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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  December 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we will see you tomorrow. thanks a lot. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> destroying our city. it is time for it to come to an end. tonight on kron 4 news at 5, a drug crackdown. mayor london breed says the city wants to try to put a stop to illegal drug use along san francisco's streets and sidewalks. >> it's a big job. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 5 everyone i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis mayor breed announced the number a public safety initiatives today, including
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the promise that arrests will be made part for us. rob nesbitt joins us now live from the newsroom with more on what inspired the mayor's initiative grant and vicki mayor breed announced her initiatives after talking with families who live in the tenderloin she's clearly discuss it with what they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. >> and less tolerant. that is destroyed our city. mayor breed not holding back and cracking down saying public drug use like this will not be tolerated in san francisco. we're not going to just walk by and let someone use in broad daylight on the streets and not give them a choice between going to the location. we have identified them. we're going to jail. she's frustrated with how areas of the tenderloin have become overrun with public safety concerns. >> the city's emergency management team will continue to offer community support with addiction and mental health issues. but tolerance
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is changing. it's why more arrests will be made in the coming months and why some parts of the city will have 24 hour patrols when those arrests to me, we can't have a situation where the officers then not in those neighborhoods. they need us the most. that's why deployment is so important. mayor breed says an increase in police officers in places like union square is working to deter crime but says police need more access to security camera footage using the smash and grab that louis baton last month as an example where there were multiple robbery cruz hitting multiple stores. they couldn't even access those cameras. >> which is ridiculous. announcing an amendment to the city surveillance ordinance. mayor breed also answered questions of how more officers more overtime will be paid for. >> she plans on securing emergency. police funding to ensure that the city has the resources to combat crime during the coming months. people have to be held accountable for the crimes they commit in our city. mayor breed also announced an
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initiative. 12 put a stop to smash-and-grabs at stores and parked cars. more on that coming up on kron 4 news at 6 grant vicki. >> rob, thank you for that. just ended the cut for newsroom tonight to information in the homicide investigation at the tesla factory in fremont. police now say a man was shot and killed by his co-worker. here's video of the scene this happened yesterday afternoon at the factory on fremont boulevard. police say the victim had just finished his shift when he was shot and killed there in the parking lot. investigators identified the suspect now as 29 year-old anthony so lima. they say the 2 men worked together at the factory. police say the men were arguing earlier in the day when suddenly walked off the job. officers located him. they say last night after the shooting, they say they found him in milpitas where he was arrested the victim has not yet been identified to keep you posted. there. all right. time now to switch it up a little bit. >> the wait is over. steph
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curry is the new 3 point king just about a half hour ago. the warriors superstar broke the all-time record for most regular season 3 pointers made and it was a show. he did it in a venue fit for the moment, madison square garden. >> and it seems like everybody who's anybody was there to witness history. our sports director jason, do us is here. mom dad. yeah. the guy whose record he broke. jason, what a moment. >> it's seriously. we were all waiting on eggshells. it feels like it's been drawn out for so long. but the moment came steph that and it just it seemed perfect. you know, he's done it in just 789 regular season games. he's made. >> 2000, 974, 3 pointers. now, right here. that's the 3 pointer to tie it. >> as you can see, he's happy and. >> and we're going to take you through this whole moment. breaker and everything that ensues afterwards. i want you to keep an eye on stats. you
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see him coming around some screens right here down its pay and he wants to get rid of it in a hurry. he does. there you have it. that is the record breaking moment. even see that much passion out of him all the time like that. but he is hype. there's mom dad. there ray allen who we just passed. here's staff giving the ball to his father dell who taught him how to shoot. here's the baseline view. just pandemonium in the mecca of basketball. madison square garden. we want to get another slo-mo look at staff lex into the crowd. look at that passion. mba record and then here cherry on top. his embrace with ray allen. handing over the crown. the staff, the most 3 pointers in nba history. as they say, step has changed the game in the nba and what a moment for basketball that's going to go down in history. reggie miller
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who is number 3 on that he like dad play with his cell phone right there. but it was awesome. and of course, we'll have a more later at 6. we'll have reaction around the nba that. >> once again goes final we'll have some highlights and postgame reaction. but. >> what a moment. you know, jason, i don't think it's just because you know, he's our local, you know, hero. it was just extraordinary and this very emotional, you know, just a bigger than life moment. yeah. he he did it in 600 less games than ray allen well, yes, it's crazy. and i know the game is played. so he may take more 3 pointers that ray allen did in his era. but. >> it's just it's a testament to his hard work and you know, people dad was an nba player. so he has. he didn't have a d one scholarship until late into his high school career. he had to beg acc schools recruit him and none of them ever offered him a scholarship. he ends up at davidson and now he's going to
