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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 11, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 all carol. >> to capture some rain all of the boots and weatherproof products. >> tonight at 10 people across the bay area are preparing for an incoming atmospheric rivers expected to bring heavy winds rain and also possible power
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outages. thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 10. >> i'm justine waltman of jonathan mccall. we have complete storm tracker 4 team coverage tonight. the system has utility crews upping its staff to deal with possible power outages. kron four's. gayle ong shows us how folks are getting ready for this latest storm and has that part of our coverage. >> well, the weather was overall quiet on saturday hardware stores were kept busy across the region. one north based or had their shelves cleared just with the last 2 hours of all sold out sold out of rain gear markel manager of jackson's hardware in sandra fell is showing us empty shelves as of saturday afternoon. we're selling out. >> rain barrel gets to capture some rain all of the boats and weatherproof products and atmospheric river in this case infamously known as the pineapple express is expected to bring widespread rain. gusty winds hazardous beach and marine conditions sunday
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into monday. cities like santa rosa is expecting up to 6 inches of rain. the city experienced flooding during the last powerful storm in october. a lot of measures have been taken since then and prior to then. >> to make sure that hopefully our systems continue to flow as they're supposed to do so, not only is the city constantly checking our creeks, you know, working on drainage issues can did conduct a maintenance are also residents to do the same thing making like clearing the gutters, checking the wipers and securing any loose outdoor objects cities like santa rosa in other communities have sandbags stations that are available for for community members to use. >> but some general maintenance that residents can do like clear in the leaves and debris out of gutters. so hopefully the rain goes we want to go back at center fell jackson's hardware already putting in orders for next week when another weaker system is expected to arrive after the atmospheric river a buyer's, very diligent. they search out wherever they get items from >> we're able to fill and we stock and still in the cycle. just goes on and on.
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>> pg. e is asking customers to brace for possible power outages and to have flashlights with fresh batteries ready to go as well as food and water extra crews will be on standby this weekend if needed reporting from san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. this saturday night as we mentioned, those showers starting to fall in a matter of hours for folks starting in the north our meteorologist dave spahr is joining us now with a look at the conditions right now and also timing out the storm system. yeah. justin and jonathan. good evening and good evening, we're looking at probably a good 48 hours of the game plan of the rain going on. once it gets started here. here's a live shot of the east bay shoreline. >> all kind of like lit up. as you can see quite a bit carpet of lights, if you will. this is what it looks like on satellite radar. it underscores 2 different batches of moisture, but also an air mass. the first is the subtropical jet. the pineapple express. call it what you will. that was providing all
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the moisture the air with that is relatively mild and up north as that low and that's cold air coming out of the gulf of alaska that no one is going to drive the snows but also lower the snow levels everywhere it goes. here's what it looks the forecast for you in the future cast their by tomorrow morning at first light, we're dealing with imbedded heavy rain inside moderate to a modest rain showers occurring and that will continue during the afternoon, too as it starts to favor a little bit down south exit the north bay little bit by the late afternoon, early evening hours there you see that heavy rain around santa cruz not only flooding as may be an issue there. but after this is all said and done. there might even be in the higher tops a little bit of snow thrown in there just for good measure. the winds, by the way, this kicks in tomorrow afternoon. even though you'll hear the winds tonight and into tomorrow just as a formality. and that does not include napa sonoma and all summer in counties. it's it's a lot counties and elsewhere throughout the bay is where the coverage areas.
