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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 14, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. my name is daria and you may remember things that i say that your grandmother said haha. >> which this has been in a moment. word. ari aster producer. she understood the reference. >> let was lehner and she like, you know, that your 20th 20 some my grandma so you realize yet john is live know. it's ok, i feel plunged into a it's ok, i feel plunged into a fight still goes to what i
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that your grandmother said used to be a mom like oh hey, kids. look, she's like my mom now. i'd like your grandmother. >> she does have scott is in her purse and everything else to do a little candies that will offer people that is so grandma anyway, and they're fuzzy. but if you in the weather hey, good morning, grandma. there's a lot of programs out there that love them some lynyrd skynyrd. i feel like the new face of grandmothers well, if you are getting outside, maybe to go on a walk with the dog its morning. we are looking at conditions that are much better for it than yesterday. as far as rainfall goes. but it's also colder than it was yesterday. she may be trading in that layers far as keeping it dry for just the layer to keep you cozy. we're not completely out of the woods as far as rainfall goes. i don't give you false hope there just yet. in fact, you did see some showers within the last hour at sfo and it's still very wet
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out there currently we are seeing shower activity over in the east bay. these pockets of rainfall that you are seeing east of concord between antioch in concord along highway for still making that roadway. wet on the foot hills of mount diablo around pleasant hill san ramon. while that creek. you are definitely also looking at some moderate rainfall. and if you look closely, you see that spot. a blue that snowfall at the top of mount diablo snow. also south of livermore. nice to san jose in our upper elevations of the diablo is that way san jose up the snow greatest looking at wet conditions and also looking at wet conditions along highway 17 peninsula a little on the wet side to just some moderate spotty showers pretty quiet over on the north bay a few sprinkles north of santa rosa. and then if we head northward up into lake and mendocino county. that's where you're seeing some areas of snowfall at or upper elevations. so mix of a light showers this morning and snowfall in higher elevations. sierra nevada still in the midst of that heavy snow. look at how colder
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temperatures are for spots like petaluma santa rosa cloverdale saint we're only in the 30's with 40's across the rest of the bay rain. it's colder this morning. but at least we've improved conditions on roads. yeah, exactly. i mean, but we still do see some accidents out there, john, because it's still slick like out here rondo, westbound 24 at we got an accident. >> so we are seeing delays there an overturned vehicle in connection to that accident here in oakland southbound, 8.80, north of oak street. we have an accident there. so we're seeing a slight delay. 05:00am not seen any major issues. if you want to take that, for example, traveling into the city meteor lights on still slick conditions and high winds. a little under 14 minutes to make that drive wants to reach the city on the eastbound side here at 7th street. we have another accident here in san francisco. some keeping a close eye on things here we had a lot of flood along one oh, one into a tv or the other day headed across towards the peninsula still slick and wet for us a little under 15 minutes as you're traveling in the long the golden gate
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bridge, the north bay to the tolls. about 20 minutes for that drive. now, we do have some closures out there in the south bay san jose to a southbound ramp to want pay parkway that connector ramp to shut down because of roadway flooding. so still very slick and wet traveling along 6.80 dublin to fremont a little under 60 minutes for your drive time. there with still wet conditions out there along our highways along highway 17 santa cruz. you're traveling to los gatos. it'll take you about 23 minutes. we'll have more traffic coming up. a dorian james, back to you. thank you, ray. and 6 o 4. and to be clear. >> i am not a grandmother. we just wanted to make. >> it might have been some confusion as tossing other i get my children do not have children, right. i'm not a grandmother, but i'm just old enough to be many people's grandmother appreciate grandmother and i think yeah, all right. never mind. i just want you to be okay. so we're talking about the storm because that's yeah. yesterday was all storm coverage. today is a lot of storm cleanup.
