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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. do you have planned for the weekend. we've got a major storm headed for the bay area when that will hit. coming up next. >> killed while the taken into custody. what we are learning tonight about the death that happened during an april arrest. and more teens are allowed to get their 3rd covid shot will explain the cut-off age and why other adolescents will have to wait a little bit longer for that booster. >> thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at a time. pam moore. i'm justine
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waltman in for ken wayne. a big storm may cause some power outages in the bay area starting on saturday he jeanne says it has thousands of workers ready to restore power enforce gayle ong joins us live from san francisco tonight with details on that. gayle. >> them. and justine quiet weather out here in san francisco tonight. but the national weather service says that the heaviest rain is expected sunday afternoon into monday morning and pg crews are asking customers to be prepared. have a plan. have flashlights. with fresh batteries, food and water one to 2 inches of rain is expected in most urban areas and more than 4 inches of rain is expected in areas in the north and santa rosa, they are expecting up to 6 inches that is the message tonight. crews want you to be tomorrow is a good day to prepare what's ahead of the storm. we spoke with santa rosa has said or as assistant fire marshal how low a listen to what he has to say.
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>> similar to during fire season or asking residents to clear their for amber cast. we're asking residents to clear gutters not only on the roof but in their yards to make sure the water goes really wanted to go. it doesn't lead to any backups or or damage. >> and cities like santa rosa and other communities throughout the bay area have free sandbags stations and pg e crews will be on standby if needed live in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news. all right, gail, thank you. let's take a live look outside tonight, checking that the bay bridge toll plaza. and again, this is kind of like the quiet before the storm hits us old quiet before that. yeah, it's our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look at what we can expect. >> with the storm system. yeah. hard to believe we've got such a big storm brewing out there right now. so quiet outside and. >> it's going to be a rather cold night out there freezing in spots, especially in the north bay clear skies right now for the most part. but things are going to change in a hurry. we've got a significant storm developing now the gulf of alaska is that long train of moisture that's
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going to latch on to some some tropical moisture here. and then you got that cold air behind it. that's a revenue. really for a nice look at storm right now. some high clouds moving into northern california. some showers 7 northwest, but we remain dry that will likely soon change. you'll see it right here on the computer model as we head through time moving into the weekend. saturday looks dry by early sunday morning. rain already beginning to move into the bay area, especially in the north bay and it's going to be a slow-moving system. in fact, a major stall a little bit. keeping most that rain just pumping into the bay area. i think especially in the santa cruz man. you see the yellow spot there. that's where they could see some places maybe 8, maybe 10 inches of rainfall between now and probably tuesday. so is going to keep going right through monday and then taper off finally by monday night into tuesday with some scattered showers and then fall rapidly. why another system that drops in come thursday. this will not going to be as wet. but still, you've already had all that rain already. then you get this one coming through so there's a possibility of some flash flooding. some of the urban flooding around the bay area. some pulling out there on the roads. dangerous out
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there. and as gail mentioned, some very strong gusty winds. maybe gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour, especially along the coastline that a strong enough to take down some trees. and of course, some power outages will likely be an issue as we look at the weekend, so big storm headed our way. we'll talk more about that. of course, that means lot of snow looks like up in the sierra nevada will take a close look at that coming up in a few minutes. all right. thank you. >> and you can stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood by using the camera on your phone right now to scan this qr code will take you to download the kron 4 mobile app and that's how you can get current conditions live radar and up to the date forecast. we have some breaking news now into the kron 4 news room. it's coming to us out of illinois where an amazon warehouse collapsed. trapping several workers were taking a look now at the scene. this is new video now into our newsroom. this is in edwardsville, which is along the missouri border. it's about 30 minutes east of louis. there has been severe
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weather in that area tonight, including a tornado that touched down right in that town about 90 minutes ago. no word right now. how many people are trapped in this amazon warehouse or their condition. but we do know that several injuries have been reported. also tonight, we do know that a tornado ripped through a nursing home in arkansas killing 2 people and injuring 5 others working to get new video of that situation for you here during kron 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight and we will continue to monitor these tornadoes and the damage they're doing and injuries there causing and bring you any updates throughout the evening right here on kron. 4. and the big story we're following tonight here in the bay area. the alameda county coroner has classified the death of 26 year-old mario gonzales as a homicide. >> according to the coroner's report the restraint police use did play a part in his death. the report goes on to say gonzalez suffered cardiac arrest and quote, the cause of death was the toxic effects of