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this is 10 tomorrow morning and we're still not in the advisory zone, then boom, we are and watch at pulse 8 as we go into the afternoon. yeah. as we go through monday afternoon really gets quite active again and will be another batch of rain to worth noting how much rain are we getting out all all of this. the first hit is the most intense you know, 2 inches of rain. some areas might pick up 3. this is a break happening by wednesday, overnight or very early wednesday. then there's another dose into wednesday afternoon overnight thursday before we finally get a break into the weekend tahoe. you're going to pick up some snow in drop. as you can see from the 30's and 40's to 27 on tuesday. that's when the gulf of alaska low kicks in and takes effect with all of it because of that, there's a winter storm warning that's been posted potentially up to 6 feet of snow in the higher elevations. very top. peaks. tpthen the snow levels will fal down to about 2000 feet in terms of elevation with all of us are forecast to simple tonight. upper 40's with rain and wind. developing longer
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range forecast models show that first batch is the most important one second batch latter portion of the week and there is a potentially little afterglow. also into early the following week of getting even more rain as well. the change the background here with thos. at 10 o'clock. as you can see with the rain and being involved in our forecast so much expect the highs to dip a little bit those lows to in the 30's, by the way, by tuesday, wednesday and then a gradual recovery into the weekend. back to you. >> thanks so much. so to prepare for the storm. san francisco residents can pick up sandbags tomorrow morning. public works will be handing them out for free at 08:00am until 2 at the operations yard on kansas street and martin street people can receive up to 10 sandbags leading up to the storm but proof of your address is required. officials are saying the sandbags are sold out at many local hardware and home improvement stores. >> right now, kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date on the latest weather forecast down to your neighborhood. just use your camera on your screen to
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scan the qr code and it will take you to the kron 4 mobile app where you can find current conditions, live radar and up to date forecasts. >> another big story that we are following tonight, at least 84 people are likely dead following a series of tornadoes that ripped through the midwest and also southeastern united states here. some video now of the destruction in kentucky where the governor of that state says at least 70 people are likely dead as a result of these storms. >> in kentucky. governor andy beshear touring the damage across western kentucky. one of the hardest hit towns is dawson springs. mike pickett has more on the steps that the state is now taking to help those recover from the storms. >> dawson springs residents are starting to get a better sense of the damage caused by yesterday's tornado. this community here in hopkins county was one of several across kentucky that was severely damaged by the tornado. i worked madisonville to want and i work. there were other tornadoes of this. this
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is stores. >> they have cleaning rebuilding and checking on family and friends after a night of destruction, one in particular. got. >> got injured pretty badly. her whole trailer was picked. up off the foundation and. she's currently in the hospital. now spend. >> about 8 hours this morning trying to make sure my cousin piece here. i was ok along with her family governor beshear declared a state of emergency last night. yeah, it's fema is sending teams to hard-hit areas and activated the kentucky national guard. they will help with cleanup and recovery and search and rescue efforts in hopkins and at least 5 other kentucky counties. one of the concerns that the the mayor just shared particular. >> it is really being able to touch base with a lot of the folks who are out of contact that don't direct communications with governor beshear also said president find the prove their federal emergency declaration request and started that he wants to kentucky tornado relief fund to help tornado victims.
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>> people who live and work in dawson springs hope the tornado didn't take away for what they say is a special place. want to give up in our community. we don't want anyone to just pack up and move away. we want people to stay here. this is still a great community. both dawson springs in hopkins county officials are asking people that either don't or don't have any business here in town. the police stay away. so it does not impede with the cleanup and recovery efforts and dawson springs. my pick. it. >> so tornadoes also ripped through an amazon warehouse in edwardsville, illinois. that's along the missouri border. it's about 4 hours. southwest of chicago. the storm killed 6 people at this amazon delivery facility. the storm damage trapped people inside the building, ripped the roof off. well, a wall about the length of a football field. also collapsed. an additional 45 people made it out safely and rescue operations have now shifted to recovery operations. we're working to get more updates on those efforts later in the hour.
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>> meanwhile, 2 people were killed, 5 others were hurt when a twister hit a nursing home near memphis. officials say the 20 people were trapped during the storm. officials say the twister also ripped off part of the roof to the nursing home and damaged other buildings in the town. >> callaway s is sending help to the areas that have been impacted by the tornadoes. this includes members of the oakland fire department and president joe biden promised to put the full weight of the federal government into the efforts to help the states impacted recover. >> it's a tragedy and we still don't know how many lives are lost to the full extent of the damage. i want to emphasize what i told all the governors, the federal government will do everything. everything you can possibly do to help. >> the president called the tornado outbreak. one of the largest in modern history. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. >> a good samaritan. now being credited with saving the life of a dog after was found
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stabbed several times what investigators are now saying. >> and a deadly end to an hours long standoff in antioch but police are not revealing about the suspect that they shot and killed. >> plus our weather coverage continuing tonight as twisters bringing widespread devastation to the midwest and parts of the midsouth. a look at the ongoing rescue and recovery efforts still on the way.