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>> there, in fact are evacuation warnings in effect for areas. the czu burn scar. and so yeah, so that's the area course, where we had the fires lot of hills. as you know, the santa cruz mountains to the county sheriff. they're warning. >> people that because of all the heavy rain they're worried about potential mudslides and the like, especially for people in paradise park and felt growth fact. the sheriff says that people should be ready to go and evacuate if the san lorenzo river should happen to rise at a be and be proactive like here in the bay area. take a look at this. this is a crew cleaning up. >> overnight last night from the intersection of franklin and pacific in san francisco. and as you can see, they are clearing the drain because they want to prevent on the street from flooding once again overwhelm with leaves and everything starts getting so with deep water. >> then in alameda. look at this. a playground had to be closed down after well, the storm took a big oak tree and brought it to the ground. a lot of damage there. this was a picture shared by the city of alameda is twitter page and you can see it cause pretty significant damages. the lincoln park playground. so a
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lot of equipment damage. the fencing surrounding the park as well. take them a while to clean that yeah. >> highway 90 to look at this. san mateo county looks like a river. okay. it's open now but yeah, obviously it wasn't for several hours yesterday because it does it looks like, you know, you're going to be pulled behind and water skiing in the back of but evers drive a truck is driving not keeping up. they had to do there is water rescue vehicles. they're off in the very deep all the way up to the head lice in this that's a lot of fast-moving water. it happens fast does. all right. so work following all things storm related for you as the cleanup continues. in the meantime, we're also following latest with new indoor mask mandates that are expected to go into effect for the entire state of california. the state has been seeing a rise in covid cases since thanksgiving kron 4, sarah stinson live in the newsroom. and the big thing this means is we've got to go back to masking in gyms. i know a lot of people were not. yeah. indoor places. people just don't like to wear them
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say it's your office say it's the gym in the bay area that mask mandate will be new for people who are. >> in marine and solano counties. people have been mask free indoors right now. but that changes tomorrow county rules. they overshadow and they rule out those county rules. the state rules go into effect requiring everyone to mask up yet again. california health secretary doctor mark galli announced the universal indoor masking mandate yesterday. this is to prevent an uptick in cases during the holidays and with the new omicron variant spreading. there has already been a 47% increase in covid-19 cases across the state since thanksgiving. so already seeing this kind of surge ucsf professor of epidemiologist george rutherford says he agrees with the decision to require mask indoors. >> solid precaution. that makes a lot of sense. but understand that this is secondary to getting everybody boosted vaccinated busted. that's what the refs. what's
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really going to say. i think you have to be. cautious. i think you need to be responsible. and i think you need to be you know, you have the tools is kind of you know, it's on you to to to protect yourself. >> in total. california has confirmed 4.8 million covid cases and 74,000 deaths on average. there's nearly 6,000 new cases per day. this new mandate starts tomorrow and it will go through january 15th so december 15th to january 15th in place during the holiday season. that's what we know so far. so grab that mask if you specially if you live in solano, marin counties. for now back to you in studio. good enough. thank you, sarah. >> specifically as we're talking about this does mean that you have to wear a mask in businesses that maybe were looser like gyms. i know in san francisco, you could wear in, you know, have no mask in the gym or in county like sarah said it didn't need the mask in the gym and a lot of gym owners are concerned because they know that people. >> don't necessarily like
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working out with a mask on one gym owner says it's got to hurt business. >> have people are are vaccinated to wear a mask, doesn't it seems like it's overkill. i don't understand why his chance of getting us malls. and now to go it really affects people want to join. they're like i'm watching a little club effect where masks doubt the ministry of the hole we've hurt so badly by this whole thing and then just to to do this again for us as make any sense. >> but remember, least are not close down is on a county never imposed an indoor mask mandate. but under the new state rules. now they will be like everybody else. there will be a mask mandate indoors. >> just, you know, keep working out. >> you still get to go to the gym. you just need to wear a mask. and you know, people are breathing heavily and. >> the state has decided to do this for safety. so just do it. do it for it's not forever not just so we can get through this potential search. >> the state of california, by the way, also issuing a new travel advisory as well as we
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get closer to this holiday travel season with christmas and whatnot. and a potential surge on the way new testing recommendations. let's go to kron. four's will tran. >> live at sfo will can kind of talk to both of these things sfo and the mask and working out because will we have to wear the mask indoors again while working out. i know you're big runner and i know you work out. can you handle wearing the mask again. >> i don't go into the gym anymore. i run on the streets. people bother me there. i said it when you reach a certain age, you're not amused anymore. so i run on the streets and i run with the mask when it's fire. but otherwise i don't. but if i go inside, obviously i will wear a mask and new requirements. we are talking about the winter months. right. they said this last year and we did the story last week from san jose when they were santa clara county telling people to continue masking up. well, now they want you to continue testing not a requirement but