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meth amphetamine with the physiologic stress of altercation and restraint morbid obesity and alcoholism. alametos police chief says the officers involved remain on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of 2 investigations. >> we have to wait till the administrative investigation is complete. and then i will be best position and informed to make the appropriate decision. i will not hesitate to make the appropriate decision. >> it was april 19th of this year when alameda police were called out to a park on a report of a man with a possible psychiatric emergency. this is police body cam footage of the encounter, the coroner's report says when police arrived that morning gonzalez was not making any sense. speaking incoherently and in tossed intoxicated 9 minutes into the encounter. the report indicates police decided that gonzalez needed to be handcuffed but said he resisted and restraint techniques we use gonzales
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eventually was handcuffed. 4 minutes later and put in a prone position. but the report suggests that he continued to be combative. police restraint continued with arms and knees and elbows place on his back and shoulders. another 4 minutes later, gonzales appeared unresponsive cpr began. he was transported to a hospital and at 1145 that morning he was pronounced dead in the east bay. we're just getting word now the scene has been cleared after there was a shelter-in-place order tonight, an antioch after someone was shooting at cars and homes. this is video of the scene that happened near. >> dubbed court not far from james dolan boulevard. police say when they arrived to the scene. a person was actively shooting at cars and homes. they also say the person was shooting at an antioch police drone officers ordered the neighborhood to shelter in place or evacuate. if it was safe. the swat team was on scene attempting to negotiate with the suspect to surrender. the new information we've just
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gotten into our newsroom tonight is that the scene has been cleared in antioch. but if any new details come in, we'll be sure to bring them to you. the oakland police department started off the year. projecting would lose 5 officers a month due to attrition and since then that number has now increased to 8. it appears to be linked to the level of officer discipline at oakland police kron four's haaziq has that story. >> our staffing numbers now. to to 6.75 the department is still below the 6.78 mandate measures the the same time last year. we have 723 officers. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says 73% of the officers who resigned over the past year are not of retired today. >> the data as part of the chiefs officer attrition rates presentation at thursday's oakland police commission meeting. >> in the exit interviews above the reasons officers said they are leaving opd is lack of support from city
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leadership that has been widely reported. however, the number one answer for why officers are acquitted adds another layer to the conversation dissatisfaction with opd leadership. >> dissatisfaction with opd leadership. what what exactly was said to be on. just that i disappoint. you know, i think that it's definitely been a concern to the level of discipline that's going to level of that we expect in that department. in fact, heavy discipline. >> is listed as the 3rd above the top for reasons of the list of why officers are not sticking around keep our strong as it should more discipline. then both of the last police chiefs. and so that is considered very different. >> and then maybe officers will lead of the cost 7. but at department's better off. >> civil rights attorney john burris says officers to leave because they can't handle the rules shouldn't be in uniform anyway because of that, they
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may not like the leadership and on the fact that discipline that's the point. >> the officers need to know that there's a price to pay when you violate the rules. >> how is it that you for 2. >> now to our coronavirus coverage. a couple of bay area counties are now reviewing their mask mandates. the santa clara county health department is telling the county to keep its mask mandate in place. that's despite the fact that the county is 79% vaccinated. the county could start loosening the restrictions at 80%. but officials are trying to be very cautious. since we're still dealing with the delta and the omicron varias last year during the winter months. santa clara county saw covid cases go up. meanwhile, alameda county decided a few days ago to keep the mask mandate in place. there. that means that you will need to wear your mask when you are inside weather work or otherwise. another group of people can now receive a
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covid-19 booster shot. the fda announced that 1617 year olds can now get that additional. >> dose of the pfizer vaccine kron four's amanda hari is live in the newsroom tonight after talking with infectious disease. doctors for their reaction to the expanding eligibility. amanda. >> i did get some mixed reaction from the doctors. i spoke to one told me. >> it can help increase protection throughout the community. but another said there's not really seeing a demand for this booster and you don't have the data to support needing it. >> and i was really happy because every personally get vaccinated. additionally in the community and we get them boost it will increase a force field of protection in the community. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says no one should be surprised by covid-19 booster. eligibility expanding to 1617 year-olds 1617 year-olds were included in the original trials in for pfizer.
