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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 12, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock. a winter storm impacting much of northern california with strong winds and possible power outages and freezing temperatures we are tracking rain from an atmospheric river as it moves into our area. and it is going to drench is over the next few days will come in
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the kron 4 news at 10 o'clock this sunday night. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waltman. this atmospheric river has now shifted its course southward. here's a live look at the radar as we can see exactly where the storm is right now. >> north base slowly starting to get a break. but san francisco than the peninsula. even the south bay east bay still getting wet right now. we do have team coverage for you of this storm system our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by tracking the storm's path as it moves through this evening and into monday. but first, want to go to kron four's, gayle ong who i was talking to people in san francisco and the east bay about how they are dealing with all this wet weather. >> we saw a light to moderate rain on sunday feeling the weaker initial phase of this storm system and people enjoyed the weather. umbrellas were handy in san francisco sunday where the streets are so. still, people lined up for grilled cheese. the anticipated atmospheric river brought light to moderate rain throughout the day.
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>> the weather has a price for this group visiting from paris. guys any rain here at all. >> i want you to some fences. but that wasn't what over at ocean beach strong winds, the national weather service is expecting hazardous be conditions sunday into monday. >> towards the afternoon. the storm system spread light to moderate rain across the bay area. >> in berkeley. people went about their day rain or shine. the rain is really nice. >> i wish it wasn't raining but since his but after that and makes a nice day. a nice day. for now. but this storm is expected to bring the heaviest rain late sunday into the overnight hours on the roads. we saw fewer drivers. but with the weather pattern about to change first responders caution to take it slow over the next couple of days. >> intensification of rainfall is expected in the overnight hours. downed trees, local flooding and power outages
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will be a concern reporting from san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. and as we were saying at the top of the show. lots of rain is headed our way over the next few days. and we're still want to see what's happening tonight because we're not out of the clear just yet. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look at what we can expect. yeah. i think we really have to watch carefully parts of 7 tail county. the santa cruz mountains will see some very heavy rainfall there. the rain going to be ramping up throughout the night tonight into early tomorrow morning. i think the central reza really likely stay within its banks that you ge certainly rise rapidly, maybe even flood a little bit. i've got the atmospheric river. you see all that moisture all the way down to honolulu and that's all that some tropical moisture working his way back up into the bay area. that's what we call that atmospheric river or pineapple express. that is bringing with it all that moisture and pumping right back into our skies now. and so we've been watching that very closely. you get that moisture just loaded in the atmosphere. and then if
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you get the right response, you get some cold air coming behind it. you start to squeeze some of that moisture out. we're seeing that happen right now, but it's starting to stall out a little bit in the san mateo county. you see it. there also in the santa cruz county. also the rain coming down through there. but all around the bay area. of course, we've seen plenty of rain so far and there's a lot more to come overnight tonight, though, the focus shifts a little further south. you can see the areas we're getting that heavy amounts of rain get over to san jose. you get a little bit of that rain shadow effect. not all the moisture over the santa cruz mountains dries out a little bit by the time you make your way in the san jose into the east bay. but more scattered showers continuing all around tonight that will be the case for the next couple of days. the storm system kind going to pack a 1, 2 punch. once we get to the back side of this will start to talk about some cold air and the possibility, some snow, some very low levels rainfall totals continue add up almost 4 inches of rain now in canfield over 3 and a half inches of rain. now in over the last 24 hours, santa rose almost 2 inches of rain, almost an inch and a half in
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the napa area over half an inch now in san francisco on just about a 3rd of an inch in oakland. we've got a problem with the wind to we've seen some wind damage around the bay area already and some gusts being reported to 40 and 50 plus miles an hour. and that will be the case overnight tonight into tomorrow as well. i think another round of some very strong gusty winds are going to come through the middle of the day tomorrow as well. you see the gusty winds out there right now overnight tonight, maybe some citing a little bit. but you can see these impulses from the storm system rolling on shore. bringing strong gusty winds, especially in the santa cruz mountain area and then as you head toward the middle day. there you go. models picking up on that, too, is another week front moves through going to bring some gusty winds 40 plus miles an hour along the coastline. so you have very active night around the bay area. looks like that is not going to be the only storm system we're dealing with. we've got yet another one on the way. we'll see more rain tomorrow. turning more scatte ed showers by tuesday. but maybe snow down to about a 1000 theaters across some of the local mountains, especially in the north bay by