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a recommendation, which means effective immediately if you're coming into california where the your coming back to california or you're visiting family members or on business that after you arrive within 3 to 5 days. they are encouraging you to get tested for covid-19 because holiday travel according to aaa. they expect about a 109 million people to travel during the holidays and it's basically about 92%. 2019 levels. so it's getting back to where it used to be. with so many people in such a small space. possibility of covid-19 cases. rising continues to rise. and that is why they're telling people go get tested. if you possibly can get some reaction. it seems like people are saying, okay. all for testing, all for vaccinations, all for masks. everything. the first time i've flown in light 2 and a half, 3 years so it's all backing that you seem
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that. >> is a lot of trepidation in your voice. yeah. yeah. it's for some and i'm quite a travel or otherwise. i just want to make sure that people know at home. it's not just air travel. if you're driving planes, trains and automobiles. if you're coming into. >> california, get tested 3 to 5 days. and the reason being is if you are covid-19, if you have it, obviously to isolate yourself so they can bring the numbers down. this whole thing has always been about science. according to governor gavin newsom to make sure those hospital beds our free for other cases. i mean, there are other ailments that continue to. go throughout the world, right. like cancers. they want to make sure that's available and if you can possibly get tested. not a requirement, recommendations and will speak in a free. wouldn't it be better if the test for free and they handed them out at at the airport or wherever you can take it home with you. >> that would help. you know
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that the great i i. >> absolutely. i think there's a new job for when department of public health low. you can be user grandmother. haha south butterscotch. every somebody does something like that you pass on butters that's thank 13 is the time. >> coming up next on the morning news. catalytic converter theft ring busted wide open in the south bay. we'll tell you how many people police took into custody. and we are looking at rainfall still. but it's in pockets this morning not near as widespread yesterday. some of those areas seeing it or san ramon up through danville, walnut creek concord highway 4 through pittsburgh on over to antioch is also looking at some spots of rain. >> notice that blue that snowfall across the top of
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>> 6.16 right now and things are better than they were while you're sleeping. anyway. yeah, you've got to drive. the rain has calm down just a little bit, but it's still out there. we have john tracking it all for us. good morning, john. yeah, we're definitely better than yesterday. better than last night for sure. conditions out there gradually getting clearing clear. certainly looking nice and clear your berkeley hills view right now. look at that. you can actually see the city down below couldn't see any of that yesterday. we have spots of snowfall in some of her upper elevations across the bay, starting with the north bay. we actually do still have a
6:17 am
winter weather advisory for portions of mendocino and lake counties. and if you look at that blew up an upper elevations of lake. you can see snow still falling. there. pretty dry across the north bay at this moment. we do have those showers. they showed you just a second ago right along 6.80 from the benicia bridge through conquered down through walnut creek, san ramon into the tri valley snow across mount diablo pittsburgh on over to conquered all these areas looking at light to moderate rainfall, snow gray down through the south bay looking at some light showers and light to moderate from san mateo southward through redwood city. eventually toward sunnyvale san jose. the eastern suburbs out there towards alum. rock are also seeing some light to moderate showers this low pressure area drying in some of our coldest air today and still resulting in an unsettled pattern ahead of us today, even though we are in the clear side of things towards the afternoon, not completely out of the woods as far as rain goes snowfall will taper off into the afternoon today. so we will have a quiet area
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afternoon ahead of us tomorrow morning starts good. you're going to have an easy wednesday morning commute tomorrow afternoon showers begin to push in again. most likely for the north bay to see some heavier downpours snow returns to the sierra come tomorrow night and thursday morning we'll start things off with some more showers across the bay area that should depart the picture pretty early tomorrow. we'll start to see those showers later in the day and especially for the north bay. as i just showed you now, as far as those winter storm warnings go as of right now they're still in effect until 10:00pm. tonight for the sierra nevada that multiple feet of snowfall is going to take awhile for crews to get ahead of but it's so great to see that snow winter weather advisory still in effect for portions of lake and mendocino counties. as i mentioned, as for temperatures today, it's the 50's for most of us, although there are a few holdouts in the 40's like morgan hill in livermore at 4448 degrees today, tomorrow right around the same as today. today we'll get afternoon sunshine tomorrow. we start with the dry skies and then see some evening
6:19 am
showers thursday will hold on to a few of those showers before drying out staying dry into friday, saturday and early sunday before heavier rainfall returns again. much like it did this past week on monday, reyna john, thanks to that. least we get a nice little break there, ok. so we do have accidents this morning that you need to know about. >> westbound highway 4.24 and wilder wrote, we have an overturned vehicle there. we're seeing delays all the way renda reaching just the tip of lafayette. there as you're traveling into the city. a little under 15 minutes for your drive times. still slick and wet conditions. so definitely take your time. we also have some high winds ear what you do reach the city. this on the eastbound side, 80 eastbound at 7th street. yet another traffic collision there. so we're seeing slight delays not seeing issues along 2.80, though heading across towards the peninsula little under 15 minutes. he still got some slick and wet conditions along that bridge and the golden gate a 20 minute drive from 37 to the toll. so that's the good news here. a few closures because of flooding this is in san jose to 80 southbound that
