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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 11, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. walk out that and look this direction, which is what's behind me. >> my heart just sank prove a moose or my friends and my neighbors. you know. and so a lot of my heart. you're saying for. >> now, it's 6 search and rescue crews are on the ground right now. after deadly tornadoes tore through the midwest and southeastern united states in kentucky alone. 22 people are confirmed dead and we here are bracing for severe weather as well. it's the calm before the storm and hardware stores across the
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bay area are busy preparing people for possible flooding. whipping winds and power outages. and this is coming us another atmospheric river is expected to soak the bay area. we're take a live look now over downtown san francisco where the weather conditions are calm and cold right now. how dry it is. that is expected to change just a matter of hours. the sunday super soakers where we begin kron 4 news at 6 o'clock tonight. thank you so much for joining us. i'm justine waltman jonathan mccall is on assignment. so we're getting ready for heavy rain, strong winds and freezing temperatures across the bay area and we do haveateam coverage on this winter storm kron four's gayle ong is standing by in san francisco. she spoke with businesses that are getting people ready for all this wet and cold weather. >> but first let's check the conditions right now with kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr. dave. >> yes, com right now and cloud cover just started to march on in across the bay area. but the rain not too far behind that. we're expecting a post midnight arrival for all
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of this right now. first things first, this is a live shot of the east bay shoreline. you can see some breaks actually in those clouds off to t e distance. again. the clouds will be marching through now later in this forecast, we will have winds going on for late tonight through tomorrow. but this is actually for 04:00pm tomorrow. through 04:00am on monday as a second dose of not just rain but winds. this will be a wind advisory. the coverage area includes solano county in the north bay. but elsewhere up in the north bay know it's elsewhere through the peninsula, the south bay and all that east bay coverage. there's the rain. you can see up to the north. it's going to spend all this evening dropping south bringing us that rain over the next 3 hours. as you can see, temperatures stay pretty much in the 40's as we start to build all of this. let's get the future cast a viewpoint of this. approach around the witching hour. rain is pretty much covering the north bay at that point crosses the golden gate and then we have the breath of the bay area. all covered when you wake up tomorrow morning, say 6, 7
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o'clock. it will be all involved. all locations. good dose of moderate to heavy rain across the region. as notice and then it will start favoring the central to southern bay area. also the east bay too. but the other concern, the national weather service has been talking about in the santa cruz mountains as they will get that so-called up. sloping occurring. it's just like a wet rag when you squeeze a little bit, you tend to get a little bit more in the way of rain from all about waking rather this evening, i should say mostly cloudy and then by midnight. that's when the showers arrived in tomorrow morning. it's rain and winds will plot this again for you. check those winds out of the longer range forecast in a bit. justine, thank you so much. and that weather system has utility crews increasing staffing this weekend to help people with possible power outages. >> hardware stores also really busy today. people deciding now what may be new generator. some flashlights. >> kron four's. gayle ong joins us alive. she's covering this part of the story tonight. good evening, gayle. >> well, good evening justine now overall, the weather is
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quiet on saturday. it is cold outside here in san francisco. i'm wearing 3 layers. but hardware stores were kept busy across the region. i checked in with some businesses from the santa cruz mountains up here to the north bay and a lot of them have their shelves cleared. but here's one in marin county. >> just what the last 2 hours they've all sold out, sold out of rain gear markel manager of jackson's hardware in sandra fell is showing us empty shelves as of saturday afternoon. we're selling out rain barrel ships to capture some rain all of the boots and weatherproof products and atmospheric river in this case infamously known as the pineapple express is expected to bring widespread rain. gusty winds hazardous beach and marine conditions sunday into monday. cities like santa rosa is expecting up to 6 inches of rain. the city experienced flooding during the last powerful storm in october. a lot of measures have been taken since then and prior to then. >> to make sure that hopefully
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our systems continue to flow as they're supposed to do so. not only is the city constantly checking our creeks, you know, working on drainage issues can do. conducting maintenance are also residents to do the same thing. maintenance like clearing the gutters, checking the wipers and securing any loose outdoor objects cities like santa rosa in other communities have sandbags stations that are available for for community members to use. but some general maintenance that residents can do like clear in the leaves and debris on gutters. so hopefully the rain goes really want to go back at center fell jackson's hardware already putting in orders for next week when another weaker system is expected to arrive. >> after the atmospheric river a buyer's very diligent. they search out wherever they get items from >> we're able to fill and we stock and still in the cycle. just goes on and on. >> and pg e is asking customers to brace for possible power outages have flashlights ready with fresh batteries, food and water extra staff will be on patrol this weekend if needed live in