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retire one day as one of the best basketball players of all time. yeah, i would retire to quickly found out he has a to chills watching the reason is he sewed are likable like yeah. okay. more from you throughout the night. jason, appreciate that. thanks to that. >> alright. turning to the weather now. people all around the bay. it woke up to the aftermath of last night's storm that brought flooding. >> intense rain and even some snow in the bay area. so let's start the east bay where all that rain left behind some snow on our bay area. mountaintops check out the time lapse video here from cal fire camera on top of mount diablo in the east bay got a look at it myself this afternoon. this area just covered with snow. you know, i've had some clouds up. there was really mystical. also in the south bay about 3 to 4 inches of snow at the summit of mount hamilton this morning. that's about 4200 feet in elevation and normally when snow falls it melts off their quickly as the air warms
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up. but the temperatures staying pretty cold allowing that snow to stick. and this year point, they got pounded so far receiving roughly 60 inches of snow in some spots that's according to the uc berkeley central sierra snow lab. >> that could be changing, though, later on kron 4 news will be speaking with our guy. kevin coop cooper for a live report. he's in the sierra again. that's coming up tonight at around 5.30, and now we take a live look here back in the bay. a majestic live shot of the golden gate bridge and back in the comfort of our kron 4 studios meteorologist lawrence kind of man. you are find out on the other so much going on here. big storm like that and. >> then on the backside to get that snow. we're going to see is more rain coming in. we're not done with this one quite yet. there's still a couple of isolated showers out there right now. you see the cumulus clouds. >> out there over the bay. the golden gate bridge in a few light sprinkles begin to pop up again as we head through the evening hours. we're going to see that this is going to diminish as we head through the night still see some more
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snow across some of the mountain peaks to along the peninsula. you see the scattered light showers there now that coming on shore that will soon come to an end as the sun is setting and then the snow fall over mount hamilton parts of the south bay seeing the snow showers up there as well. all right. overnight tonight, we are going to see those skies begin to clear out as things settle down that cold arctic air settling in the temperatures are going to be cold. but then here come the clouds again. and there you go. here comes next storm system rolling into the north bay by tomorrow morning. now by 11 o'clock or so you can see across much of the north bay. and you'll notice that snow level as a running fairly low there as well. then it starts to slide in across the rest. the bay area more showery weather throughout the day. i think some heavy rain will start to develop as we head in toward tomorrow night. that's not going to be an atmospheric river event. just a nice rain around the bay area. a little more snow from up top skies. sounds good. thank you large now to our coronavirus coverage. more data on the omicron variant is trickling in. >> while vaccines appear to be a bit less effective against
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omicron. an experimental pill might help prevent severe disease. if people catch covid kron four's. dan curran has that story. a new study out of south africa confirms what many suspected 2 shots of the pfizer vaccine are less effective against the omicron variant. some degree of protection. they don't offer nearly as much as you want. >> against symptomatic disease, roof section. that's the bad news, but they are infectious disease. specialists say the study also finds the 2 shots still offer good protection against hospitalization and other studies have indicated good protection can get even better with a booster for most people getting the booster. >> what hope you and tim's up preventing infection itself, which is important to a lot of people not s serious disease hospitalization and death. >> in the meantime, pfizer says its experimental drug paxlovid, which is designed for unvaccinated people diagnosed with covid-19 to take it home is effective
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against omicron. >> it means sites. with very easily. i prescribe and see if medicines that you can take and get from walgreens and cvs that if you the disease, we can help prevents your progression. tossed by station by as much as 89%. doctors emphasize this is not a replacement for the vaccine. >> but could be a real game changer, especially for those in developing countries to the people who can't yet get vaccinated, which norm us wants that of humanity right now. >> there's a medication that they can take. it will be dramatically helpful at this point. pfizer's pill is not authorized for use, but the fda is expected to take up that issue soon. >> dan kerman kron 4 news. >> we're in county students are about to head off for holiday break at the end of the week. but before they go, they're going to get a gift in the form of a covid tests. the