6:20 am
ramp to guadalupe parkway that connector ramp closed because of all that water there. same situation in sonoma county that highway one 21 between all drive and 8th street. you've got a closure for an undetermined amount of time. highway 4. we know we've seen a lot of rain here this morning as you're traveling one 60 to 2.42 it will take you around 35 minutes. so we are seeing delays southbound dublin to fremont to 62 a little under 60 minutes, we're staying on top of your today's good tuesday morning to say what day is to traffic for today. we'll have more on this coming up you, james, that way it is right. the big story that we're following on capitol hill, the house committee investigating the 6. >> capital text voted to recommend contempt charges against former white house chief of staff mark meadows did. now the full house could vote as early as today to send this to the justice department. we've got reshad hudson standing by in dc with the very latest. >> on all of this. good morning. was shot. good
6:21 am
morning. james and ari, a former white house chief of staff mark meadows is the latest trump ally to face congressional. >> attempt contempt charges. this comes as new text messages from january 6 surface. >> there are 9 eyes, 0 knows. >> the house select committee investigating the january 6 capitol attack voted unanimously to recommend contempt of congress charges against former trump white house chief of staff mark democracy was inches from ruin a system of government was stretched to the breaking point committee chairman mississippi. congressman bennie thompson said meadows had earlier cooperated handing over some e-mails and text messages but failed to answer on the record questions about the attack. >> and even on the side of helping us figure out you're trying to stop us from getting those dances. >> wyoming congresswoman liz
6:22 am
cheney read aloud text messages that she says meadows received from lawmakers and supporters on january 6. >> quote, mark. the president needs to tell people in the capitol to go home. >> the vote comes as the panel has already interviewed more than 300 witnesses and has collected roughly 30,000 records during their investigation. >> these non privilege. techs are further evidence president trump's supreme dereliction of duty. >> now the full house is expected to vote later today on whether to hold meadows in contempt of congress reporting in washington rashad hudson, back to you. thank you. reshad. it is 6.22. we'll take a break. but coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news the biden administration is taking some steps now to help those have been impacted by those tornadoes. >> that ripped through the south and the midwest will south and the midwest will have the latest on the story. there's a different way to treat hiv.
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>> i need you to and we're back at 6.25 national news. the death toll from this weekend's tornadoes that tore through several states now stands at 88 president biden is promising to help the families pick up the pieces she's going to be visiting kentucky tomorrow. and that was one of the states hit hardest by the storms. the white house fact has already sent dozens of generators. 10's of thousands of meals and beds to some of the hardest hit communities. president says his biggest concern right now is the emotional toll this
6:26 am
storm has taken on those folks. >> we have last year, wife mother, father and children, something what do you do when go. that's what worries me most. the uncertain. so we just want them to know we're going to stay as long as it takes to help >> fema search and rescue teams are helping with the recovery efforts right now. in fact, senate minority leader and kentucky senator mitch mcconnell, thank the white house for its quick response to the disaster. >> it's 6.26. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news there's an investigation. at the tesla factory in fremont because police responded and found a person dead in the parking lot. they called it a homicide will help called it a homicide will help what we know in just. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives.
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>> 6.29, does this look earlier for, you know, it's crowded on that. people may have learned from yesterday is going to say, earlier. yeah. that's probably what it is. and it's working out of for good reason. we still have some rain coming john's been tracking at this morning. it's not nearly yesterday when we look the raiders just widespread. just rain everywhere. now it's a lot more spotty and less like a green blob. should we take a look at that. little baby green blobs. yeah. this the
6:30 am
big green blob. but yeah, we're definitely a whole lot calmer than we were yesterday. also a lot colder than yesterday. so those are the 2 things to note as you're venturing outside this morning. >> i still get to the roads early even though you can see the golden gate bridge from sutro tower. that means we don't have a lot of cloud cover remaining near the coastline. we're still seeing what conditions on roads like the golden gate bridge like or other roadways across the bay. let's take a look at some of those spots of rainfall that we currently still in the midst of that does include some rainfall right around antioch oakley brentwood right now. stretching right across mount diablo on down towards doubling in livermore in the tri valley. you are seeing those spots of blue that indicates snowfall at the very highest of elevations right there. top mount diablo. also blue east of san jose that snowfall up towards mount hamilton and also a mix of rain around fremont down through seminole and up into the peninsula. woodside redwood city, san mateo. it's seeing some light showers this morning. pretty quiet.