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san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you so much, gail and san francisco residents can pick up sandbags tomorrow morning. >> public works will be handing them out for free from 08:00am until 2 at the operations yard on kansas street and martin street residents can receive up to 10 sandbags leading up to the storm. proof of your address is required. officials say sandbags also are sold that many local hardware stores and home improvement stores as well. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch from tonight through tuesday night for lake tahoe in other areas to our north. and this is coming as snow is expected to start falling later tonight. >> the heaviest is anticipated tomorrow night through monday. so caltrans is warning drivers that chains are required. this weekend and highways in and out of tahoe. i did get a chance to speak with a caltrans spokesperson about preparing for winter driving. >> this graphic pretty much covers what we always tell people have an emergency kit full tank of gas. you want to
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have your cell phone, fully charged sitting in traffic for a while. have some snacks and water, that kind of thing because it's not it's not going to be routine ride home on sunday that can guarantee that it's going to take longer than normal. so we want people to be prepared for that. >> yeah, he didn't even recommend people driving on sunday at all as possible and adding that caltrans is doing prep work before the snow hits like salting and brining the roads. so they're prepared for 24 7 storm coverage employees are working 12 hour shifts to ensure travelers make it up and back down the mountain safely. kron 4 can help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. just use the camera on your phone right now. the scan, this qr code will take you to download our kron 4 mobile app. you'll find current conditions. a live radar and up to the date forecasts. the other big story we're following tonight. now at least 84 people are likely dead following a series of tornadoes that ripped through the midwest and parts of
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southeastern sections of the united states. this here is some video of the destruction in kentucky. >> for the governor of that state says at least 70 people are likely dead. there as a result of the storms. it's catastrophic damage and kentucky. state officials say that a tornado blew a train right off the tracks. that was in hopkins county. that's on the state's western side while the train damaged several homes. no deaths were reported in that incident that a field that was one of the most devastated areas. residents say they were shocked by the storm's destruction. >> i have ever seen this kind of thing. trees are down. buildings are down, cars are flipped. we all count. >> it's because want to come down re. can i was that out. >> cal. oh, yes, is deploying specialized urban search and rescue resources to kentucky after the latest on the storm conditions in that state and local live to mayfield for an update. that's coming up at
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06:20pm tonight right here during kron. 4 news at 6. we'll get the latest. from there in the live reports. also arkansas. at least 2 people have died. 5 people were hurt after a nursing home in northeastern sections of arkansas were struck by a tornado as well last night, more than a dozen residents were trapped inside after being rescued survivors were taken to a nearby church to be reunited with family members. and tornadoes also ripped through an amazon warehouse in edwardsville, illinois. that's along the missouri border. about 4 hours. southwest of chicago. the storm killed 6 people at this amazon delivery facility. the storm. just trapped people inside the building, ripped the roof right off while a wall about the length of a football field collapsed. an additional 45 people were able to make it out safely rescue operations have now shifted to recovery operations. coming up here, a
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fiery end to an hours long standoff in any off with police are not revealing about the suspect in the house that
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>> a man accused of opening fire on cars homes and police in antioch was eventually killed by police officers. this deadly shooting adding a lengthy standoff. we'll get the latest now from kron forcefully off. >> more than 6 hour standoff
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in antioch getting a swat team against the man who police say was armed with a rifle and was actively court and house neighbors around court order to shelter in place or evacuated safely possible just after 1 o'clock friday afternoon that's when responded to reports of a man firing his rifle and eventually shooting down a police drone surveying the area. >> some neighbors initially thought someone set off firecrackers or a car backfire at the or 5th time. ice is not. >> then it's going police say the man eventually went inside a where he stayed into the night over the course of those triple hours. >> the suspect or people. fired shots from inside the house outside in the direction of officers as well as other roads. >> just after 7 o'clock in the evening. police say the suspects set fire to the garage. the home was soon engulfed in flames. that's when police say the man walked out of the house and was
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contacted by swat officers. >> after making contact officers. they fired their weapons and the suspect was struck. the suspect died on scene. >> the only other person injured during the incident was a community service officer who appears was accidentally hit by a truck while in his car blocking traffic from entering the crime scene. it was extracted from the vehicle by medical personnel. >> white pickup truck. the occupants of the pickup truck of remained on scene operating at this time. police have not identified the shooter. neither has the contra. costa county coroner's division, which says it is still working to notify next of kin. >> just all kron. 4 news. >> we're tracking another potent storm coming our way across the bay area could take a couple of days to unfold. all of this and unpack it as
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notice there. however, by tomorrow we'll probably have some fog playing into this, too. along with that heavy, you're embedded rain showers for you. all right. here's what it looks like for the satellite, the radar in tandem right up towards our north is where it's kind of hovering around right now. we'll get a little closer inspection with our temperatures were in the lower 50's over most of the bay. some 40's working in here, not a whole lot of mercury movement going on. and what's interesting is when this system starts to play out. we have winds coming in from the south. yeah, that's right for tomorrow. and it's actually fairly mild. but the temperatures even up to tahoe. they fall off the 27, which speaking of which they have a winter storm warning from tonight at 10 all the way till tuesday at 10 could look at 6 feet of snow and the snow levels falling down to about 2000 foot in terms of elevation tomorrow's winds up pick with our storm here. still notice the arrows coming in due south. that wind advisory, by the way, that kicks in as we get late in the day on sunday through monday. so putting this together for