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wednesday, though, another storm system rolls in more rain expected wednesday night and into thursday. lawrence, thank you so much. we're continuing to track the storm as it hits the peninsula and the south bay to areas. >> that will be in the bull's eye overnight. >> congressman harry spent some time there today. she's back now in the newsroom with the latest on what the conditions were like there. good evening to you, amanda. >> good evening. right now. in san francisco. but early. i was in san mateo here. we're seeing some moderate rainfall. and that's what i was seeing back when i was in san mateo just a few hours got was rainy. it was wet. things were slick. it was just a mess down there. if you take a look at this video. you can see what it looked like from my dash cam video as it was driving south on one. oh, one, you can see just how quickly the windshield wipers had to move. keep up with all of the rain cars were slowing down most driving around 40 miles per hour on one. oh, one, none were driving above 60 in san
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mateo. you can see just how wet everything is puddles forming on the side of the road and just making mets. i did reach out to the san mateo fire department. they put me in touch with cal fire. i was told no special preparations are made for this storm. but they say they are continuing to monitor the situation. cal fire says if anything changes the update, their social media to keep everyone informed. this storm could continue to pick up in the san mateo area throughout the evening. so stay weather aware. i did check the pg and e outage map specifically for the san mateo area. i just checked in the last 5 minutes and doesn't look there's any outages in that area. so things are still good. there. but like i said throughout the night things could get worse. so just stay home, stay weather aware and do what you can to stay safe live amanda hari kron 4 news. >> i was 6. i think 6 will do it for my garage door. boy. this saves me. a lot of
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effort. >> money time. all of it. >> preparations. meanwhile, continuing here in san francisco, folks who live in flood prone areas can now pick up sandbags at the public works yard. that's near marine street in kansas. the site will be open tomorrow from 8 until 2 business owners and residents can get 10 free sandbags just bring your proof of address. >> and on the peninsula, the city of brisbane is also giving out pre-filled sandbags. residents can pick up the bags at the city hall parking lot is available. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. we'll go down monterey county where a flash flood warning has been issued for the dolan fire burn scar in big sur and the santa lucie area. the national weather service is saying that heavy rainfall from tonight and tomorrow night could lead to rock slides debris flows and flash flooding in those recent burn areas as well as locations that are downstream from those burn areas. a wind advisory has also been upgraded. now to
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a high wind warning for monterey county. it starts at 01:00am gusts may reach 45 to 60 miles per hour. and authorities are saying the winds will blow trees down and power lines down as well. they are expecting widespread power outages and it also be difficult to drive high profile vehicles. our poll and the trailers kron 4 is staying on a weather. watch the sunday night as the bay area's getting soaked by this atmospheric river. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow just a few moments away with a look at the latest forecast, especially what we can expect going into the rest of the week. >> plus it emergency in kentucky on the twisters that wiped out an entire town. we'll have the very latest on the updates of recovery.
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>> not our 4 zone forecast it's still raining pretty heavily out there right now things are definitely picking up and they are only going intensified throughout the night. some folks got to get a whole lot of rain before the sun comes back up tomorrow. kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here the sunday night to get us ready for the evening overnight hours. and first thing in the morning. yeah. it's amazing watching these atmospheric rivers come by. of course we need it. >> we've been in a drought. and so these are really helping out of so far. just some nuisances with some trees yeah. it's wet out there on the roads. but otherwise it
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has been a very, very helpful storm system. now overnight tonight again, that rain will continue to fall. we are watching for the possibility of some minor flooding along some of the tributaries. a small creeks and streams there in santa cruz county, maybe also in the san mateo county as well. you see the shift now of the moisture moving a little further south but still not getting completely drive more moisture. these waves of energy this a boundary with this atmospheric river continue to roll on through kind of wrapping up the rain from time to time. so received pick up once again around a good part of the bay area. more of that on the way. and you've got all this cold air on the backside. all speckle clouds here. that is that very cold air that is yet to come through. that will be some time before it gets here. but tonight, yeah. this frontal system in a kind of stall as you make your way in towards santa cruz. the monterey bay going to make for some stormy conditions is going to be a night of some very heavy rainfall across the santa cruz mountains and then on the back side, we're going to see this cold unstable air start to come in, they will get a couple thunderstorms out of it. all right. overnight tonight to see the focus,