6:31 am
otherwise. look at the north. but you really quieted down. still some lingering snow fall in showers up in the north bay up towards lake county. we are just seeing that mostly at our upper elevations. but some of the first snows of the season for bay area mountaintops current temperatures are in the 40's for most of us double in hayward, fremont each at 44 degrees right now 30's, though, in santa rosa in cloverdale at 39 degrees petaluma at a cool 37. so it's cold this morning rain. we still got some wet spots. what's the latest on the road. yeah. you know, we're not out of the clear just yet. we still do have some accidents that you need to know about. let's go ahead and start back at the first one. >> here in or westbound highway 4.24 at wild a row. so we are seeing delays because of that accident. it's been there for the past 30 minutes or so. so keeping a close eye on that. there traveling into the city. it is a busy one liked arguments, a lot of believe in the house earlier still very slick conditions on your commute. if you're heading into the city this morning. 5, 1880 also pretty slick and wet. i don't see any hazards as you're traveling
6:32 am
along to him reveal heading along to berkeley in the city. 80 eastbound at 7th street. we do have another traffic collision. so we are seeing slight delays there as you are heading across to 80. i don't see any accidents, though. still very slick and wet heading across towards the peninsula. slick conditions at a little under 60 minutes. the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls and still remember, you're driving through puddles of water as well. down in san jose. we have some closures to a southbound ramp to guadalupe parkway because of the flooding. so they shut that down altogether. also here. having won 21 between all drive and 8th street. they also shut that down in both directions because of flooding how they forced pretty slow. we saw some heavy rain here at the earlier start of the morning. so one 60 to conquer to 42 it will be about a 36 minute drive and along in dublin. remember yesterday we had that major hot spot lasted all 6 hours of the morning show today about 16 minutes. no major issues. darya james, back to you better than
6:33 am
yesterday. thank you, ray 6.32 a big story in the east bay. police are investigating a homicide at the tesla factory in fremont. it's a curious case. this was yesterday afternoon. dozens of police units, as you can see here in the video swarm the factories parking lot after this body was discovered. >> firefighters tried to provide medical aid. but in the end did declare that person dead at the scene. police haven't released really any details about what caused this person's death or this person's identity. we tried reaching out to tesla. but so far questions and request for comment have not been answered. >> the california department of justice is going to review a fatal shooting that ended an hours long standoff between antioch police and a 55 year-old man. it happened friday afternoon. last friday. police got reports there was a man shooting at homes and cars with a rifle while walking down dove court when they got there. the man barricaded himself in his home for nearly 6 hours. police say the standoff ended when a fire
6:34 am
broke out in the man's home and he came outside and he was shot and killed by swat officers in accordance with a new state law. the department of justice is investigating with the protocols were properly followed. well, the u.s. supreme court is allowing a controversial texas law to remain in place. that gives private citizens the right to enforce the state's abortion ban even to get paid. >> to do so in response, california governor gavin newsome now instructing his staff to draft similar legislation. but this one applies to guns. it would allow people here in california, private citizens to sue any company which manufactures distributes or sells assault weapons and ghost guns. >> there's limited circumstances where. a citizen can bring a lawsuit that would normally be brought by the government and it takes the government loop. so it's not the government. that is violating somebody's is constitutional right. >> state lawmakers say this proposal will probably pass california's legislature. but will almost certainly the contested in court.