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you tonight. we've got showers developing breezy. wind advisory later tomorrow. rain. some heavy at times breezy shifting south late. then we get into early next week. monday afternoon, rain scattered showers and rain expected. this is run to the future cast. real quick here. boom. that's about midnight. it's working on the north bay north of golden gate on balance spreads out over the breath of the bay's. you can see overnight and then it just doesn't let up. we're looking for maybe a little bit of shifting of the rain to the mid bay here in the south bay later on. justine and that will be with the hallmarks of our forecast will be like as we get into the evening tomorrow and through monday. but there's another batch on monday to worry. >> so we had to deal with rain basically all day tomorrow cold rain when all day tomorrow, right. some for monday as well. it's kind of lingers long monday. yeah. and some cooler air filtering in here tuesday, wednesday. actually, when we don't have much moisture to with that. some colder air comes in after that make you feel like it's winter. so the storm door is this wide open. is the pacific to say hello. you know. yeah. well, thanks for tracking it for that tonight. tonight. not
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this morning. thanks, dave. deadly tornadoes have caused destruction across western kentucky. the governor saying the death toll there may exceed 70 people. >> after one of the toughest tonight in kentucky history. this is video of a funnel cloud in the distance lit up by flashes of light. so one of the most devastated sites is the town of mayfield. that's will hear people talking about and that's where we find news nation's chip bailey. he's there for us now standing by with the latest on these destructive. sorry, gerard jebaily. >> to talk to us about what's happening where you are on the ground and had just. >> how is this community going going to heal. now. >> good evening. this is going to be the start of the hardest thing this town has ever had to do. you're right here in
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ground 0 where the worst of the destruction is where the heart of the city is everywhere you look is just some of the worst of the images that you can imagine. we're just going to show you what the power of this tornado was right over here off to my right shoulder is the town's water tower. a massive structure. the steal on it about a quarter to a half inch thick full of water was thrown to the ground and as you can see, crumpled up as if it were nothing more than a soda can the trees over there completely ripped apart. many of them d barked. and right now where i'm standing. this is one of the fire houses this community and they have suffered a course of a lot of damage here. the ball of debris over here is actually what's left of the building. here's one of their vehicles which was absolutely destroyed here only put into service. a couple of days ago. firefighters of this a community tried to help their own residents couldn't because they didn't have the equipment on hand. here's some of that that they tried to recover over the past couple of hours since they've been in and out of here. this community, of
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course, suffering some of the worst fatalities from this tornado community members from outside trying to come into certainly help them out anyway that they could. it is not been an easy task going into the future, especially tonight is going to be a cold night. they have no power, no water. and they're trying to make the best the situation even though it has been very heartbreaking for them and a lot of these folks trying to come together at a time when they should be discussing things much happier for the holiday season. back to did they have warning or notice that this tornado was coming through. >> they actually did quite a bit. in fact, one of the highest alert they could be given what's called a tornado emergency. there are multiple types of tornado warnings. one was issued for this community. many, times in advance of the storm, sometimes just having the warning is in the not knowing where to go and even if you have warning in the world. when you have something impact a community like this
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directly. there's often not many safe places to go. and that's you have an underground shelter and unfortunately many people succumb to injury here and we're talking about not numerous fatalities. gerard, thank you so much. >> we'll move on now to what's coming up here. warriors star steph curry is on the cusp of making history while the warriors face the 70 sixers tonight. kylen mills explained the record that is at stake and what curry has come to the break. that's coming up in (burke) with farmers auto multi-policy discount, the more policies you have with us, the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more. you could save up to forty-five percent.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the golden state warriors opening up a five-game road trip tonight against the 76 ers. well, steph curry on the cusp of making history. the baby-faced assassin started the day. just 10, 3 pointers away from setting a new nba record for most career 3 su would take a big shooting night for the warriors star in philly. however, the elder curry has hit 9 threes in a game 4 times this season in 10 isn't totally out of reach. it also be something special for curry to set the record while playing his younger brother, 76 ers guard seth curry. that game is underway right now. but here's what kerry had to say beforehand about his inevitable. big moment. >> only thought about it a little bit. just too. astronomical dream. 16 game. the team time what meant. but other than that, just enjoying the process because it's
6:27 pm
>> obviously a major milestone. but something that. well happening at the right time. >> the forty-niners looking to climb above 500 on the road in cincinnati tomorrow. both teams struggled recently with injuries right now. looks like cincinnati may have the edge on that front quarterback joe burrow running back. joe mixon. both expected to play after sitting out of practice this week. meanwhile, forty-niners running back elijah mitchell is out due to a concussion. >> and to those samuels questionable, we'll just have to see what happens. that's all we've got sports. thank you so much, highland and thank you for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 6 o'clock tonight. we'll see you in prime time starting today.
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