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>> so it's not surprising that they thought of in the way of getting a this is only for the pfizer vaccine. doctor chin-hong says 1617 year-olds. >> are very similar to young adults. the doctor monica gandhi says the additional dose may not be necessary at this time. no other country. >> has done no other country think spent the young need a booster just because we have good immune responses that develop after the first to both doctors agree that it's really those first 2 doses that are most important for the younger population and the people that need the booster. most are people who are immunocompromised are over the age of 65. >> but long term. there is a chance everyone will need a 3rd many people believe the vaccines will be a three-dose series just like but i just measles, mumps and rubella. >> human papilloma virus and neither doctor believes the youngest population will be getting that 3rd owes any time
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soon under there's very little data about using the booster. so i would expect that people would need to have data before any discussion about whether or not it's needed. i asked the doctors about how people should approach their holiday plans. >> they say we're in a much better place than we were this time last year because of the vaccine they say fully vaccinated. people with or without a booster can gather and enjoy their holidays live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron 4 news. thank you amanda. coming up, another unruly passenger. this time the burning of delta flight what we're learning tonight about the man who allegedly assaulted a flight first charges have been filed for the person who killed a crossing guard who police say. >> was at fault.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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been charged for hitting and killing a lafayette school crossing guard. this happened. >> on september 8th near stanley middle school. and today the contra costa county district attorney announced that 78 year-old phyllis me. han has now been charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. officials say meehan was picking up her grandson from school and a gmc yukon when she hit a car and then accelerated into the crosswalk. 45 year-old ashley ds pushed a child out of the way. and then that crossing guard was hit and killed. the child was also injured. the
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scrapes and bruises the hands of rain meant has not yet been scheduled. mill valley man has now been indicted for allegedly assaulting law enforcement during the january 6th insurrection and the new faces a total 14 charges related to t e attack on the u.s. capitol. prosecutors say there's video showing newman berating officers punching them and hitting them with a barricade newman who is believed to be seeking asylum in belarus told the news station there that he does not think that he committed a crime and calls the accusations that he hit an officer offensive alameda has a new plan to make its roads a safer. it is called the alameda vision 0 action plan. the goal is to reduce and eventually end deadly and severe injury traffic crashes. >> you might remember it was last month that alameda county supervisor wilma chan died while walking her dog in alameda, investigators say a car hit chan and she later died at the hospital. a new
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report found that in the last 2 years there have been 8 traffic deaths and 20% of alameda identified as high injury car doors. the vision 0 plan wants to change that. it covers everything from education to enforcement. city leaders have agreed to put 2 billion dollars a year into traffic safety funding. >> planned. this funding in this commitment of be our staff and our council really is just a step to to to try to make sure that doesn't happen in the future. >> so here's a rough draft of the plan as it stands tonight. officials want to prioritize high injury car doors, study roundabouts and traffic signals implement a school zone program with 15 or 20 mile an hour limits conduct targeted traffic enforcement and recommend police department traffic cameras, the city plans to implement these improvements by 2027. oakland police are offering
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offering a $38,500 reward for any information that leads to the arrest in the shooting death of kron 4 security guard kevin nishita, a suspect vehicle. >> continues to be sought out. in this case it is a white 2004 to 2008 acura tl with a sunroof and no front license plate. authorities say that this is believed to be the same car that was involved in an armed robbery in san francisco just 2 days before was shot and killed. and if you'd like to help kevin issued his family. a fund has been set up the cash or check donation can be made to the kevin issue to trust at any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail at the address on the screen right now. the information is also on our website, kron 4 dot com. >> to our wildfire coverage now the father and son who are accused of sparking the caldor fire making their first appearance in eldorado courtroom today virtually david and travis smith remain behind bars tonight. each of them facing a number of felony