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though, headed for the south. some very heavy rainfall through the early morning hours in toward the santa cruz mountains and some places there over 6 inches of rain, maybe as high as 10 inches beat. i'm a timer all said and done with that and then another boundary, another squall line going to come through right about the middle of the day tomorrow we could be talking about some strong gusty winds. maybe some isolated thunderstorms. then we get on the backside of that. we get more of that cold air the scattered showers and even the possibility of some snow across the peaks. there you see that begin to show up in the north bay and somersaults could the snowfall may be down to about a 1000 feet or so when that need to see some snow cap mountain. so we've got some more weather to go. this was not going to wind down to really tuesday night and then we've got another one coming after that. as far as rainfall totals, things begin to shift a little further south. we've had that heavy rain in the north bay. now we're looking at that to focus mainly in the south bay very heavy rainfall expected there, santa cruz mountains you have to watch that in the monterey bay. so very active night tonight, more showers on the way for the next couple days. yeah. i'm thinking about
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getting the kids off to school monday and tuesday. it's going to be wet tomorrow is going to be rough and to get things going on tuesday could be up. some snow up on the mountain tops. you can look up maybe some snow capped mountains up there. that's right. but if you are on the roads tomorrow, make sure you just take a little your eyes on the road most importantly, lawrence, thank you. >> now as the rain continues to move across the bay area. did spark some concerns for neighbors in santa rosa. >> especially in an area that was hit the hardest during the last major rainstorm in october for sale of the second continuing our team coverage tonight in the north bay. >> for some neighbors near learning elk creek in santa rosa. the rain brings flashbacks of the last flash flood here in october when water flowed into the streets and into some properties, rain made its way through santa rosa on sunday, causing concerns for some neighbors near to achieve a drive in thomas avenue. it definitely brings a little anxiety for sure. neighbor. nathan murray says the rain storm brings back memories from october when this same area
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experienced major flooding and water damage after rain drenched the area for hours. >> these are videos from tobar storm that prompted evacuations last time was pretty. >> pretty hairy evacuating the family and the dogs and. and the water came all the way up into our garage. so it's a. bring back some memories evacuating. meanwhile, tom sawyer whose home backs right up to wanted elk creek says. >> he feels more confident this time around after the city came in and cleaned to this area they may just stay. they brought some tractors in. >> and went down in the channel and they cleaned all the sediment out because what happens is. >> we have this sentiment sitting on top of loose, smooth concrete right. and then plants grow up in that sentiment. and then when a storm comes it's very easy to move the plants right out of out of where they're sitting because they're rooted in sentiment and then they all come down stream. all 3,000 feet of them and they start
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collecting bridge in addition to clearing out this creek. the city also put up a new fence and rebuild some of the side law. >> well, it's already been raining out here for hours on sunday and so far so good. the improvements in the cleanup have definitely made a difference for this neighborhood neighbors, of course, say they'll continue to monitor this area as rain continues into monday in santa rosa taylor bisacky kron 4 news. a winter storm warning is in effect until tuesday night at 10. the warning covers the greater lake tahoe area. >> the national weather service is saying up to 8 feet of snow is expected to fall from now until tuesday. strong winds also a concern. the weather service is advising drivers to try to avoid travel if possible and be prepared to be stranded. if you have to travel you're being advised to carry an emergency kit with extra food, water and clothing. >> right now on kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to dated with the very loose on the situation we have with the rain falling here across the
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bay area just scan. this qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to download the kron 4 news mobile app where you can get live stormtracker 4 radar and track rain drops right down to your neighborhood. >> some developing news we've been watching tonight's coming to us out of houston where harris county deputies say 14 people were shot and one person died. authorities are saying that a large crowd had gathered for a celebration of life. and that's when a driver approached someone and then started shooting into the crowd. this is a developing situation and we will continue to follow the story and bring you updates as soon as new information comes into the kron 4 news room. >> authorities are using the word catastrophic after an amazon warehouse outside of st. louis was hit by an 3 tornado this weekend. 150 yards of that building collapsed 45 workers who were trapped inside of the building made it out safely. unfortunately, 6 people were killed. the director of media