6:35 am
>> 6.34 and a grim milestone for the city of oakland police have investigated a 131 homicides this year. the highest number of people killed in oakland in a decade. police got reports of a man lying dead at the corner of telegraph avenue and 45th street in the tennis cal neva hood early yesterday morning when they got there, they found a man who had matt blunt force trauma to his head and he died right there. he was pronounced dead at scene 131. in oakland woman is hosting a toy drive this weekend to try to help families who've been impacted by violence. nicole howard is picking out toys. you can see here for children who have lost loved ones says she says that she knows the pain and the heartache of losing someone to violence. her cousin, her cousin charles was murdered in oakland in 2019. and months after his murder. she actually turned
6:36 am
her grief into doing something positive. that's when she hosted her first toy drive for 100 kids and now she's doing it again to brighten the holidays. >> when you hear the children had you want a thank smiles on their face and the appreciative. feel good. some days you'll be on my mind. and i just have to feel like i've just bright light over me. and i just feel like i can conquer whatever. >> she turned a huge loss into a huge gain for so many kids. and this toy drive is going to happen this saturday at oaks market in oakland at 1230. the it will last until the toys run out. so that's when you can get the toys she's also accepting donations. we have details on kron. 4 dot com. so you have plenty of time between now and the weekend to be able to help her and give feel great think she's doing all right. 6 36 also in the
6:37 am
headlines this morning in the south bay we have san jose police arresting more than a dozen people. >> that they say were involved in a catalytic converter theft ring. illegal weapons were also seized. kron four's. haaziq has the story. >> if you're out stealing catalytic converters, we will be looking for you if you're one of these businesses that's operating in buying these catalytic converters. we will shut you down. you're looking at the faces of 15 people arrested for allegedly being involved in the illegal theft possession or illegal purchase of stolen catalytic converters. the investigation netted the biggest catalytic converter theft read the history of the san jose police department san jose police spokesperson sergeant christian we seize the 1000 catalytic converters. that's a 1000 victims out there. this is a demonstration of repair. experts say if you have the right tools, it only takes seconds to remove a catalytic converter well, a very elaborate network, right. i mean, it took 6 months of
6:38 am
investigations of surveillance of doing a lot of different things to identify and arrest these people. the san jose police graphic shows how reported catalytic converter thefts have skyrocketed since 2090. >> there's about dollar right there. >> the owner of san jose's sees auto repair service says he is seed more customers missing their catalytic converters this year. than in the previous 25 years at a shop. the material in the kelly covers was a lot of money and they know where they get rid of it and they do. >> apps on the on the on your phone that can go right to the numbers on the kelly covers that they get. they can tell my which is worth, as you can see from these police photos, the exhaust emission control devices were not the only illegal items investigators recovered. it's not just the stealing of catalytic converter. some of these people are armed. they're very dangerous to recycling centers. and one auto parts reseller are now closed in the
6:39 am
wake of the investigation. >> it settles a has it but you cried for 2. >> happening today. teachers plan to protest the san francisco school districts plan to cut hundreds of jobs throughout the district. does the job cuts are part of the district's plan to handle it. 125 million dollar budget deficit because if they can't handle it, the state's going to take over. and the plan also includes cuts to student services. we've talked a lot about what it means. some protesters are calling on the to keep the cuts from affecting students and classrooms. the district has been working on this plan to avoid a state takeover. and they have to submit that plan. to the department of education. so they're going to have to get that done by tomorrow and then happening today, san jose state university is going to get a series of in-person graduation ceremonies for the classes of 2020 2021 the ceremony today is at 8.30, this morning is for the class of 2020. the in-person ceremony as it was
6:40 am
canceled last year because of the pandemic today is just the first of several ceremonies that are going to be held for the graduates throughout the week. >> 6.39 the time for your money. california grocers are working to delay this so-called bacon law that would increase pork prices in the state starting on new year's day. a coalition of restaurant and grocery stores have filed a lawsuit to block this new farm animal welfare law for at least another 2 years. they're concerned that this law would make pork products more expensive and lead to supply shortages. the states right now looking to enforce a law that allows more space for breeding pigs and chickens. most hog owners aren't in compliance. so that's where the rub is. unless courts take action or the state allows for the sale of non compliant pork and other meat. the state will lose most of its pork supply down done. and i know you love your bacon. bacon law. >> takes to live you know, human lives. and of course you want the kids to live. you may lives before you kill them and
6:41 am
eat them. it's got to be a solution. what's wrong with this picture, ok, 6.40 right now coming up. >> still ahead, steph curry is on the verge. there's just no way it's not going happen. tonight to happen, right. yeah. we're hear more from steph and his 3 point record. >> and although we are a lot drier than yesterday. we still have pockets of rainfall out there. one of those i'm watching is right here on the southern end of the peninsula into the south bay from saratoga sunnyvale up through palo alto and san mateo. you expect spots of light to moderate showers that also true on the dumbarton bridge over to fremont and some rain snow mix in the santa cruz mountains. i've got your forecast. >> and traffic really starting to pick up out there on this tuesday morning were seen some accidents because conditions are wet out there as