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>> the man accused of opening fire on cars homes and police in antioch is dead tonight after a 7 hour standoff. police shot and killed him. the deadly shooting in during a lengthy standoff that started last night called forcefully gaulle brings us the latest on the investigation. >> neighbors around the court in were ordered to shelter in place or evacuate of safely possible just after 1 o'clock friday afternoon. yeah. that's when police responded to reports of a man firing a rifle at cars houses officers and eventually shooting down a police drone surveying the area. first of all. >> you don't know where it's coming from. and the next thing is that. i'm going to see it this way. it's christmas time. why would somebody be shooting guns to push police have not released a motive. investigators say man went back into a home where stayed for several hours continuing to shoot outside
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directing gunfire at neighbors and police. >> then shortly after police say he set fire to the garage just after 7 o'clock at night. he walked outside and was gunned down by the swat team. medical aid was rendered and the suspect was pronounced. >> seized on the scene. >> a community service officer. what appears was accidentally hit by a truck while in his car blocking traffic from entering the crime scene suffered injuries but is expected to survive. >> as with the shooter made to police for the contra costa county coroner's division. >> i released his identity. believe that all kron 4 >> oakland. police tonight are also investigating 2 shootings that happened overnight. the first happened just after 1 o'clock this morning when officers got to the scene near fisher avenue and macarthur boulevard. they say they found a man with a gunshot wound. medics rushed the man to the hospital. we're told that he is now in stable condition. the other shooting happened at less than an hour after 02:30am in the morning. police
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say they found another man with gunshot wounds near parker avenue right now that victim is at the hospital in critical condition. both cases are under investigation. >> authorities are searching for a suspect. they say set a building on fire on the campus of uc berkeley. campus. police say the incident happened earlier this afternoon at the at the apology and art practice building the suspect who has been described as a roughly 6 foot tall woman left the scene on a bicycle no further details have been released. south san francisco police have found this man who was missing earlier today. he is 97 year-old antonio rodriguez. police say that he left a hotel on gateway boulevard in a cab this morning. but again, he has been reported located safely according to south san francisco police. >> tonight, california governor gavin newsome says that he will push forward with a law that would allow californians to sue people who sell assault rifles and parts for untraceable ghost guns.
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that move would allow people to sue for at least $10,000. plus legal fees. this move is being modeled after a recent texas bill that allows private citizens to sue abortion providers in the lone star state. we're working to get more details on this newest proposal and will bring you updates right here on kron 4 and kron 4 dot com. >> good. some parent and made a grisly discovery when they came across a dog that had been stabbed and was near death. the quick work of veterinary and save the dog's name pin cheeto, which also had broken ribs and brews lungs. but the search is on tonight. in southern california to find the person who harmed this to chris wolfe is impala with more. >> punchy told the chihuahua mix may be small, but he's tough. a fighter, a quiet survivor. the older pooch from pomona is recovering at home following a brutal attack on wednesday morning. he escaped from his backyard by digging
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under a fence later, a passer by in a nearby playground and park found pun cheetos battered little body and at first glance thought the dog was dead. that person contacted the inland valley humane society and spca to report a case of animal cruelty, but the responding animal control officer discovered that too. well what was still breathing and fighting for his life. punch. ito was rushed to the humane society for emergency treatment. the medical team found multiple stab wounds including for large cuts across his neck and stomach and back. the tiny dog also suffered broken ribs, and bruised lungs. extensive surgery and a strong will to live were clearly a winning combination for punchy toe members of the humane society's cruelty investigation. staff were able to locate that you i was owners and reunite the family. the owners are not suspects in this case.
