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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 10, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news the time for you now 04:30am, here on this friday and the weekend is going to be really nice. great
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opportunity for you to get some much needed things done because next week arrives. we're going to see some rain in the forecast according to our meteorologist john shrable. so john were some things that we should just check off our list this weekend. halladay shopping. yes, outside working now anything outside block in the all the fun stuff. all the goods check it >> yeah, because we are looking at a week next week just to have fun inside maybe hunker down. watch the movies. >> and just take it easy because once that rain gets here, we are in for quite the change of pace. now we are already in the midst of cold conditions. but we've got the clear and dry conditions still for a couple more days. your view outside at your berkeley hills camera. beautiful. crystal clear it's these clear mornings that get extra cold, though. and we have freeze warnings for lake and mendocino counties in purple and then in solano county as well as the central valley frost advisories through 10:00am this morning. and it's pretty easy to see why fremont you're at 39 degrees. dublin at 37 right now in napa at an
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icy cold 34 degrees in rural areas in our inland. valleys are falling to or below freezing. that's why we do have this frost advisories and freeze warnings after a morning spent veryhcold. we do reach some cool sunshine later on today with highs in the 50's today, tomorrow. enjoy it. our last dry days for a minute. i'll be talking and next atmospheric river that's going to bring heavy rain to the bay still to come, right. tom, thanks to that. i let you look at your friday traffic as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. >> the san mateo bridge as you're headed across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays. a little under 14 at a richmond across towards san rafale. you can make that chime in a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay into the city. well, when teams of organized he's descended on union square last month. the still various. forms of businesses there. san francisco responded by deploying more officers to the
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area. so far it appears to have done the trick with looking at the numbers right now. police say between november 20th and december 6 assault a drop from 3 incidents to one burglaries are down more than 90% from 11 incidents to one and thefts are down from 82%. 2.67 incidents down to 12. >> grateful to the woman in man of the san francisco police department being out there and helping too create a safe environment for our businesses and our customers. >> well, police, a promise to keep the cop on every corner approach in place until further notice. retailers. so kron 4 that they are pleased with the extra law enforcement present and their customers are as well. >> out of pleasanton. police say they are increasing the number of officers patrolling shopping centers throughout the city. >> the effort is in response to the retail thefts. and police say they have partner with local retail investigators. a loss prevention agents and mall security and outside agencies
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to cover the area. police say since november 22nd officers have recovered several stolen cars. stop the suspect tried to flee with the stolen purse and made several arrests there. a proactive approach to increasing police patrols for the holidays has reduced the effect of retail thefts in the city of antioch as well. that's according to the mayor who says his city is committed to ensuring a safe holiday shopping season. >> we started early and we anticipated what could happen. and as a result of that, we haven't seen much of anything. other cities were figuring out what to do we work. our police officers had already devised a plan to have more proactive enforcement in areas in shopping centers throughout our city. >> and thorpe says the police department began increasing patrols as shopping centers before thanksgiving. this comes as antioch continues to implement a series of police reforms passed by the city council earlier this year. mayor thorpe says increasing that role is all a part of the plan to encourage people to
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shop local. well, police in san ramon have arrested 2 men for stealing more than $15,000 worth of tools from home depot stores throughout the bay area. these are pictures of the stolen items that were recovered. the names of the suspects have not been released. but we do know one of the man was on parole for other charges related to stolen properties. hall in east oakland. a woman was shot along international boulevard. thursday morning. it happened just after 10 near 80th avenue when officers arrived to the scene. a woman was taken to the hospital where she was in stable condition. no rest of in may and it's still not clear what prompted that shooting. and the north bay. a 16 year-old is now facing charges after posting a threat against the benicia high school. now the benicia unified school district says the anonymous threat was posted on an instagram page and police say they were able to identify the student responsible and make that arrest because the student is under age. no information about him has been released.
