovery was made by researchers from stanford the university of michigan and emory university's marlene wharf. but we're looking for in the wastewater are genetic markers of the virus. so it's not. >> virus going to infect anybody. but we're looking for those markers that tell us that covid is president in the population is not clear where exactly the samples originated. but the data suggests the amount of omicron detected so far indicates the rate of spread maybe about one to 2 cases per 100,000 people so we would say roughly there somewhere on the order, maybe 10 to 20 cases that are kind of a ballpark estimate of how many cases that might represent. in a statement
3:34 pm
public health said in part, quote, these findings indicate that the omicron variant is most likely president in sacramento county. please note that we have not identified any individual with this variant to date the results of the monitoring of wastewater will help officials understand the concentration and spread of the omicron mutation. >> and guide policy accordingly. the most important thing is for us to look at what our total numbers of covid cases. how much covid are we seeing in the wastewater. >> so that we can, you know, then take appropriate action make sure that we limit the pandemic, whether it's dealt out work on the khon or something else is spreading. there is so far no indication the omicron variant is widely circulating wastewater samples and several other communities, including san jose palo alto modesto in gilroy concentrations of virus. mutations linked to omicron. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> well, the time of day that you get the covid-19 vaccine might affect the body's immune
3:35 pm
response. this is according to a new study from massachusetts. general hospital that found higher levels of antibodies in people who got vaccinated in the afternoon. researchers analyzed blood samples of nearly 3,000 healthcare workers after they got the shot and the antibody response was generally higher for people. we're vaccinated later in the day. doctors are saying this circadian rhythms, my trigger a more aggressive immune response. the study did not measure participants sleep patterns which can also influence vaccine responses. however, doctors are still recommending getting vaccinated regardless of what time of day. it is. in san francisco. the board of supervisors is taking action to try and stop the recent surge of retail thefts. they just passed a new law allowing sheriff's deputies to be hired by businesses as extra security. until now, if a business wanted to pay a uniformed police officer to provide additional security at have to be a san francisco police officer. this sepsis go
3:36 pm
police department was unable to meet that demand. >> what was asked of us. and now we have our partners from the san francisco sheriff's department that will help alleviate those shortages. >> the sheriff's office says this plan will not impact their current staffing levels. but they also say that the plan is not going to be ready to go until after the holiday shopping season. so if you are doing any of your holiday shopping online. how do you know that what you're buying was not taken during a smash-and-grab robbery. there been so many of them recently in the bay area, the by safe america coalition says organized retail theft rings like the ones responsible for those recent smash-and-grabs in the bay area from san francisco to on the creek, even concord. typically turn up on websites like amazon and facebook. and that's where they try to sell the stolen items. that's because they can make fake profiles that can be easily delete it bipartisan members of congress have introduced the inform
3:37 pm
consumers act which would require those sites to have stricter rules for people selling products online. but until that passes representatives with by safe america say there are some red flags to be watching out for. >> they need to be careful. they need to make sure that they know who they're buying from. they need to take a careful look at the products. to see if they're packaged correctly, if there are misspelling ease amid the looks tampered with because there are a lot of counterfeit goods and toys, especially. they're sold online that can be harmful. the family. so people just need to take a little bit extra before they before they hit the buy button. >> so we're also hearing that you should be remembering if price seems too good to be true. and it probably is. let's talk about our forecast right now as we take a live look outside. >> hear from our camera on top of mount tam believe me. that's what it's showing us. that's what it looks like. grand gloomy out there today. but with this winter weather,
3:38 pm
it's coming. some snow in the sierra and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking that for us this afternoon. yeah, we have a winter weather advisory going into effect starting tonight through thursday afternoon, very gloomy day in the bay area. thanks to this storm off the coast of alaska inching closer going to bring us really just a 10th of an inch of rain or less. >> cool temperatures as well with that atmosphere river off of the hawaiian area and that we're going to see that plume of moisture impact the bay area for the 2nd half of the weekend. but it's the snow that we're tracking in this year that is going to bring us a winter wonderland starting tonight. we do have this winter weather advisory starting at 8 o'clock this evening through thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock. that's when it's set to expire. but we could see up to a foot of fresh powder at elevations above 7,000 feet. 2 to 7 inches of snow at lake level. gusty conditions as well throughout this year, ridgecrest 60 mile per hour