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>> you know, i'm very care, you know, because this school it's right here. what with the people do to my dog in this. a lot of kits, a lot good sun. maybe. you know, many and next time he's going kit and he's going to do the same thing. >> that was chris wolfe reporting for us tonight. >> so what our 4 zone forecast, big changes are on the way. we are tracking some big time showers and a lot of rain and snow headed our way in a matter of hours. we have wet day to get a christmas tree tomorrow dave. that's not that's not a day to go out a lot to how much of a crowd probably going good evening, everybody of this is the live look at we have the east bay shoreline. all it up pretty nicely with this as we wait for that rain to drop on south that will happen. the overnight hours, by the way, picking up in intensity here is what is right now. we're getting some trace amounts of rain happening up there in northern sonoma county. but here's what the projections are. you can see overnight. we'll get some imbedded in their heavy rains. first
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favoring the north bay if the typical type pattern, we tend to see in our winter months. then later on at the very end of this particular batch moving through here. is that flow pattern from the subtropical jet. boom saying the late afternoon, early evening hours. we'll start to see a favoritism down the peninsula east bay in the south bay start to give the north a little bit of a break. this is only just to break. will be another pickup that happens into monday. we also have coupled with this. a wind advisory, although you'll get some winds tonight into tomorrow morning. this actually is, after all of that. that's in the afternoon hours now watching how it goes forward here. are the winds going on overnight in very early for your sunday out of the south. then they get kind of a little bit of a break and then they fire back up again afterwards. that's where the advisory is with that. and we've been talking also about power issues as well. so with wind advisories, you don't tend to get a lot of property damage, but certainly it's not unheard of to have power problems with all of that. we've seen that before, too future cast in terms of rainfall collection. this is the first batch of the big board we're talking about the next couple of days. this is
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our collection here. this is in our 10 can hear about 2 inches or so or bucket. then we add to that with a second batch latter portion of the week collecting in total. this week, 3 inches, maybe a little noon, everybody still involved with this. but then the late afternoon it starts to favor the peninsula east bay and the south base will start to pull away from the north bay a little bit and we'll come up for you a little bit with that 10 day forecast for you. but we will get a break heading into next weekend, but they're making a little batch early following week as well to just the beginning. we open the doors of the pacific open no longer cracked. we're not holding it with a stop. but also right one doors. open. >> thanks, dave. thanks still ahead, here at 10 o'clock amazon founder jeff bezos is now offering his condolences to the people of the community hit hard by those recent tornadoes. what he is saying
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about the amazon warehouse in the people who work there. that was destroyed.
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ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. >> the drug forest in sequoia national park opening back to the public today. nearly 3 months after it shut down because of a massive fire. the knp complex fire burned through the historic groves of trees back in september. visitors now able to access a
10:25 pm
limited area as part of the phased reopening the national park service says that winter storms could for some roads to close the forest has been closed to public to the public since the fire destroyed more than 80,000 acres. that fire was sparked by lightning. >> our national parks are getting a makeover from coast to coast. under legislation passed by congress last year there will be extensive maintenance and repairs over the next 5 years. it affects monuments on the east coast all the way to the grand canyon and also yosemite here in california, the great american outdoors act will fix problems with infrastructure. they include repaving roads repairing leaky roofs and replacing outdated utilities that pose safety risks. still ahead at 10 o'clock snow expected to begin falling later tonight in some areas to the north. >> the warning from caltrans for drivers headed in and out of top. >> in the bay area. we have
10:26 pm
moulton snow going on. that's right. rain for the overnight through monday into tuesday. putting your forget forecast together coming up in a bit.
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> we're back here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock and we continue to follow reports of widespread damage in parts of the country after tornadoes touched down in multiple states. one of those tornadoes ripped through an amazon warehouse in edwardsville, illinois. that's about 4 hours. southwest of chicago.
10:29 pm
this is a look at the damage left behind from that twister as it hit overnight. >> the storm so far has killed at least 6 people at this amazon delivery facility. an additional 45 people inside of the time were able to get out. but tonight rescue operations have now shifted to recovery mode. jasmine huda from our sister station in st. louis has more. >> well, that is the amazon facility over my left shoulder and the damage there is significant. we're talking a 150 yards. so think one and a half football fields. but the big loss is the loss of life. 6 people killed and more sad news to report. >> this is a tragic day in illinois history. the illinois governor's summing up what has been a chaotic terrifying and traumatic event with more days like this to follow the images from bommarito automotive group skyfox telling the story at about 8.30, friday evening. a tornado tore through this amazon facility on gateway
10:30 pm
commerce center drive south 6 people died. 45 made it out safely. one remains hospitalized and another sobering piece of news rescue operations have ended and have shifted to recovery continuing to search the site for evidence of life and will continue recovery operations until all personnel are accounted for. >> at this time. estimates or the recovery portion of the incident will take about 3 more days. if you'd like to deliver food and water. we're recommending the red cross. the salvation army. i can say the most important thing you can do is pray for the victims. and their families. edwardsville police want families to know that a reunification center remains open at the nearby pontoon beach. police department if their loved ones missing. we are still out to him. >> in the meantime, few details about who was inside this facility and where if anywhere they were sheltered when the tornado hit and what steps amazon is taking in
10:31 pm
response to the tragedy. >> i also spoke with amazon earlier today and then for them to provide every assistance to this community, which they have said they intend to do. >> and this is gone from a rescue operation to a recovery operation in those first responder teams expected to be here for the next 3 days. they will do their work in the daylight hours. one more thing about donations city of edwardsville once the public to know that if they want to help support those people affected. and what's going on here. they can make donations to the salvation army or the american red cross in edwardsville. i'm jasmine who? >> meanwhile, amazon founder jeff bezos offering his condolences to the community of edwardsville after that tragedy. we know that this is the statement that he posted on twitter saying that the news from edwardsville, it's tragic. we are heartbroken over the loss of our teammates. they're in our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones.