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charges. but their attorneys continued to say that the 2 are innocent. eric walker has details on this case. >> appearing remotely from the eldorado county jail caldor fire suspects. david smith and his son travis smith making their first court appearance friday the father and son on the left side of this monitor the judge not allowing video only still images in the courtroom today. the smiths both face multiple felony counts for starting the fire that torched hundreds of thousands of acres in multiple counties. i understand. >> how emotional this event was, how difficult it was for this community. my client and his son. his family. they all live in this community. they love this community. they are completely innocent sacramento based attorney linda parisi is representing david smith, the el dorado county district attorney's office says the suspects a set fire to a structure injuring others breezy maintains her client and his son merely saw the fire and tried to report it. >> david smith's son saw a fire called law enforcement
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cooperated with law enforcement. this event happened in august, law enforcement had contact with both of this mess who continue to cooperate among the charges by the da's office is a count of illegally converting a firearm into a machine gun. however, the criminal complaint does not. state of the district attorney believes that is how the fire started. both david and travis smith pleaded not guilty to all charges in court today. >> that was eric rucker reporting for us tonight. after 2 dry years and water supply shortages across the bay area. the alameda county water district declared a water shortage of emergency in fremont, newark and union city effective immediately. customers are banned from doing things like refilling swimming pools and using decorative water fountains. there are also limits on watering lawns and washing cars lawns and other landscaping. maybe water go more than one day every other
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week. officials say those restrictions are in place to cut down on water use by 15%. >> all right. let's check on our 4 zone forecast. we have a big weather weekend starting now. i guess it really doesn't start till late saturday night, early sunday morning. this is a live look outside at san francisco from our camera atop the sutro tower. and for now things are clear and cold. our meteorologists are karnow is joining us now with details. yeah. going to be chilly night out there. no getting around that. we've got some frost and. >> freezes that are going to happen around the bay area tonight as we're going to see those temperatures probably dipping back into the upper 20's least in some parts of the bay area in the north bay. so out there tonight bundle up, get extra lot on the fire. it is going to be cold tonight. again, then things begin to change as we head toward the latter part of the weekend. but for now, mostly clear skies tonight, petaluma santa rosa, you get the sonoma napa. san lena, you get the idea you're going to see those very cold temperatures settling in tonight and the freezing conditions down into the 20's in some spots in santa rosa. it is low as 27
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degrees about 32 and freezing in napa. it will be cold elsewhere to 32 and freezing in livermore, 34 in concord. it 30 showing up in and around the bay. so some patchy frost. all in all around much of the bay area. now we're going to time out your storm for as we head through the night tonight. skies stay mostly clear tomorrow. well, no, some clouds coming. but staying dry by 9 o'clock in the evening. you start to see the rain beginning to develop in northern california, then overnight. tomorrow night looks like sunday morning that storm system moves in that things really get going once the storm starts this what we call that atmospheric river. it is going to pump a tremendous amount of rain. the heaviest starting out in the north bay. that's around 3 o'clock in the morning or so and then sliding into the cross. the rest, the bay area as we head through the day on sunday. i think taking the focus now more little further to the south into the santa cruz mountains. you're going to see some very heavy rainfall. i by the time we're done with this. we may be talking about 7, maybe 10 inches of rain across the santa cruz mountains. a lot of
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rain around the rest, the bay area to maybe 2, maybe 3 inches down in some of the urban areas be prepared. gusty winds to go along with that likely going to see some power outages. guys, back to you, lawrence. thank you. and still ahead, we are continuing to follow breaking news tonight as midwestern and southern states are being hit by severe weather are also new video tonight showing unruly passengers that have been causing. >> some issues. this one caused a flight to be diverted
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>> a man has been arrested after allegedly assaulting both a passenger and an air marshal on a flight bound for los angeles. this is the mug shot of the man arrested last tonight. oklahoma city police identified him as 35 year-old. ariel pennington video shows pennington who was not wearing a mask arguing with people on the airplane before being escorted off with his hands behind his back. the flight was heading to los angeles from washington, dc when pennington allegedly assaulted a flight attendant. the air marshal intervened and have the passenger in custody when the flight which had to be diverted to oklahoma city landed. pennington was booked into the oklahoma county detention center on suspicion of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. he was bonded out after spending about 5 hours in jail and paid $334 in fines.