10:19 pm
relations for the company says that they have made a million dollar donation to that community to deploy resources in to help the community get back on its feet. >> focus really has been taking care of our staff, our employees and our partners and making sure they have what they need prevent a teen care transportation. you know, making sure that they have food and water and all of those resources trying to stay in it think communication with them about everything that's going on. >> officials say it would be a miracle if anyone else meted out of the rubble alive, announcing the move from rescue operation to recovery last night. that twister has workers also raising concern about amazon's ban on cell phone in work areas for years. the company did not allow workers to have their cell phones inside of warehouses. they had to be left in their cars or stored in lockers. that policy was put on hold during the pandemic but was gradually eased back into the work. workplace after friday's
10:20 pm
tornado workers say they want permanent access to their phones for emergency weather updates and to help them better communicate with first responders. if needed amazon declining to comment on the issue. >> the death toll from those deadly tornadoes continues to rise. more than 80 people are now believed to have died after more than 30 tornadoes ripped through 6 states starting late on friday night and then early to saturday. one of those twisters is believed to have traveled more than 250 miles and one track from arkansas to kentucky. the president has since approved a federal emergency declaration for kentucky where entire blocks have been leveled. the town of mayfield hit the hardest with a candle factory was decimated. the kentucky governor is now calling this the most devastating tornado event in the state's history. president biden is saying he will wait to visit the hardest hit areas in order to not get in the way of the recovery efforts. still ahead here
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>> social media calling him one of the best grinch impersonators he works at universal. orlando has been giving customers there a special treat. various let's check it out. >> i got know needed may be a blocking me not to do it. you're going let's go. come on over. and i think to loya, you know what my day went. well, you know, i woke up this morning and into the i'm in a real life. i want to strike, much to go on and get and guess what, he's going to >> yet in get you but no. >> so that video it goes on and on. has now been viewed 11 million times and some say that this impersonators just as good as jim carey's crunch.
10:25 pm
>> pretty good. not too you're not that impressed by can feel that. i i don't know i mean, it's fine. it's acting tough cookie to crack over here. that's very grinchy. i know it is. one thing that will make us happy, though. the weather. >> hey, yeah, didn't want not deliver for all those folks heading to the mountains for the holidays. hey, we're going to see a ton of snow, even talking about the rain around here. the sierra nevada. wow. what a little miracle we're going to see over the next 7 to 10 days here. i think the way to the end of the year. we may see a very active weather pattern to bring a whole lot of snow. of course, a lot of the skiers and snowboarders have been waiting for this just tough getting up there now and i've been watching the snow plow go by and open up these roads from time to time on watching fill back in with why this donner summit outside right now. and boy, it has been just coming down up there some windy conditions developing up. they're going to see some white out
10:26 pm
conditions going across some of these peaks tonight. so i'd try to hold off for at least another day. if you can up there, you've got winter storm warnings. those are going to continue until tuesday evening with the heavy snowfall. we're talking upwards of 7, maybe 8 feet of snow, maybe as much as 10 to 11 between now and next weekend. not only there but northern california also seeing snow mendocino county, lake county also looking to winter weather advisory. that's we're looking at some of that snow dropping all the way down to about a 1000 feet or so over the next couple of days and what a nice shot of getting all this rain into the bay area and much of the state here and i think it's going to act all the way down to southern california. they have some fire issues even late in the season. but they're going to get the storm system to great news for them. great news for everyone so far just been more of a nuisance type of storm. for most people haven't a deal with any significant flooding. looks like that's what it's going to stay all river is going to stay within their banks. we could see some minor flooding along our streams and local creek specially the santa cruz mountains really you couldn't ask for a better scenario
10:27 pm
getting the rain but not as much damage on october. yeah. in fact, we're running now above average from what we had all of last year in san francisco. >> we've had more rain than we did the entire year. how about that we're just getting started. yeah. thanks for joining officiated. >> that does it for us here tonight on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock jason's wait in the weeds sports night live. up next.