10:32 pm
all of edwardsville should know that the amazon team is committed to supporting them and will be by their through this crisis. we extend our fullest gratitude to all the incredible first responders we have worked so tirelessly at the site. >> first responders in tennessee saved a woman who was trapped underneath her mobile home by a devastating tornado kingston springs. police say the mobile home was flipped upside down and landed on the woman. she was pinned from the waist down and it took 20 minutes to get her out. officials say they rushed the woman to the hospital and she is now in critical condition. >> talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight, big changes are on the way in a matter of hours. while many o% you are going to be asleep first thing in the morning, though. >> be prepared rain is going to start tonight and it's going take a while for the storm to exit the bay area are meteorologist dave spahr as in tonight with a look at what we can expect. >> okay. good evening, we're
10:33 pm
looking for to really change in the next hour or so. bringing in some rain is what we're waiting for in all of this. it's kind of the tail, the 2 different types of moisture. we have the subtropical jet this providing the mild moisture and then that gulf of alaska low that's going to be providing the colder air mass with all of future cast for shows us quite involved for the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. there you see the very heavy rain engaged and then by late tomorrow afternoon and evening. we start to see a favoring more. the south bay, the peninsula in the east bay is the north bay. by that point. it's a little bit of a break now coupled with this will be wind. so we have gusty winds this wind advisory even though you will hear tonight and feel what and so forth. it's really not going to kick in until tomorrow afternoon. will be with us until very early monday morning. the kind of a spurt of high winds wind advisory level winds that occur with all of that and y%u don't get usually property damage with wind advisories that will high wind warning is for, but still a worry. we do have that wind advisory with that uptick. that happens
10:34 pm
before. as you can see in the winds in the 20's before we even get there sunday. late morning in the early afternoon, a little bit of a breather kicks in and then you can see it fires back up again later on during the forecast period. so there's a lot of traffic in our backyard for this to play on out. that will be a player with this and mountain snows we've been talking about. as you can see, the temperature drop that happens on tuesday. kind of a hint of what's going on everywhere as we get finally, some cooler air filtering in here. winter storm warning that's occurring up in tahoe. we could get a perhaps up to 6 feet of snow for some of the higher elevations with all of that and even the local bay area we might see in certain certain the higher elevations. a little bit of snow, more working with this, too. so there's that first batch that works early into the week. the second batch by the latter portion of the week. you can see the snow is working its magic up in the mountains with another dose early into the following week. here's your 10 day forecast. and we see highs struggle to make it in the lower 50's by tuesday into wednesday. when we get that
10:35 pm
little break thursday. we see it fire back up again with more rain watch those overnight lows will revisit the 30's. as you can see through the period in returning a bit into next week. it looks like winter has cleared its wrote back to you. >> thanks. stable. the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning from tonight through tuesday night for lake tahoe and other areas to our north. now this is snow is expected to start falling later tonight. the heaviest anticipated tomorrow night and lasting all the way through monday. so caltrans is warning drivers the chains are required this weekend and that sunday is not the best day to be on the road. >> this graphic pretty much covers. what we always tell people have an emergency kit full tank of gas. you want to have your cell phone, fully charged or sitting in traffic for a while. have some snacks and water, that kind of thing because it's not it's not going to be routine ride home on sunday. can guarantee that it's going to take longer than normal. so we want people to be prepared for that. yeah,
10:36 pm