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california department of public health provided marin county with 48,000 at-home covid-19 test kits. they're going to be given all students, families and teachers by friday, the idea is the day before they return to school after the holiday break like everybody uses the test to be sure. nobody who is infected enters campuses. the next day. doctor matt wallace with marin county public health says that they know the holidays do bring risks in the form of, you know, family gatherings and they want everybody to feel safe coming back to school. >> transmission can occur. we saw a surge in cases after thanksgiving. and this is really the best way to ensure that nobody who is carrying the infection is actually coming into that school setting so it's the best way to prevent outbreaks that could begin right off the bat if we if we didn't have strategy like this. >> last month there was a case where a family knowingly sent or student to school with covid-19 causing an outbreak among other students, doctor
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willis says at this point in the pandemic. it goes without saying that if you test positive, you should isolate goes without saying. >> still to come on kron, 4 news at 5. what oakland is doing to try to help reduce violent crime. is that city reaches a grim milestone. >> and the parents of the 15 year-old gunman who killed 4 students at a michigan high school last month. they were in court today for the first time since being charged with involuntar
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>> i have this for a choice sign the citation for a driving infraction or we're taking you to jail those were allegedly the 2 choices given to a ups driver a black woman in san francisco and that woman believes these officers racially profiled her. >> the incident was recorded on her cell phone to video. that's now gone viral. and today we hear from her for the first time since it happened. she talk to kron four's haaziq in an interview you'll see only here. >> for doing my job, delivering packages. they are going arrest me they say because i'm not signing anything. i'm not signing anything i'm not signing close to where refused to sign the citation. >> you're subject to arrest. the should be code know i've got in my truck and not cry hysterically. i called my boss and told them that i was just about to get arrested for double parking. >> it happened back on december 7. that around
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11:30am haight street near the sonic in san francisco that is where ups driver dedication, ferguson. let's double parked while delivering multiple packages that a bill depot. i am a ups driver in full brown. >> delivering packages. why was she double parked. >> a pullover everywhere on a street. there's nowhere for me to park a go up and down. >> they hate. it's rare to find parking in san you good. civilians parking in >> zones. anyone familiar with the parking situation in san francisco knows you can drive for blocks day or night without finding a parking space. what used to be available street parking is now occupied by restaurant park. let's and bike share docking stations at this delivery drivers double parking set up a part of the landscape. in fact, it is something ferguson says she's
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been doing as an employee for ups for over 3 years. that never knew they pulled over people the ups drivers. >> fedex drivers. amazon drivers. everybody that. >> double parking to to to deliver however, this is the first time she's been approached by police to be ticketed of the job she believes the officers targeted her simply because she's a black woman. i feel like if i wasn't. >> this young black girl, i would have got a ticket at probably would have got a warning. i would even a siren move. your vehicle. >> the key shipper, gus and signed the ticket. this mom says she didn't want to go to jail for double parking. there is another reason she says she signed the citation. people are counting those packages on her truck being delivered. just want to make sure that i can get them. the air. >> product when they i suppose that we deliver to businesses that keep the low of san
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francisco going. >> i reached out to the san francisco police department to give them an opportunity to explain what happened from their perspective. i received no reply. has it made you kron. 4 news. >> that's what grim milestone in the city of oakland. police have investigated 131 homicides this year. that's the highest number of deaths in oakland in a decade. police say they received reports of a man lying dead at the corner of telegraph avenue. and 45th street in the city's temescal neighborhood. this is early yesterday morning when officers arrived, they say they found the man had suffered blunt force trauma to his head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. oakland pd is hired. the city's first inspector general to increase the police department's accountability. >> michelle phillips who has been appointed to the new rule by the oakland police commission served as the deputy inspector general for the city of baltimore. there she streamlined and improved all aspects of the investigation unit. the hiring is a turning point for oakland
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and demonstrates the community's call for stronger police accountability. >> national news now a judge in michigan has granted a prosecutor more time to collect and share additional evidence against the parents of ethan crumbley. the boy charged with killing 4 students said his michigan high school last month. james and jennifer crumbley have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. they're accused of giving their 15 year-old ethan crumbley access to the gun and failing to intervene when they were confronted with his disturbing drawings just a few hours before the shooting yesterday, ethan crumbley held a virtual hearing where a judge denied a request to move him out of an adult jail. the next hearing has been set for early february. still to come on the news at 5. what's next for former white house chief of staff mark meadows, who could face a contempt of congress charge. >> for refusing to cooperate with the january 6th investigation and lawmakers and families gather at the state capitol. talk about
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illegal street racing. the new bill. that's an attempt to crack down on the problem. massive latest pounding the coastline, more storms rolling our way and well, we've already had some pretty impressive rainfall totals will check those out. coming up next.