3:39 pm
winds will be possible and we're going to see widespread snow showers from north to south, even impacting south lake tahoe tonight during the overnight hours. but then by thursday morning it's going to exit to the south and east leaving behind a very cool and dry air mass in his place. but mid 30's for your thursday afternoon. perfect snowmaking conditions there continuing through friday even with those that sunshine, it is going to leave behind a very cool and dry air mass with showers returning on saturday. turning into snow with the approaching atmospheric river later this weekend into early this upcoming week. just back to you. thanks so much. >> coming up tonight. could it be the night a warrior superstar breaks the all-time record for 3 pointers for live at chase center with that story ahead of tonight's game. and after the break, fighting climate change. one food scrap out of time. we'll talk about the new law that's coming in january that will require you to compost. and here at kron
3:40 pm
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>> banana peels chicken bones
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and leftover veggies will not be allowed in most california trash bins under a new mandatory food recycling program. it starts next month and people across the state will be required to recycle their food scraps. the law was passed in 2016. it's set to take effect on january first and it requires local governments and trash collection to have a food recycling program in place. however, there are some major cities like los angeles and sacramento. they're saying they will not have their composting facilities up and running by then while in san francisco, it's already required that residents recycle food waste. the program is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills. and according to the epa food that decays in landfills are responsible for 15% of the nation's methane emissions. still ahead here live at chase center where steph curry could break yet another nba record in tonight's game. tonight's game. >> that's ahead. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month,
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3:47 pm
very, very top. yes, we're star steph curry just 16, 3 pointers away from passing right, allan, to reach the record for most career 3 pointers in the nba, however, if he did that in a single game tonight you also set the single game 3 point record that any individual player has made and that was set by his teammate klay thompson made 14 three's in a game. the most threes ever made. game is 13. so for him to reach 16 seems unlikely. however, in the words of steph curry himself. >> anything's possible. i asked head coach steve kerr, what type of impact curry's game has had on the nba. he told me that he has changed the way the game is played and the way the coaches and executives value 3 point shooting the coaches korea's open doors for a lot of players, especially players like him who are on the shorter side of the nba. as for tonight's match up the dubs beat the trail blazers just a few weeks ago last season free scored career-high
3:48 pm
62 points against portland in january we could see some magic begin every arena we go to there. so there's just a sense of anticipation. every time he touches the ball. you can hear in the crowd. >> the with which she had is, you know, going to break this record is stunning but that's a fun for you decide such an exciting treat, too. you know, you know, play with him. but even for you know, fans and spectators bill to watch. >> i just urge everybody to just really enjoy. you know, we have >> i mean, the fact of the matter is this time. but allen was once in a generation. >> warriors center. looney said that watching steph curry play basketball is the greatest show on earth fans who are going to be in attendance here tonight are in for a real treat. steph curry has a history of coming up big when the stakes are high. we're live at chase center kylen
3:49 pm
>> each 3. that's for sure. >> and if not tonight, then the next time. >> all right. tiger woods is returning to competitive golf 10 months has passed since his horrific car crash in los angeles county woods will play in the pnc championship with the son charlie next weekend. the duo played last year and the unofficial tour event features players in the family members and a 2 day format. last week woods said that his days of playing a regular tour schedule over after nearly losing his leg in the february crash. at least you could have some good family time there. doing what they love. i know. i think it's golf and weather today. but i don't know. i guess if you've bundled up the greens might be a little wet. our forecast right now is looking pretty good, though, for some rain coming in for the weekend as we take this live look outside at the golden gate bridge. our meteorologists breeze. rodriguez is here now tracking the next series of storms that are set to roll in. >> hey, that does stay. and