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>> next here on kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock. a deadly weather system is sweeping across the midwest and the south. tonight, our breaking news coverage of the tornadoes and severe weather will continue at 8.30. we also have our own severe storm system rolling into the bay area this weekend. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has what you need to know when it comes to the rain and the snow. plus, santa con is coming to town the holiday celebration is happening tomorrow in san francisco. so what's changing now during the pandemic. for all those santa is out there. those stories
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>> we're following. breaking news tonight here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock after a series of tornadoes have left a path of destruction in the midwest. these are live pictures now from illinois where an amazon warehouse has collapsed because of the severe weather. several workers are trapped inside this is happening in edwardsville, which is along the missouri border. it's about 4 hours. southwest of chicago. let's just listen here just for a second because we can hear how hard the winds are whipping. >> has been severe weather in this area. we can hear it there. there was also a tornado that touched down in that town about 90 minutes ago. we can see the massive amount of emergency crews that are there right now trying to get these workers out. it's w many people are trapped there or
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their condition. >> but we do know that several injuries have been reported and it's believed that up to 100 people may have been working inside that amazon warehouse at the time of the collapse. >> and there is also breaking news happening in arkansas at this hour. a tornado there has ripped through a nursing home killing at least 2 people and injuring 5 others. this is video from the scene in arkansas. the tornado touched down in the northeast part of the state of the missouri and tennessee borders. in addition to those who have been killed and injured at least 20 people are reportedly still trapped inside that nursing home, as you see all of this is unfolding as we speak. we of course, will continue to follow the destruction caused by these tornadoes and the severe weather and bring you updates throughout the evening. a difficult night for people in that region of the country. we're checking in with our chiefmeteorologist now who has more on this deadly and destructive system. laura. yeah. remember, we're talking about all that warm weather that we had in
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california. >> not long ago that start to slide to the east. but now on the backside of them are starting to see some cold air kicking in and so the boundary between that is where we're seeing this very active night tonight and you can see not just one but numerous tornadoes, maybe a dozen plus tornadoes coming down across a part of the country's midsection. you see that. taking you for a closer look. some of those heavy storms continue to rumble through tonight or long way from being done with some of this tornadic activity for tonight thunderstorms continuing to erupt. this is the storm there st. louis that caused down age of that. a possible amazon warehouse there that system coming through. but all around still tornado warnings in effect just a little further to the south and more that on the way. in fact, even further south. now you see a lot of activity continuing in around as the storm system slowly makes its way toward the southeast. bringing the heaviest thunderstorms through those areas tonight. and more thunderstorms expected tonight with more tornadic activity as the system continues to push a little further eastward. but
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all along that area were get reports of not only tornadoes but strong gusty winds tornado watches all shaded in yellow. yellow here across much of the country to continue all the way toward nashville tonight as that storm system will continue to track in that direction. all right. let's get you back out west. we're getting ready for our storm system is it's going to be moving in a little bit later on this weekend. i think saturday is the day if you've got to get out and do some stuff doing on saturday. that's going to be a dry day the storm system going to come rolling in a once it gets going, we're talking about a whole lot of models are picking up on that too, is we're going to see maybe 2, maybe 3 inches of rain in some of the urban areas around the bay area as we head sunday, monday and tuesday and a lot of the heavy snow across the sierra nevada too. and maybe some snow across our mountains will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. our us. thank you for that. well, the first the cdc report on the omicron covid variant in the u.s. shows that vaccination does not protect people against infection. however.