they're expecting. >> possible highway closures at some point tomorrow. they have done a lot of prep work before the snow. it's going to start to fall like salting and brining the roads they're prepared for 24 7 storm coverage. employees are also working 12 hour shifts to ensure that travelers can make it up and then back down the mountain safely. >> after 2 drug years and water shortage supply shortages across the bay area. the alameda county water district has now declared a water shortage of emergency in fremont, newark and union city folks who live there now banned from doing things like refilling swimming pools and using decorative water fountains. there's also a limit now on watering lawns and washing cars lawns and other landscaping may be watered more than no more than one day. every other week, officials say the restrictions are now in place to cut down on water usage by as much as 15%. the covid-19 coverage tonight with the covid clinic in downtown oakland at frank ogawa plaza is now back open
10:37 pm
after closing earlier this week, oakland city officials say they renew their partnership. but the nonprofit clinic to help with operational challenges at the site. city officials say the clinic at frank ogawa plaza will open soon for both testing and vaccinations. as soon as possible. in the meantime, the walk-up clinic is open in fruitvale 7 days a week. the address listed right there on your screen. hours of operation from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening. and while the covid-19 omicron variant now being popping up. now the popping of i should say, in santa clara county health officials announcing the first known case of the variant there on friday. this positive patient recently returned home from a trip to florida with the latest now from kron four's, rob nesbitt. >> the mild case of omicron in santa clara county was caught by health officials after the adult belt symptoms. the last day of november. the person with the omicron variant had traveled to florida most likely where they were exposed health officer. doctor sara
10:38 pm
cody says the adult and planned on getting their booster shot this month. her advice to others 12 prevent the spread of omicron vaccinate boost mask test ventilate and distance confident they are not the first case. >> or the only case and i anticipate that we will hear of many more omicron detections in the very near future residents are doing well with vaccinations and santa clara around 80%, but covid testing officer doctor martin says only 39% of those eligible to get a booster have done so it's just not enough. >> and we need to now move to make sure that everyone that is eligible gets loose to infectious disease expert at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says national vaccination numbers are improving since the first known us case of omicron was discovered in san francisco, december first, i've seen who have been on the fence about having kids aged 5 to 11 vaccinated and they're bringing them in. doctor chin-hong says the mild symptoms of santa clara county's first case of the new
10:39 pm
variant. >> confirms what experts have been saying for months that vaccines work when you've got bush said you increase the number bodies of these fighting. so there's that even though it's time fix that. it helps to suppress the virus even more in san francisco. rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> right now on kron 4, dot com. you can get the latest information on the omicron variant as well as find out where the vaccination clinics are around the bay area just scan. the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> kron 4 sports. >> the golden state warriors open up a five-game road trip in philly. well, steph curry closed in on a record. the baby-faced assassin started the game. just 10 3 pointers away from setting a new nba record for the most career threes. his mom was there to watch your son's battle it out as well. 76 ers guard seth curry is the younger of the 2. nothing would fall for staff, though, just before half he
10:40 pm
finally nailed his first trey of the game here. he gets the ball back. just comes around the screen and the finish. the 76 ers will take a three-point lead into the break. let's go to the 4th quarter 7.30 to go draymond green takes it to the rack and puts that baby to bed the warriors trailed by 2. the 76 ers just won't take their foot off the gas seth curry with a huge hassle play and gets the bucket philly ends up winning it one o 2.93 thanks to a huge 4th quarter search. the warriors are back in action on monday in indiana, curry now 7 threes away from passing ray allen for the most in career. the forty-niners looking to climb above 500 on the road in cincinnati. both teams have struggled recently with injuries. right now. it looks like cincinnati may have the edge there, though, quarterback joe burrow running back. joe mixon are both expected to play after sitting out of practice this week. meanwhile, forty-niners running back. elijah mitchell is out due to a concussion.