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>> well, folks, it's a wet nasty night out here in the bay area. so that's get comfy in lock in. we've got 30 minutes of the best sports content in the bay area. thanks for tuning in to sports night live. i'm jason dumas us last week after the 9 or seahawks matchup. i tweeted it that the game was drunk. well, it looks like the niners are making it a trend in. i don't know it. niners fans can take it these games have not been easy on the blood pressure. this week's game in cincinnati was even crazier than last week in seattle. but at least we got the ball back. their egos. fresh off of a hamstring injury. he missed the game in seattle 1st quarter. special teams. it was an issue today for cincinnati darrius phillips muffs, the punt. river. craig craft. he gets
10:31 pm
the recovery right there. and the niners will get a field goal out of it. 3, nothing 2nd quarter of the vote. it's the end around. i think that they would play caught in the playbook. and guess what, tip toes the sideline for a 27 yard. touchdown run, not going to try to be that dan, this. sure. it's a little tight. all right. and of the second phillips. most another one like you cut this week, trent sherfield recovers for the forty-niners golden opportunity to finish out the half and they do just that, turn it into more points. jimmy garoppolo drops back has a lot of time in the world finds his security blanket, george kittle who had a huge day. 13 catches a 151 yards. 17 6 forty-niners at the half 4th quarter bengals make their run. joe burrow, find some time with his feet. this was just. an excusable defense by the 9 march 8th in back of the
10:32 pm
end zone for the touchdown. it's 20 to 13 under 2 minutes to play who is college teammate again, ja'marr chase. that might be offensive rookie of the year. he is a stud. we've got a tie game minute 19 left. the niners, though they weren't done. garoppolo. back the fines kittle look at this. catch. laying out. that is one of the best football players in the world. they have an opportunity to win in regulation. but robbie gould field goals. fleiss is the same way. my driver does right. no good. we've got extra time in ot nick bosa. he sacked borough. bosa. they used to be teammates at ohio state university. the bangles are held to a field goal. so the forty-niners turn with the possession in they turn their possession into this. brandon.
10:33 pm
i u. he was in the doghouse earlier this year. now you make an athletic lays to win the ball game. there you have it. forty-niners win a thriller 2623 there now over 500 to 7 in 6. they are firmly sitting in the playoffs right now after the game everyone was talking about that winning touchdown that was originally caught out of bounds. but the refs got it right. >> i didn't know that i was in. i looked at the rate. he seemed pretty sorry. i was not in. and like a lot of houses having on my way the past couple weeks. i was a little bit nervous, but but also was in. here's the first look. >> some break open. if the jets after that, i want to move that fast in while, but it was it was impressive. get to the pylon. a of a of a game that we just ran into lake. >> and the next pectin to
10:34 pm
hopefully gets inside the 3. but the move that he made some believe was. so now we've got it. didn't really trust until they made it official already knew he has scores are in. those our understanding there were counties like not celebrate who they call like house i don't care. i want to see him call so as new he scored in the game was over a new isn't. >> fun to the ref told me service and chances and i like. >> say 0. yeah. >> you know, just kudos to brand and brand heck out of that. and there's like a little speed burst there at the end to be able to get in there. so will play by him help lay called by kyle. >> that's a peak ref moved to say there are a 100% sure of something and turn out to be wrong way to go. anyway. earlier this season looks how some planning. i said kyle shanahan, you're not using george kittle enough as a pass yes, we know he's the best blocking tight end in the world by far. but also one of
10:35 pm
the best weapons in the league in the passing game. and it seems as if listen to me because just good old. he is on a tear over the last 2 weeks. get this last week 9 catches a 181 yards 2 touchdowns this week 13 catches a 151 yards and a td today with his 4th career game where he had over a 150 yards and at least a touchdown that breaks shannon sharpe's record for the most in nfl history and that was the play of the game that was the difference between a field goal and what ultimately is what a touchdown 49. they're playing. all right. i know they lost last week, but they're in 6th place there. 7 nfc playoff team. right now. they have over a 70% chance of making the playoffs. and once you get into the tournament. >> anything can happen. all right. so i know an athlete.
10:36 pm
you're supposed to be confident in believe in yourself and exuded in never show weakness. but you also have to be cerebral impractical and relies not to poke the bear or in this case, pope the 2 time defending afc chanson. this is what i mean before the games, the raiders gathered at the chiefs. 50 yard line and started celebrating on their logo and sports. that's considered disrespectful. so if you want to do that you're going to have to back it up with your play and they didn't do it because the first play from scrimmage, josh jacobs put ball on the ground is poked recovered mike hughes. he in the end zone. not to start. you want, especially after you're talking trash. later in the first patrick mahomes he had pharell williams down the sideline 23 yard pitch and catch chief up by 14 after one 2nd quarter 21, nothing kansas city car. picked off by tyron.