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>> that same report does say that vaccines do appear to prevent serious illness and hospitalization. health officials in many states are warning that a winter surge is already underway with infections up by 30% and a 20% increase in deaths since thanksgiving based on the current death rate. one top expert at the mayo clinic is predicting another 32,000 americans will die from covid before new year's day even with the limited response to the omicron variant. health officials say now is the time to get a booster, especially if you're planning to travel for the holidays. the covid omicron variant has now been discovered in the south bay this time it is in santa clara county health officials announced the first known case of the variant there today. >> the positive patients who recently returned home from a trip to florida. kron four's rob nesbit has more on how that person is doing. >> the mild case of omicron in santa clara county was caught
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by health officials after the adult belt symptoms. the last day of november. the person with the omicron variant had traveled to florida most likely where they were exposed health officer. doctor sara cody says the adult and planned on getting their booster shot this month. her advice to others 12 prevent the spread of omicron vaccinate boost mask test ventilate and distance confident they are not the first case. >> or the only case and i anticipate that we will hear of many more omicron detections in the very near future residents are doing well with vaccinations and santa clara around 80%, but covid testing officer doctor martin says only 39% of those eligible to get a booster have done so it's just not enough. and we need to now move to make sure that everyone that is eligible gets loose to infectious disease expert at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says. >> national vaccination numbers are improving since the first known us case of omicron was discovered in san
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francisco, december. first, i've seen who have been on the fence about having kids aged 5 to 11 vaccinated and they're bringing them in. doctor chin-hong says the mild symptoms of santa clara county's first case of the new variant. >> confirms what experts have been saying for months that vaccines work when you've got bush said you increase the number bodies of these fighting. so there's that even though it's not a perfect it helps to suppress the virus even more in san francisco. rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> right now on kron 4, dot com. you can get the latest information on the omicron variant as well as vaccination clinics around the bay area just scan. the qr code on your screen right now and you will be directed to our website. kron 4 dot com. in national headlines tonight, the u.s. supreme court announced a highly anticipated ruling on the restrictive texas abortion law the high court ruled the law which allows private citizens to sue anybody connected to an abortion. >> performed after 6 weeks can
8:38 pm
remain in place. but it does give abortion providers now the right to challenge the law in federal court executive director of texas alliance for live doctor joe pojman says that the ruling is a victory for anti-abortion advocates for now. they be so protected from abortion. >> long term, it may mean that the law will be blocked by the lower courts. the stakes couldn't be higher not only for women and people in texas. or mississippi, but all across the country. this will have sweeping national implications. >> pro choice advocates say this ruling could indicate how the justices will rule on other abortion cases, including the pending decision over mississippi's law which bans abortion after 15 weeks. the u.s. supreme court also dismissed a lawsuit from the justice department to block the law. a spokesperson for the department of justice said that the department will continue our efforts in the lower courts to protect the
8:39 pm
rights of women and uphold the constitution. still ahead tonight, santa con returns to san francisco tomorrow for the first time since the pandemic what you can expect if you plan on joining the fight. >> snow is coming to the sierra. we're taking a live look now at heavenly ski resort in south lake tahoe. they're getting ready for a lot of visitors this weekend and a lot of fresh powder. >> see what we can expect that first calls for action as crab season begins. the petition to protect sea life.