6:42 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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6:44 am
>> 6.44 right now. here's a live shot of 80 at donner lake oh, my gosh. look at dad. building up of start to now on the left side there. get ready for the plan is a plow down. think so. yeah, lashing lights out there trying their best to clear the roads because they know a lot of people are going get up there this weekend, especially to enjoy all this fresh powder looks so calm. don't go now. go after they cleared the road. yeah. things look a lot better. i i think actually snow still falling. i don't how much longer it's going to fall. right. we'll find out so so yeah, it's a way if you want to go to and getting through the snow is one thing getting to the rain is a little easier. but you have kind of a hard spot this morning. yeah. i was driving
6:45 am
along 5.80 right near the oakland zoo and then just opened up and just started coming down. >> and so i recorded a little bit of that with the dash cam here just to illustrate what it was like for some at times coming in. you did we have leave you because my commute was fine. you like it it was kind yeah. later. i cleared up as i got closer downtown oakland in the bay bridge. and then in the san francisco. but for this particular stretch and kind just sort of like the the thing people had to be prepared for this morning. a big drive line is final. the said you hit one of the cells just start coming down and then you pop out the other and that's it's the charlie brown sell its following it right. because i was fine. and i didn't know it is talking about on the rain cloud. yeah. it's exactly what it's looking like this morning. just those pockets of rainfall that are still hanging on for the sierra. it is still pretty widespread. but we're on the tail end of it. now we've got the plows out there doing their best to try to clear things up because i know a lot of people. >> anxious to get up there and enjoy this fresh snowfall. you
6:46 am
look there in the distance, you can see some of those blinking lights of the plows can't see much of the roadway, though, here. i 80 that is some deep snowfall that really just accumulated last night and we're still looking at across the i 80 and highway 50. you're seeing the de heaviest of snow fall, though mostly right around yosemite national park. now the core the atmospheric river, the moisture plume has moved further southward in the process of doing so. we've started to dry things out in the bay. a couple sprinkles around healdsburg couple of flurries above clear lake in lake county and then also looking at just a couple of sprinkles here. they're possibly a drop or 2 around really nothing to heaviest of rainfall from this first cell has moved out east southeast of antioch now going to work its way towards discovery bay out into the delta livermore. a few light showers for you. hayward southward. a couple of sprinkles and on the peninsula. you're also looking at a couple light areas of rainfall. we are seeing some rain snow mix of the highest of elevations in the santa cruz mountains around mountain
6:47 am
view redwood city. the dumbarton bridge. couple of areas of light rainfall and then east of san jose. some rain converting the snowfall in those higher elevations. low pressure area drying in that colder air also pushing down the jet stream. so we finally tempted to moisture. and now this unsettled pattern continues. so today we should see dry skies towards the afternoon. lots of cool sunshine skies in the sierra nevada will continue to dry out into the early afternoon tomorrow morning. we start the day with clear and dry conditions and easy wednesday morning commute before wednesday afternoon. a return of rainfall initially for the north bay. then for the rest of the bay area stays with us through wednesday night into thursday morning thursday itself will start with some wet conditions. but also will clear out nice and quickly setting us up for a dry thursday afternoon friday into saturday. looks dry too rainfall tomorrow starts in the north bay generally moves further southward, north bay toll should be the compared to anywhere else. winter weather advisories and winter storm
6:48 am
warnings remain through the day today that winter storm warning in pink in the sierra nevada and increasingly low elevations because of just how cold it is feet of snow continued to pile up. but we are at the tail end of it. now and really starting to see the snow starting to taper off in the north coast mendocino and lake counties upper elevations of the still technically under winter weather advisory, even though we're things down now 40's 50's for your daytime highs across the bay area today. a noticeably cooler one than yesterday and really one of our coolest days of the year so far, san mateo in redwood city each at 53 degrees. south bay temperatures in the low 50's. morgan hill, though. you're in the mid 40's 40's for the tri valley. well, low 50's from fremont, oakland up to richmond right along the east bay shoreline. some 50's and low 50's at that across the north bay with napa and santa rosa each right at 50 degrees, tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's will remain level through the rest of this forecast today. it is that mountain snowfall in the sierra nevada and some
6:49 am