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police say family members are cooperating with the investigation. well, a man is dead after an attempted rescue from the water off of a san francisco clifft around 3 yesterday afternoon, the san francisco fire department reported a surfer rescue in progress. and eagles point. but the man did not survive these photographs are from that attempted rescue san francisco. police say the victim was a fully clothed man. it's still unknown why or how the man wild up in the water in the first place. at least 54 people are dead, more than a 100 injured after a cargo truck rolled over and crashed in southern mexico. this is video showing the aftermath of that crash, the victims are believed to be migrants from central america and they were all crammed into that truck when it rolled over. it is common in mexico for freight trucks to transport so many people and migrant smuggling operations. now the mexican government says it would help identify
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the dead cover funeral costs. the building trust with police by analyzing language used during community engagement. that's what new technology aims to do. 2 officers in the east bay now conversations between officers and the public in the city of alameda are soon going to be analyzed using a new body-worn camera audio technology, the platform is program to flag at risk behavior. alameda police chief. the shot josi has only been on the job for 6 months. he may acquiring the at risk language detection system. one of his top priorities. he breaks it down as to how it all works. >> points directly to sentiment within the conversation. it identifies good interactions and in identifies at risk interactions. we can also even put in there. we want to know every time our officer says some afraid something like is there anything else i can do just to support you.
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>> well, she chose. he says his department is the first in the state to get access to this type of technology. he says the goal is to use the audio analyzing technology as a training tool to highlight excellent police service. it's going to also help point out any potential behavioral issues that should not be modeled by his officers when interacting with the public, the new cameras are going to use on new year's day. california attorney general rob bonta was in san francisco to promote a gun buyback event that's happening this weekend. the events on saturday from 08:00am to noon on howard street. the event is being hosted by the group united playaz people are going to get $100 in cash for handguns and shotguns. $200 for automatic weapons. now united playaz is a 25 organization that focuses on violence prevention as well as youth development here in the bay area. police in mountain view are looking for man who they say touched a young girl while she was walking to school wednesday
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morning. it happened on california street near hearst avenue officers tweeted out these photographs of the suspect. police say the man touched the girl grabbed her hand and told her to come back to his apartment. she was able to get away and call police. if you recognize that man, you're asked to call the mountain view police department. a woman who worked at a childcare center in pacifica has been arrested on suspicion of abusing children. police say they arrested malika z on a $100,000 warrant for counts including felony child cruelty. investigators received information in july that an employee at a local day care center was possibly harming children. there. police didn't identify the faculty did say it is not affiliated with the city's child care program. the daycare center terminated the woman and is cole reportedly cooperating with investigators there. former reality tv star josh duggar was convicted of possession of child. the 33
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year-old now faces up to 20 years in prison. federal agents found child files being shared on a computer traced to duggar. now the graphic images de depicting abuse of children were downloaded onto a computer. the dub her own dugger and his large arkansas family a start on tlc show called 19 kids and counting. that show was canceled in 2015 following rev revelations that he molested 4 of his sisters and a babysitter sentencing will happen in about 4 months. well, rapper travis scott is speaking out for the first time about the tragedy at his concert last month. take a listen. >> responsibility to. to figure out what happened here. have a responsibility to figure out the solution. you know, and i got to hopefully this takes a first step into, you know. us as artists. you know, having that more inside of was going on.