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>> dungeness crab season is returning to monterey bay but only those with a recreational fishing licenses can go after the crabs commercial fishing for crabs has been delayed another week for that area. state wildlife officials have further delay the season for commercial crab trap fishing. this is t those waters. also crab fishing off of the bay area coastline is still been delayed. officials will review marine wildlife safety around the bay area next week. well, as crab season is getting underway and environmental group is hoping to change the way fishermen catch crabs and lobsters. >> the center of biological diversity says humpback whales and sea turtles can get caught in the fishing lines because many of those lines run from the traps to the surface of the water in fact, in 2000, 18 more than 100 whales were
8:43 pm
reported tangled in the fishing gear with some being seriously injured or dine. the center says moving to line the list trips. lyla straps could actually help fishermen by extending the crab season. >> right now. they are. >> season delays and certain areas that are open before others. if we move to row. plus traps which is a new technology that doesn't have that and line between the trap on the bottom and the billy at the >> and we can protect areas like monterey national sanctuary. all the time. there wouldn't be any rest of entanglement of leatherback sea turtles or a back way >> the center. officials say they hope to have the traps and use in marine sanctuaries in the next 3 years. and in all fisheries across the nation in the next 5 years. >> and sports warriors head coach steve kerr is on the p% verge of quite an honor. our grant lotus has the details coming up in spor
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>> santa come to terms. i like what santa con is coming to town and that is saying all set return san francisco tomorrow. that follows a one-year hiatus from the annual event because of the pandemic barger oetting ready for the large crowds as covid continues to spread. are you going to go pan and you know, in them and san francisco know. i think i'll just watch will have coverage for you
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tomorrow night on kron 4. but right now spoke with the bar owner who is reminding everyone can. if you do that, you change your you do need proof of vaccination is going require all patrons for planning to celebrate indoors. >> day people let their hair to the whole area. people dressed like santa claus and spend the day before hopping in san francisco. >> the event is considered the foreign ministries black friday. the revenue generated helps businesses get through the list for times of the year. not everybody participates but a lot to do. >> and this year every need to be mindful. >> the pandemic is not over. we want to spread holiday cheer. we don't want to spread the omicron variant ben bleiman owns 2 bars in the city and found in the san francisco bar owner alliance. the organization has more than 500 members and represents more than 350 bars. and he
8:48 pm
says all of them have plans in place to allow patrons to celebrate safely spoken out. >> many, many, many bar everybody's got beefed up security this year. you have to show proof of vaccination at negative covid test does not count anymore. it's it's just proof of vaccination plan and says all of his staff members are vaccinated believes customers so you get a little of covid that comes from this, but that it won't be serious. >> and then it won't spread because everybody is vaccinated. we know that that works. and if we look at the data, even the newest data about its various it's still more to take part in the festivities. you can donate to safety cones, charity drive online to secure a spot in the bar crawl. >> phillipe djegal all kron 4 >> well, the snow that fell in the sierra yesterday morning. that was just a taste of what's expected over the next
8:49 pm
several days when it comes to the drought, we actually need a number of big storms this season just to put a dent in our water problems. experts say only about 4 times in the last 4 or so decades has california been in this dire drought situation. >> it's likely going to be a multi year event. that really takes us out of this drought period as we'd like to see it and store. plenty of water for the future. >> right now. the central sierra is only slightly below an average snowpack for early december. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch from saturday evening through tuesday night the lake tahoe and areas to the north. several feet of snow possible with winds up to 100 miles an hour over the mountain ridges. so let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking this stormy weather. yeah. going to be a dangerous time to travel over the sierra nevada. i know a lot of folks going to be excited because we're talking about all the snow they want to get up there. they've got snowboard, the skis. they want to get out
8:50 pm
