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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 9, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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before it started dozens of colleagues from departments all over the bay area showed up to express their respect. kron four's. rob fladeboe has more on today's service. >> the blue line is one officer short tonight. his name is kevin nishita. we said goodbye to kaavan today we being hundreds of bay area. police officers. his family and many friends, which include members of the media. >> calls all soon. >> in a traditional buddhist memorial service here inside the san jose civic theater. the veteran police officer was honored and remembered for his service to the various communities. he served in the long and decorated career in law enforcement. >> kevin devoted his life to
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his family and practice the gifts of love service compassion. and being ethical every day. >> retired officer, a security guard kevin nishita laid down his life, protecting a kron 4 news reporter in oakland. his killer remains at large. such heroics and dedication come as no surprise to those who knew kevin. >> stitt said a means family. the call police department always be ronna. i love you, brother. we'll never forget you all see a final roll call, my friend. was a member of the oakland housing authority police department later serving as an officer with the hayward san jose and colma police departments before joining star security. >> tributes included heartfelt memories from those closest to him. >> in reference to this great games. to my player. one. we will for ever, eat. you. we know she's son. i know that
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i'm not blood related. he really was and i never felt left behind from him and into net. >> least her end of watch recalls, a remarkable career and a remarkable man whose legacy is not lost on those who worked alongside him and called him officer has been rather father and friend. the san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> it was on the afternoon of november 24 the kron 4 reporter was on assignment covering a retail theft in oakland with kevin, this seat as the guard when someone shot him while trying to steal the news camera equipment. the reporter was physically uninjured, but the was hospitalized and then days later died from the gunshot wound at this time. no arrests have been made in the case. authorities believe, though, there is cell phone video, even pictures in connection
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with this murder. oakland police are offering a $38,500 reward for information leading to an arrest, a suspect vehicle continues to be sought in this case is on your screen. a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl with a sunroof and no license plate. authorities say this is believed to be the very same car involved in an armed robbery in san francisco just 2 days before was shot. if you would like to help initiate a family. a fund has been set up a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin issue to trust at any metropolitan bank. location in person or by mail at the address on your screen. the information is also on our website, kron 4 dot com. >> now our coronavirus coverage and the cdc have. >> authorize the pfizer booster shot for 1617 year-olds. this clears the way for millions more teenagers. >> to get the booster shot.
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the cdc director rochelle walensky says the teens can get their shot if they are at least 6 months post their initial pfizer vaccination series the pfizer vaccine is the only option for children and teenagers in america. the moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines are authorized for adults, 18 and up. in the east bay, the oakland unified school district is now extending its deadline for students to be vaccinated against covid-19. the original deadline was set for the first of this year. but now that vaccine mandate has been extended from january. 1st to january 31st giving oakland students a few more weeks to get fully vaccinated students 12 years and older in the oakland unified school district have to get vaccinated for the spring semester or they will have to do independent study classes. there are several exemptions to this mandate, including a medical reason or personal belief nearly 6,000 students in the district are still not vaccinated. >> a family visiting san francisco is now the latest in
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a string of victims of smash and grab car burglaries. but what is even more frightening in this case the family, including 2 toddlers were in the car when this happened, the car was stopped on high street near lombard. a witness took these pictures. they say 3 cars were circling the area and were involved in the burglary. the victim say a bag was stolen along with the computer headphones and a passport. >> you could see that people were in the car. so at each seat was taken, you know, and my 2 daughters are in the wants to win once for and it was behind the 4 year-old. and like i said, she's seen him. he had a ski mask on and he was wearing all black. and she said in job took that back. >> one of the victim says that she keeps a gps device on her laptop and they been able to actually track the thieves as of last night, the location was still moving. it was in oakland at the time. the
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victims filed a report with the san francisco police department and gave them this information about the tracker. but so far they say the police have not got back to them. wind has of organized descended on union square last month to steal from various businesses. san francisco responded by deploying what many describe as an officer on every corner. well, tonight is kron four's dan kerman reports the strategy appears to be working. >> it was the weekend before thanksgiving when organized gangs of thieves burglarized, a variety of businesses in union square san francisco police responded by flooding the area with officers and so far it appears to be working. police say between november 20th and december 6th assaults have dropped from 3 incidents to one burglaries are down more than 90% from 11 incidents to one and thefts are down 82% from 67 incidents to 12. we're heading in the right direction. retailers say