10:37 pm
matthew, the honey badger. that was just awful break a weird bounce. that interception will lead to this. josh gordon touchdowns. good for josh. gordon back in the nfl. we all know his transgressions. we don't have to go over. happy to see him healthy and sober next raiders drive chief up 28 to nothing. car searching for renfro and. hughes pokes it out again. what a play he's been making. and i mean, right for doesn't usually do this can get on that much. honey badger with the recovery that leads to this. clyde edwards helaire 6 yard. td run his second of the game. chief up 35 to 3 at halftime. 4th quarter. she's up comfortably car looking for an open man. he gets real. he fumbles to recovered by kansas
10:38 pm
city in the process. the raiders woes continue and here was the icing on the cake. i'm not sure if gore gets tough on this run. derrick gore not to be confused by niners legend. frank gore the 51 yard touchdown, the raiders get blown out 48 to 9. not much to say about that. let's hear from the head coach after the game. >> didn't see this coming in season turnovers. but good players. you know. so when that happens to you kind of your expectation start getting a little what's going to happen next. and i think you saw that slower to snowball effect throughout the whole game. and again, having on the end like that last drive look back and go out. it's kind the whole game look like so give up the big run defense. it's little uncharacteristic of us and we kind of preach play the bitter end. and again, thank him. it looked like that. from my standpoint, this particular time, definitely disappointed.
10:39 pm
>> most are guys, you know, work really hard try try our very best. you know, too, to put good stuff on tape and go win football games when you come in here, i didn't expect that during the game, even after the first turn over the second. you know, i didn't i didn't expect we'll see what they're doing. felt great about what we only was calling and. we execute a certain low. but execution is all the way to the west will you know, we didn't do that. >> i've been in the bay about 3 and a half years now covered dozens and dozens of athletes in their car. honestly is one of the favorite guys i've covered since i've been here. he is a stand-up first class do so i wish him well. i i want to see him when i want to see him have seeing all of the struggles this season, especially the past couple weeks it's been tough. i root for the guy. the story of this
10:40 pm
game was per know just as i said before. don't get bullet a bill board material to a team that is more talented than you all know the raiders would want to miss that. it's just the reality the chiefs are to more talented team. they've entered the super bowl 2 years in a row and it benefits no one. when you talk trash, especially in your locker room, especially when you turn the ball over 5 times. this was the season i thought the raiders would really make a postseason run. they got the browns. then the broncos, the colts, the chargers, all 4 of those teams are still searching for a playoff berth themselves. so it's going to be tough. but hey, their car want to fight to and we will have to see how it finishes for the raiders. but that's what we are finished right here on sports night live. a lot more to closing in on that 3 point record. probably so annoying of people like me is talking
10:41 pm
about it, talking about it, talking about it. but guess what, staff. >> crime pay me. the big bucks for we don't talk about it some more after the break. it was quite a finish in the we've got some pac 12 basketball. the cardinal, the dot. good guy, glenn, as you can we'll show you the highlights after the break.
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hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> welcome back to sports night live. there was some
10:44 pm
speculation after the sixers game as to whether steph curry will play on monday in indiana. the warriors had contemplating resting him on the first leg of a back-to-back with the knicks looming on tuesday night. but a source has told kron 4 that steph will in fact play on monday night. he was just 3 for 14 from deep last night in a loss. the baby bro and the philadelphia 76 ers. that game was in philly. he goes into tomorrow night's game meeting 7 threes to break ray allen all time record. >> he can't do it in indiana who will likely break it on tuesday in madison square garden against the knicks that will be pretty cool. and after that knicks game, they have the celtics and ray allen broke that record playing for the celtics. so that would be pulled too. curry said chasing the record and the weight that come with it. and nothing change the way he's playing us. >> if you take away the. the
10:45 pm
context of these last couple games as a player exact same way just got to make shots and understand. >> opposition is not going to want that to happen on their floor. and they they defend accordingly. so. thanks for the most part. try to keep that out of my head and just play basketball and just take the shots and only taken played a game in normally, you know there's obviously a lot of attention on it, which is. well deserves the all-time nba record and has been. standing for what, 1011 here. i appreciate the attention on it will happen when it happens. and. we've got to continue to try to win games in the process. >> staff will be. i will break that sooner or later about some college hoops. let's go down to the farm.


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