there. >> and have fun. but tonight, not a bad night to travel. if you can do it. but after that things change, i think deteriorating as we head toward tomorrow night and you're going to see a whole lot of snow developing over the sierra nevada winter storm warnings going up. starting saturday. 4 o'clock in the afternoon continuing until tuesday between that period. we're going to see that snow will drop way down, maybe below 2000 feet or so above 4,000 feet. we're talking several feet of snow lake level. you could see as much as 4 feet of snow there and you get into the upper peaks were starting to talk. maybe 6, maybe 8 feet of snow across the higher sierra nevada peaks. so this going to be a significant storm are talking about white out conditions as well across the high peaks and it's going to get going. not only from this storm system once this one gets going to stick around for a while. look at all that snow just piling up across the sierra nevada finally catching little bit of a break and then another storm system rolls in as we head toward late wednesday and thursday. so really got a time. the storms. stay tuned right here to kron 4 news for
8:51 pm
the very latest forecasc and news to get you up across the sierra safely. guys, back to you. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> as the warriors get ready for their game tomorrow night in philadelphia and the countdown to steph curry breaking that regular season 3 point record stands at t -10 and counting just 10 more threes. there was a big bit news today concerning the head coach of the team. steve kerr. it's not quite official yet, but this is going to happen. steve kerr, you've got credit. he's going to be the next head coach of team usa olympics. the whole bit going to replace greg popovich and lead a revamped us coaching staff into the 2023 world cup and then 2024 paris olympics. kurz coaching staff will reportedly include phoenix suns coach monty williams, miami heat coach erik spoelstra and gonzaga coach. mark few a formal announcement is expected soon. kerr quite a
8:52 pm
resume coach. the warriors to 3 nba championships. 5 titles appearances. he was the league's coach of the year in 2016 and was selected head coach for the nba all-star game give steve kerr credit that he's now going to be on the world's stage football. now the forty-niners are a point to have favorite sunday against the bengals in cincinnati got to travel later when san francisco trying to bounce back after a disappointing loss at seattle looking to kind of separate themselves in this wild card for the playoffs. it's all bunched up. and right now they're tied with the washington football team for the 6th and final playoff spot today. pro bowl tight end george kittle talked about needing to get back in the win column. but he's a character and he drew more attention probably for wearing a michigan t-shirt had to it was the consequence of losing a bet when kittle's iowa hawkeyes lost to michigan in the big 12 championship game.
8:53 pm
jim harbaugh. oh, by the way, coach to michigan and michigan will now play the georgia bulldogs and the national semifinals on new year's eve. 3rd time the >> it's a little snug. go dogs. i'm just excited to get back on the field. the guys because i think everybody does definitely disappointing loss and and once not to say that we're more inspired than usual. but guys are locked in and ready to roll. >> ready to roll. well, he is the best at what he does and he is the trophy to prove it. meet the arkansas man with a knack for quacks that is coming up. and just in. back to you. >> all right. thank you. grant also. kron four's once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you know a remarkable woman making a difference in her community.
8:54 pm
nominate her for a chance to be a wanted woman of the year. you can into the nomination and read more about
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8:56 pm
>> that there's the sound of the best duck caller in the world. that's right. hayden. richard, is the newly crowned world champion. he works in construction sales and owns a hunting guide service. for
8:57 pm
more than a decade. he's been going to competitions practicing over and over order to one day become the best of the best. but his experiences with hunting and calling ducks goes all the way back to his childhood. could you imagine being his neighbor, though, having to listen to the practicing all the time. all that work paid off and out of 55 competitors. look at that trophy. well, that that's probably run for cover when they see him all right. that wraps kron 4 news tonight at 8 speaking of some cracks, we hear it. and i think that's for the we for gavin for christmas haven't that. yeah, and he can practice it. why we're kron 4 news at 9.11 news to get to. >> this big story. right. atmospheric river expected to soak the bay area. >> but it's not only rain
8:58 pm
tonight, a freeze warning in effect in the north bay for 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us. he's tracking how low the temperatures will get and how much rain will be seeing sunday, monday, tuesday and hundreds of students in san francisco. they ditched class. the school district headquarters message. they're sending leaders about. >> assaults. those stories and >> assaults. those stories and more coming up on kr when a truck hit my car, >> assaults. those stories and more the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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