sunshine this afternoon for the bay tomorrow afternoon. rainfall arrives again stays with us into early thursday friday and saturday, a break from the rain. much of sunday will be too before rainfall arrives again late sunday into monday. right now. john, thanks for that. so we've had a pretty busy morning on this tuesday. we still have accidents out there. >> like this one. westbound highway 24 at wilder role in a random were seen delays from this accident all the way to lafayette. also, walnut creek get a new accident. northbound 6.80, south of 24 east. so we're keeping a close eye on things. there as you're heading for the east bay into the city. you can see looks like we have a break in the rainfall that things are still pretty slick and wet. some definitely take your time says about 18 minutes as you're traveling into the city to that fremont street exit southbound. 80 north of industrial parkway. hey, we're we've got an accident. i am seeing delays along 80 so 2.38 would be a good option if you're trying to travel there here in the city, 80 eastbound at 7th street we have an accident. so i am seeing a slight delay. no major issues
6:50 am
along 2.80. if you're traveling heading across towards the peninsula a little under 16 minutes. remember roadways highways and bridges are still slick. even if you don't see the rain coming down. definitely drive slow, 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls here. we also have some closures because of flooding. 2.80 southbound ramp to guadalupe parkway that connector ramp is closed right now. we also have a report of a fire northbound 6.80, just north of 2.80, south. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling along 6.80 highway one 21 between our drive in a street. this is out in sonoma county. all lanes currently closed in both directions because of flooding. how before is pretty slow as well. 36 minutes. one 60 to conquer to 42 and remember yesterday we had the hot spot allowed 6.80, here. so now it's just a 90 minute drive as you're traveling from dublin down to fremont. darya james, i'll send it over to you. thanks a lot. 6.50 and steph curry is now just 2, 3 pointers away from breaking the record in the nba for all time record
6:51 am
for threes. it's going to happen. ray allen's records are going to go down. steph curry is going to take over the throne. >> he has a chance to break it tonight, madison square garden. i say a chance to break course is going to what is he ever not put up at least 2, 3 pointers in a game right. right. and and he did great last i mean, he had said what he had 7. the un in the game. you need 75 right who 5, 3, 4 years he had 26 and so while that sounds good it was a very it was able to love. it was an ugly win put it that way. but a win is a win. one of 2 to 100 was the final score. >> but here's staff because after the game, of course, everybody asked him what do you think next game. you could probably eclipse ray allen. what are your thoughts? here's what he said. >> i'm enjoying the >> no, you're you're not on the doorstep real, but it's also. so just let it let it happen. one thing i last in people basketball. >> so you're just going make
6:52 am
good. the experience of all the time. >> merkel record just a young. so wise, right. so this is a stand not only fantastic, which he has. right attitude is live in the moment. doing the thing he takes it game by game. the goal is to play. well. and then whatever unfolds on pulls out a win a record break, whatever. and just seems to happen time and again tipoff is at 4 30 again at the garden in new york will all be watching 6.52. and as we head to the break, we want to let you know that kron 4 is once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area. if you know one, a remarkable woman go to our website and her nominate her in our contest. go to kron. 4 dot com.
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helen knew exercise could help her diabetes. but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 2. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. >> 6.55. take a look at this. a team from monterey bay aquarium found a barea live fish. deep waters look a little strange shape well, you know, my my eyesight is not great okay. i'll tell you. yeah, its head. >> is yeah, you'd like he looks like a goes. i've called ghost fish. as you can see
6:56 am
right into rain. all that stuff. that's a good shot. i did. you know had to pick lee. you only see like the weirdest stuff like way down deep in the ocean. yeah. this is something from way down deep in the ocean that this happened to it's really been filmed. it happened to come close enough to monterey bay that the divers are out there saw it. camera or you know what it is like an x-ray fish. >> yeah. like that. it has look like next. it's next, right. that's how that is so bizarre. that's the coolest thing that, you know, way down deep where there's no light. >> biology is different. >> i like can you imagine if you could see it. we watch around with head like that. that would be what we've but there's of those tough and science. that's that is fun. thank you. welcome a 6.56 and coming up, california has a new mask mandate. we're going to tell you where you need to wear masks now and for how long. plus covid cases triggering a new travel advisory. what you recommended
6:57 am
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>> and thanks for joining us. just a little 07:00am stretch >> i had really ok, how's that for yoga done. good chains. we're waking up this morning to a wet conditions once again, it not as bad as it was when we were going through yesterday and all night long things have calmed down nicely. thankfully. yeah, so what's going to be on tap for today. yeah. cool. sunshine is really what we can expect for most of the day today. come a little lingering sprinkles out there this morning, though, and we're still seeing a few of those hanging out across the bay. we're starting to get that view aside light across the bay. now it's giving us perspective on what we're seeing golden gate bridge is nice and clear. currently. you can see that there's certainly no rainfall left at the golden gate. things have come down out that in couple of spots here where we do have rainfall showers moving east of antioch now out towards discovery definitely starting to calm down along that highway 4 corridor out there livermore a couple sprinkles for you and


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