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they're pleased with the extra law enforcement presence and the city's acknowledgment that new tactics are needed to deal with this problem. we're hopeful that with the continued concerted effort of all those parties that need to be involved. >> that will get to a better place and get union square. and for that. >> matter, the rest of the city about to where it belongs. and that is a safe place for everyone to live to entertain to shop to eat etcetera. >> despite a lack of staffing police, a promise to keep the cop on every corner approach in place until further notice. not just in union square but in other retail corridors as well. francis, a motorcycle officers. >> are doing patrols in those areas. those quarters, our station captains have in many cases officers in their district better. there. we support that with it. our special operations. officers, the workers special operations
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bureau including our traffic retailers, believe city officials understand this can't be a short-term commitment. >> now they're just hoping city officials pony up the dollars to keep this operation going well past the holidays. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in the east bay. a proactive approach to increasing police patrols during the holiday season has minimize the effect of retail thefts in the city of that's according to the mayor who says his city is committed to ensuring a safe holiday shopping season kron 4 sleep to call reports the city is encouraging businesses to stay open. and for people to shop local. >> antioch. mayor lamar thorpe says his city has paid close attention to the rise in retail. plaguing the bay area and cities like walnut creek who are reacting to what happened. we're not reacting to anything. we've been proactive just last week the city of walnut creek approved the creation of a new downtown patrol be to stifle grab and run thefts in san francisco
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union square. businesses are limiting operating hours and deploying more private security guards. i wouldn't tell a single merchant to close early. i would tell people not to go out in antioch as a deterrence mayor thorpe says the police department began increasing patrols at shopping centers before thanksgiving. i did get interesting enough. >> notes from constituents saying. >> hey, i've noticed more police patrols. are police officers outside of target as an example and they were concerned that maybe it's maybe something that may have happened there. i reassured them. as a matter of fact, nothing has happened there. and that's precisely why we're there because we want nothing to happen. this comes as the city continues to implement a series of police reforms passed by the city council earlier this year. >> mayor thorpe says increasing patrols should not discourage people to shop local police reform, government reducing the amount of police officers is a matter of fact. >> we've got 215 police reform had to do with how we treat people. the police department
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adds it is also collaborating with neighboring law enforcement agencies to prevent retailers. >> from becoming targets also believe that your run and now we turn to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here from her. >> mount tam cam across the north bay parts of san francisco into the east bay. does it look cold. >> well, that it doesn't mean the relatives lawyers. connell says it will be better bundle up tonight. yeah. kind of feel chilly out there today and kind of brisk. we have the breeze blowing out there as well. but now you've got that cold arctic air settling in for the night. we're going to see a lot of frost, a little freezing conditions around parts of the bay are out there nice and clear. now and the winds going to subside overnight tonight. and that means we're in for some very cold air settling in and some freezing temperature, of course, that cold front dropped to the bay area headed south all the way into southern california today. things drying out here. they continue to see some scattered showers in southern california fairly light. couple snowflakes still over the
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santa monica about range otherwise. yeah, these temperatures today under clear skies tonight. how about that, 29 furlough in santa rosa about 32 at the freezing mark in napa. 32 in concord, 32 in little more even inside the bay. you're going likely see those temperatures dropping off into the 30's and low 40's. so there's a chance you could see actually couple patches of frost inside the bay at least on some car tops and also some rooftops as well. otherwise tomorrow. looks like it's going to be a nice friday. it will be a dry day. it will be cool a little bit on the brisk side but not as windy. i think tomorrow. so should be a nice day. but after that, everything begins to change the focus will be toward the weekend saturday then look bad. but look at sunday, the storm clouds rolling. we're talking heavy rain on sunday in the monday morning on tuesday in fact, all next week kind of on and off. we're going to kind of dial in and take a closer look at that storm headed our way could be a big one coming this sunday. guys, back to you all right. laura has more from you later. and also coming up, pricey changes to san
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francisco. parklets or face fines. we'll take a look at new guidelines for the outdoor dining structures which are causing concern among restaurant owners. plus rapper travis scott is giving his first interview since the astroworld festival. tragedy. we'll hear what he had to say. and the latest on last week's school shooting in michigan as the first lawsuits are filed against the school district and employees. >> stay with us. we'll be >> stay with us. we'll be right back. air wick air wick scented oils are infused with natural essential oils to create authentic seasonal scents that fill your home with holiday spirit all season long. connect to nature this season. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> with more than 1200 harkless in san francisco. a lot of people are now drawing attention to the city's guidelines on outdoor spaces today. their concerns were heard. mayor london breed announcing a nine-month extension for bars and restaurants to make these changes and kron four's rob nesbitt is joining us here in the studio. >> with how owners are reacting tonight. >> just and pam restaurant bar owners. they were happy this summer when the city decided to make shared space is permanent, but they weren't thrilled to have until june of next year to comply with new guidelines. >> this is exactly what we asked for and exactly what we needed. restaurant and bar owners are breathing a sigh of relief with their parklets founder of the san francisco bar owner alliance ben bleiman says his 500 members were starting to panic with the notices. they were getting from public works and fire safety. you know, you have 14 days to fix this start finding you. $250. the first day $500. second day. like really scary stuff to major requirements.