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>> that was the interviewer. he spoke to charlemagne. the got 10 people died in a crowd surge at the astroworld concert houston, hundreds more were injured. scott says he did not know about the stamp. he when it was happening. but blames one of his assistants for not telling him and stopping the show. scott says he is, quote, 1000% sure he did everything he could to prevent the tragedy based on his knowledge at the time. the families of the victims say that's not the case. the rapper faces dozens of lawsuits worth billions of dollars. some very sad news out of the in the phil demaria is thomas, a 5 time pro bowl receiver and super bowl champion with the denver broncos was found dead in his home in georgia. at the age of 33 his 34th birthday would have been on christmas day. the cause of death is being reported only as a medical issue. there are reports that complications from a serious car accident. he suffered in
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2019 more. the contributing factors and it is addition to the broncos thomas played for the texans patriots. the jets in a 10 year nfl career. well to 100 billion dollar losses have been filed against some michigan school district officials in connection with the shooting that left 4 students dead. lawsuits are being filed on behalf of 2 sisters, one who was wounded. they accuse the school officials of failing to stop that attack named in the suit are the principal of the oxford high school. the dean as well. some counselors, teachers and other staff. the district superintendent is also listed an attorney for the plaintiffs says those officials refused to suspend or searched the 15 year-old boy charged with carrying out the shooting that happened last month. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news the sharks take on take to the ice against the hottest team in the n h l the minnesota wild. >> sports director jason dumas has those highlights. we'll be right back after the break.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news now 04:45am here on this you made it through another week. >> and you did a great job at that. we're expected to see some rain on the horizon. start of next weekend. so today, tomorrow, a really good days to get things done. right. john. yes, definitely as long as you're prepared for the colder weather. we've got. >> we look at this rain that
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we've got some snowfall up in the sierra yesterday which is making for some slick conditions up there on i 80 the snow that we had was enough to open up a couple of resorts for the weekend ahead of us. my recommendation is if you are heading up into the sierra this weekend head up there today and the back by sunday evening because come or a saturday evening because come sunday. those roadways aren't going to be so good anymore. so drive up today drive back tomorrow. don't worry about the driving on sunday because i wouldn't even want to be driving too much here in the bay area come sunday when our roadways are about to start to get really slick today. tomorrow. good days to be getting out and about. it's cool. but stormy weather is just around the corner. so you got a time this one out correctly today. nice cool sunshine tomorrow. just a few more clouds, but still remaining dry for your saturday after that come sunday and starting late saturday night. we'll start to see some showers in the north bay rainfall really doesn't spew done for the rest of us on until early sunday morning.
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and before we even get up in the morning on sunday morning areas like santa rosa will have already seen around a half an inch of rainfall accumulation. now, what we are going to be seeing is around 6 inches total for some of our upper elevations along the coastline, mostly one to 3 inches for the cities across the bay area with feet of snowfall piling up in the sierra during the same time. now as far as temperatures go today, we're only going to be in the 50's today is a lot like yesterday. so if you've got out there yesterday, you probably thought yourself how gorgeous it was as long as you are bundled up because the skies are blue and clear. but it was very chilly in today and tomorrow are going to be a lot like that. sunday's going to be cooler, but a whole lot wetter. that's the thing. you'll notice first and foremost atmospheric river. take at the bay sunday and monday. our heaviest of rainfall days tuesday, some morning showers and rainfall will linger on and off. well into thursday of next week. reyna john, thank you for that. are. let's get a look at traffic on this friday traveling from the east bay
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into this. a little under. >> 10 minutes for your drive time there heading across towards the peninsula view. the san mateo bridge a little under 13 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling. let's also check out the richmond. sandra fell bridge. you're heading out. no, we're not still richmond center fell bridge also really light. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's talk about the sports. well, let's start with the lawyers and steph curry needs 3 pointers. he needs 10, 3 pointers to bright ray allen's all-time nba record since steph could not get it done at home. his most likely have that story that record on the road. now the warriors take on the philadelphia 76 ers that's happening tomorrow night. steph teammates are excited for him to become the three-point king. >> go break the record eventually. i mean, we all know that as a matter of time. but, you know, my job is try to get looks even after the break. the record. so. is out a lot more in it saying. >> all right. a lot more left in the tank. again, the
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lawyers are taking philly. that's tomorrow night. tip off is going to be 05:30pm. set your alarms. now the forty-niners on the road this sunday. they're facing the cincinnati bengals. they're going to be taking on the heisman trophy winner and the 2020 overall, number one draft pick joe burrow. they can also play gets running back and bay area native show makes he ranks second in the league in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. the niners dissents are going to have their hands full with this. >> think it up that vein was a very talented just as a group, probably the most talented groups will see starting with the running back make sunny go to the quarterback young quarterback boroughs smart, very talented. great arm strength. he's very decisive knows where to go with the ball and then on the outside, you know, all of the receivers that they have or, you know, a lot of playmakers out there. >> kickoff for sunday's game between the diners in the bengals is at one 25 in the afternoon. hi. well, the san jose sharks try to win the
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minnesota wild. but were unsuccessful kron four's, sports director jason dumas says those highlights. >> the sharks are coming off a huge win on tuesday against the. >> pacific division-leading calgary, flames and they're trying to take down another first-place team in the minnesota wild. the wild, their hottest team in the nhl. they've won 7 in a row coming into the tank. and you could tell. here jordan greenway the wrister top shelf. on the power play. minnesota in control up 3 to nothing but the shark they kept fighting. look at thomas hurdle. beautiful move. beautiful goal. it's 3 to 2. with just 6 minutes left the shark, pulled the goalie. >> wild make them pay as greenway. again, another goal wild win 5 to 2. the sharks are back in action on saturday that is your look at sports. back to you guys. all right. thanks for that, jason.