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>> california seeing a significant increase in illegal sideshows sand street racing in this is said to be statewide. yeah. we see every
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weekend. commissioner of the california highway patrol and other state leaders today are urging drivers to stop. >> the illegal activity. ashley zavala explains new consequences and warnings coming to those who take part. >> there's really hard time for my family. standing in front of a crumpled car outside of the state capitol. heather, do konecki describing the moment she almost lost her son at a side show. my son was hit. >> and taken under the car. these things, the sideshows are becoming. every weekend plans for young people person won as many injured, any legal side shows recently california highway patrol commissioner amanda races in the last 5 years. street racing inside shows have resulted in 264 crashes statewide, 30 of them fatal. >> 124 of them resulting in serious injuries. and we all must do better. >> to read akp injuries and the deaths, particularly when we know these are preventable.
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>> according to the california highway patrol. the number of side show in street racing incidents have quadrupled since 2015, but the pandemic occurred in the roadways. >> we're kind of that created a environment that allowed this to skyrocket assemblyman vince fong road ab 3. it gives judges the power to suspend the licenses of those who take part in exhibition of speed. >> including tire burnout stunts, engine revving in other moves that lead to street racing to get law enforcement authorities. >> the tools to save lives simple as that. the law goes into effect in 2025 to give the department of motor vehicles. time to update its systems. but the commissioner says with new grants awarded to the highway patrol. her agency is not waiting to curb the illegal activity these grants and our focus is. >> it's not going to remain a change is going to be on identifying, you know, cases where these things are happening and making sure that we use resources that we have available to go out there and to make a difference. other
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grieving parents like laurie out to meadow whose niece was killed by a street racer with a message to drivers they're safe and legal environments where you can race. >> taking to the track where you don't have to worry about killing innocent people. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> next, how strong is our democracy congressional leaders trying to get to the bottom of what led to the capitol insurrection the future of president trump's former chief of staff is mark meadows refuses to testify. plus, why oj simpson is truly a free man again as of today. and we're live tonight with cook who is basically swimming in sierra snow yet dumped up there when the slopes will be ready for
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 5 continuing to track that atmosphere river that rolled through the bay area last night. lots of areas saw heavy rain, you know, for a couple of days and some higher peaks in the bay area even got some snow. yeah, a little earlier. we were talking about fresh powder top of mount diablo and on mount hamilton. but we turn our attention up to the sierra on the phone right now. our good friend kevin coop cooper. >> who is in south lake tahoe heiko. >> they doing tonight. yeah, we're good. like that. >> what we understand your power went out so well. at least your phone is working. >> yeah. i got a couple bars
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here right now, powers and laughter. this is a big star guy. last night at 9 o'clock at night. it was slightly snow. we probably had about inches during the day. but overnight. at lake level over 36 edges and the upper mountain now rose 72 inches in 24 hours. you look at about rose anywhere between 5256 inches while valley supporting a 44 kirk would not resort. 41 inches mother nature's back it interesting storm guy. it was it came through a very methodical and then last night we were talking a lot short period of time. >> yeah, looking at it is it's still snowing. can people here in the in the bay plan to head up now and how long do you think it will take them to get the slopes ready. >> well, they're open a lot of the resort but i will say this, though, fact country in >> it is saddening danger in


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