10:41 pm
jimmy g's best weapon appears to be a game time decision after missing time with a groin strain when healthy samuel has been on fire this season finding success both in the air and on the ground. he's been named the nfc player of the week twice missing him really hurt the forty-niners last weekend. kickoff is set for one 25 the top college football player was awarded the heisman trophy, alabama quarterback in california. native bryce young received the high honor in his first year starting for the crimson tide. he led alabama to a 12 one record in sec championship and the top seed in the college football playoffs last saturday in the sec championship. young put up record setting numbers with 461 total yards, including 421 in the air. michigan defensive end aidan hutchinson, pittsburgh quarterback kenny pickett in ohio state quarterback cj stroud were named finalist earlier this week. but curry man, just like i feel like they weren't sure is getting to him even though keeps saying like, i'm not thinking about it's gonna be
10:42 pm
something in the back of your mind and like on the focus of everyone in the locker room. well, he i mean, it's going to happen. yeah. it's just a matter of there's no if it's going to happen. it's just what like everyone just like ages lee waiting waiting media. had a couple of, you know, offer slow three-point night. so it's not like him. so i think i don't know. i just feel like right now. he has the green. i mean, he always has the green light to launch, but i think in this instance, everyone's just going to let him go just a little fun. i actually i asked her about that before their game last week and he was >> if it's possible for staff to shoot more threes than he already does. yes, we want you to do he said if that's possible because he already lets it fly what ever you want. but this is going guard. i think it happens there. >> i think that's a very good prediction. bright lights. everyone will be watching yes, highland, thank you. >> still ahead tonight, researchers have developed a way for those who suffer from seizures to better anticipate and monitor them. there are
10:43 pm
some new risks fans that they believe will help. 2 patients. >> prices continuing to rise on goods across america. we can expect to see the numbers start to drop.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> for your money tonight. inflation is showing no signs of easing haftar hitting a 39 year high consumer prices rose 8% last month and they are now
10:46 pm
nearly 7% up from the same time last year. that's the fastest rise since 1982. this could prompt the federal reserve to wind down stimulus efforts clearing the way to raise interest rates. president biden says that his build back better plan will help curb inflation. >> it's not calm down quickly enough. but i think it will downside is prices have gone up because of supply chain concerns between soaring inflation. >> and they're true cost of build back better. these are 2 daggers that will stab the economy in the heart and destroy the ability of working people to make it in this country. >> retailers expect inflation to remain elevated for the near future. >> national supply chain shortages could soon impact your favorite breakfast shops. according to the new york times, shops are now facing a lack of cream cheese. this is a big problem, especially in the big apple were bagel sellers go through thousands of pounds of cream cheese every few weeks. stacy-ann
10:47 pm
gooden has more from the big apple. >> junior's restaurant and bakery has been a staple in brooklyn for the last 7 decades. up and running now. but a recent cream cheese shortage forced them to hold production okay. i my at that that full and these i can have that the problem so far we've had to close our baking operations for a day and a half last weekend one day this owner alan rosen says juniors goes through about 4 million pounds of ingredients to make the signature cake annually cream cheese makes up 85% of the but recently production hit a snag due to supply chain issues that cause the manufacturing plants are having no issues getting back up 200%. so we're feeling i think there there is a there's labor shortage across the country. >> so that is affecting their ability to make cream cheese.
10:48 pm
i think demand want. december is their busiest month yet. despite the shortage, this 3rd generation owner says it hasn't necessarily affected their bottom line, but it has certainly made this holiday a little more nerve wracking obviously coming out of covid demand for cream cheese off. do more comfort food certainly eating more cheese, too. fortunately a recent shipment made it possible to meet today's demands allowing customers to satisfy their sweet tooth at nice lad. ona lea. >> give me some runs out you know, it out a violent. some low sweet. i love to read cheesecake is so delicious. there's a shocking but not here right but everything his plane >> there's no telling how long that supplies last. there is no plan b when it comes to making great cheesecake. so we're just going to keep that you. >> we're just going to keep fighting and keep taking away from this crisis in the meantime, rosen says he's
10:49 pm
hoping for a holiday supply chain miracle while remains optimistic. he does say that will take about 3 to 4 months for things to get back to normal and flatbush and juniors. i'm stacy-ann gooden. >> there's a new smart wristband that's helping people who suffer from epilepsy, a medical quality. consumer risk friend called embrace was developed to help with symptoms. the embrace wristband monitor stress signals to detect potentially deadly seager's an alert wearers and caregivers so they can intervene people with epilepsy suffer from recurrent unprovoked seizures that can cause injury and even death. according to the cdc around 3 million people in the united states live with epilepsy. >> welcome to a place of limitless possibilities. >> mehta is launching a new vr world. that's called horizon worlds and it's a completely