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>> it will doughnuts are sweet and a tree big part of american culture. us also don't see today. john. i was tempted to buy them. who wouldn't want to open up a box of doughnuts for christmas. so to celebrate the holidays and sour going to give you a taste of the bay area's wildly popular johnny doughnuts with locations in moran, sonoma san francisco and growing kron four's. vicki liviakis has that for us. >> not all doughnuts are for instance, johnny donuts, naturally delicious. i just really personally love donuts. but these donuts are love in a box. craig blom drip that johnny donuts nearly a decade ago. i was set out on a mission to find out how to make a doughnut. the old school way. no mixes know nothing like that. this particular recipe for fashion is a recipe from the 1920's. blom built up a cult following of people who find johnny donuts impossible to resist witness. my co-workers
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delicious. >> of course, everybody has their favorite. even the donut executive chef. my favorite is they all fasten. we've that the glaze that's my favorite one. good. >> drizzle with molten chocolate in carmel recipe inspired by blm's daughter like any kids are going to grab the donut with those sprinkles on top right and johnny and there are so many options and such a little time. >> yeah, there's brinkley guy here fluffy strawberry chocolate vanilla cream bismarck the chocolate salted carmel fashion gluten-free and even the in sweet potato chocolate. everybody had a donut today. today. everybody has johnny donuts is famous for the crowed. oh, what a croissant process of the doughnut, but they're all sold out hard to be popular in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 oh, so delicious is now we're always looking for great places to dine in or get take out your neighborhood. you can. >> scan this qr code on your
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screen is going to take you directly to our dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant. >> for us to feature and then we can check them out. so please send them over. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back. it is 4.55 on this friday morning. that feels great to say what maybe doesn't feel so great. it's just how cold it is outside, though. temperatures have fallen well down into the 30's
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this morning and that is resulting in something that might wake you up a little bit as you're venturing out there. we do have a frost advisory in effect right now for solano county and that will remain in effect through 10:00am this morning. it's pretty easy to see why with one look at our current temperatures, a lot of us, especially inland are sitting in the 30's right now. freeman at 39 degrees. you're looking at 35 in and 34 up in napa now compared to yesterday. this is a noticeably colder. one napa you're down 16 degrees from 24 hours ago livermore down 13 degrees in half moon bay a full 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. so yeah, that's a pretty sharp cool down right on't miss as you step out there reyna. john, thanks for that. coming up in the next hour. retailers are now asking congress. >> to help with the smash and grab we're going to be covering that in a live report. and santa clara alameda county are enforcing the mask mandate. more details to come. we'll have that and more coming up in the 5 o'clock hour.
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>> live right in the here waking up again. ready to do it. and are we've got a lot of news to get to get to that in just a moment. first, though, john rain with checks, the weather and traffic here at the top of the hour. and i know we've got some things to anticipate this coming weekend. weather-wise do eat. you come, the end of way, ok, and ok, i give you when this the whole thing starts. yes. so we've got a couple more dry days. guys today, tomorrow. great days to be getting outside and getting some stuff down before sunday monday, tuesday and then off and on for the rest of the week. next week we work our way back into a really rainy pattern. >> and some heavy rainfall sunday and monday. so those the days and i want to be planning much of anything. now this morning as you're venturing outside it obviously looks beautiful were crystal clear, but we're also off to one of our coldest starts that we've had so far this season. we are in the midst of a frost advisory right now until 10:00am for solano county. those purple hues that you're seeing up in lake and mendocino counties are freeze warnings as well during


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