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parklets must be moved 3 feet from parking hashtags and away from the corners of intersections. mayor london breed announced legislation thursday that will extend the deadline donors have to make changes to their shared spaces from june of 2022 to march of 2023. this is really great executive director of the golden gate restaurant association. laurie thomas says it's a nine-month extension that was needed with so many covid unknowns. let's just get some more time here. >> we mcconnell. we have supply chain issues. we have a lot different rules and regulations. >> mayor breed says that city inspectors will only provide notices of correction to businesses who shared spaces pose a severe safety or accessibility issue. her nine-month extension gives the majority more time for the possibility of reconstruction and $2500 grants to those needing help paying for it. we know the downtown area still much lower than we'd like to see it. and we want to help all of our businesses recover and do it safely. of course,
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giving the public an outdoor covid safe option. there's a lot of people who do not want to go indoor still right. and and having these park, which is really, really, really important to be to. >> serve outdoors and continue our businesses. mayor breed's ordinance will need an approval vote from the board of supervisors. but the majority of the supervisors have shown support for the extension in the past just seen. rob, thank you for that. >> in national news tonight, the parents of a student shot in the oxford high school shooting in michigan are now suing the school for 200 million dollars. they filed 2 lawsuits today. both seeking 100 million dollars each on behalf of their daughter who was shot in the neck and her sister who was standing next to her when she was shot. they say the violence could have been prevented and they accused school officials of not doing enough to protect the students. their daughter was in the hospital and is now at home recovering. she is a senior at the school. her sister who was not injured in the shooting is a freshman 15
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year-old ethan crumbley is accused of killing 4 people in this incident. crumbley has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder. if convicted, he could face life in prison. crumbley's parents are also charged in this case with involuntary manslaughter because the prosecutors said they should have known that their son was a danger to his school after buying him a gun at a number of other red flags. >> rapper travis scott is speaking out for the first time about the tragedy at his concert last month. >> i have a responsibility to. to figure out what happened here. have a responsibility to figure out the solution. you know, and i hopefully this takes a first step into, you know. us as artists. you know, at more inside of was going on. >> 10 people died in a crowd surge at the astroworld concert in houston, hundreds more were injured. scott says he did not know about the
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stampede when it was happening. he's blaming one of his assistance for not telling him and stopping the show. scott says he is, quote, 1000% sure he did everything he could to prevent the tragedy, the families of the victims say that's not the case. the rapper now faces dozens of lawsuits worth billions of dollars. >> take a look at this video. a group of swimmers plunging into icy cold water in russia this week. the men took this icy dip and then they ran back to the tent. you can see why the weather conditions were extreme for this type of swim or dip. according to accuweather, the temperature there on tuesday reach 52 degrees below 0 and now check on checking on our own forecast with a live look outside to see san francisco's coit tower there in the background. and certainly our weather is going to get cold but not that cold. no, not below 0. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with a look at what we can
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expect tonight, the coldest night of the year. yeah. nothing you want jump in the water for. but it's going to hold up out there freezing temperatures. >> it's some of the valley's clear skies out there right now. they're very dry. >> behind that cold front that arctic air kind of settling in now and you can see that cold front moving all the way down into southern california. our next storm system that will factor in our weekend. that's just beginning to develop there near the aleutians and it will be on the way over the weekend affect you too, right up here. just starting to see it beginning to form. now take some time to get for tomorrow. we're kind of in between storms. so looks like a good place to be the cold start tomorrow morning, but it's stay dry all day and see mostly clear skies a few high clouds drifting overhead. otherwise that storm its pattern there until we get in toward at saturday night. you'll see it right here. model starting to pick up on your saturday. looks pretty good as we get towards saturday afternoon. you start to see those clouds gathering. and that is that atmospheric river event that we've been talking about and then here comes as we get into sunday morning about 8 o'clock in the racing across parts of the bay