10:50 pm
immersive 3 d landscape that's accessible through met is new virtual reality headset. that's called quest to the quest. who is the successor to populist vr at horizon. worlds has been in beta testing for 2 years. the fictional. world is a sand box style environment that allows users to play build and explore with their friends all from the comfort of their couch. a popular family tracking app is selling location data to marketing companies and people are spending big bucks on nft these rich demuro has the details in tonight's tech smart. >> here's what's happening in the tech world. the popular tracking app life 3.60, lets you see where your family is on a map, but apparently they're selling that data to the highest bidder. a new report from the web site. the markup says that life 3.60, sells its location data to about a dozen different brokers who then sell it to
10:51 pm
marketers life. 3.60. has over 30 million users. a portion of them children. the company told the website that the business model offer core life 3.60 services for free. the company's privacy policy does say they might share your information, but in a way that can identify you life. 3.60 recently purchased the tracking company tile. t-mobile has been rejecting iphone and apple watch rebates to the tune of several $100. now the company says it's a mistake and they will fix it. the issue brought to light by popular. apple tech journalist mark gurman who writes for bloomberg. he said apple easily gave him his trade in money. we upgraded his iphone. but t-mobile is promise. monthly bill credits were rejected a $100. apple watch rebate also from t-mobile was denied. now, t-mobile says the rebate issue was caused by a bug and they're in the process of fixing it customers who were mistakenly denied should get a text to resume the process. people are spending a
10:52 pm
lot of money on an f tease to the tune of 30 billion dollars in 2021 this according to new insights from chain analysis nfts or non-fungible tokens basically a form of digital collectibles. they're all powered by the block chain and can be images. video audio or even linked to physical objects and at t's are typically purchased with crypto currency. some of the most popular nfts come from a collection called crypto punks which have sold nearly 3 billion dollars worth the web site open sea is the most popular place to buy an ftc. sounds like it's good to know the abc's of nft these. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. ahead tonight. >> christmas spirit in full swing for the folks in north. they will take to the sights they will take to the sights and sounds of the 34th annual
10:53 pm
hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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>> a little jackson 5 there on a saturday night in the north bay santa in sausalito for the 34th annual sauce. a little boat parade. dozens of boats all lit up for the holidays all doing a lap along the waterfront. some of the sailboats had several strings of lights. >> hanging from the top of the mask, all the boats in the parade were led by the defiance where santa sing
10:56 pm
christmas carols from the top deck also wishing everyone a merry christmas to show a part of this sausalito winterfest, which wraps up tomorrow with a holiday 5 k not sure that's going to still go on. but i wonder yeah. >> let's get ready to start your sunday thursday. okay. we've got the rain coming guys for tonight as one of the piers like this that really hasn't gotten started to much across the bay. but that's we expect for the overnight tomorrow morning. the pitter patter of rain and winds. although the wind advisory doesn't get in here until officially to 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. we get kind of a little bit of a break. it looks like. then it drops to the south. as you can see in the peninsula and off to the east bay as well. the gusty winds we're talking about the wind advisory. there's the coverage area solano county and their elsewhere in the north bay. technically not in it. this is what it looks like on the map a little pulse ation that they're not counting in the wind advisory. but then as you can see through monday earth sunday through monday. we'll get another dose of that when those winds there, we have a
10:57 pm
turning cloudy rain after midnight tomorrow. rainy windy all that stuff. then late in the week we'll have another batch by wednesday thursday to look out for here is your 10 day forecast. it's 50's going on. we've got rain coming and going and note those overnight lows in the inland areas. guys were talking about a return to the 30's. get your studies out. jonathan sox. whatever works and the >> that's you're going to be whole lot more than socks. dave, thanks for joining us tonight. or get some sleep. yeah. here bright and early starting at 7 o'clock with noel. we'll see you
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> like so many times before. the forty-niners seahawks game down to a final play. this time it was seattle coming out on top when you come off a game like that want to know the prospect sweeping reform right way. this week takes the forty-niners to cincinnati to face an afc team. the playoff hungry bangles, very talented, very talented group. >> so we've got make sure we're san francisco's got a lot of injuries and a lot of the state's clean up before


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