3:50 pm
yeah, we're tracking right now temperatures in the 50's and it's going to remain in the 50's even for your microclimate thursday outlook. but it's going to be those blustery winds out of the north and west because of that arctic storm that is going to make it feel cooler than what it actually is 58 degrees for downtown san francisco. but it is going to fit feel even chillier than that. widespread mid 50's throughout the san francisco peninsula. even our beaches as granada and pacific up 54 degrees of peace. so we're tracking breezier winds tomorrow. 20 miles per hour or less brisbane 58 degrees with mid-fifties from san bruno to burlingame 57 degrees for you with san carlos trying to flirt with 60's but 59 degrees in paulo, alto even cooler than that trying to flirt with 50's, but instead 49 degrees. so it is going to be downright chilly there. widespread 50's. but a little bit milder for santa clara in the low 60's but just barely overall, we are going to have seasonal
3:51 pm
weather right along the coast. but certainly not going to feel like it from coastal valleys. even livermore about 5 degrees below average. plenty of sunshine out there for your thursday afternoon after this storm arriving right exits early thursday morning walnut creek and concord. 55 degrees with oakland 59 degrees in san leandro in the low 60 sonoma. also going hit that low. 60 degree. mark. but we're going to be in the mid to upper 50's for most of the north bay valleys but sandra fell 61 degrees. but take a look at what the storm is going to do with our overnight lows starting thursday night through friday morning. yeah. we're tracking low 30's even upper 20's waking up saturday morning for inland valleys could see frost forming those nights little bit milder along the coast but low to mid and upper 40's starting thursday night through saturday morning and then atmospheric river justine bring us one to 3 inches of much needed rain sunday morning through tuesday
3:52 pm
night. so make sure to plan ahead. back to you. got some notice to get ready for the storm. thanks. the presa. >> coming up next, why in and out burger is suing a burger out burger is suing a burger chain in michigan. s ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
♪give my regards to old broadway♪ small michigan, fast food chain to court. and that says. >> they stole their look. so here's the issue on the left. is the typical in and out
3:55 pm
restaurant and on the right is what dolls and burger looks like. the chain has 2 locations in michigan and in saying the company stole the signature red white and yellow color schemes. the suit also is claiming the dolls and burgers dresses. their employees the same kind of outfits and even the furniture and its restaurant is the same dahlin burgers refuted the claim saying restaurants like mcdonald's and 5 guys also use that red and white color scheme. as an invitation. the best form of flattery. what are the burgers taste like. time now to check in with newsnation to see what the team there is working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. a defining day for 3 high-profile criminal cases gripping the nation scott peterson re-sentenced closing arguments in the trial of jussie smollett and opening statements from minnesota police officer kim potter. now here's martin with a look at news nation prime. >> thanks, dan. it is a mother's worst nightmare just
3:56 pm
before the holidays tonight are missing series focuses on 5 year-old michael bond. he disappeared from his home in idaho and now his mom talks to us in her first tv interview. that's tonight on news nation prime. you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. >> kron 4 dot com. we want to do right now is get a better idea of when exactly. the rain is going to be arriving on for tonight, but also for this weekend had to bring it all the patio furniture. this morning. the breeze service cushions just try to trust you. i want to get soaked again. >> yeah. there you go. but we're so like it. we have another atmospheric river heading our way just seen. so let's track all this wet weather hour by hour future cast for going to see some spotty scattered showers tonight. but really intensifying with the widespread light rain by thursday morning during the overnight hours shortly before 2 o'clock. mainly. for those of you in the east bay valleys and south bay. but then we're
3:57 pm
going to dry out and clear out with an atmospheric river ranging anywhere from weak to moderate set to arrive by sunday morning. bring us widespread light to moderate rain. heavy downpours by monday morning and it's still going to continue with widespread moderate showers by monday night until we start to notice lighter spotty scattered showers, bringing us anywhere from one to 3 inches of much needed wet weather. so here come. glad you brought in the furniture. back to you. >> thanks so much for brees. and thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. now see tonight kron 4 news at 6, 8, and of course, right back here and of course, right back here tomorrow. have a great one. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure.
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