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area. what's dangerous about this kind of system sometimes will stall with a stall. that's a problem because there's just a whole train of moisture that's going to race up in the bay area. looks like this may stall out a little bit. so we're going to keep our eyes on that very closely as we head through the weekend. looks like that is going to stick around until about tuesday. rain amounts between now and about the middle of next week or thursday or so very, very impressive. almost 7 inches of rain in the forecast now for santa rosa oakland over 5 inches of rain in the forecast for them. we'll see if that happens. not settles. a tends to be a kind of the rain shadow there but has significant amounts of rain there. but all around the bay area expecting some very heavy rainfall. the mountaintops locally made. we're talking about the 6, maybe 7 inches of rain here. so that would be impressive a series of storms rolling on through not tomorrow, though, should be a dry day, but it will be a cool one out there, a cold start with some freezing temperatures highs in the afternoon in the 50's. >> thank you, lauren. straight ahead at 6, you can find a
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. check now to see your new lower price. it is working to step up safety precautions for your ride. >> there's a new feature
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coming to the app, which allows both the driver or the passenger to record what is happening during the ride. reporter brea hollingsworth got an early look to find out exactly how this works. >> keeping both riders and drivers safe and protecting privacy at the same time, the ride sharing service. uber is testing a new feature that allows you to record audio. well, on your trip any incident or uncomfortable situation happens. >> riders and drivers can submit them according as part of the sea to report to a city where a recording senior product manager neil trooper says neither the driver nor the passenger can listen to unless an incident is reported to be able to both riders and drivers. so just as you might not be able to listen to it to yourself. the other person in the vehicle if they choose to do recording. they also can do some do so. so we want to make sure that this is, you know, limited used to. >> only being listened to in the case of a potential safety incident. and that's only if
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you share to less and were. >> so how effective is this new feature. i got the chance to test it out for myself. it took an uber from the north carolina state university campus to the station as soon as i got in the car, i pressed this blue button and it recorded the duration of my trip once i finish my trip. the app gave me the option of the leading or reporting an incident in the case. i don't decide to report the incident right away. the app allows me to store the recording for 15 days. many students i spoke with told me the new feature makes them feel a little safer. when sharing a ride. >> it feels good. like especially as a young woman like writing with male driver. it's nice to know that there's some someone like looking out for me. >> that was brea hollingsworth reporting tonight. once you do hit the audio recording. but now that feature, it does send a notification to the other party to let them know they are being recorded right now. uber is testing that feature in 3 cities before they roll it out across the nation.
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>> here's what's next on kron. 4 news at 6 new audio technology is coming to the east bay how this equipment is going to be helping alameda police officers do their jobs. plus there's a gun buyback event happening this weekend it is and also how much you can get for a gun. you got just lying around your house. also there's finally some fresh snow in tahoe will take a look at the current conditions and also the weather. you should be watching out for if you're making plans to stay in the bay area this weekend. all those stories and a lot more coming up but once again here at kron 4. we're celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area and we need your help to share their stories. if you know a remarkable woman making a difference in her community. nominate her for chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nomination and read more about the contest and kron 4 dot com.
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>> now at 6.30, building trust in policing by analyzing language to use during community engagement. that's what new technology is aiming to do for officers and alameda clone force has the and talked with the chief of police to understand how this technology will help the officers do their jobs. it's a story you will only see here on kron 4. >> second. okay. take your head con dao conversations between officers and the public in the city of alameda will soon be analyzed using a new body camera audio technology plr


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